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The Ultimate Remarketing Ads Masterclass - Retargeting Customers for More ROI

teacher avatar Bryan Guerra, I Help People Start Home Businesses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 52m)
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About This Class

Face It. Your Ads Suck.

It's not your fault. Mine did too.


But, that's a good thing! That means there's SOOO much room for improvement.


The reason?


You're sending them to the wrong people.


Sure, you might be targeting well, picking all the right demographics, and really hitting the right interest groups. many sales are you getting?


What if you were only spending money on Ads that were going DIRECTLY to customers you already knew were interested in your products, had been to your website, and were ALREADY FAMILIAR with your Business?


Your conversion rates would be much higher.

Your ad spend would be much lower.

And your sales would be much much higher.


If you want to learn how to achieve this result (yes ANYONE can), Enroll today.

Meet Your Teacher

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Bryan Guerra

I Help People Start Home Businesses


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1. 1: Welcome to the course, guys. I'm gonna be your instructor, Brian, today we're gonna talk about the ultimate adds re marketing course and we're also gonna talk about a little bit of email here and email marketing combined with that, because the way that I'm going to teach it to you, it kind of goes hand in hand. So it's the perfect kind of introductory method, you know, to email Marketing combined with retargeting with the purpose of this entire course is it doesn't matter what your selling if that's e commerce. If you're trying to drive traffic to a potential you know, website for you know, whatever your purposes, if you're selling anything online or if you're just trying to drive people to come into your brick and mortar store, all this can this knowledge and strategy that I'm gonna teach you with ads targeting here and obviously email marketing combined is applicable to any business across the board. So take this overall knowledge and apply it to your business. And obviously you have any questions throughout this, then feel free to either shoot me an email to Brian. That's Bryan with a Y at BG Media innovation dot com or simply message me on the platform and drop a question on the course, and I'd love to answer that for you. The whole purpose of this essentially is a lot of people in. This is something we're gonna talk about, a lot more in depth and some electrics to come. But a lot more people on minor hopping on and doing advertising now. But a lot of people lose their money, and the reason for that is a lot of them, so to speak, without to put it basically simply, a lot of people are basically throwing shit at a wall and seeing if it sticks and reality is, you're gonna lose a lot of money that way. And the old ad strategy methods. When there weren't that many people online targeting advertising, it worked a little bit back then even it's still don't work that well. But it worked a little bit back because your competition was so low. But now the fact that everybody's on advertising platforms like AdWords like being at it's like, you know, Facebook ads, obviously, any of the ad platforms across the board Google display networks, you know there's a lot more competition there. And so this old strategies are just gonna completely waste your money. So it's important and more important than ever to understand how to put your stuff in front of your whatever you're selling your you know, in front of the customers that are more inclined to want to purchase that and be interested in the products and services that you are providing. So it's vital, vital, vital here at the end of 2018 obviously moving into the 2019 to understand these methods and be able to implement them. And that is the overall goal. This course I'm not just gonna give you a bunch of ideas here. I'm actually hopped on my computer as well. Show you physically how I implement these and how you can as well. And we're also gonna talk about a little bit of email marketing and give you an introductory kind of email marketing overall mindsets so that you can kind of integrate that with your business, too. But it's important to understand re marketing, obviously, because that will allow you to really figure out who your customer base is, who your target customer is, who your target demographic is, and then build a relationship with that customer and follow them around the Internet. It's a little bit more advancing that, but that's just the overall goal. But this is just the introductory, you know, blacks your guys. And I kind of wanted to touch on the overall business model so that you know what you're learning here. When we jump into this course, I'm excited to bring you this knowledge wearing a jump in and talk about it all in depth here in the coming lectures. But I just want to welcome you to the course, and obviously, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 2. 2: Alright, guys, we're gonna jump a little bit more in depth just into the overall business model here. We're gonna talk about retargeting in a nutshell, and email marketing. Now, why are these both important? And why are they important to combine with your business? Well, retargeting, obviously is gonna 10 next year are same with email marketing. It's gonna 10 x return on your investment. The reason for that is it allows you to stay in front of the customer, build a relationship with the customer and really kind of developed that report that trust with the customer. And as we know to basically sell anything effectively, you need trust. You need report and you need respect from that potential customer. You could be the worst salesman in the world. You can have the worst product, the worst service. But if you have trust, respect and report with your customer, you won't even really need that that big of a sales pitch. And that's the most important thing. You could do that with retargeting. Build that email marketing both because you can stay in front of that customer. And like I said, build a relationship. So if you don't understand that. And, you know, the overall strategy is totally fine. I'm gonna teach you not just what retargeting is and not one pixel is, and also what even marketing is. We're jumping all that. I show you my email sequence, a good example of one that you can run so that you can better understand this. I also have an entire email marketing course. It's called a complete guide email marketing. It should be out route that we soon, however, the retargeting is what the main focus of this course is because it's the most important for you to basically start up, in my opinion, so retard is what we're gonna focus on right here. Even marking will be a little bit skewed on the side because it's good to kind of combine that knowledge when we get into landing pages here in a seven landing page course. But that's a little bit beyond scope. This video so pixel, what is a pixel and why is it related to retardant? Well, retarding, obviously no allows you to follow your customer around the Internet. How do you identify that customer is well, use a pixel. Have you install picks on going to show you that all the pics will stop here in the coming elections. But just to give you the overview of what a pixel actually is and how it relates to re marketing. Well, let's say hypothetically, this is your website. This is the landing page for your website. Maybe that's your home page. Whatever. This is your website. Maybe you're just running simple landing page Request emails, whatever. Doesn't matter. Whatever your website is, where your landing page is. This is the example. Take it and tailor to your business specifically. So this is your website? Obviously. Maybe you have some copy here. Maybe you have an email submit. Whatever it is, doesn't matter What is a pixel? While a pixel is simply a code or piece of software that you install on your website to basically collect data about the visitors to that site. So why is that important for re marketing? Well, if you install your pixel, we're just gonna pretend that this is the pixel and it's obviously in the background of your site. Customers that come can't see your pixel. It's just a piece of code that sits on your website that you install that collects data about your customers so that you can retarget them later on AdWords on Facebook. And that is important because you already know that these people are inclined to want your service. They've been to your site, so they're obviously more interested in that type of niche product or service. They are they have. You have the trust, respect and reported them to a certain degree. And you've already built a relationship with them because they know who you are. They have been to your website. Thus they're more inclined to come back to your website in the future and purchase, right. That's why it's important to install pixel and to re target with your ad. So we're gonna talk about pixels a lot here today, and we're also gonna talk a lot about pixels a lot. In this course. The reason that they're important is because to keep it simply, they track all your customer visitor, all your visitors and your customers data so that you can a collect that data and then use it in your ads later to make a bigger return on your investment. When you go to sell them on your products, and your services. It's that simple. And with that being said now, we touched on what pixel actually is. We're gonna jump into a little bit more in depth about how to set it up and strategies moving forward. 3. 3: All right, guys. Now I'm gonna teach you here really fast. You know, the brief overview of how to install your pixel? This is obviously the most important thing when you're initially starting because you're gonna need to start getting the data on your pixel. However, if you don't do this before you watch the end of the course, it's totally fine. There's a lot of great value. You can always do this at the end of the course as well. It's not the biggest deal. The most important thing here to understand is that you're gonna want to understand that you're gonna have to attach a pixel to the code spot in your Web builders. So I'm gonna give you an overall view off. You know how I would go about to it and that going about doing it, how I would go about doing it cheese on, then. Obviously, you can take that mold that now I was gonna create an entire tutorial on how to do this. But then I slowly realized that there are only a few landing page Softwares and a few website builders that I use, and there are literally hundreds out there, so I use wicks for my main website, Bijie Media Innovation. So this is a wicks integrated site. So I'm running traffic to this specific website. Obviously Then I tracked with I. I used the track tracking pics on Facebook and also use the tracking pixel and the retardant pixel for, you know, Google admits there the same basic overall set up. But if you come here, you know to if you're from your business manager, if you click on this thing up here and you go to all your tools and simply go to pixels, it'll take you to this Page two. And it's really, really easy with Facebook. It's a little bit more difficult with AdWords. So with Facebook, you just click this right here, depending on what your adwords account or what your ad account is. Sorry on Facebook, you just start setting your view. Your set of instructions and what it will eventually do is give you a code to post in your software and walking through everything. It also ask, You know what? What you're using are using Shopify are using this are using that. I've done a video on this in the past, and I'll actually put it at the very end of this video because I think it will be beneficial for you. However, I'm not gonna walk you through every single one because it could literally take hours. There's so many different landing put page Softwares and for me specifically, if I'm on wicks on the back end of my website builder, there's a thing called marketing integrations where I simply paste that code. It's really simple. You'll see here Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, same thing. So that's basically that and not show. I'm gonna drop that video that I've done in the past at the end of this video, it really, really helps explain that. As for AdWords, AdWords is a little bit more difficult. It's super, super simple. Don't get me wrong, but it's harder to explain how to do that one each. The website builders. So, like I said, I'm gonna drop the end of the Facebook ones on this at the end of this actual video for AdWords, I just recommend that you call AdWords their super super helpful, and if you call AdWords the walking through the process and they actually screen mirror with you so they'll hop on your computer basically from their remote location and install it for you. It's that simple. So I recommend that you do that rather than me create a three hour tutorial of how to actually do that on all the different website builders and landing pages that you could potentially dio. It would take me forever. So I just recommend, you know, hop on a 10 to 15 minute call with AdWords. They're really, really helpful. And their overall goal is to get that set up for you. So they're gonna do everything in their power to really help you out really fast. And like I said, they'll be able to walk you through it like that. The Lasky What your website builder is what your land gauge voter is. Ask you and show you You know where to get your code and where to exactly put it. And it can't take more than 15 then than 5 to 15 minutes. It's super super simple, super super simple stuff. But like I said, I'm not gonna spend a three hour, you know, tutorial walking you through that because it would just waste everybody's time. So call AdWords very, very simple, but you have to do that to the end of this course, hopping to the next lecture. There's a lot, a lot, a lot to learn in this course, phenomenal information. With that being said, the next, I'm gonna drop the video that will help you for Facebook on installing your Facebook pics. So after this? All right, guys, here we are. Oh, my business manager. Now, this is one of my accounts that Eireann You can have multiple ad accounts, and I'm gonna show you exactly how to get your targeting pixel and set it up. Now, here we are in business, manage. Like I said, you're gonna come over to all tools and then go to pixels. That's gonna take you over here to pixels and you're gonna create your pixel. Then just like any of them, it's gonna run you through the exact process. So you're gonna create your pixel, and then it's gonna walk you through how to set it up. So I'm using specifically here. I'm using Facebook, you know, business manager and I'm also using Wicks. And I'm using one of my old websites that I don't use anymore my social media marketing original website that I don't you know, obviously, you know, have a premium account for anymore. However, it's relatively the same across platform, so you can use the same thing on AdWords in Milwaukee through. There's obviously the integration manager here, and it's the same on pretty much any site builder, any landing page, so there's multiple ways that you can essentially do it. You can obviously manual install yourself, which is relatively easy. You can if you have a developer or somebody running your site, you can email the instruction to them, but you're watching this. So chances are that is not you. And you also see that you can use the integration tag manager here, which works with all of these. So it does work wicks that work to skip squarespace. You know, Google tag, blue commerce, big commerce, magenta. There's a 1,000,000 of them Shopify, and it really will walk you through how to set it up yourself. It's very, very easy. So I'm gonna click that, and then you're gonna basically choose what it is. So I'm gonna go with Wix, and then it's gonna walk you through exactly what to do so long in your works account and manage website from the left. May tracking and analytics. New tools set up Facebook. So you're gonna go into settings? Ah, Wheat. Going to manage your website? Sorry. Go down into It's been a minute since I've done this tracking and analytics. Then you're going to add a new tool and your see here that's gonna let you do all of these . You're gonna want to add a new tool. Obviously, I'm not premium, so I can't add the pixel. But typically, if you're a premium site or you're running Shopify or something, you're just gonna add a new tool and then click on Wish everyone that it's so if it's the Google AdWords pixel, you put it in there. It's the Facebook pics of which is what we're going through. You're putting it here. It's that simple. And obviously, as you continue to click, continue it's gonna walk you through, and it's gonna give you your pixel, I d. And you're simply going to copy it in. You're gonna paste it into this thing once you open this up and boom, you're pixel is installed Now, I went through that relatively fast. It was really, really easy and really, really quick. But like I said, it doesn't matter if you're using Wicks Shopify. If you're using AdWords, if you're using any of these platforms that they have a walk through manager that will do it for you, it's literally that simple. 