The Unity GPS Course | Track User Locations, Build A POI App | Diego Herrera | Skillshare

The Unity GPS Course | Track User Locations, Build A POI App

Diego Herrera, Unity & Augmented Reality Developer

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23 Lessons (4h 1m)
    • 1. INTRO GPS FinalDone

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. We look at installing the required software to create our application (Unity 3D)

    • 4. Augmented Reality Camera Setup

    • 5. Introducing GPS & Location Services

    • 6. Creating A Visual GUI Placeholder

    • 7. Preparing The Project For Export

    • 8. IOS Installation

    • 9. Android Installation

    • 10. Creating A Google Cloud Live Account

    • 11. Setting Up the App Layout And Scrolling Menu Buttons

    • 12. Creating A Scene Controller

    • 13. Adding The GPS Code

    • 14. Learn How To Load Data From A Website URL From Inside Unity

    • 15. Refactoring Code To Improve Functionality

    • 16. Processing The JSON Code From A URL

    • 17. Populating A Virtual Object With Json Data

    • 18. Using The Real Names On Our Prefabs

    • 19. Calculating Distance Using GPS

    • 20. Dynamic Button Listeners

    • 21. Sorting Results By Nearest First Part 1

    • 22. Sorting Results By Nearest First Part 2

    • 23. EndOfCourse


About This Class

The Unity GPS course gives you step by step instructions in a hands on manner, you'll not only learn the how to use gps inside Android and IOS applications but the why along the way.

Do you want to build location based apps? 

Do you want to learn how to load information from the Google places API and process the Json code successfully inside Unity?

Then this is the right course for you!

You will learn exactly how to :

  • Enable GPS services on both Android & IOS devices

  • Create a functioning app which connects to Google and loads nearby places of interest

  • Knowledge of how to pull from a www address via Unity

  • Knowledge on how to load JSON data into Unity

  • Top Skill : Run an algorithm to determine the nearest location considering the curvature of the earth

All assets are included to create a fully functional nearest first location based application.

This valuable skill set is everything to need to create fantastic real world applications in the future.  Add GPS location services to your portfolio and knowledge bank today.

Note : There is an part of the course where we use a credit card to validate a google account.  This is optional, I continue the course with demo data for students who do not have one or it's not possible, so don't worry, just continue in the videos :)

This course is perfect for beginners through to more advanced students, simply follow along with my instructional videos and you'll have the tools to create smarter, faster gps enabled applications.

Please check out the preview videos to learn just how much you'll learn on this course :)