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The Ultimate Upsell Cheat Sheet

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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2 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ultimate Sales Letter Cheat Sheet


About This Class

Would you like fries with that? This video slideshow presentation is going to walk you through the 20 best steps towards creating the ultimate upsell. Packed with plenty of tips, tactics, and examples, you'll be well equipped with more than enough knowledge to create your own high converting upsell, regardless of what you're selling. So if you want to increase your conversions and your revenue, go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side. 


1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It is James Ken's Nala and welcome to my class, the ultimate Upsell cheat sheet. What this is going to be is a video slideshow presentation walking you through the best 20 steps that you need to implement when it comes to having a high converting Upsell. I'm going to give you plenty of examples, plus real time examples I've used not only to increase my conversions, but how you can use them regardless of what you're selling and even if you want to do a video sales letter or just a simple cells that are as Europe sell. So if you want to increase your conversions along with increasing your revenue and profits at the same time, go ahead and in role. Right now, I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 2. The Ultimate Sales Letter Cheat Sheet: Hey, what is going on? It is James Ken's in L. A. And welcome to my class, the ultimate Upsell cheat sheet. What I'm going to be doing is walking you through kind of the formation. Some of the best points, the best aspects, the better finer details When it comes to having an up sell, Not only is it going to be a template, but it's going to be a combination of the things you want to do and maybe some of the things you kind of want to shy away from. Filled with many examples, it's going to be going from the top of the bottom oven up cell. If you want to do it as a V S L, which is a video sales letter, that's going to be fine. But this is going to be kind of explained as if it's a written cells letter, which doesn't have to be all that long, right? I'm going to talk about the major aspects, starting with numeral uno and let's dive right on into it, which is going to be the warning. Okay, this is going to be at the very top of the page. Okay, so it's going to say something like warning. And as you can see under that's going to say, Do not close this page. Pressing back may result in you being double built something along the lines of that. It doesn't have to be in those exact words. But many times, if someone is purchasing through credit card, this could actually be a possibility. Okay, because if you think about it, usually when someone purchases something, they go straight from the purchase page. The add to cart the order page to the up sell page. So if they hit back, there's a There is a slight chance that could happen. Or maybe if they hit back and they want to go forward again, who knows? Maybe it processes it again. Maybe the hit He had the car, but maybe they didn't realize it was gone through. Either way, it kind of serves as a purpose that I kind of like one of those. Do not close. Do not hit back. Just simply read on what I have to say, and many times it is a possibility that they could be double billed if they're paying through. PayPal shouldn't be a big deal, but with credit card could get a little tricky. So that's gonna be at the very top. Most aspect of the page. The first thing they're going to see right under that is going to be the main headline. Go nuts with this. Okay, this is where you're gonna have to actually do some split testing. Yes, and split. Testing does come with up sell pages to if you think about it. This is an aspect you want to split test the most when it comes to your original cells. Letter? Yes. You want to split? Test that To get it to some great conversion. Let's say it's cold traffic. We doing two or 3%? That's great. But the fact of the matter is that one someone actually purchases from you. It's much easier to get sales, especially if you're doing one. Click up cells where all they have to do is click a button once and you know it gets immediately added the car. They get charged on the credit card or whatever. So the fact of the matter is, you're going to need to split test headlines one at a time. Split test two pages, see which converts better. Okay, The main headline could be anything related to whatever you were selling previously. I'm not gonna go over a 1,000,000 headline foreign Millers just because they're literally are a 1,000,000 of them. All right, big benefits work. How to You know how I did this in this? How to accelerate your results with one big benefit. You can also get from doing Facebook ads whenever it's going to be. You can use a lot of inspiration for this, and that's really