4. 4: All right, guys. Now, I just should you have a set the pixels up essentially on AdWords and Facebook in that lecture. Previously before that, we actually talked about what a pixel is and why it's important for you to understand pixel and retargeting. So the use that and your ads now we're gonna talk about it, might be asking you, sitting there saying, OK, that's great. I installed my pixel. But now how do I get people to hop on my pixel? How do I acquire the data? Well, the answer that so that is you have to drive traffic to your site initially so that you can then collect amateur pixel. So here's your site again. It's an example. You can see this is your beautiful sight. This is a assist. Your site right here. It's, you know, obviously, just it could be your landing page for your home page is justified In general, your pixel collects everything. You said that properly, properly, like I showed you. And obviously this represents the pixel running in the background, collecting the data of the visitors and the potential customers that you're thus going to retarget later with your acts so the way that you drive traffic the way that you acquire visitor information for your pixel for re marketing is you drive initial traffic there first before you try to make the sale's. Obviously you make sail here or here or there. That's phenomenal. That's great. But the original. And that's something we'll get into more in depth later on. When I talk about strategies in the last five lectures, the Lap before the last Malagasy the conclusion and like that, you know the overview of the whole course in a nutshell. But the four last actual lectures will be strategies, really in depth strategies that I use that are my favorite strategies to really kind of utilize all the knowledge from this course. And it's going to be probably like 14 lectures long and really implement that with your ad strategy. So without getting too to in depth and confusing you right away, what you're basically do first of your skin to drive traffic, put it simply without getting through a depth of it. So there are two ways, obviously, to drive traffic. You have your paid traffic first and foremost, which comes in the form of advertising. We're gonna talk about that here in a second. But let's pretend that you don't have money to spend on ads initially, and you want to drive some free traffic to your website, which the majority of people starting out do Totally understandable. Good thing for you. I've been building my business for the last 2 to 3 years, and I understand a lot of the free traffic methods as well. We're not just talking about as in this course. So to give you an overview of some of the example free traffic methods that you can use to track to your website that's collecting the information for your pixel. We're going over a couple here in a second. But obviously there are a 1,000,000 different free methods and their nothing's actually free without getting too beyond the scope of this video. But you're obviously gonna trade a lot of your sweat equity and time for these free methods . When I'm saying free, I just mean you're not spending money on ads. So one of my favourite and actually probably my favorite is YouTube video. So you can take this and tailor this to whatever you want and the great part about this is if you do you to. It'll also collected on your YouTube pixel later, and that's something in your AdWords pixel. That's something we talked about a little bit later, as add on to the end of this course. So here we go. YouTube. Let's say, hypothetically, you're in a real estate. Well, in real estate, obviously, you can go ahead and say your real estate in the Philadelphia area on local to Philadelphia So this would just be a random example. Obviously, take this and Taylor, whatever it ISS well, in real estate, you could simply go out and make YouTube videos on the top. You know, real estate locations in Philadelphia that are up and coming. And what then what you're gonna do is obviously anybody that comes to that video is more inclined to be interested in purchasing real estate. Were interested in potentially purchasing real estate in the Philadelphia area in the future, and YouTube's goal. It's the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the first biggest our attention in the world, Google. YouTube's biggest goal is to put your content in front of people that are already more inclined to want it. That's the whole thing that we're gonna talk about with real with remarking later on. So you can you utilize the second biggest search engine in the world. YouTube, too. Use what it already knows about all these customers. It knows everything about you knows everything about me. It was everything about everybody, literally, just like Facebook does. And that tracks everything that they do so you can utilize YouTube to your advantage. Let's say you get 1000 views on a video. Let's even say you get 10 years on a video. That's 10 more people that you literally no are more inclined to want to purchase in the Philadelphia area Now, hypothetically, let's say you're drop shipping, maybe Ridge optioning pet products as another example, and we're gonna run through these fast here and second. But let's say you're dropped from pet rocks. You could make a video and obviously take this and you make multiple videos. Taylor to whatever your business is. Yeah, let's hear Chapter being pet products you could make a video on, you know, five things that your pet doesn't know that are harmful work. I think that your five things of your pet doesn't know five things that you don't know about that your five things that you're doing in your everyday life that harms air Pet that you don't know about Boom. Obviously you do is gonna put that more in front of people that probably own pets. You are more inclined to like that video because YouTube main goal is to keep people in the search engines so that it can show them or ads. So you're utilizing the second biggest search engine with all of that data on other people to put your content and suggested in front of video other people that are more inclined then everybody that watches that video. Obviously you can link in your description and say you're interested in an in depth article about this. I put it on, I put it on this site, go check it out. Some descriptions that simple. I was to take that and Taylor towards real estate, that that's what you're into. But more importantly, we're gonna talk about this a little bit more in depth. It's gonna hop on your YouTube pixel, too, but that's a little beyond the scope of this video right here. So you could drive free traffic to your website by linking and description of YouTube videos 100% free. Obviously you're just trading your time to create the YouTube video and they won't be crazy . My YouTube videos, even to this day, I've been making them for about a little over a year now. They're still not phenomenal, But you don't need to be perfect to start. You do need to start to be perfect s yet another great one. You can rank a website. You can rank your website obviously in search engine. You know s e s a little bit. It's I've talked about for a long, long time. But for the purpose of this economic rent use S E o. You know, there are stairs apse on your website. Depending on where you're creating your upside that help us young, you can also hiring consulting agency a lot of different things. Email lists, email list. If you have an email list, blast at your email list, drive the traffic to a landing page, use a free offer to get them there, and then obviously you can collect them on your pixel so that you follow them around with your retard against later social media. So social media can link in your Facebook groups. Shout out, you know, to your friends. And obviously, if anybody visits your website, you're gonna come on pixel. If you have an instagram page for your business when they get in the instagram bio, you know if you have a Twitter, get on your Twitter or tweet out that you're giving something away free on your website, drive people to your website. It's free. It's easy to one of the best methods to Facebook groups. Another great, great method there. I'm sure there's a Facebook group tailored around anything that you're interested in. So for me specifically, I used to sell a lot different baseball things online with my shop I store and also you sell, sell our whiskey things. So I was involved in whiskey Facebook groups like all over the place. I was also involved in, like baseball niche whiskey groups and a lot of people in those baseball groups on Facebook . Baseball needs whiskey groups, I think I just said baseball groups, A lot of people that were involved in those baseball baseball groups on mine were obviously within the United States. A lot of them. And, you know, we're like parents of kids that had, you know, that played baseball, thus would be more inclined to want to purchase bats or gloves or anything like that. So I kind of ingratiated myself into those Facebook groups. And then I would drop links suggesting different things that I've found subtly, obviously that might, you know, might be interested. Interesting, too, that might say, like, Oh, I just bought this for my cousin or something like that. It is really cool if you wanna check it out. Subtle, subtle, subtle. You don't just want to go on, stand your legs and these going them. Ingratiate yourself in them because you can utilize them to get free traffic to your website and sell things later, thus collecting and monitor pixel and you know a little bit more in depth into your email list, too. So that's another great what method that you can use to drive free traffic to your website forums. Same basic thing. There are a 1,000,000 different forms all over the Internet. Join a foreign based around the niche or product or service that you're selling, that you're interested in and Subreddit, same overall goal. So these last night right here, or just basically about, you know, putting yourself into a group of people online in some former or fashion in some capacity and then obviously ingratiating yourself subtly into that group and then suddenly suggesting different things that they can benefit from to drive that traffic that's already more inclined to like that initial proper service to your website so that you can thus collect them on your pixel so that we can retarget them later. That is free traffic. In a nutshell, because you want to drive traffic to collect the information your pics of correct. Also, the second version or the 1st 1 that we skipped a little bit is advertising. Now, if you don't have money to spend advertising initially to get the track, that's your pixel, so that you re spend money on your advertising and really make a good return on your investment. Later, with your re marketing adds, it's totally fine. I like to do this, and I'm actually give you example of it here, here in a second, but then just work on the free just really treat your sweat equity and your action time to drive free traffic. That's collecting them in your pixel because something we're gonna talk about later, you don't really need that many people on your pick. So 100,000 work because then, once you get a little bit of a couple of people in your pixel with the free methods, you can use Facebook and Google, which are the two biggest ad platforms in the world, to create lookalike audiences that are like the people in your pencil. So it's really, really great. You don't need that many. I don't want to spend money on ads that you can use the free methods like I said. But if you really want to scale fast and you really, really, really want to just hit the ground running, then I suggest running, running ads, spending about 102 100 bucks initially getting people to your website in your pixel, getting their email by giving away something free. That's something I talked about a lot, my landing page course, and then on top of that will drop that. Didn't you do that on top of that? Obviously you can just eat. It'll be that much faster you have to trade your time and you can really get there in a couple of days. So if you're spending adds obviously of your being ads, you have your Google AdWords and your Facebook ads were not. I don't like being adds personal preference of mind. There's nothing against it. I just personally don't like the that platform like Google, AdWords and Facebook. More so. We're going to focus on Google, AdWords and Facebook here in this particular course. And obviously that's what I like a little bit more and have expertise on. But here's an example. Put it on the screen here in a second off. Just a simple ad. It's a simple, simple Adam. What I dio here is I have Let's pretend that this is my website here for a second. What I dio when I'm driving pain traffic too much to get people too much to my pixel, so I can retarget them later. Like I'm teaching you. Here is what I do is I run an ad on Facebook and Instagram on Facebook and instagram. I also do this sometimes on Google, having doing it lately on Google. Mainly, just do it on Facebook and Instagram. And then what I do is I give away on a landing page on my website. I give away a free drop shipping course, and I'm going to show you here and second examples of this before I close this video out for a simple email submit. So they come to my website. I run an ad that says, Here's a free drop shipping course and the people that are interested in free drop, Of course, obviously, and that's is a little bit different. Beyonce video. Come to my website with my landing page and submit their email in exchange for the free drop. Of course, then I have their email and it also collect their information on my pixel. Right? And so therefore, I'm building my picks also that can target them and retarget them later with the actual ads that are gonna make me my money. That's retargeting. In a nutshell, we're gonna jump into the better business model a little bit more in depth here in the coming lectures were actually jump on my computer so you can not just talk about the overall model, but I can actually show you me doing it so you can learn it, too. But here's two examples of my actual paid ads that are so simple that are just simple, simple, simple simplicity is key here. Tell the people what want I like to call it. Want pepperoni pizza? Get pepperoni pizza. It's Remember that. So if you if you want pepperoni pizza and you drive people to a landing page, you want to give them pepperoni pizza. So if I say free jobs, of course, come get your free jobs. Of course, all that all the copy and all the things on the landing page would say, Here's a free drop shipping course. Submit your email for Fridge option, Of course. Get the free job. Shipping course. What pepperoni pizza get hope. Pepperoni pizza. It's that simple. So that's it. In a nutshell. Like I said, here are two examples. Here's the instagram example of dropping on the screen right now off just a simple example of meat targeting and add to people to get them to my landing page here for my free job, of course, correctly. And here is an example of a Facebook one. They're really, really simple. I'll drop the desktop and the actual mobile version here on the screen. All right, guys. And that is it. That's the overall simplicity of this business model. We're gonna jump a little bit more in depth. I hope you like this lecture. With that being said, we're gonna jump a little bit more in depth into this and we're going home computer a little bit in the coming election this 5. 