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The Ultimate YouTube Gaming Channel Guide

teacher avatar Salim Boullali, For the Epicness

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

34 Lessons (6h 29m)
    • 1. Are you ready?

    • 2. Introduction - Apps you will need / Desktop layout

    • 3. Bonus 0 5 Benefits of Being a Youtuber

    • 4. Organizing Your Folders for Maximum speed

    • 5. Do What you Love (Motivational)

    • 6. Respect Your Ideas - How to keep Notes

    • 7. How to Record your Precious Gameplay

    • 8. How to Record your Voice & Sounds

    • 9. Finding Your Niche - What makes your Tick

    • 10. Bonus 00 1 Editing Basics

    • 11. How to Edit Videos

    • 12. Work Faster with Video Templates on Vegas

    • 13. How to Make a Video Interesting

    • 14. The Importance of Music & How to Use it

    • 15. Interlude - Create Soundscapes

    • 16. How to Edit Montages with Music

    • 17. Different Ways to Render a Video - Optimization Tips

    • 18. How to Work Ultra Fast with the Shortcuts

    • 19. Where to Find Music & Sound Effects

    • 20. Bonus 0 2 Pro Editing Tips and Tricks

    • 21. How to Create a Channel and Make It Look Good

    • 22. Bonus 0 6 Strategic Growth Tips

    • 23. Bonus 0 4 Amazing Free ressources & Tools

    • 24. How to Make Good Thumbnails & Descriptions

    • 25. Descriptions Part 2 - Why It's so Important

    • 26. Importance of Playlists & Series

    • 27. Be Part of a Community

    • 28. Bonus 0 3 Be a Leader in Your Tribe

    • 29. How To Youtube - Be Human (Motivational)

    • 30. Proper End Screen and Annotations

    • 31. Precautions with Copyrighted Content & MCNs

    • 32. How to Promote Your Videos

    • 33. How to Make Money With Videos

    • 34. Don't Play it Safe (Motivational)

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About This Class

The most complete course on how to make a successful gaming channel by a Youtuber with over 20k subscribers and multi-million video views. I will cover all the aspects that allowed me to reach these numbers from Africa with the slowest internet in the world.

Some of my Youtube Channels:



This course is everything you need to know to create a gaming channel that will enter the history of the games you play. Hopefully you'll not make all the mistakes I've made these last 17 years making videos.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Salim Boullali

For the Epicness


Hello, I'm Salim or "Moukass" online. 32 years old and I love to create epic videos since I was a kid. I own a video production company in Marrakech called Kech Lab and 5 Youtube channels on my favorite topics: Epic gaming, Arts, Morocco and Knowledge. 


I edited about 800 videos, more than half on my favorite game: PlanetSide 2 and the other half being vlogs, conferences, 3D projects or promotional videos for clients.


About 5 Million video views on Youtube

About 500,000 video views on Facebook


Channels on Youtube:

Moukass (Planetside 2 & Epicness)

Moukass Vlogs (Morocco, Art, Vlogs)

NC Initiative (Squad play in Planetside 2)

Conference Maroc (Free seminars and talks)

