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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Packaging for Clothing Brands

teacher avatar Yaswanth Nukasani, Founder & CEO of

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction to Packaging

    • 2. Cost of Packaging

    • 3. Prep Store Ship

    • 4. Getting Stickers for Your Brand

    • 5. Prep: The First Step

    • 6. Guide to Packaging Suppliers

    • 7. Storage: The Second Step

    • 8. Shipping: The Final Step

    • 9. Thank You

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About This Class

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Packaging for Clothing Brands

In the culinary world, there's a saying that people eat with their eyes. Beautiful-looking food makes people not only want to consume the food but also to believe that the food actually tastes better. In marketing, this shows that product packaging is ultra important. Having a memorable presentation affects perception, and will keep customers returning again and again.

1. Why is Packaging so Important
2. How Much Does Packaging Cost?
3. Prep, Store, Ship!
4. Utilizing Stickers
5. Design Your Own Stickers
6. Sticker Manufacturer Recommendation
7. Clear Polybagging
8. String Hang Tag Holders
9. Plastic Hang Tag Holders
10. Hang Tag Manufacturing
11. Make Your Own Hang Tags
12. Size Stickers
13. Organizing Different Sizes into Boxes
14. Shipping Label Options: Paper vs. Thermal Labels
15. Buy Tape in Bulk
16. Shipping: Eco-Friendly Mailers
17. Shipping: Creative Mailers
18. Creative Options: AliExpress
19. Packaging Your Clothing from Start to Finish EXAMPLE
20. Box Mailers
21. Packaging Supplier: Uline
22. Packaging Supplier: Paper Mart
23. Get Started

