The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Steemhunt | Philip Campbell | Skillshare

The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Steemhunt

Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Steemhunt

Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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18 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. background and intro, welcome to steemhunt

    • 2. so what products can you hunt?

    • 3. you will need to get a steem account

    • 4. basic walk around the interface

    • 5. stepping through steemhunt guidelines

    • 6. what happens after you submit a hunt?

    • 7. prep list for daily posting

    • 8. adding markdown + formatting

    • 9. common delisting issues

    • 10. what's next if i get delisted?

    • 11. Account Based Voting 2.0 Overview

    • 12. [FAQ] how to edit your post on steemhunt after delisting

    • 13. [FAQ] how come other mods verify other mods

    • 14. [FAQ] my post was asked to be changed but not seen my mod

    • 15. [FAQ] when is the best time to post a hunt

    • 16. [FAQ] someone said they were a mod or influencer are they

    • 17. [FAQ] difference between mods and influencers

    • 18. [FAQ] - is there a way i can earn free HUNT tokens?

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About This Class


I’ve been waiting for a steem blockchain application like steemhunt since I started on the blockchain, nearly two years ago now — we already have wonderful ways to get started on the steem blockchain with @dlive and @dtube for both video hosting and streaming.

We have a whole raft of other applications that allow you to not only interact with the blockchain but also be incentivised with financial rewards for taking part in the steem platform.

Discover Cool Products and Get Rewards by STEEM

You can surface new products, upvote and comment on them, and most importantly, you will be rewarded with STEEM tokens for your contribution.

Product Hunt was the original inspiration for the development of the platform, a brilliant place on the web where you can find cool new applications — the massive difference between the two? with steemhunt you are incentivized to hunt new products by getting a potential payment of steem for your submission.

What can you expect in this course?

I want to take you from zero knowledge of the platform to pro hunter as fast as possible, i've tried to break this down into the following sections if you already know about product hunt and steem you can probably jump over the background section.

  • background
  • making a hunt
  • account based voting
  • how to interact with the community
  • frequency asked questions

this will be a rolling course in that I'll be adding updates as regularly as possible, feel free to ask me questions here or jump into the steemhunt discord channel and ask in #questions.

if you enjoyed this class, please consider taking a premium subscription for a spin
-- with that link, you get TWO MONTHS totally FREE!

additional steemhunt reads (also checkout @steemhunt)

