The Value Flower: Watercolor Exercise with Elizabeth Blue | Elizabeth Blue Currier | Skillshare

The Value Flower: Watercolor Exercise with Elizabeth Blue

Elizabeth Blue Currier, Illustrator, Comic Artist, Arts Educator

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6 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction and Materials

    • Preparing the Paint

    • The Value Flower

    • Embellishment

    • Closing and Links

    • Bonus Lesson


About This Class

Explore this very simple and effective technique using transparent layers of watercolor to create a flower design that grows from light to dark. This technique is a fun way to learn about creating variation in value using watercolor and is the basic technique behind Glazing, a cornerstone watercolor method. 

The Value Flower exercise is fun and relaxing to create, while learning about how to use watercolor effectively. 





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Elizabeth Blue Currier

Illustrator, Comic Artist, Arts Educator

I am an Illustrator, Comic Artist and Arts Educator living and working in Eugene, Oregon. 

Before moving to Oregon, I studied Illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art and then Illustration: Authorial Practice at the University College Falmouth, in England for my MA.
I love all facets of illustration, visual storytelling and the making of picture-books and am thrilled to find this platform to both share what I know and expand my own skill-base. 

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