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The Ultimate Korean Cooking Class (30+ Recipes & Dishes)

teacher avatar Johnny Row

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

45 Lessons (4h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Korean Curry (SUPER EASY)

    • 3. Yeungun Jorim (Soy braised lotus root side dish)

    • 4. How to make Kongnamul Banchan - 2 Ways

    • 5. Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew)

    • 6. Doenjang Jjigae (fermented bean stew) with radish and anchovies

    • 7. Myeolchi Boekkum with Kwari Peppers (Stir fried little anchovy side dish) - Sweet and Savoury

    • 8. Beef and Korean Radish Soup (Muguk) - DELICIOUS!

    • 9. 3 Simple and Yummy Egg Dishes

    • 10. How to make homemade KIMCHI

    • 11. Gochujang Mayonnaise (Condiment)

    • 12. Bibimmyeon (Spicy Cold Noodles)

    • 13. How to make spicy pork bulgogi (jeyuk bokkeum/dweji bulgogi)

    • 14. Upgraded instant ramen

    • 15. Soy Braised Beef and Eggs Side dish - Jangjorim

    • 16. (Old Video, Delicious Recipe) - Easy, Quick, Veggie Japchae

    • 17. Dakbokkeum Tang (Spicy Chicken Stew - EASY)

    • 18. Another kimchi stew video (Older video)

    • 19. Japaguri from the movie Parasite

    • 20. Classic bibimbap

    • 21. Quick no fuss bibimbap

    • 22. Bulgogi (marinated beef)

    • 23. Dakjjim (soy braised chicken)

    • 24. Kimchi Fried Rice

    • 25. Doenjang jjigae (Fermented Bean Paste Stew)

    • 26. GAERANMARI (Korean egg roll)

    • 27. GIM GUI (Roasted seaweed)


    • 29. Jajangmyeon (Korean style Chinese black bean noodles)

    • 30. Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    • 31. KONGNAMUL (soy bean sprout side dish)

    • 32. The meat inside a dumpling

    • 33. ODENG BOKEUM (stir fried fish cake)

    • 34. Soy & Sesame Braised Chicken

    • 35. SOONDUBU JJIGAE (SIlken Tofu stew)

    • 36. Soy cured eggs

    • 37. Beginners Guide to Samgyupsal (Pork belly BBQ)

    • 38. One pot easy Korean potato and carrot chicken stew

    • 39. Deliciously Easy Korean Beef and Radish Soup 소고기무국 Johnny Row Cooks

    • 40. How to make BULGOGI in 1 MINUTE

    • 41. How to make Korean Soy Braised Potatoes ⭐ (감자조림) Johnny Row Cooks

    • 42. Learn to make Doenjang Jjigae (stew) in 2 Minutes

    • 43. Learn to make TTEOKBOKKI (Spicy Rice Cakes) in 2 MINUTES

    • 44. The Last Steak Marinade You Need (KOREAN BBQ STYLE)

    • 45. The Ultimate 18 EGG Korean Gaeranmari Johnny Row Cooks

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About This Class

In this class my Korean mother and I are going to teach you what we know on authentic Korean home cooking. From side to main dishes, we are going to explore the many ingredients, flavors and techniques to demystify and guide you to becoming a confident Korean cook. Impress you friends with a batch of your homemade kimchi, or learn how to prep korean bbq at home with bulgogi and pork belly, noodles soups, banchan and sauces? - yup we got you covered on those too!