you can also check out my introduction to steem course below for free!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. background and intro, welcome to steemhunt: I'm not sure why, but the first video is always the hardest want to do once you get the 1st 1 done. The restaurant kind of flow. Um, this is a course that I wanted to do after the next course, Believe or not, about steamed, steamed Blockchain. It's been about a year or more, probably two years, and have been on the platform probably year and over. Still, I've been using it properly, Um, and it's been a while since. I've put, of course, together on skill share, and a lot has changed in that time. There was a time where I spent quite a lot of my days recording 20 or 30 minutes courses, and I realized, looking back at a bunch of the courses, that they were kind of informational, but they didn't really deep dive enough. Onda, uh, I think that was just the place that was in mentally at the time, so I'm gonna do another course on. Hopefully, this will be a bit more constructive, a bit more deep, and they'll be a bit more knowledge that a bit more maturity in the course Onda. Hopefully you'll get a lot out of it so the course I was going to do before this one was 15 . Ways to interact with a steam Blockchain have already done some courses about steam and steam. Blockchain. They're very informational. They're very basic. Just to get your awareness of the platform, I would suggest you go look at those two courses first. The 1st 1 is like 20 minutes, which is just a basic overview. And then I go into it from a content creates perspective. You should definitely go and watch that one as well, because that was kind of wire transitioned onto the steamboat chain from things like YouTube on Pinterest and Instagram and Twitter and all those social networks that never actually paid me any money. Never give me any financial reward. I didn't feel like I was progressing anywhere. Didn't get reputation number going up. I wasn't getting any financial rewards from it, so I've kind of jumped that course and jump straight into this one. So what is Steam Hunt? I realized that's probably like I am a two minutes before I actually started talking about Steve Hunt. Um, so this is the unofficial guide to steam pumps. Steam home is a platform where you can discover cool products on be incentivized with steam , which is the currency off the steam Blockchain, Or at least you can look at it in those basic terms. So, from my perspective, as somebody who's been a brand advocate for digital agencies way back in like 2008 previous to that was going to south by Southwest every year in March from 2004 discovering new startups, discover new products, watching how people released products, how they went about the whole funnel off development or in D production, rollout strategy for social marketing, the whole for him. Andi. I saw a lot of issues with that in terms off the sustainability of it. The stack high, sell it cheap and just the exploitation off the the the people doing the reviews the brand advocates themselves. The ambassadors of those products, you know, people would be in and out within a few years. So this to me, steam hunt is everything that I ever wanted is a brand Africa, because it kind of covers so many different areas that kind of brand advocates beyond the scenes were doing. But now we're kind of building a reputation but also getting paid for a time and putting got opinions to stuff and eventually where the platform is going to go with Han tokens, being head hunted by brands or working with brands on the product rollout that they have. Alana Butcher. So Steam Hunt is a very simple looking website. If you got a steam hunt dot com on, you'll see on the right. Inside, there's just like a listing offloaded products. So what people do is they submit a product after doing a search. Have to make sure it's not on the site itself. You have to make sure there's no duplicates. We have a guidelines document, and you can see that guy don't. Guidelines document. When you click toe, add a product. Now you need a steam Blockchain account to able to do any of this. So we're going to get into all of that in this course. I've got so many different sections to this course is unbelievable. Got like the background of steam hunt, making a hunt account based voting have to interact with the community free, free, ask questions and then we're gonna get into the hunt tokens and stuff later on. So It's quite a big course, So bear with me one thing I will say, which people probably will get confused about. If you're used to centralized platforms, that is a website with just one girl. So, for instance, Facebook, right? You want to use Facebook? You got a facebook dot com. There's no other way. I mean, yes, you can interact with it with with APs, but there's no older website for Facebook. Is just one side centralized? Where is this thing? Blockchain is a Blockchain distributed across lots of different service around the world. On that ledger off information is being kept in sync across all of these. What's called witnesses on the steam watching? They witnessed those events happening so steam hunt is built on top off the steam Blockchain. We use the steam Blockchain to right away the hunts onto your to your block. The log in with your steam account details. We post whatever you put upon steam home dot com onto your blood so you get to keep whatever you've reviewed if you like. It's not a review side, but it kind of when you add a product, you kind of telling people about it So you kind of doing a mini in your own opinion review about it? I guess that's how I see it. Um And so the idea is is that you can surface. I'm gonna read out exactly what struck Linus surface new products upload, but up vote and comment on them. Most importantly, you'll be rewarded with steam tokens for your contribution. That's the hugest point here that I'm gonna make. You can be put in stuff on YouTube. You could be points to find your WordPress blogged. You could be doing a social media strategy rolling out on Pinterest and Twitter and instagram all these different sites because one common thing about all of those, none of them none of them are paying you money field time. Now, I'm not saying that that's some level of entitlement where you, like, all of a sudden, waking up. I need to be paid for my time. I just feel like for people in this particular area is media makers. It's a very transient industry. Cos brands products moves on incredibly fast these days, and it's down to people with big audiences that they've developed over the years. If you talk about certain product, the chances that people are gonna be like, I want that product and they can go straight to and buy it. So the roll off the influencer has got bigger and steam. Hunt is just one small Paul off a bigger, bigger plan, and we'll get into that as we go on. So welcome to the course. I hope you enjoy it. Have you have loads of questions? I won't be able to answer everything from an academic level. My background is mainly from the creative strategy, the video side of things. But there is an absolute wealth of talent in the discord Channel off steam hunt. So I'm sure we can get your questions answered. I'll see you in part two. 2. so what products can you hunt?: So for part two, what products can you hunt? So what we're gonna quickly do here because I'm not gonna like sprint through this? There's gonna be different sections of this course you can jump into just for the information that you need. So I'm gonna go to the guidelines a little bit for this. We have a ever evolving guidelines sheet that everybody who adds a product onto steam home dot com can read assumes you click on the plus button after logging in video steam details . There is a link on the right inside that takes you to the guidelines they are stored on get up. And they are constantly being reevaluated by the team. The influences on the mods on We report back and have conversations with each other about how the submission process should be on. This has been iterated now over the last 34 months, many, many times from the good, the bad, the ugly. There's been so many different changes in terms of what people submit, but mainly steam. Hunt is a technology focused website that is hardware, software, technology that either interfaces with something or has some kind of connective iti to it on the whole, on the whole. But there is some exceptions. I want to quickly get into that. So in Section two, in PG to in our guidelines, these are the things that generally are covered. So Web services. So any cool kind of Web app that you've ever used that helps you be more productive. And you can do that remotely from any terminal in the world that doesn't tie you into your computer. Remember the days of only having excel on your computer and having to go home and do work. We have a revolution now. It's called the Cloud, and so anything to do We were, perhaps we love those. Bring those mobile APs. Obviously, there's a 1,000,000 different mobile lapse in the world. People tend to submit quite a few of those AP eyes 80 solutions, bots, open source or any types of software. Open source is very much welcomed on steam hunt tech gadgets, which can be bit broad. Hardware I ot so Internet of things, connected devices, a wearable devices. We have a section for games. Obviously we don't want to be game hunt, so we've been back and forth about having toe have official websites for games rather than just like steam details. And then finally, which is the biggest kind of no gray area. But it's the one that we debate Quite a lot is innovative engineering design products. So it made cover. Non tech products have been invented based on high level engineering and design approach to solve a major problem. There's definitely a vibe on steam hunt that, if you use it for a while, is that we're trying to surface. Coolest, neatest, most wow ist most newest, most relevant, especially in the world that we live in today. Products. And so, if you are an avid geek collector of hardware or you love software or you're just a digital worker, you're gonna fit in right at home on steam home. 3. you will need to get a steem account: So if you watched the previous two sections, you'll probably be pretty excited about what's theme. Hunt is the possibilities of it, but you might not have a steam Blockchain account yet. I'm quickly going to go over a really easy way for you to do that. Point you to a website so you can step through and do that. If you have a steam account already, super easy. You just logging on steam on dot com. Top right hand corner with your steam details using steam connect. So if you've ever used Facebook and Facebook connect steam Connect is a similar thing. But for the steam Blockchain very secure, very easy to use. Just comes up with your account details. Your log in you logged into the steam Blockchain on all the services, Then activate on the steam on website. Remember, Steam Hunt is a service on top off steam. Blockchain brought Jane runs underneath. It could be a both, I guess, on you can. The steam home website connects to it and just uses your looking details to do that. Now you probably don't have a steam account yet. That's why I put this section in. If you're really interested in this as a brand African. You think it's Stephen? Sounds interesting. Then you're gonna need a steam account. That should be other. Use it. So this is the website that you can go and get an account from its sign up dot steam it dot com. Today is a very interesting day because it's actually August 20th when the 20th Hard Fork actually activates today. So that basically means that the steam Blockchain has been through 20. It's orations to the code since he's been around been around well over 24 months now. It's a very battled, tested, battle hardened Blockchain does have issues like other block chains, but they're normally resolved quite quickly, and the development that's going on behind the scenes to improve the scalability off steam is immense. All right, so quickly. Have a look at this one account or you need a single steam account, and I really want to get it across the people who are brand new to the Blockchain in like a safe. You haven't checked out the other two little courses. Please go and check those out. Get bit more of an overview overview about steam before getting onto steam home so really hammers home. A single steam account gets you into all steam based APs, so there's a whole bunch of different maps to be able to use the steam Blockchain. There's E Steam Surfer, which is amazing that d tubas de lives utopia. The steep shop, which is like an instagram clone. There's so many different APS already that exist for the steam ecosystem compared to these Aiko's that are not gonna be released for 45 years. This is an actual up and running functional Blockchain with APS running on top of it. Eso, like, says theme, is not a typical social out powered by this team Blockchain. So there's two different ways that you can get an account. You could do the sign up for free, which is a 1 to 2 week Que which I expect that to get shorter as time goes on steam have done some riel brilliant work on them on setting up the on boarding process. It was a little bit clunky to start with, but they've really, really improved that in the last few months, so there's a sonnet for free one or two week you where they It takes about a week for you to get verified with the new rollout. Hey, Jeff, 20 am expecting that Q. Time to drop. But if you want to pay for an account today, there's three different ways to do that on all of these three ways are equally good as each other. I personally, personally, because I use it a lot. Prefer block trades. So if you know somebody uses a steam Blockchain, they can set you up on account really easily, using some of their steam heartily recommend block trades anyway, which is Ah, third portal, which allows you to, you know, change from different currencies into steam. Text E mountain into Bitcoin. Things like that. You could do it anonymously with a non steam. So if you don't want to have any kind of details attached to your to your account, you can do it that way and