5: All right, guys. Now we're gonna talk about populating your pixel and why that's important before you actually do, you know, do your audiences or you run your ads or do anything. You do have to populate your pixel. You have to build your audiences. It's okay if you don't know what that means. We're gonna touch on that here briefly in the coming lectures. And I'm actually gonna go in depth on that. How you can actually set it up from my computer, my AdWords account and my Facebook ads Business manager account in lecture 13. So we're gonna go in depth with that. Don't worry. If you don't understand it right now, I do just want to touch on the fact that you do have to do that ahead of time on. Like I said, we're going to jump into that. But I do want to talk to on the capacity of the things that you're gonna be able to do with the retargeting in the re marketing adds once once you kind of get this whole of course, in a nutshell and the entire overview. But I do want to touch on the strategies and kind of you know, teaching you about it before we actually jump into the nitty gritty of how to actually perform these specific things on the computer. So here's an example of the type of custom audiences you can make now, This example on the sniff it from one of my business manager accounts. You see here that you can target all website visitors, you know, and then within a given time period. So sometimes that's 10 days. Sometimes that's 30 days. Sometimes that's 90 days. I like to go 90 days on. It really depends, but, you know, you can really go all the way up to I believe it's 540 days. But obviously the closer somebody or the more recently somebody has has been to your website, the more familiar they're gonna be with your website, your products or services. And like we talked about previously, you're really gonna have that trust, respect and report from them more, you know, in more of an abundance than if they visited it 540 days ago or 360 days ago. So some people like to go to 30 days. I prefer to ghosts 90 days because I believe you know, if you visited somebody in the past three months on nine, you're you're gonna know who they are. You'll be familiar with that company business or service. Then obviously, this is an all special. So like we talked about before, you know, I sell or maybe maybe haven't gotten into that part of the lecture yet. But what I cells in all course bundle. So what I basically do is anybody that took that landing page here. As you can see, you know, I can target those people to know what I can do to is your gun obviously hit people that visited your cart, you know, added something to a cart. All website visitors just in general. You can also target people that have purchased something already. So that would be crucial. Because, like, maybe if I really wanted to run an in depth retargeting ad with something with my pixel later, I could target everybody that visited the all you know bundle landing page but have not purchased. So the way that I would do that is I would target all the people that visited this website audience but exclude all the people that have purchased so that the people that have purchased, you know, maybe a course or my all bundle already Don't get hit with that ad because clearly they've already purchased. Why would I try to sell them again? Makes sense. So that's how you can kind of just give you a broad overview of the capabilities that you can do when you re target, you know, website visitors. Now here's a cape example of capabilities from this obviously YouTube channel. Now this is similar with retargeting and obviously like we talked about previously, The pixel is already installed on your YouTube channel. So that's a little bit beyond the scope of this course. But I just want you to understand the methods behind retargeting and how you can really apply it. Now I have an entire YouTube advertising course was really in depth it now because I have my entire YouTube channel. BG Media innovation are sorry. It's, ah, changing. I changed the name to Brian Garrett TV, so it's not slash BG meaning innovation anymore. It's youtube dot com slash brian Garrett TV, and basically what I do is I can hit people with those similar ads. I'm gonna show you that ad in a landing page when we talk a little bit more about the email marketing in coming lectures, eso that's gonna be important. But like I said, I just want you to understand the broad overview of how you can target with re marketing, because this car's, of course, is based on re marketing. So if you weren't specifically doing your you know, your landing or not, just your landing page, but your website. You could also use a YouTube channel, and a great way to do that would be here. You see similar. So that's this is an example of a look like audience, which is something we'll talk about also in Lecture 13. But on top of that, you can also obviously target. You know, everybody that subscribe to your channel. You can target everybody that subscribe to a similar channel. You can target anybody that's viewed a video from your channel anyone that's like the video from in town. Anyone that's shared a video, anyone's commented. These are just examples. The capabilities are obviously much broader than this, or like the last one I showed you with your website, but it just gives you an example of the certain things that you could do. Retargeting lies when you do install a pixel. And you really kind of understand these strategies and implement them into your business. It really helps you understand why you contended here are I. And more importantly, we're gonna talk in the coming lectures of how you can actually perform those tasks. So I hope you like this lecture was just brought overview of what you can actually dio. And the next lecture, we're gonna jump into driving some of the traffic to your your website so they can collect these people into your actual pixel. You know, whether that's YouTube with free traffic or that's just your overall website in general, so I'll see in the next lecture. 6. 6: All right, guys. And now we're gonna talk about email marking really briefly in next to lecture is now. This is just gonna be the overall kind of concept here because I think it's good to integrate with this method because while you're collecting people on your pics on the run through this all year in a second while you're collecting people here on your pics on your landing page of your website, you can also be collecting their e mails. That's setting them through an email marketing. And obviously I have an entire course on email marketing. It's called a complete guide. Email marketing. It's a phenomenal, phenomenal course that will teach you, you know, basically the overall method behind this and how to set this up and go into depth. I'm just going to be the overall model year because I think it's important for you to understand. You don't have to do this. You don't have to do this by any means for the retarding course, everything that you're learning in this course, you don't need the email marking, but it literally helps the tongue. So if remarking, 10 X is your R Y email marketing is gonna 20 x Here are why, obviously and at that other 10. So it's really, really important to understand. And it's really great to add on here. So enough me blabbering more about how much I love email marketing. Let's jump into it. So here's Atlantic age. Obviously, here's your pixel. Now we already know that people get your landing page. They're gonna collect in your pick. Sold us setting here, sending them over here in your pixel data and collecting them city you can use that picks without up like you set up when you run your advert campaigns when you're on your Facebook campaigns, Okay, But when they also hit the landing page, there are automatically going to go into the pixel. But they haven't you have a chance to collect their email to so me specifically like I showed you before. Here's an example of one of my landing pages that collects for my free jobs, of course. All right, so that's what that looks like now when people come now, I'm gonna use the fridge option, of course, because it's mine, and it's a good example. I give away my free drop. Of course, people knowing full well that if I get people enough value, if I give them free course, actually, given the two free job training courses. But given the course of a given enough value, if I teach them how to make enough money online and teach them enough about marketing and takes him enough about e commerce that eventually it's the law of reciprocity, they're gonna want to potentially come back and pay for my services. I don't have to ask them necessarily for a sale. I know that if I give them on a value, they'll be more inclined to pay for. My services were, you know, they might think, Oh, you know this Brian Garrett guy. He's a cool. He's a cool instructor. He's a good guy. He cares about me, you know, build that trust, that respect in that report with them so that they're more inclined to want to purchase my stuff in the future. I don't necessarily have to ask for, because basically what I'm doing is giving them value. First. It's that, like Gary V basically says jab, jab, jab, then cross. So that's basically what I'm doing here. But you want to collect their email so I'm gonna take you through the email sequence here. In a nutshell. Just give you the brief in a broke broad overview. So let's say hypothetically, you're able to collect their email exchange for whatever you gave them for. It doesn't have to be free course. It could be a free guy. If you're doing real estate in Vancouver, for example, maybe you want to say, you know, the five most up and coming free free guy to the five most up and coming areas in Vancouver you didn't know are going to be booming. And by 2020 I don't know that much about real estate, and I just use that random example of Vancouver. But it doesn't really matter. Take that more to whatever you're doing. Go back to the dog. Example. For example, Maybe you're drops. You encrypt pet products. Maybe you want to give away the free free guide to make, too. I mean to free guy, that Teoh doubling your dog's life. Something like that. Anything. It could be anything. Here it's the key. Here is simplicity to collect that you give them something that they want for free. Give them down first, collect their email, then where their e mails going to go is obviously the emails going to go in. Your email is so in the future you can market them or products in the future. Say you. You know, you pivot and you switch and you stop selling. You know, dog leashes. Maybe you're selling dog food. You can pitch the dog food product. You can send them through another email, seafood you can send them or emails. You can also send them to a different offer, a different page. Anything you're collecting their email toe potentially stay in front of them. Build that relationship with them in the future. If you have YouTube videos and you're still driving free traffic could drop into your YouTube. Es anything doesn't matter. Whatever it is, collect them in your email list. City continuously build that trust and respect a report and that relationship with your customer and you're able to stay in front of them. That's important. More important for this specific model, though you're not just gonna let them in the email us for the future when they submit their email, we're gonna go with your email list, obviously, but they're also going to go into your email auto response sequence. And this is something I'm gonna go into a little bit more in depth in the next lecture, I'm gonna give you an example of my email auto response sequence that I use for my three jobs. Of course, with some decent copy that basically gives him a bunch of value and then sells them on my overall product, which is my own course bundle in this specific example. So I believe I believe that's an $89 product eventually sends them through it like a five or six. We're gonna jump into that in the next lecture a little bit more in depth. But what you're gonna do is we're gonna set this up ahead of time. And obviously, like I said, I have an entire human marking course. I give you the nuts and bolts and step by step model. But just understand that if you send an email auto response sequence up and auto responder up ahead of time, super simple. That way, every single time somebody submits their email, you have a chance to sell them. You know, four or five days in the future, depending on how long your email sequences. So they're gonna come here, Your story, cap. They're gonna come to landing page. They're going to be collected in your pixel so that you can use what I'm teaching you in this course to re market to them in the future. They're also collecting your email list so that you can market them future crocks in the future, stay in front of them and build that relationship with that customer into the years and, you know, maybe decades the cop who knows you're also gonna send that email order response sequence to sell them on whatever you are selling so that you might have multiple crowds made your pitching them multiple rocks. The key isn't to say the Senate through a sequence it says, Buy this product, buy that product. If you don't want that product, let's buy this product. You're gonna give them a bunch of valuing in your email sequence and then pitch them toward the end of that home. When your products with that space is gonna deal is law of reciprocity. You're gonna give them value in a bunch of emails, then pitching on a product that maybe give him a little bit more value, then pick him on another product. And what that's gonna do is a that's gonna build the trust to respect in their poor because you're giving them a bunch of value and information that they're more inclined to want in that email sequence. But on top of that, you're also introducing them to your products so that maybe when you hit them with the retargeting at from your pixel later, later. Excuse me, they are You know what? Your product this So they already know who you are, and you're out of that obscurity, as Grant Cardone would like to say so it's really, really important to send it through an email marketing sequence or in order. Excuse me? An auto response sequence if you can. Not necessary, but it really, really helps. So give an example of an email marking sequence, and obviously I'm gonna give you my my entire 11 of my examples. I have a bunch of them, but one my examples for my free job training course that basically collects when people come to my website, submit their email for my free shop from course in the next lecture but to give you an example in the first in the first order response. Even so, they come down here, your honor, on spawn sequence and right away immediately. And they get the fridge option courses that they submitted their email for. Right? So the 1st 1 is the free drop, of course, Value the 2nd 1 day later goes into their inbox. And maybe that's, you know, basically saying I forget what exactly is we're gonna run through them here in the next lecture. But maybe you're giving them more value in some form or fashion related to drop shipping because you know that they came there for the drop. Of course they're more and find the one drop shipping that in the 3rd 1 might say, OK, you're into drop shipping. But did you know that? You contend X, your drop shipping sales, and I think that's actually something like what mine is. I forget exactly what my sequence says, but did you know that you could 10 at your drop shipping sales related to drop shipping with email marketing, you're completely introducing them to a new concept, kind of like I'm talking to hear about and basically saying. But you know, if you don't know anything about email marketing, here's an entire playlist of videos that I compiled on my YouTube channel that will introduce you to the concept of email marketing so you could make more sales with their drop shipping store. It's related to what they came to hear. First, very, very crucial dropped a big, but it's giving them or value in a different former fashion. And the reason the psychological reason behind that that I'm doing is a little bit. I don't want to get too too much into a but basically giving them value. Then, in the fourth email, I give them more value. You can pitch them. At this point. You conviction that at three, if you want, give him a little value first. And obviously you're even order response sequence can be three emails that can be five emails. It could be 20 emails. Some people have 90 email, email or response sequences. I had to keep my kind of short, and they re market them with my email list back in the future and with my targeted. That's but, uh, just here, I want to get a lot of value. So we're gonna run through this year in the next actual. Let's pretend I give him a little bit more value related to drop shipping or online marketing or e commerce here in the future, or how to make more sales, drop shipping. And then finally, in number five, pitched on the All corresponding I basically say, Hey, and I'll show you actual ad here in a second at the end of my remarking at two in the next video to, uh, of what I actually do when I pitched them. The ofcourse bundle, which is my off correspondent, basically gives him 40 courses for 80. But I believe 80 bucks or maybe 90 bucks. I forget what I actually saw him alive, but it's a great, great deal for them. But I pitched them on my ofcourse Bonal basically say, Listen, not everybody succeeds with drop shipping. If you're if you're if you don't succeed with dropping, that's okay. That's totally fine. It's not your fault. I teach over 100 believe I'm teaching over 130,000 students here on you to me, just here on you, me right now, and all the people that succeed. They don't. And this is I'm not trying to sell you. I'm just giving you the example where I'm selling them. It's 100 sent. Riel is basically telling them here in the 5th 1 pitching them, making going for the sale for the although no, basically saying it's okay if you don't see with 16 drop shipping. I teach 130,000 people and they all don't succeed with same business model. If you don't succeed with drop shipping gets what? There are 39 other potential courses that you could take and you could succeed with one of those. It's true they get a bunch of courses for a great value, but more importantly, I have the opportunity to sell them to, and I'm introducing them to the ofcourse bundle, which is what that's gonna read. I'm gonna advertise them when they re markets and them in the future with my pixel, which is what you're gonna do depending on whatever you're selling. So that's a little bit more in depth. I hope I didn't confuse you with that. You have any questions? Obviously feel free to ask me, but you can also rewind and watch this video again. It should kind of should be able to piece together. But in the next lecture, I'm actually gonna take you through my order response sequence. And at the very end, I'll show you the ad that I use not just to sell them and drive them the landing page. But I'm also going to show you the app that I use, you know, with my re marketing on both YouTube and on Facebook. And on this cramps up. Hope you like. This lecture was jumping an email response sequence and the ads. You get a good example. 