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The Ultimate SEO Keyword Research Tutorial for 2020

teacher avatar Emerson Tarley Ierardi, Your next door SEO expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction to SEO Keyword Research

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Keyword Research Criteria

    • 3. Lesson 2a- Find Money Keywords

    • 4. Lesson 2b - Find Informative Keywords

    • 5. Lesson 3 - Find LSI

    • 6. Bonus - Free Keyword Research Tools

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About This Class

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My On-Page SEO Class On Skillshare:

- Work With Me: [email protected]

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This class was created to help every website owners find the best keywords to target for their site.

Inside the training, you will learn how to find money keywords, informative keywords, and LSI plus I will also show you how to spy your competitors and use what you discover at your advantage.

To attend the class you don't need any SEO knowledge because I'll teach you everything you need to know in a simple and easy to understand way.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emerson Tarley Ierardi

Your next door SEO expert



my name is Emerson and in the past two years I have been working non-stop in the SEO industry learning and witnessing all the changes that happened, now I want to share everything that I know with everybody who wants to learn about SEO.

That's why all my classes are designed for beginners but also an experienced webmaster may learn something new and interesting from them.

If you have any questions or need help with something feel free to send me a message and I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can, if instead, you want to work directly with me send me an email explaining your problem and if  we are a good fit I'll gladly work with you.

[email protected]