what's going to be under. That's gonna be usually a little bit bigger font under the warning text. Okay, Next, we have the extra benefit, which is a little bit more. This is very similar to a lot of the squeeze pages. I create very similar kind of headlines structure at the top of the warning section. Under that you have the really big benefit, and below is a little bit more where you can actually add a little bit extra to the benefit . You can kind of crush objections. You can really tailor it however you want. So let's say the main headline was just a random example. You know how I made $500 with one simple video on YouTube. A little bit extra would be and and only required an hour of work. Or it can work for newbies or ever or I never actually created the video myself. That would be pretty cool. That would be a nice little bit extra right, because it's less work for them. So that's the little extra benefit. So a member at the top warning, then you got the big, big headline with the Big Benefit and then a little bit extra gay just to kind of add a little more next. Remember, moving from top to the bottom. You got the from in the Ari, all right, you know, from James Kansan, Ella, Ari could be like for customers who just purchased X Y Z or if you just purchased X Y Z. This is a must read for you, okay? Or if you just picked up this, here's an important letter for you. Something along the lines of that. It's targeted its direct to the customer, and it gives more of a sense of like, Hey, this is definitely for me. I should read this since Plus it's not too long. Okay, First and foremost. I love doing okay. Especially when it comes to an Upsell. Always congratulate them, OK? Because they just made an awesome decision, right? Especially if cold traffic was coming to your offer. They usually have no idea who you are sometimes taken out their credit card and purchasing can be a tough decision. Especially when, like I said, they don't know who you are. They don't really trust yet, so allow them to take a sigh. Relief. Congratulations. You just made an awesome decision. You're definitely gonna be on your way towards building up your online business, scaling with Facebook ads and doing backflips every day. All right, whatever the big benefits are, congratulate them for that, OK, Any time you make a sale, any time you get a new client, congratulate them, All right? It's a big, big decision on them. Very important decision can change your life. Congratulate him, right? They have everything. Okay, This is another very important aspect. This is one of those minor details, but I highly recommend it because you're going to keep a lot of your customers happy. One thing I've noticed when I was doing a lot of product launches is that customers for the most part, hated up cells. But it was for one specific reason or maybe two reasons. One would, because there was, like eight up cells, which is ridiculous seeing that before people just have pages upon pages upon its like the never ending cells funnel. It's like you're trapped in the Matrix. It's insane. That was one reason the other one was where if the up so was required required to make the original purchase work, that's just not good. Okay, it's like saying, Hey, buy this Facebook ads course and then you haven't up. So that says, Hey, and now I'm going to show you how to run Facebook ads. And you're like, Shouldn't that have been in the original course, right? Not only can it annoy customers, but that'll absolutely just flat line and kill your conversions, Okay, because that's what they're gonna assumes that Hey, I just bought this weight loss product. But now you're selling me a product about how I can lose weight. That doesn't make sense. So So the main idea of this is that after you congratulate them, let them let them know that they have everything they need to succeed like that's a very important line. Just want to let you know that you already have everything you need to succeed. However, I did want to take this chance to give you this limited time opportunity to tell you about this special offer that's going to really help, you know, double your results. Okay? It's all about acceleration. It's all about less work. It's all about upgrading, okay? It's all about a lot of these things that are gonna add on. All right, think about when you go to McDonald's to get a hamburger, right? They asked, Would you like fries with that? That's an addition, right? That's a perfect Upsell if you go by a car, they asked. All right. Would you like the leather see upgrade? They're not saying, Hey, would you like another car? Even though you just bought one? While it's a possibility, it's not exactly a addition or an upgrade. You see what I mean? Okay. The security got the car. Why do you need another Maserati? Get the leather upgrade. Hey, so they have everything they need, but here's something a little bit extra. Go ahead and word that however you want but it helps create a better environment. We can actually increase your conversions. But also let them know