... See full profile

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1. Are you ready?: you can not let up. You got a busted. If you want to be somebody in the aerial money, you want to get this stuff off for you. You want to shed these? Change is not a game you gotta bust up into it. An unbelievable, passionate way. You gotta have a level of focus, the level of intensity that you may have never had in your life. You know how I came up. You realize I was just a scared kid that found drive and passion to be something much better than what he thought. Relentless collector of magical moment. And the thing that drives me with fear. Just missing one of them. I believe I believe it today. I believe it enough to where my body said. Did you think not going through the way. 2. Introduction - Apps you will need / Desktop layout: start recording. Hello, guys. Because here, what's up? I'm so happy to finally do this course. So welcome to my office. This is where I've been doing all my videos. And I created this course to help you, like, create a successful YouTube channel because this is what I've been doing this last years. And, uh and this is come from my passion for video games and editing videos. I've been editing videos like now for 16 years. I started when I was a 14. I'm not 30 years old, like I'm getting all mochas getting old, huh? Call also, I'm going to showcase how this will go. So I created this thing's big course with modules. So if you're only interested in, like promoting videos or editing videos or just the music, you can skip right to their to it. There's many chapters, and but I tried toe to have a big emphasis on this course on the organization. So there's many courses to help you stay organized and keep and have the most time for you and for editing videos and for gaming. So for my desktop layout, it's very simple. Like if I close everything, have ah along the I always have this black screen saver because it's a reduces. I fat chick for me. I like to have nothing in there. So it's ah more focused of my task bar on the left side so I can access the stuff easy. And this, actually, because have two screens. So I have one screen in front of me and have a second screen on the left side. So the fact that I have my task bar right on the left it makes me makes me able to switch between the two screens easily. And I always have my favorite ups here in there. I'm gonna try to not screw up the camera placement. Yes, made it. So this is how my desktop layout for I'm gonna show you my PC Specs. So my p suspects have the this embassy main board and I 7 67 60 k 67 00 k This is if you want to replicate exactly like the same thing. I don't say it's the best. The best set up for anything is just one that I've been working for for me. And now that I use ah daily and that gets the job done for most of what I'm doing for the most in keyboard that have to do Logitech Chief Ivo to produce. I frickin love this mouth so much. Self Reckon much. I'm gonna talk about it in the course how it can help you be more productive. And I have the rocket is cookie board. This is a very nice keyboard because it has additional keys to to set, approach, set up shortcuts. So this is the stuff I used to do all my videos. You're gonna also need ups, the ups I use. So I'm gonna need an aging, energy eating software off course I used biggest. This is not my favorite. Everything's after ever. I have used many others. I started editing my first video. I did it on a software called Magics Video decks 2000 was horrible. Couldn't even do fade in and fade outs. And it has evolved. And I switched to Vegas six and 78 after way to figure 13 that I use now and on the way also tried Adobe Premiere that I didn't like much, but I edited the some battlefield videos on it. So now I stuck with the biggest 13 that there's most of what I need to do. And the most off the editing lessons on this course are gonna be on this software. So you're gonna need to know you're editing software for I use audacity. It's free. This after is amazing from sound force. It's gonna help you create commentaries. A. Did the attitude your sound to clean, do clean the bad things to improve it and all of this for free. And it's a very simple to use, so I'm going to need that. This an image it in editing software. I used photo shop Photo shop is here also extremely useful for you if you if you're gonna need to promote your videos, create terminals, etcetera, have a subscription for Photoshopped. But you're gonna also use Cannavale, which is free and online. Can Visor is, and it's like an aging software, but online and you can from there, create thumbnails, create art for your channel very easy. So for photo shop, I have a subscription, like for $10 every month. I have Photoshopped and right room, which are too self tours that they use a lot. I love them, so I recommended for sure. This one for the shop. A screen recording software, Of course, to record you can play. You're gonna need a I use shadow play from NVIDIA here you consider if I move this if I move this year, you can see in via Air Force experience which the false experience you can record your again play Before it was cultural shadow play. And there's also a variant for 80 i 80 I graphic cards. I'm gonna talk about it. So I just tried to have your It's not even to my think. I think my driver is not up to date, and usually you see an option here to set up your your experience. Your shadow play the recording software. He can also use O bs, but for I use it for different person purposes. This software is used by a lot of people to stream on for come on stream gameplay or record game play, video record videos or analysis of videos, for example, you can talk about the video over it like you can. You can put the video in the background. I'm gonna open my my gameplay folder. He can put the video in the background and comment on it and record all this we do with a B s and it's gonna all of this is gonna be rendered in one video. So you have your your webcam in your gameplay over it, and you can set up your webcam as you like. So it's very nice. So again, in the of course, the recording software you shut the plan of yes ever notice is a software to to replace the block nut. You know, have you have this button? But now I mostly use ever not to keep my notes in check and keep all my ideas in and where I built my ideas and I build my projects over time. This is like a This is this is extremely useful. Are you gonna need this and it's free. So I really recommend there. You checking, ever not in their own ticket Brits Crane is various full to take screenshot. You just have to press print screen. If it's installed, it's this little software. Here is your prince Cranial. This it was after here that's extremely useful. And when you could get you can start doing up, you can. You can start doing screen shots that have almost decides you want in the shape you want, which is extremely useful. I use it for my for my screenshot, for my art, for my for my time. Nails YouTube MP three. Downloader. It's a very useful software toe. Don't know it sounds from YouTube. It it's like that. It's very also there now. I paid for. There's a paid version and a free version, but you can use the free version two. Don't know some stuff in it that's gonna be very useful for you. Off course image. A major player. And now I use the music Be because it has the least performance on the because it has the disk performance on the under computer. This is what I used to listen to our music, to discover my music to Bro's. So I try to keep hurt. I'm building a big music library for my videos, and I listen to this mostly with the music be. Before that it was using we know and many others, but I think it's very nice that you have 111 player for the music and one player for the videos for the videos I use the VLT, which is extremely useful. We can do like life commentaries would combined with a B s. You open. Ah, you open this, you open, you open your your video foul. You set up the sound as you like, and you can comment on it and do video dressed like that. Roadkill, huh? So these are you deserve software that's gonna use and that are extremely useful. And I'm gonna talk about it in discourse. All right? So stay focused, guys. You need to kill the descriptions. Fucked. You use this app everything you don't need. Apart from that, you can try to remove it. You have something minimalistic like on my doorstep. There's only the stuff I use. It gets closure from time to time, and I clean it. So So try to have ah, something minimalistic. Even your your step. I'm going to showcase how I work here. I try to keep it mean a minimalistic with only the stuff I need. What's right for the notifications? Honesty. With my phone, I disabled all the useless notifications from Facebook. Twitter, Exeter instagram. There is so many of them because each time you get interrupted, you're going to lose a lot of time to get back to work After I got interrupted, It's like it's like 20 minutes or something. So if you want to get a lot of stuff done, guys try to have environment that helps. You were good. So this is the intro, guys, so enjoy the course. You soon you and I. D. Guys here in my work station concedes, very minimalistic of one skin center. Once going on the left, I have my beautiful Russian medal. I have a quartz courts Iraq, because I always like to be looking at something beautiful. I love this mouse. I have my notes, my phone, my keys always have some coffee around. My camera is in my hands. You cannot see it right now, but it's always there. This is the webcam. My speakers are behind. I also have a here on arm that's articulated where sometimes I put stuff, I put something. My former, sometimes my headset always have something to tell me the time where it is. It's always inside, so I can always know what time it is. This this is a TV, but that that that that I use for a secondary screen. I can move it around. So this is for me a very optimized, the verge optimized workstation that I've been working with since very, very long. 3. Bonus 0 5 Benefits of Being a Youtuber: like as much as here. What's up? Welcome to next lesson. So this one, I wanted to tell a little bit about the benefits of being a YouTuber because it has really impacted my life very heavily. And I wanted to explain what you can expect if you do this right. Some benefit is of course, recognition. People are such a notice You more if you have a big following This This started to happen more after after I created the secondary channel for my vlogs where I only talked about Marrakech and the conference center where where I was posting conferences and this was also when our were also started to putting myself on your own Facebook. I have a Facebook Facebook page where a post my vlogs acceptable so you can start getting a lot of recognition from people impact. It gets very easy to meet people that even you don't know. You can just introduce yourself. Tell them yet that you have YouTube channel on that you have, ah, certain following. And if they see that you're consistent, that doing good work, it's gonna be very easy for you to connect with them. So I thought it was a huge made a huge impact in my life. It able me to impact more people or because I can I can transmit to the ideas I want. For example, at some point I was in some appetite videos. I'm talking about my personal thoughts, my personal beliefs, and they just can impact people into in a good way. I hope so. So you can start impacting people just by sharing your story. And this can be a hugely satisfying to see people improve because of what you have told them. He gets access to a lot of people very easily. Like, for example, this festival. I was I didn't get invited, but the past, the press pass. So they had a special pass that able me to take to film as I wanted. It wasn't the defect for the same thing for anyone, so I had some benefits just because I already had the YouTube channel and I already had the posted a video last year of this event. So you start getting invitations like opportunities that you that you can't that you don't have otherwise it's gonna improve your self confidence. It it it has Ah, it has usually help me to connect with people like no form. It's very easy to go to talk to people. Go talk to girls, go talk to anyone, make them talking in front of the camera ride. It's a skill that you build over time and that can hugely improve your life and your improve your networking. Now I tried to make small videos of all the events. For example, recently I was invited to fill Matija set. It was for a D. J. Khaled Im in CA is also, unfortunately, I had because I was already known in the demand with my vlogs. So it's very interesting the things you can start to be able to do just because you have posted a few videos on YouTube and even though I'm not, I'm not. I'm not. I don't have a degree in video editing. I just I just I just toe learn all this by myself by doing videos, and I'm getting paid to do this kind of videos. For example, this video I will this video that I sold it to a company, um, you get too much better at talking. For example, I'm a I noticed that my English changed dramatically. I am speaking English, much better now than before, and it makes it usually easy for me. For example, when I'm when I'm meeting people from other countries meeting people from U. S and Britain and accept they're out there, they're very impressed. But but the conversation we can have and this is because I improved my elocution by you by making YouTube videos by leading squads in game like just by practicing. And this has a hugely improved my my ability to communicate and connect with people. It's ah, it has become now a huge, very a skill that has changed my life. Like the the fact that they can make people talk, talk to people, easy transit, transmit my ideas in a simple way and and multi in several languages. It's a huge asset that has been built thanks to being a youtuber for me, you get more work opportunities. For example, this video again, I sold it to a client. Actually, this was my my dad. I sold him this video on and it was very happy. And then I went to film his clients and ask them what they thought off working what they thought off working with my dad. He's an architect. It was very happy with this videos, but it's a bit biased because it's my dad. But there is other videos that are also sold. I'm also able to go meet people that I really like. For example, this photograph for is called Cisco, and he's a huge personality, is one of the best light painters, and when I contacted him to do a video, he was very happy to meet me because he knew I was already doing good, good stuff, and he was very happy with this video I did for him. So this able meed to make people high level people that I would not have been able to meet otherwise. So I think it's a huge benefit. Videos killing the men Now it's, um it's ask huge. A lot of people are asking me to do videos for them. I just got called earlier by a guy who wants to do a video of himself because he's been filming for 40 years. Yeah, he has videos that are older than 50 years, and he want to do a video for his family to what he has been through. So he wants me to edit the video together at commentary at music, and he's paying very good money for that. So it's a skin in demand. Even though I told you I don't have a degree in video. So now and it's still able to me to make to make money. I'm doing this video, this videos. I'm doing them the same ways I'm doing the gaming videos. So I think it's a huge benefit to be able to do this. I just I just got the DSLR camera I understand started with the camera that was given by my dad at the beginning. I just had the camera given by my dad, and I did a lot of videos just with that, So I think it. For example. This video was made for Tofino Residue and he was very happy with the result because the video got shared a lot of times and he really transmitted his message and this was like all this. I learned to do it by doing YouTube videos, and now I start impacting people's life. So I think it's a very, very it was some off one of the best benefits. Of course. Some downsides. You're a real life is going to suffer. Sometimes you're gonna spend so much time editing videos taking care of your channel that you that you're gonna have a hard time keeping up with your family and your friends. If you do this wrong and you give up early is gonna be lost off. Money loves off everything. So if you do this wrong, this could be a big loss of money. I have to tell you that. So the best there's create stuff that comes with being a youtuber. It's like that now with my team, NTV and other subscribers, you can start building friendships with people from all over the world. I know some people came to visit me here in Morocco. Some subscribers, some friends in my free time are inviting me to see them in Germany. This is so cool. So it is, I think, one of one of the best one of the best things off having being a youtuber public personality that share his ideas is that people start inviting you to cool stuff. For example, for this event, I got invited to see this big party in front of those at fault and they didn't custom e on anything except the travel. And I thought this was amazing. So I loved it. This is another some of the best benefits of this your family if you do this right And you guessed that getting money and recognition where family is gonna be very proud of you, my little cousins and nieces and Exeter other all fans, they watch my videos, they're they're very happy. And some of them want to be like me later. So it's like a big thing like before that I didn't thought I will be a model for other people. So it's a big ego boost. To be able to do that, some girls are gonna like it. You're gonna attract more attention. Don't brag about it. For example, Don't say hey, hey, what's your name? I have a channel. We tend to outscore door. Don't talk about it, let them discover it. And they're gonna be more impressed that you have such a dedication and passion for something most girls like a like men that have a deep passion for anything, something and that they express it, so it's gonna attract a lot of people and including girls and you get include. And you get to really nice comments every day. If you have nice videos, people are gonna comment, and it is gonna up your mood. Like when I see my comments on my videos. This is uplifting. I love to see this. This is like a constant ego boost it It's It feels great to be able to impact that people's lives. I know that some people are from Asia from all over the world. Colombia, etcetera. So I think it's an amazing feeling to have this, so I couldn't Couldn't not put it in a video like that. You that you get a lot of a plate of 15 comments and this can really brighten your mood. If you don't feel good, just go check your comments and is gonna is gonna make you feel great again, huh? All right, well, I'm going to do with some rich girls dancing music is who was looking for the place 4. Organizing Your Folders for Maximum speed: Hey, guys, welcome for the next lesson. This list is a huge storm in Marrakech when I think I love to. To stay motivated is to listen to music like just when I'm bruising or working, for example, the origins or salt track of the game do sex is amazing, and it's like ambient music. I was listening to this just before. So this lesson guys is very important. If want to play the long term, the longer game. And if you want to last in them and make every one of your minute count is to stay organized is gonna save us so much time. This is why I'm gonna talk about like, the folders you need. So you can you can. You can find your files very easily. So you need to separate folders for the following Things gets very important lesson in the folder for your game play off course. So we do gameplay. Are you recorded? Which other play this software and it goes directly in my shadow play folder on my have a big hard drive. Have one hard drive for the system operating system. It's windows and one hard drive for all my files And is this in this hard drive? I have, ah, folder just for my everything I record on Tried to play for in my game Play is in the sub folder called Planet Side too. So you need a folder for all you can play. This is mandatory Don't make so don't not mix things up. You need the folder for you recorded audio for the for the stuff you record with your voice on the audacity. So I have all these folders and I have easy on easy, easy access on them on this bar, You can You can set up a folder to be in your quick access If you're rightly connect, for example, from this indeed big quicksight since you put it in the bean too quick access and it's gonna appear here. Imagine. Bruce, this is my image dump. This is one off my image. Them folders you mentioned Look up mucus. So it's gonna appear here, and you're gonna be able to access it from anywhere. If it's closed, you just have to either. Right. Click here. If everything is closed, just have to click it once, and it's gonna open the general fire and then you can find your sub folders very easily for my game play. I just go to shadow play. And then if it's pants I two time looking for, I go to print side to Right now, The game I play the most is this one. So I'm gonna put most of the examples here, but you can record your desktop. I recorded my desktop very often. Sometimes when I find every do interesting or something interesting are recorded, had a file for my, which are three, which were three game place. But I I clean this folders very often, so I tried to keep it light on my foot. My hard drive. It's getting really very hard to manage all these files with The three have a tragic about three three terabyte hard drive, and it's getting really hard to manage all my files. So you need one folder for your gameplay, one for their for you recorded audio mine is called Georgia Mucus in Disorder. Mucus have older. All my commentaries have all my commentaries of that record on the overtime. So each time a record, the commentary with audacity The Output folder is this This folder called order mucus and I have all them here. And sometimes I record I do. I create file audio files for are things. Recently I was working on my Ryker shin voice back. So I was recording sound just for this. But most of the time I I I do commentaries here you can find a lot off. So, Logan, play in my This is my voice for a for a video that was doing on the on the magic commentary on the magic. So this in in the folder just for your audio files? If you mix all these things up, guys, we're gonna you're gonna have a very hard time. So the next folder that you need is gonna be an image dump file minus called strikers because it was called like this at the beginning. So it's an image them file. Each time I take a screenshot, for example, I I told you, with this up print screen, you can take screenshots and my output folders for this is strikers. So each time I want to do a screenshot, it gets there, and the big nice thing we do with France Green is that when you take a screen shot with it . It's renames with the name off the of the up you're using. So if you think if you taking screenshots from your browser is gonna name it with your browser if you take screenshot with your game, for example client side, too, it's gonna name it would Riggan and I'm also renaming. I'm renaming everything. Actually, most of the things that I know I'm gonna be reusing or re sharing. I'm trying to name them, for example, Planet side I like to together Planet Side Art. So I tried to put the art tag in all the files. I don't know that are about this, so I can then find them easily. This is nice art that I found on forward and stuff. And instead of just putting it the putting, the random name, I put art so I can find it. Find it easily after that. So you need an image them per folder. It is very important and next to need what? What I recommend is that you have a folder just for your your quotes. Election record sounds sound effects from movies from from from videos, and I put them all in a separate folder. I don't put them in the audio dump. I put them in a separate folders. Aiken. I can find the courts. I want very easily. And each time I record them, I renamed them, for example. I know this quote is from a movie called Battle Los Angeles. And then I'm a real evidence I can find them easy. For example, I'm looking for something like courage, a quote about courage, and I'm gonna find all the stuff about courage in in my in my Court dump folder. And this is very the most important file that you're gonna need is the music folder. Music Folder is in my quick access, and it's how it has to be different from your It's a music. It's only the music that you can use in videos. So all this music hair is free from copyright. I know I can use it in my videos without any problem. So it's I separate them by artists because each artist have a different styles, and inside this music, free from copyright, I also have a music them folder that some some stuff are free from copyright. Some stuff I'm not sure, so I'm just put them in my damn folder. Ah, I like to have them in step folders for artists because each artists have a different style . For example, hair Records is doing very nice music for action movies. Action videos. So if you separate your stuff your your music by artists, it's gonna be very easy for you to know your library better. For example, how record is very good for action. I know if I need the music for an Outro video for Outro, the outro for video. I know that draw came. Enrich is amazing for this. He has instrumental music. That's a very quiet, very calm, ambient thing. This is the style, so I like to have them in different sub folders. So I confined them easily for whatever I need. So next, any the what the sub folders for for each artists are the music websites. I also use music from music websites like epidemic sounds, and I put them in the same folder. Epidemic sounds freedom, freedom because I'm with Oh, I'm I'm partnered with the Freedom Network and this gives me access to epidemic sounds and position music. So this is these are music websites or put all of them here, and I know I can use them. We don't problem because I'm partnered with freedom. I'm gonna talk about this later. So another five legendary is other music. You have to separate the music free from copyright in the music, not free from copyright. So the music that usually listen to men's that it did his mainstream is usually cooperated . Yeah, like a pretty lights automatic bonobo. This stuff is usually copyrighted, and I don't put it into my music from corporate. So So it's very easy for you to know, to have a different you know, you cannot use music in this folder. You can listen to it. You can have fun with it, but you should use this one. If you want to monetize your videos So the copyrighted music's you can use them. But you can have some restrictions. You know they're gonna be able to monetize videos sometimes defeat. It was gonna be blocked in some countries. So it's always safer to use music free from copyright. This is why I have to separate folders for this. So next thing you need the folder for your time nails. You're gonna have to do a lot of time nails for your videos, and I'll have them in this folder. Thumbnail and it's easy to access. Have the image damp term nails or do film X rays with them nails. I have one foot the ship filed where I do all my time nails. And then I export them in this file with the correct name, and some sometimes have several variants of the time nails. So very important you have folder just for this, you need again enter the file for your Vegas projects. Where are you going to put your videos once they're rendered? When once they're done, I put them in my Vegas renders for folder and hair. Of all my videos that I've ever done, there's more in other folders, but these are the most disorder videos I rendered with Vegas. So we need a folder just for this. And you take care of this folder because this is a This is gold content, gold content. This is where all my my felt are before they're posted on the Internet. So So you should really save this folder somewhere else. So in case you lose the hard drive you can. You can still back up all your videos. I said this because I already lost videos, videos that I spent weeks editing, that I haven't backed up and that I lost forever. So have Samant edges that are lost forever in It's a horrible feeling. So I have a separate folder for this and name them well and try to save it from time to time. The biggest projects. And you need a folder just for the biggest projects, not the files. I'm talking about the projects, which means that the file that you open to have the product do the biggest projects where you edited videos you have before you need a folder just for this. So all my biggest projects are here. Gonna could have done of them. So that's it. If you have a folder for each of these things a separate folder, it's gonna be much easier for you to organize yourself, find files, find files quickly for company phantom magic. I know I go to music. Find quickly the artist. I want the style I want. If I want an image, I go in the image them. I use the tags so it's Ah, it's very, very easy to to find your stuff once it's organizing different folders, Next is the short skirt, so you can put them in your in this a quick access and then I think is that's very important with your gameplay. Since we're doing gaming videos in your gameplay folder, you need to rename your fouls. This is extremely important guests, because if you don't your name, your fouls, they're gonna get less, They're gonna have a genuine Rick name. And it's gonna be very hard for you to find the actions when you need them for a video. So all my fouls once Ah, this is my yesterday two days ago. PlayStation So the files are not yet to renamed. They are not renamed yet so But all the things below are renamed, and I renamed them by tags. So So for example, this action see four fail at 5 35 40 I know I can open this file on directly find what I need. It's at 5 40 I know I'm failing Grade C for. So it's very easy for me to find the defendant clip I want when I want Ah, the very first. If you know, if you don't do this each time, any direction you're gonna have to check all your files to to find, to find what we need. So So if you get ah, nice action and you want to use it, you have to rename. You should absolutely rename it by default. It gets the name of the game and the date. This is the perimeters off G force experienced do the recording software and it just put the name in the date. It's not going to give you a lot of information if you want to find this files. So usually what I do, for example, I see this action. I like it. I know it's a light. A short clip. I know the action is about the for four minutes and I get, like, a few kills. And so I close it. And then I renamed them. It would have turkey and then I name it like an enemy to tax. L. A. Is for light. Assault is the class I'm using. I was using the razor carbine. I can put the gun. The action starts at like 4405405 is when the action starts, I'm gonna kill Ks is for me. I used this actually to say Kill streak ks and then I put like eight K eight kills, for example. In there is other. If there's other details, I can add them. For example, if I'm flanking, I can add flank. If it's funny, I can add LOL. If it's a huge kill streak, I can add context. This is the tax I use. And when it's once it's rename, it's much easier for you to find this file again. You're not gonna have to check all this. For example, each time unit in action about light assault needed like this, that action, you just type L. A in the search bar, and it's gonna bring our your lattice of actions all your letter short clips and you can do like to sort montage very easy by choosing. But here and you can be more specific. L. A M M B is the ambush charge, etc. So it's a different jet back. That's for the light to sort so I can have. If I want to do ambush a jet montage, I can choose very easily from this clips and I know where to find the for on this one. I know the action starts at 2 to 2 20 seconds. Be so it's very interesting to to rename your your clips. I have all kinds of tax. Sometimes I use a little for funny moments. So each time I want to do funny video, it was Type a little and get the clips and start editing. Talon News is when I get the huge action for my heavy, that much videos. Sometimes I know and I was like analysis. It means I can analyze the clip to to break down the review. Sometimes I put long, long get message. It's a longer begin play, but still interesting that I can use in commentaries with the slower pace each time. I have ah, specific gameplay from a former class freeze like the infiltrator class. So I have tags for all my cans of flips and tables to then find my my footage very easily when I need it. This is extremely important days. I cannot emphasize this enough because I have many friends that failed to do this and then they knew the neighbor user again play because they have hundreds of files like this and didn't know which one is the good, and they don't know at what time it's the action starts. I could have a fire like that, but they don't know where it starts, so they have to find it each time that it takes a huge amount of time. But if you prepare in advance, rename all your clips and delete the useless ones or something. If you see this one, if one is realistic, check this one. I see it's not interesting. I just close it and deleted. I deleted with my mask, but and I set up some shortcuts. I'm gonna talk about this. So clean your files for every few of PlayStations. Check here again, play. See how it is. If it's good, you rename it. If it's bad, you delete it and you say you're gonna save a lot of space and only keep the good stuff that you want to use and that you think you can be interesting extremely important to remember your stuff. And I used tags for all kinds of stuff. For example, off course, my audio files are renamed them the quotes I'm recording from videos and movies. I renamed them When I When I when I when I recorded with other city and when I save it, I rename it with the with the name of the video. So then there's watching time Life advance. I can just type this on the search bar, and I I'm gonna find the video and then I name it like to be able to find it quickly. So if I need the court about like I said courage, I tell you, I'm gonna find all the courts about courage quickly. Quotes about about combat have course about combat. Yes, have some quotes about combat so you can find your fouls very easily. Same for the music. This is why it's in sub folders. So, guys, it's a very important for you to stay organized. Have your quotes, your files, all of this, seven separate folders. So I confined them immediately. The next thing is about the bookmarks. I used the bookmarks a lot in the Internet. Of all this, you can Well, there is a huge storm outside for my cash. It's very, very special. So I have all my bookmarks on my mind and my emails are in bookmarks have this YouTube one , so you can put folders in your bookmarks. And here I have, ah, access to my feet. Access to my videos to the comments on my videos to my main channels Have access to all the stuff I use all the time that I have. Ah, I don't want t search it, have book marks for it. So I have access to my my main channel, secondary channel. All of this in bookmarks. And it's gonna ends. Help a lot when you when you bro's a lot. Because when you're when you when you're getting inspiration, try to conceive in video you're gonna you're gonna you have a lot of inspiration ideas. So it's it's it makes me win a lot of time to have all my stuff in bookmarks, All the stuff I was a lot like the music websites like my websites and there I mean the back up the back office. You can put sub folders, interesting blocks, the tools I really recommend you to have. Ah, a bookmark for all the tools like, um, later hoots with con va, we transfer all these are tools, sometimes free, sometimes paying on the Internet that you can use and have them all this in this soup folder. Facebook is my social media Twitter Airbnb. So all of this is gonna make you win time and and make you have a much easier time on the longer and you can build this overtime. Just a bookmark manager and here agreed to create folders. I actually don't even do it like that when I have a file on and ah, link that I want to save you Just type control the controlled and you save the bookmark, and then you choose in which sub folder you want to put it so control day to save the bookmarks. Well, I guess if you start to this and have, it's gonna give you a very good foundation to start editing some cool videos. 5. Do What you Love (Motivational): Hi, I'm Hannah Hart, and in March of 2011 I posted my first video online. It's a show called My Drunk Kitchen, and I made it, frankly, Justus a joke for a friend. But then I started to see it was getting all this positive feedback and all these comments people asking for episode to Episode two I didn't even call. It was one, but I made another and then another. And then I realized that I absolutely loved making videos. The best advice I can give to somebody just starting out with Channel is to take that inspiration and make it man. If you have an idea for something, you want to see the idea of existing reality doing making do yourself. Don't do it. Don't do it cause you want use or subscribers or any other reason. Do it because you want this thing to now exist or you want your voice. But it has to be. There's this old idea from comedy comedy comedy. There's creating Bill Hicks and I'm gonna be something along the lines, so more of yourself. You are the less competition, so no one in the world is exactly like you or you make your contents, the more you're gonna rise above the noise. I would write down everything that your passion figure out some way to smash all those things together because the more specific you are, let's move it out of the mobile move. It's about things you love more uniquely. You have a better chance as of catching on and being something special and unique that the world hasn't seen yet. Now, my favorite channel to watch on YouTube is my own, as it should be. Good regular Rwanda. You need to love your channel. You need to be obsessed with your channel. You need to be a huge fan of your own contact. You actually really like your contact. Your doing, right? Yeah. I post this video was so damn, I hated it. It's like, Why did you even posted? You don't have to know is forcing you to do this. You just have a random idea shooted in an afternoon and put it up on that night the next morning. Whatever your messages could be up to billions of people, that that is incredible. YouTube content is particularly challenging because platform essentially crowdsourced so with television feel like television people. Just watch television flip channels. Television has just watchable. Television has to exist in such a state that you go turn it off. But content has to be terrible. Share ability is one extra challenge that you created. Because if someone doesn't share video with everyone, they know that it doesn't blow up. Most way we shoot ourselves down before the idea has a chance to to see the light of day. I think the biggest mistake people make is trying to be somebody they're not, and you to help me discover who I really waas and help me find my police just through the process of continuing to create. The worst that happens is that you don't make a thing, but then you're no worse off than you were before. And then you've learned something because the process of creation is is almost his valuables creation itself. The only way to fail really is to give up. And I could name at least 10 channels on top, my head in the plant site to community that have had great aspirations and end up backing out really soon after. It's always easier to talk than it is to do the work. And if you keep hammering away consistent, constantly improving, people will want to see you succeed in the same way that I'm only help others succeed. A lot of being on YouTube is about being consistent with the other half of consistency is that you're consistently trying new banks. There's a lot of constructive criticism online, and you have the option of taking that feedback and improving your contact. It's okay to try new things, and in fact, I think it's a really important part of being. Frankly, I think it's important part of being a person we should be trying to do more and better getting the best yourself. The best version of that doesn't need the inconsistent. It just means consistently trying to thank you, Dr. Best here, I've got a minute 6. Respect Your Ideas - How to keep Notes: Hey, guys, welcome to the next lesson. It's about organizing your ideas. Sick as the storm has come, winter is coming in Marrakech. So this one is about organizing your files and your your your ideas, like your files. You should really treat your ideas like your files. They're important and they have to stay organized. So I really recommend using Evernote I. It's a free software that they have been game changing for me because and I know all my ideas before I used to note stuff on paper. I have some of the euro note because I'm going to talk about this. But most of my ideas and anything I think about I put them in notes. For example, I have a different notebooks form for different purposes. I suggest having a notebook for just for the video ideas for me to video projects. All my ideas are here in Traci shit. Sometimes I put some bullet points about the video, some some stuff. I want little to forget someone, something I want to add in the description of the video later. So I just put l the ideas in notes and I have ideas form for videos here that I hear since years and they are not I'm not doing I didn't do the video yet, but I still have the i d. And if I intend to do for a finally to do it, I know how to start and know how to talk about. For example, I build sometimes notes for weeks, months each time I have, like a 90. For example. Recently I wanted to do like a top 25 off the most epic scenes in cinema. But I forgot all the scenes I seen. So each time I remember one, I put it in the note. So have different notebooks. Like for for my for my company. Of course. I have, like, different notebooks where I put all the older in front of information. So I have to remember e mails before I I could be placed them into Gmail. So all the stuff is organized here, and I can find them easily with with drugs. Each time I'm looking for something I can talk to tag like instagram or something. Um, anything for yeah. Anything I can find them made my notes. I can find my ideas very easily with these tags and this is free. So this software is almost always open in my my computer. It's here on the quick ties. Baggers up, kick to one button. Before I used to put my notes in this notebook snot pads, stuff, stuff, stuff. And then I saved somewhere. It was very inefficient. I was losing the notes, and now we'd ever note it's much easier. And it helps me keep my ideas in check because I don't trust my memory anymore. I forget I forget too much stuff. Wow, Winter is coming. I forgot too much stuff. So each time I haven't I d Sometimes in the middle of the night, I I have an idea, like just a sentence of breath. But I really wake up. I put it on my friggin phone. I also have ever notes on my phone on my Samsung. So I wake up put up ever not and right to the notes down. So I don't forget it. This can be gold for you. If you were doing commentary or stuff because you're not gonna remember all your commentaries all the time, so it's better to have them somewhere all right? So ever notice is extremely important, I think, to be able to do this on the long term. So any kind off idea, you should note them. You should not treat them like a You should really treat them like it's important. So I have an idea for an implant. I haven't I d for I have to remember something when I'm playing. I wrote it down Description for this video. Do this when gaining time. We're when I learned a useful, useful shortcuts. Sometimes I write it down. When I when I learned a useful advice. Sometimes I write it down. It's Ah zee. It's extremely important. And then for the short term goals, I used this not professionally and also for my contributors. I have this year loan with pads. That, and I put some notes on what I have to do and when it's done, I wrote it off, so it helps me achieve more stuff. I chunk the actions down when I have to do a big projects. I start. I make it small by by chunking it down like I want to do if you do about planets I to, but I want to do a planet, said to review. For example, I'm gathering the footage with We do tax in my folders and I also wrote a note note about this video projects. There is a planet said to review that's coming soon, and I have to have the commentary printed to review after 4000 hours, and I already started writing about it, but it's not over yet. I'm I'll keep writing about it. And then when this text is done, I'll feel confortable starting to edit it because this is the base for you, For you, for to do commentaries. When I do commentaries, I usually have this notebook open with a few bullet points or the whole text that I'm reading in some way. For example, I just I just set up a S e g. I set up to record my mike and I just read my note are elaborate on it, and then it gives me the commentary for my video. Mike and I just read My note are elaborate on. So for me, this to software is working time them like Evernote and audacity because I read my notes from Evernote and I record with audacity. So this is why I thought it was an important lesson to have ah, to have your notes. United's Varla This is important guys 7. How to Record your Precious Gameplay: Hey, welcome to the next lesson. So we're gonna start. We're starting to get into into meat off anything. So to to do motors to do gameplay videos, you need gameplay and how to record you again. Play. Now it's much easier than before. I use personally sure to play its integrated with the NVIDIA graphics cards. You can fight on the lower left corner. I'm gonna show it. Now it's called G Force Experiences. Do each of the up that that handles the graphic stuff and in this thing, this button you can press the in game overlay, and here you can set up all kinds of sitting to record either manually or are our activate the instant replay. The instant replay is very important and useful, actually, when you're not recording and you're just having fun, but you happen to do an amazing action. It's nice that you have this instant Ripley on, so you can just type out an F 10 to record your action. It's going to record the last seven minutes. Little for me. It's over the last six minutes, so this software is always recording your screen. If this is on, it's always recording So any time you want, you can press out of 10 Tiu. Recall the life dressed for me sex meanings. I put the settings on six minutes to change the settings. You have to turn it off so in the settings have six minutes. So if I type out afternoon, it's recalls is the last six minutes and it goes in my In my Shadow play folder. It goes in my shutter play folder and decided this kind of files its planet tied to and at the end, DVR. So So it's very important that you have this set up and turned on. I put the college in medium because there is no I noticed there is no difference in quality inequality between high and medium files, except that the high fouls like wait two or three times bigger than, like much, much bigger on the high drive. So I put my settings in medium and you put I put the firm it in 60 FPs. I gonna then do slow motions on my on my on my footage. So this is the instant replay if you're if you would just want to play casually and when it that something happens, you press, you press a button. But sometimes you also want a record like manually. Sometimes I like to when I'm really am organized. I tried to have one clip for life when I'm alive. When I die, I turned off the recording. When I When I respond, I turned on the recording so I can have ah separate for. I know that one file is one life and instead of it saves me space. Because when I usually record files that are like when I recall the last six minutes, it's usually just to recall the last 30 seconds or 20 seconds. So most of the file is useless. So at some point I was recording manually. The storm is insane. Oh my God, To see this, it is crazy Storm, so I have my recordings. Sometimes I record manually to save disk space. So I have one file for one life, and I know if this file is useless, I just deleted. And if it's used in, if it's useful, it's the whole clip. That's useful. So this is why I set up my keyboard settings by default is outside to to bring this window . It's not various full. So I put it control all dead. And to recall its out of 10 to start recording, I set up to control and the button, plus the addition button. So you set up your your your your key bindings as you like. I like to have them so I cannot press them by by accident. And then the recordings. They go in this output folder from its tried to play, and then it's divided from where you recorded the game. So so pry inside. Princess gameplay is in the price. That folder we trick in place in the Which folder this step stuff recorded. This stuff recorded on this stuff is in the folder desktop, so it's a very well organized. I really like this software before you way you had to do crazy things just to record the game. Play raising Jake Story Frappes. Now it's much easier with this. So I think the equivalent of the software, the equivalent of this story is game DVR for it. Your users I heard it's a very similar so said the part Will father key bindings quality again, I say. For the quality is the same thing for when I manually recording. I set up the quality to be you. I set up the quality to be medium and because it saves the hard hearts are are hard hard disk space while ivory important. This is how you get your game play. This is what you make your videos with. So all this go in the in the game game folder, so never miss a collection. When something cool happens, you press out of 10 and the recall old action is going to get in your in your folder. So now it's so it's Ah, it's huge, really for me to have this feature because there's so many amazing action that I still remember now. But I didn't record it, and I wish I had this this option at this time. There is so much stuff that wasn't regarded, that was amazing. But we didn't have this option at the time. And now what we cannot I cannot miss a collection. So Renee Miller clips are remand. You have different to one of the first lessons, so you don't have to check them more than what's more than once, and then you can set up your obvious. Obvious is the software I used to record my my my screen so I can set up. You can set up here. You can set up scenes and each scene have different settings. For example, one scene is just for the web. Come if I can phone show on your face or my stuff And there is another scene that's ah, Webcam Plus to this stop, Bubo, is this step in French and have ah second city when I have ah, where have do did they stop? Do do you have come on the bottom? I have an option. We do life chat when I'm doing life streams. So he set up this scenes by just pressing this button. You give the name of your scene saying you case seem to and this in tow, you know you're not going to see it, but then you can configure what's interesting. You can configure like other hide your disk cup where this stuff is display capture you adhere display capture and it's gonna recognize dressed up video video capture devices. Where is my webcam? It's a detective automatically my webcam. And then in the settings you can set up the microphone. The audio the audio device is default is the default. One for me is the default recording audio software for me is this this microphone? Have other microphones, for example, the one of this Webcam? But I said a beautiful to be this one. So you set all this up like do this step recording the Webcam recording, and then you can do live live recording. Sometimes I I dio commentary videos like that, or I just put my game play and I talk over it. It's just this is just a file that's playing. It's avielle See playing, and I can comment on it with the game sound. It varies full to do what I could to videos like you reacting to a search of kind of video . You're reacting to your old videos or you just commenting on the gameplay on life. This could be very interesting, this kind of video, so this obese software is extremely useful. Most people use it for streaming, but now I also use it to record videos for like this course, for example. So I really recommend you to to use this, that the softer it's free. So for the settings I used to record my my desktop and my work commits the time same time in de video I have set up right now it's I'm recording, so I cannot change it. But I just put my resolution output scares. Resolution is when you're streaming your frame rate and this should be it, you can I can start recording and the output folder for this is here videos. I can just find them my videos here in the video folder and it's named by the date. And then I rename them, of course, so very, very useful software that you're gonna need sometimes. 