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1. Introduction to SEO Keyword Research: Hi. My name is Anderson and I want one call you inside. These training about S Yoki were research. You have to know that Cuba research is probably one off the most important part off every s your strategy because it's basically the structure off your website. You is the first thing that you will do. And if you do it wrong, you are Ah, you decrease your probably probability off success. Now let me show you. We shot a different type of key words that you can find. We have the head or body keywords which usually are made between one and three words. They have high volume off monthly search off monthly searches and they usually also have. I've competition. On the other hand, we have long tail keywords which are keywords that usually four plus worth. Obviously they have low volume, but they are so low competition. So inside this training, we're going to focus on how to find long, take yours and how to create a cure strategy around them. But now I want to show you exactly why long thing keywords are better than head or body keywords. In fact, as you can see on these grafter on this graph, usually a say. The head or body he wants have higher monthly searches, but they also have lower conversion rate, while long turkey would have less monthly search volume. But they have higher convention rate because the usual is deeper in the funnel. Plus, as you can see there, 70% off Google searches on long tail keywords. In fact, there are more long tail keywords, then body you had keywords. In fact, every here 15 off Google searches have never be never being done before. It means that every here around every day Sorry, one out off. Seven Key war, which is type on Google, is new and has never bean type before. And in 99% of the cases, that's a long think. He will and is already say the longest. The curies, the I s conversion rates are okay Now let me show you why long keywords are better. A. So you can see if, for example, we try to target the keyword how to train for a 20 kilometers marital. This giver alone is only 250 monthly searches. But targeting this key were we also rank for other keyword other related keywords like, for example, 20 kilometer Martin training or waste to train for a 20 kilometers marital. I trained for a marathon how to prepare for a 20 kilometre marathon so targeting that long turkey where we were also ran for all those related keywords. And if our traffic provision was off around 250 monthly searches ranking for all those related key work way, we could possibly also get, for example, 750 monthly searches. Okay, so now that it's clear why long tail keywords are better, let me show you what you will learn. Insider training. So, first of all, we will learn how to find money keywords. He was, for example, best product for or product A versus product. Be best brother under X amount of dollars. Those are called morning keyword, because when the user typed them, the user as a buyer intent, so is looking to buy something. And, for example, if you do affiliate market, if you do affiliate marketing sorry, we then we will learn how to find informative keyword. Those are holders keyword, where the user is not looking to buy something, but is looking for information, for example, how to clean my room, what to do when it is raining outside? Why My dog is barking. As you can see, the user is only looking for information. Then I will show you how to find Ellis I for content creation. L s I r Latin semantic in vaccine. Those are secondary keyword that they will put in sound our articles to make them more relevant in the ice off Google. And in the last lesson, it's Obama's. I will show you some freaky were research tool that you can start using without spending a single dollar Now, before I end is less. So. Don't forget to download your freak your research template. You find the leaking that description so following these training at the end that you will have a complete keyword research strategy in place. Then check out my other courses. In fact, we, of course, is about off page on page and technical issue and last thing. If you want to work directly with me on your website, feel free to send the animal toe, Emerson that here are the at Gmail that come and the tell me, which is your situation. And if I can help you, I would rather eat the witness. So for this first lesson about the issue, Cuba research is everything to you in the next one where we're going to talk about this, your criteria. 2. Lesson 1 - Keyword Research Criteria: Hi, guys. Welcome toe Lesson number one. We're gonna talk about cures criteria. In fact, every say in the previous lesson our goal is to find the long take yours, but not how long. Take he was hard the same. In fact, we don't look for low competition kills. It means that almost nobody covered that topic. That the top it was mainly covered by small niche Web site and the content that they created in short and non helpful. Okay, So to find this low competition keywords once we tied them on Google, we have toe analyze the syrup and we have to look for page relevance, website authority and Finn or pull content. So let's start with page relevance. Now, as you can see in this example, if I type on Google Best trawler for newborn twins and the results off Google, our best roller off 2019 best rollers for new bar Best trawler for free years old twins Best roller for single mother. As you can see, the reason a specific page about my query and Google is simply showing me the most relevant results according to him. So if I type that query and the results after our does. This is a really good sign because it means that nobody is already covered the topic on Google. Then we look at the website authority on the syrup in factor. There are