that air like, Hey, whatever you just bought isn't gonna work unless you buy this. That is not cool. Okay, so that's number six. They have everything they need already. Number seven. Now, you want to introduce this slight problem? Okay? There's always gonna be problems. And it's a great way to kind of introduce a problem because it allows you to position whatever you have as a solution. OK, so the fact of the matter is, let's just say you just bought a Maserati and there's like, leather seats. Let's just say it already had some seeinit where when it gets really hot, the sea gets like 100 degrees and you like, burn your skin. Okay, Something crazy like that. However, there is a slight problem. Okay, let's say they already knew about it. Obviously, the fact of the matter is that since you live in Florida and it's going to be or let's say you live in Arizona, it's gonna be like 90 degrees every day. These seats can get scorching hot. So what I did is actually went in, and I created a specific material that literally allows you to repel the heat and keep the seeds cool year round. So you'll never have to sweat your you know, you sweat your body off. You'll never have to burn your skin. It can literally sit under sun like a McDonald's heat lamp, and it'll always stay cool. Okay, you see what I did there? I just randomly made that up. That probably makes no sense, but we adjust the problem that they already knew they had, and he said, like, Hey, look, here's an upgrade. We've added to this where it's called C coolant, where you'll never have to burn your skin on the seat. And this is very useful, especially for the fact that you live in Arizona and it's always 100 degrees out there. Okay, so that's what you're bringing up with a slight problem. This could be done with anything. Usually it's a problem. They know they already have. Okay, let's say, just bought a YouTube course, and it's like, Well, you know, you obviously you have to go out there and create videos. So how could that be a slight problem with a solution. Well, this solution could be like, Hey, I already have 20 done for you videos, okay? Or I am giving you my Rollo decks of the best video creators that do it. They're cheap where you can get it done for you, like my trusted, You know, people who do it, something along the lines that there's always a sledder problem that you can solve. That's what's going to allow you to create a better Upsell usually don't for you is probably the best up. So, like for any product, I'm always looking for a done for you offer. If I'm doing like a massive product, that's probably mid. Take it. I'm just giving done for you as a bonus because it's so helpful. But keep that in mind. Anything that's done for you, anything that helped can help them do less work, anything that can help them get results faster, or any type of upgrade that's gonna help The best I think about the leather seats, it's not required, but it's definitely gonna be helpful, and it's definitely going to keep you cool in the summer, and you're not gonna burn your skin when your you know your car sits under the sun for like 24 hours a day in 100 degree weather. Okay, so that's a slight proper Let's move on eight introducing. All right. You talked about the problem. I kind of talked about this before where it's going to be 100 degrees. Then you would kind of introduced what you have. Okay, So very simple here. I'm sure you've seen those like infomercials introducing the Super Gazelle 500 treadmill. Alright, with those with those funny voiceovers. Introducing is a great word because it makes it sound like it's something new like, Hey, I want to introduce to you. Like what? What do you say when you meet someone new, you introduce them. So it's like the first time it's kind of knew it. It's off a new opportunity, so to speak. They might have not never seen it before. So, Alec, using introducing you can say, like announcing there's a few other words, but overall, just say like a big headline introducing. Then you could either a picture of the product but a box of it or just the name of it up to you. Very simple step. But you got to introduce the product. Right? Number nine, add the hook. OK, so let's say you have introducing you have a picture of the product and then this is where you gonna put the U. S. P Okay, this could be a k a. The USB. What I mean by that is the unique selling point or the unique selling position. This is where you gotta ask yourself, what makes this so damn special? And why the hell should this person care? Literally. You have to answer those questions yourself before you create the up sell. Otherwise, it's just come back home. I can't answer that. And you know what? The customer is not going to be able to and they're probably not going to buy it. You won't have great conversions. So what makes this so unique? Well, the fact of the matter is that most Maserati's have these leather, you know, skin torching seats, these air actually cutting edge first of its kind, and will allow you to stay cool under 100 degree