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Johnny Row


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1. Introduction: Well, hello and welcome to the Korean home cooking class. Over the last three years, I have making in filming my journey, learning and replicating the flavor of my mother's home cooking. And lately she herself has been the star. My newly produced videos all pumped up. In this class, you're going to learn how to make Korean food favorites that are suitable for both the beginner to the experienced home chef. Learn popular dishes such as Google e or subject to some more or less known dishes such as this. Where perhaps try your head and making your own batch upkeep. Because homemaking G is always better than store-bought. Start cooking delicious and boldly flavored Korean food today with your premium subscription, see you in class. 2. Korean Curry (SUPER EASY) : I'm going to make it super easy. Paradise it today there. Q with a. Caret. Let's go. So this is a really simple, one part popular Korean dish every single together. It's so easy, everything. Yeah. And it's that pretty quickly is that it takes about 20 minutes. Yeah. Alright, let's do it. Well, we usually are using beef, but I don't have a beef today. I'm going to use a pork shoulder today. Focus gets Dahl. Yeah, it's very good. I'm sure a lot of times we use check-in per biv. Is everything going to cut took so year like this, like that. Now I am going to put it in a pan like these. Maybe it even more. How many potatoes are you putting in? I'm not sure. Yeah. Oh, can talk. Big piece. You will master told tiny, then cut a small piece. Bartlett's you're cutting face thing. That's, it's enough. So a lot of potato narrow narrow potato into lots of mean maybe or more petite or more potato? No, yeah, yeah. Too much meat for one more small one. I don't need the patina. Unlike a potato, you do like you take it, I take it perceived as many potatoes as you like. Like for me I would add a little bit less, but she likes to have large so we put it into my MIT. So I have to put in some more at a balanced it out and meet me then we're gonna have like four days worth of curry. Mom, why are you making so much oh, argued with some newer sister. I see you. Okay. One big carrot. I think you're one in maybe two carrot, maybe two carrots. Too long to not easy. Lot of career people eat this dish at ball here. It's really good with the kimchi Korean. There's really well with kimchi guys, by the way. So how much is that just a bunch of carrots, one larger carer, the ones who are more cat or to care or to media mechanics? Yeah. Right in there. Okay, what's next? Next archive? Chew on him to medium onion. Yes. Yeah. Okay. Then you crank. Almost ITU lab, comes out, comes down Psalms doubt dam down at the marijuana to onions, to media monuments to go into sir, that pot. And that is a four-part care. Potatoes and meat here. Attending he'd high. Alright. Okay. Yeah. And I put some cooking oil. You're going to add some vegetable oil or whatever to, to, to what the scoops. So that's an official measurement, but that's about, yeah, oh, three scoops, threes groups like six to eight tablespoons, roughly. It's colorful. Well, we could do just two or three minutes tonight to cholera. Prepare for water. Okay. I put some food or over water. How much water will you play? One for water? I think not enough. Or not. Alcohol. You just want to put in enough water to cover the ingredients? Yeah. That's the half over one and up before. Yeah. So don't cover the ingredients with water. Yeah. That's it brings the water up, so it covers all the ingredients. That's, that's all you gotta do. And then are you going to put the curry powder, you know, and I yet thought caval unclear boiling. Then I prepare OTA directly, put it in that part, but I usually put it in a boron. Legitimate or water. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So until smoothie nor chunkier piece, that's a good tip. Absolutely, that's a really good tip. And it's time to put it in our Koori. Who? Nice burning. Now I am going to put in creamy cooling, say that for that boiling pot. It looks like baby vomit. Yeah. But it doesn't taste like it. It sounds really good. But it didn't. But also you had all that SaaS? Yeah. So you just desk to how much sauce to put in their Curry? Yeah. You know, I know bar just read the directions. Directions. If not enough, you can put some little bit more, too much. You can just add some more water. It's easy to balance out getting more and more. A lot of curry and Martin. Yeah. Let's get it too low. And then you're done. Then? Yeah. Just two more million. Yeah. So easy. Lucy. I mean, where dietary caret per day. Ooh, good for four to six people or a weak nor are they that parties in that 2B plan? Yeah. Okay. Pretty big. Oh, drinker is so good with kimchi. You gotta have what kimchi presume one kimchi on top of a misprint. Yeah. Like that. That's the perfect bite. Oh yeah. It's just tried. It's gonna be hot. Babbling. I thought the whole backbone, barry. Very good. Thanks for joining us how to make Korean curried. Ah, you're very wacko Python. Hey, it's on mobile. So I will have some after you move. I saw Martin who murder the job. Good job. Very good job. 3. Yeungun Jorim (Soy braised lotus root side dish): Hi everyone. This is Janae. I'm going to make him today, young Goodin jordan. What's the younger joy? Because Lotus Root. Okay, and it's braised. Lotus roots, that's where we're making. Yes. Okay, let's do it. Let's do it with that. I showed you first, this looks like it. Ps is it flattened itself? First of all, I'm going to pay the copay for Dr. means skin. Okay. Yeah. This like that. So we just finished peeling. Now what? Now I have to leave. So you have 44 pieces to more, smaller. And then I have to cutting and next, all your oven storage. What are you getting an a there for? I don't know. I don't want it to you. Their plots. All this shelf space participants in the, every man dies due every career Mao onMeasure, maybe western mommy to western lands. And I'm not fancy. So how thick are you going to slice them? And I'm going to realizing for about half a centimeter, it's about a quarter inch, half centimeter, right? This meant looks like it's an IP pretty, very pretty. So mom, summer, fall shaped and some are cut. Who know, no problem. No Brouwer. Okay. No parabola. Wherever I want to talk, I do exactly. Some people ISIL many rules when they cook, just do whatever you want. I never majoring, I'm never use a measuring co pay not we know that from the last video, but I never had any rules or rules and or-or even taste good. It's vine. Is C freedoms. You want to do whatever you want to do you doing. Exactly. And then after I put it in or how much water you're putting in until you attach hungry, hungry microbes to the top and on top. Then I put it in as Dover. I played in deliberate opinion, eager. Or you put vinegar now in a guy and delivers art and boiling. So let's do that. So okay, or there's some vinegars, the vinegar tone, but then it kinda cheap wine or vinegar had achieved vinegar. What kind of idiot after using apple cider, superstore brand, no-name brand, upper xy, there. Yeah, you can use regular white vinegar to the vinegar. Do those kind of bitter also, this is a little bit bidder. Yeah. Okay. So I don't know why. You don't know why just vinegar I think is a better disagreed long-time or will my mom teaching me? That's okay. Yeah. I put it in one supernova, one Coors pornography. That's okay. And I put it in high. Are you going to bring that up to a boil, up to more than just a boy. And then we Lindsay in, and then we'll be back in ten minutes. Ten minutes. Ten minutes is up here. So when ready for boiling, is the toner offline store bring to thing draining? Oh yeah. And you rinsing with cold water. And since we're already hundreds until the core town, tied to prepare the young young, which means the American aid. Us, Kikkoman Soy says to about three tablespoons to tablespoon and a half to three tablespoons. Okay. Too messy stuffs in. Tell me how much garlic getting much. I usually using so much garlic. So one tablespoon, 1.5? Yeah, that's about two tablespoons. Okay. Yeah, that's about two tablespoons of finely minced garlic and about two to 33 tables. Burden of suicide, all that beef dash, dash, dash is there for everything. Everything tastes better, taste better, and we'll just the dash of that. And have maybe since you announced 110 about what's that? Cookie Lyon cooking oil, what kinda We'll do you use canola oil to timbers to tables to allow two tables when you should learn some sugar in the coffee, crisp ice cream, asking what you are, this is your second tablespoon. Yeah. So two tables, bruises, sugar here to add the medium. Media needs? Yeah. Okay. Oh, I needed some digital water in here. Whenever the water, it now seems too cold. Arctic further your garlic count. Yeah. Let