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Yaswanth Nukasani

Founder & CEO of


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1. Introduction to Packaging: Alright, guys. So welcome to this course on packaging for clothing brands. So in this course, I'm going to try to give you examples of how I've used packaging in the past. What I currently use, uh, how to create packaging, What kind of suppliers And, um, all the other good stuff that's involved in creating packaging for your clothing brand. So the story that I have a small story that I want to share with you So it's me on the left hand side here, depending on how you're sitting, but on the right hand side, One of my friends, his name is Johnny and in particular Johnny Cupcakes. So Johnny has built a tremendous clothing brand, I think almost have, like, $250,000 on Instagram. They've been in business for wild and they have a store in Boston On it is a very established clothing brand. Has been, you know, he's done worker like Disney. Um, you know, has been on Ted X like a Ted talk and his good friend. And also I got the chance to meet him and one of the things which I've noticed that you know, and everyone noticed about Johnny cupcakes. The brand is how their packaging, how they take their packaging. So importantly, though, and the crazy thing is, these built such a loyalty with the brand early. There's 2000 plus people around the world that have the Johnny Cupcakes logo tattooed on their bodies. One of the great things about what Johnny Cupcakes does, what their brand is. They're very serious about packaging their whole store. Actually, it's like, Ah, it's a T shirt store where they sell the Johnny Cupcakes merch. But the thing is, the whole store is designed to look and feel like a bakery. And, um, you know, as you can see here, there's even images on the right hand side where they have, like those little doughnut munchkin boxes, and they put all their shirts in there and they sell their shirts with great packaging. They've done a design with like, I think, frosting, and they've actually delivered it in frosting can, um and you can see, like the APA Johnny A T shirt on the lower right hand side. And it goes to tell how packaging stuff like this makes such an important um, distinction. When it comes to their brand on There's dead. They're definitely a premium brand. Their T shirts, you know, they sell out very quickly, and they sell them for pretty high prices. It's definitely worth researching like Johnny as, um, built something super super cool here. And when I met him. This is also something that he talks about very passionately packaging. 2. Cost of Packaging: So you're like, Okay, I'm sold. I totally agree. I need to have great packaging for my brand. I want to get started. But the only thing I wait about is how much does it cost? How much does it cost to actually have great packaging? And this answer might irritate you a little bit, but basically, it's a smudge as little as you want it to. If you want to do what my friend Johnny cupcakes did with his packaging, it can be very expensive. They they literally have ovens on the wall in their store. Um, you know, which have t shirts in them. So to build something like that to buy vans like they didn't change the co outside like, um, they wrapped the vans with Johnny cupcakes, like, you know, stuff like that. So to do something like that would be very expensive, but the point here is there can be a middle in the middle. Is that, um you know, there is there gonna be a middle? Um, point, you don't have to completely cheap out on it, or you don't have to completely go overboard and spend like Justus. Much owes it on the merch. So now we're gonna dive into a couple options that you have and basically, how I do packaging, and I hope it inspires you to do something creative. 3. Prep Store Ship: So there's, like the remain purposes of packaging, and in this course we're gonna stick to these three. There could be really do something more than this. But for the purpose of this course and for clothing brands in particular, I want to talk. There's a three part step process, at least with how I do my packaging, and the 1st 1 is to prep it. Ah, it's to get ready for, um, storage. That means that, you know, have the hang tag is ready. Put it into a nice, like, presentable cover so that, you know, it's easy to store and it's already is ready to go. A soon as the order comes in, it's ready to put in present in front of your customers. And the 3rd 1 this shipping. So what kind of packaging? I mean, what kind of like mailers do use boxes shipping labels on and even for prepped like, where do you get hang tags made though all of this is what we're gonna cover next, We're going to do it in this sequence. Prep, store and ship 4. Getting Stickers for Your Brand: So the first part of prep it's something that is stickers, right? If you wanted you stickers for your clothing ran either to put on top of the clear bags that you want to store your T shirts and to send your customers or you want to give out some stickers or you want to keep some stickers in the order package like when you're shipping for your e commerce orders. Um, you know, you can create very cool stickers with your brand logo. Um, like this that you see here, Um, and just for the record, if you're wondering what these air called these air called die cut stickers, So D I E t u t the die cut stickers and you can get you know, your own artwork done. And you can create your own like stickers that have unique shapes and unique colors. And it can be a great form of advertising and marketing for your brand that can be fairly inexpensive. So the two places that I recommend, um, and actually, I forgot to add one in here, which I think honestly is the best. Um, is this, uh, in cold? Ah, the sticker guy. If you're looking for simple colors. If you want crazy amount of colors, that might not be the best, but the sticker guy does like screen printed stickers. Um, and you can get like 250 stickers for 18 bucks or something. It's one color eso if you want high quality stickers that are like outdoor purposes, that might be your guy. But the two that I used So I used got print and all sticker printing or my colored stickers eso for like my full color stickers. And the reason there's many other people that you can use for stickers. But this is just too that I found work well for, um, you know, for the purposes of giving them away or slapping them on toe boxes while shipping. I found that these to work pretty well 5. Prep: The First Step: So now that you you know now that we covered the stickers part on a dive directly into prep , which kind of the stickers were part of. But the first thing it is once you have your T shirts or hoodies made to make sure that they don't like, you know, catch any smells or they don't get stained while they're in storage and you're waiting for your orders to come through. One thing I like to always do is have clear poly bags around my shirts because I don't like to lead them in boxes. Um, and you know, when an order comes, I don't wanna be pulling them out. And it's just I don't find that very hopeful or professional because the shirts end up getting wrinkled and getting lint on them. You know, you need to