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The Ultimate guide to learning Arabic Language for beginners

teacher avatar Radwa Obayd, Professional online Arabic teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Promo introduction

    • 2. Arabic Sounds and pronunciation

    • 3. Arabic Alphabet

    • 4. Alphabet listening practice

    • 5. Write Arabic Letters with me

    • 6. Connecting Arabic letters

    • 7. Naughty letters

    • 8. Short vowels introduction

    • 9. Short vowels practice

    • 10. Short vowels audio Exercise

    • 11. Long vowels introduction

    • 12. Long vowels practice

    • 13. Long vowels audio Exercise

    • 14. Doubled vowels

    • 15. Doubled vowels practice

    • 16. Doubled vowels audio Exercise

    • 17. Doubled consonant

    • 18. Doubled consonant audio Exercise

    • 19. Congratulation video

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About This Class

This course is designed for beginners who know nothing about Arabic , or those who who started learning and need to revise the basics of Arabic language.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

- Pronounce all Arabic sounds perfectly.

- Learn Arabic Alphabet's forms and names.

- connect Arabic letters easily to form words.

-Learn and write Arabic short vowels.

- Learn long vowels.

- Learn doubled vowels and consonants.

- Read and Write any Arabic word easily after practicing and listening to the audio program in this course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Radwa Obayd

Professional online Arabic teacher


Hello, I'm Radwa,

the founder of

I am a professional online Arabic teacher. Well trained and have experience in teaching non-Arabic speakers. My big goal is to teach Arabic to millions of people, I have been teaching Arabic since 2006 for all students levels and ages starting 5+.

I have a BA in Arabic language and a graduate in Education. I am specialized in teaching Arabic as a foreign language for children and adults at any level (beginner, intermediate or advanced). I am certified with degrees in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Cairo University - faculty of Dar Al Uloom. and I am also certified in teaching Arabic as a foreign/second language from the Institute of Educational Studies - Cairo University.

