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The Ultimate Penpal Guide: Join the Snail Mail Revolution

Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

The Ultimate Penpal Guide: Join the Snail Mail Revolution

Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Introduction to the Snail Mail Revolution

    • 3. Finding My First Penpal

    • 4. Making My First Snail Mail

    • 5. Making My First Mail Art

    • 6. Sending Mail via the Post Office

    • 7. Keeping My Penpal: Penpal Etiquette

    • 8. Project Brief + Giveaway Details

    • 9. Snail Mail + Mail Art Project: Instructional Video

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About This Class


They say the age of snail mails are long gone, but contrary to popular belief there is a huge community who are a part of the #snailmairevolution! There is a community of people who continue the practice of exchanging mail using regular post office services all working to revive the dying art of pen-palling.

As a snail mail advocate myself, I continue to  write to different penpals from all across the globe and exchange written stories and hand-crafted mail art.

This class is perfect for both the simply curious and also for those passionately interested in the idea of pen-palling. Take part in this worldwide movement of keeping the love for analogue alive through ‘old school’ letter writing!

This ultimate guide to starting your penpal journey will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Snail Mail Revolution
  • Finding My First Penpal
  • Making My First Snail Mail + Mail Art
  • Sending Mail via the Post Office
  • Keeping My Penpal: Penpal Etiquette
  • Project Brief +Giveaway Details
  • Snail Mail + Mail Art Project: Instructional Video

At the end of the class, you’d be set with all the information and confidence to take a part of the Snail Mail Revolution and send off that first penpal letter via post.

I am looking forward to welcoming you to be a part of the penpalling community!


Plus to make this class more exciting, all enrolled students are eligible to be a part of the a recurring snail mail giveaway!



1. Prize: The mail art flipbook featured in the instructional video will be mailed via regular post to one of the first 300 students of this class.

2. Additional Entry: All students who create a project in this class gain additional THREE entries to the draw for the giveaway.

3. Draw Date: The draw will be done once the class reaches 300 students to celebrate the milestone.

4. Announcement: The winner will be announced in the discussions board under the 'Community' tab of the class. The winner will have to send mailing details to [email protected] within thirty days of the announcement.

5. Recurring Draw: Every time the class doubles in size after the first 300 students, specifically at 600, 1200, 2400 and 5800, a new and different flipbook mail art as prize shall be drawn for another giveaway. All enrolled students and projects posted at each milestone shall be eligible for every draw made. Same terms outlined above shall be observed for the recurring giveaway.

This giveaway is not in anyway sponsored by Skillshare or any other third party. I, creator of this class, choose to do this giveaway as way to thank the students for taking part in the class and further inspire more people to join the snail mail revolution.  




  View whole mail art flip through at the end of the final video.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharmane Coquilla

Creative Documentation Artist


 Hi there! I’m Sharmane and I am passionate about creatively documenting life in between slivers of paper in a fun, easy & creative way!

Creative documentation is a full-time hobby and passion of mine. I’ve been sharing my creations to the the world as a content creator in Youtube and Instagram since 2013 and just recently as story creator for the Amino App as well.

All my skillshare classes are geared toward introducing and living the love for analogue in a more meaningful way for the creatives of the 21st century.  

My interests and contents includes various ways and types of journal-keeping approaches,letter writin... See full profile