up. We need to up like the service and the experience that our customer gets just like they would get when they buy it from Nike. Um, so you want to order these? This is what I order specifically the crystal clear self seal poly bags. Um, and I order the 12 by 15 size, Um, and this usually helps because you can or like you can use them for, um, he sure it's all you can use them for, like, cookies or crew next. Ah, but I just get mine off eBay, and it's this is what it's called. Um, you know, you get 600 bags, that's 35 bucks, Um, and so usually like 12 by 15 works great. And you can sometimes if you don't get the self seal. What happens is you need a poly sealer, which is like a little, um, it's like a little heating element which basically warms up the bag and seals it. But usually this should work pretty well. Another thing is, as you've seen earlier in this course, if you want to do something like, uh, hang tags which basically, you know, when you buy anything at the store, it has the price tag on it, Um, or, you know, just a picture of the company's logo. Ah, one option that you have is to use a plastic hang tag holder. So, um, what the plastic hang tag holder allows you to do is it allows you to, um, you basically puncture a hole in your T shirt or whatever it is, and it allows you to attach the hang tag with this tag onto the shirt. It allows you to create a kind of like that plastic loop or wire that you see when you're buying clothes. So this is the tagging on. It's like 10 bucks. Um, but, you know, I have used this in the past. It worked fine. It worked great. But one thing that I really liked recently that I've started doing is started using these, like hang tag faster. Um, using safety pins and basically a Z you can see right down here. This goes into the hang tag, and you can just, like, kind of, ah, just put like a safety pin. And that's your and tag. I found that this looks more elegant. Um, it's just nicer. I don't know. I like it because I don't like having the plastic look, but this is what I use. It's a hang tag. Pastner get 1000 pieces. It's like 17 bucks and you can just attach your tags like this. The third option that you have, I mean, at least No, not for yes. So the first option that you have to get your actual hang tags made is you can make your own tags. I've done this before, and you can buy card stock like, you know, ah, role of card stock. And you can basically, if you have a printer at home, you can run the card stuck through the printer. And, you know, if you have your own design, you can print it. Um, however I use got print dot com. I like to have them professionally cut my tags. Eso it looks all uniform, and I personally just like to have them do it. I don't make my own tags anymore, but it's a great place to start. You know, you don't have to go out and spend money on it. Ah, but I think that it's a good investment. You can get some made for like, 20 bucks. It really just increases your brand value when your customers receive your clothing. So, um, the last piece of thing to prep your clothing Rand Ah, to prep your clothes to be ready for storage is your size stickers. So when you have your poly bags right and they're sealed in these bags and they have the hang tag on them and you know the the right there, Ready? And you put them in the bag, they're sealed. The problem is, if you don't have size stickers on the bag, you are often going to be confused on what's the design actually is in your in your ah, you know what the design is inside, cause if it's full did you might not see that time, But you also won't be able to see the size of most times. So I think getting like the size stickers to slap on to you your poly bags is a worthwhile investment. Um, and again, this is just something that you can pick up on. 6. Guide to Packaging Suppliers: So the last thing I'm gonna leave you with which I think would be very that this, I think, is gonna be very helpful for you. It's to know a couple packaging suppliers, and these are the people I buy from. The first thing as you've seen throughout this presentation, is I've used various different sellers on eBay. Um, you know, And the reason is, if you're just starting out like usually buying like 200 bags or 1000 hang tag passengers should be enough for you and you know they have It's pretty fair prices. I buying them like pretty bare. And I'm not buying 2000 different 2000 mailers on buying 200. I think it's pretty fair. It's good if you want to buy in smaller quantities and paper prices, but on the flip side, if you want us, you know by huge quantities and you want the lowest price possible, you line is your way to go. You line cells in humongous quantities for, you know, shipping supplies, like if you want shrink wrap or tape and boxes there. Are there a true wholesaler? They were to be to be if you want the lowest prices and brand new products and stuff like that. It's great as you grow, but it can eat up a lot of cash up front if you are a smaller brand. Eso I use you line for times when I need a ton of packaging supplies because they have the best prices Usually, Um, but, you know, ah, the the amount of packaging that you would literally get from them is insane because they sell in cases. Um, another one is if you want to get even more creative, you can use paper marked paper. Mart has a ton of options And, um, you know, if you want, like, more colors or you want ah, you know, certain types of bags. I've used paper more before for some, like other creative packaging. And when I see creative packaging, I mean, like different colors and something that's not like, you know, your typical boring stuff because they have, like, even it's just so cool. You should check them out on, and they have, like, colored paper for packaging and different kinds of bags, and, um, it see if the price is air pretty good. So that is the three suppliers I do recommend, um, and it's totally up to you to take it from what you think here, Um, and this pretty much wraps up our course. I think we've covered Ah, a wide variety of topics here. And I think this should have gave you a little bit of an idea on packaging. Um, and you know, just some options that you have to get started. So But with that said, I mean, the only thing that is left is for you to really just dive in and get started. Um, with this packaging stuff and it is pretty important, it can be pretty irritating or nerve racking, but it can be a worthwhile investment for you. Um, and if you have any questions, feel free to cook. Connect with me on instagram. It's at yas Want New Cassani, Y S w A and th and U. K s A and I. It's just my name. I'll try to answer any questions that you haven't liked it feel for you to say something kind below with Other than that, um, I will see you in the next course. There's like a bunch of different courses that have recently been making on clothing brands , a packaging screen, printing embroidery. So definitely check, learn, and I hope this adds value to you. 7. Storage: The Second Step: So now that you have all of your ah packaging ready and it's sealed in a poly bag and now you're wondering All right, great. Now where do I store all 200 of these T shirts? Well, there's multiple ways you can do it. What I like to do is I like Teoh, especially