then even in steam account, even in steam connect, you can do it. Now try this option. If you already have a steam account, want paid, set up a new account for yourself or a friend, wouldn't you have the steam account? Then that opens you up to ah Ah, whole world off platforms. Not just steam hunt, but you can't. You can't use theme hunt without esteem. Blockchain account and I'm presuming a lot of Ubell already have it. But if you don't have it, this is the place to start. Got a sign up that steam it dot com. If you need help with this, I'm more than willing to do like I want toe one video chat and step you through it or even set you up on account, and we can work out that the payment off it. It's really, really cheap, I would say probably a couple of bucks to do it. And there is a reason why there is a a charge for that. And it's the way that the account generated on the Blockchain again. These are just small things that not not hurdles but small little bits of information need to learn about when you move away from centralized platforms where you've just been used to . Getting a free account is no cost. You get an email. Major account details. Click this to verify your in. It's a little bit different, that first step getting onto decentralized platform, but once you're on it then that Universal I d can be used everywhere, including steam Steam hunt. All right, I will see you in the next part. 4. basic walk around the interface: Okay, so I'm recording this in August the 20th of August 2018. So we're gonna quickly have a walk around the steam hunted website so you can get a rough idea of how this works. So this is what the steam hunt looks like. It's got a big area on the left on site with a scroll bar in the middle. If you scroll down and gives you all the information about what this platform is discovered called products to get rewards by steam. Very, very simple. Dig more, earn more. How so you can discover a bunch of products that are on the Web AP Hall, where and then submitted to the site. So there's a whole bunch of section of text there that you need to have a read. Then when you get down to the bottom, there's a button that says Making You Post is also a button at the top right hand corner here as well. Now I don't if you can see it very clearly, because obviously I've got this condensed down, but at the top right hand corner, you'll see that there's like a round. There's a picture around profile. Picture my profile picture from steam and then around the edge of it is like a pink line, which is the color branding of the site. There's a pink branding all the way around it that is actually my vote power. So if that was all the way around that be 100%. Just a nice little feature touched. If I click on that, we now get a bunch of different options, So bear in mind that I am logged in. You won't see that unless you're logged in with your steam account. So we got a bunch of options here we've got about the Hunt platform, which is going to tell you everything about hunt tokens, which we get into later on. In this course, Andi gives you a road map off where this is going to. This is the first running part off the Hunt Network. If you like steam hunters of very first applications been built, there is another two applications on the way. Over the next couple of years, there's a Hall of Fame. There's a wallet profile, your hunting level, which you can I don't mind, you see, in my hunting level, 2.85 multiplied by two because I'm a model and then my voting power underneath, which is currently at some 7% Onda and you don't really need to understand that right now. But voting power is something that you have in the steam Blockchain based on who you vote Onda that goes down, diminishes but then also builds up again. It's like something that, like recharges if you like. All right, so this is the main display underneath you you got today. How maney products have been listed today how much SPD rewards were generated because of that. And then underneath there is a little clock that told you how long this day is still yet to run. So the server runs on Korean time. So roughly four PM GMT in the UK is midnight in South Korea. So that's when the server rolls over to the next day. The every every hunt that you see here, all these 176 products that you see here they will only be here for today and then they'll be another block of them for tomorrow. So people are submitted them throughout the day on bond. They get added in, they get checked and verified, and then they get added, actually displayed on the side. That's why you see this little green flash next to the title that says that have been verified. So give you a bit more exploration off this layout. So you have the title, the subtitle. How much that post has earned. Now that's probably that's coming from the steam Blockchain itself. So anybody who's following that user so we'll just click through on this one. The world's smallest garden, which is currently top with 96. Actually, it's not top. I've gotto change this by the sort dropped down. Let's just sort I explain the drop down bars. Well, actually poor get into this. So the salt ball here we have, um, we just got back to the main page. Yeah, so sort by random. So you get just a random display of Alvaro hunts for today. You can measure on hunt school, which is a an internal scoring system, which is based on an algorithm which you can read all about at steam it dot com forward slash steam it steam hunt on. There's a bunch of different attributes which are changing all the time because of the way that we do. Voting on the system on that hunt school depends on where that's going to list in the top 10 off that day, so we'll get into that in a minute. Payout value. How much you sort it by the highest paying, uh, haunt of the day, which doesn't necessarily mean that's been I voted on the platform, but it could be or voted on steam it. If if those people have got a lot of followers, then people could be voting on commenting, which then puts the value of that post up. So that's only really a display purpose for the website. You can just list the new ones that been added, the vote count, how many votes a certain posts had, how many comments have had. And then on the end here, you won't see this as a normal usable. On verified is the submissions that have come through because I'm a mod. I get to see what's been what's on verified. So if I quickly go up here and goto school, you will see that it resource the list and you'll see now that today we have the Star Trek phaser, which is top because it's quirky because it's SciFi because it's kind of a lot of track is obviously a lot of geeks and nerds. You're probably gonna find stuff like that near the top in the top 10. You also see things like recyclable bottle corks, couch like who'd have thought it? So let's jump through to that one, actually, as an example, So this is ah, couch made from recycled bottle cork. Somebody submitted this. They've put in the title that putting the subtitle. And then there's some images that they've submitted and then a block of text, a block of text. They put some nice little effects in there, and then they've also put their their room They're using their user name is listed underneath as the hunter, and then it shows you the amount of up votes. And then here in the actual design, you can vote it or re steam it so that those are features off the steam Blockchain that you're probably native to, And if you are not native to those, you'll gradually pick them up in time. If if steam hunter is your first, um, first entry, interesting Blockchain, you will pick up those things sooner or later the vote on the free steam. So that's basically what those what Hunt looks like. And then if we just go back to start again, I do apologize for the speed off my machine. It drops down from, like 30 frames of seconds, like 10 frames a second because of heat. But I'm determined to get this thing out. So those are the ways to sort the hunts of the day. Right? So you've got the hunt school payout value. Knew all that. You can just go go through that drop down list and sort them whatever way you wish. Now you'll notice that there's some without a tick next to it. So, for instance, this one doesn't have a tic, which means that it's in the on verified list. So if I go to if I scroll up a little bit farther to this click, I'm verified. You don't see this. You only see this is a mod, but I can see that right now there's 50 products that need to be verified, these ones that are grayed out that currently in review by the months. So that's pretty much the layout off the site really, I don't really need to give you much more information than that. Let's let's quickly go back to this. Let me show you the Hall of Fame. It's a very cool section. You can see from this the amount off products that have been listed. You can look at the all time Hall of Fame, the whole thing for this month for this week and you can also one of the most important parts of here is be able to do searches for things. So if I want to do like, let's do solar, for instance, if I put in the search for solar before adding anything to the steampunk website, you want to be able to search to make sure it doesn't exist there. Media's putting in Solar is found me 50 products with the words solar in it, products that people have put up. So you have to probably try a few different keywords to make sure that what you're putting up is not a duplicate bear in mind. There is over 14,000 different products on there, so finding something unique that's not already been listed is kind of a Blackheart skill in itself, quickly going to show you the adding page because I think it's important to show it on is very, very simple, like you can feel this in very quickly. You'll see clicking on that. Plus born. There's a posting guidelines link here Now a lot of people missed that. It's very important to give that a read that posting guidelines have read very simple. To fill this out, you just put in the URL, and if it's a euro, we already have. Then it will tell you and give you a link to take you through to it. You put in the name of product. You put in a short description. You add some images. You can just drag and drop images on there. You put in a hunter comment off the 1000 characters, some tags, and then you can just submit. And then what happens to that? It goes on to the steam Blockchain, but it also goes into the steam hunt list for the day, so that's a bit of an overview. Hopefully, that gives you a little bit often overview of the interface. I do apologize for my frame rate through all of that, but hopefully that gives you a bit of a insight and hopefully doesn't overwhelm you in terms of the interface. The interface has been tried to be made as simple as possible so that hunters can come in and make their hunts quite quickly. They can do searches on the keywords on. There is some tips and hints that we will get into a little bit more advanced in terms of up voting, your voting skill level and things like apple for the for the basic, just adding a product in today, you should be able to fly it with just that little video. 5. stepping through steemhunt guidelines: Okay, so you're hopefully by now. You're getting a little bit excited about this platform. The ability to submit your favorite bits of hardware, your Web APS, different kind of geeky things that you've got. Andi become a hunter, basically on the platform. One of the brilliant things about hunting on Steve Hunt, especially as a new user, is that you definitely you're going to get some comments you're definitely going to get some votes on. Chances are, if you're anywhere in the tops, 100 120 of that day, you're probably going to get an up vote from the big box we have on the steam home platform . As of August 2018 about 1.5 million delegated steam power, which overall for every day, brings a nice little vote for brand new users. So if you are user that's been on steam hunt for maybe a month or two, you'll probably be a bit concerned that your payouts and not very good. So using a third party add on service like either detachable D live or steam hunt. You can rapidly move up the reputation and also bring in a little bit of income based on your reputation, and it actually benefits you on the steam hunt platform. If you are a new user who submits things on the steam hunt platform because you're, ah, account level, your hunter school is actually a lot higher because we have a account based voting algorithm, which is, in constant change, constant flux. But it really helps out those new users to get a little bit more of awareness in the chart . Onda. Hopefully, you can integrate into the community as well. All right, so I want to step through the guidelines a little bit. So the guidelines are hosted on Get Help. They are that little link at the top right hand corner of the website. When you click on the plus button, these are updated reasonably regularly. This one was updated six days ago. On these are the posting guidelines. So Steve Hunt is a ranking community where people enthusiasts a k a hunter's share of vote , call new products, discussed them with their deep knowledge and get rewards. The contributions, as I told you in the last 34 episodes. So number one most important thing. It's an English focus site, so it's a global site. Everything has to be in English, so comments on hunts have to be in English. We do turn down quite a lot of hunts that are either in a different language or the body text has got non English words in it. So we are a global website, so we tend to go with English to maintain a fair, healthy community. We run moderators in review all Hunting hunting Post. Please follow these guidelines when making a post. So that's the big one. English only everywhere. Number two types of products to post a kind of covered that in a previous video but Web services mobile app. AP Eyes I T Solutions Box Open Source. All the types of software technology hardware, coyote wearable devices gained innovation, engineering design products fairly straightforward. Sometimes it might. You might have a question as to Does my hunt fit into that? Probably a good idea to ask somebody in a direct message either somebody