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1. Class Overview: welcome to this glass in type of the ultimate pen, pal Guide joined the snail mail rev election. In this class, you will be guided through finding your first bow making and sending your first letter and keeping your manpower beyond that first. Hi there. I'm for me and I've been writing different pen pals all across the globe since 1990. Since then, I've sent out over 100 of sale males Different penthouse in different countries from different continents. This glass is perfect for those sore. Simply curious about the whole idea of compelling. And those are passionately interested to give it a try. This ultimate guide to starting your pen pal journey. You will discuss the following. It will give you an introduction to stand male revolution. I'm also going to help you find your first camp out. Next is making that 1st 1 collector and of course, how to make it extra special. Then, of course, you have to send it by the post office. I'll share with you some tips and tricks that I've learned through the years and, of course, keeping that pen pile beyond the first other. Let's discuss pen pal etiquette and finally the project. So this is a to park project. The first part is making that first leather and sending it off, and the second part is optional. You can also turn that letter into a male art. So the last video is actually an instructional video on how to make a male art. And here's something exciting. I will be giving away the flip book that you will see in the last section of the video. So the 1st 300 students we enrolled in this class will get the chance to win that flip. So head on over to the next section because at the end of the entire class, you will be set with the full information that you will need to send out that first, I am very much looking forward to welcoming you to the pen pal community. 2. Introduction to the Snail Mail Revolution: So are pen pals still relevant in the 21st century? So they say the age of snail mail is long gone to die are no. But does it? But actually, if you go on to instagram or if you check out the hash tag, snail mail of revolution, there is a growing community for a growing subculture, if you will, of people who are practicing compelling up to this very day. And I am a steel male African. So if you ask me why these people are doing it, I can't answer for the entire law. But I can simply answer for myself. So the reason that I'm actually doing my pen pal in up to this very day is that it gives me a different kind of thrill, a different kind of excitement to actually hold something tangible in between the palm of my hand. So it gives me a different kind of feel that I won't be able to get in females or private messages of direct messages. And also it's a really fun way to connected people from all possible. I learned about people from different backgrounds. People live different cultures. People vision entirely different places so there's a lot of learning and a lot of connecting to these different stories. And if you imagine they're like halfway a possible, this leather that I hold in my hand right now has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles to get to. So it's super thrilling. It's super exciting, and I like the whole surprise element of receive military muffling when it's coming. So that's the personal reason behind it. So if you're Cheon experiencing that same excitement, I suggest you head on over to the next video so that I can help you find your first friend now. 3. Finding My First Penpal: since you're here, I reckon decided Teoh, start your own Pento Children, and I'm here to help you find your first. There are so many ways to find that way back when there waas no Internet. So in the olden days you can actually find Ben Bella ads in local publications and local newspaper. But I think those ads are different to come by nowadays. So others skip you along to a more digital way of finding that first, so a simple Web search will yield hundreds of results. So all you have to do is Google a penthouse wanted. And it will direct you to different websites where you will find profiles of people who are also looking to connect with other pen pals all across the globe. So all you have to do, for example, you can try pen power Girl all you have to do. For example, Apple is build your profile and volatile, start connecting with other people. So what's convenient about these pen pal in websites is the fact that you can filter your searches, for example, your specifically interested in kind of thing with a particular age group, or maybe a certain gender or just keen on a particular location. So it's very easy at a click of a button filter criteria goes, and then you're done. You confined your first. I, on the other hand, didn't use spent tell websites I used instagram. So if you don't have one yet making instagram account and search the Hashtags penthouse wanted still male revolution, male art, male swab post crossing. So all these male related hashtags and you will find people who wants to swap with you. What I like most about Instagram is that you actually get to check the feed off that person looking for a penda. And I got an idea all what kind of things that that person is interested in, more or less if we have the same interests, that would be a great plus because we have a lot of things on top about. So that's how I found my pen pals. And so far, so good. So yes, of thes artist, different ways that you can try and finding your own £10. I suggest you start living your profile on instagram or on those mental finder websites and look for someone that matches your style and your preference. So now that you know where to find them, the real question is who is the right match for me? So I have my own criteria, which I consider when I look for a pen pal. Or when I taken a new pen about versus, of course common interests. So I check the instagram feed, maybe maybe look at the things that he or she is interested in. So it's a good match if you have a lot of common interests. So another criteria you could consider gender and age. I'm not particular about genders and ages well, but over the years I realized that pen pal statistics are people who are within my age range because I realized these people have a lot more things in common with me, and we're going through more or less the same things in life at the moment. But of course, gender and age doesn't really matter. You can get pen pals who are older than you are younger than you. It's your personal preference. Asked for vacation, I'm not really choosy with regards to where my friend lives, but some people I like to consider location because some people would like to right with people within the country that they live in so that there's a greater chance for you to meet up. And other people would like to have at least one pen tile from different continents from all the continents. Don't be overwhelmed by all these choices. Don't overthink when you find a profile