weathers and even hotter sometimes. Okay. Is it Is it unique is its special Is that the first of its of its kind? Is it going to allow you to get X results quicker. Do you have testimonials to prove that a lot of times you can use testimonials as US peas. Imagine you've got a client who made, like, six figures per month after, I don't know, like, a month or two. Something amazing like that. So you could say, like, you know, if you had an information product or the mastermind The mastermind that produced, you know, Ah, six month earner after 60 days, something along the lines of that. All right, what makes it special? That would be a pretty cool hook, because two months, the six figures, My goodness, that takes some people I don't know a long time. Okay, So either way, add the hook, Whatever it's going to be after, this is a good spot to put testimonials. Because if you have this amazing hook, okay, a lot of times people are gonna be like that's b s. I do not believe it, but then you get a video of someone actually talking about it of them actually showing the results of them actually showing their transformation from point A to point B. Holy crap. Now you've got a believer. They just smashed that objection. Now they're literally gonna really pay attention to everything else. That's the whole thing with hooks and angles. If your hook is so crazy good, make sure you can back it up. Well, you kind of have to Otherwise it's probably false. You know what I mean? You can to say, Hey, I made a $1,000,000 in one day. Everyone's going to, like, prove it. And you're like, No, I don't want Oh, that doesn't work that way. You know what I mean? So you got to be able to back it up in the best way to back it up is by someone else's, you know, work. Okay, because you can say anything about you. But when someone else says it, that social proof and that's awesome, it always helps sell. Okay, so this could be a video. This could be a Facebook chat. You pasted in there said like, Hey, can I use this as a testimonial? They said Sure thing this could be reviewed from a review copy. It could be results. Could be anything. Any type of testimonial, always going to help. OK, so that was number 10 11 bullets benefits benefits benefits. Okay, How is this going to benefit their life? And these benefits literally need to dig deep into your customers. Salt sounds pretty weird. Sounds like I'm like Dracula or something. Right? But either way, I remember many years back the first coach I had did this. I guess you could say it was this little exercise where he explained the difference between week bullets, which are benefits, you know, usually see those other sales letter where there's, like, a check mark or a bullet point. There's, like, 10 of them, right? The difference between a really weak one. And it gradually went on and on and on got better and better and better. So let me start off with a weak one. I don't remember them exactly. So I'm gonna paraphrase like crazy. The 1st 1 was like how to build a list. OK, that was the weakest bullet. Okay, The next one was going to be how you can build a list so that, you know, you can finally get rid of your day job and make a stable income right slightly a little bit more juicy. I think there's 1/3 1 but the 4th 1 was you could tell, like the difference between the 1st 1 and the last time was like night and day. It was like a expert copy. Ritter, copywriter, an expert copywriter, wrote it and like some newbie, wrote the 1st 1 But the last one was like Imagine the feeling opened up, opening up your mailbox and laughing at the does you make because you know that you can quickly cover them by sending a quick email to your massive email list. Right? You see the difference between the first and the last one that last one actually dictates a specific scenario where someone like fears going to their mailbox and seeing bills in there because they know the amount of pressure and stress, stress and angst inside of them it creates. But hey could literally laugh at those because, you know, deep down and said, You've got this massive email list. You send that one email, you make a few $1000. Those bills there, no problem anymore. You see what I'm in. So that's kind of my quick tutorial on benefits. Maybe I'll do, of course about that. A complete course one by one by one because I believe it's a very good example when you have the better details. But I just want to share that with you. Keep in mind when bullets give us some time, they really have to dig deep into what the person wants. Okay, if you were selling that Maserati with, you know, leather seat upgrades, a lot of that's going to be status. I can tell you right now if someone's forking out money for Maserati or Lambo are a Rose Royce, that's mostly status. So you'd want to hit on that. You would think about hate. Think about when you're taking out your beautiful wife for your beautiful girlfriend. She can, you know, actually sit in the seat without complaining that it's so hot. Okay, as, ah, horrible bullet like I know nothing