8. How to Record your Voice & Sounds: according saying, Hey, guys, welcome for under listened. So this one, very important, we're gonna learn how to record sound, how to record your voice and how to record sounds from your computer. So for all that I use audacity, this after is amazing. It's free on and you just have to install it. And then if you want to record something, for example, all my commentaries are record them with this after I just set up the input is the microphone is the G 35 have decided if I had said Start, play, play, play button. Hello, guys. Make us here. What's up? I actually have this in town, them with the video notes so I can know what I'm going to talk about. And I don't forget the important stuff. So I create my note like that either at the beginning of the end, you should you should leave a space where you don't say anything. You're gonna understand this later so you can clean the audio from the from the background noise. So this is how you record your voice with the top. Let it creates a note. Your track like that. Talk to play, play play button. Hello, guys. Make us here. What's up? I usually have this in town. Them with the video notes. Your voice is recorded and then you can clean it. For example, if you remove the background signed background noise, you can hear it if if you pay attention. Is this to remove this? You select the empty area where there is nothing. So that's it. You can detect. What do noises looks like? So then you go to effect noise reduction, get noise profile. So it's gonna get the profile of this noise and then you select all your truck. I use control a control, A to select everything, then goto noise reduction again. And then you just just okay and I'm gonna notice that all the hello Cathy spaces and are all the empty spaces have been cleaned and actually even the voice. And here it's completely killing. You don't hear the back of the background noise anymore. So this is various full If you record, if your microphone is not very good like mine, I don't have to professional ones like people say E should have Ah, big microphone like the yeti stuff. But I like to do stuff with this one. It's pretty simple. So with my commentary, I just recorded with other city clean. It removed the background noise. Why? It's important to remove the background noise. It's ah, Sometimes you can be. You can hear it and it can be distracting. And it can hinder the quality of the video, especially if use background music. So if they used this commentary with background music, it's gonna sound much better if they know is if the if you have removed the noise. So the last thing I liked to normalize my voice. Sometimes my voice differs from time to time because it depends under on the microphone. Sometimes it's far away sometimes like that, so you can normalize. After that, your voice. You select everything weed control, a select, select everything with control. I go to effect, normalize. It's going to remote normalize older the audio into one level lot, and I don't forget important. Don't go too high, don't go to too low, and after that you pretty much have done for your commentary. You can then edited to remove some parts in the in. The editing software are a necessity, but I like to leave this for the editing software. Okay, so one last thing to be able to record sounds from the computer, you cannot do it with the default options on windows. So if you want to record sound, you have to go into your control pattern control panel, off windows, hardware, device, sound and in the sound you go into recordings and destroyer makes need to be activated by default. It's gonna be hidden by default, is disabled and hidden. So you have to to to enable to to show it and then enable it. And from now, from now on, you'll be able to record sounds on the computer. I do it a lot when I listen to videos are when I want to use the sound effects. For example, shallow corns fight, for example. I remember recording this fight scene. I really like the idea of the same. So I just recorded it with inspected way you want once I recorded. Actually, despite for the slow motion bar first distract target, then block his blind jab counter with cross to left cheek attempt. Wild haymaker employ elbow, body shot, block left Wait, fracture. I love this Gets bunching everyone, uh, in slow motion and I use exactly this part in my first distract target with it works very well. Many people told me in the comments that it was one of the most epic scenes they have seen in gaming. Combined with the music and under slow motion Kate Drawn tiring to do this I recorded with it was recording all this night I friend. So even if you subdivide, do it now, it's recorded thing. You just have to either select everything and export in Aga are well as you like. Name it, I usually name it. And then it goes in my film XK folder to stay organized. This I am sure I still have this file. It's guys miss be called shell. Look, some think share look first destructive drug. This is the father I used in this video. Heavy that much help. Very interesting to have this software and set up so you can record any sound you want whenever you want. All right, But this was how to record your your sound. I should have forgot the stuff. Yeah, said that Make such the Oakland the background noise equalized audio levels. This is what I told when I was Ah, normalizing at effects. You can add effects to euro your sound, for example, you can either have ever been asked. You forgot how to call this. You can you can. For example, you can put Phil fade in and out, but I usually leave this in the editing software. The interesting effects are like a distortion. Echo equals were interesting. You can have a Nikko to your voice, then block his blind. Very interesting if you want to make an effect. And honestly, I haven't tried the others. I don't use them that much. I use ah, used normalize a lot and sometimes complex off when I want to clean my audio at the end, I just select everything and input complex off, and it's gonna put everything on one level. So this could be very nice if you have ah week microphone and you want to clean the sound so it's professional looking, even with with a very, very bad but microphone well, and you can set up your audacity is the editing software. You can set it up as being the ordered it ejects after in your in your in your Sony Vegas project Insignificance in general, you're going to the Settings or Joe and Preferred or Joe Editori. Grupo, you go put the audacity dressed up in from its audacity. Well, and then when you have a file, for example, you have, ah, file, for example, I'm going to show you one off when one of my courses, one of the courses it's gonna wrote the video file and it's audio file and you can edit it right from here. If you like, right click and go to open in editing software, it's gonna duplicate it to save it and then open it in audacity. And from there you can work diagnose huge for me on the sound off your video is going to the sound of your video. For example, can Kalinda hiss for example, like this Remove the background noise, you get the nice profile and then select everything. Then you remove all the noise. It's gonna remove all donors from this video. This one here of MMA the displaced care under the side. You're gonna see it. It's here. It's the displaced can offer. Gasca. Minister, I'm gonna talk about this. So this is how you set up audacity as your recording software. Yes, this is very important. You should have Ah, library off sound effects for me. It's in my music in my music folder. I also have a foul. It's called sound effects. It's It's a big folder. Where are all the sound effects from? From a very different thing. Being Elektronik shock thing in Bucked Well, I'm dumping many of my sound effects that I found I had em them here so I can find them easily for four videos. So you should definitely you have, ah, folder with all this this files. So then it's very easy for me, for example, in my music folder to find the sound effect like bunch brunch is gonna find it you immediately. You can find stuff like Gama ha You can start. You confined your sound effect very easily and it's ah, it's very easy than to Adam into your videos. If they're already saved with a good name, I'm so I'm gonna put a download link to have all them the most important sound effects. In my opinion, like the ones you can work with like this sounds like from other games they can. They can really pimp your video. Even if you're not playing the same game. You can add the sounds from other games and it's gonna get sometimes. Make your video much better. So I have a whole library of sound effects that use and I'm gonna put a link to the O limp . If you don't know they're already talked about this software. It's this one No, sorry to this one. And it can help you like find this fouls on. Don't know. They don't let them easily. Soundcloud don't know the it zone online. Soundcloud downloader it a visited to don't know d j sets from soundcloud. I don't know if it's legal, but you can get them in MP three and then this can be useful just for you to listen. Are are you them in your video? At your own risk? I used this a lot to put them in my library to listen to them because many files on soundcloud don't have to Don't know the link option. So I used this one about soundcloud downloader. I love it. Well, set up your output folder and you sound dumb folder. So when I when I get all this. It always goes in my sound dumb folder. For me, it's called Don't Load YouTube. I know almost to find it. It's like here, they don't know, due to been here. It's all the It's a dump off music, sound effects waiting to be sorted, so it's not very pretty big, and it just sort this out. But for now, it's working pretty well just to have to sound them so that all the stuff I don't know it from YouTube. I put it in here and don't know, do Troop for the files record. Their commentary court should go into your audio dump for the court to record. It should go in your court to them folder model. This is how to record your commentary and sounds all right. 9. Finding Your Niche - What makes your Tick: everybody. Welcome to the starting. You look off the course. I really wanted to start by making a few things clear. It's You have to know what you want. Do you want to be famous on YouTube? Do you want to? What kind of videos do you want to make? And And they stick to this Because if you think you want to make something because you think it's gonna be popular, think again. Because making videos is a marathon. You have to keep making making them. You can just make one good video and then forget about it. If you want to succeed on YouTube, you have to keep making amazing videos. Not not not not actually amazing. But you have to keep protesting quality content and you have to keep improving in this field. So you really it's very important for you that you really love what you're doing. So you need to you need to know yourself and accept yourself. Your most valuable skill, I think, is knowing yourself. So you have to know what makes you take what you can do, even if you don't get paid something you can do, like even for free. This is where I created my channel. First it's called for the thickness I went to directly for the epic nous because I've been doing videos for 15 years, and I knew what I liked was to mix epic music and begin play. So I started directly on that, and I and I could stick to it because I'm doing this for fun. And even when I'm losing money doing this, I keep doing it. And this is how we do it. Finally worked out Now are many people recognize me in games and me a lot of messages. People send me money. I really think the people that have supporting the channel, it's a huge motivation and them on gratification. So I've created. I created my main channel about what I like the most is the epic nous. And then and then I created several adult channels so I can second won't be more varied in what I post I created the vlogging Channel because because I couldn't post all my vlogs in a different language in this same channel. I post videos in English hair. My vlogs are mostly in French, so I decided to create another channel just for this and under the gaming channel is a his antennae city visit. It's a It's a channel just for my team, just where when we post team play moments moments were replayed together when country focused teamwork. It's a little bit of related to a thickness, but still different. This is why I created the several channels supposed to this over there, so I took some examples. I really like bookie politics, even though it is not putting much videos recently. But it's someone who accept himself like he he's very bad at art, and he showcase it everywhere. And he likes to talk and speak, and this is what his videos are about. Sometimes there is a he talks about the actual gameplay. Sometimes he talks about politics and stuff, and you can see that he could do this for very long without getting bored. Another example is charity that another youtuber I really like and admire is a youtuber who's posting same a peak moments in battlefield games, usually first person shooter games. He was one of the meanest prevention for me to start my heavy damage of video series. Well, is there something very nice because he has, ah seem to his channel. He's very he likes to think about stuff is fairly philosophical. So he kept doing this for very long and it and it got him very far. Now he is working with with the developers off the game he was talking about, So making videos is a marathon. Guys, you have to know what you like. The best way to know what you should do is to to do something you would like to watch yourself. What I love to watch is AP gameplay a pick moments. I do videos, honestly, my montages. I mostly do them for myself and then if people like them, it's it's even better. But I honestly, I do these Montargis for myself because this is what I like to watch. Um, this is what It's simply what I like to watch. I like to watch this more than movies. I like to watch this more than documentaries. So I made it myself for myself. And if you like it, people are gonna like it because even even, do you think your unique actually you're gonna find hundreds of thousands of people that are very similar to you? that have a very similar thought patterns. So? So if you do something you like your your for sure are gonna attract people that like it too. So find inspirations. Keep watching the best to trippers. Honestly, one of my favorite is level cap. He stick to his game for very long. Well, is also very good. He was a big inspiration. Threat e the same. So keep looking for inspirations in. And you're gonna understand very quickly how you could do this just by watching the best. Another way to know what you should do is what you could talk about endlessly. For me. I could talk endlessly about gaming. I could talk endlessly about making videos and video making. So I curse is my channel about gaming and now have a company where I do redo courses and where a cell videos and one last thing is that you should be happy with your work. And don't don't wait for approval of others to make something. If you're happy, we did he do, you made just post it and just see what what's gonna happen. And, um, you should care about the feedback, but mostly feel it for yourself like, Are you happy with your work? And if you are, it should be enough for you to say it's good and I'll post it. So don't be paralyzed by what other people are gonna think. If you are happy yourself with the work, you should go with it. So some niche ideas e. It's very important that you go for a knish because it's, ah, it's very hard not to do a general generalised channel and succeed. You have usually to truth finish in a community, and and it's actually very easy for you to do it. Just which is the which is the community you're hanging the most with. And usually this is gonna be the this convenient you should go to because they're gonna know it better, and you're gonna have an edge. So if you're good at video games, you can do montages with epic music. If you're a leader, you can do videos about teamwork. This is what I have done with by my two channels. If you have a funny voice, you can do rents. There is ah, youtuber called dynamics, who has been doing rents about about you two about plants. I to for years and has been very successful. He's know what 50,000 subscribers amazing. So he's been doing a lot of videos where is mostly ranting about some some parts of the game. He wasn't very good at the game, but he was very good at Mattress renting that stuff. And this is what he bases channel on this and he was quite successful. So they have to know yourself. This is why I said self know thy self is one of the best things you can you can do. Do you analyze stuff? Are your like on a logical person? You can do breakdown reviews if you're funny. You like funny moments, your goofy guy Just do life commentaries with a friend of yours and have fun. And indeed, this can work to If you're if you feel like a movie maker, you can do machinima as, like produced little stories and make them play in the game you're playing. And this can work very well. If you If you like to talk about politics, our philosophy, you can do commentaries. I just know what you like to do what you like to hear and do it yourself like this is this is where you're gonna go. For example, if you're not very good at the game, it's gonna be very hard for you to succeed at doing mountain ridges because because people are not gonna injured the gameplay from that. Very good. If so, you have to accept yourself except your new venous ha, except your new business. Except that real second to start, you should embrace it. Justo, you We all start. We all start second at something so So don't worry if you second the start. It's a totally normal and you have to accept your new business and making make it to strength. For example, if you she were big, a new but the game, you should know it. And then when you post game play in this game, you tell people that you're not very good, but you're learning. And then you talk about what you have learned, what you could improve, and this is gonna be a very, very, very good way for people toe. Identify with you, toe Emphasize how to say to to be an empathic with you and this can be very nice video. Sometimes you can watch your average gameplay. But if the commentator is nice and funny and stuff in it can be, it's gonna be actually very nice video to watch. So accept yourself except your new business and accept that your second to start you're gonna improve very fast if you if you follow these steps. All right, this was the final eagerness. First chapter, Once you realize your life will be in aggregation challenges, you can flip it upside down and say, each of these challenges are a mess I inherited were stolen upon me and they become the nation that you go after. Remember hours that it appears that we have lots of choices. You don't really? Because in the modern world of seven billion people, same thing competitive. You're gonna have to do that thing that you need to do more story or you'll never be quite good. Really? Stand up. Let it come to you like a terrorist 10. Bonus 00 1 Editing Basics: become a master of distinction. Guys, what's up? Welcome to the new Listen. So this one is about editing basics, basics to do Really? The really simple tools that you're gonna use all the time when you gonna be editing. So let's start to project together. I'm gonna show you. So you have to think a zoo itself like a D. J. Because they're gonna gonna mix stuff together. This is editing is mixing stuff. So that's up in a project together. New. I'm not going to save this one. So each time you open a project, you set up your friend, right? You set up your your four months, I'm gonna put 60 FPs 10 IGP and then you import your files. You can import your files by going here Explorer and finding them. But I prefer another way. I prefer to just go to my folder to my file on the windows and imported stuff by dragging drag and drop it. It's gonna ask me if I want to set my project video addition to match this media. I say no. So you have your you have your imported foul. It's a video here. It's old. Your truck So right now there is one video truck and one order truck. I'm gonna add some video trucks. I'm gonna have to video trucks. I'm gonna add to order trucks just so I can have more space to work. So very simple things. These trucks right here are like layers. If you could If you touch the stop line on each of your off your blocks, you can You can bring the opacity down if you want. And if you have, ah, two clips on top of each other and bring bring down the opacity, the clip below is going to start appearing. So are these are layers. Same for the audio tracks. If you bring down the stop line, you can lower the sound levels of the your soundtrack. So how to create text and edited? So we're gonna go to media generators, the text. I use the most easier legacy text. You bring it to the timeline, just drag and drop it. I'm gonna move my camera so drag and drop. Did you have your text here so you can trim it if you want, by clicking the edge and bringing it forward on our back. So you change your text here like a stuff to stuff text and you can have all kinds of options under text. You can. You can off course change the front. This is a threat to have a phone to that too. That's Metro style and you can change the you can change them. You can change the size on Lee if apart for you. If you just select the bottom, you can change the size just in the bottom. Same for the effect. Same for the front. So it can be very nice to have Ah, a little text. With contrast the placement, you can move it around like that. It's a simple window here. The properties you can add effect here the text. You have your color text of her color. I'm gonna leave it right here You have The tracking is to just went distance between the letters Scaling if you want to make everything are bigger or smaller. Leading is the is the distance between the lines. So you have all these different options that can be various full, but also this you can change the background of the text. For example, you want your text to have a black background you can and the text to be transparent. You can complete it like that. Too little, really right with your gameplay. If you make everything because you're gonna have your big we're pretty damn amazing background in front of your text. So you have more effects here, though, in the effects you can drown out line. I'm gonna remove this effect with the capacity so you can see the other effect you can draw on outline. That's gonna be the color you want and the size you want. You can have ah, shadow for your for a text. It can make it easier for to read. Deformation can completely deferment it. You have all the options here to deform it it and the amount of the formation here. So this is how you edit your text? I'm gonna add another video truck. Let's say I want to have ah, the two colors of the text. Different, for example, stuff in red and texting white. I'm going to duplicate this text with control, click and put another one on up. I'm going to remove this stuff above and here I'm going to remove the text below. So now I can change them independently. So up is only, uh that is only text. I'm gonna change the endemic in transit color here and have a different color for different text. You cannot change the color off single. This one has a single color. So if you want to change the color of the letters, you have to create a different different different blocks for each for each letters. So the media you can you can you can import some solid colors or other effects that you can import directly into your files. For example, you want to important noise. I don't use this stuff much, which you should know that you stare What they use the most is actually the black screen to just a black screen that I don't. I I lower the opacity to create titles, for example, have a health capacity and text above, and it creates my title. I select everything and, uh, and have a fade in ho is not fixed. You could make it like a like a like a title. You can have a bigger opacity to make to focus even more on the text if you want. So we did you would live simple compilations like that. You can do a lot, a lot, a lot of stuff. So the transitions are very simple. I love biggest because transitions are very easy to do. Like if you if you take If you kick the corner the top top left corner, you can add a fading You can I defeat in Same thing for the for the sound that you can have an If you overlap the the blocks, it's gonna fant in between them. So you have more options on these curves. You can red click and go fights type. You can make it come faster Make it come slower Have it linear forgot But sometimes you just want on the sound Same Something of the sound you can have the fate types that are very specific can be very interesting for your for a transitions And if you put this together, it can have a transition between those two clips and you can dance once you have. Ah added the transition with the by. By dragging this this corner, you can then add transitions. Here there is a button with all the transition you can have. For example, this treaty blinks. I understand. Use mostly simple transition, but I'm going to show you Ah, very weird transition. But you can at them like that. And then you have the effect here controls. How many divisions? Five or six. This one could be cooling, and you choose the speed at which it comes like that. You have all the other options. So if you close it to other to edit your friend, just click This button is gonna bring the options. And if you bring into the next clip, it's gonna transition like that between the two. So this is how you do. Very simple. Transcend Some of my favorites are Do is the push one are like the push balls. I like the post transition. You just bring it here and it's gonna is gonna apply to transition off course are always want to have my position synchronized with the music, and usually they're pretty fast and you have the templates. Here you can change a different different type of transition. They can push in front of that from the side, and you can choose it right here. Of course, save guys, once you have your project set up and you have advanced just foul save as New Broach and the Savior Project, and it's gonna is going to save your time because it sometimes it's crush. You never know what can happen. So save your stuff from time to time and then when it's done, when it's good when you when you want to have a name for your for your project, you just control s from time to time and save your progress. So next thing is a bankrupt and mask that are extremely useful in Vegas, everyone uses soap and crop is, for example, if I want to be to do big zoom in this image, I'm gonna cut this clip to zoom in it inside. So let's say I want to zoom on this galaxy right here. This big plane, I'm gonna I'm gonna click on this button. It's this square. You click on the square and then you select the first key. He make sure you're on the first key, and then you can zoom in with this by clicking the edge of the rectangle. If, um, pricing shift, I'm pressing shift to have increments, but if you don't press shift, you have your free you can also wrote it. Rotate your pan pan cropping. You can also, if you press control, control and click on the edge, you can brings this black bars. So control click. Bring this bark black bars. Same thing for you from black bars on the sides so you can start normal and start zooming in Once the clipper look, lip starts, for example. At the end of the clip, we're going to make it zoom in. So we're gonna add keys. Here. You can double click to add a key in the second key. The first key is it normal and the second key is zooming in so you can see the transition in the clip here, thanks to respond crop effect and Dickies. And there's also the masks that are extremely useful. Sometimes you can put mask, just click on. This button is like the first. I actually always select my first key. Click the mask and then you can have a mask. That's Ah, you He select the kind of mask you want here. I selected the square we do with the shift. You can make it square with control. We can make it centered where you clicked and without you can have Ah, Beeville. So it's a smoother rectangle and then move it and then you have a mask on top of your game play. I'm going to remove the bankrupt just so you can see the mask. So this group is now cropped. If I put something below it, you're gonna see you gonna is gonna start appearing so you can have several clips on top of each other. If you crop one and live to leave some space on the edges, you can have several clips on top of each other. So these are layers and they can have different capacities. You can make them appear or disappear and transit transition. There's so many effects possible just by this by by touching the keys in the mask and the under the pan cropping, you can have different kinds of masks. Also, you can right click and restore Max. True to try another one, for example, is a circle again with control click and shift. You can have a different kind of masks. Thing is weird, so you can have amazing amazing effect is by doing this if you synchronize pan crops zooming in, zooming out transition with the music. You already have some great great stuff. So media ethics, you can add effects. For example, let's say I'm gonna add in effect, too. That's a let's say, I'm gonna have an effect to this clip here. I'm gonna cut it to you just to take this part. I want to add in effect to this part you can just click on. This button is the crux, and you can add effects from here. There is a lot of first simple. The simple effects work the best. In my opinion, you can, for example, of black and white. You feel to say it's a long time ago you were shooting at an aircraft, can put it in black and white. Same thing you can animate it like the pan crop. You click this key and you can have an animation on the on the effect. For example, at the beginning, it's black and white, and then it and then it go back to normal. So you're gonna see the transition. It's black and white, and then it's gonna transition to colors so you can have effects and the keys on the effects, and you can stuck the effects. If you If you want to remove it, you can click this crux here remove selected And then on another, the one let's say brightness and contrast I'm gonna add bright This, in contrast, I'm gonna add some contrast. And then on top of that, I'm gonna Adam, let's say black and white. I'm sorry. Then you have to uniquely black and white, you have to click, add So it's other down the list. So there is the brightness and contrast and and then there is black and white, So the two effects are stuck together. And yet and then you can animate this to individual these two effects individually Very interesting the amount of stuff that you can do just with very simple effect. So this is how you add effect and band crop into again play. You can add effects on the whole time nine if you want. If you want to have this whole time and I'm affected by one effect, you can go here and click this crux here. And if you had in effect, for example, black and white here, it's gonna be on all the trucks. So all the trucks that are on this line. All the trucks on this are not gonna be the black and white. And if you move them from the side is going to become normal, so it can have one truck that's entirely affected by in effect. Same thing for pan crop. If you want to have this entire line affected by a zoom, it's gonna bring this window, and then you can zoom in or zoom out, and it's gonna affect the whole. If you move from upper, it's gonna be different. So, like that it's normal like that. It's affected like you can. You can affect the whole trucks with this options. For example, from two, you can remove the opacity off the whole track. Same thing for the sound. You can add sound or remove sound from the soundtrack, and if you double click could go back to normal. There's also center on right. If you use a stereo sound, you can send the sound on the left side or the left side. Only if you want. I think so. Cool. This is so amazing. What you can do with this this after I'm I love it so much and actor, there's many option that I don't use. I'm still learning stuff all the time. That's it is just so cool. So there is also an option to accelerate or decelerate to display. If you want to see how it looks when it's accelerated, you can click this. But oh, and you can shoot the speed of feel If your video, just to show it is like here is healthy, faster people with way This is such an interesting thing is just under display. Then you can do that another way, toe really affect what you're what you're seeing. So this is a nice that is sometimes used to have fun. Finally, if you see that your gameplay is too slow to load, were not examining everything. Where if your computer is very slow, you can. You can change the display settings here if you to. If you click here, you can have a different settings. You can have health before the lower it is in, the faster it is to load. You can choose to have your lower college here, so we close faster sometimes sometimes when you have a lot effect effects on top of each other and not of clips. Your display can start to be slow so you can change the quantity here. So these are the simple effect that you can do. Just with the simple buttons, you can have a huge combination of effect. And for me, the most important are the keys. The fact that you can put keys on almost anything this time this time line here, you can have, ah keys to to change what's going on on the screen like it's so it's start zoomed and then it and zooms, and you can have a huge British position. In this case, if you zoom in and out, you can have kids right next to each other and do sudden sudden changes from here to here. It's a very interesting here. If you click sink cursor each time, you gotta move the cursor on the on. The keys here, next to the keys is gonna also move it on your project, your project. So it's gonna be interesting you for doing sinks. All right, so these are the existing basics for biggest. This is the other that are the building blocks that you're gonna need, and they're gonna use all the time to create some amazing content. All right, so way. My crazy effect 11. How to Edit Videos: Oh, my God, This music is good. Log as a lever. Countries. Next lesson. Worst. I seem to get into the meat of the course how to edit videos. This is gonna be a pretty long listen, so I hope you're gonna be well. I'm gonna cut the music. Good. Nikola, you're so good how to edit videos. You have to know first. What do you want to do? And how do you want to know what you want to do? It's very easy. You have to know your gameplay. I told you have to sort it out. I told you have to rename your files, etcetera. So you know what's in your library? What you can put and try to put your best moments. If you're having fun gaming and it's recorded, it can be very easy to showcase this action, and people can have fun watching, and you can always improve your again. Play with music leader in the background are something very intense. You can always improve your game. Play with commentary explaining what's happening. The context, how you've been there, so know your game play and it's very easy when you when you when you have a fresh gameplay . You know you don't want to talk about this, and it's very easy when you have notes already with video, of course ideas with video ideas already, so you can very easily know what to do. So if you if you are very good at the game you can start. You can do a montage of your best moments. Best moments. It could be Generalistic. It can be with 11 weapon. It can be with one vehicle and, of course, tried to have a fitting feeding music. I'm gonna talk about this later. You can also do commentaries if you have long in interesting clips. If the stuff is happening like there is a there is something that people can learn from this game play. Maybe it's fresh. It's with a new weapon. It zoo with the new tactic that you discovered. Or maybe you're just learning the game. You're very bad at the game, but you can comment and how you're improving. You can do post commentaries rescript. It means you are already set up. Your you have you have a file, you have a note with the I D and you already I always start my notes with Lucas because here and then I start like a today. I'm gonna talk about I'm gonna talk about probably. And you start in new, right? You're commentaries, are are your bullet points are Gino notes. I can. Then just start audacity, lunch the microphone and start recording your voice. And that's it. This is how you do commentaries. And then then discriminatory. You can export it to Vegas, start working with it. So I'm gonna let it record. You can do a life commentary like I told with a B s. You can do. You can have a game play running in the background and you can talk about it. You have You have you simply right here and you can talk about what's happening. You lower a bit to sound, you say? Yeah, Why you where you do certain actions, what you did this way you did that are you can just started talk about anything you want in the game. As long as you're passionate about it, you'll be able to hook your agents. And if you care about it, it means that many people also care about it. So there is many ways of doing commentaries that you can have ah, Post commentary script. It means you wrote it down and you're and you're reading. We do with audacity. American Life comment it with with the obvious software. Talk about gameplay that's running in the background. Arkan do a semi life commenter. It means you have, Ah, you have gameplay running in the background and you try and you try to talk about it in the audacity. You start in audio foul talking about your gameplay and, of course, say my life commentary, because because you're talking about what's happening right now. But you may, you may. You may want to kill to do video. This means if you if you want to jump to another part of the EU, you can. You can synchronize the audio and then the video in the post editing, so there's many ways to do commentaries. This is a few examples to give you ideas. Just don't be scared by doing commentaries. It's a much easier than than you think. I'm gonna talk about the commentaries. ITT's much easier than I think. When I started the doing videos, my commentaries were terrible because I didn't know how to speak English had no guys mucus here. I wanted to start a new video, Siri called kill streak analysis. But I quickly learned by by doing it again and again and you realize that you can talk about almost anything. And if you're passionate about it, you gonna you gonna be able to transmit this emotion? And don't be afraid to fail because all this is recorded. You can You can remove parts that you don't like. You can. You can, editor. Your sound like you're can edit your gameplay. I'm going to stop the recording so you can edit your sound like you can editor again play. So really don't be afraid off. Just starting about commentary, talking about anything you like. You have a note, a few bullet points start documentary, start talking and you're gonna see it. It's gonna get much easier. Let yourself ramble BB yourself. It's much better when yourself like you have your like you're being tell you like you're like you're talking to a close friend like you let yourself If you want to curse curse, you want to stay Nice day. Nice. Just be yourself and this is gonna be much better. It's much better that than to try to let yourself go. Then read the script sentence by sentence. It's going to sound that monitor on, so try to let yourself go. Like if you're talking to a to a friend, you can keep what you can. Watch her again play to know what you to know more to talk about. You can just watch your game play and try to explain what's happening. What you have discovered when you're doing commentaries. Don't don't say what's happening like I'm getting killed here. I'm getting a kill here. You explain how you get the skills. Like I managed to get the skills by, like anticipating the tragic story like I mean, I've been learning about this. I get the skills because I I'm flank these two guys. Don't say Don't Just day I get this skill. I got this killed. It's not interesting for people. They can see it already on the gameplay. Explain what what you're thinking at this moment, what your strategy and this is gonna be very interesting for people. Of course. Avoid repeating yourself, saying the same things people hate or a petition. And if you if you fail in your in your in your commentary. Just keep talking. Restart the sentence and you can Then them clean this attack, the editing. I'm gonna show you an example. Let's say let's say this is my commentary. How am I going to do? I'm gonna try to clean the sound like I told you. I cleaned the audio. So I select the part or it isn't. Why I'm not talking. I get the noise profile, and then I select everything I do the noise removal. It's gonna remove the noise. I'm going to normalize all my sound. So it's at the same level, and then I'm gonna do a compressor, so it's even more more equalized. So now it's a clean Oh, Joe, I can export it. I go to export hug fell commentary test is gonna go in my file. It is gonna is gonna go in my file. My oja dump. It's called Ordo Mucus. I'm gonna find it easy to hear. Would you make us at the top once it selected, I go to my editing software and drag it to the timeline. And now the audio is clean. You have you have you again I can removed. I can remove the part of that. Like, for example, this party is a mistake. I can remove it and just take it with the other part. And this is how you get your commenter. You can do very long videos like that. And it's always better, of course, that you have your commentary in a second time line at the same time. Then as the game sound or the music. It's always better when your commentary talks about the game playing with it. It's very It's always better when you're talking about what's happening right now on the screen. Important game play felt. You should know what you would do, what you want to do. Just toe take the clips. Where you having a lot of fun? Where Canal. Analyze it and just drag it to your timeline. And let's say you want to use this. These two clips drug your two clips drug, your commentary and you start editing. You can talk about almost anything. So I learned that what what makes the most difference is Ah, is how fast can you work? And this is why use almost all the short straw tickets I can. This is saving me tons of time. So if you want to cut gameplay, of course, it's the most abuse. Um, key Shortages s with us. You can cut Kemp Lake so you only keep this part. For example, control ce can You can have control C control via two to duplicate, clip or duplicate text or duplicate almost anything. And it works across projects. This means that if you have ah, if you have another video like, uh, another one of the project, you can I can have a second project open and across projects. You can use control C control V to send us since files across projects, for example, I want to I want this Partick and used I can take all this control See control via and it's gonna appear here. It's gonna mess up a bit of the timelines. So you may have You may want to fix this, but you have Ah, you can import files you can can control C control via cross project. This is various full I was it very often Control control click on the edge. So if you want to slow motion a clip, for example this clip I want to slow motion the first part, this part. You can change it. For example, if you control click and the edge you can slow much it upto, I think 30% is the minimum you can go like you can talk about almost any is not very good. Economical. It's dark. Let's say you want to slow motion this clip. You can cut it and then control control. Drag the mouse and it's going to have to talk about it in an audacity. You start in order and it's gonna sell a motion. The clip, of course. Watch out to the sun because the sun can be can be slow motion. You can choose to leave it like that, but there is another option when you slow motion is to control control, right click and then properties on the soundtrack and click Lock to stretch, and it's gonna distort the sound with the slow motion. Sometimes it can sound more natural, and sometimes you can also synchronise this with music, and it gives very good effects. When you have a slow motion that synchronized with the part of the music that I go, why are and you slow motion on that side. It Zaveri. Nice effect. So you can You can You can slow motion. But you can also fast forward. If you take this, you can You can drag it Ah, slow motion or fast forward and it's gonna is gonna fastest. It's gonna festival world. And then, of course, when you when you slow motion or fast word watch out with the sound is gonna get distorted . So usually in first fast forward I tried to lower the sound a lot, sometimes cut it and only leave the music. Sometimes I like to leave him. I lived. I completely removed this part of the sound There is another shark. It is a lot. It's you The u key you can remove, You can remove. You can desist this associate This disc lips come together the video part and the