that you think speaks to you. Go on ahead and give that pallet. Try because remember, this is just your first power and you will have more. For example, I have about 16 pen tiles rotation, so thes 16 Penthouse don't actually come all at the same time. Well, sometimes a good number of the do, but they don't usually come at the same time, so it's just like irritation of letters, incoming and outgoing. It's very, very fun, and this is just your first how? Give it a try. Give it a go pick that first. And in the next video, I'm going to help you build your first snail mail letters 4. Making My First Snail Mail: So you're here. You haven't decided yet on pen pal. That's perfectly fine. You have. I'm just gonna help you write that first snail mail better. So grab your pennant paper because actually, that's the only thing. Pen and paper. Penn. Any type of pen will do a pen pencil Workers, You can go, fans. I have friends. Use fancy friends like fountain comes in case you can use your fancy pen. Or you can use your super simple dollar pens. That is totally fine as long as it writes. As for the paper, you can also check the whole range you can write on pretty stationery. Supple, smooth or just your regular life paper will do. It doesn't really matter. Islamist. Your handwriting is legible. That's totally fine. Take a pendant paper that matches and that you're comfortable writing on, because sometimes let's just get to be a little lengthy. Perhaps the longest other world waas five pages back to that five paper that you can write long legs also, sometimes when I feel fancy or if I have time and sometimes I do have the time. To be honest with you, I use my typewriter so I use my typewriter sometimes to write letters. I like the vintage look. It gives my bookers for my meal Heart. Do you like it? But for now, I suggest since this is your first Southern, just use your regular handwriting because there's always something really personal about hundreds more. So there is no one way to write a letter. There is no one formula. So I'm just gonna give you, like an outline off the things that you should consider when writing your first stand may let. So, of course, I begin with the greeting. Hi, Hello. I hope the sun is shining in their part of the world and all those other things simple grieving just to, you know, be cautious. Then, of course, if it's your first other self introduction is almost so. We can tell that person a little about yourself. Like if you're comfortable sharing your age. If you're comfortable sharing how many your family Berg school. Just a little anecdotes about yourself. Also, you can add fun facts about yourself if you come in your favorite movie or TV series. And, of course, you should also questions to your pimp out like ask them about themselves as well. For example, if you share my favorite color is purple and green blue. Is that your favorite color to or what are your favorite colors as well? So big interest in your pen pile by asking questions that you'd like to know more about. And of course, you have your leather clothing, so just simply say, thanks for taking time to read my letter or hope to hear from you. Very, very. So that's basically it. And then you say goodbye. You can end with love and light for me, or you can best cheers up to your knees disclosed letter with a simple device. So again, this is just a suggested format to write in your letter. There's no one correct way to write a letter, so don't be scared and drafting that first. Just remember a slow as your gentlemen and sincere from start to finish. You can never go 5. Making My First Mail Art: so adding extra features, Dear Male is always great. Just remember, though, that this is only optional, So this part of the course is optional and is not required when writing snail mail to someone. So male art is adding extra features. Artistic design to mail. So how can you do this? I can just give you a couple of suggestions on how to make that male extra special Number one. You can bungle the letters, tie twine or ribbon around a couple of sheets of paper. Next is you can use decorative envelope so you can pre by antelopes on. Just add on some stickers washing station charities. Color it in, draw stuff on it, or you can make your own envelope by using old paper. She's newspapers that paper be escape. Also, you can do a male art, which we will be doing at the end of this class. So again, this is an optional part. You can stop at writing the letter and send it out. But if he on making that letter from our special last section off, this class is designed to guide you through making your first look apart from the leather. There a lot of other things that you can include inside. You can put in stickers and stationery. Also tea and coffee. The single packets you can stick them inside. The envelope was well pressed. Flowers. Leaves can also included inside the mail. Self gets assures. Calling cars from local side attractions. Or perhaps your favorite coffee shop and put them in is, well, same chocolate and candy bars as long as their flag. But I usually use gum strips because they're really flat and things they don't take up too much space. You can also include non paper flat items like charms, fridge magnets, tokens as long as it slash, you could also include personalized items inside, like maybe you can make a fun in the station or drawing. So basically, the rule here is a slow Mrs Slack. You can put it inside. You get pretty much send anything through mail. Islamist fits in the envelope. But I just also checked your country's regulations on the regulations off the country that you're sending. But remember, adding extra treats its not in the next section of the class, you will be discussing actually sending out the left, so all the things you need to know when you send out at first they are 6. Sending Mail via the Post Office: If it's your first trip to the post office, it could be a little bit daunting. But don't you worry, because the staff there usually the staff there are very friendly and we'll be happy. Especially post offices around the world have starting and charging cause. For example, Australia charges $3 for 50 grams letter to be sent to states, whereas in the Philippines the only charge $2. 10 to send a 50 ground after the United States. In Australia, it costs $9 to send anything beyond 15 grams wanted US, whereas in the Philippines ever more staggered value where And they have a bracket of 51 to 100 which costs about $2. 10 on the elliptical from 100 100 something else it costs this amount, so it's totally different. So I suggest that if you have any other questions with regards to costing, you can actually check your local post ease website online. They actually have crossed things there so you can see how much the reed will be put in the post code of your address and postcode your can power more or less know how much another thing to check with your local post office is size and dimensions of things against. No. So check with them first before anything else. Just so you know how big consent or the envelopes can't me. Most of the information will be available on the website, so just get that check before moving on to the next section. Let me give you some pro tips some of things that I've learned along the way before sending out that first is checked the weather of the country that you're sending it to. It's rainy there or, if it's been through, their chances are snowing or it's raining a lot. So the leathery send would probably be sitting in the letterbox, sometimes for days and that range, or if it snows in stone, melts you have moisture. Your pen pal will receive a soggy left, so I suggest using a cela bag What you are male in that cellar bag, just to make sure that doesn't get wet when sending a letter. In my experience, you have the option to disband the calendar, and then they'll print out us picker with the workload and everything and they just sticking on the But do you know that there's a more fun week. Send out your numbers using regular postage. So when you go to the post office, ask your posting first about using regular postage stamps, because these are really awesome. If embarrass that you can send to your especially if your country is having a specific holiday or a specific limited edition stamps, it's very fun to exchange these kind of stamps through the letters. Lastly, regular post the snob offer tracking services. So if you want your letter to be tracked, you can actually pay extra and have it mailed by registered post. I personally don't register my mail unless it's super important. So there you have it. Now you have all the information that you want to set out. Now, the next question is, how do you keep a pen pal? Beyond that, that is what the next section of the class 7. Keeping My Penpal: Penpal Etiquette: so there are actually written holes on what, exactly is can file that get. But the things that I will be sharing with you in the section are some principles that I myself first, is beyond the first letter. So in reality, after the first couple of exchanges, you will have gone through all the genetic information favorite color, favorite scent, favorite food, favorite flavors, David everything. So you'd have run through all of them already. And you're probably wondering, you get to that point, especially here, and you get to the point of what else are we going to talk about? Here's a tip that I'm good tickets. You put tabs in a particular timeline that the pen pal is working on. For example, if your pen pile is studying a particular course, so give midterms and they're gonna happen. Finals and then they're gonna have graduation and then finding words. So keep tabs on all those progress milestones and discuss them in the different letters as well. So it's a fun way to actually thread common line or natural flow into exchanges. The next topic is a bit sensitive because some people may agree with me. Some people may not, but it's in terms of reciprocating male art at its contents. But for me, I try to be really sincere when sending mail art, and I don't expect anything in return. So every time I send a flip book that's super generous Earth. Every single time I send something extra special to spend about. I make sure to include in the letter bad he or she is not obligated to return the favor. That this whole thing that I sent you is something since here from my heart. And I don't expect you to return the favorite and wait. So that is my personal practice in writing mail art. And I'm lucky enough to find Penthouse to have the same about uses as me. But if your kind of person that that's not really comfortable with this kind of set up, I suggest you try male swap so males up is when two parties agreed to send each other may or mail art, and if we on a particular price, more particular content, so it's up to the two parties. If you're interested in these types of exchanges, I suggest you go on to Instagram and look for people using the hashtag meal swell following up. So this question may arise on, for example. Hey, my panto hasn't replied to me in like, six months. Should I? Yes, it shimmer her on instagram and ask you, Hey, White replying is that? I don't think so. I don't think that's rude, especially. You're just trying to keep tabs on all those people. Are male Cuban his lines because sometimes your pen pal have already sent a reply. But then you haven't received its soul. There must be some trouble in between for sending and receiving there somewhere. If you're trying to keep track of all the things for all the mail that you have, it's definitely okay. But for me personally, I don't follow off because I don't want pressure my pen pals into sending a reply, because I understand that sometimes life happens get overwhelmed by the things that happened to us. So pen galaxy just come through every three months every six months. We just in that cycle in that sometimes sometimes house don't right back. It's been like a year's time, and the reality of it all is that some fantastic simply drift away or fade away, and that's totally okay. It's a part of the experience, So I patiently wait for my friend's house, replies. I don't really follow upon them. So again, I am service pen pal in principle to make my mental Experian's more meaningful. So it's really up to you. If you would like to follow these same principles or develop percent of hero at the end of the day, you should just always go back to your initial intent off writing that snail mail and the original intent really is to connect with other people from across the globe and to learn more about their cultures in a more can dribble and meaningful way. 8. Project Brief + Giveaway Details: so that's pretty much all you set out your first. But if you have any other questions, put them down in the discussion board, and I'll be happy to help out. Now if you're keen on making bad First Nail Meal Special Final video in this class is an instructional video that will help you make a flip book for your mail are the next video is step by step guide into making Oh, by the way, the mail art in the next video for gobs. Of course, if you want to have extra Angie's for the draw, all you have to do is start a project, and that will give you three extra entries for the draw. So when this class we just 100 I will be drawing a winner from the 1st 300 students. If you're watching this class right now and there happens to be more than 300 students already, you were because you haven't missed out because I decided that it would be a fun way to something with the most every single time the class doubled in size. For example, I will be doing another draw when the last 600 then 200,400 and so on. That would be a great way to Southern briefing. Also. Fun way to thank you for so again, I hope you enjoyed the whole class. And I hope you're able to send out your first. Let me be the first person to welcome to snail mail. 9. Snail Mail + Mail Art Project: Instructional Video: no way himself. - I think you have to. We're gonna have to