me taste to get messages. It's gonna taste to see if it's good. So that's a taste if it's good. Measurements, put some water washer. Maybe I can use for this sort of fancy. Faster does aim is 3V, my wife's measuring cup that we journey. We put we put it in about actually taking a measurement. I know I usually I put in and whatever I wanted to put it in it. Nor major months. Night you see here one comma, one comma, one cup of water. Back k. K, you better nice mix. Nyse, amex. And that's on medium. Again. Yeah, that's not really like then I have to put it all in here. So we're putting in the lotus roots into that mixture there. So now you're going to Georgia. Yes, yeoreo means praise. It starts to boil your drop the need to love a law that you put the lid on and braise it here. How long does it go for? Until that Jews getting thicker? So right now it's like a liquid. So as it reduces, this is going to become thicker, thicker. That's how you know, Tiki and things do cubic or you're going to add anymore ingredient tours after that, I'm going to put them secret. Anybody could heighten, see Katko, Huck communicate, teachable John. So I'll just give it a give it a nice day every now and then. So doesn't that okay. Okay. I get this to work. Or you're going to wait for them or are you going to play a casino games on your gaming? Will be back in a few minutes remaining. Ok, it's boiling now. Oh, then I'm going to steal one more time. Cme smells really. I mean, it smells like garlic, soil status, earthiness to it. Drop it to low. Let it simmer. Okay. Let's see. Oh, oh, oh, oh, already for Google. Juice, juice, wine. I came in all water. Temperature, heat going to period. Oh, yeah. And I put it in a far or you're not going to add more water or anything. You read on. This is Maria. Maria. I'll write it down in the description of what it is. Okay, so she's gonna put some uri, dad or Maria, or figure that out what that is in English. How much you're putting in, okay. Three stables ruins. Three over 40. So this is kind of like a sweet 0. Yes. 3s. Then this going to be not using though. Is three. Yeah. Like a sugar. Makes it shiny and taste, taste it a little better than before. Alright, okay, without likes to measurement here, one tablespoon, okay, well one tablespoon for 1.5 roughly. And discipline seeing what's that? I mean, see, you're just putting it all over as it can. And that's it. Cookies and ten about ten more minutes, emergency manager. Okay. We're ready. Ready. Let's see. Yeah. This juice juices getting sticky when he gets called. And I thought it was gonna get thicker, thicker, ready gets bigger as a grenade, put it yeah. When I put in for uridine, yeah. And you eat this warm or cool. This is best enjoyed, core quote. Okay, let's taste. Taste in love. Very good. Very good job. Good job. Fantastic. 4. How to make Kongnamul Banchan - 2 Ways: Hi everyone. I'm Janet. I'm going to make income memory today. Saudi doing. I'm going to make a cool Norman. Today. I'm going to make it crunchy machine. This is spicy or whatever you want to make a spicy or just play and I'm going to make a plane today. How much longer do you have a 100 grams, 600 gram, 1K cage for a soy bean sprouts. Yeah, so we've been yellow, so even sprout. Okay. Show us how to make it. Then I'm going to go. But it didn't apply. Then. Why are you putting water in this? All we have to Lynn when new leaves, we have to lose all the water. Warm water. If you doing Walmart have peed in length, what's hidden there? They didn't they're like the kind that has to explain. Okay. And you're just transferring it to a strainer? Strainer. Very clean coal, normal. How many times will you rent this? Maybe to time it's in is it hard to do no harm? Some people do employ that forest. Maybe a little difficulty. I showed you is easy on Republican names, the number to the editor, friend newlines, cool number. So like a gentle when you first harder than Poonam are easy to get breaking. Then next step, we are going to put it in a pot. For today. I'm going to make it current Chuan. We have to put in cold or R2, this much water, much matter how much water you put it down to this whole number going to be doggy. Okay. Like just like on the top. Then put it in and then put the lid on lead on on on high. And are you going to bring it up to a boil? Yeah. Ontario Boyer. Why are they going to boiling then I'm going to prepare for going into young young American a marinated things to put into the mirror and yeah, could you know, new and touch statistics. I'm going to freeze or take it out for what do you what are you putting into the memory in your Meredith? Yeah, that's why I show you or you're gonna go. So yeah, let's go. I'm not sure. So we have a chlorine anion or we have been again and I got green anya. I got maybe I need a four-year this much. Maybe half panda. Yeah. Oh, is that is that your cutting board? For the first leaf and take Raul for elderly part but also an instant no, but this is not the disown. Those end partitioned open even here. This is Tokyo. And then I worship. Then I take it out for cutting board out of your dishwasher storage. Always and clean it, put it in the dishwasher, the dishwasher, but she had Washington uses the dishwasher. Okay. I'm going to cutting for green onion for reading. And I put it in for, prepare for, for now on a board. And ambushes written. What I do know. These kind I do today. It's crispy. Crispy. So you want to don't overcook it. Obviously. Overcook it doesn't matter. Release for cold warrior who never get crispy. Texture is more. Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. Then when new boiling poem out two to three minutes later we put it in a train, starts boiling oil boiler for two to three minutes and then turn it off, turn it off. Drinking cold water to get out the thing. Terrain, a basket, the drain, water, Hold on. Hold on. Our lens again, lead to hot variables. There's books for toxic effect still-growing your head is overcooked. Yeah. That's okay. That's okay. Small pisa EC2 for like this. One more time, order orderliness. You can nice icy cold water up much better than decent normal order one, but it's just extra work or extra work. So sol drain a the steady dripping water. Put it in a war. We dispose server role. Before I cladding for Karina anion, this is a little bit to match up, put it up or whatever. Yeah. And then what's that? Csr? Sea salt. How much salt are you putting in? I think half half to split. When we take a look, the regular one teaspoon mom noise, Nana responds, how small it is, regularities and just a half teaspoon. That looks like one teaspoon to these funds or smart. It's hard to, it's hard to tell on their camera. And also this So-called guitars, all beef dash diets like big Boolean, Korean style. For this gives it a little depth. How much do you put? No noise and that I have to which core qualities from quarter to spur? Yeah. Means the Garlin. Ok. For over teaspoon or you're just using your hands up. How much? One teaspoon. Let me look. Yeah. That's almost that maybe a half a tablespoon. For table spurred, Yes. Yes. Then 12ths for No, it's not mom does. But I don't know what they looked like mom. So half a tablespoon of minced garlic. Fine. Okay. Let's see how much more you putting just a little over a half, a tablespoon of finely minced garlic. Okay, alright, our Systeme powder, sesame seeds, semi powder. Now TSMC rules students as MEC. Roasted sesame seeds. Gay, so-called. Yeah. If you have, you can put it in a new feed on. Don't worry about optional, optional. But isn't that non-linear term Manchester won as it's better, it taste better if you put this in polar, let's take a look. One teaspoon full. I mean, look, there are some major four-way that's hot and that's about, that's like three quarter tablespoon of three core. Waltzes into T is good. But I say it's about half. And then say semi always. How much you're going to put in. I knew this was a problem that measurements but among that is not a table stood, you know, these. Is not considered a tablespoon. Yeah. But it's not an actual teaspoon. That's okay. Just okay. I got the measurements. You just try your best. So what are you putting that? Yeah, that's like about a teaspoon? Yep. Correct. Hap happening more. So 1.5 teaspoons of sesame oil would smell so good. That's romantic. What you're doing now mom put it in numero gentility, marinated mix gently with your hands. Oh, it smells so good. Taste. Yeah, me too. I bet. I how do you eat this mob? We the rice. Yeah, you just put some on rice right on top, on top of one soprano floors for novel writing. On top, put it in DME. When you taste it. Then we put some dark to more. If we another thing, just gauge it. Alright, yeah, again is when you take the some people don't want to desert u1, so you can put in less, sorry. This is, this is a pretty easy to adjust to your liking. And you want to work garlic. Garlic. You want to. If