mainly free type off website that we with type off results that we can find in the sap. We have user generated content like, for example, quarter or foreign post whereas more Nish Website and and we're big authority website since we're looking for are low competition keywords, we hope to find user generated content or small niche website because those results are easier toe outrank then the last criteria is looking for Finn or poor content. In fact, as you can see in this graph, the average the first results on Google on average as 2000 words. So if analyzing the various website, we find that the content are really short. Just by writing something longer and something more healthful, we will have a higher chance toe are rank them Okay, So to recap the free criteria that we look for our page relevance, website authority and fear or poor content. But don't worry. In the next lesson, I will show you live How to find the money and informative key Or so if we if you have any adopt or something isn't clear, Don't worry. In the next lesson, you will see me doing it live now, before closing. Don't forget to don't know my freaking For a search template, you find the link in the description. So during this course you will be able to follow me and create your personalized keywords strategy. So, for this lesson is everything. See you in the next one where we will find morning and informative key work Life on Scream . 3. Lesson 2a- Find Money Keywords: Hi, guys. Welcome to this third lesson off our training program about s Yoki will research so thes lesson would be divided into part in the part a the 1st 1 We're gonna find the money cures while in part B I will show you how to find informative keywords. So, as you can see, the the software that I'm using is a trap, Sir, is the software that I use on a daily basis and that I suggest if you want going on their website, they're doing our promotion where you can get the seven days for $7. So if you currently don't use this software, you can get this promotion. Just toe complete your keyword research. So without ah losing more time, let's start. So for thes example, I decided to choose the fishing, Misha. So we're gonna find some money. He worked for the fishing knish. Now let me start by being real, so okay, which is something that you can buy related to the fishing niche. Now, those are all the information about the single key warriors. But we need all the keywords that's contained the war reels. So click here on having same terms And as you can see, there are almost 80,000 keywords that contained the warriors. Now, since we only want the money key work, let's type here best. So I want that a traps show me only the keywords that contain the war reels and work best. And so they are almost 5000. Now let's order them starting from the least amount off search volume. And as you can see here, we have a least off long, all long tail keywords with buyer intent behind them. Now what we have to do is find ones with the lowest competition. Okay, so let's start with this one. Best long casting speed Neary's 400 100. So let's see. So it is the syrup for these key work. As you can see all these websites, they are the main keywords. That they're targeting is best meaning reels under 100. So they are quite relevant, but not totally, because the user is looking for long castor spinning reels, and as you can see, no one's off. These results include the words long casting inside their titles, so we may assume that the re space okay, and probably it's correct now, before we go on, I want to point that when I'm looking for money keywords. Usually I don't want to compete with anybody, Okay? Because you've really window out this type of article. The Bester people write the, like, 3000 4000 or even 5000 words article, and I don't want to compete with them. Okay, So when I'm looking for more Nikki, or try to find the key words that that ah, the tab, Um, search volume and there is almost no competition. It means that almost nobody is targeting directly. The keywords and Google show only relevance results, but not the results that are on point. So, as you can see here we have the space because no one is actually targeting long casting, long Castor spinning Greer's. But since I want to know if there is, if there is actually some search volume, we have to go on Google. And then let's see if the auto suggestion tool show me that key were OK. Long cast spinning reels for as you can see under 100 doesn't appear. So it means that the search volume is too low in this case in for this cure, the re space you call write an article. But in my opinion, the reason Enough search volume But another things that we can do once we look at this serpent is to get the, um, URAS off some competitors website. So if you just started a brain in website you should consider is our direct competitors every website that there's are domain rating off under 20. Okay, so for example, this one is perfect. So a copy is your are imported here in our competitors. The deer was nine domain rating. Now there was the results of these one. Okay. And there is also these one Perfect. So just from free competitors, don't worry. In the next lesson, I will show you how to use them at your advantage. Now let's look for another Ma Nikki were. So let me see. Okay, this one best fishing line for saltwater spinning reels again. As you can see, these are long. Take yours. Which is really specific. Ok, now let's give a look at the serpent. Okay? So as you can see in the surf, there is Acto actually. Just were results. We talking about salt water, okay, or the other? Results are talking about the fishing lines in general. And in fact, as you can see in the top key work So the cure that is bringing the most traffic toe those pages, as you can see here, only these one contains