about Maserati's and all that. I'm just giving you an example, but really think about what goes on into the customers life into the prospects life and dig deep with that. Sometimes it takes a little research. Sometimes it takes checking other sales letters and modeling them, getting ideas from them. Like I said, that that little ah bullet test that I just gave you that I got from my coach like I still remember. That's how powerful it was. But anyway, look for inspiration maker bullets really count, and you can use about 10 of those, you know, maybe a little less. But But if something is really dull and boring, like how to build your list like that's just kindergarten copyrighting like anyone can think of that, Just remove it, Scrap it, replace it with something. You OK? So that was your little tutorial on bullets. Let's move on to number 12 Scarcity. Okay, this is no Teoh, right? No, Teoh is short for a one time offer in case you're not familiar with that. So if it is a true one time offer, that means that they're never going to be able to see this again, or they're never going to be able to get this again at this specific price. The great thing about haute CEOs like you can call it a no till or an up sell, usually an up sell. They might be able to see it again. O t o implies that it's just one time. Okay, that's the differentiation between those two words or phrases. In case you wanted to know. OK, so if it is a true o t. O. It naturally has built in scarcity when it comes to creating the offer and, you know, creating the cells materials. But you have to inject that in their someone's not going to know that if they're not in the marketing, they don't understand it. Like, you know, maybe I do. Or maybe you do if you're studying cells, letters and stuff, so you got to inject that enter. So keep in mind, this is actually a one time offer, and you'll never get another chance to invest in this, especially at a deep discount, just by saying something like that is really gonna help with their conversions cause scarcity drives so much sales. I've seen it time and time and time again, especially with launches. The best part of launches air always the beginning and always the end. Why? Because the big beginning you have the early bird. Hey, the early bird ends in two hours. Everyone rushes in and buys because the price doubles after that and then at the close, it's either the price is going to double again or this is getting completely taken off the market. You're never gonna be able to buy it again. Holy crap. Either have to buy it now or I miss out forever. Okay, that's the power of scarcity. So when you can inject that, you don't need to go crazy. What? You could have a timer on and as well if you want, but inject scarcity, let them know they will never see this again. Or let them know that if they dio, they're gonna have to pay double. Okay, I like doing that with Webinars. Hey, if you want to get this now, 500 bucks if you want to wait, that's completely cool. It's gonna be $1000 though. And don't go emailing support, saying you want to discount. Just because you missed often didn't take action. They'll give you that 9 97 with no problem. But keep in mind, okay? That's scarcely for you. Works very well. I highly recommend it when you use it. Honestly, Okay. If you go to like the launch scene, I can't tell you how many products I see where you go to the page, and it's like offer closes in five minutes, you refresh it and It's like offer closes in five minutes. You come back in the day. Offer closes in five minutes. Come on, man. Get riel anyway. 13 Price drop. Kind of joking around you. You won't even have to pay a $1,000,000 price drops, Although they sound extremely cheesy. And for someone who, like doesn't like selling I'm not saying I do, but I know a lot of people are kind of uncomfortable with selling. This sounds like the ultimate car salesman. Like trick. Like, you know, you won't even have to pay $10,000. You won't even have to pay five. You know, you've seen it before, right? Where they they start up really high, they build the value and see, you won't have to pay all that. But I can't tell you how much this helps. I got this from Russell Bronson. I use it a lot in my webinars. He calls it the stack where you keep stacking the price, building up everything they're going to be getting on. Then price dropping at the end. And he basically said the same thing when he teaches it to a lot of people in the beginning , it sounds so cheesy kind of sounds cheap or whatever, but the fact of the matter it works so well that if you've seen the difference between using and not using it, you would never go back to not using it if that makes sense. So when it comes to this, you want to build up your value, it doesn't have to be super huge, you know, like in a value of getting these leather seats and a Bugatti would normally be well, think about it. If you have four seats, I don't even know how many seats that maybe they have five. Maybe they got, like, seven in the back like it's a truck. Who