we want to put in more noise and you can put them more dysthymia adjusted to your liking. Can you know the sound? Crunch. Okay, Mom, what's next? Some people like their executives for my husband and I guess by C1. So I put it in hot chili pepper. So you took half of the batch you made are irregular batch. And then you've got to take the other half and make a spicy version because Dad likes tau splicing and cartelize good colors. And I saw how much you put in too much they wanted to or did it displays in less pepper? Pepper when it is spicy. Chili pepper. So these are Corinthian put cardboard Chicago, which is red pepper flakes. You just have to add it. If you want to add a little spice. That looks good. You prefer this way. This way Korean people like red, red. Okay, so this is for Korean adults. Yeah, I had a little more flavor, a little more spice because we love Korean spicy foods. And that one over there is worthy for the kids. Well, for the bibimbap or for PV bus Stabian Baths maybe in fact, never make your like this. Leaving Paris plane. That looks fantastic, really delicious. And then that's it. That's it. So we have two types of MON Bader we'll call now are two different types coming out and magic. And what does it taste like? Yummy, crunch. What does it taste like? Go, what are the flavors? Were able? Chronic chances to move labor, garlic, tally. So it's not easy, it's aromatic. And then this one is the same. Taste, a little bit different. That hot pepper makes a tasted too. Yeah. So it's a little bit spicy and you get that hot pepper. I like to do some hot spicy. Thank you for watching today by everyone. Thank everyone. 5. Kimchi Jjigae (kimchi stew) : I'm not demanded today. Let's go. Fool is how are we starting this today? Is our Kinte, Good for him to dig a you don't want to use fresh new kimchi soured him since the parent is sour, you'll choose better for QG today. Ok. Good. A pork shoulder. This is pork shoulder. Okay. We just pulled it out from the microwave and that the fast mode, so some of the edges don't look that great. Ok, let's get started. Kimchi is less for Jews. And enter the part. You are you squeezing out the juice? Is the input into magic juice. Tastes a little bit or maybe not. Dr. plan means more. Korean people help us. I'll write in the comments what does topped up here. That's shown IT again. It's not sure on how do you explain that English? Yeah, very hard to explain. Okay. Well, someone has to put that down for us, someone that knows what it means. Alright, so how much kimchi you think you got there today? To Boris scheme two balls of kimchi. So in COP measurements, murder, No, I don't I don't know. We're just we're just kind of doing it it out today to make this more put his moral mount. Anyways, we're making lots enough to feed four people or a couple or couple days or like, yeah. Okay. There we go. Okay. So we've got a pork shoulder. It just came out at yes. It came out of my coil. We had to quick defrost it so it doesn't look that fresh. But it's fine. You just pulled it either freeze there. It's OK because we're going to do it. Okay. So you just basically put all the kimchi then all the meat just in a ball like that. Hey, cooking or in one table sprint. Like war, like four. Alright. You don't use sesame oil. I usually use sesame oil. Interesting. Oh, okay. So yours is a little different compared to my interesting. That's good though. Mixing everything together. Yeah, Maxine meeting Kim and our Yohana, high-heeled or immediately. I know you're a medium. Okay. Okay. And now you put it on me, hide here. You have this heated up with oil. Does it release the flavors? I guess that's what you're doing. You're releasing the flavor of the kimchi cooking the meat. A bet. Going to meet. Yeah. So the kimchi flavor will go into the meat? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, there you go. So that's why we're doing that. For forward problems. Yet former bulwark, add some water. I don't know how much water that is but just yeah. Or you're going to add it off? We're going to add it all. Okay. How can you tell if you have enough water that Kim TM meets enough for the template. So I just covers, you have to put enough water to cover the ingredients, the kimchi and the media. And isn't people pre-written, put to them? Oh, red pepper paste. But if you want to add flavor, but yeah, you don't add it to yours, you came she has enough waiver. So if you find that you need more flavor to your came to forget, then add a little bit of CO2 Joe. So you were saying some people add sugar and sugar. But better than putting onions on your instance through it re, so instead for sugar. So normal Saudi Arabia, once whatever size it bears, who cares? There's cooking for your family to Scarlatti's raising a whole anion core or neon because they came to signify alert. At the beginning we perihelion anya needs to too much info. It's too soft it to cut. Typical. Yeah. Yeah. So you add it you add the ideas that he had? Yeah. And so let's say core taste. Taste for salt now. Neutron single shingle. Yeah, ok, so that means we need to add a little more salt or whatever. We don't have measurements. Okay. Tony's point. And you're going to add extra garlic and 1-1 tables can have more garlic to give him more flavor or taste, or guy put it in a lower for this, the ideas are going in. Who looked like smells really nice, smells like, you know, not explain, it's not like kimchi you fork and makes me hungry. Wow. Wow. Maybe even more czar. Instability that stays good. Just build a lot more salt. So just adjusted. Yeah, I'll just time to type. When you put in too much society's not too good. Maybe tasted, Well. Yeah, I had a little bit, says add more white. And then finally soul sister or your PC that she that thing. Okay, so that's the big Boolean which she adds to Oliver cooking. Yeah, surprise to learn that. Looks yummy. Basing it again, again, again, again. T1 it is then, what has that big chunk of meat? Kimchi, delicious. That's how you make an entity here for easy. Thank you for watching. See you next time. 6. Doenjang Jjigae (fermented bean stew) with radish and anchovies : Hi everyone. My name is John. This is my son, Johnny. What's up? I'm going to making moves, the papillary hot pad in Korean dish. Then dang, dig it today. Let's do it somehow. What are we gonna do here first, first time, put it in water in here as much as we can make it. How much? Okay. Humbling. One cup. She doesn't take any measurement. Measurement. I'll almost two cups. Then I'm for some bean pieces. So this is the fermented bean paste, okay, about two tablespoons, three tables. Then if you have beef, pork, chicken, and he kind of meal, you can put it in, but I don't have it today. So I put it in tried and 2V instead of MIT. Right. Because typically when I make it, I use beef, but we don't have beef today and I don't want to go out and buy big if today. So we're just going to use what we have in the kitchen and mom has times of dried anchovies. So you put the ten Jiang and first in cold water and then you mix it. Because I usually put it in the boiling water and mix it. Is there a reason why you're doing this? You always yeah, really? Yeah. You can make a soup base supporters, then you can use for database o. But because I don't have the soup base huge amount, you don't need to worry about soupy, right? So you put about maybe two tablespoons worth of dried anchovies and they're they're not too big but big ones are fine. Too small hole. I noticed that there are poor. Yeah, that's okay. That's a tiny little antenna because there's small. Yeah. But again, even if they're big, you want to take off the heads and head end inside the Tammy's and okay. Perfect. All right. What's next? We have to put some lavish radish. Yeah, so this is a MOOC in Korean call or the more common name is daikon radish John, Yeah. You were gonna use potatoes today but we didn't have potato. So that's why I use for this. We have one of these. That's totally okay. You can use a potato as a substitute as well. I think that that's enough. That's enough. I'm going to rinse. Okay. And then you just gotta cut that. Well, you're gonna peel it. Needed to be done on top. Just a little bit on top. Yeah. These brown things. Then like this or some people like a big piece about I like a small piece like this. So you'd cut up into bite size pieces like this. Alright, so you just add all of it. Yet. Okay, so we're gonna put that on the stove now? Yes. Let's go. Let's go. Okay. So you're putting it on high heat yeah. High here. And you're going to bring it up to a boil? Yes. What do you do it? Oh, okay. So what's next? Preparing for vegetables. Back to the counter. Backed into counter. Is this how you usually me, tangent you just so many ways where this ego and so there's so many ways this is just an easy way for me to teach you how to make transient Junior. My mom my mom didn't teach me how to make