The Ultimate Makeup Masterclass For Eyes

Sarah, Makeup Artist & Certified Yoga Teacher

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13 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Masterclass eye intro

    • 2. Eyeshadow Terminology

    • 3. Why: Eyeshadow Bases

    • 4. How: 3 Basic Eyeshadow Placements

    • 5. How: Draw A Winged Liner (Freehand)

    • 6. How: Draw A Winged Liner (Stencil)

    • 7. How: Naturally Define The Eye With No Liner

    • 8. How: Tightline

    • 9. How: Waterline

    • 10. How: Apply Mascara

    • 11. Mascara Tips and Tricks

    • 12. Why: Undereye Concealer Creasing

    • 13. How: Prevent Undereye Concealer From Creasing

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Project Description


Now that you're better equipped with the knowledge of applying makeup to the eyes and ensuring that it lasts all day, it's your turn to show me your works of art! 

1. Download the Eye Makeup Masterclass Checklist (attached!) to ensure that you have all the necessary products for a complete eye makeup application. 

2. Take a picture of your favourite eye makeup products and upload them here! This way, we can all share recommendations and expose ourselves to brands that we may not be aware about. As an eyeshadow fiend, I'm always open to see what some of your favourite eyeshadows are! 

3. Take your beautiful selfie / close up photo of your eye (like the one above!)  after you have completed all the steps! I would love to see it and we can review it together too, if you would like me to. 

Please do let me know if you have any questions/comments and if you need help with any other issue, write them in the comments! I could make more videos addressing those issues and insert them into this class.

Thank you! 

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