7. 7: All right, guys. Now, here we are on my website, and I'm gonna take you through an entire sales funnel on an email marketing auto response sequence. Now, there's a couple things that you're going to need here that go into this, you're gonna need at least decent copy on. You're gonna need good products. So what? I mean by good products, it could be, you know, depending on whatever you are you're selling, obviously, hopefully you believe in what you're selling your Not just, like pushing something you don't believe in, Whether that's, you know, a new condo, whether that's a new you know what, That's pet products that you drop shipping whether you're selling a private label product, whatever. In my specific case with this sequence here, we're gonna be selling some of my courses and my information products, something I believe in wholeheartedly because I've used all these to make money online, and they work great. So obviously here I showed you before in Ah, I believe it was two lectures ago. Examples of the simple adds that I used to get traffic to a landing page. This is that landing page freed your option and course like we said, Give Pepper offer pepperoni pizza, deliver pepperoni pizza and I go deeper in the landing pages in my landing page course. Okay, so if you if you guys are interesting landing pages in psychology of actually getting people to opt in, obviously that goes a little bit more in depth. But you can pretty much build a simple landing page as long as you're using the give pepperoni pizza, get pepperoni pizza kind of idea. So here we are. I'm giving away my fridge option course to get them to submit their email and obviously hit my website, which then collects them into the pixel. Thus, I'm able to re target them in the future. But here, in this specific lecture, I'm gonna take you through the email auto response sequence because it really makes me a good return on my investment. And it's 100 sent automated on Do anything. So some people have this landing page from that ad that I showed you previously, they submit their email and they're collected in my pixel. So that pick so I can retarget them. Like I said on AdWords and Facebook like, I'll show you in the rest of this course, however, they also get obviously emailed that free drop shipping courses right away they get my Amazon drop shipping course and they get my shop fight your option course, Uh, 100% free email to them, literally right away. It's the first email in the auto response. Then a day later, they get this email into their inbox and doesn't look necessarily like this. But this is just how it looks obviously in a browser right now. So I'm giving you examples of all these. A day later, they get value. It says one major job shipping problem, which it's I'm not gonna go into the email copying the psychology of it, but, well, I'm just gonna read you the auto response sequencing. So you understand the model. So it is one major drop shipping problem. Everything. Everyone is doing it the same way now. Same products, same niches, same ads. They're all competing on price and extremely competitive, and they're all competing in on price and extremely competitive and slowly dying markets. The answer. Differentiate. There are 1000 and one waste. The drop ship. Why do what everyone else is doing? Don't be the small fish in a big pot in the big pond. If you'd rather be the big fish in the small drop shipping pond, click the link below to check out some different takes on drop shipping and then says Yes, show me. Obviously, that's gonna take them to, ah YouTube video that I've compiled, which is 100% free. That literally sends traffic. You can see here 356 views to this, which is basically the teaches them about the main problem that most drops rivers face, which is competing on price and targeting the same niches and demographics. So that's after a day. Then two days later, they were sorry two days after that for the first time in their email. So a day later, after that next one they get face it. Your ad suck. Also value related to drop shipping. It says It's not your fault minded to, and they certainly did trust me. So if your ad sucks, not your fault watch. This course will really, really help. And obviously, if you have any questions, let me know. Let's face it, you're at suck, so it's not your fault minded, too, but that's a good thing That means they're so much room for improvement. The reason you're sending them to the wrong people. Also talking about what we're talking about here. So it's a sure you might be targeting well, picking all the rights Amma graphics and really hitting the interest groups. But how many sales are you getting? What? What if you're only spending money on ads that were going directly to your customers, you already knew We're interested in your products. Have been your website before and we're already familiar with your store. Thus the retargeting that we're talking about here. Your conversion rates will be much higher. Your ad spend move even slower, and your sales would be much, much higher if you want to learn how to achieve this result. Yes, anyone can do it. Click the link below, and then it says why you're adds up, get them to click and takes them to a YouTube video that talks about retargeted retargeting in a pixel and a lot of the just general overview of what we're talking about in this course. Obviously not as in depth then Number three. I believe this is also value, so this is more value related to drop shipping that I'm giving them, just tossing them value even though I gave them value in the form of two free courses. I'm also just hammering them home value in the emails so that they're more inclined to open my emails in the future when I sell them something, what you'll see here in a second, I saw that my consulting and I also pitched them my all course Bumble. So are you making this crucial, crucial drop shipping mistake? What's the? And then, obviously they're gonna think, Geez, what's the crucial dropped a mistake. I hope I'm not making it. I don't even know it. So it's as what's the best way to grow jobs? Shipping business? Most people answer. Get more customers. Are they wrong? In theory? No. In reality, yes, Most people focus on how to increase their sales or how to run more profitable ads. And of course, that helps. But the best way to grow your job shipping business isn't to focus on those one off customers. It's actually the focus on building your back end, improve your customer service, grow your store social media, forge relationships with their customers build your brand. If you want to learn how, Maura, about how to improve your source back in increased repeat customers and build your brand, click the link below Obviously Mawr reference to the auto. You know the retargeting and building brands and back ends of customer service, which are a lot that have to deal with this. Three tips to tenants Air dropped your drop shipping sales, then finally in email number four. After I've given them to free courses and three emails full of loads of value related to their job. Sherman courses. I finally pitch them out consulting, but I do it subtly. I don't say, Hey, you know, you know, why don't you buy some consulting from me? And I'll tell you this secrets or something like that? What I basically say is I give them legitimate anecdotal evidence because I believe in my consulting. I know that I can help people, and I know that sometimes they're just missing that one little piece. So I say, I learned this the hard way, and it's got a picture of the consulting that you know from my website that obviously they can see and it says when you start off any business, especially drop shipping, you're gonna struggle. It's not your fault. When I first started out on my drop shipping journey, I struggled to, Then I struggled some more. Then I saw some success than I struggled even more. I made a sale, then nothing. So I decided to seek out some advice from someone who had seen the success I wanted, which is true best choice I've ever made, which is also true. Not only did I did that 40 minute phone session increase my sales and granite. This was like a year and 1/2 ago, but they don't know that because I don't necessarily consult with to too many people. I'm still in groups, for sure, and I genuinely believe in that. But basically trying pick him on my consulting here. So best choice I've ever made not only to that 40 minute phone phone session increase my sales, but it taught me about potential problems that hadn't even happened yet and how to avoid them, he said. The types of problems Onley, someone who'd been through there, been there, been there before, could understand. Now I pay monthly for that person's coaching program because I recognize something all successful entrepreneurs dio a mentor can cut your learning curve exponentially. If you're struggling to make money with drop shipping or really any any online business, click the link below and that's hop on a car to get you back on track. Caught My learning curve takes them to my consulting from my website. So and obviously you can see here that it's tracked through my email. So there my email marketing software. So and that's my consulting. So that's email number four. Email number five takes them back to the value. So this is five days after they've initially said emitted their email. A day later, after that, consulting email, they get another piece of value in their in box. How can How can you? 10 extra drop shipping sales simple. It's all about the back. And remember, we're just something we've touched on previously in another email. So if they're just even the sequence they've obviously read or open that passed email. It's all about the back end. Remember one tool that all yes, all drop shippers drop shipping stores, uses email marketing, which is so true and exactly what I'm teaching you right here in this lecture on, I obviously have an entire in depth email marketing course called the the What. I don't know what that was called The Complete Guide. The email marketing. It's phenomenal, highly recommended if you're interested in learning this more in depth, uh, so once. Well, that yet that all Yes, all the top drop shipping stores uses email marketing. They understand the power of staying engaged with our customers. Email marking is the core of any business. If you're not building your source email list, then well, your store won't last very long. If you want to learn how set up and build a landing page to capture email leads for your business, click the link below. Click the link below to enroll in my building email lists with landing Patients courses course 100% free and then says, 10 x, My sales tenets my sales with email marketing, and I believe that that's a free link. So it's more value. Obviously, that's a free linked to get into my my Initial Landing Pages course, which is pretty much the introductory course through this entire re marketing course and the Internet introductory course to the entire no complete guide that landing pages course that I'm creating, it's called Landing Pat. Well, sorry Landing Page hacks. How to build the most optimal email funnel on. And that's basically the introductory course that kind of pushes people into those courses in this course right here. So basically giving them or value another free course that has a lot of value into it. It's really introductory email marketing and landing cage, you know, type stuff that will really help them with their business, especially dropped in business. Then finally, six days into it, I pitched in the ah course bundle. The biggest mistake all entrepreneurs make hands down. The biggest mistake I see all entrepreneurs making is getting stuck chasing one chasing one thing with tunnel vision. I need to fix that. That's a stuck spelling mistakes. So the biggest mistake I see all entrepreneurs making is getting stuck chasing one thing with tunnel vision for you that might be Shopify drop shipping. For some entrepreneurs, it's Amazon private labeling. Lately it seems like investing it's less. Lately it seems like it's investing in crypto currency. There are 1000 and one ways to make money on mine and the reality is a couple might be perfect for you. But your stuff bang your head against the same wall, hoping something will click eventually You could be missing out on the business is actually right for you moral of the story Try a bunch of different things You never really know what will work for you if you only try a couple I've only I've taught over 120,000 people to successfully make money online. Guess what? They don't succeed with same business. So if you want to learn not just one, but 40 different business models This is your opportunity to figure out what works for you once and for all as a whole All the courses as a whole All my courses for this for Oh my God! As the whole all my courses retail for $8400 Which is true on you To me, they dio But because you're an action taker, I'm gonna bundle them all together for just 79 95 Special bundle price only available with 1st 100 students which you know conveys urgency, obviously and is true I only made 100 coupon codes for this. So it's only for the 1st 100 people that actually get in. And this is actually something that I'm about to launch right now and has I've seen, actually, you know, similar funnels really, really work well, And then it says, if you want to find finally figure out how well, if you want to finally figure out which business key works for your specific money engine, click the link below and then says, Give Mikey, then obviously, when they click this link, it takes them to the all bundle landing page, which they have opportunity to add. This little testimonials here, you know what they're exactly and and get, you know, stuff like that. And then if they click, want anyone of these buttons, it takes them to add a cart, which is the all course bundle to literally get 40 of my you know, me courses for 79 95. It's a great price, great for them. Great for me, obviously, because I sell a bunch, of course, is that once and I can help more people faster because everything that I said in that ad is true, and I believe in that so that's crucially. Need good email copy, and you need a good product that you stand behind. Then finally, day seven, I gave him them or value one last email. I promise you were gonna get into this a little bit, You know, more in the future, but this is really, really important because it takes them back and funnels them back into my system. If they don't purchase. So the missing piece to your puzzle. Sometimes we might. Sometimes it's another Jesus, another one that I need to fix sometimes that we might have 95% of the puzzle. But is that enough? Looking back, there have been several times where I knew even 99 points where I knew even 99% of a business. But for some reason, I wasn't getting the level of success Others were. If you're in that position, guess what. It's not