knows? Maybe they're hauling a truck and you get more seats. I don't know about cars. I'm not big in the cars and throwing. Read them stuff out there. But if you're getting leather seats, you know that could cost you. Since their custom tailor made the cutting edge. Not only would you have to actually go out that you have to find someone who can create those, and since we're the only one with the proprietary creation of the leather seats, whatever you'd probably have to spend at least an extra 100 k Okay, but since you're a valued customer, you won't have to spend $100. Spend 50 or 25. You can actually get four leather seats for a grand total of 10-K Extra. Okay. And when they buy new Bugatti Lamborghini, that's a drop in the bucket. How much? Orlando's nowadays 304 100 K right? That's only gonna cost. I'm sure an upset would probably be a little more, but I'm just showing you an example here. So if they just invested or spent 400,000 10,000 extra isn't gonna be a big deal for the most fire. Okay? Normally, Europe's owes don't want to be that big of a gap. Okay, I have noticed a little bit higher on the up sell usually works well. If you sell like a $47 course and you do like a $10 Upsell, you're going to get, like, a 70% conversion. You're gonna get really high numbers. That doesn't mean it's worth doing. Okay, if you do the math like a 70% conversion on like a $10 product, compared to like a I don't know. Ah, 40% conversion on like a $50 product. I don't know if the top of my head, but many times the one that's higher with a little less convergence, is going to actually make you more money in the long run to keep that in mind. That's something that tests out as well. But that's the price drop. A lot of things going on there. Let's move on a number 14. All right, Number 14. Crazy Guarantee. This is something I talked about a lot because I love doing this, and I used to do a lot of conditional guarantees where you'll get your money back 100% every penny destroys to at least tried. And I was getting a lot of people who weren't trying at all. They were just like, pissed off, give you money and they're like saying, You tricked me. I'm like how they trick you Look at the refund guarantee. It's on the sales letter. It's in the bottom of every single page. It was really annoying. So for the most part, I caught that and I just do a crazy guarantee and I have fun with it so you can get your money back regardless of it. Doesn't matter. Like I put in a bottom right here. You can get a refund even your for goldfish jumps out of its fish tank. You get a refund if your TV on turn on. I don't call that crazy, but I kind of go overboard when it comes to like about the chorus hike. If you don't like the red on this course, if you don't like the red of the crazy guarantee if you don't like the way I number this if you don't like the way I segment it, if you don't like how fast I talk if you don't like how I mess up every now and then just simply send our friendly support team an email on the refund you and they'll even give you a virtual high five and ah, yeah, something along the lines of that make it crazy. Make it so there's like, a little risk is possible for the purchase. Okay, because what I've noticed that if you start selling like higher price products and you do conditional guarantees, a lot of times people don't have the trust in themselves that they're actually gonna follow through. And because of that, it can really hurt your conversions. Okay, I've seen that before. So crazy guarantees of the way get ago. Yes. You're gonna get cereal re funders. It's, like, literally impossible to stop. But I recommend doing the crazy guarantee it's gonna be a lot easier for you. A lot less stress. Just expect more people to refund, because that's what people do. 15 limited time offer. How come? Well, this is very similar with scarcity like, Hey, you're never going to see this again. Aside from that, these limited super leather cold seats for your Bugatti are only good to be sold to 10 people in Arizona. So you could be one of the few. Okay, remember we talked about like when I was coming to cars, Let's say, like a Bugatti or Ferrari or Lambo. That's all about status. OK, so you could actually inject some status into this and say, Hey, look, we only have 10 of these seats available for the, you know, people who buy Bugattis in Arizona, so that's a way of being a part of a very select few. Okay, it's kind of like the MasterCard Black or Visa Black. I forgot which one It is where you're part of a select club that only a few other people can join, or only there a few other people can be a part of. Because it's such a limit, Limited time offer a limited time opportunity. That's the limited time offer for you. Number 16 C t A. Because it's always good to remind. Go ahead and click that add the carpet and down below. Okay, While we're on this topic, let me ah, just kind of give you one of the best golden nuggets I can give you when it comes to up cells. Back when I first started, I was doing PayPal. I