saltwater and is actually getting quite a bit of traffic. Okay, so in this case, we have a key words that is not actually covered. Okay, because just one results. Talking about saltwater. Now let's track on Google again if there is actually volume for this keyword. Okay, So best fishing line for some water spinning reels here we have. So this key were actually has quite a bit of volume because remember, if Google is suggesting this to you, it means that trust me, it means that more than 10 people per month are looking for it. Okay, so this is a good key, were no, Let's grab it. And the is already told you I'm not looking at my, um, competitors because they are, as we have seen, the air actually targeting different keywords, they're not really competing against me. While in while while sorry, when we will find the informative cure, I will look really well at my competition. I would give a look at their pages at their content to understand if we can beat them. OK, But in this case, actually, they're not competing with us. They're just the They're just the results that Google things are more relevant to these query. Okay, now let's see if you find another key words. Best spinning race for eyes fishing. Okay, let's give a look again. Um, I don't know if you know it, but in there are different typos reels. Okay, the in this case, the user is looking for speeding real Soaries that actually speed that move. And a so you can see all these results talk about yes, about fishy and ice fishing reels. But no one is actually focusing on spinning reels beside these Forum Foster. Okay, so the fact that no one is really relevant to the query and there is also a foreign post on the first page of Google these show me that there is actually spaced rank in this key work . But now let's track again on Google. If there is actually volume, if we should persuade this key were okay. So best spinning Reince for Let's see, eyes fishing here. This in this case, is seeing What are our curie pleura about? There is not that much difference. As you can see, there is enough search volume. So Google is also suggesting, as this key were perfect. So we just found another interesting keyword. Okay, so those are our morning. He also people is actually looking toe by these these things. And if we rank in that position, we can make money through affiliate offers, and there are also some competitors that we can spy on. Okay, so let's increase our list off competitors. Okay, Perfect. So, as you can see, we just found some, um, money, keyword and also some competitors. Now, if you want to find Marquis or you simply have to do these process over and over again. As you can see, we have a lot off pages to go through. And we have lot off fishing Chester is to looking for Okay. So you can change this. For example, you can type fishing boots, then do the same thing looking for best. And maybe you will find that you were, like, best fishing boats for Ah, uh, Salman fishing now? I don't know, but ah you understand? Um, OK, and if you want, you can also do the opposite. Okay, So for example, instead, don't starting from a traps. You can, for example, do like the type best spinning reels for, And then take all this keyword Put them inside the, um put them inside the ate rice, and then look at the supper and see if you re space for ah, ranking. Okay, so for these lesson about the money keywords is everything. See you in the next one would assure you how to find the informative keyword in how to use your competitors at your advantage. 4. Lesson 2b - Find Informative Keywords: Hi, guys. Welcome to part true off lesson number free. So in this lesson, I'll teach you how to find informative key war and now to use your competitors for your advantage. So, first of four. In the previous lesson, we have found some competitors. Now let's take these one. For example. Bc fish in Jordan dot com and let's go on a traps on the site Explorer function simply based here, the Ural and Click on Search. Now, as you can see here we have on overview off these website, we can see how many organic keywords their ranking for and home much organic traffic they're getting now. If you want to find other competitors, simply go on click here on competing domains and you have a least off other website. They are ranking for the same keywords. So, for example, if you want to find another website that this domain rating under 20 and is getting traffic as you can see fishing to review, we already know these competitors. But, uh, it appears again, let's see if we can find another one like these. One Taylor tackle is You can see them aerating 20 organic traffic 5.5. And if we give a look at the website, Okay, we can see that it's actually on a e commerce website that is using blogging to get traffic . Okay, so we take it is a competitors, Okay? It says the air 25.5. So we can go here. Say they're 20 5.5 k OK, so we just found another competitors now, Uh, what we can also that is really interesting in give its give a look at all the organic keywords that our competitors is ranking for. Because if this website, which is ah, which is low domain rating is able to rank for some keywords, it means that those cure as low competition. And it means that we can also rank for those keywords. Okay, so we are like, we are rivers engineering. Okay, when we look for ah, um, money, he were. We start from the key, we start from a war, and then we find the key work when we're looking for informative key. What? We start from a website, and then we find the key words. Okay, Now, let's only see, um, the key work from position one to position 10 okay. And so is against week. We could we could we can steal. Ah, both money he want from these competitors. In fact is you can see he's also ranking for some interesting key war. And we can also steal