I would be glad to help you reac... See full profile

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1. Promo introduction: welcome to the ultimate guy to learning Arabic language for beginners, where you learn to pronounce any Arabic sound, easily read and write any Arabic words. Hello, my name is Rod Watch. I'm a professional, online Arabic teacher. On my token, I'm well trained and certified with degrees in Arabic and Islamic studies. I'm also specialized in teaching Arabic as a second language. I'll believing you through this course. I designed this course for anyone who wants to learn Arabic, especially beginners. So whatever your goal is, whether it's reading and writing, learning Arabic for specific reason or even having some problems with pronunciation, this course is your complete guide. By the end of this course, you will be able to read and write any Arabic ward easily, and this course you will practice pronunciation, listen to audios and even write Arabic with your own hand. I will walk you through the process step by step, feel free to take a look through the course description, and I look forward to see your insight 2. Arabic Sounds and pronunciation : uh, Deneb at UNEP The bend d'affaires Fair, huh? Emaar seem are just jealous. Jealous? Hey, hey, hey, Sohn Hey, Head He saw on Cramer claim a the the Dura Zura. Raw, raw. Gradually, Bra bra. Gradually. Xena. Xena. Sematech Simic Shims Shims. So so saw saw Saw Law. This Paul club full. So buckle. Full vault. I I all school I all right. All school fit Fit for Russia. Russia Call column. Paul, call Colin. Okay. Okay. Tell. Okay. Okay. No, my house Nos No, no, no, no, no, no and heh heh heh d Yeah. Hey, hey, Head. Yeah. What did that? What is that? Yeah, Yeah, he had Yeah, yeah, yeah. 3. Arabic Alphabet: Welcome to the Arabic alphabet video. The first letter is And if it makes the sound Ellie, they makes the sound baby day. See? See it like D h in the word thing with your tongue out. See it, Jeanne? Like D j sound Gene Jeanne. Hey, hey whole. That's the sound claw. The name is Hall Dale. That's the name of the best. The sound then It's also D H, but it's different than this one. So here is there like the words the D h e but here is like the word thing. So here is the then they're all draw z z Seen seen Makes the sounds sheen like each sheen sawed 12 saw That's a strong scene So flaw war war It is a strong Dale Born four is a strong day for a girl is a strong ville Bull bull I I I plane It's the sound of gurgling lane Fear if sound fit Cough strong key Core Kim K sounds good name It'll sound it up Name I mean no. Hey h sound Well? What? What? Well, Yeah. Why sound? Yes, yes, yes, 4. Alphabet listening practice : Welcome to Arabic alphabet listening practice. The best way to practice pronunciation is to pronounce every continent with the three short vowels. So please listen and repeat. Elif. Uh, in Okay, in be bear boo. Be there, Boo! Be Hey there, toe Dean, dare to de see Fair through fee fair through fee deem J ju G J ju G Hey, Hey. Who he? Hey, Who? Hey, ha! Who? Fee core. Who key? Dale. They do the there. Do de vale there, though. The they're the V. Raw raw Rule three Rock through three zey They're zoo Z. They zoo z seen seen se su c se su c sheen Share shoe she share shoe. She flawed saw so seen slaw. So see board Babu, we bar boo bee Uh, Paul Booth three Paul toe pre vote var vou re vaw the re eine i o e i o e lane 03 Oh, really? Sit fair. Full fee. Fair, Full fee. Corfe, call Cool P Oh, cool, P Kif! Okay, cool key. Okay, cool key. Liam Les Liu Li Layer Liu Li Mim man, Move me May move me No one Now I know me. Nair No, me Hit Hey, who he Hey, Who He Well, where? Rue we Where? Who we? Yeah, Yeah. You e Yeah, you he 5. Write Arabic Letters with me: Okay, so let's start with the letter. And uh huh. And if again, uh And and of course, we start from here. The next three letters look like a plate. He starts from here. The 1st 1 with the dot below. It's called Bed. The 2nd 1 with with two layoffs above it's called and then the third with three dots, It makes the sound like th like the words thing. That's the sound. So we actually start from here. You start from here throwing the plate, and then you put dots. Now, the next three letters are Jeanne. Hi. Without any dots, Jeanne. Hey, close. And we start from year like this and then you draw a big scene. Now let's right. Then then and then the next one is then the same as their but with dot above Then we have raw. This one is opens and then the seem as it off is zey. But with a dot above so in there We started from here like this Also the scene in there and from raw. He started here friend above and the scene with they So let's write them again. Dead Hill Z Now the next two letters are seen and sheen she in has $3 above. So where do we start? We start from here seen like this and then we go again and this time a big one. So that's seen the sounds. And then she and we also start from year like this one more time and then with three dots seen hand sheen. Okay, let's ride the four strong sounds or letters slaughter. That's a strong scene. Blonde, strong D strong tea and law Strong. It's Vaulx. So we start Slaught from here from down there again. That's right, slowed God, Blood is the same as flawed but with adult above Lord and then go and then we'll is life talk but with dots above They're old from down here Be stored them old from down there. Next we have I and the lane. We start from here I'm and the line. They also start from here. Next we have say the letter fair sound F fair with one duct and then call off cloth Is life this with two lots and then keys. So we start fit from here again. See, also we start called from here. Close care If we started from here down like this. And then a little Hamza. The last six letters are Liam. Liam and then name. No. Hey. Well, yeah. Okay. So there we started them from here. They am. We started me from year. I mean, noon. We started known from here known. Yeah, well, we started from year, and yeah, we started from here. Congratulations. Now, I want you to download the pdf file called right with me and practice writing. 