part of the moderation team or maybe an influence or just somebody hanging out in the random channel Number three product link. So this is quite important because we only support a number of websites to do with product links either. The official product website has toe have an official website. Can't be some be to be massive bulk service it has to have. The company has to have a website a major, absolute absolute or placed all so IOS or Google play crowd funding sites. So Kickstarter Indiegogo the funding. This is a very important one as well for crowdfunding campaigns. By the way, the funding should be active, active status or fully pledged. The project that has failed to be pledged will be no accepted on. The reason for that is obviously if if you see hunting, you're like, wow, that's cool piece of technology and you click through to it. You go to the website unfunded unsuccessful. It's never ever gonna come to market last one of these is get hub bit bucket repositories for open source projects. Thats a big area actually sharing open source on steam hunt the majority of people that all into technology. So anything open source is quite kind of a big deal trying to support that whole community because, you know steam is built on open source. Also, that product link must be activated properly If the link is broken, it does not work. Your home will be delisted. So if the website doesn't come up or doesn't load or is down, then we tend not to list those obviously number four Big one absolutely massive one that you really need to take. Um, I went to be aware of is plagiarism plagiarism? Copyright. So the idea behind steam aren't submitting. It is. It's your own words. So write a short description and hunt comments in your own words. Do not copy and paste from the products website. But if you do do it in small amounts, small little quotes, so in mark down that's a forward arrow, and then you paste in the block of text. We don't really. I suggest that you take a massive big chunk from that from that website, and so that 50% for instance, of your body text is just a quote. Just quote little bits, but we can't. We do run every post through a plagiarism checker, and we also do look out for what's called content spinning, which is where somebody's copied the text from a website, run it through a program to change the words a lot of times we can identify those, and if we miss it as a model, then there's other people in the community that will then submit that and say, Hey, this looks contents bond, Can you give this a second check on the natural bounty and benefit on the platform for people finding those actually get rewarded with Han tokens a variety of other things as well. So that's a big one. Plagiarism copyright is a big one. We don't want to be just copying big blocks of text from other people's websites. Number five Quality of post Now this has been trimmed down. The the guidelines were super super tight at one point, and they've been super trimmed down. But quality of post is an important one as well. Remember, it's a product hunting site, not a writing curation site. So there's a certain format that people should follow. A number one. The field name of products should only contain the official name of the product. Please do not include any special characters in there, because that can affect the search when people are searching to make sure that they're not posting a duplicate. So make sure you do that do not duplicate the product name or use any non Pacific's but nonce product specific words in the short description, which is a second field in that form. Do not attach non related screenshots. Come straight forward. Do not use low quality product images. What that means is compressed, blocky images people should be able to see clearly while they're looking out. Do not share any scams. Highly suspicious crypto currency, fintech or illegal products on Obviously, do not share porn or anything under the NSF. W category. No adult content that will just get delisted straight away. Final two. No duplication allowed. That's a big one. Always do a search now. Don't just do a search on one keyword. If you have, for instance, like a Logitech camera, do a search for Logitech to do a search for the product names that might be seen 9 20 on. Just see what comes up. See what's listed cause what tends to happen is people try and submit stuff under a different title of different name. But we do search through all of that stuff, and we do have an avid team looking out for these things all the time. But if it is a duplicate, it will be delisted straight away, so you'll get a message back on your submission on your steam. Blockchain blogged as a comment from a moderator telling you that it's been delisted, which basically means that it still exists on the steam watching on your block. But it won't be. It won't be enabled for an up vote from the baht. One won't go into the daily listing on number seven games. I'm gonna read this out. So I think it's very important for games there. Countess Games will will worldwide, and many of them have a narrow customer talks. If we upset all the games in steam, aunt are ranking board will be dominated by game, so Stephen will only upset games that have their own website. Please know if you use any absolute game platforms theme. You're out. You're out on the game product link. Your hunt will be delisted. Very important that you read these guidelines. Let me take you probably 30 minutes 40 minutes to scan these guidelines on. I would suggest that if you're an avid hunter and you enjoy doing this and get reasonable of votes and you're enjoying being part of community that you check that once a week or at least check in with the announcement channel on the discord. There's a whole bunch of stuff underneath here about moderation was also a section here about being blacklisted. If you do get blacklisted for certain infringements than this, like a 30 day ban, which means that the vote but won't vote any your post, she could still submit post. Moderates could still moderate them, but it just means that there won't be any up votes. So there is a channel into the school channel called Blacklist Dude. Check in there. If you're wondering if something's happened to your account or ask in book reports or just any of the moderators that are in that do have direct messages on at most times, they are willing to help you out. But do remember that a lot of our volunteers we do have lives as well. We are dotted around the world. People will try and help you, and I think that's pretty much it for guidelines. I think pretty much covered it there. Um, I'll see you in the next EPS 6. what happens after you submit a hunt?: Okay, So last little part for today. It's gonna be probably sexual. One of giving you a bit of a background. An overview to steam hunt is you probably want to know what the process is after submission . So after you have submitted a product, what happens? What is the pipeline? What is the flow off that? So what tends to happen is your post, then goes into a verified que and so that verified que gives us as moderators 24 hours to go on and verify your post. So we go through a probably about four or five steps we check. There's not a Jew picker. We check. There's no play plagiarism. We check everything that's in the guidelines, which I mentioned in the episode before. So low quality images, body tax making sure it's English. Like I said, no duplication, just a bunch of different factors. If everything's okay, we just tend to leave your comment that it's been verified, and then we click on a button which verifies your post, which means it goes into the Cube. You will get a comment on your on the steam Blockchain on your block post that it's been very fight when that post has been verified. That means it's gone into a different Q, which means it live on the website for 24 hours. Now, in that 24 hour period, people can comment on it that can up vote it that could discuss that they could talk about it. And over time, what you'll notice on the platform is, if you're a regular, your hunter school go up. Depending on your hunter school depends on how far up the charts you're gonna get now. There tends to be a little bit of competitiveness about wanting to be number one or in the top 10 but really in the system that has been developed today in the account based voting system, which I think is probably one of the first on the steam hunt platform on the steam Blockchain platform. It's probably one of the most advanced systems out there, and it's constantly being tweaked, the algorithms confident being tweet to try and make it fair for everybody. So everybody gets a fair vote. We've gone through various iterations. There was often a race to the top is often a race to be in the top 10 because you've got a higher vote, but now it's bit more distributed. So it's less of let's try and game to be in the top on more about just being somewhere in the top 100. Obviously, everybody enjoys the idea of being first or being in the top 10 but it's really not the main driver on the platform. The main driver really is for you to be a solid hunter that has a solid profile portfolio off products that you've hunted because when we move forward into the other verticals, the idea hunt and the crowd away, the all the other additional things that hunt tokens will activate being a big, active, well liked part of the community, hunting the incredible technology, incredible products that enhance and help people's life. That's the main goal as the main driver off the website. Not to just be in the top 10 I'll be first. It's nice to get those things, but that's not the main thing. So after you've gone live in the chart, then what happens is that people vote on it. When we get about four PM GMT, which is 12 midnight South Korean time. We have a thing called the roll over. Now, when the rollover happens, that locks everything in place for that day. So if you're in the top 10 wherever you are positioned in the chart for that day, you locked him. What tends to happen is about an hour after that, a little but runs and he steps through each individual hunt and it will give you a up vote based on your hunter school level. So depending on where you are, hunt school wise. If you are in the top 100 120 ish, I think it is. This will probably be open to change. By the way, you will get an a vote from the Steam Hunt account, which has got all the delegation. So all the delegation that's been all the steam power delegation that's been given to that account steam home but will step through. Each one of those hunts on it will vote your post, so it's just like anybody else on the steam. Blockchain, who's following you, has a lot of power curation, parent platform, a lot of ability to vote and financially incentivize you the steam but does that based on your hunts every single day, So it's a no brainer, really. It's It's a great little system. It's like having a virtual friend on the platform for the things that you use and you love or you've seen on the Web and you want to share with other people, and then you get financial incentive for it. That's kind of the process, so that's that's getting verified. Now getting delisted is a totally different thing altogether. So being so, there's two things that are modicum do. Ahmad can comment on your posts. A. Please change these things and then we get a button to click on, which allows you some time it takes it away from the list, but it gives you some time to work on it. And then what? You fix that we get a comment, obviously mentioned comment on the block post. We go back in, we have a second look at it, see if you made the changes. If you made the changes, will you verify it allowed to go through? If you have made the changes in a 24 hour period on some of those things, then we delist it. Then what happens when we delis there? Is it still is on your steam. Blockchain blawg It exists, but we've removed it from the cue. That means he won't get another vote for the day. And then we also put a copy of that girl on the reason in the log on the Score channel so that other mods, all the team members, other hunters can see why got delisted. Andi delisting sounds very severe, but really it's just didn't make it for a variety of reasons. You still have another chance to do another post straightaway. It used to be that we only allowed one or 200 a day, but now it's kind of unlimited hunts. The only thing is that we only up vote one a day. Hopefully, that gives you a little bit of background about the process. 