your fault. A lot of people like to you know, they like to be told it's not their fault that basically, when you're subtly suggesting there without getting too into the psychology of things, is that you know, if they take what the piece of information that you're giving them Thus, you know either purchase your service or or, you know, purchase your product or click the link that you're telling them to in your call to action , which is another crucial thing. An email marketing. Um, then you're suddenly basically saying, Listen, I can solve that for you. It's not your fault. So it says, if you're in there in that position, guess what? It's not your fault. Sometimes that one missing Pete puzzle piece is all you need. If you're struggling with a certain business, I'm here to help. You can always be if we don't feel free to email me with a particular crush question by responding to this email. I've also taken deliberate e toe organize certain tutorial videos in a playlist to help supplement your learning were still searching for that one missing puzzle piece. Click the link below. So it depends on what they're actually looking for. And I believe this takes them to all my playlists on my YouTube channel, which basically funnels them back through all my content, which are all a bunch of different funnels. And, you know they have the opportunity to come back into my content from another angle so it's really important to understand. You know, email marketing is a vital piece to this puzzle. It's not, You know, it's I would highly suggest that you get in the email marketing on top of your Marine marketing and learning about pixels. It really, really helps 10 x or business, and it really helps you build a brand and stay engaged and in front of your customers. So I hope you like this kind of presentation of my email marketing sequence. It really I'm telling you, take this. Don't copy my copy or copy my emails. But take this and mold it to what you're doing. It can really help your business grow, and it will really help your Obviously you maintain more costumers in future, so I'm gonna drop the ad that I actually do with my retargeting to those people that send them to that all course bundle sequence. That's not necessarily my email marketing sequence, but it's really, really similar, and I use all the people that hit my you might actually see this if you've ever hit my website BG media innovation dot com. I'm gonna be sending this out a lot recent or a lot depending on when you're watching this . Two people that have hit my website and I'm going to be doing a little bit of retargeting re marketing myself with this specific ad. I'll drop it right now. And this will actually take people to my all corresponding landing page that I showed you to sell them on my all correspondent for 80 bucks. Here it ISS Shopify, private label, affiliate marketing, Crypto currency. What do they all have in common? They're each a single business. Why would you invest massive amounts of time and money into learning one business before you know it will work for you? I've taught over 100 and 20,000 students to successfully make money online. Guess what? They all don't succeed with the same business. There are 1000 and one ways to make money online. And the reality is a couple actually might be perfect for you. But if you're stuck banging your head against the same wall, hoping something will click for you eventually well, you could be missing out on the business That's actually right for you. If I kept plugging away at my first failure, shopped in my store, I would have never built my YouTube channel toe where it is today. If I stuck with my first failed private label product, I would have never stumbled upon online arbitrage, which makes me about 10-K every single month. Then, ultimately, I wouldn't have mastered the Amazon platform either, and learned how to launch four more successful private label products. I could go down the list of how failing one business Let me to succeed with another bottom line, try a bunch of different things. You never really know what will work for you if you only try a couple. So if you want to wear not just one, but 40 different businesses, then this is your opportunity to finally figure out what works for you once and for all. If you purchase these courses retail, they would run you $8400. But today for the 1st 100 people, I'm gonna bundle them all together for just 79 95. Hey, if you're happy with the amount of money you're making right now, then great. I applaud you. But if you want more, you can't afford to pass up this opportunity to finally find out what business key works for your money engine, so click the link on the screen depending on where you're watching it from, and head over to my website to clean your special 40 course bundle today. 8. YTSS 8: Alright, guys. So I just walk you through my email auto response. That really gives me a great return on my investment. You know, when I send people for my funnel and I pay for Leeds initially obviously start getting fined landing page and eventually target them and retarget them with my pixel. But in the meantime, I make a great return on my investment with the email marketing strategy in the auto response, I think it's really kind of cool Did integrate both of them and combine them. So you used both the pot, the power of both of them, not just 10 X. Here are I, but 20 X here are totally so I'm gonna running through another example here of two Softwares that I use and really, how I approach this Overall, I give you a basic tutorial of it with my email marketing, our response, integration from my one website or really, what if you really kind of depending on whatever you're doing, if you really, really, really want to scale this, I'm gonna show you another riel specific way. You know how I really have been doing this lately? Now this is gonna be a brief overview before we jump back into the remarking. But it's a great kind of tutorial because it's really gonna help you, kind of not just, you know, get leads, but make money off leads. And once you realize that you can make money off every single lead that you get, how to and you know your numbers, that's when you're really gonna see your business grow. So here's obviously we've gone over this before. This is your landing page with your picks will set up on it now one of the best landing pages. Imagine if you're sending traffic here and you're getting 10% conversion rates for people that often your your list or two people 10% conversion rates on whatever it is. Imagine if you could have a landing page software that already had built literally pre built pages that obviously are proven to convert already that that plan case offers click funnels. Who knows? I'm just a bunch of different landing page off course. I've also used a bunch of different website fill website builders. Excuse me, Quit funnels, in my opinion, is the best website builder, the best landing page builder out there on the market today, and it's not even close. So if you really wanna up your conversion rates, I recommend click funnels. I actually do have a quick finals account actually to click on those accounts, the one I don't use anymore, but the one a Finals I account is literally probably about 80% of my business revenue. It's pretty crazy, so I have the recommended that now. On top of that, let's say they get somebody Teoh, submit their emails. Your auto response. One of the best auto response soft auto responding software out there right now is market hero, and the reason for that is it really kind of takes you through more in depth auto response email sequence like we talked about and really upset email marketing t put it simply not trying to get to two inch of this. It's a brief overview because I'm literally trying expand your mind. Here is it's really gonna help you out and kind of 10 extra income with email marking on top of your pixel. So what market here it does is it doesn't just just given auto response sequence, so it's not just, you know, one then a day later, email to then a day later. Email three. Then a day later, email for what it does is they get the older response when they submit their email from your landing page. Obviously you're collecting them in your pixel. But you're gonna collect that even when they're gonna get in our response, depending on if they open up that auto response email market hero lets you pick to email. So you're gonna send them. If they opened up that email, they're gonna get this one where you give them a little bit more value. If they don't, they're gonna get this one. And this obviously hopefully prompts them to open up a new email by giving them a lot of value. If they do open up this one, the one that they open their they start the opener 1st 1 then they open up the 2nd 1 They're gonna get this one. They over the person, they don't open up the second debate, this one someone and so forth. That's how it works. So what? Any point there's a drop off and they take you could take them through the email funnel and what this really allows you to do is it allows you to personalize, you know, each email to people, whether they open up and we're interested or they were not interested in that piece of content that really allows you to send them back through the final and re get their attention and stay in front of the customer and build a relationship. It's not just gonna build a relationship, but it's really gonna 10 extra r a y. And your costs not just cost for lead, but but how much elite is actually worth to you. Imagine if you knew your numbers and you knew that. For example. I'm gonna talk about this here in a second. But a lead costs about 80 cents to get to this page. And then once they come through your funnel, they're worth about $24 to you. Well, then you could be a millionaire by scaling this up. And that's where I'm at right now. Literally focused on this. I'm increasing this number here, and once I see it get high. I'm gonna just scale it and throw money at my app to get people here knowing full well that if they come through my email order response sequence, and they come from my retargeting picks so I could just scale that up. And eventually every 80 cents I spent get $24 back. It's pretty crazy, right? So to give you another brief example, formals landing Page increases your conversion rate so that you get people to operate your list and then they come from your list. You send them through the market hero email funnel and email marketing sequence. Not only does that let you set up this in depth funnel work if they open up, say they open up this woman, they don't open up this one. Then they they might open up this one, and you have a chance to sell on your on your high ticket product down here. You know further down the sequence, whether that's real estate, whether that's, you know, another in depth affiliate program. There's so many things. The salad, if you have a question about that, obviously dropped that in the comment section down below, each person selling something different, each person's pushing a different product or building a different your landing page around their business in a different way. But the great part about this is that market here will show you all your numbers and finals will show you all your numbers so we'll show you Click through rates and they'll show, you know. Okay, there's clicks here, this close here, but then people drop off when they start reading here. It's a great great marketing integration to kind of give you the numbers on top of that market hero will actually show you. And I'm gonna actually, I'm gonna give you a little bit more information about this in a second. But market here will show you that for maybe you have 1000 people that come through your email. Our response sequence. Well, 20 Let's say 100 of them don't open but 900 remote in the first. Well, you know these people that don't open that email maybe 80% of the 80 of those don't open that email 20% dio and then you kind of start to see Okay, well, 900. These people open the first email, but then to order them dropped off and there were only 700 left that open up this one And what you will eventually start to see is there there are rules in your email sequence where people are massively dropping off and then you simply if you notice that, OK, there. 700 people here, but 500 of them didn't open this email that's supposed to be five, and only 200 of them remained. Well, then, you know that you need to go back and read just this email because 500 people didn't open it. And that's huge for your business. So once you get all these numbers right, and market here will give you all the information so you can kind of go back through email sequence. Then you can start to realize really honed down your numbers and really realize the fact that hey, I'm spending $80 to bring a potential leave like we talked about four to my landing page. And then once they come through my order response sequence, market here will give you all these numbers. They're literally just running crazy. Analytics is not so the literally. You can identify the fact that okay, you're speeding spending 80 cents per week. But for every lead that you're spending two months later, getting $24 back 9. 9: All right, guys. Well, now, obviously, I'm done. I'm going over the landing page and actually sending through the email sequence. There was three lectures on email marketing and integrating that. And now we're gonna talk a little bit more about in depth strategies to retarget remark it a lot of crazy stuff. I didn't an entire video on this previously. Five different methods in total. Okay, So the first method that I'm gonna talk about something that you want to completely avoid, it's what everybody and their mother is doing its interest targeting and demographics. Like I'm talking. I'm gonna talk about it a lot here in a second. Something to avoid. That's the first method. Number two is gonna be a really cool method for, you know, using influencers to kind of get traffic to your landing page. Really great method number. It's three is a great method. Before history met number five, Great method all forties or what you do want to do. This is what you don't want to do. Number one. So, like I said, I'm going really used to break them down into video lectures here in a second. But these are great, Great videos and they're gonna be the next about 3 to 4 lectures or so. So make sure that you do them. They're gonna blow your mind. Now, if you use all the re marketing and the pixel integration and the knowledge from this course and use these four strategies, I promise you you will. 10 x Here are all I promise you, so just take action. But before we get into those, actually four strategies and the one that you want to avoid I do want to talk about the fact that ads are built. They're not just discovered overnight. What I mean by that is something I also talked about in this lecture that will break apart for you. So they kind of understand the specific models right here in a second. But as are built, they're not made. So what I mean by that is you could have the best, you know, ad strategy in the world. But you're not You're not gonna turn and add on, and immediately it's gonna make you money. It's about kind of looking at the data, holding back in and kind of retargeting back to the people that it's working for. So even if you have a great retargeting planner re marketing kind of pixel set up. That's phenomenal. That's gonna cut your learning curve. You might start here originally without pixel, and you might have to follow this long road to get to here where your profitable. Okay, but if you have a pixel set up, you might not when we have to start here. Okay, so it really kind of cuts your learning her, and then maybe it's a straight shoot. But what I'm saying is there still a path to be made? You still put some work in your not just could be ableto set up a retargeting pixel and overnight it's gonna make you money. No, you're gonna have a look at your dad at some points right here and say OK, you know, maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm not converting as many people in my ads gets my landing page. Maybe I could improve that. Maybe you want to add a demographic, something that we talked about when I was on the computer and I was showing you was maybe you know that your demographics are certain age group or, you know, you know, a certain interest maybe you want to add it one interest. And like I said, we're gonna talk about how I don't want to just go that we're here. But if you add one or two on top of the re marketing, it could really be the difference between an ad that might make you a dollar per lead versus an ad that turns into $10 for lead. So that's what I'm saying, adds there, Bill, Guys, they're not just kind of discovered overnight is about using the retarding pixel cutting your learning curve so that you're closer to the goal. But you still have to put in a little bit of work. You stop the home and target you're at a little bit and tweak it so that you can build an ad that's really, really profitable. 