informative Cuba. For example, this one I was out of the top a fishing rod for like fishing. These look like a really interesting cure. Long tail. It is 200 as monthly volume. And these website is ranking number four. Let's give a look at this key or Ellen, see if we can outrank him. Okay, so let's see. First of all, we can see that a lot of these those website are actively targeting this key war. Okay, so yeah. So it means that there is a bit of competition and we also find wiki How? Okay, Usually they write good information and you're saying back off the website. So the surplus seems, uh, in the service. Seems to be good website, but let's see if they are on point. That's a double vision. Paul love for bus fishing. Uh, fishing Basie. Okay. To be honest, looking at the titles, it seems that only some of them are on point. Okay. The others are just relevant, but not really one point Now, let's also give a look at the type of content they have produced. It received there really long in that guide that but to be honest yeah, let's give a look. You know, Cuba research is also disease also, you know, analyzing the reason, you know, perfect former. There are some guidelines and then you you have to adopt every time. Okay, so basically like and pawn fishing set up. Okay, So disease. Okay, let's see the content sees it. Seems long about not that much of boars, something like that. This is Wiki. How? Okay, Pretty new content. Okay, because remember, our cure was out of the top of fishing rod for, like, fish. Okay, so it was really specific. Er Okay. How's it up? Okay, Perfect. These one is on point. This is the it seems to be the only article which is really targeting the key war. Okay, let's see how much is thes long. There are not too much images. There is not a table of contents, and the internal and external linking could be improved them. OK, so and fishing Proksa was his domain rating 11. Perfect. So this isn't a new competitor. But maybe we already have is okay. It's already there. Okay, so this is the only website which is okay. Is these website didn't open? We should give for these is completely irrelevant. Okay, Fishing gear for kids. Let's see how long is this piece off content? Okay, let's your look around 1000 words. Okay? Okay. So in my opinion, I think that this could be a good cure and we could rank. And now let me tell you why First of four the only ah, the only page there seems to be really on point is this one from fishing parks? It's on 1000 words article without the images beside the future images without a table of contents. We've poor internal and external linking and I don't know if they also optimized the l s. I inside the article, okay. And the domain rating is not really high. Then we have some results that are irrelevant. Like this one fishing for kids and also this one that is an entire guide about fishing. Basic. Okay, then we have the this week er fishing pole for bus fishing. It's not really exactly what I was looking for, so I will say that we call Rank for this. Give way, have to write. I would say at least 1500 words, but I suggest 2000 words. Good table of content, premium images, good internal and external linking and I think, and using the right Ellis. I also make the article really relevant. Anything that we call, outrank some of the website and end up in the first page and maybe even first. So let's take this key war that, by the way, as you can see, is also a long take iWork. So 200. Okay, so sure. Oh, so okay, now let's see if we can find the some Pena's let's see like these one. How to rig a plastic warm But it seems too short. I'll took your someone eggs another one because I like to find when I'm looking for informative cure. I like to look for the ones that contained words. How? Because usually people tend to click them and to read, because you you're basically creating a tutorial and people that toe the follow through OK , so I like because you get high CTR and then people stay in the page if you have done a good war. Ah, good job. You will also have our low bands rate and people people also visit other pages. So that's why I like the how how to key were okay. So, as you can see, we have a lot off other eternity. But instead of finding another key were using these website, I want to show you another little tricks. So is you is you know, if there is a farm, okay, a foreign post in the first page of Google. It means that there is no competition, because Google doesn't didn't have any, uh, enough relevant results to put the instead off the foreign post. So what we can do is reverse engineer this process. So, for example, I found these, um, these websites that also have our farm Okay, this is their farm. So what? We have to do it simply take the u r l. Okay. Based it inside Explorer. Then look for the organic keywords that the forum is ranking for. And then again, choose the one from position one to position 10. Okay, so now we have a least off all Ah, at least off more than 10,000 keywords that basically have low competition. Because this forum is able to rank between number 10. Position number one in position number 10. Now we want to narrow down. Even for that, we can just look for the how Toki were. Okay. So, for example, this one out to keep Dungeness crab alive, This seems to be another interesting key. Well, let's ever look. Okay, let's update. In the meantime, that's if you can find the something else. Interesting. Stop being from Shaft. Okay, To be honest, I'm not a really in a net expert in the fishing niche, so I don't know what some of those things mean, but if you're an expert in the business, you would find a lot more opportunities. Okay, So Ah, he seems like Okay, let's try again. Okay. Perfect. So we 150 search montri cinch volume and those are the results. So first of all, there is these