7. prep list for daily posting: OK in this video, I wanted to give you a bit of background about how I prepare on a daily basis for putting a hunt together or putting a hunt on the steam on platform. So I tend to use a approach off having a spreadsheet off links that I've already found on that I will search on the platform that day to make sure that it hasn't been posted within the previous 24 hours. I kind of do a search when I find the link on, then I do. Then I store it in a spreadsheet, and then when I'm ready to post it and sometimes I randomly picked from a spreadsheet, it just means that I've done a lot of the preparation work, and I might have sometimes five or 10 links to post up. I tend to not post like unlimited links in a day, attend to post like maybe one or two. Sometimes I push three from really into the public's very mind that as off August 2000 and 18 only one link will be voted on the site. So even if you post 100 links today, only one of them will actually get voted by the big box. Very important point. So they just go on blast loads of links onto steam on quickly. Want to show you my process a little bit. So what I've created is just like a e document a spreadsheet document on Google and I have a simple product link field name of product, short description image, Urals Hunter's comment. I don't always fill all of this out. As you can see, I've not filled in the name of product or a short description. I did do something really cool with the with some of the logic inside of the spreadsheet, which basically limits the amount of characters within this column. That way, I know that I can't I don't go over the 60 character limit in the description or the short description. It's just a nice little thing to do to make sure that you could just copy and paste it if you need if you're getting close to the rollover day and I'll get into that a little bit later on. But posting just Nia or just after roll over over day is very useful for you to get votes and comments because you get the full 24 hours of support by people looking in no matter where they are in a world if you posting in and around The rollover period, which is in the UK four o'clock PM on DA 12 copy night in South Korea is the roll over because that's where the surgeries. So that's probably the best time to do it. If you're obviously, any time of day is fine, but you're probably gonna get mawr comments, more feedback, more potential to move up the chart if your hunt has been on the platform for longer time. So what I've got here is I've got a simple green tab on the left inside on the first column , which tells me that I've posted it. Then I've got the U. R l and then right down the bottom here, you'll see there's some blocks here where I haven't post them yet, and I could go back any time and jump in and grab one of those and put them on site. Now you're probably thinking, Well, where do you find your stuff? Where do you find the things the hunt. So one of my absolute favorite sites on I've been using this now for probably about probably near on a decade. I think they've been around quite a while. Is Flipboard so flipboard? What? What that does is it pulls together a bunch of different interesting stories into certain categories. So, for instance, I'm really, really into sustainability. Renewables, um green, living anything to do with wind power and do with off grid living. I'm really into it, so I constantly scan the channels every day I read anyway, every use flipboard anyway on my mobile. It's really good on iPad. It's not so great on mobile on the phone because it's very you got a page and you have to flip up rather than flip across. But it works really well also in the browser. So occasionally I scan through this one of the great areas for steam on specifically, is the technology section off flipboard. There's a whole bunch of different featured magazines, as well as just the technology stuff that's aggregate from different sites. So you get everything all in one, and you get kind of a barometer what's going on at the minute across all of these different news sites. So instead of having to go to tons of new sites. I could just go into technology, add different ones of these featured magazines. So you got TechCrunch in here? The verve, all the places that you normally go to but consolidated together in one place. And I don't always use this. I use another one as well called Feed Lee. And the reason why I used one over the other is this one is kind of curated for me. There's things that I can search on here and add those into my mixed. So I see them on a daily basis. All I can manually add RSS feeds. So if you don't know about RSS, we do a little bit of a search about what our RSS feeds are. But basically they are a format of ah file that you can reference which has all the listings of block posts that have been submitted, say, on a website, so you might have a website like a WordPress block. All of your blood articles will have an RSS feed so that robots can collect the RSS feed and they can aggregate your content, which basically means they get to know about your content. So I use this feed Lee occasionally because there's certain bloggers that I follow Andi every day. I get insights on freely. I think feely's for you Think there is a Pro counts well, but all sorts in here news, Web development, and I kind of find out a bunch of stuff in directly from the people I follow. The people are respect people who have our peers in this industry. I've met a lot of technology. Bloggers over the years has been a brand advocate for an agency, so I follow a lot of those, and I followed them for a very long time. I tend to find out about things a little bit earlier because of that. And if I don't find what I want from these platforms, I tend to hear about stuff through Twitter as well. I've gone through a real big transition on Twitter, where it used to be. I used to have to go out and find stuff. Where is now that people have known about me for a long time? They know what my interest are, and so content tends to get pushed back to me like I get added in things and have you seen this and this is called and you want to test this out. And I saw this video that you made And do you wanna give this a go? You know, I get a lot of that, Andi, that's great, because you can chase that down. And some of that stuff has not been hunted on steam home yet. Some of the brand new stuff where it might be just a new version off that software that's come out so hardly recommend that you have a play around with flipboard. Another thing that you could do inflict board is you can create your own magazines. Now, why? This is kind of nice is that I have a magazine like the gravity, for instance. I've had this quite some time now, Andi. What this means is that I can add or flip stories into it. So if you want to see a lot of stuff that I'm reading but might not necessarily add to steam home because it doesn't fit into the guidelines, I have a little magazine for that, and this is had 13. This has got 13,000 viewers with 83 followers on our shared, like nearly 6000 stores in his things I've come across. So, for instance, this might be one here. The high end I Kona Electric, 258 miles range and efficiency of 120 mpg electric cars. Electric transport. Real big thing for me at the moment on, I tend to talk about these things a lot on steam Hunt. I'm kind of called myself a little bit Venetia on that because off sustainability and the new electric transport, because anything that we could do to move away from the current model's off burning coal and fuel and diesel and digging up planet the better. Yeah, I think that's it. That's really what I wanted to come. But I wanted to get across to year that flipboard inferior to great sites to use but also recommend you create a spreadsheet on a daily basis. Even if you're gonna post that you are L. It's just instead of having that panic of what we'll do my hunt today or I forgot to do my hunt today having a list of things that you've seen, and then every time when you come to post on semen, just do a search from that you are out. Copy into the first field. It will tell you if it's already been hunted on up, and then you can just put a red mark on that. That link will delete the link all together, and then you got a bunch of other ones instead of scrambling around looking just for stuff to post things that have genuinely interest you. I tend to do a search on FLIPBOARD in the morning or at night time as I wake up having breakfast or having coffee or nighttime, just Forrest Lee finding stuff that's just been released or dated. And then I saved that to my magazine. And then I could go into that magazine knowing that I wanted some stuff for the previous night and then pulled out into my spreadsheet. So that's kind of my prep list. Some tips for you on a daily basis 8. adding markdown + formatting: all right for this video. I kind of want to get into mark down a little bit because one thing that people will come across as soon as they hit that that page for adding a hunt. Let's click on the plus button and kind of step through this. You get this kind of form that you have to fill in. So the product link that straightforward dish, the U R L put in the product name short description, up to 60 characters. Dragon dropped some images, and then it's this bit really the body. The hunters comments. You get 1000 characters here to write out a comment now below. You also put tags as well, so you need to put tags that are relevant to what you're posting about and then below that . Makers or contributors, these makers or contributors. Normally, you never send it to yourself. I see so many people adding makers or contributors to themselves like that. You don't get any more money. If you say, like send me 20% more, it doesn't work like that. If there's somebody on the steam platform or somebody helped you work on this on this post , then you can make them a beneficiary. That's what this means. Makers or contributors or beneficiaries on the steam it platform. So anybody who has got a steam account, you can add them as a maker. So if I worked on a post with Dale Daily Oh, for instance, I might send her 50% off whatever that post eventually makes. If he gets a vote by a steam, but it makes 10 books, then she'll get 50%. If I do 50% off the payout for that, that's what that is. Don't send stuff to yourself. You're not gonna get ah, 110% more if you put 10% extra now, it doesn't work like that. All right, So comments on this on this product, what we're gonna do, we're gonna add some marked down and formatting. I just realized that I'm on the screen and you can't see it. So this hunter comments field, right? As you start writing, this is the body field you'll see on the left inside. It appears right now you're probably wondering, Well, how do you bold that? And how do you How do you change some of the look on it right. So there is a whole bunch off little cheats sheets you can find on the Internet, which help you learn the syntax, the layout for marked down so steam the steam Blockchain uses markdown on steam. Hunt uses markdown. So it's very simple, really. There's only probably, I would say, maybe 20 commands 20 actual steps to do things. So you got headings, bolding, italics, block quotes. We're gonna step through a few of them so you can see how easy it is to do it. So if I want to make this bowl, for instance, I would just put three dashes underneath it. Now, if I put some text underneath that, you'll notice it goes back to the normal body again. You can quote text, which is a very important markdown thing to learn, which is a forward arrow, and then you write out the text here. Now we use the quoting mark down definition when you're quoting text from other side because we don't allow plagiarism, we don't allow copy pasting from another side into steam on, so you have to quote, you have to use that like forward arrow. Like said, you can find all of this by doing a search for the markdown cheat sheet. So let's have a look at headers you could do Head is as well. If we put like a hash and then test, you can see these are the different text. Size is for the different headers. You just have to prefix what you're writing with those kind of characters and then marked down processes the text that's after it. So let's go to Let's do some bolding. Let's just bolding like this so we can just dio star star and then test and they start start, and that closes offer makes it makes it bold. You want to maybe out of video to it or you have to do is put in the euro. For the YouTube video, you literally just paste it in, and it will put the embed code in automatically. Maybe you want to put some lines across. You just do three, three dashes. They with BC Super Easy. What's another common one that we use? So we got headings, we bolted it. You can use italics gonna do that block quotes, which is the quote thing that I told you about. Please use that if you copy and pasting text from another site. Um, there's also tables. Now it looks really confusing. Here. Is this Mark Townsend Sin Texas tables? But what I would suggest you do is to a search for marked down table generator on the one that I use is tables generated dot com. And the reason why I use this one is it's got a really simple way out to it. It's got like a little Web builder on that white building. You can just build out all the different frames. So, for instance, I've got one here that I was using recently for the podcast. You can say how big you want your table, Toby, so you can set the size. So maybe you want a four by two. Do that wrong do that before by two, and then it updates on the screen. So you might want to have these titles and then underneath your your content, and then you can click on Generate, and it will generate the code that you need. You just have to click on this copy to Clipboard, and then I can go over to steam Hunt and I could just literally drop that in. So you can see you can't really see the table layout because I only put their table headers . But what that will do is it would space out accordingly. If I put these into here, it would space it all across so you can put images in there. You can put text in there. I've got one here, I think rating if you want to go really advanced. This is one I did for rating things, um, which appears to be broken because I got 1000 characters in. That's why that's why I think rating it might be actually over 1000 characters. That's why can't fit it all in. That's right. So the you can no longer use these because obviously we reduce that down to 1000 because it's not a reviewing site. It's just like adding a hunting there. But you can see you can do some quite complex stylings, so I could modify this a little bit and just have it said that, um, maybe I just have one line, but these are just images that I've put in there so you can just really advanced, like layout stuff inside of steam hunt as well. But if you really want to learn how to do this stuff, maybe you want. Do this strike through. Never done strike through before. Let's try that. Yes, that works. So if you if you really want to, like, go to town with your presentation skills, which I'll be honest, really makes your hunts stand out when people are surfing through different hunts. Also, I would suggest looking into a tall to do animated GIFs. You're allowed to upload 10 megabits. Sorry, 10 megabytes off a file, and you'll probably find that sometimes your gifts are massive. Maybe 25 30 50. Meg. Whatever suggest is trying to shrink them down enough. You might have to do trial and error of this and also cut down the amount of frames that you have things. You get it under 10 Meg than it should play pretty good. Do bear in mind that a lot of people also surf steam home via mobile as well, so that smaller you can get those animated GIFs. They're great for impact, but they're not great for