remember the back end of my funnel. My entire cells phone between the cells letter, the squeeze page, testing multiple pages. The up sells the flow of it had around 75 different steps. Okay, that literally took me around the week of non stop work. Plus, I had to go in, integrate all the PayPal buttons at the going in. Oh, my God. It was just a mess. So much work. Then click funnels came out and all that only took probably a day max. But most importantly, it allowed me to incorporate one click up cells that can literally change anyone's business overnight because the conversions just sore. All they have to do is click a bun, and it gets added to their, you know, to their purchase immediately. How cool is that? So that's one thing I highly recommend when it comes to, you know, see th, which is why it brought me up having an ad the carbon, where they just click at once. Boom immediately added. They get charged, you get the money. So if you're going to be doing that, make sure you put like a little like no under the add to cart button dislike. Just simply click this button once, and you will be instantly built something along the lines of that. So they know that it's a one click up cell or say, like only click This once are like don't click at multiple times or a lot of times what can happen with a one click up so you click on it and, like the whole screen starts loading where you can't press on anything again. That kind of eliminates double purchases. I've had people with one click up cells who purchased, like, you know, two or three or four times because they kept clicking it. You know what I mean? So even if you have that note there, but I refunded them immediately, and I make sure they were taking care of were very happy about that. So those were kind of, I guess you could say the quote unquote problems that come along with one click up cells. But it could be literally a game changer to your business. I know because I used a lot. I used to use a lot of pay bell and transition to click finals and stripe. I think you can use stripe on its own, like if you have another way of doing it. But I found out about that with click funnels. Very, very helpful, especially to have another payment processor number 17. The add to cart button. All right, kind of talked about this, but I want to bring up that this can be split tested. I know there's the Belcher button. If you google it, it's like one of the most popular. Add the car buttons. You probably seen it before, but there's so many ways of doing at the car buns, you can do one where it says, like the price used to be, you know, like $20,000 it's crossed off. And now, like the price is only $10,000 or you can do one that's just a standard. Add the car or you can do the standard. Add to cart where it has dashes along the edges of it. Or you can do one that says, like immediately add the card. So many ways to split test this. This is something I do recommend you try eventually, but keep that in mind. A lot of great add to cart buns out there. I've seen many split tests were just changing. The add to cart button was like an increase in a few percentage of purchases. That's insane just from changing around and add the carbon. I know you've seen buttons before, like a download now one where it's like you see, and it just makes you want to click it like that's the idea you want to get behind when you're using an at the carbine, the more likely they are to click the button, the more commissions you're gonna make? No, Excuse me. Not commissions, but conversions and profits 18. Sign off. Very easy. Hey, thanks for reading. You know, to your success. You on the other side, picture your mug signature. We don't have to go over this. You get the idea. 19 p. S okay. You do one ps. You can do PPS. You can do. PBP s up to you. What you want to do here? There's a lot of different options. It's kind of like a tool bag of getting more sales. Okay, recap the big benefits. Okay. In case someone kind of skim through it. That's kind of the idea of the PS. Just in case they skipped through. Hey, just in case you missed that, want to let you know he's going to be the extremely rare limited edition leather seats that you can't get anywhere else. And if you pass up on this offer, you'll never get it again. Plus, now that we have one buyer, there's only nine left out of 10. So these they're extremely limited edition, but you're getting a $10,000 discount right now is to go ahead by and now that's kind of a recap. Okay, Canosa, recap Degrees. You guarantee you can recap the price increase. How? If you don't buy it now, it's gonna cost double down the road. And you can also recap the scarcity. A lot of things that I just mentioned. A lot of stuff can go into your PS. That's something you can split test. I wouldn't go insane with it. As there's other better features, like the headline, maybe the add to cart button, but just a grab bag of ideas for your PS. Last but not least, are you have the No thanks, Link. OK, what? I like to call the Don't be dumb closed, But don't be.