with the depending depending on the quantity that your order, like, you know, when we're usually ordering like 304 100 shirts. What I like to do is I like to have a separate cardboard box for each color and each design , and I like Teoh just, you know, have them separate in each little box. So that way, when I when when the order comes, like I know exactly what's in that box, what color and what size. So I just use cardboard boxes. You can use whatever, and it definitely does change based on how much quantity you're working 8. Shipping: The Final Step: so now to dive into the shipping component, There's a couple of options that you have. So you might have seen these before when your order something on Amazon. This is, uh, this is usually on the top of a box, so the thing that you can do is you can either use a paper label so literally you just print through your ink jet printer, your shipping label through inkjet printer. Or you can get what's called a thermal label. This is for companies that do high volume orders. When you're starting, you probably do not need a thermal printer. Depending, I mean, maybe, uh, But the thing is, you by the you can buy these rules and you feed them into your own thermal label printer. Ah, and it's specifically just sits there all day printing labels. Um, but the thing is, if you just, you know, if you're just starting out and you don't want to shell out money for these two things, you can literally just use eight by 11 piece of paper and use your normal inkjet printer at home. You print your shipping label, you can cut it out, and you can just use tape to fix it onto the top of your package. Another thing that is that has come in handy for me is to keep ah to own a shipping tape dispenser. So that's this thing right here. So you're not like it's very clean. You can just, like, pull the tape and you can tape this thing and go You're not fiddling with, like, you know, a roll of tape and tryingto Well, it often stuff like that. So this usually is a good investment if you plan on selling a lot and shipping a lot of orders. And of course, I like to buy all my shipping tape and broke on eBay or wherever. That has a good deal. Eso This way. You're not buying tape at a post office for like, $6 a roll, which is, I think, how much they sell it for, Um, the next option is once you have your thing, you know, in a clear poly bag. Unfortunately, you can't ship it like that, Um, because it will tear and I'll get dirty during, um, you know the transport from wherever you are to wherever your customers. So one thing that works great for clothing brands is, Ah, Polly mailers, because clothing it could be pushed. And it can be like you. It's not like it's not like this thing right here where it has a particular shape. So I like to use Polly mailers like I get Big Polly Miller's for, like, hoodies and crew next, when people are ordering, like, two or three pieces. Um, you know? But then I also order smaller Polly Miller's for, like, two T shirt orders or won T shirt or three T shirt orders. You can pick these up for super cheap and basically these things air like indestructible. Once you take off this little seal, that's right here and you push that forward and you stick it to the top right here. Your package is not coming out unless you like. Take a scissor and you cut it, which is when your customer receives that they're just gonna cut the package. So this often is a great, inexpensive way for you to package and ship your orders, because boxes can sometimes get pretty expensive. Another thing that might help, if you want a you know, a few. You were inspired by the Johnny cupcakes thing. Ah, Johnny cupcakes brand like that. I explained earlier. Ah, one thing you won't want to check out is going on Ali Express and investing into these little, um, It doesn't have to be like there's so many things on all the express, like investing into these little, many gifts that you can put into your packages to give to your customer When you ship them , they're super inexpensive. Like, you know, there's marbles that you can send. There's a lapel pin. Maybe you can give that to your best customers and using all the express, it's like you can get one for, like, 50 cents. Um, it helps, um, Teoh amplify the experience that your customers will have when the interact with your brand and the couple of things is box mailers, which is something you can think about as you start growing, mainly because ah, box mailers or like they look really neat. But the thing is, they're expensive. So when I'm just when you're starting out this this is an option for you. If you can pick these up for what you think is a good deal, I mean, definitely go for it. Um, but I always do recommend Polly mailers when starting out. You just you don't have to like this might be, like, $2. You buy one of these. But Polly mailers air literally 15 cents. So you know, it's up to you, and it adds up, especially the more quantity you go, and you might want to just reinvest into, um I mean, yes, you can. You might want to just reinvest into other areas. So another thing is, if you're selling huge quantities, which is a great problem toe have you can just go toe like Wal Mart and buy regular cardboard boxes Or if you're doing wholesale, um, this might be something that might work for you. 9. Thank You: Alright guys. So that is pretty much it. Um You know, I wish you all the best in starting your Etsy shop. And I just wanted to leave you guys with a few ways for you to connect with me. If that's something you want to let me know what you thought This is my INSTAGRAM account. It is Yas want New Cassani. I know that it's hard to bell, but it's why a SW and th and then my last name. New Cassani. Um and you can find me on instagram shoot me a message and I do put out a lot of content on other platforms like YouTube at youtube dot com slash mindset of abundance. I know that you are all is different, but yeah, you can find me up at, um my instead of abundance or searching my name on YouTube. I share a bunch of different things like health and well for young people and whoever really wants to take charge of their life and, um, all different things I'm doing, Andi, Hopefully I'll continue to keep making skill share courses. I'm having a lot of fun doing it, Um, and also the last way is the podcast is were also on Spotify iTunes. You know, if you want to listen to podcast, give us a listen Let me know what you think you know The best way to connect with me is instagram or Twitter at why New Cassani my last name or, you know, feel free to leave a comment on this show notes. And hopefully I did a great job. I really hope this is useful. And I hope I wish you guys all the best. And I hope that you really take action on def. You have any questions at all? I'm more than happy to help. Um, you know, I'll leave my contact info in the course description. But one more ask from you guys is if you found this useful and, you know, coming from a place of abundance, if you guys want to leave a review, I'd really appreciate it. Um, I know a lot of people hopefully will find this useful, and hopefully this changes someone's life. So with that Ah, thank you for giving me the privilege to share with you what I know about the etc. Game. Um he's out