people's bound with when they're on mobile. I think that's it, really. That's really what I wanted to show you in this little little episode. Waas, um you can do very, very, very simple markdown commands inside of steam Hunter really dress up the style and look we have to do is do a search for the markdowns in text the cheat sheet. And, uh, I don't set you up for having a really nice looking good hunt. All right, Next episode's coming up. 9. common delisting issues: So as a moderator, I've got a whole bunch of tips for you about trying to avoid getting delisted and potential delisting issues that you might have. Um, so there is a moderation log on the Discord channel. This is a place that as a model, we have to put a copy of the euro whenever we don't verify post. So you have to have a verified post to be able to get voted by the baht. That means that every day of the 10 moderators, also we've got we have over 203 100 maybe Post added per day. On we go, but go through to manually one by one on we we put it against that guidelines on depending on that, you either get verified, which basically means the baht can vote you depending obviously, on your hunter score on a bunch of other things as well, um or not. And if you get de listed, then there's a few few ways that you can fix it on. Get the moderated to have a second look at it and hopefully put it up. But I'm gonna go through the common things that people do that get themselves delisted. So I would say the biggest one for me is search people are not using search. So before you even put your product on, I mean, we do a little bit of this when you add a link onto the you are you are l into the form. It will do a bit of a scan through the system to see if anybody else has submitted that euro. But what people started to try and do is you short links or the kind of modified links on DSO way do extra steps. For that we do a search ourselves through research not just on the term on the description , but lots of different search terms as well. Because somebody might have just put the title and change the title a little bit, changed your AL a bit. So we really try and go deep on that, mainly because one of our biggest guidelines is we don't like duplicates. No point having duplicates on the system or people copying other people's stuff just because they couldn't find something. So we we try and block that out. So the biggest thing I could give you a tip is to try on and so well, not try. Definitely search before you actually, um, put a product on. The other thing, I would say is then the next biggest one, I would say for me is PG two. So what tends to happen is that people don't read the guidelines so they don't. They don't read what is actually able to be posted. So what I will give to you is that mainly steam hunt is a technology and ineffective product site. So we wanna elevate the cool the new, you know, not necessarily mass produced low quality, low price objects. I'm not saying that those don't have a negative impact on the world because they do. I'm just saying you'll probably rank higher up the charts, maybe even get into that top 10. If it's something that, like blows people's minds or they absolutely like, Wow, I didn't think that could be invented or that's a really cool, innovative design or technology that solves this problem or fixes this problem or enhances the way that I work with a product. Those do really, really well. So pg to doing the search, having a good title, their paramount, but PG to what you can actually post is very important because you could be Dilip Delisted . If you post just any old generic product it night, anything that's got technology and it can be connected from one thing to another, they do pretty damn good. What else have we got in this list? So got a lot bunch of PG twos this morning. Block posts. So here's a big one is that crowdfunding does pretty well on the platform as well. So if you do Kickstarter or Indiegogo, those links normally do pretty good. Um, block post. Don't link toe a product that's been blogged about Link the product director. The manufacturer. We see a lot of Chinese mass produced stuff. That's just some B two B website where people can order a product. Now we tend not toe allow those because if you have a product, you should have a website that goes along with it on a lot of these manufacturing companies . They're just manufacturing the product under lots of different brands. So what we end up with is the same product with 10 different names of creative names of brands. So we try and unlock down on those mainly from a quality perspective. We really don't need 500 different drones that are exactly the same, but with a different brand name. So that's a big one. Duplicates obviously all our massive thing. But I would say also biggest the listing ones as well plagiarism. So if you don't understand what plagiarism is, we're not allowed to just copy and paste people's text from their website and we don't allow it on the platform. What we do ally do allow, is quoting. So if you use the markdown forward, forward arrow and then your text after it, that then appears as a quote in the text, which is kind of a uniform way of saying we have used this text from this website, but we've quoted it. So we run everything through a plagiarism scanner so we can tell if it's been lifted from another website on the Web. Most of time is pretty good. It's pretty, pretty good results. The only thing I will say is that what people tend to do is try and content, spin those words, so the run it through a program which will change the words. So we look at the body text to see if it's actually readable English now, Obviously not everybody knows English, not their first language. We appreciate that. We understand that, but the English has to make sense, and it shouldn't be would we can kind of see it. We do a bit of a manual process to do that, so that's a big one as well. That's a common delisting issue. One. Also just titles don't put abbreviated characters or like accented characters, should I say, because that affects our search. If you put in like Nokia with a haIf accented oh, double dots on the top of it, When people search for Naki, they won't find it, and then you'll submit it. And then it might get delisted because we've done a search on different keywords or the model number or some of the key word that's found that in the list. We try and keep on top of that, some of them of sneak through. I think that also another big one products sold out don't submit something that the product is sold out because it is the worst thing in the world. For a hunter to be like this is really cool, and then they go to the site and they can't buy it on. Another thing with that as well is kick starters that don't make them money. So some people submit things that never actually came to fruition. Um, that's also disappointed as well. You think? Oh, this is a cool thing. I wonder if I could buy it now and then you find out that it actually never raised enough money for the campaign to actually happen. Um, I think they're the main ones for me. We don't we don't accept also certain your else. So, for instance, we don't upset some e commerce sites. Definitely no Amazon. So ideally, the product comes from the product manufacturer. Aunt has a product page. I think that I think that's it. The common ones I see. I think that that will help you a lot to publish the right thing on the platform. 10. what's next if i get delisted?: Okay, so you have been, unfortunately, de listed on the platform. What is the next step? What can you expect to do next? So what normally happens, it is a mod comes across your hunt in the queue, there's a big queue of Hunt's normally waiting on. For some reason, you've been delisted, which basically means you've been taken out of the potential of your hunt moving up the rankings. I'm getting bid on by the big box at roll over time. So the first thing to do is re back the comment that your modern has posted to you. So what normally happens with a post is that one mod works with your post, not multiple Mars one marred will find it in the queue randomly. And they they they will take control of that, that post. So you do all your communications back and forth to that person. So normally, what happens is they'll ask you to change something, and then you comment back to them at their name and they'll get a notification in their own time. There will go back in and re review your hunt. Deceive is eligible to be put back in again. Now most of the time. If it's been plagiarized on def, it's over a certain amount, then chances are that would just be delisted. And you have to do another hunt. If it's some kind of title problem or body text problem, or you can change a little bit of the text and quote it, or it's a low quality image than most those things can be fixed on. When they're fixed model, go through and tell you if it's okay to be listed again and then they will validate that post. It will go through now. Sometimes you might be in a situation where the model is not getting back to you or you've just had that comment come through and you've gone and changed it straight away. And then the mod never gets back to you or hours of past. So one of things that you need to understand about the mods is that moderators or distributed all around the globe, I think we have about 10 or 12 moderators that try and overlap into different time zones so you can't always expect the mod to jump in and do it. They're volunteers. They have a certain period of time per day when they go through and do that morning. So what is modern looked like for the mods? So there's probably around three hunt 250 to 300 tons a day currently. So each one of the mods gets a small selection off hunts to moderate so they can be roughly around between 30 and 40. Hunt today, Um, so what will happen is that mud will have a time period and they'll just step through mod ing on. That might take them an hour, two hours. And then after that, they either log off all they're doing something else to go about their day. Remember, these people are human beings, not AI. They go and do all the things. Andi. They will look it in their own time, but it will be more often than not within a 24 hour period. Now, there's no point going onto the discord channel on adding those people and asking them to fix your your post because they'll do when they get round to it. Now I know the issue for most people is that they want to make sure they get listed because when they get listed they've got more chance to be seen visible on that chart to movable chart throughout the day. I understand that, but you have to be respectful of people's time. They will get to it when they can get to it. Now, if it's a problem that you need more clarification on, we do have a discord channel, which is probably the best place to go to on that. We have a telegram as well, but I tend to use the discord a lot more. I think that this gold is busy than our telegram, and we have a couple of channels in there which might be useful to you. One of them is questions might be good to go and ask the question if they're in there. If you're confused as to why your hunt has been delisted for start, don't tag your model this stage. It's no point just getting delisted and then asking a question of your model in that. Remember that, probably in their mod cycle. So they have just murdered your post. There's a problem with it. They're delisted it. They've moved onto the next post, right so that the more you slow them down by asking them questions or adding them in discord. The more it slows down the the morning for everybody else. And it also is kind of frustrating for March because most mods will do it in that kind of process, that model a lot, and then they'll go back and they'll fix all the problems. Or at least that's the way I go about it. Some of the mines may function differently. Um, that's normally how I want to do so I can get there fast number of people up and onto the board as much as possible. So there's a couple of places where you can do that. You can do that at hash quote. Sorry, hash questions on this court. There's also a moderator log so you can have a look in the moderator log to see what things are getting moderate and getting kicked back and why. So you can kind of learn a little bit from there. But there's also a moderation appeal. So if you believe after I know maybe 12 hours or coming up to 24 hours, if you believe that there's a problem or your mods not been around or you need to be able to fix it. You can take it higher than the Mozz, but I would suggest doing that. You know, if you're getting frustrated after a few hundreds time that things are not working out or you're not getting the feedback that you need then escalated high than that. But don't just do it for every single post that you get because you're just adding more problems into that. Remember, there's 300 of these a day being added on 10 or 11 12 months, trying to keep on top of all these things, trying to check everything into the guidelines so that you get listed. So the other steps I would go through first is have comes with the mods going back and forth until everything is fixed. But don't panic. If you feel like your mother's not got back to you in 20 minutes or an hour or two hours, sometimes it might be half a day. You have to remember that you can still be listed in that 24 hour block. I would recommend for maximum impact that we have a lot of mods online at the roll over, and so it's probably good idea to submit your hunt for the day as close to the roll over or close just after the roll over as possible, because they'll be some months jumping in there to verify the new stuff that comes through . That's probably a good time to do it, because or also gives you a longer period of time for your hunt to be indexed on the board throughout the day. So hopefully that helps. And I could say, If you have questions on this, you can also go into the Random Channel on Ask people questions in there. Uh, there's a lot of people on discord. Most of time hunters just like yourself who can help you out. 11. Account Based Voting 2.0 Overview: okay. I wanted to record another little video about a B V 2.0 