10. YTSS 10: All right, guys, welcome to the video. Such they were talking about 10 X in your ad are why I'm gonna go through multiple different examples and my ultimate guide to advertising here. Now, I'm excited about this. This is gonna be There's only so much value in this. I'm literally meeting every model that I'm using. So about 3 to 4 models and we talk about respect trust report, which are crucial when you're running ads or selling anything online Now what most people do. And this isn't just relevant for drop shippers or people that are, you know, selling online or e commerce in any form or fashion. This is relevant across the board. So if you're selling anything, this is pertaining to you. So if you want to run ads, what do people typically do Not. This is something I talked about before. Thing that people do when they make mistakes is they think that they're just gonna turn on an ad and it's going to start selling right away. Guys, ads are built. They aren't created. So what do I mean by that? Ads are built Well, you might run an ad initially, and it might not work, but the information that you get from that allows you to tweak it home down. So I'm gonna give you examples. If you're If you're a little bit over your head, I dare you to stay till the end and tell me that you're not going away. So these are some AB strategies that I've been playing around with lately and are really, in my opinion, some of the best online. So what do most people do? Let's use drop shipping and as an example here in this video. But specifically, this could go across the board in any form or fashion or any niche or any business model. So most people, what they dio is they're going to run an ad. And what are they gonna dio? They're gonna run that Teoh their audience with a strong cup of people here. That's gonna be the audience tell my drawing skills are legit here, So why does this not work? People were on this and they run their add to the audience to a random audience in the EU's interest targeting. You know, they try to pick the right demographics, and then they might even go back and holding the that information and pick the better demographics and interest charging Targeting That doesn't work anymore. So what would I am for you to dio? This does not work anymore. Don't just run an ad to an audience and try to whom in your demographic instead. What you're going to dio This is one of the strategies that I've basically seen works in a number of fields and businesses and niches but especially will work for drop shipping. So what you're going to do, right? You don't even need a website to do what you don't even need, like a specific pixel on our website to set up looking at the pics with and actually, you know, more advanced strategies here in a second give you a bunch of them. But first, specifically, if you're just starting drop shipping, this is what you should do. And this isn't just dropped. Like I said, you know, I said that a 1,000,000 times. So what you're going to dio is you're going to set up a post and it's gonna go viral. OK, so you're gonna try to keep keep sending out viral posts. This obviously dealing with your stores Instagram page or your face stores, Facebook page or whatever, and you're gonna try to get people to engage with a post. You're not gonna run any advertising to that. Now, once you get a post that goes viral, what are you gonna do? You're gonna look for the engagement on that posts up. You're gonna get engagement on that post, right? And once you get ANALITICO semi viral for you and you get engaging on a post, then that's when you finally take your ad and you target the people that engage with your ad from your same account. Why does this work better? Well, you're gonna have the respect. You're gonna have the trust, and you're gonna have the report. These people know who you are. Put simply, they have the trust because they've engaged their content before. And if they see in your store and understand what you're selling and they've seen your page before, they've engaged with a piece of content. We're going to be much more, you know, inclined to potentially to purchase from you and trust you and respect what? That you're a legitimate business. Now, this was a little bit more in depth. This is a very basic strategy, but you can 10 extra arrived just doing this now, if you take this and you mold it toe when I'm on the racist here in a second. But if you take this and mold the other strategies I'm about to give you to this. Once you drive people to engage and you send them to you, send them with your ad, which I'm gonna tell you in here in a second, you can literally take this and just scale to the ceiling. Alright, guys. Now building on that last ad strategy that showed you here, Obviously we talked about This is not what you want to do. You don't want just taken ad and target random audiences, and kind of that's that's basically a metaphor for throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks not gonna work. You're gonna be wasting a lot of your money. So take that first method works great and you can literally tenants your ad are why overnight? If you do that thing now, you're also gonna 20 accent scale to this yelling If you combine the second strategy with that first strategy, so I'll give you another tried to here in a second and really going to blow your mind. So the second strategy is you're going to pay influencer. Well, not any day. And let's pretend that looks pretty and nice and it s set up eso you're gonna pay an influencer to run an ad to a landing page, but not an influencer or an ad like you're thinking. A lot of people will be like own influence or I've seen this before. I'm gonna pay an influencer, you know, it's run an ad for 50% off drop shipping store X. No, that doesn't work anymore either. But instead you want to do is you want to run pain influencer. You know, not huge influencer but somebody just to basically run and offer a promotion or to generate buzz and get people to your store. If you're running a job giving store, we're just gonna put landing page here because you be selling anything online. But if you're a drop, if you're drop shipping storm maybe running a 75% off store to just get people to your site . Now you're obviously if you make the sale here, that's great, but you're not your actual goal here isn't to make the sale. So maybe you want to give away free offer. Maybe you want to give away, you know, a free article. Maybe you want to give away. You know the 10 top. Let's see your drop shipping pet products. Maybe you're giving away a free article or, you know, just just generating buzz to a landing page that gives away a download link. Or, you know, an article that says the top 10 things. You know that you don't know that's hurting your pet or something. Your overall strategy here and Taylor Visto Whatever you're doing is to get people to your landing page, because once you get people to your landing page, you're going tohave a pixel. It's something that we're talking about. Four set up for your landing page, and then you know that if but hypothetically role with the same drop, for example here, and this could be tailored like I said a 1,000,000 times to anything, use your brain. You know that the people that come to this landing page from your influence or add are interested in what you're selling and you've collected their data. Then you're going to take a new ad your ad and target the pixel people that come to your landing page. Why does this work better? Why will this 10 x You're at our because you're not just throwing shit at a wall at a random audience. Thes people that have their own picks without a visit. Your landing page. You know that there are more inclined to like your product. They're interested in this case, pet supplies or sell. You don't be pet products or that specific niche. They're more inclined to buy from you for that reason. On top of that, they banned to your website. They know who you are. You built the report. You Hopefully you hopefully have their trust. And if not, you will gain their trust over, you know, targeting them continuously. And they obviously respect the fact that you're selling stuff that they like. And you seemed a brand that they believe in. So it's a little beyond scope of this video, but it's important to keep in mind in all your ad copy and all, you know, building customer relations. You always wanna build respect, trust and report. You could be the worst salesman in the world. But if you have those three things, your golden you can have a terrible sales pitch. But that's why a lot of people you'll see online if they have a YouTube channel or something, and they sell directly linking in their videos, there's nothing wrong with that. But if they have to respect their your trust in their annual report, that and and report you have report with them, then you're more inclined to buy from them, even through a simple link in their video, when they're kind of just saying, Oh, by the way, purchased through this link because they don't really need a sales fish, they have all those things. What? I'm trying to tell you this when these people hit your landing page, you know they're more inclined like we talked about before. You know that they're interested in that, and they know who you are because they've been to your website that's will drop your ad, spend 10 X and thus increase your overall profit margins and you'll be able to spend more on ads, get more return on your investment and scale mawr. Now talk about another way here in a second and like, 1/4 way. And all three of these are all for these methods. If you use them and combine them, you will literally start to see that your ads are gonna work more profitably. But if they're not gonna work overnight, guys, it's about building an ad campaign. And then once you have this, even if you break even here, which that's actually good, because if you break even, you have all the information. You have all the data. You have all the potential customers information now, and you can target them in the future of future products. So the whole goal here is your building a customer base, You're getting the information. And if you can make money, great. If you break even great even if you lose a little bit of money and you're really trying to scale and build businesses here, we're not talking about beginner stuff here, necessarily. It's great because you're building a customer base. We understand who your future customers are that you can target and you're getting information about the potential, you know, your audience members that are gonna potentially purchase your proxy future. So we're gonna move on to 1/3 1 and then we'll show you 1/4 1 that's also going to blow your mind. All right, guys. Now we're gonna talk about number three. Now, I'm gonna raise this really fast because we already talked about this before. So you're not obviously gonna run an ad blindly to an audience anymore? Gonna race this because I feel like I'm living at home. We're talking about other ads strategies here that will increase your profit margin and 10 x your our ally. So we know to avoid that now, in the future. This third strategy is really just through that right on my computer. There's this third strategy wrote right here is really, you know, one of the things that I love to do and is really what I'm doing right now. So you're not just gonna run blind advertising, but we are gonna run an ad. Your whole goal with this first ad here is to build your customer base is not necessarily to make money initially, but that's great if you can make money and I'll show you how you can make money using this in future. So you're gonna run an ad for a free offer. And I'm doing this a lot right now. So me specifically maybe a lot of you. You know, if if you've watch my YouTube channel if you, you know, engaged with my website and any means necessary, you might get hit with an ad on YouTube. You might get hit with an ad on Facebook. You might get hit with it out on instagram. And what I'm doing is I'm giving away my free drop shipping courses for free set free. The reason behind that is I'm trying to build an audience of people that are potentially interested in what a, you know, obviously respect trust. Have I have a poor with that? You know who I am so that I could potentially market them products in the future? That might be you. That might be somebody else that might be somebody else. It doesn't really matter. Just trying to build the audience right now, because if I run ads and I gave away my free course, I know that I give those people enough value and I continue to, you know, help them make money. Eventually, it's inevitable. They're gonna want to buy products from me. They're gonna want to buy something. It's the law of reciprocity. So how have the respect? I have their trust and wrap there. I'll have their reports. So all about giving the value first. And so that's why I have no problem giving away a free course. First, however, that being said what I'm gonna do when I call it one of thes people for my ad come to this free landing page, the landing page for the free offer. I'm gonna have a pixel set up on that landing page, something that we've talked about before, So I'm gonna click the people with a pixel. That way I can target them back on YouTube. I could target the back on instagram Target those people back on Facebook or any of the Google display networks that across the board and I'm also going to collect their email. They're gonna give me their email exchange for the course Now. I'm not necessarily trying to sell these people right away. I'm just giving them value tank. Here's the course. Here's some other supplemental material, but what I'm doing is building their trust. I'm giving them value and the wall of reciprocity. Eventually it's It's human nature. If I give them enough value and I help them make enough money will think, Oh, this guy's pretty cool. He's helping me make money, you know? He's giving me value. He cares about me, obviously. So I'm obviously more inclined to pay for his stuff or by his stuff in the future than I am from somebody over here. Joe Schmo that I don't know. He's just running targeted ads to me on Facebook. I don't necessarily know them. They haven't given me any value. I haven't built the relationship with him. I haven't built the trust, the trust, the respect or the report with them. And so what I'm trying to do is on building all those things slowly by targeting these people, giving them value and giving them free something free. You can take this and mold this to your business, but you're gonna collect their email in their information. You're also gonna collect them on your pixel. And then what you're gonna dio is going to do two things. You're also gonna taken ad, right? You're really add. This is though, ad that's gonna make you the money. So this call is at number two call us at number one at number two's where you're really going to see the money. So at number two year and it's hardly the pixel people just like we talked about previously , also a great method and is gonna give you a good 10 x r a y You're gonna have less ad spend with more return on your investment because these people know you. You've obviously given them something for you built the relationship with up with them and they trust you now. So you're also going to set up an email sequence here. So with auto responding, we're just gonna abbreviate this, Although rest can still do it rest email sequence to pretend that that that's what that says. So you're gonna set up in auto responding email sequence of these people when you collect their email, so I'll take you through the funnel. What happens here is this is probably my favorite funnel here for, especially because number forward. I'm about shade after this. So what you do is running an ad that is not necessarily to make money, but it could make you money because all these people that come through your ad initially might have a chance to either get hit with your Adam sold later or hit with your email sequence and be sold later. But really, what you're doing is you're giving them value. First, you're building the respect that trust in the report. Can't hammer this home enough. This is important stuff. So targeting those people with the ad, you're giving them something free. When they get this something free from you, they're giving you their email. You're also collecting their information on the pixel so you can follow them all around the Internet. Then you're gonna take your at number two. You're really at its gonna. Any