one about Dungeness crab keeping the engines crab ally, but disease, Those are true form poster. Okay, so we have a serpent with true foreign post, maybe even free freeform post the shoe on point. This one is just about every crab. How long can I wait to cook Freshman crop disease about dangerous? Probably not really on point. Okay. I was booted up. Okay, so this is our really, really weak CERP. Okay? He seems like there are, like, free farm. Maybe. Let's have a look. We have this farm, we can see. I'm no sorry. This is opposed, but it's from 2011. Okay? And it's really sure, because here we have another question. Okay, so the post just these one. Okay. Okay. So you okay, So those are they are directly targeting this key war, OK, But they have really poor content. And even with these short and pure content, they are able to rank. Okay, Lets you look at this one. This is region. Eric. This is like a big guide on how to keep crab alive. So it's ah, it's normally thing showing up, and, you know, Google recognize it as our good sort. It's not really it's not really a point. Okay? It's a good uh, yeah, it's a good guy, but it's not really what the user is looking for. And I also these one keep crying alive and it's really, really short. So I will say that also these one is a good key or that we could target. Okay, so let's go. And I did here when I'm 50 u zero. OK, so as you can see, we find we already found true before, Matt, if he were an A list off for these third lesson is everything. Now you know exactly how to find money key were informative giver and how to find and spy your competitors. Now, in the next lesson, I will show you how to find Ellis I which are secondary cure that we put inside our article to make them even more relevant in the ice off Google. Okay. And to have the opportunity to rank for a lot of other key were in fact, I don't know if you know it, but on average, the first results on Google is also for for a specific keyword is also ranking for around 501,000 holder keywords. Okay, so, Uprooting ls I inside our article not only make it more relevant in the ice of Google, but give us the opportunity to rank for other key yours and he and get that more traffic. So it's something really important that you have to know how to do it. Right? Okay. So see you in the next lesson we learn about L. S I. 5. Lesson 3 - Find LSI : Hi, guys. So welcome to the first lesson off training and where we're going to learn how to find l s . I okay, is you already probably know ls ir secondary cures that we put inside inside our article to make them more relevant in the ice off Gugger and I ever rate ie have already told you these, But, um, the number of results off Google for a specific keyword on average is ranking also for between 500 1000 more keywords and to increase this number off to increase this number of people were to put Telus I inside our article, okay, to optimize it. Now let me show you how we can do it. So let's let's grab one of the key word that we found the during our keyword research. Let's put it inside a traps. Now what we have to do is to look at the organic key work that the each off the page on the first page of Google is ranking for. Okay, so we put the key were here than we scroll down. We get to the 1st 5 results and then we simply let's see. And then we look at the organic key war. Okay, off each one off them, you see? So here we have released off related key work. Then we simply take them. And we typed them here so we can put key war buff in the first sentence inside the H two or H H free title or Bolden inside the text. Basically. Ah, the more the keyword is relevant, and also as search volume, the more you have to give it importance. Okay, So you have to put put it inside on a chew or a niche free title, or in this case, in the first scientist. Okay. For example, these one throat fishing set up is a good That is true. Okay, let me so let me Sorry, because we we have to I might have to be honest. I'm not an expert in the field outside that are relevant to the main key. Where? I don't know exactly. Ah, what? Everything means eso But But you know, I want to show you the concept. What you have to do. Then you can modify basically in your niche based on the key work. So for example Ah, As I was saying, fruit fishing set up will be a good eighth. True. And then he and we have bust fishing set up. Okay. Also, these one could be another. Good, True. So, as you can see, we're building the structure off our A off our article based around relevant keywords. Okay. And these trust me will increase the number off rankings that you get and how fast your rank. Okay, but examples of these one fishing pole set up like this, this will be this will be bold it inside the fax. Okay, These leg fishing rigs and maybe a freshwater fishing. Sit up. Okay, so this this could be the structure off our article. Obviously, the longer the articles, the more ls I you can put things inside it usually a sweet spot is between seven and 12. I will say, OK, and we can do the same also with the other key work. Simply, we simply booty there. We give a look at the top five results, and we look at which key word there ranking for Okay. It's a pretty simple to be honest, but it's ah essential. What is them for? Keeping crops alive. Cool. Being good for the first sentence because it's really relevant. Store life crap off these one here. Or maybe even better. We can do this since if there's more search volume Okay, then we have, um let's say Let's see. Um um, say so, keeping crops alive. Okay? I have already found that it is one store like props overnight. This is really good. Okay. Okay. So I hope you understand the concept behind the ls I you know, it's ah, it's always other to do things like, you know, because most recording But when you do it, you know when your own with your time, you can really scraped the best key were structure your article in Ah, in the best way. So for these lesson about Ellis, I is everything. I hope that everything is clear. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I will reply to you I will try toe help you in every way possible. Because I like when people understand how to look. You will research because it is already say, this is the really the structure of your website. If you do this correct, everything else is, you know, downhill on the other side If you do, it is wrong that you were really struggled. Toe Do everything else basically. Okay, So for these life's and you never feel see you in the next one Where is the bombs? I will show you free. Different free keyword research tool that you can start using. Okay. 6. Bonus - Free Keyword Research Tools: Hi, guys. Welcome to the last last summer Off these read occurs about keyword research. So busy is a Bono's like son. In fact, I will show you free, different keyword research tool that you can almost completely for free. So the 1st 1 is the one that you're seeing right now, and it's called the answer the public. So the stool is really interesting because basically, it show us all the, um, Google suggestion results. But let me give you an example. So, for let's say that we're looking for or the keywords related toe best reason. Okay, so we type by three, sir. And as you can see Okay, lets wait a couple seconds. Okay. You have our results. So, uh, here we have all the keywords that contained by threats. Okay, what's the best deals with the business for truck fishing? Those are all questions. Sorry. These are all questions that contains the key work. Best reels. Okay, then we have the ones we've proposition. So for example, best reels for jigging. Best this for feeder fishing, best trees or pike fishing. Okay, so the stool give us a lot of different suggestion for our key work. one things that you could do is take all these least off key work the to take that you get from answer the public and then copy them inside the h rifs and analyze them. OK, so you can use the this true, um, software together. Okay. And here you can see, we also have the comparison best catfish reels and roads cry. So you have a lot of different expiration. Okay? And so this is the first tour the 2nd 1 is called Uber suggested the stool were recently both by Neil Patel. And these basically, um, he were search tool, completely fleeing. So again, let's fight best race. Let's type search. Okay. As you can see, we have the search running the difficulty and the CPC. This is the overview off the key word. We can find some interest being keywords idea. Okay, here we can zoom even more. And if we type a different key were we can also see the serpent. And, you know, we have the estimate monthly visitors, the number off links. Okay, so it's it's pretty interesting. And we can also have content ideas. These basically show us the content that are assured the most on social media that contains our keywords. Okay, so if you want to make, let's say, a viral poster, we can give a look here and decide which is the topic that is being shared the most. Okay, now Ah, the stool also have the you can also analyze. Analyze domain. So, for example, we can take one off our competitors like these one, and we can type here toe. Analyze him. Okay. These will give us a little information. We can see the organic traffic. Sorry, the organ keywords. Here we have the organic monthly traffic, the number of back clings kind, so we can also use this tool to study our competitors. And we have the numbers off keywords in position 12 free, free 10 11 to 15. And so on. Here you have the pages. That is, that they're bringing the, um, the most visitors. So the top pages, and here we have the some of the best keywords. Okay, so you a So you can see, you can analyze our competitors and see all the aspect off his website. So this is a really good tool. If you don't have the money to go for a tracks, same Russia or other tools. And the last tool that I want to show you is Google trends. Okay, disease. Particularly good. When, for example, you're choosing which needs toe Go going toe. Okay, So for example, let's say that you don't know if you want toe. Um, if you want to create the our website about fishing or a website about hunting, for example. Okay, you can see you could compare them. Let's say the last five years and you can see that they are both seasonal keywords, so they they have up and down. But that fishing is likely. Fishing is likely, um, more popular, as you can see. And you can also see that they are Ah, inverse. So the fishing season is the low hunting season, okay? And that the opposite is also true. So using Google trends, you can see how people is. Ah, you know, which is the user the user intent we could say ah, regard that the particular nation. Okay, so those are the freaky weren't all that I highly suggest you start using, especially if you already have already have eight drafts. I highly suggest that you start using Google trends because it may help you, Aziz said Choose the right nation. Maybe an inch that season seasonal and the It's also in a upward trend. Okay, so this was the last lesson off my s. Yoki were a search training. I hope the now you're able to find the monarchy were informative if he were an l. A sign without any difficult. And, um, if you want toe, ask any questions, feel free to do so. And if you want to work directly with me on your website, don't on your project. Simply right. Animal here and the This is my email address. Write an email here and I will reply you. And if we are, you know you're were compatible and I can actually help you. I gladly do so So for these video calls is everything. Ah, see you in the next one by