engine. I didn't teach you with you or there had been you just said your mom pi? I saw my mom made and I guess I saw my mom makers here. Yeah. What did your mom make it like this? Well, we could with Janet, There are no rules, no more ligament nor tourists. I wanted to do it, I read my way. Alright, so we got, I spoke bite-size squares of tofu. Alright. And she's just roughly chopping up some green. I've no rules no matter how big or long ago and you, you can put in a wrong that in Onion. Who cares about the shape just but roughly like what also. So some are shaped like this summer shape late, doesn't matter. Sheaves not important. Shape is not a clone. You're not cooking in a restaurant, you're cooking at home, just doesn't taste good. But the shape matters for this because it's a uniform spaces of Chinese life for better or for care. But then that's it. And now what are you gonna do with that stuff? And then you just put that directly in there? No, when Deng Deng is how early oily then I put it in our together or effect why some people are putting Marsh Room and Eugenie and zucchini, yeah, love to give me some put in gemcitabine and martyrdom too much as I love mushrooms, taste better zucchini, but I don't have it today nor preparing for the ingenuity and making it. But Journey wants to, let's make it indenting it. That's why I do it best. Left over my house. That's simpler one. Yeah. Without zucchinis, without you cuny without potato. Person for tofu. Maybe too much interpreter. And just dump it all in there. And yeah. You didn't use all the tofu though? Oh, yeah. And that's not enough water? Yes. Some more. Yeah. It's easily adjustable. Yeah. The TOEFL might create a little water to water. Your model. So you basically want the water up to the top of all the ingredients, right? You're putting more stuff in there? Yes. Means the garlic. One whole teaspoon. Too much. That's about a tablespoon. Put that in there. Go ahead. Oh, that's going to give it a nice garlic flavor. And then you're gonna keep boiling there. How long? What's that? Chili powder? Korean. Ok. Red pepper powder. Once? Yeah, liver, hot, spicy flavor. Then I put some Cairo. And is that everything? Know my secret? Beef actually that you put that in everything. That gives super little depth or there'll be flavoring you haven't tasted first. Okay, so you're just gonna taste to see if it's delicious? Yeah. What do you think? You are? Perfect. Perfect. Okay. So how much longer are you going to cook that for? About five more minutes, literally would take 15 minutes to make this. So it's really easy. Very easy, very simple, very simple. Yeah. That's very nice. Today. For five more minutes and we're done and we're going to eat less and hungry. I'm getting hungry theory from the smell, smell. Really good. Gonna rise. Smears makes him you Hungary. So PBR with the ten Jante mixing like this, it's going to burn my town. Well, yeah. 2xy. I me. Fantastic at really good job. Mom is perfect. This is really delicious. Thanks so much for showing us how to make this. Oh, you're very welcome. I always make it. Alright, well, that's it today guys. Until next time. Thank you everybody to ion religious Hugo. Good prices. 7. Myeolchi Boekkum with Kwari Peppers (Stir fried little anchovy side dish) - Sweet and Savoury: Hi everyone. This is Dan and I'm going to make him today very good to me or a teen Pokemon, let go. This is the weaker party question. Privy, observe. Second ingredient there, sickening Gideon. Gideon is super discount. What is it? Super discount? Charity. And 2V. Like baby anchovies. They saw only grown. Yeah, it's a poorly drawn but they're so small tiny, small idea barrel anchovies. Yeah. Interfaces more than ten kind and to restore us small version. Okay. First of all, I'm going to watch for poor daughter of one-pound fiery core to that optional ingredients, isn't it? If you don't have these, you don't have to put them in, right? No, no, no. No. So if they don't have Yes, you can just use that instead of putting it. Yeah. So if you don't have those, no big deal, yeah, no Viterbi color for green and yellow and adds a little pepper flavor to it. So you just washing and streaming. You can use whole thing to like this. But I want to do good for one by size. So you're gonna make bite-size cutting. This some of them to these big one longer one is she she told they're not very spicy arrow, right? Yes. Yes. Yeah. You don't want spicy ones, you just want like neutral pepper. Okay. I'm going to feel fry these small, tiny Yeah. Tony Iran heat for high without oil. Just yeah. Just a steel frame of a two yeah. Yeah. Steel frame like this, no oil at all. Nothing. Put it in and means deduce. Pd myth that fishes, fishes, man, doing this to make it smell, fishy. Smell, is it going to make it more risky to yeah, more crispy and yeah. You buy this stuff oriented store, oriental foods to a Korean who just don't store that's a $100? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So now it's tied to the young girl. Alright? Alright, let's do this. I don't have a new major munch. So I turn it on here. How high? High. And now I put it in cooking oil. How much was that? Maybe a little too much. Oh, look at that one, poor one. Or 1.5 people, students wanted enough one or David. And then you're just going to put that in oil Corbett and released the flavor and the garlic. Nice. I'm going to put in that our v, okay? So basically absorbed all that oil and garlic in there then until they get crispy. Yeah, it's more crispy, less oil lyrically. Okay. When I put it in Pepper, getting bitten. So how long are you going to try that? Just a minute, like this. And I put it in a pepper. Oh, they simply putting in the peppers here. Yeah, reward to go. Maybe manipulator fossil, if so. Maybe a little bit of soy sauce that we have defined what it is. Ok, how much they spend. But OK. I have to buy 23. Alright, so that's about two tablespoons worth more than 1.5 or two tables that look nice, yellow color. You can neither sue needed that anchovies, the paradigm for the small anchovies and the bigger ones and cheaper and cheaper then do so on. But I don't have a right away. And so that's why I use in 47 less than hops one up to suffer. Okay. About once you stood among you have with almost the cheaply I joke jokey off the, that's why I all secret hungry. You put that in everything. And sugar in the coffee Cruz NES. Oh, wow. That's about 1.5 tablespoons. Okay. I'm sure have more and more. So no. One mine. One more than the C. Alright. Yeah. So about two and a little bit more. Q over two tablespoons of sugar. Give that a mix. But don't muster ready. I'm going to put in what you read and you can use honey. I don't need the measurements. You don't even need me is I don't know. Two 2s, two or three tablespoons, I'd say to not do much, to think about two tablespoons. Nicer by T2 doesn't show up. So fast. K, Q on it. Now you try first up. All of those ways is the reduceByKey. Thanks for showing us how to make merchants book come today. You will write down. 8. Beef and Korean Radish Soup (Muguk) - DELICIOUS! : Hi everyone. I'm making today Korean MOOC. Let's go. We're going to use today Korean moon, reddish, green onion, onion and B. What kind of be busy? Because any, BY this for any, we'll find any cheap energy or expense, but doesn't matter. The matter. Yeah. It looks the birdie that looks like a pretty good one. I think we cut that off a roast, right? Yeah. Now I'm going to cut in, move Korean radish and this heavy, hard. There is no rules on the shape. No, yeah. Cut it like this. Make this shape of the homophobia that half of this, That's a one pot meals, destroy everything and apply some more case. So we have the beef and the rational part. What's next month? Next to a pen fran, Okay, let's do this. Pan fry first. F rye. Yeah. Are you going to put that on high-heat? Yeah. Okay. So you got the beef and radish on high heat. And then when you add it here, after some fish sauce, PCSK9 show rebased Fichte fish sauce, Korean fish sauce. What's next is the sesame oil. Sesame oil is just going to squirt some of that in two tables for two or three tablespoons. This Amelia. Then we still fry. So I'll leave it for awhile until many minutes. You take maybe five minutes. Okay. Okay. So thats going you're going to prepare the IAEA. Is no rules, no ruins wherever you are. One, you cut interest rates to zoom. And you've all filled up with the water, plain water, then leaving on theory boiling. Okay. Crossly. Bring it up to a boil. Yeah. We almost forgot to add the garlic. Yes, I forgot to put in garlic, so now I put in that's okay. That's okay. Yeah, it's going to add some minced garlic. Maybe three or four. Ok, yeah, it's going to add a bunch of rows. You add a lot of ground black pepper. Too much, you put in spicy, then have low, that's about one teaspoon. Okay. This is one of my favorite stoops and so easy to make. Then I present onion, okay, you gotta put it in that green onion and the hydrogens on side, put it in some other greenhouse. Doesn't matter, doesn't matter. For awhile. I put eggs in a crack 3Hz and yeah. Well, no, no, no, no. I mean, you're not putting it in the soup. You put a forced in here. I see. I give you tips. Interesting. Okay. Why are you putting it in their taste the better? It's just gonna mix it together. Yeah. Scrambling. Right? Break the eggs first. Scramble. And then you've got Put that in the soup. Yeah. Okay. Now, now, yes, it's getting boiling c. Now. We can put something like this. So this is optional, you don't have to pay is the adoption that it's nice to be doing. You see every last database. Now I want to put some salt because I put it in for T2 and job resource at the beginning. So you gotta add salt to a lot of stuff. And then soaps and small, small, tiny teaspoon. Good. Don't miss some, bring some rising kimchi. Let's have some rice and kimchi for short. Okay. Alright, mom's going to show us how to make a perfect bite. Oh yeah, good. Summarize. Yeah, this is so good with Kim. Do you gotta pair this with came to you ultimately with congenial? Yes. It's going to be high. 9. 