other part You can disassociate them by pressing you and then you can move the parts independently. So I removed the sound from the first word of the part. I also dissociate this part and I let it annihilated in it And the normal the normal sound The gameplay sound the normal sound play While the party's fast forwarded. You can do a lot of combinations like that. This is why do most of my montage to have to try to have the most coherent sound and the most coherent music sometimes the most coherent commentary over it. So we can press gazette, key of by the weather gets amusing. And as Arctic e board keyboard, the French people use so for you. If it's Quartey, you you have to change it for Quartey's W. So for me is that this means I can disable a truck. I can see how it is. We don't distract it so useful when you have a lot of tracks and you want to see how it looks you want to see how it looks, we don't without one or without the sound or without without the whole track able to, for example, you want to see you want to see you want to see how these help this sound place way Don't do we don't. The sound effect are without the music you can disable with Kia. Is it a lot? This is This is a very important shortcut Control l destroyed. It is very interesting. For example, if you want to move all the right part of this clips. You don't have to select everything and move. Everything is gonna is gonna mess up your editing so you can just type control l and it's gonna able this button here. You can also just click here to get the button Totori pool and elect to have it set up on all tracks, markers and regions. You click it, and once it's activated, you can move everything at once. So everything that the right is gonna move at the same time the markers and stuff. And this is various full. For example, if you want to add something in this area, you don't have to move everything manually. Took me years to find their this this shortcut to know it's changing the way I'm anything. It's much more use so useful to have this. So a Tory bill is extremely important. Mouse click Chris Upper except the right to navigate it. You often get lost in your project. I never get by using the mouse, the mouse and the middle mouse button and then zooming in and out with the mouse wheel. You can also control control most will to go up and down in your timelines. If you have a very big lot off off lines it, this can be useful. But most of the time I do everything with the middle mouse click to navigate. You never get dizzy while the most well intends them to. And from the timeline basics off course you have to save often understand I don't I didn't get many crushes this last month with the biggest for last even years, but I really got the the habit of saving very often. Usually it goes directly in my in my Maybe it's for my video projects my Vegas video projects. I received a project like It's a funny compelled. Then you can add a version, for example, if you should. If you if you do a video, but you want a variant of this video, keep the old variant and just save the new one. You go save as and instead of two you go three and then you have your second variant that you can work on and save what you have worked worked on before. So, very importantly, has keep saving off course. Keep your intro short. Like I see this this mistake made very often off people having a huge, huge interest that nobody nobody cares about my enjoys, like one second, almost one or two seconds long. And I'm sure if I don't put it, people we don't even notice, it's like a Please don't don't have this freakin the template intros Travis, Travis yours that fits with your with your style with your AR style. So guys without with this interest, like I see so many be so many gaming channels that have, like very long intros and you see that it's a template, it's not even made by them. So I like to have a very simple intro. It's like a text that that's coming. That's fine again and fading out in about two seconds. Honestly, I posted. I had a very, very terrible intro for for most of my off my career on YouTube, it almost no one. Nobody in my videos complained about my intro, and it was very, very, very bad before this. This is whether this was my intra mucus gaming YouTube that come mucus, and but I only left it for a few seconds. Honestly, now it it's even shorter right now. it was four seconds. Still, I think it's way too long now. It has become one or two seconds. People don't care about your interest, usually, and people hate repetition. So since you're going to do many videos, try to have this frickin intro short. You have a title for the video. It's always nice to have a title like for a book, so people know already what what they're going to see this year. It's funny moments and fail. I told you again. It's like a black screen with 50% opacity, but you can have several variants and the text over it. This is because we can with weed again. I like to leave the game play, so there's always something to watch on the screen. But I like to to make give the focus on the title by by by having this this black screen with the health capacity. This is how you can. You can shift the attention off your origins to the template to the text. This is one of the methods they use. Next thing off course. Start. We try to have the best at the beginning of the video. If you have a long video try toe to show very quickly why people should should keep watching your video. So here I already I start very quickly with a very big fail off mosquito crushing in front of me. So they understand immediately what this video is gonna be about. Try to have, like, something happening in the first tense agains 1st 1st 5 seconds, if possible so and then you can start the video like so people know what they were. Why did what They should stay and keep watching this. So that's tried to keep it to start with the best. I call this Ah, Hook. Many people in marketing called It's a Hook. It's like so something at the beginning that's intense. That shows that shows that that's gonna show where ho far the video's gonna go. It's gonna go, Of course, Could the boring parts like if your gameplay is long and not very interesting, like all the parts or your browsing in the menu, like looking at a wall running for no reason running very long. Get these people don't need to watch it if it's not relevant to the story, so just cut it and only leave the best, and it's going to save you upload time, and it's gonna save time for the people off course. Always watch out for the sound levels. If you're doing commentary, we should always be able to hear you. This is how you do commentaries and then So if you have to sound the game sound, do I do commentaries? It's gonna be very distracting. I like to have one have a cometary to have the sound of the game sound level at like minus 2121 or 22. This is how you do. Commenter is, and then it's a decent level for music or commentary. When it's playing, I'm gonna add music to show you, and that's it. This is how you do. You can have. For example, in the beginning of the music's, it's usually very slow. The microphone is gonna have to start recording your voice. You can have it at the lower level, but when your music is playing very hard, when I start recording, your voice can be very distracting for the commentaries. I lower it sometimes at minus 15 minus 16 up to minus 22 and the jump this coming over. You can just have a good level off commentary. So the commentary is not, is not. Your people are distracted from the commentary and they still have a background music. And if this background music fits with, the theme of the commenter is even better. Of course, if it's a sad moment, you can put sad music. If you're excited, you can put the beach behind so So really tried to have good sound levels addressed that this gun is gonna make a huge difference. Some people say sound is more important than the image. A lot of people watch commentaries without having seeing the screen. They just listen to the commentary, so try to have your sound levels set up. It's extremely important, of course, there to have a good balance between fermented quality. This is in game. Sometimes I see a lot of people like playing with with the high graphics. But the firm, it is terrible. Ah, I don't see the point. I think you should. You should have a balance between between this should Richard the aim for the 60 FPs because this is actually the quality and YouTube before most gaming videos. So we tried to have good balance between between the between your friend Mitt and the quality. And people don't care that much about the quality of the foot of the game as long as the gameplay is interesting. So it's better to have interesting game play in the lower from rate than the nice graphics and again plate that's not interesting or low level Harry conceits of It's very nice to have a slow motions that combined with the music, and I completely cut the sound so it's not distracting when you're doing slow motion, you can completely cut the sound of the gameplay. Sometimes it feels it is so very nice tips. Yeah, of course. Disable resembling this is a something you should always do when you're a porter. Fell is to right click on it switches disable resembling. This is extremely important if you render re videos and 30 FPs so because if you leave this on, you're going to see your footage completely mushy and you're gonna gonna lose a huge amount of video quality if you don't disable this this resembling. So the thing I do is when I when I input all my files at the beginning. I said, like them all at the beginning, so they're not edited yet and I'd Izabal resembling very important guys. Many people would ask about this in the on YouTube because it's a huge problem for a lot of people. So, guys, another thing I wanted to showcase is when people want to put emphasis on the part of the video. Usually what to do is the big zoom, for example, in the minimum for in the chat, for example, I'm gonna show you what to usually what people do. They get to the part, they get the gameplay to, to where they want to cut it. I'm gonna for you so you can see Yeah, so they cut it this part of the game play and then the other key here and the completely zoom on where they put the wanna put emphasis, for example, in the under, it's very impractical to have, ah, to have this on only one screen. They do a big zoom. They do a big zoom, for example, in the medium up like and it looks like like ahead. There is a big something happened on the menu map. It's very big. It's usually what people do, but I think there is a better method is to zoom what's happening on the minimum for I'm gonna I'm gonna cancel this control Z control Z control Z So instead of for being just a big zoom, I like to duplicate this file. This one I like to duplicate it. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna disassociate with the UK with the UK can disassociate so that we can move this one freely. I duplicated with control, so I duplicated with control. So now I have two fouls and the one above I'm gonna I'm gonna crop it so at the So you should have the for friend. I just put the big zoom on where but don't want to put resume. I do big zoom and put it where I wanna wanna be And then I crop it with you can click on this mask and then select the part that you wanna want to live on the map. So you just leave What you want to live with This mask is various fully. We put it here and then you can set up. You put it, you can put it exactly where you want my click on the edges, and then if you move the crop, it's gonna move only the top clip but corrupt. So it's gonna move only the part you want. For example, E you wanna have a big zoom medium up, you live it above, and instead of having one clip that zoomed, you can have two and keep the emphasis on the gameplay keeper. People can see what's happening on the gameplay and at the same time, having ever minimum zoom you can. You can add a fate, make it bigger or make it come immediately. It's often time, I think, much, much better to duplicate the clip and make it bigger than the dentist to make it just to make it simply, yeah, When you're doing montages, you can try different musics and see which one works the best. It's better to do experiences. You're gonna found out that, too. Sometimes you have an idea for music. You know you want an epic music. You try one epic music, but it see it's not doesn't fit well with the gameplay. Just keep trying. Try different musics. I try sometimes dozens of medics when I want to find a good one for a clip. Just keep trying. Keep different levels. Sometimes it just to the sound is too high. Sometimes the game the game sound is too low. You can you can. You can birth the whole sound levels of this timeline. I run about kicking this. Sometimes I put like plus approx 60 db are per 70 be so try different musics and CC, which sticks the best and then, well, one last thing. For example, if you're if you want to reduce the sound of the gameplay at certain point or the music at certain point you can add. This is if you can. If you press V on a sound sound level on the sound of sound line you can have. You can edit the sound with keys on the whole line, for example. At this part, you press shift click, and it's gonna add a key shift click. Another key, for example, can put four keys and you can compete with sound completely cut the gameplay. Sound a t this more. At this moment on, sometimes it can make the game play looks more dramatic when Oliver certain you get to the game sound and you leave only the music it can. It can give a nice effect. So used this case, it's various full to, for example, also, sometimes when you're doing commentaries when you're doing a commentary and, uh, the music is going really too strong, you want to reduce it. So you're commentating on this. You want to lower the sound of the music when you talk about a certain topic. So you people here, you better are. You really were on the whole sound of the music, like keep do the first part normal and then lower it as long when it started to go to go hard so modulated the sounds like a You can be very free on what you like. If you don't like a part of your music, just cut it. Use departure like and Jack starts started to fade in. Sometimes it's gonna work like don't feel obligated to use all the music. Just be free with what you have and keep modulating you can add is very easily with shift Click on this on this lines, you just you can You can disable it with the chief TV view, enable it shift, do you disable it so it's a It's a very nice tool to have to be able to set up this keys on the sound levels, addressing about the sound levels. Of course. Watch out for the for the freedom doing commentary Do not have the music overwhelming the tour that we completely distracted from the commentary. Ah, the rendering. So we started the name you want to make. Your editing is ready. You want to surrender apart. For example, it said this is your video. You put one marker at the beginning when mark at the end, it's going to be much easier for you to select it afterwards. That's it. The deed is done. You want to render it, select this part, make it brew, and then file Render us and then you have different templates. It starts. Usually you don't see anything of that. You see? Just see this at the beginning. So usually what? The template I use is from Internet 10 80 p. And from this I modulated it. I click this one and then customised template. I leave this this resolution for the frame rate attended to 60. You can keep all of this done you can change the front Do the betrayed for 60 FPs, it's ah, it's recommended to have like, a list 13 the maximum and turning the in the average should have forgot. Sorry. You can see in my favorite for some for 60 FPs the temperatures for sorry for its 40 for the maximum betrayed and 30 for the average betrayed. This is this is a good good setting traps for to do 10. 80 p six Jeff Yes, you can ah visible this alot source to address from right because he wanted to be a to be 60 it sort it should be 60 FPs here. What are you select your your FPs. The beat rate is the length of the video. You should want to have ah, the least betrayed possible for your quality. But we're not going too low to not hinder the quality of the video because you want to have a good do good balance between between file size and quality of the video. And I found that this settings works well for 60 FPs. That's it. Now we have selected the rent, the rendering, the options you won't have. I usually leave the audio systemic That project for ah ah, default. I just press okay and start rendering. And you should also of course, set up rendering templates like the one I showed you is Werner for 10. 80 p 60 FPs. You can have one for 10. 80 p. 30 FPs. One for 7 2017 sweats 7 20 b 30 FPs. You can have different ones, so you don't have to set all the settings up saying next time you want to render a video. All right, of course. Double check your video so you don't have to render it twice. It takes really It's six. A lot Long time to render videos in 60 FPs 10 80 p. So just double check your work Double triple check Triple check so you don't have to render twice. I have this. I made this mistake so many times and I lost time rendering and re rendering. For example, in my video project, you can see can often see a number next to the video. It's the amount of alterations had to go for example, for his TV that much. There's so many alteration. Heavy damage. Six everyday Measure seven and I think I went to up to what's Do Max for heavy damage. I had, like, a dozen version off the same video because I was always wondering changing something, rendering changing something. It's actually much better to, for example, for heavy damage 22 into so many alterations. So it's much better to double check, triple check. So now in my videos, I try to render it as it is like a I attracted so many times that I know when it's gonna be render it's gonna be the good version. Well, I did start the Big Six for rendering videos, and I'm gonna keep giving takes because it's a huge topic on have so much to say, so let's meet up at the next course at it. 12. Work Faster with Video Templates on Vegas: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the next course. So this one is about setting up templates on Vegas. This is so you can know Win time. I'm gonna show you. Vegas is my editing software. The one I is the most. So I'm gonna show you the mighty step. So you see how it is. I'm gonna open one of my template project on Vegas. So let me show you how it looks like at the beginning. When you when you don't have anything set up by default the layout Is this it? You have the display screen on the top right corner. This is where you're going to see your files. For example, if I have ah, if I have a game, play on the timeline. If I have a game, play on the time, time to display is going to appear in the top right corner and the time line on the bottom . So this big line here is the timeline. There is a road, your trucks and there is video trucks. And while I don't I don't like this. Let this this layout. I like to have the timeline taking the whole screen. This is why this is how I am expecting to to screen so you can You can take this window and put it on the other side. This is what I'm doing. So most of the time, this window is on the other side so I can have the whole timeline just for me. I can have this full time line taking the whole screen, and it's it's much easier for me than to agent stuff. And now I'm gonna show you how toe to set up templates. So at the beginning, if you have Ah, if I project that soon, we'd nothing. Usually when you start when you start the project, it Z, there is nothing in it. You just have to trust the do settings, the resolution, ex cetera. And then this is gonna appear again. I'm gonna show you how it looks by default by default. It looks like that this is your default projects. This is from where that Then you start bringing your files into the timeline, and when you bring a file, it's gonna get the current is gonna create 22 lines. One line for the video and 1940 0 do. And this is how you start the meeting stuff. So I like to have several off this audio or two or two lines. You can add the audio tracks like that order trucks. I had a lot of them. I also had a lot of video tracks toward shift good keyboard controlled shift so you can have a big time line and you can put stuff on top of each other, Create realized effect. Really anticipate how the music is going to go with the footage. So I really like to have a lot of this timelines below and the full screen full off. The timeline on display on the secondary screen from it's much easier to work. So I'm gonna show you how it looks like a default template. Default template means each time I want to start a video gaming project. I opened this project instead off. Instead of starting all from the beginning, this project is already set up with some basic things markers. You consider markers to mark part of the timeline. For example, my my projects here starts at 10 minutes and it ends at 20 minutes. I like to have this so I can have space before and after to work. I'm gonna show you this on the working project. Recently, I was working on a funny video computation, and you're going to see how it is when it's full of stuff full of fluff. Gameplay clips. Second Here, Here. You can see the start of my project. Here is the end of my project. All of all, the up, all the stuff up is the video projects. And the stuff below is the audio files, music and the sound effects. So I have a timeline full off full off elements that at the end, make a video. And if you take the whole project, this is the video I rendered at the end. And I like to have space a space before and space after so I can try stuff. If you have your project that starts at zero, you cannot go before zero. So you cannot put files before like waiting to be to be put. I like to have space to work. So I have to have space at the beginning and space at the end to be able to work. And again, if I go into the template, I'm gonna show again the template template is a is a simple project that's empty. It's empty except the stuff I already need. For example, the Outro screen. I'm gonna show on the default screen so I have my my thinking message. My mom, I remember to subscribe for the people. I have this already in the project, so I don't have to put it in each time I start a new project. Same have my I have to look go for my own safety page and I have a local for my gaming channel. So each time I start the project, I don't need to redo all this. I just have to drag my fouls into the timeline and start editing my fight whenever I start important. My my file. It's already set up like there's already there's already my logo. There's our dear template title that then I can just change to whatever like Title for disagreed. I just have to change this title, and the video is almost ready. We do the title. I also have an intra music that sometimes I use. It's already there next to do to the beginning of the project. So in case I need an intro music, I can have it directly. And I don't need to import it each time to each time at the beginning, Our project. So at the end, I have to thank you. Message the remember to leave feedback doing to my instagram and my outro slate. This is my logo and the in the background image. So this is what I mean by setting up template projects. If you have to screen, you should definitely take advantage of the fact that you can put the display on the other side. This is various full. I prefer to have this much more like that. By the way, it's weird right now when I'm showing you and default, I'm showing you just because you cannot see my two screens under on this video. So I'm showing you we do with the screen here. So I have a different templates for different kinds of projects, for example, have a template just for my gaming videos. It's called Mu cous video years 10 80 p. 60 FPs. Because it's already set up all the settings that set up my safe. You type out plus presenter, you can pull the setups of the video and here you can see the resolution. The resolution of the video It's a 10 80 p. It's the default HD quality for YouTube and 60 FPs. Now most game again. Play videos are in 16 years. You can change is of course, so I have a template for my video project of Attempted for my conferences. For conferences have a template for my vlogs. It's called here block via 10 80 p. 30 FPs. Because vlogs I usually don't put them in 60 FPs. And this is extremely useful to have this templates project ready, Ready in advance. So you don't have to do due to redo to do repetitive work all the time. So you see most of my temperate projects. I make them start at 10 minutes and 20 minutes because it's usually the video, the length I want to have for my videos. But you can off course, of course, change this later like it's not going to constrain your video, but it gives me like an I d off. How much? 10 minutes is eso. So I can I can more easily decide if the length off the video I'm gonna go back to the present president is already built. Okay, so So I'm gonna set you. I'm gonna tell you how to set up this dis template projects. So you have empty project you're gonna start, but putting the first marker. You see this oranges bar? It's a marker. It's just a place for you to visualize where it starts. You need to You need a place to visual visualize where it starts and where it's gonna end. So I like to start with the one marker of 10 minutes and one worker at 20 minutes. Place your logo so you don't have to place it twice. The logo here is always a place. It's like this, Marcus, because that come place your logo. The intro song. If you have one, you can put it directly under on the intro on the template Project Interest song, The template text a text that you're gonna need. E usually have a text here like I just have to duplicate it with control. Click control flicking and you can duplicate text. You can duplicate it and then rename it once there is implicated. Just change the name like a blah, blah, blah. And you can just put it over your gameplay and in the right position, the one that you need and the one that you have already set up. And where are you? Have already said, Choose the police, the with writing police, I don't have to say and the size of the parties in the size of the sex of the fault. It's the size of the front. So temporary text attempt template title have my titles Very simple. I usually have, ah, black screen. That's 1/2 capacity and a big text. This is how I put my total. Sometimes I used to have a subtitle, for example, funny moments and fails. And then I do another subtitle and put it a little smaller under the title, usually with a different front. Have several funds that are optimized for my for my videos. So this is how you can do a simple title I usually use like a black screen. That's health, health capacity. The big Texan, a small text template title, a template and screen and tape it and song. This is also it's just gonna wins this, can you? This can make you win so much time now that I have made the hundreds of videos I was always doing the same things at the beginning and the end adding the intro I think the outro So now it's already in my template files and I just and I just have to pick them up if I need them. I also have Outro songs Are there here I have Outro songs that they put in my foot in my template Gonna show you how the template looks again This was a project already done. I'm gonna show you the template. So in the template, there is very simple stuff All the stuff I already showed you and these three Outro songs I put them on over the orders I can choose between different ultra songs. These are very similar kind of music. Most of them are from Joachim Image. So I have a different outsource song and I just truth from one of these from my true so next different templates for different projects, For example, for my gaming again, I was saying for my gaming projects in my settings it set up by 60 FPs and 10. 80 p. This is the most optimized quality for vocal for different kind of videos. You can have different settings for example, the same resolution, but a different frame rate. For example, Long videos I did broadcast with my my treat. Members were talk for a long time, and this time I put seven toe 7 20 p instead of 10 80 p, so I can add a second. Eso The file size is much lower, so it's faster for me to upload. I'm trying to optimize my my my projects according to where they're going to go. For example, 10 80 p Square is for Facebook videos. Instagram videos because they look better in defeat. And again, it's a different kind of project I have. Ah, it's here instead of for 10. 80 p. It's like FB square 10 80 p for 10. 80 p. Once it's set up, the whole project is gonna be square and you're gonna have an out. But if you do, it is gonna be square. So so each time you start working on a video, you don't have to read all this repetitive task. This is going to make you in a lot of time on the long term, and it's gonna be much easier for you to kick start a project. Just start. Just import your files and you can start editing. By the way, I'm with a friend. You ness that say that came to bring me some stuff. Hello. Hay is for Morocco and he says hello for you guys. So guys just started eating. Why? I like to have this template templates set up so I can just start editing very fights I don't have to do to do the annoying things for me to start to have to started teaching after just to start with by placing a clip and usually with my files that are already tagged, I consider start with, like placing all the one kind of fire like all the heaviest old files. And I can't start doing in a montage. They have years old montage very fast. Selects several heavy, have us all to eclipse, I said, like them and just drag them into the timeline. I just drug all my clips to the timeline like that. It's gonna load a little bit, so I just have to place my first lipstick and and I can start editing almost immediately. Find the feuding music. Once you have placed your clip, you place your first clip and you need choose the music again. It's very easy if you have all these set up, Have my quick access folders your music. You try to do something that's gonna fit We do again play places Saigon did See how a presentation Keep testing stuff, test again, play with each other music with each other, music with gameplay And you're going to find the best combination just by try trying and testing. And the more you know from your music And the more you know you're again play, the more easier it's gonna be for you to find the fitting music. Well, I guess this is very important to have, Ah, template projects. So it's gonna It can kick start your projects very fast, and you don't have to redo the annoying stuff. All right. Hey, one last thing I wanted to show you is how to see the time at the edge of your clips. You see, here it started 000 And since we're doing tags to find our clips here, I put the tax. Remember, 1 20 is one is one minute, 20 seconds and how to find it? I just right click and go to properties and is going to give me the time. The name of the file and here. Consider time 5 35 and ho to to be able to see the time the time could at the edge of the of the Fells. It's not enabled by default. You have to go in the options preferences video and here show source frame numbers on event nominees as time. Usually it's like none. You don't see anything on the clips, so you cannot see at which time. But if you enable this option preferences video time, this will enable you to see the time. So I know it's a 5 35 If I go director to five. 35 I'm gonna find my clip. Be So this is how you see the time on your own, your clips. So usually when I import the bunch of clips, I tried to trim them first, so I know this one starts at 10 seconds. I'm gonna check. Just do the tense against, and I got to the end. So I trained them down. This one same thing it started. This one is a long clip. It doesn't need to be trimmed. This one is the 55 45. So, you know, there's only the last part That's interesting for me. So I take the 5 35 I leave the rest and ideally, the rest. So I just leave this in the timeline. So then I can just drag it in the in the project and use it for for for a clip. All right? No. 13. How to Make a Video Interesting: guys guys here. What's up? Welcome to the next lesson. I love you. Get so much. So this one is called how to make me do interesting. What makes a good video with first thing you have to know is that you should should respect people's time because there is so much video content out there stuff that they could watch that are not yours. So we really have to respect their their time and make your video interesting. There is a very nice course that I that I discovered recently that that I think is very true is that people will forget what you did. But people never forget how you made them feel. So I really try to focus on this on the emotion behind the videos. The thing you want to make people feel like it can be insight if you're really if you analyze something, you make them understand something they didn't before. You give them goose bumps. But like an epic moment combined with a big music are we make them love. If you're this is how you're going to leave an impression by making people feel stuff like this is Ah, this is like the base off. What makes a good video is that you should make people feel stuff. There's like a big dilemma between quality and quantity. It's very hard to have both. Of course, it's if you can. If you can manage to have both, it's very good. This is why I'm teaching all this organization stuff. And all this projective ity tips is because if you want to achieve quantity and quality, you really have to be organized, so off course quality is better for the long term. You want to leave an impression, want making people want to stay when you come back. But, of course, you cannot achieve perfection. So forget about that. You need to be happy with your your foot day. You happy with your projects? Once it's once you're happy with it, just post it. And don't don't try to to make it a perfect because we're never gonna make it perfect. So So it's very important. Guest it that you don't overdo it. Don't don't burn yourself out. If you think it good, you should. You should just noticed posted. Honestly, there's an escort that this guy I just watch this it, he said. to be your own audience, he said. Like you should should be the consumer off what you're producing. And if you're if you're happy with the state of how the video is, it should be. It should be okay for you. So why is the video interesting like? The most obvious reason is because the gameplay is good. There is a very good player playing, but most of the time it can be. You can make it video interesting with many things. You can make a video interesting with commentary like by showcasing some certain place. Tell that people don't do. I was watching. I wanted to have a few examples, for example, really discuss. Coming through the Spitfire tour doesn't do a lot of damage, but it's basically painting all the targets for me. I wouldn't have noticed the slightest cell till he was on top of me if this spitfire hadn't engaged the target. And it's very interesting because the gameplay he talks about what's a darkly happening in the game play and it's, ah to to It's a perfectly explained what it's what's happening on screen. So I think it's a It's a great way to make a video. Interesting This do the gameplay by itself. Wouldn't be that interesting if there wasn't this commentary behind you can, if you're really passionate about what you're talking about, if you're funny, if you have, if you go in deaf, go into all the details. Don't leave anything important behind. This can be. This can make your video very, very interesting when I say the gameplay is illustrating an I D. It means that when you're doing a commentary, it's very nice, Of course, that you don't you let you talk about what's directly happening in the screen on Give people Inside. Get that week spitfire game out of here. It's hilarious, and it's and when you, when you showcase your personality in your commentary and again play. This is where it gets magical because people have inside the enjoy your your commentary and the gameplay is entertaining. This is how you live big impression and really might make people want to come back and watch more. So for gameplay analysis, try to have your gameplay your commentary forward again. Play. You can do rents, for example, if you're if you're just too, if you have a funny voice if you're angry about everything you can do, rents this disguise, and just because it's a shotgun upstairs, it's decent that what it's supposed to do, this guy's got that dynamics were is not very good at the game, but he's hilarious when he talks. So he was doing rants about everything in everything. He didn't like it, the game it sometimes he was over doing it, but it was his personality, and we accept it. And this is how you make a video. Interesting like it's not much, actually, he did. They hear it. Just put the background, the image of the game and the and the an infiltrator with the bubble. So he's talking and he expanding it. Ideas we'd like means and stuff. And this is how he met his videos. Interesting. I think this is a This is a great way to to make a video interesting like gameplay is not everything you can. You can put so much things on top of it to make it amazing. For example, if you have a good music and you and your gameplay is following the music, this is This is also very interesting people for people because music's usually good music is a story, and if the gameplay follows, do music. This means the gameplay is like is like a story. It gives a story filter to the to the game playing, so try to not be average. If you want to last on on YouTube and in gaming videos, try to not just post the average gameplay videos with nothing special in it. If you're your average at the game, try to pastor. Try to make your video is better. We do with other things. You can push your gameplay without music or commentary in a few cases. For example, if your footage is really amazing, you're doing something crazy in game, and this is really interesting for people to watch or you you're doing it in a certain way . That's have never been done before. If you have really good graphics, you have a crazy computer that can render the game like crazy. Have good graphics good for emirate. Good footage. This can be okay to poster we don't get. We don't without music or cometary. So, for example, if you're featuring a game, play that with a new future like a new gun, Um up if the game was recently updated. This this is very interesting for people to see, because now no one has tried this yet. But the videos lose. Lose, um, lose interest of people whose interest over time, once the the ability is the mainstream, is your video gets you get so quickly forgotten. So it's always important that you try to make your videos better either with music or commentary and for for me, I think the most important is to make it a story like to have a beginning a middle and end the climax to to start low to build up. This is how I make my montages. Actually, most of the good musics have a story. You see that it usually starts very slow. Actually, this is the project for retreat. Hell, this is one of my video montage called Retreat Hell about the ambush. Your jets, right to five, tell beginning people don't know what would really help means. It's just is the title of the video, but they're gonna understand it slowly by watching the game, playing here in the courts. So here I tried to make the game play, follow the music and it gives us cinematographic feel to the game plate. It becomes like a story, and at the end, people actually ring and you understand what rich real Hellman's, That's how you doing. And it ends up with very slow music with everyone else is dead Miss, with the court about surviving, picked up their forces, so there's many ways to to make your video story. You can talk about something interesting or using music that's like a story. Try to off course. Start with the best to give a reason for people to stay or give a snippet of the best in the beginning. Like a little teaser before the start of the video, like a little before your logo. Of course, the fitting music this is This makes a huge on bucks. I'm goingto I'm gonna have a chapter just about this. And if there is no commentary contractually or clips this, this worked very well. I've been doing it for for sometimes my some gameplay tutorials, but without commentary but only text What? I put text on the side of the screen next to the next dissenter. You have to be very careful with the text because it's very hard for people to follow Texter and watch the game at the same time, so try to have a very short sentences. I tried to not have text. When there is action directly on screen like there's killings and stuff, I put it in the down times when im reloading when I'm just running around. This is where I can add some texts. For example, there is no killed. So added some text next to the next to the screen to give an insight about what I'm about to do. So you can use text to improve your videos. Try to have tried it, liked to either introduce the action or complemented the action like Try to explain what you're doing right at the moment what you're thinking or try to add the context, like what load out are using which going there using Ah, what ability ex cetera. This can give people this can. This can give people wanna watch more because they had you. Give them a little hint about what's going on in the in the clip off course. Watch for typos. There is many grammar, and as is the man, there's so many people like that are gonna make make no sexually. So it's normal if you have an amazing videos. But you have a through a few typos in the text. People are going to talk only about the typos in the comments way Try to avoid the typos It's gonna is going to save you some some headache and in due in the comments. So, of course, straight to have a strong climax it before the end. Like most of the music, it's like a story. Like I told you, I'm gonna show you on the time line. This is the my ambush reject montage. But I deleted the clip. Once I finished a project, I did the clip to save space around 25 You can see that the music is like a story. You know, it starts very slow and it builds up slowly. There is a drop, and then it starts again and it builds up. It builds up, it builds up. And my my complaint is trying to follow this. You can even see it in how I set up. I put my mind my my my video clips. They started at the low level, and then it's build up and there and there is a drop. And then it starts again at lower level, and it and then it builds up again. So this is how I try to make my mom touches. Say your story. All right, this is I think one of the some of the most important things is to make your video a story or a compilation off little stories like it can be a compilation of clips. Each one is a little story. And the big pictures is all well, also about something specific. Not just a an average again play montage. We do whatever clips that you have. Try to make it, Trevor, to have a team for it. Either The theme is is the weapon or the play style or the vehicle? Try to have it. The team. It works much better for people so they can find it easily when they're looking for this place. Tell, for example. All right, you in the next lesson, guys, this music to soothe 14. The Importance of Music & How to Use it: Hey, hello, guys. Welcome to the next lesson. It's one of the most important lessons for me because I think this was this is what made my maternal really successful. I'm gonna let us know music you're basically having a conversation with. One of the best is a question. There's no answer who don't question here. How I am convinced that I have no idea is just amazing. Always expensive. Well, in one word, I think I can tell you everything you need to know In one word story, this guy's the best. Has been making music for four years for the one of the some of the best movies ever. And to give you an example, I imported one clip in in my editing software, Vega's I imported this music. You can see how it is. It's ah, shades of the abyss, Neil. And just to show you how I usually edit my gameplay montages, I just I import one musica that I really like. I import my first clip. I'm gonna make it clean like important the first time and what I start doing, I'm gonna remove this keys to give united off what exactly what I do So once the music is important, I always stretches synchronized The first beat against its very obvious. Here you can make the time to sometime. Much bigger to give to have an i d to visualize the sound already And here always the first . The first the first beat a tractor. Synchronize it with something. Anything. Usually the music starts with the buildup. Music has a structure. I'm gonna show you like a the music. It's always starting like a starting very slow. There is a build up. Then action be drops. Action Climax Conclusion s so I always try to synchronize the first meet. So how do I do this? I always place markers on the important parts of the music. I want to synchronize, for example here, the first beats for sure. I'm going to synchronize it. Maybe the second taken place markers like that. Just to visualize what you want to do with it. I usually try to put markers at the most important parts of the music. For example, here you can see there is a big shift in the music here. It started being really intense. Maybe I'm gonna put the slow motion here. You see, it keeps building up to the action here. So I'm gonna put another marker here. There's a big drop again. I'm gonna put a marker, so I'm gonna I'm putting this markers to have an idea of where I want to put my stuff in my gameplay. So once the music is placed, don't touch it anymore. Leave it there you can You can touch the gameplay, but try to leave the music there because the markers are set up on it. So for the first way, I'm gonna try to synchronize it with we do when I jumped his jumper so you can move your people like that and we'd ride where you want. Jumping music starts after. You know, once you have set up, the first is sometimes not necessary to synchronize the other again. For example, for this beef going to do something special, it can Maybe I do slow motion. You just get the clip here and you had some time given effect. But I honestly like to leave my slow motions to the really intense part when the music is really shifting from one side to the other. Here is site with the guitar I'm gonna other slow motion here. See how it looks. I'm gonna slow it down twice. My game plays recorded at 60 FPs or up to two times promotion like started. We're still good. Well, im going. And sometimes I also modulate the sound Here you can see the this time I you broken press V to make it appear. And then you can press keys with the shift click and your keys and then maybe you can remove completely the sound during the slow motion. This can given effect When you when you completely remove the sound of the game, it gives an effect like you're focusing on something. Well, im going I don't have it of them very low. You can always modulate the sound off. You're off your game play. You're like, for example, at east some Sometimes Sometimes I reduced the sound of the gameplay sometimes a bit, a little bit to really have a coherent sound and make it fit with the music. Sometimes the music is so good that I removed the game sound For its part, you can you can have so much combinations like that. So really tried to follow the structure of the music. You notice that most of the epic musics have this this kind of structure, and you can follow it. It's very easy with this is why I like Vegas the most is because you can visualize this sound trucks very easily. The your game sound is here. Your music is here, and you can synchronize them really well pretty easily if you if you put a little work on it, like adding slow motions like fast forwards, and you can have almost all this completely synchronous to the music. And when the music ends electric on, where it's very slow and then I started another music. There's so many ways you can use this music if you don't like the beginning of this one. Don't be afraid to like to completely remove parts of the music you don't like. So I don't think I really have to say is that you have to choose your music well because it can make the video better, but it also can make it words really. Just look for for video, for trailers, for inspirations. You have the music they use something you should know about me. I specialize in a very specific type of security buildup. Subconscious security, subconscious security. You're talking about dreams. They're they're They're almost always using Crystal Christopher almost always using instrumental music, something with violence strength. It would like to discuss with you work, placement. Do it. And if you do is almost synchronized to the music. You can see it here where the synchronize the beats this is the buildings action Be dropped way create the world of the dream Action Action action, Action action It's ah, it's very inspiring to see this kind of videos. It's gonna give you exactly an idea what kind of music works the best when one thing I