6. Connecting Arabic letters: because Arabic is a curse of language. We have to connect letters together to form words. So the first group that we have year is the Yeah, see known. And yeah, When letters are connected together, they don't change in shape. We just take a piece or apart off the letter. So here's what I mean. For example, the 1st 1 bear, we were only take this port of this There is a plate. You will leave this plate open so that we can add another letter. After that, it looked like this at the beginning, off the words. So if I want to add their for example to this bag, I can add it like this. This there at the middle will be the same as initial form. What we were Adaline before because they're probably another letter before it. And at the end, no need to take a piece or reports off the letter. You just write it all as it is. So it will be like this the same with dare fair, noon and year. So take at the beginning. Look like this at the middle would look like this at the end. We'll put the letter as a whole Fair. Also at the beginning at the middle, Syria have the ends. They're radials. Moon at the beginning. Also like this at the middle. Like this at the end. Like this? Yeah, at the beginning. Looks like this at the middle. Like this has he ends, right? A whole better. So let's write a word. Babe's there at the beginning. There, baby. Yes, at the middle. And then tear at the end of the words. So would write it all as it is. No need, Teoh. I think a part or a piece of the letter will be like this, babe. 7. Naughty letters: so basically noted letters are the letters that are not connected to what's after their only connected to what's before. There are six noti letters. I put them into words so that you can remember them easily. The two words are English words, but written in Arabic letters. They are is there doors? Let me give you some examples. Remember the word Mahmoud Mom, I would see here Well is not connected to let's after because it's a noted better. It's only connected to us before Mahmoud Mahmoud, Another word. Oh, Moose. And here you have to naughty letters. We have a tiff. We have Well, remember, noted eaters are the doors. So here we have a live and we have well, no t voters. Another example is the word. What did this with what were the tunes? So here we have three naughty letters. Well, is no t for all. And then and about this letter at the ends. This is here. But Mara Botha, it's called Mariota tied. It's like we took these two and connect them together like this and there. Sometimes it looks like this to refer that this word is a feminine words. So this is president. Okay, so here we have well, as a no, the letter. It'll this 8. Short vowels introduction: Arabic short vowels. There are three vowels signs in Arabic foot Bunma. Fred is a desh above the letter, pronounced as a sound after the letter. For example, the that's the continent with feta is big death with is then second bell is bomber. Dharma is like a comma shape or a small whale above the letter, pronounced as the sound. The third vowel is custom, and Kasra is a dash below the continent, pronounced as the sound e after the letter. The same example with Kasra is being with Costa is so but that's the continent. But with that, Huh is bad with Bunma is. But with casada is being now, if a constant and doesn't carry any vote, it is marked by a supermoon. So what soon? Su kun is a small circle above the letter showing that no vowel follows letter, so it will be just but 9. Short vowels practice: Welcome to another short vowel video. Let me give you some examples. So first, as you know, we pronounce the continent. Then we pronounce the valve, for example, the continent birth we pronounce. But first. And then we say there or move or be so. But that's the constant. They it's they saying, but and then adding the vowels. A. But who the being well, If the constant has No. 12 it will be just breath with scorn. The the U stop on it. So let's write the word Jesse jazz first and then it's just jazz. Just jsa Gisin. Jessa means carrots. Jessa. In other words, e that sign. Okay, Okay. Yeah. Saying sign. Another example is one Oh, corn. I stopped on lamb. Fine. I didn't see you there. I didn't say blue or leave. I just said And then glided means heart. In other words, they there baying. I didn't say year or you for ye. I said Baines, They I stopped on it baying. And then bait Bake means house 10. Short vowels audio Exercise: Welcome to short vowels exercise, Listen and right letters. Okay, Okay. Be be May May. Oh! Oh! Hello! Go! Me, Me, su su though Bull day there fee fee to To Lee Lee Second I write these words Schemm Sue Schemm Sue Common room Kanemaru! Carla, Move! Carla, move! What? What? I do? The herb! The hair bay Half a bottle, Half a roll. Miss Miss, Get the bay Get their bed. 30 hair, 30 hair. I bet they I bet the 11. Long vowels introduction: Arabic long vowels. There are three long vowels in Arabic. In fact, there are three letters of the Arabic alphabet which are used to lengthen the sound off short. So actually a long vowel is a short fell plus an extension, and that extension is a better way. Have three metres way Have Elif well and yet so why used these letters? That's an excellent question if you pronounce. LF this LF matches the sound off, they both make the sound and well also matches the sound off gamma, which is a short bell. They both make the same sound and yet matches the sound off. They both make the sound. E in the short vowel, for example, follows the continent. It will be better. There is a continent with short foul If this short vowel takes, for example, in duration. A second long vowel takes two seconds in duration and this letter is followed by L F. That matches. So the sound is they That's the mom Vowel better is the short vowel is the long valve. Boo is the short vowel sound. Boo is the long vowel sound. B is short vowel sound. B is the long vowel sound, so l if well, yeah, year are used as vowels. They have soup wound, and they're used to lengthen the sound off the short fouls. 