money you're gonna target The people that came to your website through your pixel and really make your ad are really make your r a y on this ad. Not this. At these air leads these air sales. Okay, so these thes air leads these air sales and then finally, your autos response sequences, something yourself initially ahead of time so that when you collect their email you have a chance to sell them in the ad. You also have a chance. Sell them on the email and you're now following them all around the Internet. This is my favorite way. My favorite form right now and in my opinion, the best way to 10 extra at R A Y and really start building a customer base and kind of increasing respect trust report. With a majority and vast number of people across the Internet, this is a great way. Now we're gonna jump in the number four on top of this, and it's really, really simple. All right, guys. Now building off that last strategy right here I race the last board. So we just take that final again. Obviously used in at the targeted landing page. Correct? And then with that, let me paint. You collected those people on a pixel on top of the other stuff. You also get the email collection, and then you re target your second add to the pixel people. Now you might be asking yourself, OK, that's great. But maybe only have 5000 people, my pixel and I can't really afford necessarily a lot of times to really scale in my first lead. Add that much right now to really increase the amount of people in my pixel, thus limiting how many people I can target. So I can't really figure out you can't scale that Max and spend you know 10 grand over here to potentially figure out a bigger customer base of who My target customer is who my target demographic is and where they actually are on the Internet. That is okay, because you can use Google AdWords and you can use Facebook ads to your revenge. They're the two biggest ad platforms in the world, you know, literally everything about you. You know everything about me. They know everything about everyone, and you can use that to your advantage. So what you're gonna do with ad number three now is you already ran at number one for Leeds already ran out number two for sales to your pixel, and that is limited. But what you can do with that number three is you can then use your pixel to figure out look alike audiences, lookalike audiences. And what that's gonna do is that might be that's usually a lot more. Now, this is not unlimited, but it might be anywhere from like 100,000 people. All that's like five million people. And that's that, Basically what This is telling you is AdWords and Facebook, the two companies that know the most about the online activities and who the, you know, who's more inclined to want that type of stuff from your customer base. Basically what what AdWords and Facebook are telling you is thes 100,000 5 million potential people are just very, very, very similar have similar target demographic. Similar are a similar similar demographic. Similar interests have similar potential purchase history have similar. You know, they're basically a lot. A lot. A lot a like to the people that you've this, Herman are your customer base in your target customer. So what then you're gonna do is we're gonna run another add to a local like audience? 11. 11: All right, guys. Now I'm gonna teach you. Hear how to actually populate your lists. And you really create your audience both on Facebook and on AdWords because you'll notice that you have to populate your list. Once you start getting traction on your picks on people start once you install the pixel like I showed you, obviously. Then you're gonna start that pixels just gonna collect. But in order to integrate it with your AdWords and with your business manager in your Facebook ads, obviously you have to start, you know, implementing that and create the audience so that your audience can update with your pixel . Does that make sense? So I'm gonna show you how to do that. Here we are on AdWords on one of my actual AdWords accounts. I have four of them. It's kinda hard to keep track of some of the things, but I'm just gonna give you an example here. So the way that you're on adwords on the new ad words that you're gonna populate your pixel and start creating audiences is you're going to go to tools and you're going to go to Where is it? Shared library audience manager and that is going to take you to this page right here. And then you'll notice that you probably won't have anything here. You'll notice this is exact Sniff it I took from the beginning of this course when I showed you. And the way that you're gonna create lecture, create, um, re marketing audiences and start basically using them to target and future ads. And the next lecture I'm actually going to show you. Creating the ads with these audience that you're populating is they're gonna get this plus button and you're gonna start making lists now for you specifically if you don't have a YOUTUBE channel, if you're not using your YouTube channel to do remark, Ning's totally fine. I have an entire YouTube re marketing course of YouTube ad course. That kind of delves into that with my AdWords account on this one. I just kind of do YouTube on. One of my other ones are retarget with some Google ads and some Google display networks, which is basically just all the other networks that aren't actually Google search or YouTube. And so this is actually my YouTube one, but I don't want to show you all the analytics from in that one and all the money that I've spent. So if you were doing this year is going to blank here, Just hit the spot in and you're gonna goto website visitors. It's really, really simple, then obviously, you can take that and mold that to whatever you want. So people that hit your landing page people that you're all your website visitors, people that hit your car, people that your purchase that's really, really self explanatory. Very, very simple. On top of that, you're doing YouTube, which the majority of you watching this course probably aren't you gonna the YouTube users And it's really, really simple to you'll see here, you know, subscribed to channels an option there, you know, similar to subscribe channel. You're creating a lookalike audiences there and so on and so forth. It's very, very simple to do but the But this is how you basically do it. So goats are ah, tool, Sorry, Audience manager under shared library. It's gonna take you to this plate page, which for you probably will be blank. Then you're just gonna create your audience is here with this plus button. It's really self explanatory. So website visitors or YouTube users. Depending on what you're doing on, that's basically you'll start here. You'll see here it'll say, Start it'll populate populating, populating. And then you have to let it go for about a day or two, sometimes three, depending on how big your list is gonna be on. That's really how you do it and I'll see here. There's also similar to If you if you go into this and you go a little bit deeper and you see similar to those air. Just simple options for lookalike audiences on AdWords. You'll see here right now this looks like audiences. Five million to 10 million. I don't have, you know, 10 5 million to 10 people subscribers thes air. This is a look like audience to the people that are subscribe to my channel. Where is it to the people that are subscribe to my channel right there? So these are the people that have subscribed in the last 90 days, obviously. But you know that just, you know, just roughly speaking here. So that's how you basically do it. You also see similar to people that hit your similar to people that at a cart that basically is a look like audience related to the people that you know that are also very similar to the people that added, you know, product to their cart on your website. You can also do similar to, you know, all website visitors. And that's a look like audience to, you know, that Google thinks is very, very similar and has very, very online, you know, capabilities and online, you know, behaviors that look like you, the audience that you know, ever everybody as a whole that has hit your website. So it's really, really easy to add the audiences. But I just tell you this and show you how to do it because this is how it wants these populate. And you're gonna have to give it like, 2 to 3 days. You're gonna use these lists further in AdWords when we actually create our ads in our campaigns, you know, to basically target these re marketing audiences. So you're gonna create your audiences first, obviously, and let them populate. So that's AdWords in a nutshell. Now let's move over to Facebook with Facebook. You're gonna You're here. We are in business manager, and this is one of my business manager. I don't really use to too many of them. I actually have two business managers with six ad accounts, and a lot of them are kind of annoying. I don't use the manager page. When I did social media marketing for this, this group called neutrally and I also used to manage a page called Lazy Grade. Don't do that anymore. And actually, this is my old one with my BT meeting innovation. You could see all the pages I used to manage crazy, but this is an old one. My newer account. I don't want to pull up for the simple fact that I'm going to show you all the amount that I spent all the re marketing about targeting and stuff like that. But you'll get the General just really fast with this now this obviously this ad account actually just got shut down like four days ago because I turned an ad spend back on to kind of test with one of my pixels. It little beyond the scope of this video. But long story short, it actually they actually disabled my ad account. Believe it or not, watch this because it looked like suspicious activity. So I have to contact them and obviously get this re re adjusted. So you'll see here only active accounts. So they disable that. The reason I'm telling you that this is this is where I'm pulling the specific examples because, like I said, I don't want to pull my other business manager up because if I do that, you'll see all my my information on my ads been all the things that I'm targeting, which obviously is not something I want to disclose, but you'll get the general gist of it. So here you are, on the Facebook and we're creating an audience. You're also gonna have to let these populate. It's going to stay right here populating, populating, populating, okay. And then the way that you create an audience. And obviously this ad account, Bijie Media innovation is blocked, so I can't create an audience. But this is how you would do it and you'll see here. I'm gonna show you in a second how to actually physically do it. But you can add things like all website visitors, which is your pixel. That's your pick. So when you integrated now, I showed you how to set the pixel up on Facebook ads already. So you'll see here when you create an audience that will be in an option for you. Okay, all website visitors as well, you know, at the cart stuff like that's very, very similar. You can also add look like audiences here. So just to give you an example, if we go over to one my other ones that don't use lazy grade creating audience so you can create a custom audience, like I said, which the custom audiences air just like this. You know, people that have visited specific page and then you just put your your Ellen. It's very, very simple or people that have purchased from your website people that have added to car. It's very, very simple, depending on what your actual website is selling, what your products or services are, you can always just put in a simple. You are also that hit a specific page so visited Here's an example, visited all special, this one right here. So this is visited and then I put a u R L in which is my all special landing page within the last 90 days. So anybody to hit that specific page that you are else specifically, I can target them. That's a good example. And then on top of that you can. Here's where you create a lookalike look like audience. So if you create an audience on, then you can create a lookalike audience based on the same exact things. Just like I just showed you an AdWords. So that's how you basically create your audiences, whether they're custom audiences based on a specific landing page or, you know, ah, specific YouTube action. That's really, really simple. You can also create a look like audience up based on that as well. And on top of that, I didn't show you engagement. If I show you, where's the engagement? One custom audience. Maybe I go into it. Okay, so here we go. So, customer, if I create clicking audience, obviously you have the ability to create website traffic, which is where exactly what you're gonna be doing with your pixel now, if one of the things I want to show you, or that I showed you previously on some of those other strategies is the engagement. If you're specifically going for that engagement strategy, then this is what you're gonna do and we'll give you that. The option to choose people that like that, choose people that shared it shows people that commented on it and so on and so forth. So that's basically how you create audiences around your pixel around engagement on Facebook or INSTAGRAM post or a social media post and on based around retargeting based around, you know, people that have engaged with your YouTube channel, your website so on so forth. So if you have any specific questions, obviously let me know. But I think that's pretty much self explanatory overview of how to actually create audiences and start populating your audiences so that once you they get fully populated, obviously they're going to continue to update As you go. You know you'll be able to use them to use to run ads to those specific audiences, but you have to create them first. That's a common misconception. Okay, hope you guys like that in the next one. We're actually gonna run through. You know that over you of how to create a dad. This is an you know, an ad creation course, but it is a re marketing course because I think that's pretty self explanatory. So next lecture we're gonna jump into creating an actual ad with your audiences both on AdWords and Facebook. 12. 12: All right, So now that we basically created our audience through Facebook and the AdWords and work, I'm assuming that you, you know, you've let them populate for a day or two. They should be done. If you need to check that, just go back to your audience, obviously. So go, go, go toe audience manager on AdWords and simply just go to all tools. And then, um where is it? Assets audiences. And you'll be able to see if they're still populating or not. Or if they're done, they'll say, populating right here for AdWords on. They also say, populating right here roughly for Facebook. But I would assume that you're past that stage. So we're gonna go back to business manager and back to add words as a whole. And what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna give you, you know, obviously the process of creating an ad, I'm not gonna go into depth of it. I'm just gonna show you how to access those audiences because every adds gonna be different , depending on what you're selling, what you're pitching, what your niche is. You know, the type of things that you're trying to, you know, potentially convey to the customer and so on and so forth without getting too in depth that I'm just going to show you how to access the audiences from your ad. When you create a new campaign, it's very, very simple. Obviously, if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask him. Always willing to help. But like I said, it depends on a lot of different factors. And this isn't an in depth, you know, adds course that I could take, you know, an entire other course and create an adds course of how to different target and stuff like that. So I have a Facebook ads course, have a YouTube ads course, and you know, I'm not going to be getting into, You know, I'm not just gonna add 10 more electors to this course because I want this to be based around retargeting, and that's what it is. So keep it simply an AdWords here. We're gonna go to campaigns. We're gonna create a new campaign, which is basically a new ad campaign. So campaign campaigns from AdWords and then the plus button obviously adds a new campaign. Correct, that's gonna take you in, and you can pick any one of these If you leads website traffic product brand consideration . What I usually do is I always This is this is just may I just either go depending on if I'm going for Leeds, I click leads. Typically, I'll go for website traffic. Occasionally I'll go brand awareness and reach, But honestly, most of the time I'm either gonna go website traffic or just create a campaign without a goals guidance. And the reason for that is I like to add video