see people do A be a big mistake is like choosing the wrong music, like using using music with the lyrics that are not related to the to the gameplay like this rap songs about the ghetto. Yeah, ***, I should this guy *** or some some some other crap like that this doesn't fit to fit Well, usually with music's usually instrumental music already tells a story. And this is This is the kind of music that I found most that works well in montages. Sometimes you can you can try some something new with with lyrics that are little related and can give a nice effect. But the music that works well, usually it's instrumental. How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks? For some, he was a guardian angel for others, a ghost who never quite fit in something they also very often do is use the music as a structure and then have, ah, have texted like have commentary on it, like people talking and during the gaps when people are when people stop talking, they up the music levels, for example. Here, usually what they do is like the keep the music at a very low level when people are talking and then when the when there is gaps in between the between the lines of what people say the up the music labels a bit. I've been doing this a lot with my some of my commentaries. I have used it like this commentary for Hello turns waiting for this trip. You place I two just after I heard level cap talk about it. In his review, I was doing a commentary about how I discovered the game Planet side, too, and in between the gaps when I talk, when I stop talking, I tried to up the music sound a little bit and it gives an effect, like like I'm following the music, and when I keep talking again, the music goes down, he said. It was the game of the year and he was right. I think so. After three years playing, I can still say that since it was my favorite game the 1st 2 years, I was so hooked that I wasn't even playing anything else. Plan set to and that's it. Then I felt a little bored and burnt out, and I started trying. Other games like Battlefield four call of duty, advanced warfare, sky removed. Muds, they say. Knowledge. There's just many ways you can use the music and the it's gonna it's usually improve the quality of your video, and you can synchronize almost any visible action to debate. You can synchronize the most up. Just things to synchronize is, of course, skills. When you're engaging someone, you can also, you can also synchronize when you're gets sorted. You're you're taking that much. This is this is tension because you don't know if we're going to survive or not, you're taking them that this is a hand built. This can be This can build tension, we think. And you can synchronize this to the music you can You can synchronize almost anything when you're reload. When you when you engage someone when you get engaged One of the some people told me one of the best with one and you're gonna see how do the music builds up, Start slow with some violence way enemies so trusted synchronizing music Todo your footage to the bit is going to give a huge it's gonna give you a huge edge in the individuals is gonna make them much better. So try to place markers. This is what I do like to visualize where I want to action to shift where I want to gameplay to Perhaps I can interest in transition to another clip or try to make a slow motion or at some text or some kind of event that will that will follow this this shift in the music. So don't be afraid to modulate the sounds. Don't be afraid to cut parts of the music. You don't like it. You're really free to do all that, but at the beginning, like structure of your first music. And don't touch it anymore because you're markers on on it. But after that, if there is a part of the music you don't like, for example, you don't take this beginning. Can completely cut it and start right, right with the where this one ended and members can work like I'm saying this because it should always avoid like a big silences. Except there is a reason in montages, like if the music drops, try to make it follow with another music that's a bit similar or that really follows what's going on in the action. So, using music as you like, like use the parts you like, cut them when you like. For example, you don't like this part. You can completely ended here and start with another music. So don't be afraid to use the music really, as you like. You can also synchronize the slow motions to the beach. This is this can be very powerful, like I've been doing here like you completely slowed slow this down here. It's a two time slow motion. It can also smooth it for example, this part you're gonna slow motion like maybe maybe 70% and it's going to smooth it anyway . You can synchronize. Also do the fast forwards, for example, of the reason there is a special sound like where and we can fast forward during this part if there is nothing happening. For example, for clip is is boring For such a time, you can synchronize down after the stale. I'm gonna in accelerate the video so we can continue directly go to the next did next hail or the next the next action which is during, or grenade here so richly before I'm gonna I'm gonna cut it. I'm gonna take this part to whole part. I'm gonna maybe fast forwarded to times down and do si do the first for music Something I also like to do is like to modulate the sound fast forward. Don't sound very good with the sound, so I just put keys you can add keys were under on the sound timeline by pressing the wiki. If you press v V two makes it disappear. If you press shift, the complicity disables it like a NATO, and you can reset it by person V so V and then shift click to place keys. And then I completely remove the sound of the fast forward and sometimes getting a very good sign off course. I find that make it make it faster or slower, and then when the music doing the speed is this is normal again, you're up to the game self you can. You can almost synchronize anything to do to do to the base of the music. So sound is almost as important as the videos, especially in montages. People are going to judge you on the quality of the game play and the quality of the music . And I think the editing place only a small part in the in the editing. It's mostly how the game play and the music fits. If you choose these two well, you almost have 80% of the video. Then the editing is how you put them together, how you transition them, what what text to use and the end and the stuff all around. But most people are gonna judge you on this like the gameplay and the music and and how they fit together. So I tried to choose Well, it's gonna save you a lot of time. This is why I'm telling you should do. You should know your library. Well, I told you should create this this frickin folder where there's all the free music's and keep listening to them. Like when you're browsing under orders playing Just play this music, let them play. You're going to see where you're gonna be able to use this music. Just let them play when you're working, playing bro Zinc Keep the music play. So you so you know your library Well, and you know when you're gonna be a bill to use them so that we have a huge library. I'm going to share this with you guys. I created a list where you can find all these musics. It's gonna be a big shop tractor. It's just how to find good music's for the videos because it's gonna be a huge part off your off your YouTube videos, like I try to not use music's more than once or twice. So I'm always looking for new musics. Keep finding new music's like when you listen. When when you find a nice music in a video, try to find it like Usually when people do montages of music, they put the music credits in the description. Try to find it. Maybe you can use it in your videos to when you're out in a bar or any festival or something. Find African music. When there is music, relax. Try to shut them it are asked the deejay or something. Try to find it Now. I regret so many music that I listen to once and that I've never found again. So now each time there's a music that really, like I tried to either shot Sam it or ask the guy, which is what's the name so I can second, don't find it later, Maybe use it in my videos. And like that, I've been building a huge music library, so keep notes on the music you want to use. Sometimes it just putting them in the right folder. Put them in a folder off stuff Do you want to try, for example, Meets don't know. Do trip. There is all the stuff. Are you want to try? Sometimes I'm not sure if it's cooperated or not, and I or I just want to try it, and I put them in this sound dump, but all the others I know I can use them safely. For example, I know if I want an action video, I can use the hell wreckage music is very good at Like having action music epic for if you have a begin play. So it's very important guys that you know your music library so you can you can choose easily when you're doing your before you can Truth from a large choice I'm adaptable and keep pushing trailers It big movies is gonna give you inspiration on how to use and sound. All right, well, that's you in the next. Listen, guys. 15. Interlude - Create Soundscapes: and sound places us in time as well, because sound always has time embedded in it. In fact, I would suggest that our listening is the main way that we experience the flow of time from past to future. He is always on. You have no ear lids. They work even when you sleep. The smallest sound you can perceive moves your ear drum. Just four atomic diameters. The loudest sound you can hear is a trillion times more powerful than that is made not for hearing but for listening. Listening is an active skill, whereas hearing is passive. Listening is something that we have to work at. It's a relationship with sound on. Yet it's a skill that none of us are told. No, the Elizabethans described language as decorated silence. I urge you to move away from silence with intention and to design soundscapes just like works of art. Have a foreground, a background, all in beautiful proportion. It's fun to get into designing with sound. If you can't do it yourself, get a professional to do it for you. Sound design is the future, and I think it's the way we're going to change the world. The way, the way the world sounds, What would the world be like if we were speaking powerful e to people who are listening consciously in environments which would actually fit for purpose or to make that a bit larger? What would the world be like if we were creating sound consciously consuming sound, consciously designing all our environments consciously for sound? That would be a world that does sound beautiful on one we're understanding would be the norm on that is an idea worth spreading. Thank you. 16. How to Edit Montages with Music: Hey, guys, welcome back for the next lesson about montages with music because I think this this montages are evergreen. So I set up in you seeing on my on my O. B s. So I control you. How aged montages. I'm going to start just by checking my gameplay folder. I'm gonna I'm gonna do a montage about decimating Yes, EFS or just using the dis emitters who have attacked just for this. It's called this e So I'm gonna support in all the dis eclipse that I haven't used it yet so it's gonna load them in the timeline. I'm gonna trim them. So good montages are Oh, I can stay good for very long time. Like I know that some people keep watching my videos even though they're very old because the montage is good and the gameplay good is good. For example, one of the most watched video on my channel is called Only in Planets. I true it was posted four years ago, and it's still getting views and comments for it's a simple montage of for some of my most epic moments in game. We do didn't epic music. I haven't added any any quotes or something. It was just gameplay and music. Qatar is he had 2400 likes. It's amazing. And I know people keep commenting on this so good montages can can stay good for very, very long. There is some montages that are, like 10 years old that I keep watching. I'll talk about this one of my favorite difficult get quick ID. So good montages are evergreen. Tried to do a best stuff. Something like either some of your best clips. You get frank movies, best clips, killing people, or you can do something. Top five best places were not very good at the game. You can request gameplay for from other people in your community. Try to have a like seem to your video. Like, right now I'm gonna edit video about decimating s EFS. This emitting s effort this is like a with the rocket launcher you want shutting yourself with the rocket launcher. So I imported all my clips that have that are related to this. And here I trim them. So we're not just a full clip and I have a daisy shot at seven. It's at seven minutes. So here I'm gonna trim it. I'm gonna trim this quickly. Sweets. Just a few seconds in a huge clip, so I'm going to remove all the rest. So how to check if your friggin plays? Good. You see, here? I opened this property stuff and I can see when I'm worse the time Step 3 50 here. 3 50 am gonna pick up about 3 50 like another one here. I'm gonna trim it here, see where it is. It's a 0 15 to the beginning. This one already use it in a in a video. I'm gonna I'm gonna not use it. This one, this one I missed, I hit, but it doesn't kill it. I'm like I'm so sad. I'm gonna trim it. Keep this. So I trim all my clips like that and tried to make a best stuff off for particular place. Tell, this is much easier for people to search and the easier for people to find. And it's usually more interesting in general than than to have everything. Everything in the same video, So butcher again place at the beginning. This is what I'm gonna do right now. And then I'm gonna choose the music. I'm gonna first, see what gameplay it do I have? It's that farm time dropping on the bacon, killing this guy next. One, 5 14 It must be somewhere here. So you see, sometimes I don't even look at the game play. I just look for the time stamp because it's a marked already and it saves me time. When I'm looking for clips. It's at 55 50. This one is easy to the end. Usually are the slip. This is when when I pressed f done, I just wanna already use it. You never do. I'm gonna remove it. You know, usually I remove my clips once I used them in a video so I don't have to check them again. This one is that 50 seconds. 50 seconds is ride their like. I'm trimming all this. It's at the end. This one is at the end. Sometimes. Just put end when a When I want to. If I don't inform too lazy to put the time step. But just put the end here. It's a triple. Oh, yeah. People decimation. Yeah, spot of hair and there's the sides. Urgh! Trim it! That's it. This is These are all my clips. I'm gonna put them in the timeline, and I like to put them all together to see how long is this is. Video can be. It's like it's gonna get is gonna give me an idea off how long Day video can be, even though it's not trimmed exactly. But I see this could be this can be a seven minute video something, and it's going and give the melody off. How many music's I'm gonna need? Seven minute video is usually two minutes to to to Music's off. Three minutes or two. Musics is gonna is gonna be enough for afford this video, I predict, and maybe one outro. So I have all my clips trimmed here. Then I'm gonna try to find the music that's a dis appropriate. The's last days I was listening to a game or ste from Deus ex, and I really like the music out there. I'm gonna try to use it in the discussion this clips. So usually I try to start todo with one of the best clips. Do you really give? People won't want to stay. Well, I got from this one is really cool. So for the music mankind divided. There is one musical. Relax. I think this is this one. I really like this part isolated. I'm gonna take only this and put it in the timeline under the clips and see how it is. I think start very soon. A little abrupt. I'm gonna I'm gonna fit it in. Gonna have a fade in. This is where usually also put my logo. But I try to live with this for I don't think they think of this idea. So like I told you, I'm gonna try to to synchronize the first bit even though I don't know where it is exactly here. I don't know the music well, so I just let it bend. It is here. I'm gonna f units my dreaming and how I transistors make lips. I trust him to not make it unnecessary long, so I'm not sure yet Which music? Which part of I'm going to use music is very nice, but I'm not sure. I think this is actually the part of the music I like when you start to detect it. Did it? Did it Did it did. It may be going to cut the music and only start with this. Let's see how it is. Maybe I'm going to synchronize when I drop to synchronize with the action like this is right here. I gotta em, Huh? Got it. With this emission, at least, maybe this is not to the best way to synchronize it. May back and synchronize the impact. Got much better. You can see right here. That sounds really cool. So you could Sometimes you can start to adjust with this game sound and then leave the music when there is a really something really cool are gonna have a big fade in So the first first impact. So, guys, this is how a transition My clip. I tried to make her to have the best at the beginning And to really synchronize the first bit with the music is going to make the video really cool. So try to leave the game sound between 30% and 50%. Sometimes the game sound is really is really high in some people toe montages. So I try to have this in game in inside the plant. My plan said to game I have to do do the ambient sounds that are much lower that lie below 50% and I leave my rickerson stat record. These are the achievement cut out. It's like 100%. I got it, am I? This is actually the microphone sound, but do rickerson SAT tracker is like a is not too too, too high. So try to have a good mix between the music, the game sound, that the cull out and your voice. Your voice should always, always be the most important. The game sound should be in the background in. If you're doing a montage, it's You should put more emphasis on the music. For example, like a Children last time marker here, e important marker. I'm gonna find the next two important steps here. This is this is gonna be an important important point I've been considering is one. So we'll keep transition, include clips and try to have ah, the most important steps in the music synchronized synchronized with the action. Music should be out at 100% if you're doing a montage because this is how the composer designed the music it usually it has contrast and and you see them their best when when it said rely 100%. Sometimes it's also interesting to show how you get there. It could be interesting for the clip. This is how you make it to story. For example, here I'm dropping with the drop pod. Then I check the sky and then I I killed the must see. This is like a little story in itself. And then I can title it in a certain way to to really give it a particular fear. For now, I just leave it with the I tried to leave the beginning to show how I got there, not just the action showing just from from where you dropped is much less interesting. For even if you just start here much less interesting. It's interesting to so to show how you got there, Eric, you see, that is a soon as I drop I checked. This guy didn't kill this guy on maybe and then I control is that it's It's by checking the medium up. It's by checking the minimum. At a certain point, I know that there is a must see so you can you can you can make your little slips story each of the little slips of story, so try to kill, try to to leave the killing, The killing off course. But the surviving can be interesting. Can be can be also synchronized with the music Like a very big mistake. I see people doing is like only living like the killing. And only that and this is this is living a big part of the story behind. So it can be really interesting sometimes to leave the some parts of the game play. Even if there is no action, it shows how you got to where you wanted to to be. So try to think you're slow motion that far forward music. This is a This can be very, very, very cool at Michigan example Here, let's try to do a slow motion right before the impact. I got it. Or maybe just after the impact, like right here, I'm gonna cut it and you're gonna see the explosion. I'm gonna slow down street maybe three times 30%. E thing is really cool. Got I am ha synchronizing like the slow motion and the fast forwards to do to the music can give a very nice feel to to your video. And this is what I've been doing for years in a lot of my montages. Well, you know that as well. No barrels stick to the simple transitions like like fading or just jump. Cuts jumped that are synchronized with the music. For example, here you can see like a heart a bit, and you can maybe synchronized this with the music hard bitches right here maybe can make your stop you clip start to be before. Maybe maybe you should protected the marker a bit before. Sometimes in the music it's very it's not very, very obvious where you should transition. So just keep trying here. Is he like It's Ah, it's a bit confusing. There is no no really specific drop, so I'm gonna try several things. I better. There's I'm going to remove the title for now. I leave it there, but the title should be like, since it's, um, David was about decimation. I can start like that for some black. Keep the title decimated. The clip of the video can be title decimated. Simply center it and it's the number three for me. I'm gonna add a title. I'm going to duplicate this Tex and make it make it a number. It's the number three, I'm gonna put it on the side, change the color So this could be one of your decks. Got it with this mission. So we should travel dissection to start and then the text, and then it goes on. It could be is a very simple structure. And, like I said, like, try to avoid were transitions like I tried to stick with this fades either afraid that's very fast or adjust to jump cut. Oh, yes. One of the one of thing I forgot to tell you is that you should always disable the resembling on all the clips. Once my clips are are here and are the same place I select all the video clips. Right click switches, disable resembling. This is going to save you some cool video quality and turn in some rendering time. So just do it. It's zero to It's something that old people, anything on biggest due to have better video quality so visible, resembling and well for the transitions. Try to have simple jump cuts like they do in the movies. Treacherous. Synchronize it like with the music and and the two to make two clips transitioning well. Initially, it can be. It's gonna be just enough off a transition. Like many people use this word transition like where there is the eclipse getting in and out and stuff. This is, I think, the most effective way to transition. It's like, How do you do it in the movie? Just like a try to have a focus on something when when the clip is transitioning, for example, here there's nothing special. People are looking at the weapon so you can cut right here on the weapon. And here the focus is different. It's ah, it's Ah, the focus is on this guy running. So you're focused on the gun here on, then your focus on the guy running. All right, so try to stick to the simple, simple presentations like the one to do in the movies. What are they using like to India? Just to jump. Cuts sometimes fades, and they tried to make a transition well, by the movement of the camera or the music. So, again, something to avoid this total silence, except when it helps the story when in Montana, just like people are like assimilate like silence to the end. So try to do not have like we're silence in the middle of the of the video. If one music is ending, tortures and transition it well with another one and keep going until you're out of clips and 22 year outro. So keep tried to ever the big silences for for no reason or for too long, like you can have a silence. But it has to be. It has to be part of the story or part of the music. And, for example, if the music ends, you can you can continue. You can keep the sound up with the game sound. Once the once the music is out, you still have the game sound to to fill in the gaps and then you can start it. Another music heat, but try to have to turn to avoid complete total silence is this is going to make people click out. So So I try to always have the sound full of stuff, either. Music commentary are Ah, are are quotes or sound effects or game sound. It's always full of stuff until the end. The words gets much mature when I can fade out. All of this overlap. Music's to have a smooth smooth transitions are to avoid side. The silence is so This is how you transitions music between them just next to each other. You can make make them overlap. For example. For example, I'm gonna transition with this one. Either make them over up or try to find a transition that fits well with the with the gameplay. For example, during this voice cut out I came, I saw kick that I can make the music start and it can be usually enough to have a decent transition on So So you the smooth ending it, Zaveri Good to to end up on the on the music that contrast with the content of the video. If your video with the action packed, try to have an outro where you have a music very slow This is where I have Ah, this this music's in my templates. I'm going to try to take this one, for example, and end with this one. This is going to give a contrast to the video. And when the music is slowing down, you can also reduce the game sound it's gonna get. It's gonna give dreamy effects tree or again play like maybe a slow motion and and the game sound very low. It can give any picture again. Play you completely. Remove the voice when it's slow down because it's it's totally weird. It gives it a dreamy style and maybe transition like that on other clips. So try to have Ah, ending that contrast with the beginning like it's nice to have action, action, action, action. But to have a decent ending toe, it gives a style like a cinematographic style to to the video like it gives it like a real ending. This is where you can put your credits like a thank you message to remember to subscribe links to other videos. So another thing when doing slow motions, for example, here I got I am. If I was to Slow Mo also the device I should really watch out for their for the sound levels of the game and in device. You should not leave this like that. If your voice is slow, motion is a slow mode. Just remove. Remove the sound during this part and only lived in music, and it's going to sound metre. Better are making much, much, much, much lower, and it's usually much better than them to have a slow motion voice because it it can be weird except in a few occasions. So try to keep your get best clip archives to do miga compilations. At some point, I'm gathering the slips like four months and months, and each time I get one of them, I just put toe rename it with a nice tax. So when I want to do big compilation just to just have to bring everything in the timeline and start anything Well, uh, this is how you make mont edges and, ah, things can be evergreen content. That's very easy for you to do. Well, I just have you just have your mega clips archived, find a good music, and you can make a very nice compilation by keeping by keeping your your your clips synchronized with the action and train trimmed down to only leave the good parts. All right, see you in the next lesson, guys. 17. Different Ways to Render a Video - Optimization Tips: Hey, guys, welcome to the next lesson. This one is ah, important step because we all have to go through. This is ah. When we render every do how you're under a video I've set up many templates. So usually the classic classical gameplay on YouTube is 10 80 p 60 FPs. This is this is what people expect now one day when they watch can play. But you can have other sittings and I'll have this. I have all have them set up on Vegas. So let's say this video is ready. I want to render it. I told me put to market at the beginning when a marker at the end, you said like the area you want to render like this and then you go to foul render as and in render us I have set up many video templates to optimize the render time and to epitomize disk space. At the beginning, you're not different cities. I'm gonna show you what you see at the beginning. You only cities so you go to men concept a V c a c. You go toe Internet HD 10 80 p. And there you can customize the template to take this one and then customize. And this this is where we change all the settings. And once you have changes sitting, you can rename your template and save it and it's going to appear here in the list. This is how you have my my templates ready? I'm gonna show you my must must use 10 Placed his Internet HD 10 80 p 60 FPs. One past 30 megabytes Cuba. I put all the information in the in the text so I know which one I'm selecting. I'm gonna expand your oldest so it's a aged eternity. Beats the resolution is like a in 1924 10. 80 In the profile, I put high to have the best quality in the framer tohave 60 FPs You just you just selected and type it type 60. All of this is almost default. The most important option is here do the bit rate. I suggest having a variable bit rate. My averages 30 million and the maximum is 40 million and I enable using crude if I've able because eso I can second render my videos faster. All this alloted like almost its default. And here it's called one pass one pass here is because you can choose one or two passes if you choose one past. The render is faster, but if you true, but the quality is a bit lower, like quality. There's there's a very low difference, and the two but the render time is much longer if you have to pass. This is why I have two options. Sometimes I render with one pass. Sometimes we do two passes and we to pass, and I know that the render is gonna be much longer. So and you have time ready for this, but the quality is gonna be a little bit better, and the file size is gonna be a bit lower. So if you want to higher quality and lower size and lower file size, you should click to bus. But if you don't have time to render videos for 10 hours, you can just go with one pass and it should be fine. So why 30 megabytes here this option have? It's the It's the beach, right? This is what is going to say your if your video is is heavy or not, so there is a minimum bit rate for certain resolutions and certain frame rate. For example, 10. 80 p. 30 FPs has much lower Betray it. 10. 80 p 30 FPs one pass. I only have a eight million bit rate. This is, um the maximum is 12. This is enough for 30 FPs, for example. And for for 7 20 p. C. I'm gonna have even lower Betray it. This is This is a This is according to the type of the project I'm doing If I'm doing a video where I want the highest quality like, for example, a montage or just a simple commenter again, just a simple commentary with gameplay. I want the highest quality in 60 FPs. I'm gonna chose this template if you if your gameplay is not at 60 FPs, it's if it's only a 30 FPs, you can render a 30 FPs is going to save you disk space and render under and render time. And if you're and if you're doing a very long video, for example, a podcast or ah, or a very long commentary or some kind of video that's very long and you don't want to have it too heavy to save, Render render uploads time. You can render it in the low quality like 77 2030 FPs. This is where the gameplay is less important than the sound and you can you can. People can just focus on the sound and have to game play at at the lower cartage and should be fine. This is why I have these different templates. Like if I want the highest quality, I go for eternity P 60 If yes, If I want to beat lower FBs, I go to eternity. Peter tfb s the file sizes Mitchell over. And then if I have a very long video and and I don't want to have to spend the days uploading it, I just render written in 17. 20 b 30 FPs. So I'm gonna show you 7 20 p 30 FPs The beat rate here. How I know I should use this bridge betrayed. It's because YouTube it's always re compresses video afterwards. Like if you upload the video in 10. 80 p 60 FPs, it's gonna is going to duplicate it in many variants, you can see you can choose the quality here And if you re don't know the video from YouTube that 10 80 p 60 FPs. It's gonna have an average arbitrator off 2025 1,000,000. So this is why I have my bitter it for tentatively 60 FPs at 30 30 million. If you don't know the video from YouTube that 7 20 p 30 FPs, it's gonna have an average betray it off three million or formula. And this is why I have my average here at three and the maximum at seven. If you don't know the video from YouTube, that's 10. 80 p 30 FPs. It's gonna have an average betrayed off eight or nine. This is why I have my average budget off eight here. So it's not necessary to have a higher bit rate on that if you upload in this resolution and this from it, this is this is can This can save you a huge amount of upload time and render time if you up to optimize the rendering time place like that. So try to have a template for different situations. For me have a template for eternity. Peter to FPs 60 FPs 7 20 p 30 FPs and I also have a square version where I'm uploading my videos with a custom with the custom resolution at the square. And here again, I have, ah, have a bit rate and every bit rate of five million. All right, this is how you render your video in on Vegas. I'm going to select here. I want to render this video. I select the area I want to render render as I usually just choose one on one of these options. Actually go for this 1 10 80 p 60 f. U p s one past 30 megabytes. Wow. And that it is start rendering. This is how you render video on Vegas. So try to save disk space by by taking the right temperate for the right situation and set up this templates just by clicking the save button. Once you have set up all these options Another thing I wanted to showcase his how to set up your render settings on Mobius. This after I use it a lot to record the Abdi videos where I needed my webcam are. Sometimes I stream with it. This is an extremely useful software that's free. So I'm gonna show us how to set up your Radnor settings on the under this software there is different ways Ah, you can have different settings for different different things. For example, my render settings to record our different standard rather settings to stream. So once you have set up your scene, you know you can choose your seen created and at the and that stuff in it, like the display or the web come our chat if you're streaming. So once you have set up your scene and you want to know, you just want to render the video that we're gonna record. So you have set up your scene and then you check here, you can you check the settings and it's in the video. E cannot change this. Well, I'm recording, but here you can choose the resolution. It's the output that you're gonna get in your video folder. You should choose the right toe, the right from right and the right toe indirect. A resolution and the right from right here for update videos, I have 10. 80 p with 30 FPs. You can true 60 if you want. If you're recording game player, for example, and it can be different for your for your output in the when you're when I'm streaming. I tried to have a bit went off to 2500. This is the maximum I can get with my upload, right? With my before John, my phone. So I have did have this pretty low, and this allows me to stream in a 7 20 p 30 FPs. But when I'm recording videos, I like to have them in 10. 80 p. 30 FPs. All right. This is a very, very simple the render Their under settings on Mobius are very simple. And once they're set up, you just have to click. Stop. Start recording Here, it's Ah, here. It shows Stop recording because I'm already recording. So we press start recording. And when you pressed up, you're going to get your video appear in your video folder or any under folder you have set up in your settings in the output folder. So here you said you set up your output folder here for me, right? Right Now, it's simply videos in here. So I get my videos in your right. Well, this is how you're just how you render videos on. Yes. She's a very useful software. I hope you're gonna take advantage of it. All right. We'll see in the next lesson 18. How to Work Ultra Fast with the Shortcuts: guys. Welcome to next lesson. This one is gonna be important. If you want to work fast and getting again times, you have more time to edit more time to do what you like. So I really strongly recommend your signal shortcuts. One of my favorites is all tub. This is how I switch between my windows. I used this Seletto in combination with the with the folders that I have in the quick access. For example, I want I'm looking for a file. Let's say it's a music. It's in my music. It's a boozy fell. So I found my foul. It's this one. I want to import it in my in my editing software, I usually put it in the background. I opened my editing software first and then and then the folder with the file. And when it's when it's done, I just have to and drug and rob it to the to the timeline. I just have to drug a drop it to the timeline, and this is how import most of my fouls on on Vegas. I don't use this import. There is. There's an import media import option here, but I don't use it since I've found that it's even. It's even faster for me to find them like that. Because here most most of my fellows are are so to that by you. By their date, it means the first. The first are one ardor most recent. So this is how import most of my fouls most of my game place, for example, I'm looking for again play. I go to self insight to something that's named and that's it, and I drug it to the timeline on my editing software. All right, so there's another very nice shortcut is Windows D. Windows Key is the one with the windows on it and significance of this one. Ah, right to due to the control key if you press Windows and D at the same time, is going to show your desktop. If you want to clean everything and and start again, I often do this sort to produce full windows and arrow keys to move windows, for example, if you have a window here, can move it with the windows and arrow keys to the left, to the right, or to the left screen or to the right screen. For example, I for transferring files. It can be very nice to have both of them on both sides. So can transfers filed easily from one to the other. So Windows arrows. I use it a lot F two to rename a file, for example, you have You're checking your gameplay. We like this one. You're gonna press after to rename it instead off right Clicking and clicking, rename or clicking it Once I tried to electro to press F two and start typing directly blah , blah la la la enter and it's done. Alright, so F two is a It's a various full one print screen to take a screenshot. If you have the software installed, you can show you can see the here. If you have this small software installed, you can know compress. You can press prints. Create is gonna bring up the screen, work and take screenshots. You see it? I didn't expect it because it's freezes the it freezes the screen, but you can take screenshots that are around. You can six reset with any shape, and you can even write on this sunscreen trapped. If you press the left mouse button the right mouse button. Sorry, Can you can start drawing on your screen shot and then take a screen shot of this. It's a very useful software that makes me win time when I'm taking screenshots out. And double Flick is when you don't want to know what's in the folder or what's in the file . If you click out and double click on, the follow is gonna open the properties and you can see how big it is their debt, etcetera. I don't use this now a very often because I sort my fouls but can be very useful to see hope, because a folder or or how much stuff is in the folder. So these are the distraught skirts on windows that they use the most. When I'm bruising, of course, the middle mouse button the middle most button is very full. When you're when we open a new tabs, you just click on the link with the main middle. Most button is going to open it in a new tab. I also have shortcuts. There is throat caused by default on the major players. For example, how they say V L C major player has a short cut by default. If you press shift and in the right click is gonna is gonna go for what, five seconds if you go shift and left shift and left. Arrow. I was talking about the arrows. It's only with the keyboard shift and left arrows. It's gonna is gonna It's gonna bring back the action five seconds ago and you can have this also with the control and arrows control and for a narrow and right arrow is gonna is gonna take the company forward one minute and you can never get very fast like that with your files. I use it a lot honestly to when I'm looking for something in particular or I'm just trying to see which is the most important part in the game play. So shift and control plus arose. This can give you a control over gameplay and you can you can lower and upper to sound with the mouse wheel or the up and down arrows. This is also very, very useful. So I know what also have set up this shortcuts on the on my side Now also now also should so that I also said that my shortcuts. So now I've also said that my shorts cut in my major player. My music player, for example, are from playing in music. Can you can use up and down to lower the music are put it up and I couldn't shift and a Rocchi's to navigate in the music control and arrow keys to go forward one minute and shift an arrow keys to go forward or backwards. So it helps me never get much, much easier, especially when im reading long, long clips. For example, this one is like one hour long elect to go forward like being in increments when I'm looking for something. So I was control and the Iraqis all right. This is also very useful. You can set this up in the edge. It preferences preferences in going to the Huskies. And this is where he said them up. Skip forward one minute for me. It's control, right? Skip forward. Five seconded. Sift. Write something for the due to go backwards. So I already said my my my favorite shortcut on Vega's, but I'm going to show them here once more so they are the most useful. One is s to cut cut clips. You select 11 clip in your press s off course to control control Z. It works very well in Vegas. Sometimes you can go back very, very far lower. The sound of the music you two separate is extremely important when you want separate clips and duplicate, for example, only the video you press you. Now it's separated. You can control control C Control V and have a duplicate clip. It's a various full of shortcut to have the issue key control Click to duplicate something you want to duplicate, the sleep you control. Click. You click on it with control oppressed, and it's gonna duplicate it if you want to go to make it faster or Oslo, where you can control and click on the edge under thing. I didn't choice if you can. You can make even faster than that. For example, you want to make it even faster than than three times you can bring. You can bring an option here. It's called the right Right leave you right click in insert insert removed envelope and then velocity. And here, with the velocity you can ever further just give it to the speed of your video. And this is make it very fast, like nine times, or it can make it very small. Of course, you have to watch out for your frame rate. If you go, you slow it down too much. It's gonna show on your new frame rate, and the clip is going to start being being seem to be lagging like there is missing frames . It's normal when you're when you're just the velocity like that, and you can also go reverse its various full, sometimes in reverse. If you want to. To start at the end and finish at the beginning, you can do it by by going minus 100%. This is it is a various, full of future that sometimes I use. For example, I go in reverse and slow motion. It's minus 50% and you can. You can only leave the music when you're doing this and can give a nice effect. So these are very some very important tools in Vegas that that my my my keyboard. It's a dirty so you can disable tracks, video tracks or audio tracks to see how it is without them. Middle mouse used to navigate our decided, but it's a very important to people. Tonight we get quickly. Also, if I want to center a part of the of the timeline, I click on it here. And then I use the mouse. Well, it's gonna center it. We're going to go on the right and then mouse. Well, it's going center. This part of the of the timeline and lastly, em to place markers so very important, some It's gonna be various full. If you want to synchronize the music with the action. I use markers a lot. There is some project will have, like hundreds of markers. And I always like to start my template project with four markers. One at 201 a 10 10 minutes. It's zero for my project when 20 minutes went out, 30 minutes and one at 40. So I know. So I know. How big is it? Just just have an over. So I know that all this is one. It's 30 minutes, you see, And also I have ah key bindings on my mouth. I'm using the G 502 porters and most that I love I frickin love and you can set up the do and you can set up. How do you say the short skirts on this mouse, you can set up the shot. For example, this button have two buttons. Here I have one to delete files and one to close files, so it makes it much easier for me when I'm when I'm arena, renaming my clips and deleting the ones I don't like. I close it with one button and deleted with the other button. It only takes two clicks for me to close the file that I don't like and deleted. For example. I check this fund. I'm checking it. I see it's bad. I only have to click two buttons to close this button and then this button. Usually it's already selected, so I just have to click another button to diligent. Now it's deleted. So I and if I if I did the mistake, I want to bring it back. You can also press controls. E. On your keyboard controls E, and it's gonna bring back the foul so it's not completely deleted. You. It goes into the trash, the trash being How do you say I don't know the trash can. So anyway, when I'm checking my clips, I usually close them with the mouse button. Why Why did I set this up? Is because I know that each time I wanted to close the foul, I had to bring my mouth at the top top right corner and then close it or I have to press out f or so it Zo. It takes a lot off off effort just to close the file. So now I set up a button on my mouth to set up wherever I want and another button to delete so I don't have to touch my caper to do these actions. Usually you have to touch your keyboard to do this. Now it's set upon my mouse. How do you set it up? You go into your going to do the settings off your mouth, and here we can set up all the buttons. So this one is did it. This one is closed. It's out before you can see. And of course, you can go previous in four words For computer bruising Fells, you can go forward and previous. This is various full when you're browsing on the Internet or posing in your files to go previous and next, and that's it that are the most important short because I have done my must on Windows, and then I can change profile. If I press this button, I change profile. I usually have one profile for Windows when I'm working, bruising and have one profile that Number three. When I'm playing in game in game. I have different shortcuts to be able to do other things. Like I have a short get to talk in the proximity chat in the in the plants, that two game on the button to pocket into talking this quad shot different things than the that I can change. And I can just change profile when I'm start our study the game. I change profile. When I go back to Windows, I change profile again only takes me two clicks. So this is how I like to bind my mouth. So you know, this is 11 of This is why it's my favorite mouse. Ever have two of these mouses because you have so much buttons and they're very easy to access. There is also one that I love on the side here, the action button, and I use it a lot in game to have a quick access, usually two to knife people when I when I have to access it very fast. So this is why I love this frickin mouse. Logitech G 50 to protest freakin love it. I should redo if we can review of this. All right, See, in the next lesson, guys. 19. Where to Find Music & Sound Effects: Hey, guys, welcome to next. Listen, where to find good music and sound effects for your videos here. I did see, See Miss Creative comments. It means you can use it in your videos on and and you and your new still gonna be able to minute as your videos. If you want to do this under long term, you should always have tried to find music that are free from copyright so you can use it in your videos and keeping the monetization. I did this mystic many times where I used music without checking the copyright, and I end up not being able to minute as mad videos, even though the music I used is only like a small part of the whole video. So now I almost almost always check if the music is cooperated or not. Or I try to use only artists that are doing a music that are free from copyright. It's a never ending quest to keep building your music library because it's gonna it's gonna is going to give your identity in your videos. Your music's relation is going to say about you. So So it's a very