3 Simple and Yummy Egg Dishes : What are folks hope you're doing well today, I'm going to show you how to make three different egg dishes using three of a famed ingredients for each really basic, delicious sized pair with a boiler rows. Let's go. First. I'm going to crack a crap load of bags, which you probably won't need to do on this. You're going to make all three of these dishes at once. Or chopsticks, whisking, grab a bunch of green onions, oil the pan, heat it up at the BX and some green ideas. This is the most basic of sides we call ket on Monday, which is a Korean egg on LW. This reminds me of my mom as he made this for me a lot when I was a kid. All you have to do to complete the process here is for that a few times and then slice it. So I don't think you can have this because it has onions in it. The next is we're going to make is called ket and gene, which is a steamed egg. And your beat eggs, some green onions and season with a little salt. Okay, this is technically the fourth ingredient, but I'm not counting the salt we added here. I'm cheating with a little Han dash t, which is a Japanese quick dash you easily made by combining one teaspoon of this to one cup of water. And I don't have a good dashes video out yet, but in the meantime, check out future neighbors recipe video. And I've left a link fellow to cook this, put it in a pot and leave it on low with a lid on for a few minutes. And that's it. You've got yourself a beautiful custard, even delicious eggs side dish. Ooh, that triggers this last issue is an egg drops to really looks like nothing special, but it is deceivingly delicious. Just add your dash e start and bring this to a boil season with salt and pepper to taste. Those don't count. Ok. When it's boiling, add your B eggs out as much as you feel ag, and then just whisk the eggs around a little bit. For this amount of soup I have, I'm adding about two tablespoons worth of soy sauce. Or yeah, that doesn't count either. Azure green onions. And there you have a delicious hearty soup, perfect for hangovers or cold days or just whenever you need something soupy. Alright, I told the weasel, you guys to watch this promising three recipes with three ingredients, but i quote unquote, unintentionally had a couple more. Hope you sticklers can forgive me for that. And he take areas. 10. How to make homemade KIMCHI: Hello everyone. Welcome to General. My name is Johnny row and today we're going to teach you how to make kimchi using Napa cabbage. Today we're going to make the most commonly eaten type of Kenji called MAC kimchi, which is made from using Chinese cabbage or Napa cabbage, same thing, or in Korean we call it pi2. Get, which means habits. Our first piece of Napa cabbage. And I can't stress this enough, make sure you have six pounds worth of cabbage for this recipe. So the first thing we do is we make a cut right down the center of this core. Cut straight down a third of the way. Simply just hair at all pain. So if you tear it open like this, you keep the cabbage, the leafy parks kind of intact here. And then do it to this other half here that we have same idea straight down through that core. And then split it open. Just like that. Beautiful. Here we have the core and it's keeping all the individual pieces of cabbage together, of course. So what we're gonna do is we're just going to cut that off. I'm going to tilt the cabbage up a little bit and just cut it off. This you can dispose of. Okay, we're not gonna need that. And now all those smaller pieces on top of the caricature, I'm just going to slide them off like these little guys and throw these directly into my bucket. And then simply just cut them to nice bite-size pieces about two inches in length and throw them into your bucket. These ones, you notice the leafy pieces. These are obviously bigger than two inches square, but you know what, they're going to shrink once the assault hits these pieces, they are going to shrivel up into small pieces. So don't worry about the leafy pieces so much you can add those in large. Okay, so we've finished cutting up our first head of cabbage. You wanna add four tablespoons of salt, four tablespoons after the first head of cabbage has been cut. And another four tablespoons after the second head of cabbage is cut and we're just going to stack them on top of each other here. Second, just give it a little shake. And here's our last tablespoon. And now we're just going to cut the second piece of cabbage now had, had it on top of this. That's the last bit there to heads of Napa cabbage or inside of this bucket. And we're just going to add one more layer of salt, which is four tablespoons of salt we're just gonna spread all across here. Is the cabbage here with all the salt in it. And over the next two hours now we're gonna come back in 20 minute intervals. And then we're gonna give the cabbage and nice mix. Here we're going on the second mix. I don't know if you can tell, but you can see oh, yeah. Either just getting T sweaty and mois, assault is doing its thing. Here we are with our fourth mix. As you can tell here, there's a lot of water that has been extracted out of the cabbage, the Napa cabbage. This did not exist about an hour ago. All of that water came out of a cabbage to salting is doing its job. So here we have it, our final mix. Now all we have to do next is just rinse it. Grab a handful, little wiggle. The lowest. Oh yeah. We've done straining the cabbage here. And I'm just gonna taste it now to make sure that it's not too salty. I can always go. There might be too salty. So here's all the vegetables that we prepped earlier. I'm just gonna put all those in the green onions, irregular onions, carrots, that one teaspoon of our minced ginger that we've prepped earlier. We're going to add two-thirds of our pureed garlic here. Lot of garlic in this kimchi recipe. And I think that's what makes it extra delicious. Second one, plot that in grid. We're going to add half a teaspoon of beef blue yarn, or we call it in Korean. Dash xi dot half a teaspoon. Going to add next, one crop of red pepper flakes. There it is, dumb bed in. We're gonna put in three teaspoons of sugar. Through this stuff here is called salted mushroom sauce. Take a look at this. Baby shrimp sooner, salty little back there. You need only two teaspoons of this. Doesn't look that great. But it's really important. Makes a lot of bushes really delicious. Plus they were going to add is half a cup of fish sauce to better, good mix. Now, make sure you're makes him very well. 5'2, my arm is getting tired. Give it a taste. Or I've got to be delicious. We've got so much flavor. Almost endless perfection. Really. You came, she should already taste good even before fermentation. If, if it tasted like This is gonna be way good after for Rukeyser. Dan. So I'm gonna put this in a container now and I'm going to let it ferment for about two days. And then I'm going to throw it in the fridge. So put it in a nice cool room, leave it out fermented in a jar or like a plastic container or whatever you fermented. And then though the fridge afterwards. I hope you enjoyed watching that and I really hope you try. That gives us a p out in his, my mother's recipe and it took me forever to learn and try to master because she never takes measurements, to watch it multiple times, in multiple times with failure. Finally, I was able to master it, but I hope you enjoyed the video. Please subscribe and help a lot. Thank you very much. 11. Gochujang Mayonnaise (Condiment): Okay. Okay. 12. Bibimmyeon (Spicy Cold Noodles): What Tatas balls today. So we're going to make a spicy Korean cold noodle dish. Let's do it. Here we have the Bach Suite Noodle, aka the soul by noodle or Mamiya cuckoo, which we call in Korean. If you're