The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Reviewhunt | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Reviewhunt

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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15 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. introduction HUNT & reviewhunt

    • 2. introduction to steem blockchain

    • 3. purchasing hunt tokens via daybit

    • 4. walking around the reviewhunt site

    • 5. connecting steemhunt + starting quests

    • 6. quests in the campaign

    • 7. your HUNT wallet is agnostic!

    • 8. social media buzz channels

    • 9. upcoming referral link (temporary)

    • 10. funds from wallet > metamask > daybit

    • 11. referral support is in, 5%

    • 12. case study -- app maker

    • 13. case study -- physical products

    • 14. case study -- web app

    • 15. case study -- advanced virtual focus group


About This Class


The future of brand advocacy is here. ..

decentralized and tokenized, reviewhunt! -- this unofficial hunting guide will get you up to speed with everything you need to know as a HUNTER using the second vertical from the steemhunt team (see my other course about steemhunt)

the best thing is you get paid/incentivized for your time with cryptocurreny, mainly the HUNT token, listed here on coingecko (erc-20) and with a firm community support on the steem blockchain!


brand advocacy and influencers is a massive component these days for brands. massive monthly marketing spends happen across a variety of social channels and the quality of there outcome is often untrackable and random at best.

reviewhunt and it's tokenised HUNT token is potentially going to change all that.

my course, following on from my previous 'intro' to getting started on steemhunt via a steem blockchain account is for complete newbies to understand the platform and to understand how to be a successful reviewer on the platform.

106 companies with a monthly marketing budget of $695,823
have pre signed-up -- alone in month one!

In this course you will learn. ..

  • how hunters can perform tasks to earn HUNT cryptocurrency
  • as a maker to run 'quests' to get great reviews and engagement
  • why your social media channels reach are now hugely valuable
  • what are tokenomics and how your time is now incentivized
  • the next place where youtubers will potentially flock too!
  • how moderation takes places on the platform
  • how you can mobilize a global brand advocate team
  • the modern way to utilize tokenomics to spend your marketing budget

if you are interested in where the future of brand advocacy is going and you make video content as a content creator on the internet then you'll wanna start looking into tokenomics and crypto currency as payment for your incentive and time spent making it -- of course you can keep that crypto currency and watch as the price rises and falls like stocks on the stock market or you can convert to other crypto or fiat in your local country (personally i'd say diversify that digital portfolio and get a hardware wallet!)


Reviewhunt is a one of a kind DApp that connects real product demands to token buying demands. Companies purchase review credit to utilise the influential power of strong hunters, and this demand will directly connect to the buying order via our partner exchanges. This will create a highly stable and nurturing token economy among all counterparts


If your interested in all of this but don't know anything about the steem blockchain, steemhunt and hunt tokens or are coming from a content creators background who knows nothing about cryptocurrency then maybe some of my other courses are a good starting point before coming back to do this course!