important that you keep building this music folder. And this is why I suggested that you that you have a separate folder for the cooperated music and the normal music. I have two folders for this, and in the Deunan Compu righted music, the ones I can use, I classify them by artists and how to find this artists. It's very easy now. I've set up actually created the list for for some of my friends to to be able to find copyright for music, a new troop. There is many artists that are that give them like that that able you to use their music in your videos. So I've set a policed off some of the best and my my favorites. I'm gonna share this list with you. There's many ways to find good music's that's free from copyright. One of the most effective, actually, is YouTube Search on YouTube. You can search videos if you, if you look for example, can look for epic music. You type epic music in the in the search bar, and it's gonna bring you everything that epic, but you want when you want to look for the stuff that's free from copyrights in the filters you click here Futures Creative Commons. Creative Commons means you can use it in new video and a negative able to monetize. And even here there's some great great music's off course. You're gonna find sometimes lower quality music because because it's simply free from copyright you're not gonna find. Find the big artist there. But you're gonna find a lot of independent artists that are doing a great music sometimes. And you can use all this music's in your videos. I used a lot of both six musics, a lot of HeLa wreckage document any enrich. This guy's doing amazing content, and all of this is free from copyright should always, of course, give credits in your videos. At the end, you put the small text when you give credits to say which, which is the artist, which is the song. It's always good because people are gonna ask you if they like it. So in the YouTube search, you can filter by creative comments and just look for the music you like. Like if you're looking for electronic music, if you're looking for epic music and just filter by creative comments and just like that, you're gonna find some amazing stuff. Usually what I do, what I when I'm playing or bruising, I open a bunch of these and I just listened to them. And if one of them sticks are or I like it, I'm gonna I'm gonna then don't know that with their YouTube downloader software, I told you this this software I open it, copy the link of the video. It is already very good, Great piano music that's free from copyright. You can don't know this with this software and then use it in your videos. I did this with so many songs and it able me to find some amazing artists are really Don't forget that. And it's an ongoing quest I'm always looking for for good music's, too to build my rub bravery because they don't like user music more than once or twice. Sometimes I do when the music is really good and when I'm using it in different ways in a different way, I do it. But most of the time I tried to have new music for my new videos. It z gonna keep keeper or just engaged, actually always curious to see what you're gonna gonna come up with next. So I'm always losing looking for Cooperate for music. The hour Here are the good tax you can use epic music, electro music, ambiance, music orchestra, music's there's there's many specialized channels you can you can. She is chicken here. I give them a small description. For example, hair wreckage. Some of it's one of my favorite artist. He has, like about 40 trucks off epic music. Bozic is also to make some epic music but bit different. Druggie marriage has amazing instrumental music. Take no access, mostly during Elektronik. But he has a lot of trucks that you can choose from. Donald Songs got Scott. But Scott Berkeley Bye bye. Copyright. All these channels are posting free from corporate music and you can use them in your videos without any problem. And I strongly suggest you to do this so you don't get flagged by YouTube. Get your you get copyright strikes or get blocked because you know it's gonna piss you off like crazy. You don't want that to happen to you. I talked this by experience, already had a copyright strike. You had to actually, and one on my vlogging. Channel 11 on my gaming channel and the one on my gaming general wasn't actually on the music. It was a restaurant for the term in L. Because I used a picture from another photographer in the time Nail and I didn't give credit. It's my fault. So I got the copyright strike and and I had the restrictions on my channel for like, six months. It was very annoying. So now I'm very cautious in the term nails but also in the room, but also in during the music's. Of course, I don't know if it's happening a friend that people get cup restaurants for the time nails , but it was very I think it was because I used a light painting picture in a gaming video for the time Nail. It wasn't very, very related, but I I like the picture, so I used it. It was a big mistake on my part. So now I'm very careful with this so you can use the or do you meet for the music websites now? Now, over this, you can have the YouTube search attractive, find independent artists, but there's also other ways you can connect directly. Go to the music websites for example, YouTube has a huge order library that's getting better and better honesty. Before, it was horrible. There was only crop music in there, but now it's getting better. Where is it? In the music library. So you're going to in your crotch. If studio here African your I can't creative studio is gonna bring you here. And then in the create you can find the ODU library and you can find like you can classify it by Bashar genre. I like to go for a cinematic and you can find some really cool music out there. All of this is free from Copyright Way. You can search by name, but they're sorting. Suggest by check suggests check sorting them by by style. This is a but because usually you know, in game play, you can use this more cinematic and yet maybe classical but like the rest keep up day just but it's not. It's not very good for camping. So how do we know where the sound in this? I don't know how to lower the sound. I'm gonna put this but the audio, the YouTube regular library is getting really better and better every day. And now it's getting a really interesting option. But on top of that, I also used music website when it's called Epidemic Sound in one position music and this is because I'm partnered, partnered with the With the Freedom Network. It gives me access to these two website and some part position music met all the music's but some great music that that big company using the incident in cinema it didn't make sound. I have to look again, of course, except around Put my my stuff showed the time with freedom. And then I can Bro's their music or you can buy a subscription for them from them. So I'm looking into epidemic sounds and then I can just toe. I usually check the latest trucks and try to check the general. I thought this would do. We do lyrics. I never use it. But you condone No, the music here you can find similar to the various full option here find similar. Once you find a good music, you can click find similar and a whole bunch of other ones. So there is I don't know. I don't know what how what are the subscriptions options for this website, but the fact that I'm with the Freedom Network. It enables me to access this music. The NATO network networks. RMC ends. I'm going to talk about it later. Is like big groups off creators that give you access to content to use in your videos and help to create your videos against a small part of your monetization like that. They detect maybe 30% for 40% of your monetization and they help you build your channel. But a lot of that is a is average for me. The most important thing is that they give me access to these two music websites now it also it has helped me a lot to create a pig videos. So So I thought it was worth it for me. Position music is another website where you can find amazingly good music like very white, high quality. But not all the albums are our for our usable. You can take a subscription again, but I don't know how it is exactly how it works If you if you're not partner with freedom, for example for me since I partnered, I just have to lug in check if the music is free to use for freedom users and then don't know didn't and use it. And I have a whole folder that just from this website have a folder called Epidemic Sounds . This is the folder off all the music. I don't know. They don't this website, and I know I can use all this without any problem. And I have another folder for position music. That's all the music I don't know did on this on this website right now, the layout to have has changed, So I don't recognize this. This it wasn't like that before. E I should Logan extra tutu don't load. But this is the main ways I get my music. And then, of course, I'm always ah, meeting artist trying to find them. For example. Recently, ah, one off, one on one artist sent me his his music's. It's called shamanic tail shamanic tales, and it was only our soundcloud. He didn't put this on YouTube, and I could I could don't load it and use some parts in my videos you should always be looking for for for free music, you never know if the music is free or not. Before you tried our upload, it on YouTube. Actually, there is a way, but it's not a very, very reliable. For example, if you have a you music and in mind and want to know if it's a free to use, you can go to the creator settings in here in music policies. If you see it, you can click it and put the name off the music you want to use. For example, you want to use the music from Graham, a chick. You can see if this artist has his song if his songs are cooperated on it, and here you see all his songs and you can see the status of this if you can. When it does here, you cannot monetize your video if you put music's from dramatic, so it gives you an idea off off which artist you can monetize or not. But honestly, I don't use this offend because they don't have all the artists here. There's many artists that are independent that are not that are not in this in this search bar. Sometimes you're gonna look for an artist, you know you're not gonna find it, and you're not gonna find if you can use it or not. The only way is to do a test. I'm gonna show this, sir. Later. So try Keep trying all kinds. Try. If you're not sure if your music is cooperated or not, you can try. For example, you found the music you like. Let's say you have found this music. You want to know if it's copyrighted or not With this kind of artist is very easy because you can hear see the license, its creative comments. But sometimes it doesn't say. For example, this is the soundtrack of those X Don't know if this musical is cooperated on No. Here in the license, it says nothing. So you have to try. So what I do is I don't know this music with the software. I don't know this. It's already don't know that one sits. Don't know that I upload a small part of this music with I opened my editing software. I bring the music in my editing software. Yeah, I select I select the music I want I'm gonna test if I want to see if this music is cooperated. I can I can render a small video like, for example, in in 7 27 21 bus very low. I'm going to render this since it's so It's a very simple file. You have to you have to approach at least one or two minutes and it's good. And then you're gonna approach this to YouTube. And YouTube is going to tell you if if if you can use this Arnott So, for example, I'm rendering this part of the video. So I rendered this file and then I'm gonna go to upload, upload, video upload. I'm gonna I'm gonna implode the this this video that they're just rendered with the part of the music I'm interested in. So since it's very light, it's going to upload very fast. This is just this test, so you should put it on private. Put this on private so nobody knows what you're doing. You don't want to embarrass yourself, are just trigger trigger the YouTube stuff. Just put it in private, and it's going to allow you to just keep this for yourself and and know what you should do with it. So so many parts of digits that are free to use. But you don't know that before trying it. For example, I discovered an Amazing, an amazing artist called Nirvana recently, and his Albert full album asked. The universe is amazing and I love the music summer that I that I put them in my videos and to my surprise, it was free from copyright. Actually, I didn't care at all if it was cooperated or not. I really wanted to use this music in my videos, and I tried and I didn't have any cooperator problems. I could use this this music and and monetize my videos. I just gave credit like like I always did. And I had amazing amazing music for my for my videos, and I still have some music that I'm going to use. This album is just amazing, one of my favorite ever, and here in the license, you don't know, I actually, it was it was written here, but I didn't knew that, Actually, maybe they added it to recently, but I didn't know it was creative comment. I just tried this music. I love this so much on the and to my surprise I had I didn't have any problem, so you can find many digits sets that are free to use or sometimes parts of DJs. It's once I use the judges. It from Solomon Solo Moon I I'm not sure which one I use exactly. But once I used the one part of the music and I didn't have any problem. And the second time I used, I used the clip. And the second time I used another part of the music and I had a copyright problem. So you should always be trying this thing. This part of the judges, it is called cocaine, set by saloon. I found this this music on YouTube and I really found it. I really love it Thinks music has been removed. Do you think he's not working anymore? It on the way. So sometimes parts of DJs that are free to use some other parts are not free to use. And the only way for you is to test. So I've uploaded my foul. I put it in private, safe changes, and I'm going to see if you tube tells me something. It's being saved. I'm gonna go in my in my video manager. My interest is so slow. So yes, in my video manager here, I see. I have no problem. I can monetize the video. If this means if this video was things part of the music was cooperated, I'll have get. I would have got, Ah, message here like include copyrighted content and I'll not be able to two minute as this video. So sometimes I do test. I have put videos to see if it's cooperated. And if it's not that I I continue using this stuff in a carry on. So keep trying. One tip I have is to check the video game soundtracks. Many of them are amazing in a lot of time. They're free to use, for example, crisis to ah original soundtrack do sex Original strap Sound Truck is amazing human revolution and the other one, the Witcher soundtrack, is free to use Team Fortress two music and the team forces to sound are free to use. Just keep trying and you're gonna you're gonna find some amazing content that's free to use . I also use the part of the set Mikolaj our best set. I used one part of the set in my one of my videos and I didn't have any problem. So I keep trying and and, uh, when I find a good music, that's free to use. I, of course, put it in in the right folder, so I can ah, can I know I can use it and then share it and and use other parts or use it in other ways. So it's a big part off doing videos is looking for music for your videos. If you like to do montages and follow how to know if you can use the music and video? Like I told you, you import a small part in Vegas, you render it. Once it's rendered, you upload it to YouTube, so you upload it to YouTube, and then he's gonna tell you if it's cooperated or not. What? This is how you know if you can use cooperated music in your videos. I wanted to do a chapter just just about that, because it's ah, it's a very important that that you find good music for videos and you don't use the same music over and over. For example, sometimes on South Cloud you confined amazing artists that are not on YouTube. They're not, they're not anywhere else. They're doing amazing content, and sometimes you can don't know, do video directly. For example, if you found an artist. Sometimes in the music you have an option to download. Sometimes, for example, some artists have the option to don't know their music. And if it's don't notable, usually it's a free from cooperate, but it's not sure you should always try. So you can also look for artists on Soundcloud. There's amazing music here. I spend a lot of time on our off time on Soundcloud. So this is how I found ah found my music's. There is a lot, lot of a lot of them. All right, I'm gonna share. We do this list off my favorite cooperate free music links, so and I'm gonna keep building it. So So you profit from this, and you can see already here in my music folder all these artists, you can find them again on YouTube. Most of them are free. Their music is free. All right, Well, uh, she and the next lesson guys, I took 20. Bonus 0 2 Pro Editing Tips and Tricks: Hey, what's up? Welcome to the next Listen, This one is to give you some editing tips that they use a lot. I love the guys. This is my favorite and thinks after by far. So we're gonna do a case study. I edited the video if you were a few years ago. If it is ago, it's close called Run. And I'm gonna show you the effect I use the most often and the ones I think that are the most useful. So the project looks like that usually. So here is the full project. This is from here to here. It's a six minute video. It's a montage. That's very simple. This only clips, video clips and the music and they're in the game sound. There is no commentary. There is no quote. Courts are are integrated with the achievement. So I'm gonna show you, do the stuff I use the most. The editing. So the anything is mostly the art of transitioning clips. You should have nice transitions. And the way to do that is to transition with the. The one I use the most is transition of overlapping soundtracks. This is why you see that most of my clips are one on top of each other. They're not next to each other. Each time. One clip is transitioning to another. I'm during a transition by overlapping the soundtracks. Here's to concede the sound truck. Second, see, so you can see that my death is synchronized with A with this beat right here and right there do. And right then there is a cut transition, and the transition is smooth. Her thanks to the sound. Let's see how it is. We don't the transition with the sound if it's just a good it started already by shooting the enemies, and it doesn't sound as smooth. So I like to have this transition sound to industry almost at each clip. Now I use this very often. For example, here it's it's very obvious you're gonna see fire up and any transitions to another clip. Let's see, without it without it without, it is extremely harsh. It doesn't sound very good, so I like to have this transition with sound over and I do this. I know I'm at almost each clip treachery transition with the sound because it's a simple to do, and it's a very natural this is so so you can have a coherent sound. One less example of what, Right here, Americans. It makes a big difference because right at the prison shin the woman is taken. Keep it up. And if it was cut, if this recession was harsh, like that sentence, keep it up, get cut off. So I like to have the strangest selected, and you can make it a bigger or are shorter. It depends. This is why make it so. I just finish this sentence. At least one say they keep it up. 64 All right, so this is a transition by overlapping, overlapping clips. You can use the transition with music. This is the most common one and well known. Each time you have a music, you can transition each time there is a bit. Or there is a big change in music. For example, here there's a big bit. There's a big drop in the right at this moment, and it it looks like the music is starting again like it's a new story beginning, and you can make it synchronized with the new clip cars started. This'd one of the most populist traditions that you should always do. 20. Transition your clips with the music Harry concede it's not exactly transition at the bit on the bit here. I said it instead to transition to, to use this big data to synchronize that that that that that that with the firing off my weapon So the transition is on a week on a low spot and then detector that is synchronized . And when did that start? This is where they could do. Do text appears so So this is how to transition with music Here again, it's not exactly on the beach, but I I synchronize the beat on my death and started with the in transition. Instead, we do. We do sound fade but overlapping soundtracks. So this is the transition with music. When the music starts or ends, you can construct another kid, for example. Hear the music and and I started under the clip where where it's interesting to hear becomes because I'm love thing because the gym killed this guy. So this is the transition with music you can you can have a huge amount of variety in the strangest in our transition. Almost everything with the music, the appearing of text disappearing of text. For example. The first, the first todo how the music appear. The title appears. When we're start, we're hearing distorted stuff that that that that the disappearing to it. So we detect a visitor that same here. There's a stranger showed the music When the text appears, it appears with the music that data Same thing when it disabused here e, I tried to window When the violence are starting in the music, it's this part. I lower the game sound so we can get against the suppression of focus. And since I'm taking damage at the same time, it makes it like the danger starts. So for this moment, I lowered the game sound. If I have left it like that, you would not to notice the different in the music asthma, So I lured it. Liberty may get lowered even more so. These are the transition with music. This is something you should use and abuse next. The transition with movement. You should out by the way, it should stuck this transition. You can have a transition but developing soundtrack with music movement and commentary at the same time you should do. You should try to stack them up to have the best transition ever. So transition with movement This one is when the two clips one people, one clip go from another one. Sometimes it's a good way to transition with the movement. For example, here I'm standing still looking at the same place, and the transition group is here. I'm going forward. So here I'm standing still. And here, going forward. This is like a contrast that makes the transition work. Well, I'm gonna show you an example. For example, here, same thing I'm standing still and the right to the next clip I'm going forward jumping way . So here, an example of transition with movement I'm going for I'm going a address roadkill ton of enemies and I'm falling back. And instead of showing the rest of the Clipper, I'm just turning, turning back. I'm transitioning to do a little forward with the clip and the transition is with movement . I'm going one way on the on one clip and the other way on the second clip and this is interesting music. This is how you synchronized with movement. So it's a very small city. Here's another transition would movement. I'm dying So I'm standing still, looking up it right at the next sleep. I'm going forward. So here I'm standing still here. I don't move my mom's, but im going forward. So this is a contrast in movement. Stand there. Still running forward E. I tried to stop this this transition with each other. There is an overlapping soundtrack. There's a transition with the music and at the same time transition movement. So try to stack this transition to have them well. You can also transition with commentary for in this video there is no commentary, but for example, if you're if you're if you're in your comment or you start a new sentence, you can make it start with another clip. Here, for example, there is achievements playing and right at the end of this clip. The guy is saying danger close, and the next clip is called Danger Close, and I'm very close to the enemies. So this is our transition with commentary here. Transition with commentary by making the last clip talk about the beginning of the next clip. Think so. This is how a transition my clips, I try to use very simple transitions usually usually cuts here in this video, there is no face, but sometimes I you I do face very, very, very fast ones. I mostly do it with the text. Instead of letting the text disappear, I tried to get them out. Sometimes I use fades under on the clips, but it's not always necessary. It's mostly on the 1st 1 Usually the 1st 1 is fading in you can use. This fades when, when the stories continuing, for example, cut a clip and make it start a little later, you can. You can have a fate to showcase like that. The story's going forward thing, right? This was the case study of this montage, so I really noticed that the simple effects work work, the best the simple effects are done are when the music is well synchronized. We do. We do video. A long time ago, I used to do a lot of effects visual effects, for example, this flash effect on British anything that both This is a video I did very long time ago, almost 12 years ago on it was, I think, this fresh effect zooming in black and white because the game was much less interesting. Way was some parts were heavily, heavily edited. Would you do with defects for example, this effect it zoom in and the flush at the same time? Flash synchronize e used to do a lot of effects like that's And I think these are the most powerful. It's a simple effect on biggest. I'm gonna show you, for example, when there is a big, big bit for something here whom I'm gonna I'm gonna have a flush effect at the beginning. So I'm gonna cut the beginning where it's gonna flush. So in this part, I'm gonna make it fresh at the beginning So I'm gonna click this effort, effect button, go to sunny brightness and contrast Okay? And I'm gonna animate the brightness is I'm gonna click this key animate at the beginning. It's going to start at, like, maybe 40 and then the next key is gonna go dropped down to zero. So it from 40 to 0 and you're gonna see the effect Big, flashy things like that. And you can combine this, for example, we do we depend any forget, for example, a big zoom in at the beginning. It zooms in, it's zoomed in and then it zoomed out so it starts them then and it's finished them doubt. It's actually nice, thin effect like that to emphasize, like the to follow even more than music. I'm gonna make it a bit slower so we can have many effects like that. And I think the most the best while are the simple war. Like a simple flash synchronized with the music. Ah, zoom in Orem. How does he simple were simple FX work. But I don't say that this is This is this is a great video. I did this mostly it was experimental, but the most the most. The best effects are those that follow the beat of the music that followed the story. So flash to emphasize a bit. I'm gonna try again. For example, when you can synchronize this flashes we do with the music. For example A With this beat of the music, I'm gonna other flash. Maybe to emphasize the fact that I planted to see for right in front of him. So the beauty is that beam the meat, the bitches right here and placing a marker. I'm gonna cut this part to other flushing it. I'm gonna have the unwritten good at Sony. Brightness and contrast animate. I've been effect at the beginning. It said So 36. Then go back to zero. Let's see how it is Waken emphasize moments of Maybe this one is a fading finical too fast on. You can combine this Maybe with the slow motion you can do so many effects. For example, if you slow motion this part and at the flash, you can have many effects. Of course you should do. You should move all the rest with this button photo ripple and again when I do slow motion . I tried to cut the sound because the sound is distorted. Try to follow the music with the effects were doing so. The flash to emphasize a bit black and white when it's when it's the end, are doing the slow motion or you want to show like it's a long time ago. If you want to speed more than nine X, I'm gonna show you how to do this. You can you can. For example, we're gonna, for example, what they used to do to go far to fast forward The clip I just control Click on the Edge. I'm going to give it a Tory pool. I'd just click on the way. But maybe you want to go even faster than that. You can go right click insert of illicit in remove envelope velocity. And with this velocity, you can go even faster than three X. You can go to nine X So we did. You can also add keys. This velocity envelope you have up to 3300% and the clip goes much on a really cool thing about this envelope is that you can add keys in on this and this stuff so you can go from my 100% so you can go backwards like a and all this in the same with the same clip could be a very cool thing. Only downside when you use the service envelope is that the sound is completely screwed up . When you use this velocity envelope, the sound doesn't follow. So here it goes backwards and then sounds doesn't follow. This is why Sometimes I I try to use this control click because the sound follows When you do control click. The sound follows, but when you do velocity envelope, the sound doesn't. So you have to choose what you want to do if you have. If you use this and velocity envelope, watch out for the sound. Maybe just cut it, Theo. Simple effects that worked the best. In my opinion, you can You can have a combination of them working together with the transition to make, to make a great montage. And you don't have to go to after effects and special stuff at explosions. You can You can use what you already have used again play and enhance it with the music and the and the effects. All right, This was the case study. It was since I did this video recently. It was fresh on my mind so we can see that the name of the project is L. A m. At the beginning and intervene you in the name of the project. I just imported my my life to sort ambushers clips in this and started editing. And at the end, it was called Run 12. All right, so, guys, this was some of you keeps going. Let's listen 21. How to Create a Channel and Make It Look Good: Welcome to the next lesson. I'm in love with this music. Just find it out, thanks to the recent lesson and I already put it in my playlist. Actually, I have also placed on your trip Congressional. Right now I have a favorite music playlist or of so many playlists right now. But this is a part of the lesson Focuses full favorite musics. So So people can easily find what I like the best in musics. This one is really big. Just be great for a montage for action. A video. This is cool. So anyway, gets to this lesson is how to make your channel look good. So So it attracts people and make people wanna bro's want to know you more. So we should craft an art that looks like you. For example, here is the banner off my channel. This is my main channel mucus and I've changed banner many times. The most important is this banner and how you set up your playlist. There's many ways to set up this playlist. I'm gonna emigrate. Talk about it, talk about about this. So try to make a channel that looks like really you. So there is no, no other people like you, so you should have an identity for your stuff. You're not forced to create your own your own art. You can make very simple art from, for example, my my name mucus just Mukasi, Britain, with certain front that I found it's called much without anyone can do this, but I really thought that it looked good with we do with the M, and I did an outline on photo shop and that's it. This is a This is my my banner. Like it. It's very simple, but nowhere. I tried to keep this this style like, for example, the F b s a certain front that I now use in almost all my videos. It's the Babe US front. It's very bulky phone front and combined with that, to contrast, I use another phone that's called Christina. That's a little Borrell, and it looks like a hand written, and this makes the style off my off my my channel. We can have many styles for different channels. For example, my other channel, called the In Change, achieve its more mostly about team play, so the banner is different and the do determine ales are are a bit different. The often showcase Team A team working to it together. So this is the feel I want to give to this channel. There is many channels, for example, this one's about learning. So the banner is people like they're they're attending to a conference on the term nails. It's mostly you see people in front of Mike's talking, so there's You should have your own style, truth, your colors, truth your name. Try to have it easy to remember. For people I see often, people like choosing very weird names like a shadow gaming like it's a very, very, very round them. You should have something that really that's unique, and that's easy for people to find. Like a rail is very easy to find. Level cap is very easy to find Jack frogs easy to find, so try to have a name that's easy to find. Easy to types for people toe. Find you if they need. And once you have set up your art, try to have a certain continuities in your art. For example, In my term, nails always use the same the same phones, and I great all this in photo shop, although you can, you can also create this on camera, for example. This is the Photoshopped filed for my for my banner, and I said then it looks like this. So here is the banner. Here is what it looks On photo shop. I have a template and decides the image size it's in. Big sells its 25 60 pixels in the 14 40. This is an average is the average size for the freedom for the banners that YouTube asks you. And this only this bar here in the middle that's gonna be that's going to appear in the in the search in desktops, actually, and even an even smaller part of that is going to appear on mobile. So mine is optimized on this stuff because I know most of my agents watchman this stop. So it's optimized like that in here. I have links to my official website to my twitter, my instagram, so it can make people want to know you more if you have a consistent style. So the banner tried to have the best resolution. This is what I just took you and the bio. You you should should have a small biotech to talk a little about you, for example. Hi there. I'm selling from Marrakech. People coming mucus online. I love to make a pick videos with intense again play and try to have a few legs for people to know you, for example, Here of the Twitter instead, exit the rock in here. I have links to do to the equipment I use. For example, my mouse, my keyboard, etcetera. And these are affiliate links. I'll talk about this later, so try to have a consistent style that also gonna appear in your term nails how to make them nails. I'm gonna talk about this, huh? So how to make good damn nails? I should always try to together art for you from your father game, for example. In my maybe do them I'm always gathering art. This is not for me. I just I just to download this from Reddit. And it's really I don't know what I'm gonna do it, but I'm keeping this images with the name I rename it like plan said to art spey T tr girl and the here There's another one that Ah, it's a reference from a movie. I forget the name. It's a great movie, so but when Sometimes I'm doing screen shots myself, and to do that is very simple. I just opened my gameplay. I I opened a foul. I'm gonna bring its India decide. So I bring a foul on. For example, I'm gonna try to find a good a good place to a good place for them now, sometimes you can do this with which felt that we know you. Why you can disable to you in the game to only leave the game play you can remove. For example, You can remove the Dominion up that stop top bottom, but I'm left and the stuff. But I'm right. And from there it just opened the file and take a big screen shot. This is often what I do. I take a screen Shafter off, often image alike, and I save it and usually goes directly in my strikers. It's my image, them folder. This is how you get a nice screen shots from the game. It's better to use it under to do it on the recordings. Sometimes you can also do it in game, but it's ah ah find that sits less effective because you cannot choose exactly when when you're when you went to your term nail. So at least in the recordings, you can choose exactly when you want the screenshot and just go full screen and then print , screen, take, take the whole screen. It's very simple like that. Once it's in my my sound dump, my file is right there. I imported into, Into and to photo shop have, ah template folder for all my terminals. I just reinstalled with those who have Ah, phone's missing. So I have a big big folder with on my term nails. And here this is right there that I dumped my file. I put it right there. There is stuff above, so we're not going to see it now It's here. Then I resize it to feel all the screen, and then you can add some text Presti text. Try to have a bulky text to really contrasting with the image. And like that, you can have ah, very, very simple but nice time nails. If you had the little punched punchline in your above your image, the step above that is me doing shootings in game. I invite my friends in game and I take special images off them like disposing with their special are more special weapon. And then I can from the record old older video using I named this stuff No u y in my in my ear again. Play. No, you what it means when I'm recording the game and I removed to you. Why? Because it's cinematographic or something. For example, here there's a big reserve and at some point I'm gonna disability you white and these these kind of images are very nice to take it to take to do 10 nails from from here I just screen shot this take it record And then I could gently important in my in my photo shop to to do my time nail and you put it below the text so you can see it. And the baby it's in every do like this is about air, and you should watch out for the bottom right corner. Be because this is where the time of the video is gonna appear. But I'm right corner and the bottom the bottom bottom there is a line that's gonna appear so usually when you do your turn. Um, oops. When you when you do it, I don't know what they just did. I just tend to everything Control be so yet when you do it thumbnails. Try to watch out for this part at the bottom right corner because this is where the because where the time of the video is gonna appear so usually like the bottom and the top is gonna begin. He's gonna get a beaten by a YouTube. So we try to focus on the under center and watch out for the bottom right corner. This is how you're doing term now. You had simple text. If you want, you can add your logo. I've been doing this for a long time. I set up my my logo and I was putting it in all the time nails. But I stopped doing this because it I didn't find it, that it was making a big difference. I just uh um, my style was already in the text. So this is how I Oh, I'm doing my time nails. And now I have a folder just just for that big time near a big folder that's called Thumbnails, where I put all my terminal tastes. Sometimes I do say, Follow several tests and I compare them here in the browsing it it can. She and you can see much better. Which one is the best? And then I choose the best. So I often do several variations off the same time nail. And at the end, that was the best. And you can see that the terminals that works the best are the ones with the simple I d like. You see a soldier with his weapon, and you understand that is gonna be about the weapon. It's always it's You should be very cautious. We text on the term nails because it gets very small, so it's very hard for people to read. But if you have a big, bulky text with only one or two words, it's OK. But if you can go around, it sometimes are really found that that sometimes it's better to go without text are just with a very simple information to make the terminals really a painting and make them simple to understand that they should. They should talk. This would give a hint about what's in the video, and you can be very creative with it. I see the most biggest mistake I see from people doing them nails is that they use too much text and they don't take screenshots from with shootings. Just just take a screenshot from their game play. It's always metre better when you when you shoot things with your friends. For example, this this time nail. I did it with my friends. I gather damn in a in a in a place and put the high due to my game in high graphics. And then I took this video like that, and from that I took a screenshot and then at them nail. So this is how this is how you have your own style. It's ah is very important for people to find you. So So try to have your own style and try to make nice time nails is gonna make a huge difference in if your videos are gonna be discovered are not so we try to make your channel a content library. There should be a lot of stuff a lot off placed, for example. Now I'm creating places for all the kinds of videos I do like. There is a Serie that's called heavy damage. There is there is a place. It is just for this kind of videos. There is Blade is called epic moments of gaming that's pretty broad. It's a broad term because you have limited a limited playlist here. You cannot put all of them can only put like at all we can put. Yeah, I are strongly suggest, like having the upload placed. So people see there's activity on your honor channel. The conduct li See what you have been doing recently and then try to alternate between horizontal and vertical playlists. You can customize it with YouTube well, so I've been creating playlist for all the cancer. If you do have been doing so places for commentaries. Plays for funny moments. Plays for three D animations, dance videos, a place for for vlogs When I'm doing commentary toe. Explain what's been going on, and I also created a playlist with my most popular uploads, but I put it at the bottom to see two to tell people what what what have been the most watched? It's ah must be elected to know which which are which which we those are the most watched and then I have in last placed. That's with only videos that I elect. It's not videos that I have done myself. It's videos that I like. So each time Ambrose ing on YouTube and I see every day Oh, I really like I just like it and it gets into this playlist. You just have to click this button. Or then if you want to share it sometimes very good. I put it in my favorites. So I tried to create a content library so people can Bro's my playlist and find a lot of content content from me content not from me, but it's always gonna be related. So it's really important that you make your your your channel a content library, for example, on the N. C. A V channel, there's our videos, the individuals that made my by team. But there is also a hero playlist that's only about the best videos of plants I to the best videos off this game prices to my favorite game, and then you can have playlists from Cross Cross Cross Cross Channel. Since I have several channels, I can put the playlist from one channel on another channel. This is various full, so use playlist and try to make them look good. I like to alternate between horizontal and vertical playlist, so it's not too monotonous. For example, Jack Frogs has as a very nice channel. But one thing that's not cool is that there is only horizontal playlist, and it's got to be a bit boring. Same something here, but bit different. I like to completely art in a between a horizontal and vertical, and I think it looks very good for YouTube channels. So this is how your you make your channel look good. The playlist I have, it's Ah, you should have ladies for all your Siri's try to make Broad placed with Like all Bryant said, two videos all Battlefield three videos and then have the playlist. Which stuff that's not related. The director to you, like your favorite musics, the videos You like your favorite videos, and this can help people know you more even even without you posting content. This is how you create a content library, for example, In my legs videos. There's not thousands thousands of videos, and if people check this, they're gonna they're gonna know me much more, so give them this opportunity. It's free for you to great display list, and it's gonna make your channel more interesting for free. All right, this was how to create a channel and make it look good. You in the next lesson. 