and quickly touch on the block post . I'm getting a little bit of distortion of my green screen. Sorry about that. Um, everything that you need to know about the money has been pretty much put on their block from the start. That steam it dot com for slash at steam hunt. Now they have a post up about a B A B V 2.0. Quickly go over it really quickly because I see so many people on a daily basis saying my points have dropped my points of drops like I've dropped like one point or have dropped half a point. Or, you know, and people desperately trying to find out what the problem is or like, How can I get my points? Backup are in this assumption that you know every day should be an increase rather than decrease. It's just the algorithms way, and there's, like five or six parts of the algorithm off rating. You ranking you and I understand that people are wanting to be always like high up in the ranking. They wanna have a higher ranking because they want to do well. They want about vote. People want have more power. But I also feel like a lot of the time. I think the reason why a lot of people ask is there trying to find the secret sauce they're trying to find, like, how do I do all the right things, right? And I think that's like the wrong That's the wrong approach. I use that going on. This is skew with Let me bring this bitch. Um, I think that's the wrong approach. I think doing quality posts being known in the community, spending time in the discord channel, amplifying output about steam hunt, talking about it, using social media, blogging about your experience, conversing with other hunters about their products. That's the secret source for me. But I'm going to break down. Not literally. I'm gonna break down all the parts of a BV that really stand out to me. Okay, so the first part, all hunters on Stephen will be classified on the six levels from zero level zero all the way up to level five, right? If you're like level zero, level one, you've got problems. So just if you're above that you do Well, right. Um, now let's look at this a BV to hunter level, so I'm gonna go into the background of it. But it's all about this reputation system because we needed to come up with a way with a way off, stopping like the abuse attempts. That's why the massive big pass that people used to have that's all being kind of reduced now for this, a better accounts based voting method. So the philosophy off it is hunter level is dead is decided based on their overall hunter contribution within steam hunt. And that's breaking down into, like, five specific areas. I can see anyway. And so they're listed here Sorry for not five. So account credibility, right? So each hunter level has got a user school made up off parts of the algorithm, and at the moment, therefore parts, right. So you gotta count credibility. How much the account is considered to be a real person. So without new system will like to use steam reputation school on the age of the account. Later, we gonna include social graphs like Facebook, Twitter, etcetera. So get posting on Twitter because that stuff is gonna be relevant at some point activity school shows how much the hunter actively uses steam hunt based on their daily log in record. So I see a lot of people talking about I p address is probably a good idea to use the same VPN that you use if you're going to use a VPN. Should be that you can't use a VPN acceptable. You get a little bit more of a security, but by using it But maybe try and use the same kind of network range by having the same one every day. Not the same I p address. Obviously be gonna be on the same network. Um, school be added deducted every day. Now let me read that again. Based on the daily log in record, this school will be added deducted every day. So if you do use a different VPN are different. I p address Or you just take your laptop in using a different coffee place, they're gonna have a different I p address. That score is gonna change now The reason why that is in places, because obviously there was a lot of people using multiple different I P addresses multiple alta counts on just abusing the system. So we have to have something in there, right? So they're also gonna track page you visit duration and other behavioral records, which on steampunk could be considered later, so we don't need to know that ins and outs of it. You could go into the get hub, download the open source, go through all the ways that the algorithm works, right? Curation school. This reflects how well the hunter or votes hunting post in an adding value way. This girl includes the voting diversities of voting diversity is that you're not necessarily just voting 10 of your favorite friends every day. You're literally just randomly picking stuff that you like, voted instead of looking at who the hunter is. Oh, I like that under. I don't like that hunter. You literally just scanning to that Lester B. I like this stuff. So there's a diversity index in that. I guess some people could game it by just not voting the people, the same people the next day. But why do I mean I don't understand why people play again? Curation school. This reflects how well the hunter up votes hunting, adjusted, don't hunt school. This school represents how much the hunters posted valuable hums. So you know what is the definition off? A valuable hunt? Calculate by the number of approved hunting post and the daily ranking off the Post. So this is more like a long play game. The more stuff that you're putting up the most off that gets accepted, the more people are voting and ranking it, the more stuff that people like your particular niche. I've noticed people attending to fall into certain camps that they're either going full ICO or they're going full sports car. I'm not one for that. I like the diversity of lots of different APs and things that might be affecting my score. I don't know, but I don't want to be just known as the guy. You know. I don't go to a conference. That's the Invest three on We know for the guy who hunts cause the total users scored a hunter will be calculated on combined four sub scores. On this score is uptake is constantly update on a daily basis. The details of the sub scores will also be updated based on the hunter level distribution, right, So there's another thing as Well, so the user scores the hunter voting white. So as you know, each hunters a different won't voting weight. You can check out your profile section with the new system. You've got account credibility. Be one point. Um, okay, sorry. This is how it's added up. Right? So account credibility account school curation scoring hunt school. So the user scores a derivative off. Taking that multiplied by that multiplied by that gives you the activity. Score the vote. Wait, That's the little number that you've got with the body, right? I've got a WASP in here again. I've watched, like, nonstop hunter level distributions. The six level the 66 hunter levels are classified based on the user school, calculated above each hunter level proportion is determined by greater than or equal to her user scored as described below. So if you are a level zero, then you're less than one. If you're a level five more than eight. So I mean, it's those I think those two parts there are the hardest to get your head around because nobody should really have to be calculating all of this stuff just in the hope that they can get up that chart. I tend to not spend too much time in the profile on. I'm definitely not chasing that point stuff. Just keep above one on. You've got a chance to get in a vote by the big boss. And over time, obviously, people are gonna see your stuff. Um, I think this post is the best one to read. If you really want to understand that propose profile view, right. That's the best one for a B V two points here. But the majority of questions out here off, how do I get my points up that is opposed to read? Because if you're doing those things, then you shouldn't have any problem if you're using a VPN, but with the same kind of sub net mask I P address as in on that particular range when you tend to connect to VPN, server is probably going to give you an I P address in the range of I PS that they've got. I don't know how many people are supported on that particular block. It might be 500 might be 1000 So you're pretty good on a VPN if you just connecting to the same area VPN. If you start using lots of their I p addresses, you might have problems. Um, put quality stuff up, right? Good body text. Don't get delisted like, go through those guidelines until you Absolutely No, If you have concerns or questions, just gotta questions on the Discover Channel and ask somebody asked one of the mods If you're not one of the models, the community manager by asking if you're going to d M. If you don't want to give out your you are out because you scare someone else is gonna take it. And that should keep you. That should build a resolve. A lot of those questions that have with it moving today. Also remember that the algorithm is constantly being tweaked. A team is making the system better. So right now they're in the middle of kind of building out the wallet. What you believe is a way for us to take out, um, tokens out if we want to. Andi. So there's lots of changes, So this change all the time, said, if you've gone down from three to a two or to tow one especially begun from 2 to 1 is probably a bit drastic. You want to get in touch with somebody and ask them, Maybe in a D M. You don't need to go into Random Channel and say, I've lost another point that I have lost another point today Like there's obviously something that's going wrong with your hunts. If you're getting diddled delisted every single day for a couple of days to three days in a row, there's a problem, right? Just ask somebody in the disco channel. That's the best place you could go to. Hopefully that helps a little bit. I know it was a little bit woolly. I'm going to start asking people questions they want answering soon, but I know I see this one every single day. 12. [FAQ] how to edit your post on steemhunt after delisting: all right. In this video, we're going to take a look at what you do when your post has been delisted. So what normally happens when your post is delisted is that it no longer goes into the up. Broke you from the boat. So I can't really show you one that's been delisted itself because I don't very often get ones are delisted, but less Take, for example, this recent one. This from end masters, right? So what you would do if somebody tells you that you had plagiarism on your post? Or you need to change the title or various things need to be changed because of the guidelines. What you reduce your click on, go to your profile, click on their actual post, you can find it here, and then you click on the edit button, right? Which is a top left hand corner here off that particular hunt, Onda. Um then you can get in and you can edit all the stuff on the right inside. Now, a lot of people, when they have something delisted, they can't get to it all. They can't get into it, and they're kind of like, Well, how do I find the link had off on the u. R l don't forget that every time you put something on steam, hon, it also goes onto your block, right? So for instance, here's the front end masters one here and probably say, Well, where do we get the link? Well, if you scroll down to the very bottom, you can see it says view on steam hunt that will take you through to the place that I just was at where I can get straight back into the course straight back into the hunt. Andi then click on the edit to make all the changes that I need to make Don't make changes on steam it because it doesn't update here. So what happens is is that the model ask you to change. Something has been delisted, edited here. Then when you click on publish, it will also change it on the steam Steam it block J on the steam it site. It doesn't work the other way around, though if you edit it on steam, it doesn't update steam hunt. It needs to come from steam month needs to originate it on steam hunt and it gets posted back onto the steam not change. Hopefully, that makes sense That happens from time to time. When you get the listed, it does affect your hunting scores. Or by the way, so you know, make sure that you've gone through the guidelines specifically, if you don't know where they are. By the way, just there's a bit of a reminder there, here on the top right hand corner, this little link that says posting guidelines. If you click on that, that will bring up the link to the get hub, which is where all the posting garlands. I suggest that once a week you familiarize yourself with this and really over it. Sometimes this changes. Sometimes it gets updated with stuff, but this is a sure fire way off, making sure that you don't get delisted. And then if it doesn't affect your hunter school, that all right, that's it for this delisting 13. [FAQ] how come other mods verify other mods: all right, This is often a contentious question. How come other mods verify or the mods hunts? And why arm mods hunters. So let me answer the first part. When you are stepping through the Q off hunts, you don't necessarily look to see who the hunter is, right? Because unless you scroll down on the hunt, then you don't get to see who the user is, right? So if I'm doing a block, for instance on D Day Leo, my other half is in the list. There is no reason why I can't mod her post, but we do them in order, said The oldest is first of the list when we do moderation. So you start from the top and you worked down or the modern on there as well. So you have Teoh grab the the Post to verify it well, to step through and work with it. And if another Ma jumps in there, then you have to take the next one and the next one, depending on how many mods are around. So I there is no there is no picking off who's who's hunt. You do. First. They are in order. You have to do them in order. It might be that some of the models started. The next one on it may look like another hunter is like, done. Somebody else's before yours, but I assure you that all of them should get done in order. On the other question was, Why are Mods hunters? Well, originally, that before, before there was mods, we