The Ultimate Secret to Add watermark or Logo & Optimizing Images Professionally in photoshop | Harsh Vardhan | Skillshare

The Ultimate Secret to Add watermark or Logo & Optimizing Images Professionally in photoshop

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

The Ultimate Secret to Add watermark or Logo & Optimizing Images Professionally in photoshop

Harsh Vardhan, Photography Photoshop After Effects Premier Pro

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2 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Promo-Intro to The Ultimate Secret to Watermark & Optimize Images Professionally

    • 2. The Ultimate secret to watermark & optimize images professionally in photoshop

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About This Class

Welcome to the Class!

The Ultimate Secret to Add watermark or Logo & Optimizing Images professionally in photoshop

In this Class you will Learn:-

  • How to Place Water Mark or ?
  • How to Place Your Logo on Images Professionally in Photoshop?
  • How to Optimise your Images for the Web to share in Adobe Photoshop?
  • And, All this wth Just 1 Click or 1 Shortcut Keyboard Command
  • Beside this, You will also Learn How to Create Action in Adobe Photoshop?


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Harsh Vardhan

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1. Promo-Intro to The Ultimate Secret to Watermark & Optimize Images Professionally : 2. The Ultimate secret to watermark & optimize images professionally in photoshop : welcome toe this lecture. In this lecture, you will learn how to place your watermark or logo on your amazes very easily and professionally. So let's get started for this purpose. You need to have one watermark or local off yours. Like for this case I have this one on. It should be saved in PNG. And what is the use off PNG? Because if you are saving it as a PNG, then it doesn't have this white background. Though it appears as a white background, but it is actually are transparent beings. If I Okay, so if you are creating something like if you create a logo, let me just quickly do it for you. Let me create a new document. All right, on create a new file on select Next, and I the text used the black color. Or let's choose the greater okay and light down my water mark. Okay. And press enter. Now, what will You will turn off this white background because we want this watermark or logo to be transparent. Ok, so now what we are supposed to do, we are going to the image and select trim because we want to trim this transparent pixels. We don't want that much off heavy fines for this purpose. So what we'll do, we'll select transparent pixels. You want to remove all these on select all these dog left bottom right and press OK? And after that, it will dream away all the unnecessary part off this image or this logo. And now we need to save it as a PNG file, because that way it will keep its transparency. So we'll go to the file select export hand, select SE forward. If you're using previous version of the photo shop than 2015 then it would be over here, Auntie. Okay, but after new new update, they have blazed it over here. So export and save for them on now. From here we can select PNG 24 which is the highest quality, and now we'll save it and will save it like my watermark safe. Okay, I already saved it. So that's why I've opted for a place. Okay, so now, once it is done with no longer needed, so we'll close it down, okay? And now will open an image to which we want to apply the less effect or this watermark toe . So if this is my image and now what will go will create our action for this. Now what will go will go toe file and select place embedded or place linked Over here on will browse that file or the watermark which we have just created like this one on if you want, you can resize it from here also on drag it anywhere you like and press enter okay and our water markets placed But that takes too much of time But we want it to be done in just one single click. So what we can do we need to create on an action for that. So let's turn it off and select this background layer on goto the actions. If it is not over here, then go to the windows and select action. And now, first of all, Creator folder over here and rename it my watermark Local it sector Okay, you can learn rename it anything you want And now let's create one action by clicking this face like I could on you can rename it place my local okay on the court and it has started recording, as you can see over here Now what we're supposed to do, we will again go to the file on select place, embedded or place linked. Okay, on will choose. This pile will open up if you want, we can resize it. But for this workers, there is no need to resize it and click and drag it toe the favorite location and press enter. And once it is done now, we'll go to the file. Select export and export for where? Because we want to share this image on social media on instagram Facebook. Twitter. So for that bubbles, we need a smaller size. So save it for, uh or four web. So from this drop down menu, select the J pack. Okay, on dog equality toe 55%. You can choose anything you want and you can see at the moment it is showing us the our final output MB or decides off this image That is two point for B one and B Okay. And if I drag it toe 100% you can see the size would change on that size would be It's processing 11.29 MP on. We don't want that much heavy fight to share on the social media because that will take lots of time, So reduce it to 50 or 35%. Okay, let's make it 50% on. This is the final resolution off the image. But we don't want that much off resolution, so I normally do it or keep it to 20%. So let me just type in 20% on moment. I'll type it. It will resize itself, but and height. So now you can see the final size off. This image would be 1 35.7 kb. Okay. And now press A and choose the location where you want to save this on, you can rename it, all right? And whatever you're going to rename it, it would be ended toe that fight, all right? Or I would suggest, Do not rename it okay on breast save. And now just close it. And it would ask, Do we want to save this image and we'll say no. Okay. And now you need to stop this action, and this is very important. It will not stop this. Then it is going to record anything you will do in the photo show. Okay, So after stopping our action is ready. Now what we are supposed to do let's apply the same effect on this image. So let's open this image in quarter shop. And now Well, just like this play button and it put Apply this local. Okay, let me show you. Where is it? On. You can see this local or watermark has been placed over here. Okay. And ah, this was I implied earlier. Since this local is a great color on, that's why you are not able to see it clearly. But you can make it proper. If you have a local which works properly, then you can do that also. And now let me show you one more thing. We can add a shortcut. Keeper commando This action also so that we'll just press that short cut keyboard common. And it would be done. Okay, so if I just double click it and it would open up this dialogue box, we can rename it if you want. Oh, and we can choose the function key. So for this workers let me choose after a and plus shift. Okay? Or you can choose control. Also press okay on after that. After this, you will see the shortcut. Keyboard command appears over here. Now, if I open some another image, okay? And no. Instead, off pressing that play button, I will just use the shortcut keyboard. Come on. Shift at three. On the moment. I'll do this. You can see it has gone and it has bean. The same has been applied over here on this is the watermark. As you can see, it appears over. And now we can easily shit. So thank you so much. This is how we can easily create watermark action and we can place it faster and professionally.