22. Bonus 0 6 Strategic Growth Tips: Oh, guys, welcome to next lesson. So this one is about growth. Steps should have a rotation of video people on their tools to try to surprise your audience each time, to try to get them something new. So I like to have a rotation of video, and what I mean by that is a basic say cycle, something that I really like that you have a Corvette, viral and lifestyle. What I mean by that Corbett is what you like to do is anything for me. It's montages, for example. It's for me. A Corbett is This guy is a run or retreat. Hell for me, disk or video and the viral. It's something that could be go viral in your community, typically, like for Brian to how to earn easy Search in 18 4019 0 R. How to bone your adversary like how to how to fuck everyone and don't not die Something like that. Something that could tow go viral if it's really if it really works, are like how to dominate with shotguns and last in the cycle. His lifestyle is something to keep people to make people know you any kind of luck. For example, I did look for when I hit 50 50 cents of diapers. I did another one when I said I was building my company. So try to have a rotation of this. If you do only core video, your core video, it's gonna appeal to some people. People are gonna like it, etcetera. But you're not gonna be able to reach the other people that are not really in this style of video. So you can have viral videos, a repetition of viral videos. But do do What you should watch out for is that if you do only viral videos, it's not. You may burnout may have. You're gonna get more views, etcetera, but you're gonna burn out. But it's not exactly the videos you like to do is not your core videos. If your core videos is a kind of video that always go viral, then good for you. But usually people like to do something different that that's only specific to them and a few group of people. So I like to have this kind of rotation of you doing This was suggested by Tyler Pez, and I think it's a great idea and I've been implementing it since. I don't do paid at all of this is the organic. So I think it's a good way to keep to get people to keep the people discovering your channel by doing by keeping doing stuff that could go viral for typically. For me, this kind of stuff is harems. Deep in planets. I, too, like I try to mix Ah, Lord of the Rings and Planets I two in one video. And maybe this can go viral because this can reach a lot of people. I did those things very similar recently with the Boba Fett. It's called Boba Fett in Planet Side to because it can reach all the people playing Star Wars. So added the bow buffet voice in a plan said to video killing people with bounties. So try to have this kind of stuff, like a rotation of video that keep people on their toes Honestly, Now I like to do Mark or videos. I do Mork or videos than anything else because I'm just having fun. I don't care about getting more subscribers, O. R or not. I just like to have fun. But if you want to grow your channel at the beginning, You should do, Ah, a rotation of redo or like to viral video and one cor video and one lifestyle just to have them rotate. So you keep people discovering your channel. This is the purpose of the cycle, so you don't burn out. If you only do viral, we're gonna burn out. If you do know lifestyle, people are going to start to not care. So you should have ah, rotation. And I wanted to talk about a pro defaults, something I used in Normally it's on YouTube. You can set up a protea falls for your video, for example, each video. Each of my video has a very similar description. I'm gonna show you the description like it's always very similar up parting from this like there's always the music links, and there's always this a distinct to join my outfit to set this up approach. He folds. So you go to your creator Studio Critter studio and then go to channel, then to channel. I gonna check upload defaults here and here in the patisserie can have default descriptions . So I said that my default descriptions of each time upload a video is gonna appear in description, and then I just have to fill in the gaps. I put your name to the music, the link to the music. Sometimes I change stuff. I had the description. On top of that, you really start typing prescription here. So this is how you set up upload. Default is gonna make you win a lot of time and make you and make you win a long game. Because you can also set up dog defaults. So have a lot of beautiful, even if they're not related to my game, have a very generous tax defaults and then individual at those that are specific to the video. So this set up a beautiful, have a title. That's a template, but I like to leave it blank, and but the description is very important. So I have defaults for this. Use your ever know to feel description when you were uploading a video, you can use your note you know jihad. Do not use to make your video. You can use it in description. Just maybe copy paste center parts, and it's going to make your description much better just just by using what you already have. So you should also try to have a public name if you want to grow faster. It's much easier if you have a public names. We have a character that's the same in your in game and on the on YouTube and on the social media on Instagram on Facebook, etcetera. So it's easier for for you to for people to identify you use the proximity chat in the game if if there is one in price that you there is a nice Prock strata that I use offenders extremely useful. So I often use it to organize my squad. Even have, ah, attack gold Brooks. It means where when? Ah approx chat when we're when the brooks it is going nuts. Let's see this one. It's a 5 14 going in the room, so I'm going to make people hold the room, got 42nd step and I'm encouraging them to do with books. So you broke starting game forties against the whole guys. 40 seconds to hold on airport. We can do this more. Guys don't get over well, fall back on a point. Get like 30 against, to hold in the room and at the same time you're having fun. So I think it's a good way to reach more people because a lot of people are not gonna check you Troop. They don't even know what's going on on YouTube rated or anything. They just find the player that's in game. That's very loud. And maybe then when they see this name somewhere else, they gonna gonna identify too much easier. So this is what I mean by having a public name and have it the same and all the media. All right, this is what it is in the next. Listen, guys, who and save the baby? 23. Bonus 0 4 Amazing Free ressources & Tools: guys, What's up? Welcome to the next course is when I couldn't e wasn't recommending all these discourses that have changed my life and that that can really help you, I'm sure. So I talked about some YouTube channels that can really help you grow your child, grow your stuff like just by watching the best you can learn sauce. Also much amid a little selection here, Nick, Nick, Nick name in is talking about growing your YouTube channel and is doing a big playlist on all the real challenge that you trippers have to have to face and how to overcome them. So I really suggest this guy. Video creators is a bit similar, but he's talking more about the technical side a few tube like how, exactly the algorithm works, how you can take advantage of them. And he's interviewing a lot off creators to ask them how they have the good They've been so successful. Roberto Black is a bit similar, but he is also a gamer so he can can talk more about the gaming side. And I think he's way of talking is very interesting, and you can learn a lot just sorry by watching is content is doing very good time Nails is his contact is a very high quality, and I think I can learn a lot from him. I really like Toto Tech because you can learn a lot about how simple things work like this is him who gave me the idea of using Evernote and using Google Drive. And although the tools that that you have available for you and that some people don't even know so I think it is a great channel, it's an old guy from Canada. I love this guy. I like his intro. So off course level Cup is one of the best to you trip gamers you to boot you to YouTube channels about gaming. He really succeeded in this because he he kept working hard like he's very consistent in his upload schedule. And he's doing a very good work, like creating different Siri's bendable Siri's taking the feedback. Playing with other people doing collaborations is for me one of the best examples offer you first successful YouTube channel already I think is amazing to to get in Spartan. Just by watching these videos, you can have in ideas on what music's to use you can use because he's using, like either licensed music or cooperate for music. And he's content is amazing. Like you can learn a lot about YouTube gaming just by watching thready. He also have the advantage of being very good in game and and being able to do three D animations for his Mount edges. So I think he has a lot going for him, and I think you can learn a lot just by watching this guy threat you. Some of my favorite montages are from him. My favorite montage of him is full metal three and for Mitchell to I love them. So Casey Neistat is a very famous vlogger, and I think you can learn a lot by by making stories because he makes all his rugs a little story and you can learn so much just by watching him watching his flocks and how he aged stuff, how we edited videos, how he tells his stories. Sometimes he can make a very interesting video from a very simple stuff that happened in his life. Out of luck, he's great. This guy is amazing, so I can learn a lot from him. I also like rail ism gaming. Youtuber, who was posting plans, had to content and one of the Siri's. I really suggested the YouTube creator Serry, where he talks about creating how to create videos for for content creators. You ho to you too proper. You took proper Siri's. You can. You can find a lot of value in this in this ery so I couldn't not talk about him. Carry, smile on Command is an amazing Channel two to improve your your elocution, your charisma, your retort processes. Some of his videos are amazing. Is breaking down the the trades off some of the great the great speakers and explain what works and what doesn't work in a discussion and how to always have the upper hand when you're when you're conversing and I think it's it's a great channel with free content that's a very high value. There is different or it's more. This one is more about picking girls, but you can find a lot of value to improve your charisma to. Now I follow all these guys. Every different tour is created by this guy is call. His name is Tyler or Owen, and he has a whole team I like everybody, Max. I like arrested medicine and he is putting very longer long videos on how he went from from an autistic guy to a very, ah Pimpernel. He's a big pimp. So it's a very interesting to know his story. And he's very good at the has an amazing elocution. Incan here his hear him speak for hours. This is what I did. And it has changed my life. So really recommend this guy. I also had a huge impact in my life in my and my style. Exeter, I addressed much better. Now, thanks to Alfa, I'm is giving all the style hacks that that you're gonna need as a man. This can help your caress man also help your social life. This is like this has helped me a huge amount. So I really like this guys we do. And it was really funny. So thanks to this guy, I improved my style like crazy. And it has it has impacted my life. I can see it like every day. Next, Gary V is an amazing speaker. That's always motivation motivating entrepreneurs to do what they would. They like to do what they do best. and he has a huge amount of free content online that that's very inspiring and very helpful . I really suggest you checking this guy. Just listening to him is like very much of a think you want to conquer the world after you heard some Gary V talks. So I really suggest this guy. They Lopez is more about the business. Think and the knowledge think this guy's gathering knowledge and distributing it and in French Village arising like he's making the knowledge accessible to everyone. And I think it's very interesting. It is, really. He has really changed my business life. It's It's been a huge, huge, much change in my life since I discard discovered this guy and I follow are almost all of what he does. I got some of the courses, I got some K paid courses, and I don't regret them. They're amazing. So for me, this guy is one of the most influential in this in this time. So thanks day. Lopez Grant Cardone is also very inspiring to hear he's talking more about the business side of things, the money side of things, real estate. It gets really out of gaming, but it's really interesting to know what are the best, what the best are doing, especially those who had a very good allocation and a very good way of communicating. When you hear when you hear these guys talk, you can apply their knowledge to almost any field, gaming field or anything. You can apply their their their rules because the most mostly talk about fundamentals that make you win. And you can apply this to gaming. To Jim. Rohn for me is one of the best speakers ever. He's dead now, but I still watch some of these videos because it's so It's so so I opening, so so insightful. I even use the quotes from his videos in my MTA, just like heavy damage. Maybe that much 28 is mostly quotes from Jim Rohn. So I really suggest you checking his videos now that he's dead like it. So it's He's mostly talking about fundamentals off wealth and happiness, and it's a very simple rules that you can apply to your life and they're gonna They're gonna hugely improve it if you follow this. This This is one of the speakers that that's completely changed my life, too, and I still listen to this stuff today, so I confess my created also so accurate. It also a playlist called The Important Videos English, where I put to do the videos that help that have helped me the most on this on this challenge. Confirm O'Smach. Important videos. There is a selection off very amazingly high quality, no lunch that can change your life and the stuff that has changed mine. So now I gather the Sir videos in one playlist. You contribute, checking out all of this is free, and this is extremely high quality knowledge and content. There is stuff that's a bit weird. I've been interested in the into UFO's recently, but there is a little bit off everything in there, and I really suggest you checking this playlist that, of course, if you don't think that the that conferences you're missing out because it's a free, high quality knowledge, that's a very cutting edge. All of the recent researchers and now you are being like, uh, explained and in a very short videos, it's always less than 20 minutes, and they explain very interesting things, and you can you can learn about huge, huge amount of of things like the topics are always very varied. So I keep watching the Ted talks. Some of them are really legendary. So check the Ted talks every from a painting is this area about video making and filmmaking that it's also extremely high quality. There's only a 28 videos, but all of them are very insightful. And he's breaking down the styles off during different movie directors, for me to extremely high quality and 11 of the videos that impacted my channel the most is this one. Jackie shown How to Do Action Committee, and he's breaking down. How how Jackie Sean is doing his movies because he has action and infant and friend in these videos, and it's a welcome bind up. How does Jackie create action that is also funny. First, he gives himself a disadvantage no matter what film Jackie always starts beneath his opponents. He has no shoes. He's handcuffed. He has a bomb in his mouth. From this point, he has to fight his way back to the top thing is an amazing Siri that I really recommend and that has he usually impacted the way I do my videos because you can apply this this rules off move making in the video making in gaming videos. So I really suggest every from baiting all the episodes really like them all top generals of success by your event, Carmichael thing has an amazing channel or is breaking down the great minds of this world and why they're successful. So I think it's a very interesting to watch the top generals. I love the ones about Steve Jobs. Almost all of them are amazing. Get review. Top 50 Rules is amazing. All these videos are very eye opening, and there's even try. I didn't church, so this it's gonna be interesting. There's so many amazing content on his channel, so I really sections to check the check out this stuff. Generals, if you wanna be successful, huh? To continue under useful tools and resources, I really suggested to check different. It's an amazing website were confined phones and don't know them and install them for yourself. Tour and then you can use this front in your videos so you can you can have Ah, this can give a style to your channel. I know many many games have their own phones like for example, Field has a front you confined phones for. For the famous movies, you can find all kinds of phones that can really give ah style to her channel could also use their characters. This can be hugely interesting if you if you have to create your own art style and try to have some of the best phones, and most of these are free to use. You guys don't know them and use them, so I think it's amazing a website. So next complies a very interesting website where people ask their questions and people answer. So it's very interesting to see what are what but questions of people asking. I have it here. Configure it in French, but you can have it on your own language. And you have. You can have questions sorted by a by a team, and it's very interesting to see what kind of people are asking. Next answer to public is a hilarious website where you can see all the questions that people are asking. For example, you true the same. It's called you go on the under on the main page, and then you ask, You want to know something? For example, about gaming. You get the well, you're gonna get all the questions people are asking about gaming. So you're going to see all the questions that the people are asking in gaming, like, What can I lose in this? I'm trying to zoom it so you can see it and you can see old again. Which Gaming? Laptop? Which gaming? YouTube. Where are you when gaming his life? Like all the queens of question, Why will, what are how So you can see all the questions about gaming, and you can be very specific in the questions. For example, you can ask about two specific game. Let's see plan side. It will suggest content. Question questions that people may ask on. Apply inside 103 questions. It's planet Side to did eyes, planets, itude, Knicks books When its price I to cross platform is planted to that can plan said to PC Play with Pace, for which plan set to faction will press it to be on expects. One. Which plans such affection. What is planet side, too? And you can see all the questions that people are asking and you can answer these in your videos and it's gonna make it much easier for you to succeed because it's gonna answer to something that's already there. So So I think it's amazing. Website answer the public dot com So next Jiffy is amazing. If you want to find finish ifs that you continues, maybe in your videos on your on your website, you can just take the Lincoln. Put it somewhere. Sorry, my Internet is so slow, but Jiffy is extremely useful, and you can also career Jif there. If you upload the part of if you do it, it can become a chief uploaded there. So I think it's a It's very useful. Its various full website Jiffy. I love this chief. Okay, so the next step. Google trends. It's a very nice to see what's coming, and you conserve just through the trans bike, by country or by theme. For example, it's a gaming. You can see how much people are searching for this. Where its search, for example, eKantipur do. What's more, search for your game. It's interesting, like a pencil to server. Unavailable player count pants are too close to each client side to see what search and how much it is. It is search, so it's very interesting. Next up. Google Drive. It's a very interesting to let you have to open your Google drive. Just go to e mails, click on this button top right, and then click on Dr and it's gonna happen. This drive for you and from dairy can create files. You can create sheets. You can create slides like this one. You can create slight playing. My interest is so slow right now. It's because I'm approaching. You can create slides. You can create the documents sheets. I used this. This a lot for for my outfit. I created all the important information. I put this in this in this, um, in this driving documents and then you can share this document and keep them on the cloud somewhere. You have to 15 gigs off by 15 15 gigabytes off stuff. So it it's gonna be very interesting resource. We're working a story or stuff for free. For example, Here I only used 2.6 gigabytes on the 15 and I used it quite a lot. And I know people that use it much more likely to get organized, etcetera. So Google Drive is extra can be extremely useful to be a two body is in a dental chrome that can help you that can help you have more options on YouTube like get get him, Get tags. Suggestions Additional additional info on the videos you watch. You can get the analogies here. Oh, sorry. You can get more analytics, thanks to two Borje and the final one of horses ready to you can check out what's trending , what's working right now, and it can give you inspiration or ideas. I like to check the good the this the register, this gaming separated from time to time and it can be very funny and you see exactly what what's Ah, what's really being talked about right now. So I think it's a very issue resource to Well, this was the free resources in tools that you can use and that can really help. All right, Allison. The next lesson 24. How to Make Good Thumbnails & Descriptions: Hey, hello, guys. Welcome to the next lesson. I wanted to emphasize a bit more about the 10 10 nails because they're so important. They can really make or breaker channel. If you're if you If you do terrible Tim nails, you're gonna have a hard time getting go yourself noticed. So I really wanted to showcase to show a few tips on how to do them well, so for my scream shots, I I have a template. It's called It's called E Don't know what it's called, which is my template for all my toenails, and it always has the same size. At some point, you to bow only limited decides to 7 20 p. So it was a template with this resolution, and I was putting all my images in there and on their I already have the step, the stuff I use often ready, for example. I told you at some point have the logo off. Do the game that I was putting in the corner off the of determine L. Sometimes I'm doing thumbnails for my outfit and have again says, um, just lie beyond there is a There is some overlays that I used in the in the individuals of my my outfit. So after that I just have to add the any any gameplay and I can have my and I can have my file ready. And I just have to reveal one of the text. It's already done. It has already do right toe the right phone to the right size. I just have to change her to anything like a go, go, go. All the stuff is already set up, so I just have to import the image. And then I can just reveal the logo off my, my my outfit and the in the text. And you see, here the text is a has a small as a little effect on it. It's the shadow effect is to make it more easy to to read that you have to really imagine that is going to be is going to be very small like that. So you see that this outline makes it easier to see. So are you have my text ready in there and all the ideas I need at some point I was are also doing some squad apps. I have the youtuber faces ready in case I need them again so I can create groups. This is in photo shot, by the way. Um, I have the paid version. I pay Adobe like $11 every month and gives me access to photo shop and light room. This is so worth it. I think so. But you can do all this with the free software. Is there's one called Jim and one online called Con Va. So, of course, tried to have a separate folders for for all the for all the time nails. It's here, my knees here, it's called Romney's With Or I put all my or my art, actually and even overarching this. I forgot to say this in the beginning, but you should have a big folder with the name of your channels that we're going to put all the art that that you're using there. So have a big folder. Carl called Macau's Gaming, where I put her put images the art of my YouTube channels, the profile pictures, the banner. I put all this in this video in this in this big folder, and the most important folder is here thumbnails, and then I have other things that they don't use much for the squad is I was taking you when I when I want to give credits Sometimes I was using the profile pictures of the YouTubers. So all the art involved in my YouTube channel have it in this big folder me Because gaming And this is where the term nails are. So the image them folder is very important to have an i d off what you want to do each time you take a screenshot riveting this time nail the image dump and it's going to be named. For example, If I want to do a terminal a ballpoint side, I can just type the plain sight tag and I'm gonna find all the images of the game. And I can choose from these and but usually attract to create new. Once, I tried to invite my squad mates in game to do shootings so I can have this kind of shots. We know you. I I disable you. In most games, you can disable the head and this is how I get some of these images. I record the videos and then I takes Christians screenshots from them. You can take screenshots from the videos very easy natural again. You open a video full screen and then France screen, and then and then you can take the whole stuff and it's going to save it and your image them up. This is how I do most of my time nails, while so my big time in a folder. Of course, I told you I tried to have several several variants, and I noticed that won't work the most is like minimal text. We do. Either the big face faces work well, or there are more of a soldier or a helmet and the weapon that is being used. And just by following this, you can you can already have a great time. Nails. Try to try to have close up shots. I noticed that close up shots works were much better. I think well is doing great TEM nails for four weapon reviews because he's outlining the weapon with the nice background and the name of the weapon in a very bulky Bilkey and colored sometime, sometimes front and there's always his style. His, as he is red is red to red paintings all around the weapon that that gives him his tell. So you, for the terminators. I've did. Honestly, I can I can really see a difference in the term nails. For example, if sometimes I worked really hard on the 10 year, for example, this one Boba Fett in Prince I two i two. It took me quite a few elected time to build this. I took the image of Boba Fett, put in background image from prying side, and added this 99 bounties from the game. And I tried many, many, many differences. And it can clearly see how good this video is performing compared to the others. For example, others I didn't put as much effort on them. For example, this one has much less views. This this one the same, this one the same. So it's very interesting how your thumbnails can make a huge difference. For example, I see that people really like this, this video, and it wasn't the one I worked on the most. So it's her interesting how TEM Nails can make or break the promotion of a video. So really watch out for them. So I told you, have a terminate have a template on photo shop that I always open when I want Kirk articulated thumbnail. Watch out for the edge up and down, for example, It the top and bottom are gonna be eaten by by YouTube and especially do the bottom right corner from from the time. So watch out for that. Try to have the main idea in the video in the time Nail like if it's gonna be funny, it's gonna is gonna be a peak serious and try to ah, try to minimize the text to the maximum in the TEM nail. Try to have ah, everything said in your in your in your title, your title and the male should should work together So the titlist is talking about something and you can see this something under Tamil This usually works very well. So many mice text punchlines work well, strong words. What? I have a writing the time nails. This is very important that you don't put the same term nails for different videos. I see many people doing this. Mistake's terrible. It's very nice when you can see a virus in the terminals. They're completely different from former owner There, the color the the replacement of the text. Try to place your text where there is a vacant space, for example. I'm not gonna put this text over their faces here Survived the Texas in the bottom left corner. I tried to leave the main demand subject of the video, the main subject of the of the time. Nail clean without text on it. And if I have some space, then I can add some text here. You can say I made a mistake with the router, putting it on the on the bottom right corner and get and get a little hidden by By the time of the video, Sometimes I make I make mistakes like that. I don't pretend to do do the best time nails, but that clearly can see a big difference in the in how much video is viewed according to the TEM nail. So really, watch out for it, for it to dio. Listen just for that, because I think it's worth it. Mara Cindy, Let's listen 25. Descriptions Part 2 - Why It's so Important: Another thing I wanted to add is about the descriptions of your video. You should always have a nice description for every do and make it searchable for people. So if you have, if you have the code, you say tags in your videos, it helps people that are searching it to find it easier. So when Habitat that I got very early and I and I knew has ah impacted the dude, my success is that the fact that I was writing decent descriptions for my videos, most people just leave, leave it blank or just put the link in there. But they tried to explain why I created this video and put the links to the stuff I used individual. For example, if I use quotes here that you can find the where where it took this court's here. It's an alone on March the movie, and here it's Ah, it's a seminar by Jim Rohn, and I also put the names off all the musical musings because the music is a big part of my MTA. Just have ah section off my description. That's only for that. With the name of the music and the link to find this music's because many people ask her, What's the music? Where's the music? So I always have this in my drinks, and it's even in my upload default that I'm gonna talk about later. I also have basic links for people to join me. If you if you want to play with me, have a link to the Star Tracker. This is a software that I use when I'm playing in that creating a novel a here, triple kill and stuff. People very often ask this. Where is this coming from? Put doing to this in the in the description because many people ask this and linked to my own voice back and also the link to the stuff I using gaming. Many people ask me which what, what mouse I use what keyboard I used, what stuff I use. I put all this in the description with affiliate links this is doing to do not my my, my, my voice back. All of this is the description of the video, and this can give them. This can help people to know you more and maybe sometimes read something while the video is loading. I know that I read almost all description. Each time I watched the video, I check the description to see if it's interesting it I took this habit because my connection in Morocco is very slow, and sometimes the video wasn't loading immediately. So I was often checking what's up. What was in the description before I checked description quickly and then the comments and usually dis loads faster than the video for me sometimes. So this is why I think descriptions are really important. For example, I remember in an older video called The Sniper Montage. I forgot to the name exactly, but I did the sniper montage a long time ago, and I put the in a putting description. Ah, big description, and I put the big description in it with even the lyrics of the music that was playing. I remember empty your mind, be formless, and I even remember people people quoting the lyrics in this song from my video. So so here I was really. It was when the video was approaching. Since the video takes a long time to upload during the upload, I was writing something interesting about the video to load out amusing, etcetera and to explain a little bit about my place down. This could be interesting. If you post videos without commentary or text, you can at the more details in the description, and this can add value to your video and make it easy to search. And now I still have people. Look how they say if people talking about this video to me because they were so so it left such an impact for them, especially with the music and the lyrics like Swath or it can crash your mind before I wanted to at this point about descriptions it could be could be very important for a channel. So don't don't ever look this thing. It can help people find your video easier and add value to the people. Looking at that your video and help your channel overall. So don't overlook this. It's free to to do, even if your video if is bad, you can explain why you had a hard time doing this video in the description, and usually people are gonna be very understanding all right, you lost your way. I want to stay. You know, you're you're my sniping inspiration. I still remember that video from years back in the day with the music that goes like It's like finger pointing a way to the moon. Don't concentrate our on that finger or you will lose all that heavenly glory. Was this nothing video that was sick? I don't see anyone here anymore. It's let's move. 26. Importance of Playlists & Series: Hey, guys, welcome to next lesson. So to this lesson is about playlist are really advice that accurate, like bigger big playlist built over time off. You can do videos off any type you want, but if you can, if you do a lot of for videos in once, Harry put them in a play list. So it's easier for people to find other content off yours. I see a lot of people doing this mistake off, like just creating tons of videos, for example, Over has a lot of videos, but it's very hard to find the to to to sort them by playlists are real, like this guy's video. He has some really nice content. He has a huge amount of videos, but it's very hard to find those something you re like. Oh, are if you just want to find a certain type of video and and it really helps to have a big playlists, I really suggest that you have a one big generalised placed have one policed word. I put all my plans. I two videos, for example, have a big place where put all my vlogs and life commentaries. I have a big place where Pull all my montages, so try to have a tea least one generalised playlist. Now have a several of these and a lot of specialist players have also many of these. For example, all your mountain ridges, all your commentary, all your weapon reviews each time you make a video off one type, I think level cap is doing a great job. But this has a playlist called this weekend gaming work and easily follow what would have been happening in the gaming industry. A big plate is just for load out, so I think it's kind of it can usually improve the discoverable tee off your channel and and make people want to find more and discover more for what's happening in your channel. You should try to make it easy for them. Hopefully, you're gonna create playlists for Siri's. So it's easy for people to go for one video to another and not have to go to your if you have not have to go through your 20 seconds intro. If you have short interest who can help? People can switch easily from one video to another and keep them engaged on her channel. Great success. I loved. Okay, So have a short intro and videos in playlist, and it's gonna help your channel a lot like it. It's gonna make your content to be Jim. Bendable for content is good. People want to watch more. It's gonna be very easy for them. So I told you have a short interest so people can easily go from one to another. Try to focus your best videos in the front page if you have to. With manual sorting, I'm gonna talk about this. You can only have 10 playlist maximum under homepage. This you can only have 10 of these. I try to alternate between horizontal and vertical, so it's not too too to repetitive, so you can only have 10 of these. So try toe took us the best off your best on your front page. Of course, I like to keep the upload, the probability. Set it up so people see there's activity and then i r a directly go to my best content, even if it's not the what What was a bit of blood? It last in this display list epic moments of gaming. This is sorted manually, so this is sorted by your by date because I've been posting this December that much widows by debt. But the rest is sorted manually. So so so people can see some of the best videos in the front page, and they're all in please, so they know they can watch more if they want. I think he's usually important. If you want. I want to make your channel grow. So I really suggest this, of course, the like video playlists that can can help a lot of people to know you more. It's free. Honestly, I could put another off my off my playlist in this in here, but they trust to put my lack videos. So Okay, so people can know more about me because now there is so much videos I recommend in our reward people to see this even if it's not my content. So I put it I put all of this in my life video playlist and I also have a favorite playlist . If people want to know more, they can go in my playlist and find my favorite videos. They can find my favorite stuff like this. These are my favorite videos. My like videos. They can they can know a lot more about your channel if they just by looking at the place. So this is why I recommend, like having one big, like have a big General Spiritus called all Points that to reduce by Macca's and then and then specialized. Terry's like heavy damage frog movie, Funny moments, a peak moments update and drugs, etcetera. So it's s so it's easy for people to discover your stuff. Favorite music that'll recommended. If you want to share your music leads to someone can be useful. And now I use it in even in my, uh, in my real life. Well, so this was about the prettiest. I hope you're gonna take advantage of these guys. Don't make the mistake of having a turn off for videos that are related, but not in playlist. All right, let's see you in the next listen 27. Be Part of a Community: Hey, guys, welcome to next lesson. It's about being in the community, because if you want to be successful on your troop, you're basing usually your nish on a community, a group of people that have the same interest so it can be in a pillar in this community, so off course, always be nice and tried to be to be to be useful with the community, toe to toe add value, add value to people. So, of course, you should always answer the comments now with the Creator Studio comment sections became very easy to answer the comments on all your videos on all your content. You just go to the critic creative stuff community and then comments, and you're gonna find the all the comments. And from here, you should always at least hard to comment if you like them. It's nice and should always answer. But even something simple, even something simple, to show your appreciation because these people take time to from their day to give you to give you feedback. So it's a very valuable feedback and should try always to connect with damage possible. It's gonna get harder and harder when you get successful, because you're gonna get if you re success, we're gonna get a lot of comments every day, and it gets hard to focus on this. I really suggest that you part sometime just for the comments. Usually at the beginning, I was very destructive. That was checking the comments when when they were coming in, but a sweet time coming by. There was starting to be so many comments that I had to book this like I was. I was sometimes reserving one day in the week where was answering the most comments possible. Otherwise, I'll be I'll be very distracted to do anything else. So try to answer whenever possible, even with simple words you can create FX you with the most asked questions. If you get the question asked very often in the comment, you can make it. We do about it just toe Knorr chicken, your page in your in your weight on your website or something. So so you don't have to answer it all the time. Off course. Be yourself. You can be silly, but never be described. Districts pull disrespectful, And if there is people that are not respectful in the comments, just ignore them. You can even delayed their comments on Italy out now. I don't I don't feed the trolls. So comment on the videos you like in your community. If you watch videos from other other you tubers other content creators in your community, comment on their videos. Be nice. Give your feedback. Always say what you think but never asked like a like for people to subscribe to your channel on their under videos. It's very respectful to do that, and I've seen many people do it, so we should find your people. You have. Of course, you're gonna have a community. Your community is going to be somewhere either to have a forum or a discord. At the beginning, I was posting my videos on the juvie DuPont come forum of planets I to it. So it was a nice way to kick start my channel. There is Ah, your channel is off course, is gonna have some kind of community somewhere if they're separated or discord are. There are There are other channels that are similar to yours. You need to find this displaces and be present there and add value for people there, so answer people's questions and you condemn poster your content off course. Always we do it context. Try to put your stuff with context. Don't just delink, for example, here was posting a video on the voice cut outs. Always trust. Opposed to a short text about your video where you put this video and how it is exactly Don't pose just the link. It's gonna annoy people. People want to know what it is before we for clicking on play. So so try to propose toe to push your content with context and try to make it starts a conversation like you want to talk about something that you're passionate about and you post your video to start this conversation and to explain what you what you think more precisely. Ask for feedback politely and try to answer people toe to keep the conversation going. Of course, don't spam never just push your link like that without any context? It's very rude, actually. To put this anywhere. It's not respecting people when you're in a forum you like to do read threads that are, well, well written. And that means something. So don't don't never just post a link, you can create content for your community. For example, on my website, I started gathering all the images related to planets. I to even not mind. I was just trying to reference them to for inspiration for people who can who want to do art about it or something. I was just putting get put to get somewhere on my website. I also created in a gallery off images just to stuff I found funny, not even in my community. But maybe this can be useful for someone so tragic to create content for your community. So So you start to you start being recognized as someone who adds values in, and this is going to help promote your channel a lot. For example, in my insensitive channel, I created the playlist with videos from other people that are from In my opinion, some of the best videos imply inside. True, and I don't put my videos out. There is to be bias. It's only a playlist from other people where I try to together the best, the best best videos in my community. So this is how you add value without being without being annoying. And just by doing this, this is going to help your channel grow because the people are gonna then notice from who it was posted, and it's gonna attract people on your on your content. Provide interesting feedback and you'll be noticed like in other people's videos. You just say what you think about the video tried to be to be to be interesting. Try to be well written, tried to be short and concise, and you'll be noticed of What? This thing off sub four sub. It's so lame gig when I when I see people do this, respect yourself, respect others sub for sub like it's a very terrible practice. And when you do it, people, you're gonna people are going to start to ah, you're gonna You're gonna go lower in the esteem of people. Always be polite, respectful. You know that your words mean something. Don't don't try to offend people don't offend people so and what you're right is going to stay on YouTube forever. So try to try to write good things And of course, don't waste your time. We trolls. They're gonna be bad people that are commenting really, really nasty things, so just ignore them. Don't don't waste your time getting into into conversation with no respect. I used to do this mistake a lot where I was getting into forum conversations, trying to change people's minds. But it never works. So don't. Don't waste your time on this and try to tow. Put your time instead on your work and on an answering the people that are really respectful and that give interesting feedback. Mara. This is, Ah, this how to be part of your community. Try to trick a rent content for your community on an ongoing basis. One of the good examples in the implants that you use the website Italy is a player is the plant site to prayer that in that shows his passion for the game. And he's always trying to find new new new new things in the game. And he put an injury persons in the region, and he references everything in his blood and how it's being go shared by many people because it their standoff, interesting content on how to make your gonna how much o to make your game run better? How to have a better experience t understand some some mechanics. So this is how to be a part of your community. Tried to add value to people. All right, send the next lesson 28. Bonus 0 3 Be a Leader in Your Tribe: Come on, guys. Still nice doing it. You know what? Retake guys. Welcome to next lesson. So this one is called Be a leader. Create your own team. Thesis is this has been done naturally for me because I wanted to give an opportunity for people that are watching my videos to play with me because it has been requested so many time like, Hey, can I play with you? Can I join your squad, etcetera? And at the beginning, I wasn't very sociable. Honestly, I didn't use my mike much, but as people are asking and asking and asking and asking. So I find the decorated my own team and now I really don't regret it. And I think it's a huge asset and I'm so happy I finally did it. So gather people together. If your if your picture game is a team game, take the opportunity off, creating a team of like minded people, people that play a bit like you that, like your man, said that what your videos and this can This can first hugely improved your game play and I will have a folder in my in my my in my foot edge would have actually attacked. That's called and save it to the name of my team. And I can give you a very special gameplay stuff that people don't see often. People playing together, having special tactics. So first just can make your game playing better give you more variety in your gameplay. It can. You can build huge friendships. People that are that I know in my heart for it now. I know them since years, and I start to know them very well. It's really cool to be able to know people from all over the world. And it's gonna help your channel overall because they're gonna be hard core fans because they, like the often see themselves in the gameplay. So they are part of it. They are part of your videos. So of course, in game respect your open and stretch not send this Hate tells this is going to backfire on you. Try to stay nice to everyone. Otherwise you could you could you could have problems. Ah, already experienced this for good because I have a public name. My name Mukasi is the same name in game in the same name of my channel and some people were trying to troll me. Some people team killed me just for defend. And I don't response to this. I just leave the area and don't don't and forget about these people. But this can be one of the downsides of having a public name. I know some people had some problems with this, like trying to play normally, but the some people are trying to troll them. Honestly, I don't have this problem anymore. There's people trying to troll me. But most people in game I very nice. They have the canteen kill me if they want, but most of them, but all of them now, honestly, all of them are very nice. And I did had problems like this, but you can have ah, this choice of to make like to have a public name or an anonymous name. I think if you have a public name, you can have more rich and, uh, and be more more in the mind of your viewers. For example, when people see me lugging game, it can make them think of my videos. This is just very simple because they have the same name in my videos, have the same name in my my gameplay than in the game than in my channel. So it's very people are very easy for people to identify. And the often people in game asked me if I am the real mucus because they already have seen some of my videos. And then they see me in game so they're more intrigued. So if you're you can have a chose to do if you if you want. If you want to grow your channel better and faster, I think you should have a public name. But it's gonna be the same thing for anyone else. I know that level cup using anonymous name because he gets less annoyed. Bar you get less than I know it like that. So it's a choice off yours to make. So people like to see their name in a video, for example, implants. I, too, can play in squads if you play in squads. The play the player names appear in the and decide the all the people that are here to kill all the people that you play with. People can see themselves in the game play, and this can drive engagement. People are more likely to comment on a video if they see themselves or see a friend. So it's really asked you to play with other people and in them and take advantage of the social element of the games to build your audience, even even outside of the game. I think it it has made a pretty big impact on my channel because I play. I play on the same server Miller with the same name, and sometimes I use my mike. I just stroked in the mike. Hey, let's go together. Let's do this sometimes a great public squads and and let anyone join if they want and start leading the squad. And I think this can help build your audience if you're a good player and if you have a good leadership, you're funny. You're not a no ink your your respectful to everyone. This can help you build your audience. Even outside the for YouTube, No, directly inside the game you like. So I think that that is huge. That has been huge for me. Is that decorated my own clan? It's now called anti Initiative. We we have some some rules to join, and this has become a group of friends that are that have editor. Actually I have training that I really enjoy playing with them because they exactly know the rules that we have created a guide on my website where they explain exactly how we should play together. What are the guidelines to how we were, how we communicate with each other, etcetera. So it's a very enjoyable for me to play with these guys because they know exactly how I play and I know exactly what they're good at. I asked them to. We have a subreddit where I ask them to present themselves to so I can know more about these people. So this this has been a huge your journey. At the beginning, it was have had the clan really just to play with my viewers because it was so much and then I had the opportunity to make it bigger and started getting into the leadership in game playing with the squad and leading the squad. I will have a lot of food that we do with my squad to ever have a ton of fun and this has created some of some moments that I would have never got in another way So I'm really happy I finally created the this team. So don't don't give your team your name. So are you. At the beginning of my team was called mucus because gaming outfit or something, it was terrible. Many people told me they didn't like it because no one likes to be like someone's minion. When when your team has your name, it's bit weird. So at the end, we finally change the name of the outwit by a vote. I just asked them to to submit some of the best names for them, and one of the best that was suggested was NC initiative, and I really like it. So now we even have, ah, YouTube channel just for our team. You can start just with the community discord. It's very easy now to have a discord. It's free, and you can keep in touch with your team. Very easy with that, you can have several channels. Honestly, I have to thank Toby because he has built this discord the mostly I don't I'm not a big discord guy. I started the way way in the day at the milk days. Now we discard actually is very easy to use and great, so you can just start with that. We also have, ah, Google Plus Page because it's free and I used to prefer the old layout. Now I don't use this much because I don't like the new layout. We also have a separated and the YouTube channel, and the Egyptian has 1500 subscribers when he posted a lot of videos together and you can set up managers for this channel. So try to have a trusted officers. The people we trust them as the people that are the most the most motivated inner in your outfit. Give them, give them right, like make them officers, give them responsibilities if they want, and they'll be very much of it to help you. And it can become a team effort and they can free a lot of time for you all. I can help you a lot to grow your team even when you're not. When you're not working on it directly, it's gonna gonna take a lot of effort at the beginning. This what happened to me and at some point I didn't have enough time to for my team anymore , so I had to give up on this, but the outfit survived. Thanks, thanks to the officers that helped me. So just to delegate some of the dust, your officers recruiting like a all the stuff that you that you have to do at the beginning , you can. You can delegate it after that to some other people, so take advantage of that and you can have, You can add, can have different managers for their for the for your outreach channel, for example, on the YouTube channel, you can have an option to set up several managers like you can ask for someone toe to be a manager for this channel so they can also post so I can post videos on this show. Nobody can also post like there's videos from other people. There is videos from what, well, boys, also manager of the center. He can post these videos from this one video from Zach that that actually the most beautifui do is from Zarek because it's how to get free stuff so you can make your channels ah, team channeled. I think this is a very interesting concept where a lot of people can post, for example, of the best video that was posted was from Captain Army. It's a montage. Plants had to montage with amazing hyper lapses, so you can make this a team effort and this can built. This can help you build your audience, even even when you're not working on it directly, like just having a team. The fact that you're a public character, this this can help you grow your channel over time. And this had made a huge impact on my life and on my game on my game play. So I really recommend this now. And I think if I had to do this again, I'll do this much faster. Delegate much faster. Keep recruiting. Now I put the link. If people want to play with me, have the link to my outfit to monetary page if they want to join. So I get the I get people applying for the outfit very often just by watching my videos, and they're curious about who is doing that and they just apply and join my team and it become it can become lifelong friends and I think it's ah, you can take advantage of it. So I think I think it's well worth it. Alright never wanted any friends, brother. But a man without friends is a man without power. Way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. 