were hunters, so we were on the platform very early on. I've accrued nearly 400 Hunt's on the platform. I was in the discord all the time. I really loved the idea. A real of the concept. I got to know the team. Project seven on Tabarez Fed back. Did videos still been doing video has been put in a video every single day for the last three months. Probably more now. Four months, maybe on just had import in the overall back and forth as questions and was picked from the original five months. And so there's been questions that time is why allow mods to be hunters well, with the best people to advise on certain things because we were here before everybody else was here or we were also here and saw the platform changing Evan flow enough feedback on it . Andi. Um, I don't see. I don't see why there's a problem with a mod also being a hunter because we don't have any special privileges over anybody else. You know, I can't vote my post. I can't ex. I don't talk to the influences to the influence that upload my post that I'm just, ah, hunter. The special features that I get as a model is I get to verify or the Hunt's coming in based on the guidelines, and that's it. So I don't really see the difference. Really. I might be wearing two hats, one of the hunter and attack that often put on for Ahmad Book. It's like a schoolteacher doing homework, right? I still have to do the homework, but like if I have to market the people's as well, then I have to mark of the people's as well. Like I don't see what the issue is, Really. Um, yeah, that's probably doesn't explain it very well, but we see the Q as a flat que off hunt's waiting to be verified, and those could come from other months. One thing I will say, though, is that somebody who puts in regular hard work to, ah, high quality hunt. I now can in the queue as I'm dropping down to the next one, pretty much within a couple of scrolls in my mouth before even see the name of it. Know that it's a certain hunter like I always know when it's a tougher post. I always know when it's a daily a post. Oh, I always know when it's gonna be a krone crypto post. Like I can kind of feel the things that they're interested in. You kind of get a feeling for they're interested in. And also what I will say is the ones that are regular people on the platform, I kind of trust that's a bunch of their formatting is gonna be is gonna be good. That doesn't mean I go through and be like, Oh, yeah, I know this person submit. They have to go through the four stages, have to do the search. You have to do the duplication. You have to check plagiarism, whole bunch of stuff, right? I think I said for it. Probably about three of three. Um, I'm checking against the guidelines, obviously, so I don't I don't see there being any preference over influences or mods. We're all just hunters in the same boat, and I think now that we've changed it to account based voting, the algorithms different when we started out and everybody was kind of desperate to get into the top 10 are desperate to be number one and gaming it and voting, getting just using ALS techniques just to be greedy and selfish and big top at the top of the chart. That's all completely gone. That's all leveled out. I know every day is 100 people getting up phone, which I think is just awesome. 14. [FAQ] my post was asked to be changed but not seen my mod: So this is, Ah, common question that we get asked in discord a lot and people are tagging mods and expected them to just turn up. Remember that mods are volunteers. Admittedly, they are getting paid for their work, but it's not a it's not like a contracting job. We have a minimum amount off hunts that we need to verify in a day. Andi people can come and do those at any point in the day. Now, just recently, it's been better for the hunters to get their posts verified so that it can be whole day on the platform to be seen. But as far as your mom might have Donna Batch off verifications, they might have done like 15 or 20 verifications. That doesn't mean that there as soon as you get Ma did. Soon as somebody a moderator module post that there around to help you out. That's not normally the case. It very, very difficult for modern to be verifying posts and then replying back to your comments and then re looking at your thing there is. Ahmad cannot dedicate that amount of time for the amount of people that are coming through today. Normally the way I work personally, this is my personal like mod approach is I do them in batches, so I will do a batch of anywhere up to 20 or 30 and then I will look at my replies and anybody who's keen, who's around whose light on top of it. I will go in and have a look at it there and then. But that's not always the case. It might be that I only have half on our time or an hour of time. I go in and do it and then I come back and check it. We have a button in our moderation tools, which is asked for a review. When we asked for a review, it takes you out of the queue, right? So you don't actually be seen on the Cube Now. I'm not sure if that will be changed later on, but that's the bottom. We have to click because we want a change from you on. You didn't follow the guidelines correctly. That's why it's so so important to follow the guidelines. If you want to be verified, if you want to make sure you're putting the right things in the right details. Check your spelling. Check your plagiarism. Check the u R l like give it double check when you don't check things and you just put them through. Then you can expect to get knocked back. Um, so don't go into this court and at the Mods and say, I finished. I've changed it. I've done it without any u R l for a start. Don't do that in like you can probably do it in Random Channel if you want it. You know if it's been half a day or something, or asking of the mud or ask for a modern review. But most of time they are volunteers, and they will be around when they're when they're ready to do that block of time. 15. [FAQ] when is the best time to post a hunt: So this is a very common question. When is the best time to post the hunt so that my hunt gets verified? So let's have a quick look at the page right now. This is three PM in the afternoon, and if you see at the top here, it says one hour, one minute until midnight. Right? So that's midnight K S T, which is Korean South Korean time, which is when the server rolls over to the next day. It's also means we can click the little shuffle button underneath and get our free tokens, which is kind of cool. So I would suggest that the best time to post a hunt he's anywhere between it depends. It depends, really, because what tends to happen now is that mods are around. There's a lot more mods around at the roll over to get as many post through as possible so that you have a clear 24 hours off commenting, voting, etcetera. But what I would do if you, in a bit of a time crunch, is I would mock him all up first. That is, get them already by bringing up the plus and filling all this out This has got my last one in there, Which, by the way, if you didn't know that was a feature, that's a feature. You can fill this out, and as long as it's filled out and you've uploaded the graphics, you can log off and come back and post it later. You can only do that for one draft. I wish you could do more than one draft, but it's for one draft, which is kind of nice. So what I would do is I would probably post just just after the roll over, so maybe half an hour or an hour after the roll over. Now, if you try and do it at the same time as roll over. Unfortunately, what you'll have is probably about 50 to 100 other hunters trying to post a swell Andi as far as the steam block channel is concerned, it looked like a DOS attack denial of service attack because so many people trying to post 16 Blockchain all at the same time. Now I'm not saying that it can't cope with that because I'm sure it can cope with many transactions per second. But I I've noticed how slow steam hunt goes at four o'clock at roll over on. That's probably going to be worse now with people clicking on that shuffle. But I don't know, maybe it won't be so. That's the best 100 it because the more time that you have for that for your hunt to be seen, the more chance that it will be voted more chance to be commented on, the more it will move up the rankings. I would say that if you're anywhere in this a top 100 off hunts for that day, you're probably going to get an up vote from the big box as long as you are a level one and above. If you're level zero, you don't get seen by the big Bond. You don't get pretty simple advice, but I mean, you can post any time in the day to be honest, but you just you won't get verified straightaway. We also have a rule, I think a newish rule, which is we don't We don't verify anything up to a few hours up to the roll over because it makes no sense because you're only going to get a couple of hours off that day. So you'll always end up being at the bottom of the charts. It's it's being optimized all the time. That's one thing I will say about Steam Hunt. There's always new things being allied. There's always new approaches to it. There's always little tweaks and modifications. The algorithm here in there. It's worth reading those guidelines every week to see that. 16. [FAQ] someone said they were a mod or influencer are they: all right. Another frequently asked question is Someone commented on my post and said they were Ahmad all they and how can I find out? Well, that's fairly easy, actually, as long as you are on the steam website. So let me bring get sorry steam hunt website. So let me bring up that Andi There is a special tag on steam on steam hunt. Let me show you so you won't be out to sea on your steam it block, but you will be out to see it on the steam on website. So if we take for instance this sat Knox right, and bring that up then if you scroll down to whether comments all, you'll see that there's different tags by the side of people. So I'm odd it this one. So I put this one through and you'll see it has a green tag that says moderator on it. If the person is posting some kind of like hunt or verified or whatever graphic, that doesn't mean that they're a moderator. You have to make sure that they've got that green flash. I think there's also a blue one. There we go. It is also a blue one for influences. Right? So the influences have power to up vote or push up your your post. Right? So look out for those. If if people don't have those flags by the side of it, then they're not months. You won't see those flags on the steam steam it website because they are unique to the steam hunt websites to double check if the person is a moderator or an influencer, Don't go on. Go on what they say. Bring up your hunt on the steam hunt website and check in the comment tags and never looked for that additional box next to the name. So I lied to say influence that model Dead easy, but quick answer anyway. 17. [FAQ] difference between mods and influencers: all right, This is really, really quick one. What's the difference between mods and influences? So mods will go through a que onda. We have a minimum amount off verifications that we have to do per day. I think about 12 months right now, which cover pretty much 24 7 around the globe. And moms go through your submissions and verify them based on the guidelines. And then when you're verified, that goes into the daily preview, lest if you like on what influences do is that they don't do any of the modern duties. They just there around to look at the stuff that's in the top 200 or whatever the list is for the day and things they think are low and should be high up. They have an ability, like a multiplier to up vote. That post. That doesn't mean that influences should be voting influences or voting their friends or voting things based on. You know, if you do this for me, I'll vote you. It should be purely based on. Is this a good hunt? And it's not getting good exposure. I should push it off the list. What tends to happen as well I've noticed is that influences will kind of congregate around a bunch of hunt to be like, Oh, wow, this really is called like we'll talk to each other. That doesn't mean that they're influencing somebody's decision. But if they think it's called, then it gradually starts to rise to the top. So we have a group of influences. Andi. Hopefully, those influences will be changed often as well, so we get a set of fresh eyes on the hunts that come in. 18. [FAQ] - is there a way i can earn free HUNT tokens?: so a very, very, very cool feature has just been introduced on the platform would have been 19th of September 2018. It got brought in on its the ability on the front page to earn hunt tokens, even if you've never hunted anything before, which I think is really, really cool idea. So where you see today that a day button? Every day, every 24 hours? So. Four PM GMT, 12 o'clock. South Korean times are working out for your own time zone. You'll be able to click this button here on. It won't work now, but it will spin this coin and it will do this like counting from 10 to like 200 on every day. So at four o'clock in about 20 about 50 minutes, 40 minutes time, I'll be able to do it again. I can spin this little wheel, the shuffle. It will shuffle randomly, the hunts underneath, which I can then go and have a look out and see if it's something called I can vote and then it gives you anywhere between 10 and 200 hunt tokens. It's completely random, but I think it's really cool because anybody who's not really used the platform before or doesn't want to submit something, but still wants to have some influence on the other verticals. That steam hunt will be launching next year when they launched their SMT. They're smart media token. Um, then you're gonna have to. Then you're gonna want to collect hunt. Oh, cancer. Every day. You can still get anywhere up to 200 tokens by clicking that little button. I think it's I think it's really cleverly done. I don't think I've seen any of the site that does that. And I think little features like that really make this theme hunt team stand out from other projects. I'm sure somebody else is gonna copy that feature or do something similar to that feature in the coming weeks.