12. Long vowels practice: Welcome to the long vowels Video. So in the short fellow video, we just pronounced a constants. 10 Seville Bay Order The continent's alone if it doesn't have any vowels But here the long vowel is an extension to the short valve. So after the short vowel fat half Dhamma orchestra, we will add three letters with no valve with su kun. Here's what I mean if the constant that we have is there this with a short vowel looks like this bay and then we will end l if that matches have hot after the short vowel. So it really it will be there. So here at if has no roles you can go on like this day We didn't see there the e the air Just see bay also there with a vowel Le Maire we will add well with scorn. So it will be who long vowel also bear with of all Kustra you will Ariel. So it will be bean. Okay, let's write some words Fee I didn't say Phil, I said I feel so. It's a long health. You add year with a spoon Feen feel that means elefant Feen, in other words, to the constant to the short vowels to make it long toe toe. That's right. No mood, man. Man. No! Noval DNC! Hey, who or he? I just said Move. I didn't see Mahmoud. I said, Mom who? Mood? That's the long bell. 13. Long vowels audio Exercise: Welcome to the long vowels exercise. Listen and right Don't do me Me, I I Oh, oh, See? See, be be boo Boo Teoh There Go! So the ball there day. Fool! Fool! Now I want you to write these words. Name, name, call a day core day. Oh, would I would key Tayeb de Tab Cordy called the Say I eat side. Moussa. Fear Moussa. Fear Matt or Metal or Yusuf Yusuf Mellie. Mary Bebe. 14. Doubled vowels: doubled vowel. Actually, it's doubled short foul. It is also called 10 Ween. The sound, often mean equals the sound of a short vowel. Plus the end sound, for example, doubled with that. Instead of saying there, we'll see Ben Sound of doubled. Kostya is bean, and the sound of doubled DOMA is burning. I noticed that doubled value only comes at the end of the now, and it's changed according to the mood of the sentence. So why do we use Double Velo? It generalizes the meaning of the word. So instead of saying which means the book way say they're born Bean, keep the Ben that means a book most of the time with doubled for half. We add Alice at the end of the world. 15. Doubled vowels practice: welcome to the double foul video. So, as you know, double vowel only comes at the end of the word, so it's actually doubled short vowel. So we have bad. For example, the short vowel is bare, but when it's doubled, it will be like this. It will be pronounced then so be a there. That's the short bell. Then that's the new sound. Then the same continent with doubled. Bummer. That's one that's the 2nd 1 And sometimes it's written like this, so don't worry about the sheep it's doubled among So that's the with the short 12 goof. For me, that's with the double 12. I mean, so sometimes after the doubled facia. Well, we ads. And if so, for example, the word kataeb Hey, Deb means a book, tib. So if we want to add double trouble to the word day of boot, keep Day one. I can also add their bean, and that's according to the moods or the case study. Also, when I add double Phatra, I wouldn't end addicts the double, so it will be key. They've been, and that is added. Most of the time. It's not always at it, but most of most of the time, you don't add add if after the doubled with half, let's take another example on As you know God, it means heart. So we could be one garden, then cotton being 16. Doubled vowels audio Exercise: Welcome to the doubled vowels or 10 Wean exercise. Listen and right one, hon. Shuhn shown done. Bean, Bean on on con con seen Seen Finn Finn. Men! Men June, June Hinn Hain Now I want you to write these words. Ki tae Ben, Keep the Ben se i e done. Say aye, he don't now. Hey, Finn. Now he Finn Moussa Fear oon mosa Fear oon Com Aaron, call Marine Schemm. Sen Schemm sen their hair Boone their hair! Boone, Where are thine? Where are thine? 17. Doubled consonant: the doubled continent or shed. She is a small W shape above the continent, showing that the letter is doubled and therefore sounds stronger, meaning we stress on it. Here's an example. Them met them. Mess shed A never comes alone. It must be accompanied by a short vowel or can mean at the end of the word. And that's because the double constant man in the example Tim Meth, is actually to means the 1st 1 comes with Su kun them. The 2nd 1 comes with a short vowel men, So when we stress on it, it's them men them miss. This short vowel will be written above or below shadow, so it's actually the fell off The second double letter may, but the written as one with the Shiga and assured well above the letter way can also act. And we need to shut down at the end of the world. For example, Charlotte Boone, huh? Hope then how being 18. Doubled consonant audio Exercise: Welcome to the doubled constant exercise. Listen and right Lo win Lo win! What did but deep for Boone Hope Boone Sell lemon sell lemma Tim May them may can lead con lead Far raw for a draw You hate boo You hate boo shar Run shar rune bear run beer run 19. Congratulation video: