The Ultimate Posing Flow For Portrait Photographers Part 1 - Female Posing | Sandy Dee | Skillshare

The Ultimate Posing Flow For Portrait Photographers Part 1 - Female Posing

Sandy Dee, Sandyseyecatcher - Sandy and Matt

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21 Lessons (2h 12m)
    • 1. Evaluation Of Your Location, Your Subject, Your Lenses

    • 2. The Best Standing Position For The Most Flattering Images

    • 3. Headshots: The Set-Up

    • 4. Headshots: The Theory

    • 5. Headshots: The Shoot

    • 6. How To Change From Headshots To Fashion Inspired Close-Ups

    • 7. Beauty Shoot

    • 8. Beauty Shoot Flow: With Props And Music

    • 9. Portraiture: Fashion Standing - If You Ever Get Stuck, Think Letters

    • 10. Portraiture: 360 Degree Posing And Emotions

    • 11. Standing Fashion Poses

    • 12. Sitting Poses

    • 13. How To Enhance Your Images Even Further

    • 14. Dreamy Fashion Editorial With Blue Gels And Lens Flare

    • 15. "Edgy" Editorial Fashion With Blue And Red Gels

    • 16. Sitting And Lying Floor Poses

    • 17. Creating Floor Sets

    • 18. "Halloween" Style Floor Shoot

    • 19. Autumn Themed Shoot With Music

    • 20. Moody "Rainy" Shoot With Music

    • 21. "Best Of" Female Posing Slideshow


About This Class

Welcome to our course The Ultimate Posing Flow For Portrait Photographers! This is the 1st part of our 3 part series, covering techniques of posing female models, couples and male models.

In our photo studio we have led over 50 photography workshops so far, specializing in creating conceptual photoshoots. And knowing how to pose a model or client is a big part of a successful shoot. I realized that most of my students were really savvy about photography techniques and new technology but started to freeze when they had to pose the model.

One of the most important skills that you will need to develop as a portrait photographer is being able to direct your subjects into the right pose. It will make your model or client feel natural, and your photography session will flow.

At the end of this course, you will know how to pose your clients and models for the most flattering pictures. If you watched my tutorial ‘posing like a pro’ or if you have already learned the foundations of posing for portrait photography,  this course takes those lessons even further by bringing you into my studio where you can watch how I put it all together into a real shoot to create the ‘posing flow’.

To give you a real life experience, I will show you how I work with a model versus a couple that never stood in front of the camera. None of the shoots are rehearsed with the exception that I briefed our model Rebecca to bring some different wardrobe items for variety. This means you will see realistic posing problems and questions that your client or model might have, and how I communicate with them to bring them into the right pose.

The entire tutorial is shot from my point of view, so you are more than just a fly on the wall - you see everything almost exactly as if you were behind the camera! Each time I take a shot, the image is overlaid so you can see the result straight away. There is no post production on them - they are ‘SOOC’ - straight out of camera with the exception that they are cropped in ACR. Sometimes I’ve also adjusted the white balance because different styles of image look best when they are warmer or cooler in tone.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to pose models and clients - females, males, and couples
  • Standing vs sitting poses, and tips for slimming bigger clients
  • How to quickly create different styles to offer more variety and enhanced sales: from headshots, beauty, dreamy, fashion, edgy, and more.
  • Getting creative with concepts such as my trademark ‘lying on the floor’ setup
  • How to modify your communication style for experienced models vs regular clients
  • How to create an amazing experience and have fun while still getting the shot

One point to keep in mind as I will be covering a lot of detail that may seem impossible to get right all the time: don’t worry about the perfect pose, because it’s hard even for “super-pros” to achieve a “100%” perfect result - and if in doubt it’s always ‘Emotions Over Posing”.

However if you are interested in knowing why a client maybe didn’t buy certain images due to things they didn’t like about themselves then our tutorial will tell you all about how you can best flatter your client.





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