looking for a truly are Buy, tried to Georgia and do it all, which is also nice. Start by cutting some carrots. I changed my mind. Let's use the Minoan matchstick slices. So you've been with your cucumbers. This dish is a great way to Zeynep IP Rob as US. Here we have some red cabbage and listen guys, you can use whatever combination you want. That should be good enough to go to Jiang. But to table spills, smell rate. Rice, wine, vinegar wanted was to engineer soy sauce. One tablespoon, some honey. One tablespoon them. About a tablespoon worth a sugar. They will serve with a sesame oil. Anything else is extra here I'm going to add some sesame seeds, roasted seaweed. Alright. So what I like to do, kind of a pack of this, push that and this stuff is delicious. And just mix it all together. This will be enough SaaS four to the three circles. It is deceivingly spicing. So a little goes a long way. I didn't show the cooking of the noodles. Obviously, you know how to do that, you just put them in boiling water. So I'm gonna play it using the block we would ask. Okay, so on top of the noodles, you just simply put all of your vegetables. I had some radishes and the French slice, slice a few pieces here. I had some spinach to no problem, no big deal. I'm also adding a hard boiled egg which I sliced in half. And just add your sauce. There is a heat wave and count today, so I don't want this extra refreshing. So I added actually a few ice cubes. And that's totally okay. They're called murals. I'm just making them colder. No, no problem. Well, that's it. This dishes really quick to whip up. It makes a great launch for a sunny day. So I hope to try it. Thanks us. 13. How to make spicy pork bulgogi (jeyuk bokkeum/dweji bulgogi): Today we'll be making spicy. Google gets one of my go-to dishes at home. It's very easy, it's simple. You can make it on the fly very fast. Shall we get started? The veggies that we need to make our 20 approval get today are in on yet carrots, green IN some finely minced garlic and a zucchini. So that's it. That's it. That's everything. So pretty much the only optional item I'd say out of all these vertices are those acuity, it's gonna get a ball here. I'm going to add my opinions and my carrots in this one, I'm going to cut the onions into strips straight down the middle and then just cut it like so. I'm just going to take this and put it in mambo. Next, I'm going to match stick these carrots. I was up in a separate bowl here. I'm going to add Harrison Keeney, zucchini Yuan strip setup as well. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to cut it straight down the middle, turn it, and then just slice it like so. That's, that's my small mole. We have to mince enough garlic to get two tablespoons bereft. Finally minced. Next up, we're going to slice our portfolio into bite-size pieces. Today I've got about 500 grams of pork belly here. So here's our pork belly and we're going to cut it proximately and Ancient a half in length and a stack. Just kinda threw there, we have it. We've done our prep work. If you see a red dish, it's likely it's going to have some butcher junk. So here we go. We're gonna get 1 third spoons worth of this goto joining here. Just going to use my fingers. So sticky. It comes out easier when you do it like this, this like that. After we've added our courts, you Jan. And we're going to add some red pepper flakes. So if you think that the go-to Jiang adds spice, it's actually usually the red pepper flakes that makes it spicy. So if you can handle a lot of spice, if you like spicy food, then get spicy red pepper flakes. We're going to have two tablespoons over a red pepper flakes. 12. It doesn't really matter what order you put these ingredients in as long as they're in with your meat. Of course, that's all that matters. Next ingredient I have is just some regular sugar and white sugar. I'm going to add one tablespoon of this. Let's add our two tablespoons worth of garlic there that we minced up. And this was about two tablespoons worth and discard them fit all in there. And your last ingredient is simply three tablespoons of soy sauce. And then I'm just gonna take my hands and give it a good mix. So I can add, you can smell the combination of the gotcha jog and garlic. Smells really nice. Beautiful. Let's start cooking this. This is the easy part, guys, but cooking, we're just going to throw everything together into the pan. Angels stir fry it up and enjoy it. It's going to be delicious. There's one last thing we need to do, and that is simply just to add a little bit of water in the middle of cookie. I'll show you how that stat uses this, all that. And it does evenly sparing the side of that. So I'm just adding like a half a cup of water. And now I'm just going to add our veggies. Just dump it all in. Let's not forget to add or zucchini. So here there's a Keeney, he's just going to add that. I'm gonna keep the lid off just to further reduce it. Make a thicker sauce there. And the last thing we're gonna do now is kind of our dream. I just gotta cut it like this. You can definitely feed about four people with this amount. Here it is our chair. You will go for our 2-AG pedagogy or spicy pork. It smells so good. I can't wait to eat this time starving. It's gonna take some of our green onions. Roasted sesame seeds here, just to bring it to life a little bit more or a little more colors. And just gonna played some rice and then just get some of that me and all the vegetables. And I'm just gonna put it right over, arise with the SaaS and hence cannot be it. So the AMI in my time and I just put that on the op. Wow. She's going to garnish. This is going to be so good. So let's get a piece and leave here with some zucchini. Could look very good. And I didn't even married, knew this for a couple hours. I just did it real quick. We go racing needs by it. 14. Upgraded instant ramen: And the cost of polar bears are black. Okay. 15. Soy Braised Beef and Eggs Side dish - Jangjorim: Today we're going to make one of my favorite Korean PyCharm or side dishes called tangerine. It's a soy brains to beef dish that we're going to cook for up to an hour and 40 minutes tops. But don't let that discourage you because it's very simple to make. You just throw things in a part, let it go, do your things while it's cooking, like play your video games, watch some TV, do some work, whatever you gotta do, snot hard. You're not going to be in the kitchen for the entire time. All you need is just a little patient and you got yourself a fantastic meal. So let's get this started. I've got 16 clove of garlic there. We're going to use a couple pieces of ginger. We're simply going to add two anions. Find yourself a crappy, cheap roast, lean. Not a lot of, you know, like this is going to be tough and chew we obviously if you put it in the oven for an oven roast. So all we need to do is quarter these onions. Wow, amazing. Heat up my part here and throw in some oil. And then we're just going to add all the ingredients in here, transfer these into the pot. 16 closer garlic. I'm just going to simply have these. Here's our ginger and it's about one inch in diameter and 1.5 inches long. So we're just going to slice these up and throw these into the plot. This roughly slice like this. No fancy cuts required. It's just simply for flavor. Let's take this and throw this into our part here. Okay, that's what it looks like. So here's our beef. Joe, I'm gonna cut this. Tried to make like 1.5 by 1.5 inch cubes. So it's cut up the rest of this beef here. It's cube it up. Put the heat on high and add liters of water into the pot. So next we're just going to bring this up to a boil and let it go for about an hour and 20 minutes. So here we have a pretty rigorous Boyle. I'm just going to now drop the temperature. We're going to drop it to the, to their at a low. And we'll come back in a bit. When our in 20 minutes is up. Here it is. This is the type of texture that we're looking for, is peels off nicely. That's why we wanted to make them into cubes so we can peel off bite-size pieces later. But I'm just showing, yeah, delicious, alright, ever. And now we're just simply going to add all of our ingredients. So I'm going to put in four tablespoons of sugar. And we're just going to add four tablespoons of rice vinegar. 