The Ultimate Photography Course for Beginners | Jellis Vaes | Skillshare

The Ultimate Photography Course for Beginners

Jellis Vaes, Artist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

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22 Videos (1h 58m)
    • Intro - The Ultimate Photography Course For Beginners

    • The Exposure Triangle – The Foundation of Photography

    • Aperture Explained – Master Depth of Field

    • Shutter Speed Explained – Master Time and Motion

    • ISO Explained – Master Sensor Sensitivity

    • Quiz and Final Thoughts on The Exposure Triangle

    • How Photography Will Lead You Into New Adventures

    • Everything You Need to Know About Exposure Modes

    • JPEG VS RAW – Which File Format Should You Choose

    • In-Depth Information About the Various Camera Lenses

    • Understanding Metering and Metering Modes

    • How Photos are Portals Into Past Memories and Experiences

    • Master How to Focus in Photography – Never Take Unfocused Photos Again

    • Understanding Metering and Metering Modes

    • The Histogram – What is it and How Does it Work

    • Understanding White Balance in Digital Photography

    • The Importance of Light in Photography

    • When and Why to Use Flash

    • How Photography Helps You See True Beauty in Life

    • Composition Techniques that Will Improve your Photography

    • Develop an Efficient Workflow and Learn Basic Post Processing

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

‘Jellis is just so lovely! Presentation is great, he is engaging, relatable and funny! And he makes the whole experience very fun. The class is very informative and knowledgable while also light and puts everything in a perspective that is not intimidating, but welcoming!’ – Melissa Wentzel

‘Amazing course, I can see how much you love your work. I really enjoyed it and the most important, I learned a lot, thank you so much <3’ – Iliana Gomez

‘I'm only on lesson 9 and I've already learned a lot. I love Jellis' teaching style and he's very easy to learn from. I'll have my eye out for any future courses. I like the way he tells you what setting he uses for different shots and why, explaining them which is so important to a beginner. There are lots of examples and you can tell he's just a great teacher. Lots of people have experience and are good at what they do but not everyone can teach and only some of those can teach well. Jellis' teaches exceptionally well!!’ – Felisha Sandifer


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” - Ansel Adams

ANYONE can learn to make incredible photographs!

Hey there, this is Jellis Vaes a professional travel and adventure photographer and I am excited to have you here! If you are looking to master your photography, then you have landed at the right place.

Together you and I are going on an adventure into the world of photography. Along this fun filled and inspirational journey, you will come to master your camera.

As well as learning all the essentials we will also dive into various composition techniques, the process of workflow and touch upon the basics of post processing to make your photos really look incredible.


What Will I Learn?

  • You will walk away with A COMPLETE package of knowledge on all the basic understandings you need in photography.
  • Various composition techniques that will help you improve your photos dramatically.
  • An overview and explanation of what a good workflow in photography looks like.
  • The required skills on how to organize your photos better and more effectively, and how to post-process them into amazing looking images.
  • A deeper philosophy and understanding of photography.

This course is cut right down to the real essentials – the nuts and bolts of what you need to take your photos, and photography, to the next level.

Everything is explained in a simple one on one conversation, using examples of my own photos, as well as illustrations to make it all very clear and straightforward. If at any point you do feel you need a little extra help however, I am always here for you.

We are in this together and I will do my absolute best to assist you with any questions you may have, and with the course in general.

Having said all that, I hope you are ready, as I’ve got my camera in hands already. So pick up yours, and let’s get started!

An honest review and rating is always appreciated and will help me to make any necessary improvements for the course, as well helping to get more people involved so they too can benefit from the beauty of photography. Many thanks!


Connect with me

Facebook: Jellis.Vaes
Instagram: JellisVaes
Twitter: @Jellis_V
Youtube: channel/UCSN058GSqdV5ndLbubY3AlQ


The Ultimate Post-Processing & Editing Course for Beginners


Continue your journey with The Ultimate Post-Processing & Editing Course for Beginners.

Here you will learn the other half that goes to makes up the whole that is photography. Explore all the tools and techniques Lightroom and Photoshop have to offer and how to get them to work for you.

Together we will enable you to turn your okay looking photos into objects of stunning drama and beauty. A very fun, engaging and in-depth course that will take your photography to the next level. And beyond.





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Jellis Vaes

Artist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer.

Jellis Vaes is an artist, entrepreneur, and adventurer.

At the age of 18, he left his home after having suffered from severe loneliness and suicidal thoughts for six years. Over the next three years, he traveled around the world on his own. Along that journey, he mastered his photography skills while traveling through various lands in all kinds of weather and physical conditions.

Through the lens of his camera, he soon learned to notice the minute details of life and...

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