campaigns. And I also like to add search and display campaigns a little bit like I said, but on beyond the scope of this video. But for the sake of, you know, basically assuming that you're gonna put an ad in front of somebody that's already been to your website because that's what this entire thing is about. Typically speaking, you're you're not gonna give you're not going to sell anybody in an image, so you're going to create a video. So for that reason, I suggest creating a campaign without goals, guidance and then going to video. And then once this loads, we will, uh, will get into it here in a second. If it ever loads Perrigo. All right, then. Obviously pretty self explanatory. You're gonna name your campaign. Whatever you're gonna set your daily budget for your campaign. Typically speaking when you're you know, if you're just firing up a brand new campaign, I suggest going 5 to $10 a day, sometimes 15 to 20. Her new people. I suggest going 5 to 10. So they kind of get information on your campaign, see if it's working and then obviously scale it up once it is. So we're just gonna set it at five for the time being. And that's something we're gonna talk about a little bit in a lecture or to, you know, basically about the fact that campaigns are built. They're not just just, you know, discovered overnight like that. So you're gonna wanna and trust me, you're cutting your learning curve in your 10 X in your r a. Y. Just by retargeting and setting up your pixel and doing the email marketing stuff like that . However, that being said, ah, you're still gonna want to set your budget low just for a day or two to make sure that it's working. Don't just take it for granted. And then you're obviously gonna re hone and see. You know what? Things are working, but that's something we're gonna talk about two. Then I don't set a start date on set an end date. I just like the turn mine off manually. You can if you want. For your networks, it's up to you. Ah, you can go YouTube videos or you can go YouTube search. Now, this is specifically, you know, because I did a video campaign. So if you're actually just going toe to Google and you want Google, then obviously you're gonna go back to create a campaign and either do traffic or something like that. But I'm not doing that for this specific video because I like to put mine on YouTube videos on. And I also like to put mine in video display networks that are Google partners. So that's a little bit beyond the scope of this, this this specific lecture. But if you're just trying to do a Google search, then you're gonna go for traffic, Okay, So makes sense me specifically, I'm gonna assume that you're gonna do a YouTube search results or YouTube videos on, and we'll just accept partner display networks. Like I said, all these air tailored to what you're doing, it's impossible. Impossible for me to go through and just give you a one size fits all for you know what you're doing because I don't know specifically what your goal, what your product is what you're you know, who? Your customer, your target base or who your audience is, Where your populating them where you're driving traffic crime. There's so many different factors and then obviously your language. So me specifically, I'm gonna go English. I'm sure the majority of you were gonna go English, not our languages on. Then you're gonna set your locations. I go all countries and territories. I don't really discriminate based on, you know, specific countries. If you are specifically, you know, just drop shipping to a certain niche. And obviously, you know, you might want to and that niches, you know, maybe pro football to give you an example. So the NFL, while typically speaking the NFL's only really in the United States. So you do want to target that the United States, if you're selling, you know, potential condos or a real estate in the Philadelphia area. Well, then obviously you only want to target Philadelphia or, you know, locations close to Philadelphia. So maybe you want to target Pennsylvania or New Jersey or something like that. If you're selling some, you know, in condos in Toronto, maybe you just want to target you know, Toronto or the surrounding areas of that. So it's it's relative to you. Like I said, I can't really give a one size fits all for everybody because there's so many different factors. Maximum maximum. CPV is the strategy that I usually go. That's cost per view. You know, you can switch it if you want, but like I said, it's a little bit beyond scope of this video. These general settings that I'm giving to you are really gonna work for the majority of people. But I can't like I said, Get one size fits all inventory type. I always click Standard. I just wrote a standard. I also say show on all and show on all. And I don't, you know, exclude any content labels. Basically, all that's doing is the whole Jake Paul thing, the whole Logan Paul thing. I thought maybe it was Logan Paul with like the Japan thing in the forest. So basically what that is is people and advertisers were upset with the fact that their content was being advertised on people's videos that they didn't really want their brand associated with. I don't personally care with that. I care about that. I don't particularly care about that because the people that I'm targeting I know in this specific course, especially with what you're doing, are gonna be retargeted. And they're people that you already know are interested in your stuff. So I don't care what they're watching. I'm not going to discriminate based on what they're watching, because you're gonna target them on a specific video on what they're watching. You're gonna target them on a specific Google search that they're protected there, particularly searching for I don't care what that searches. I don't care what that video is, But if you do, maybe that's you know that that's up to you so retargeting. You don't really need to worry about that. In my opinion, if you're just kind of doing other abs or other methods, then that becomes a little bit more important. In my opinion. Advert name pretty self explanatory costs per view your maximum cross from purview bid. I always go like four or five cents. Typically speaking, I'll start to see that once it starts running. It's about a cent per view, max, But I was just go forward just because if you if you start really low, you'll notice that it kind of limits your reach. In my opinion, don't go much higher than five cents, in my opinion. And then obviously your age, your demographic, this you know, like I said, it's not gonna be what When you're retargeting, you're just simply focus on the people that have already hit your website. So none of this really matters. If you know your target demographic, you know that maybe you're dropped into a pretty particular you know, demographic. That's like 14 toe 20 year olds, 14 to 20 year old males. Well, then, typically, just put that in because that will limit your search a little bit better. The more limited, the better. However, you know, if you're not interested in that and you just focus on retargeting, it really isn't gonna make that much. Much of a difference when you're targeting retargeting ads here. Retargeting ads are completely different than just normal ads because you already know that these people are more inclined and associated with what you're trying to sell. They've already hit your website. They've already hit your YouTube channel. They've already you know, whatever it is, they've already engaged with your company or what you're selling or your product. Ah, and then obviously, to give me another example, if you're selling condos or something like that in a certain area, well, then you might want to maybe target people with a certain income threshold. If you're selling luxury condos, maybe target. You know, people at a certain age that you feel like, you know, maybe tip. Maybe, You know, if you're a real estate agent, you know that typical condo purchases, uh, are purchased by people that are 25 older. Well, then maybe you want to set your demographic to 25 older. Something like that. Those air, two random examples I can think of. But, you know, like I said, it's hard to put a one size fits offer, everyone, because there's so many different factors. If you have a specific question, drop in the common section on below, and then your audience here. So we passed demographic. Now it's finally your audience. So this is where you're going to start to see your remark it and come into play. That's why none of the other stuff matters that much. So you can target somebody based on their interest in habits. That's typical advertising. You know what? They're actively researching and planning. You know, if you're targeting them on Google, but you're specifically interested in the re marketing and similar audiences. Like I'm teaching you in this course. So you're interested it right here. Excuse me? How they have interacted with your business. You'll see here that you can, you know, these air audiences that you've created their audiences that I've created on this account just to show you. So if I wanted to target YouTube website visitors, Well, I'd go here if I wanted the target. Similar audiences to you know, these are all ones that I've created, like I showed you in the past lecture while I go to that and you'll notice here that that once you click this, these are all audiences that you've created previously via tools and audiences. So that's up to you to create those audiences. Maybe you're tryingto focus simply on website. Visitors may be trying to focus simply on people that have hit Ah, certain landing page. Maybe we're trying to focus simply on people that have added a product to a car. Whatever it is, this is where you're gonna find those audiences that you've previously built. Click them, check them, and then you'll see them at over here. And that's basically you know, how you're gonna retarget. Then down here. I don't focus on the key words. I don't focus on the topics, and I really don't focus on the placements either at all. I'm just focused on targeting the people that have hit my site with my AB. And then obviously you're gonna put your video in here. So me specifically, I always I upload videos to YouTube. So if I wanted to add a video, just copy and paste the URL of your video and posted in here, and you'll be able to create your ad. But like I said, this is not an ad course. This is a retargeting course. That's how you access the the audiences that you've built. So you it's up to you to build your ad. If you're interested more in depth in creating ads, either shoot me an email, drop a question on this, you know, or feel free to reach out and ask a question. We can talk about a little bit further, but like I said, I can create entire course on how to run ads. But this is how you access those audiences that you've built on AdWords moving on to Facebook. Same exact things. We're gonna run this fast, so we'll goto Bijie media nations disabled. Let's go toe lazy grade and I'll show you how to access those really fast on Facebook. Seem overall idea. So we're gonna create in that doesn't matter which one you create. I don't mean to do that. Let's go for the same thing here so you can obviously go video views, lead generation engagement conversions, store visits. I love traffic. It just gives a broad overview. That's my opinion. And like I said, it doesn't know All this matters more when you're running normal advertising when you're running retargeting ads, it doesn't matter as much. Sometimes I'll go brand awareness to. But for most people, for 99.9% of people. You're just gonna roll with traffic? Name it. Whatever you want. Same thing here. Name your ad said whatever you want. This is really for your internal identification purposes. When you look back into your ads so you can kind of see OK, this added that So just name it something you're gonna remember and you be familiar with right here. Choose where you want to drive the traffic to your website. Your website should already be attached to your account because you attach the pixel on someone so forth. And here's where you're gonna add your audience. We're not gonna get to too much into the detail targeting. That's other stuff. That's the interest in demographics and behaviors. Like I talked about what does not work anymore. That's not to say Don't add those. That's not to say don't use those. And I actually use those for my free drop shipping course to get people that once I home those down to kind of bring in Leeds. But for people like you or people that are trying to do retargeting, that's not gonna matter. Don't worry about that. Doesn't matter are right. So you're focused right here. Obviously same thing with locations as before. If you're running, you know, condos in the Philadelphia area simply x out. United States put Philadelphia. This is where you add your locations, your same thing with your demographic. If you're drop shipping to, you know, people that are, you know, for you know your demographics 14 to 20. Well, change your demographic to 14 to 20 mils if you're selling condos and you know, only 25 typically speaking 25 year olds you know under 25 doesn't purchase condos. Well, don't don't tend your ads. The under 25 year olds. It just tones it down a little bit better. But right here is where you're interested in with the retargeting. So you're not creating a new audience. You're going to use the saved audience. And right here when you click, yousa saved audience. Like I said, my mother had account got disabled, and I don't want to show you the pixel of my normal ones, but same like AdWords like I just uploaded and showed you. You'll see all those custom audiences that you can create when you use. When you set up your audiences like I showed you in the last lecture right here. When you hit audience, you'll hit yousa saved audience, and those audiences that you created will be here, given the fact that they're done populating. So this is This is where you will be able to click them. You'll see here like traffic added to a cart. You know, didn't do this, didn't do that. And you can create those audiences just like I showed in the last lecture. Click one. Boom done and then you simply move on. I don't you can edit your placements. That's a little beyond the scope of this video. Like I said, because it's not an advertising video. I just keep automatic placements on that will target. You know, all sorts of stuff like, Ah, the side on Facebook, you know, Facebook nor normal Facebook ads. Instagram ads. It literally just adds everything I recommend for 99.9% of people go automatic placements, then your daily budget. Pretty self explanatory. You can go link clicks, you go landing page views for you specifically. If you're trying to sell something, link clicks work. Great impressions work. Great. But my favorite is landing page views. So you only get charged for somebody that actually clicks and stays to the landing page. You know, if you're trying to sell something or drive traffic, you know when you're retargeting, this is probably your best bet and then just hit continuing. And it's pretty simple. So that's how you basically do it. That's how you access the the audiences and create an ad with your specific, you know, audiences that you've built from your retargeting ads. So that's it, guys, that's it. In a nutshell. Let's move on. 13. Retargeting Course Project: Well, there you have it, guys. I hope you really enjoy the course. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or drop them down on the course. And I would love to answer those for you. Now, your project for this course is actually fairly easy, and the entire course ran you through how to do it. I want you to set up a picks on your website and simply start collecting user data. You don't have to actually start populating your pixels on AdWords or Facebook. You obviously can if you want to go that route. But the project specifically, it's just the install the pixel. If you install the pixels now with AdWords and Facebook, then that data will start collecting with AdWords and Facebook so that in the future, if you want to run ads, then then you can obviously do that and you'll have the data. If I start today at 14 I'm gonna start collecting data on you know, january 4th instead of if I wanted to do this, you know, in march. Well, then I'm gonna have all those users. They hit my website from January to march and I have a lot more users and potential people to re target in the future, and that's something to keep in mind. So start adding your pixel. Now get it on your website now so you can start collecting data about the visitors that come to your website now, even if even if even if you don't plan on using the retargeting ads just yet, So I hope you guys like the course and I hope to see in the next one.