29. How To Youtube - Be Human (Motivational): respect. This is respect others. Now, you don't necessarily need to agree with people all the time because God knows that isn't gonna happen. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't respect their opinion and respect them as a person and a human being. I just said that funny. You know what I'm trying to say technologically way are brilliant, ethically. Stop trying to market. Stop trying to sell, make friends and share something of value. Good people don't talk about kindness. They practice. They don't pray about love. They actually give it. Think back to the last time you did something out of the kindness. The goodness of your heart. For somebody you help somebody in need. How did you feel? Well, if you don't remember, it's been too long. You need to get on it because let me tell you something. It feels incredible. There's actually scientific research to show that the act of helping somebody releases the same amount of chemicals and endorphins in your brain as anti depressant drugs. I'm telling you, super powerful, super positive stuff. Guys helping others. It's why we're here. It feels great, but expect nothing except that great feeling that you're going to get. We need validation. Most of us don't understand what validation really is. We think that validation is some sort of encouragement or praise when it actually isn't. Validation is confirmation that something is logically or factually sound. Basically, developing somebody is to say that they're truthful and right in their perception. Historically, when you think about the mail, you think of somebody who is a leader, all right there, there, there, powerful in their presence there, also powerful in their personalities. But the modern day alpha male, in my opinion, possessed, is a different set of skill set and personality traits. And I've gotten to a point in my life because I'm so aware of my content of edge that it's like my favorite thing in the world is to play with the players out of the best. It's sort of like you're not gonna become an N b a All Star by playing people who are on a farm team. It's not gonna work. You have to play with the best of the best. You have to keep setting the bar higher and higher and doing that beauty is doing. It's not about being better than other people. What? It what it is is that like, every time that bar goes up, you actually get to discover a whole new dimension of your capability. And I am addicted to that. I love that waste. Tell people that you don't have to go over the top. You don't have to put on a massive show. You don't have to wait people's approval. You just have to wait in your room. You Once you could become your own greatest man and at least clap yourself and say, Gosh, I did a great job. It's amazing. You have to be run by ideas. Not higher with best ideas. Have way right personality for YouTube. Are you analytical? Are you funny? Are you well spoken? You have to have at least one of those qualities I would say to be a good you tube. And if you're not being entertaining or funny, certain better gamer your skills. Not especially if you're doing analytical video, why would you want to watch a tutorial video from somebody who is not very good at another thing relating to maturity is have thick skin. Can you take all the heat that's gonna come in your way. Once you get on YouTube, it's inevitable. A matter you are on YouTube. Somebody is going to hate you. For some reason, you realize that it's Bs belief systems. So through changing your perception, you now change when we feel stuck in a situation, you're only seeing 21 lens by tapping into your In essence, you've got to see the bigger picture off situation. So guess what way Situation hasn't changed you have. Entertainment is an essential part of our lives and games conduce things that nothing else and entertainment can that can transport you to new worlds. They can give you the true wonder of discovery and often with prime of accomplishing something yourself in a game. That's a wonderful moment. It's one thing to use. It's another to kill 30. Proper End Screen and Annotations: guys, welcome to the next lesson. What's up? So this one is about annotations and the end screens because it can hugely improved the performance of your channel. You can get much more subscribers and and views if you if you put, too, if you just remind for people to go to subscribe. For example, here I created a small video. I just record in my screen, subscribing to myself and and clicking the bell. And I put this small part of the video in like an overlay on top of the video at the end. And you should always try to do this. If your content is good and you're proud of your content, don't be afraid to ask people to subscribe. Understood At the beginning, I was asking I was you. I was asking in a different manner. I was saying, Get either out loud or writing it and now I think it's so. It's much more people. Miss Morrow. It's it's working much better to just show. Show the button like Thank thank you. I always thank people for watching my my content, and then if they want more, I just remind them to subscribe. So so it's more natural, so there is many ways to ask. You should try. You should ask this at the end when the video is done. One thing that I see a lot is people asking to subscribe at the beginning of the video. It Z sounds wrong. People want to subscribe. They want to see the content first. So I try to put this at the end. Within Outro I was I usually put this very slow music, usually instrumental, maybe a quote, and I put a try to put just one linked to the social media. Don't ask people for too much like don't ask them to structure your to your to your fricking tweet or your instagram your facebook your page around. Don't ask all this at the same time. Try to put just 11 social media and see how it is. Information's in the end screen, for example, at the the name off, the music amusing and doom and the extracts where they're coming from, where do the voice lines come from? Also, it's my voice back, so I put all this at the end so people know directly where the content for come from, how I did this video so it can maybe maybe it maybe help them understand the work. That's so that going in these videos, you tell them all the references, and it's going to give an idea exactly off what you've been through to do this and we do to be can also have an screens like that. Now you can set the send them up with your video manager. If you go to the video manager and then Edgett and screens, you can have this kind of end screens where you have a time nail. You can have a terminal toe redirecting to another video. You can you can make it. You can make YouTube choose automatically the video for people, and you can put another one I usually like to put to to thumbnails, to give them the trades between two different videos and then doing to my patrol and and my subscribed channel to know what it is. And you can modulate this according to the content. You're not forced to put always the same thing. Sometimes I put the link to the NTV channel, mention my channel about team play. Sometimes I put related videos in the time nails. So try to keep to integrate this with your video, for example. It's for me, its integrated with the music and the quote at the end. The woman is going to say I'm ready for payback. With all due respect, sir, you get this far for my good looks ready for I'm ready for payback. Outstanding. And this is how it ends and you can. There's many ways to do and screens, and I think this is one of the simple, simple ones to keep your people watching your content so they don't. They're aware that there is other content off yours that's similar, so it's really important for you to have this and screens the in force that could make the community better. It, for example, the load that you've been using, for example, but this You should put this in the clips and the music you have used. Maybe other references, inspirations, people that helped you asking for advice in my videos. I like to ask for feedback in one sentence. I tell them any feedback. If you have anything that question or suggestion, feel free to leave it below it. Just one sentence. I try to not ask too much from people and and I don't ask and everything that once this is over time during the outro off the video. So first I thank them and then I ask for feedback. Then I put the link to my social media. I don't even say to subscribe. I just put the link so they know that my instagram is this. Then you can put a link to approach around. If you want people to do to support you, try to say it in a nice way. For example, I'm putting like its most small joke like if people want to send some good vibes, they can go to my Petrie on and by good vibes I put to shoot back a dancing So try to not be Try to be funny When you ask this you trade Do not be too serious And don't ask too much like you should provide value first before asking stuff from people. I didn't get this far off my good looks on while she said this You can see a big here, so we tried to integrate this with your videos show. Don't say this is what I meant when I when I was recorded myself subscribing instead of saying Please subscribe just I showed the button Subscribe and they're gonna understand immediately. And you should always optimize your work. You can create the basic templates. For example, this is a video I edited just yesterday. Actually, you see that usually my my work for looks like this. I don't have the display on the screen, but I'm gonna put it for you. So view layout, default layout. This is now you can see So at the end of my video and at the end of all my, my, my, my template of projects, there is this and screen we do. Thank you. Thank you. Message to remember to subscribe. And then I'm asking for feedback and then the social media and then Petrie on. And then the links to the music's and the credits and then the ultra screen. And this is over time. This is about 45 seconds. It's what this is. What I asked you is is you should not try to ask for too much. At the same time, I try to make it a story while there is a nice music and ice can play, So you should always give value first before asking for stuff from people. This is what I mean by optimize your work. So have have all this in your template projects. So you don't have to import this every time. You can just have, ah, template files. And then you can just change For example, the text. If you have another music, you can just change this music and you don't have to to redo everything in the placement and stuff. So have this already in your template files. This is what I mean And it's the same thing for the ultra musics have always three ultra music's in my videos that I can then use When I finished editing the video, I just put one of these are Sometimes I try new went always depends. While I know new tube, you can change the end screen by going to the video manager in your in your go to edge it in your video and then and screamed and annotations, and it's gonna bring you to a window and it's gonna selected the end of the video, and this is you're gonna choose where to put exactly the term nails to the other projects. My connection is so slow, guys, because I'm uploading a video right now, so you hear that You can see that it's already done. You can choose exactly when the elements are going to come. For example, here my subscribe went my subscriber. The subscriber buttons are appearing a bit before the time nails. Good luck already, and you consider this a very easily by your selecting go one piece and then you're clicking on this edit element. When it's are decorated, you can you can edit it are usually I just create four elements one subscribe one link and the two term nails for videos. So let's say, for example, I want to add a thumbnail to tour director to another video. When this one ends, I'm gonna delete this one to show you so best for a viewer. I'm gonna delete this. I'm gonna create an element against what I usually go to add element video. And it was best for viewer. At least I tried to have one time they like that. So it redirects to be two videos that viewer hasn't seen yet, So it's a bit optimize for the viewer. I tried to have one neck like that and one other an individual that's related that I choose myself here. It wasn't like a short videos where I redirect to another kind of, you know, like that. Well, this is how you do end screens and other annotations is a very important to keep people on your channel. All right, L s U and the next lesson. 31. Precautions with Copyrighted Content & MCNs: Hey, guys. So this lesson is about EMC ends. This is if you're you're already for in the in the journey off off having YouTube channel. After about 1000 subscribers, you're going to start being contacted by by EMC. End EMC, and it's like a multi channel network. It's like these people that are gonna contact you the offense and then email like network something like they want to network. They want you to join their other, their team. Let's hear this kind of this kind of email you took partnership invitation. It's usually network who contact you and ask you to join their network. And by by doing that, you're going to give a part of your monetization to them and the in exchange for other services they provide. So you should watch out for this. Like at the beginning. I was very excited when I got my first YouTube partnership invitation, but you're going to get so many of these if you once after 1000 subscribers, there's people are scouting for YouTube channels to make them to make them join this YouTube to networks, and it's not always worth it to be to be in the network. At the beginning, I was with TGN. It was one off the YouTube networks and I just joined because I thought it would be interesting. But I noticed that it made exactly no difference. It made almost no difference in in my Channel. And now I'm getting so many of these you to partnership invitations Do know. I have to tell you that I'm with an M c n. I finally chose one that that fits me and that I like and it's Freedom Network Freedom Network. I'm gonna talk about the emcee in first, so the Freedom Network gives me access to to the music websites. Epidemic sound in position, music, websites so form. It's very interesting if I'm with this word this this network, I can use music's from this website, which is very good, and in exchange they at the beginning they were taking 40% of my manifestation. No one re negotiated, so they only take 30%. And at the same time, they make it easy for me to get paid by YouTube before that, When you're not with when you're not partnered with an M. C. N, you start getting your payments only when you accumulate $100 but we do with freedom. They divide this into in every month payment. So instead of getting good $100 from time to time, like every three or four months now I'm getting small portions darkly sense to my to my PayPal. So it's mature. It's much simpler for me to get bed, and I get access to this website. So from it's interesting to be in this in this emcee in. But there's other AMC end that are much less interesting. Usually, they tell you they're gonna help you increase the increase the views in your channel by by highlighting you or something already, and they're gonna help you with tools. But it's very rarely the case, usually. So I've found that What what they services. The proposed are very BS. It's, ah, a lot of blood blood. They just talk. I like freedom because it actually give me access to something interesting like this. Music websites and the fact that I'm paid more, more easily. So what shot with the AMC end? Don't think, Don't think that you to partnership invitation is going to be at your advantage. Sometimes they just take your monetization and you and you almost get nothing in return. This is what happened to me at the beginning with the with dietitian network. So for the copyright strikes should always be be Would you watch out for the copyright? If you get three copyright strikes, you channel is gonna get terminated. But this tree in one year, for example, if you get one couple restaurant it already happened to me. It should go away if you behave good for six months If you you don't, you don't do any trouble. You don't get on any other copyright problem. You just copyright Strike disappears after six months And if you have a copyright strike, your channel is very vulnerable. It's ah, you have, ah, restrictions on your channel. I remember having big problems. For example, I couldn't post videos hindsight terrible that I couldn't post videos longer than 15 minutes for six months. It was very annoying and I also had restrictions on the monetization, So it has really almost not killing my channel. It was it was a big hit for me because on the stark was on this video one of my favorite videos that I worked on for weeks. I worked on this video for weeks, and then I get a copy racetrack on the time nail. So it was a big hit for me and I didn't expect it. And since then, I'm very customs. We did do. Do we do copyright? We do copyright. So now when I when I don't know if the music is cooperated or something is cooperated, I try it first. And ah, and of course, I always give credits to whatever stuff I used in my video. When I use music, when I go on to extract or something, I say where it come from and I put it in description and at the end of the video, this should fix most of the problems. So think about it. Credits in the video. It's always nice for people to know where the stuff in the video came from. Ebola and I also do it at the end in Maybe does like, I like to put it in the outro to have the music, the order extracts and stuff Well, so really watch out with the emcee ends, there is a There is some that are good, some that are bad. So so what's right for them? All right, let's see in the next lesson 32. How to Promote Your Videos: Hey, guys, Welcome to next. Listen, So once you have made your content, you're gonna want to promote your videos to kick start your channel, and there is many ways to do that, and it is ways to do it right and ways to do it wrong. So let's start to the basic options. Of course, the 1st 1 I think I thought about his Reddit because every gaming community has its own subreddit. The one I check the most is my plan said to Subreddit. But there is a There is untold rules unregistered. There's things that don't work like on other platforms. So you can start by posting your links there. Try to have it try to have links that add value to people. People are very critical on reddit. And if your if your post doesn't add value are is not funny or is is just about you, it's gonna not gonna be welcomed. It's gonna is not gonna be welcomed in. You're gonna get down, voted so really prepared to be roasted on on on. The wretched people are much more nasty in there than other platforms. So just purity for that, for if you if you put the you put a link that you have the title of written not normally. Not like you'd write it on YouTube on YouTube. Elect. You have caps that each word to make it easy to to see, but already doesn't work well, so we try to make her title. Funny, Intriguing, But giving a hint about what tended to individual is gonna have much more. The stuff that works much more on Reddit is native native content, native gifts that are are native images that are jerky, uploaded to Reddit and where people can upload in an a voter down vote and come and directly. This works much better than the video links to another under the under the platform. People don't like to go out of Reddit once they're there in there, so it's much better. For example, if you have a nice chief off something happening, you can You can cut your video and make it to Jeff, and it just should perform much better. Unrated, because people can see it directly, you just have to click it, and it in eternity starts playing, and usually this kind of post more work much better then, then posting the link to your video. So try to be mindful of that. Just to be mindful of that, that Reddit is very special. It should should treat it. Just see what it works. For example, in gaming, you see that what works the best usually images that off stuff that are interesting related to the gaming gaming world. Our gifts that are funny you're a definitive that are funny, are surprising work. Well, so if you can transform your video in bits off gifts and then post them, it's gonna work much better. And then in your jiffy can have the link, maybe the name of your channel, under corner or in the comments. And it's gonna help you get discovered pretty easy because there is done of people. No one read it and they're separated for almost each other, each community. So you should definitely to try to take advantage of this, of course, to be part of the community voted to the post. Relax, don't vote if you don't like comment as much as possible. So so you're part of this community, and on Reddit it can get very hard, but at least tried. There's other ways honestly, I wasn't used to readyto discovered purchasing flee. I grew up more in the Forum era. I was checking at the beginning. I was posting my videos under the Planet I to form the French Forum, and I was always posting my video with context, like the link to my video, and then explain why a posted here what's interesting about it so people can read before even clicking on the link and know what it is about. So forums don't don't overlook this. There is still very used much. Almost every game has its A game forum. For example, My game Points I two has the game forums where people discuss about dude about to the game player. But functionality where the give sex suggestions and stuff and you can perfectly create your own threat out there and try to announcer exactly what it is in the title and in your posts. Try to have it like a well written No typos, of course, introduced the video with context. Say what it is. Don't just post a link like that is gonna be very badly received if you if you just post a link, answer the questions. If asking your in your in your thread, which I already said it tried to make it. Ah, conversation. And the more people that are that are gonna join this conversation, the better it's gonna be for your content. So try to make it a conversation that's ongoing. Stay in touch, of course, with your community for for example, Uh, if you're for playing a certain game, you should off course, check the other you tubers that are that are playing this game. And, ah, if there have a good good content, tell them in the comments, be part of their community to and you're going to start being noticed very fast just by talking to the people in this community, of course, never asked for people to describe under videos. It's very rude. No one likes it. I tried to give your genuine feedback if it's even if it's very short. Honestly, I'm not very good. I give my feedback unless it it's an amazing video in a none of the field, but usually if elected video. I just say I like the video or it's a great content and it's usually enough for people, but you can be much more elaborate on this. There is people that there's people that get noticed just by because they comment in all the videos in one ish, If you come in tow, interesting stuff. If answer people's question and if your if your comment is interesting, you're going to start being noticed. So this is one of the ways to promote your videos is just by being part of the community, of course, be shortened, Course says, because people don't have time. Try to do the tail their version every time, of course, by by staying respectful and, of course, no typos. Don't make yourself look stupid. You don't need this. All right, off course, collaborations for other people in your niche. You can ask them to play. We do in your squad. You can ask them to. True, to join you on your discord, to just discuss about something. And you can record the discussion, and this is gonna help you grow your channel. Bye bye, because their audiences are going to notice you and visit vice versa. It's it's a win win situation so you can play together just at the beginning. Just play together and see if you have clips with them. And when you post the video, you can post it like we do future featuring that that person you can have, ah, jewels work. Well, it's like, for example, a double medical implants that to working together it can be very interesting. And then you can ask them to send you their pay over. He's just gonna work very well. If you know editing well, you can edit multiple prvs it make unmake some very unique videos and very interesting videos for people. So collaborations were very well to to cross promote your your your contents to other other people's audiences and the same them for this, the same for them. Try, of course, to go for for for people that are on the same level, are you If you if you have like 500 subscribers, don't go ask people that have a 500 million, it's gonna it's gonna he's not going to even notice you. So try to go with people off here on your same level, and you grow and can grow very fast from that. All right, Collaborations are very powerful. Guys have been doing squad apps for with my channel. I just invite other you tubers to my squad. Then we played together, and just the fact that have to have gameplay were to get together to get game play together . It can be interesting for your audiences, and it can make you and you can get discovered very fast by that. There is many big YouTubers that grew up especially like that I I I often talk. I think about level cap in matching you because of matching you was always a playing with level cup. No matter. Mu has gone over level cup, so try collaborations. It's a very powerful or if you want to talk about something, you can invite them to your discord and start chatting and record the record. The stuff. And this can be also an interesting, interesting video for people to give your opinions on something our our try to to have their point of view on a certain place towel and why they play like that and to try to know more about them. And this is Ah, this can help other people talk about themselves because it's very hard for people to talk about themselves when someone else makes them talk. It's it's much easier for them, and then they want to share this content there. And you're going to get to mention much more if you do collaborations with other people because people start to know you for real, not just the YouTube version of you. So this is how you get friends and and more and more views for your channel, so it can be a huge asset. So video descriptions. This is a huge point to to make your video easy to search, easy to find on the on the search. YouTube is a huge search engine, and the your description is you can add tax to your descriptions like keywords. Important keywords like the weapon you used, the game you use do the class use everything, all the details about about the game you're playing, and it's gonna make it much easier for people to find your content. This is why, in almost all my videos, I tried to write a small text about what's happening in the video and off course links to do to the content I use you can if you have links in your video that goes to other other mother videos or the stuff this can help you get to found. For example, there is links to to where they can find the music I used, and this can help your video be much easier to search on on YouTube. So try to have your description field with interesting stuff and keywords. For example, here you can see the older the weapons I use. There is a link to my twitter, my instagram, the rickerson voice back. I honestly don't overlook the description. It's gonna be a huge asset for your channel, and it can help a ton of people to find you. It's a It's a bit off investment at the beginning when you write it, but it pays off on the long term. I've been doing it with almost all my videos in until help me a lot. I know it en Vilar. Links to the people participating in the video tried to give credits any time. For example, if you someone helped you for the thumbnail, give credits in the car in the description. If you have a music from somewhere, you put the name and the name of the music off course. For example, music names can help hugely your your your views because it the names off the music's have sometimes a very famous. So we tried that tried to have, ah, good video video descriptions and is gonna help you a lot for free. And of course, the last the dress option is having paid advertisement. I have to admit, I never did this for my channels. It's all organic. All of what I did is organic, but I know that people can I know that you can pay YouTube to show your videos to people. If you have a bit that you can try. I know that of the YouTubers that I like recommended this electric creative video that that helps fix a problem for your community. And then you're promoted this video, and it isn't just gonna help your channel get discovered. All right, well, this is how to promote your videos. I hope you're going to do this right 33. How to Make Money With Videos: Hey, guys, welcome for the next lesson. That can be very important if we want to last in this demand and try to make your work sustainable over time, you have to know that it's very highly competitive. YouTube gaming. Many people are gamers, and they think it's easy to just create a channel and make and make a living out of it. But it's extremely hard. I tried for many years. For almost two years, I worked almost exclusively exclusively on this, and I managed to get a lot off of result. But still it was It was a It wasn't enough to be able to live like I want to live. And it it's very hard on your body when you only do that. At some point, I was posting like, for example, one video a day, and it was almost checking all my time. I was always in front of the computer when I wasn't when I was sleeping, I was rendering an approaching and awake. I was playing and editing. It was it was a very difficult life. So now I have set up some ways to have an income from this first do the most abuses the YouTube monetization. So at the beginning, you you're not going to get money for your random gameplay, and you can enable monetization. We do tube only after one case. Subscribers. A few years ago, you could enable the monetization even every no with very low subscriber count. But now YouTube is much more strict with this. And if you want inevitable demonetisation, you have to have at least 1000 subscribers and foot our 4000 watch hours in the previous 2 12 months. And this will allow you to to set up the monetization you needed AdSense account. It's a very simple so once you get there can enable the monetization and get money from the views a few minutes as the videos and if you and if you don't have cooperated content in your videos. This is why I was talking about watching out for for cooperating music's. This is so you can monetize, then your videos in case they go viral and they get a lot of use. You can get a perkiness income from there, but don't expect to get a lot. It's it's usually only a few dollars. It's like $1 for for every 1000 views, so it's not much. And even though at some point I was doing, like 10,000 views a day, and even with this, it was very low at the end, a t end of the month with my freedom emceeing network. I was getting sometimes $70 sometimes $50. So it Z far from being enough to be able to live, but it still it still can be a nicer source of income. So this way I recommend that you have a PayPal account. You create PayPal with your with your with your email, and this will allow you to to receive money from YouTube. Received money from from Petrie on If you create a crowdfunding front campaign, I received money from most esteem steam labs. If you do, you have. If you have a tip jar with the stream, the owner, the way that people used to make money are with their videos. It to you is to use affiliate links for the products they recommend. For example, if they have projects they use a lot, they can recommend it by putting do linked to the two to buy it on Amazon And if people buy , buy the item on Amazon by using this link. The the men, the men who put the link gets a little commission. It's a few dollars per. It's a few. It's a few percentages, like six or 7% so people can make a lot of money with the affiliate links. If you do, if you do that just about it, for example, you do mouse review, and then you put the affiliate Lincoln do in the description, and you ask people to check it out. If they buy the mouse with your with your link, you can. You can make quite some money, so I haven't used this much. I have affiliate links, but from I've only got a few dollars from it because I don't use them that much. But I know that a lot of people use these. You could your Amazon affiliates. You have to go on Amazon and a partner in and search for the for partnership. You can. You can just click this in the you can click it in the options and then you are able to have your own legs, your own links for the projects you recommend If you're an artist, you can create art and use it in American dies. It's for example, if your streaming onda we see your face with the webcam you can have. You can wear a special T shirt, special hat and then ask people and then send people to to buy it on a website. For example, Red bubble or painful Bring Phil is very nice. You can you can import your you can import your art and make it and make it and said Sell it'd directly. When people, when people buy it, gets printed and then shipped for them and you get a small part of it like, for example, for a $30 project. If someone buys it from from right bubble on stuff, you don't you don't care. You don't take care of the inventory of the of the shipping you just but the art in, and you get about the 30% of the of the price of the item. This is pretty nice if you're if you're really good at creating art and and you can put it in some T shirts and and items, you can sell them and get the pretty pretty good revenue, especially if you promote them in your videos. I intend to do that sooner. It's just very hard for me to get this project. Actually, because they're usually in the US are are Europe, and I'm in the Morroco for the sponsors. After you get over 5 5000 subscribers, 10,000 subscribers, you can start thinking about being sponsored. Or sometimes some companies will will contact you dear directly by mail, asking you to to promote their game. For example, once I was asked to promote a game like World of Tanks and they were, I'm trying to No, they were. They weren't. They wanted me to promote this game are moored warfare. I don't remember how much they they wanted. They offered me, but actually I refused because I wasn't interested in this game. But I could have done a video for them on Get. I think it was $1000 or $1500 to promote their game in one of my videos. This is how you get sponsored. There's also a website called Fame bit, or you can look in. You can sign up as a creator and see what are the offers made by the Brent some breads. Brands need YouTubers and stuff to to promote their projects. For example, even a promo to this. This stuff you can. You can ask the brand to to take this jail for like $2500 but you need the and it at least five dozen 5 15,000 views per video gaming channels, etcetera, all so you can take deals on this website fame. But if you have enough subscribers and enough views per video, this is another way off. The for people to get money with their videos is to be sponsored by by by brands. It's being done a lot recently, for example, level cap. Sometimes he's sponsored by Audible. Many brands are looking for content creators to promote their projects, So if you get to enough subscribers, you can start being sponsored can be interesting for you. You could ask for help for from your community. For the people who watched your videos and enjoy your content. He can create a simple crowdfunding campaign. Have a Petrie on that now only have seven patron, but I'm very grateful for them. There have helped my channel lot At some point when I was posting much more videos, I had much more people supporting. So you can simply ask for help from people off course. Give value. First, you should have. Ah, you should have usually be creating a very good quality content and regularly. So people trust you enough to help you with with money they can. They can PayPal you directly. Or they can support you on Petrie on. And this could be a huge help for your channel if you're doing quality content. So don't overpromise in the campaigns like you can sit rewards, but don't ever overpromise. You can ask simply, but don't spend people like every moment in your video to ask very simply and explain why you need their help. It's you can you can explain that your content takes a lot off. Afford to do so. So maybe some people understand that there, and we'll decide to to support you and it's gonna be a huge help. And, of course, keep grating quality in content. Don't don't to disappoint people that have supported you keep creating and um, and people will see over time that you're reliable and that you're not giving up on what you have set up, and you have more and more people supporting you in the future. Of course, the listing to defeat back and keep proving your videos is sure if your videos are stale, they never evolved. It's always the same thing you not make. People want to support you with money, so I try to always improve your content to have ah, to be let emitted to be legitimate, to ask for help. You should have a rotation of videos. Of course, you should do your core videos. Core video. It means it means what you like to do for me to montages gameplay videos with the different with different styles. And you can try viral stuff. For example, you can you can make a short video about the funny moment that happened and and your family sound effect. Try something. It's anything that can that can be easy to do and and simple and in should and should also try to do lifestyle videos to show people how you have. You are in real life so they get to know you more and all of this so you don't burn out because it's a long term game if you only if you only do core video core video. Korver, you do always the same things. You're gonna burn out. So try to do something a bit different from time to time. You never know. That's what's gonna go viable. Honestly, sometimes I think when if you do, is gonna work well. And at the end, it doesn't work that well. And sometimes I think of you do well, well, flop and it and it works very well. So So keep trying. Trying different kind of videos. I suggest having a rotation of this tree styles, core video, viral and lifestyle. Well, I'll keep trying new stuff. You can also sell your services. This is now. I think that I've been doing a lot with my company, but I started. I don't have a degree in video making. I have many cameras, Nizar Love cameras. And this is because I started selling my services for videos. For example, I sold I saw this video for a capacity, but it's a company that created that It's a construction company that's working in Marrakech, and I sold this video for 12 for $1200.12,000 deer hams, and they were very happy. And I edited this video just the same way I did gaming videos on Vegas. Just that the gameplay is a start with this with the real camera. So it's very interesting now that this skill is extremely powerful. The factor that you that you know how to do a video videos can be of your skill that you that you can used for so many things you can video. You can make videos for other people for a friend, for a company you can can make if you do about the people about someone. I recently heard a video that, ah, an idea that want to implement with my company is doing a video off someone's life by going to see all his friends, all his family, where he has lived to create a story off off the life of the person and then offer him this video. This could be an amazing gift for someone. And what are You can make videos for weddings. You can make videos for very simple things, and you can you can sell them to people and the people who don't know how to edit would love to meet. People are good editors, and you can learn to do this, for example, the video off capacity. But I shot it with a simple DSLR like this and my phone and a stabilizer. This is how I showed this video, and I sold it so you can celebrate your videos. Think about it, even though it's a bit weird to go to someone and as damaged any of the video or are putting around somewhere. But if you have the skill, know that you can sell this service for very, very high price. At the time I postpaid if I told you 12 $1200 that 12 $1200. But now I'll charge much more because I've import I've improved, have social proof D video has been shared more than 800 times. It was very appreciated, so the clients are very happy, and they're coming back to me for more so you can tell your videos. You can create the video course like this one and said it now on, for example, teachable and think you think if you're very good at something, there is courses on how to do magic with cards. There's courses. Ah, if you're good at accounting, you can make you can make any course. You can make any course like on any topic. As long as you're really good at it. He can make a course. And if you have good delivery, good English, you can take advantage of this and and make a video course and sell it to and said it to do to any anywhere in the world. This is the powerful thing is that you can make a course that can be useful in anywhere in the world. So if you're if you think you're good at something, think about it. Maybe you can make some money with the course like I'm doing right now, I hope, and of course, you can be streaming. I didn't do that much because my Internet connection is terrible, but you can stream and enable a tip jar, and this will allow you to get very attentive content for YouTube. You can take all the funny moments, all the highlights, the chips n tricks from your streams and make them into into the videos, and this can give you like a free content like a easy to get content and the many people get some money with by any building, some a tip jar. If you're really funny, really good at the game and people enjoy your streams and you do it regularly, people are can done it for you. I haven't done this yet, but I I intend to try it when my Internet connection is better. So these are the ways you can get money with your videos. There is, I'm sure, many more. But these are these are there are those I tried or at least I know a pretty good about and I know they work, but it since it's a very highly competitive the men gaming videos everyone would want toe to do gaming redundancy. It's very easy since we play would play so much so we have to really showcase that you're different and you need to do things differently and long term to be able to succeed. And if you said this up at the beginning, for example, I didn't know any of that at the beginning hours, really newbie on new, only the monetization and I made so many mistakes, but right now, if I had to do it again. I'll do very differently. And I'm sure this will make have much more. I will have made much more money with this Walla. So this is the last course off the This is the last course I hope you're gonna You're gonna succeed in your in your project. If you want me to review your video, send me the link. I would love to see your your channel and tell you how it is and tell you how you could improve. I give you my feedback. Well, I hope injured. Of course, guys. See you. Bye. 34. Don't Play it Safe (Motivational): the most dangerous thing you can do in your career. The most dangerous thing you can do in life is play it safe and this is your first test and you can pass it. But you must go forward alone because you're looking for that new group of people. I like to call them your new tribe. You have to go and find the people that wants a year. This new message really insult is being more. I've learned that. So I say if your friends and family think you're crazy, then you're doing something right. So go and find your tribe. First aid, ignore you. Then they laugh at you, then they hate you. And then finally, they love you. And if you've got a great message, you're doing things in life. Trust me, you're gonna attract attention said the more you learn more and if you're not willing to become a learning machine, you'll always be behind the trends. Always see somebody else pulling off what you could have done. You know, you gotta have some quotes in your people like to be around. People say smart things. We have nothing smart to say. Guess what? No, we don't want talk is not my lover. You want enemies in your life As the ancient problem says as iron sharpens iron When I say human driven response, I mean humanity as a whole. 7.3 billion people. If you listen to them, they will give you feedback. Most of us are stubborn. Listen in and go. Oh, yeah can accelerate Life's too short Presumptions to think that you have all the time in the world What if you're gonna die and job point to have a ninja point People want they want the lottery ticket versus sculpture Made your life sculpture every day One of this number to experiment You can only build on strength can build on So I don't carry with ancient sense And see a man skilled at what he does You will stand before kings average You gotta go stand in front of you Give me something a little more Give me something If you work 100 hours when everyone else works 40 you'll do in three months taking people years being cocky But if you're too cocky way no, As the old saying goes, pride comes before a fall. - Remember this when you're in the room and you don't know the sucker is your this sucker. You should want life to be a little hard. Like Tom Hanks says the hard is what makes it great. Logical, Cool under pressure. This is the one you want to be by being cool under pressure takes advantage of his profits . When everybody else is free, you gotta have six. They're walk ins. You know, the greatest quote of last year I collect quotes. I've been collecting quotes since I was 2016. May be the best quote I've ever heard in my life. Steven Pinker, a Harvard professor. We had him here. Yeah, and he and my modified version is you and I have a perfect brain. Everything fires perfectly. The only problem. It fires perfectly for a world that hasn't existed for 75,000 years. So all our fears makes sense when there's, you know, Sabretooth Tigers outside thing is why authenticity matters. Thistles. Why you have to say and do the things you actually believe. Because the things you say and do our symbols of who you are. And we look for those symbols so we can find people who believe what we believe. Our very survival depends. So if you're putting out full symbols, you will attract people to those symbols. But you won't be able to. It's not about information. It's about inspiration. You grab yourself, boy news full. The road scored older. Okay. Hey there, folks. Rope here.