123. I'm gonna add to how the Peano peppers here. Traditionally you would use Korean green peppers or Japanese Shinto peppers. Those are more mild, so you would add more of those in. But I can't really find those anywhere in my area here. So I got hell of pianos because Filipinos are a little bit more spicy. I'm just gonna add two of these and don't worry, it's not going to make it very spicy at all is if you can't handle heat, it's still going to be okay with just two of these. Dumped isn't here. So here I'm getting my combo 2B. And we're going to add two pieces that are four inches by four inches square. Just got put one in there. And then I'm going to cut another one here. Something like this. Okay, here we go. I just got to toss that in here. Here. Here is a bunch of soy sauce here that I got. I'm gonna add 1 third cup times two, my first one, and my second third cup. That's it. That is simply everything that you have to do. Okay. I'm going to add my hard-boiled eggs in here too shortly when they're done. Give this a quick little stir here and the color is all nice and brown. You smell everything blending together. I'm going to bring this up to a boil again. And I got to let it go for about 20 minutes. So here I have my hard boiled eggs. I peeled the shells off. You know, actually the eggs I find are very delicious, just as good as the beef in here. Now you can add as many or as little eggs as you please put the standard carefully. Just gonna mix it up here so that the eggs are submerged in the liquid. I've taken the meat and eggs out and put them into a mixing bowl. I'm just going to shred the meat now. We're almost done. I'm just gonna put this strainer on top. I'm going to dump all this good stuff in there. All the sauce. There we go. There you have it, folks. That right there is challenge or do you 16. (Old Video, Delicious Recipe) - Easy, Quick, Veggie Japchae: Today we'll be making a very popular Korean dish called chop check. But today we're just going straight up veggies and we need some fiber in our diets so you can take better. Oops, let's get started. We're gonna start off here by cutting our carrots. Pretty ugly carrots here that I got and I need to cut these because that's all I had and I don't want to waste is so let's, let's get this done. Check out these knife skills. Just put my carrots on this plate Europe. Next we're going to work with some onions here I'm gonna put in some medium, says is to use one of these. I'm just going to slice and thin like, so. There's just going to add that to my little black plate. Prep veggies there. Hey, next we got red bell pepper. I'm gonna throw in maybe three quarters of this guy. Okay, we're gonna use some she tacky mushrooms. I'm going to put a lot of these. I'm just going to peel the stems off these mushrooms, makes it easier to cut and I'm just gonna slice sees just like a sliced all of the other veggies just into little strips. Biruni is that over? Suite. Next up we're going to slice these green onions. Here we go. Lie, I'm up, I'm just going to cut it on like so though. Boom. Alright, everybody, good job. Let's move on and let's make the sauce. Now. We're going to add a quarter cup of sugar. Soy sauce. 1 third comp or soy sauce. Here we go. 1 third cup, one tablespoon of sesame oil. Lovely. Last thing you need in your sauce is garlic. So I'm gonna get one tablespoon of this pureed garlic. So if yours is not like really fine like this, I suggest you meanss about 1.5 tablespoons worth of finely minced garlic and adding it in. Okay, so here's my one tablespoon of period garlic. Every go. This kinda mix that all up now. Found a nice mix. You can smell the garlic, soy, and sesame mixture. It's great. Men. You could probably drink this and have a really bad stomachache. Sauces done. Let's start cooking now, and let's get some oil in our PAN. We're gonna start off by adding our carrots and onions mostly coat the slowest they need a little bit more time. Red bell peppers are going in hots. Okay, let's, that's must show that all that aroma of the vegetables, cocaine right now, it is smelling good. Okay, we're going to put that all back in after we have our noodles ready. Let's boil some water, get our noodle sold, cooked up, and then we're going to throw everything back into the WAC and the sauce and you're done That right there is some boiling water. So we're just going to add our noodles now. It'll time in to the water. So it's 1222 right there. Let's skip it like two minutes. Ouch. Yeah, let's take our stir-fry veggies here. And I'll earn dam rock and on medium high heat right now. Thank you. You're new at on-site. Yeah. Plot those in. If it ever wants to walk. If there's so sticky because that galaxies this, alright, so these are super sticky. Obviously. You need some sauce to break apart here. Okay, let's try and I get these little Tao. Come on. And that needs some liquid right away. So I'm going to now add our sauce. And there we go. And all of us finish filling our agree and 9A is all smell soldier. Let's give it a nice mix with the sauce. The noodles are starting to break apart. Once the sauce is evenly distributed throughout the noodles, like you'd get this nice brown color the noodles. Then you're pretty much done. Sesame seeds. They're now simply okay. Because those colors, veggies, noodle, jamminess, hurried up at so gaba. So Turkey, much emulsion. Our mushrooms, vegetables and noodle. Bar are the forgotten plane. Sweet potato noodles for where we are. Sufi likes us. Really honored. Try retain. Sticky head. 17. Dakbokkeum Tang (Spicy Chicken Stew - EASY): Today's dishes called pocketbook on Tang tak means chicken in Korean, pumping means stir-fry or mix, and Tang is soup or stew. In this case, this is a Korean kids part of Love. Well, for me anyways, it was one of my favorites growing up and I'm going to teach you how to make it. It's a savory. But I don't think for the average Spice either you're going to find it's spicy at all. If you're a bonafide sandwich either, then it might be a little spicy for you. Regardless, it's not that spicy. It's just really good you're going to enjoy. So yes, before we get started here, I'm just going to show you guys a quick little trick that I do. For safety anyways, I layer wet cloth down on my surface and then I put my cutting board down. This prevents the board from sliding around, keeps it stable as you're cutting, and hopefully reduces the risk of you cutting yourself. Try it out. So the first thing we're gonna do is start by cutting our carrots. I like my carrots, so I like to put a lot in there. But like this is such an easy dish. You just add whatever and how much you feel like. So if you like your carrots, carrots, that as much as you want. I'm going to use three or four, just gonna toss these into lapply here. Next, I'm going to just put in three potatoes, simply just going to cut these in half and then put them into the pot. So just have him. Now what's a little bit longer? So I'm going to cut that in three. Where we have our IBM 1.5. I knew cut it like so. Take a look here. So and after be too picky with this dish. So it's quick and easy and freakin delicious, just like the potatoes and carrots here, I'm just gonna take my onions and from anticipates, that means your garlic or onions have McBride, who is my onion phase. Finally, minced garlic. I like to buy a big bag full of garlic that's already been pure just to save me a little bit of work. And then I use the food processor and I process it down to like a puree almost. I put it into a container and then I freeze it. And where your garlic doesn't go bad, the taste is still over. It's really good. It's super easy to do. And then whenever I need garlic, I just take this other freezer, opened us up, get what I needed, thought back in the freezer. Bingo bingo got a kilogram of chicken here. And the chicken that I've got consists of the thigh and the drum piece. I recommend using by me it drum meat or a combination of both. Traditionally my mother would only use the drum meat, but also a lot of Koreans, they actually buy a whole chicken as well, and they just kinda it up into pieces. They like him in and throw a ball into the plot. But today we're using thigh and drum. We're just going to cut all around a little bit and detach the bone from the fight and the drum. And then cut throat to a pot. Easy as that. Do it again. It cut through. Take that excess P softer. Cool. I don't know if this part is going to be big enough. I hope so. I'm just going to jam it all in there. Okay, perfect. Now let's add all of our sauces and garlic and such. I got one tablespoon of garlic. Next I have just regular old white sugar here. Feel free to use brown sugar or whatever kind of sugar that you might have. I'm gonna put two tablespoons of sugar, half a cup of soy sauce into the mix. There you go. Three heaping tablespoons of red pepper flakes here. I'll Korean food is bread. And our final ingredient here is simply water. I brought three cups here. We're just going to pour this in. This part is big enough, very nice. Very Gulf went on and I'm going to transfer this over to the stove. Here. We're going to put this on high heat and bringing it to a boil. You're ready for this? Or yeah. Tadpole. Let's what's eight folks. And so delicious. I've had eaten some of those chickens. Charity. This rise with the size. You're going to love this. Just a rise in the SaaS alone is so enjoyable that some chicken and get your fingers dirty Earth. While my gosh, I've got to eat this. I gotta pick out. So I got I got off the screen for you later. 18. Another kimchi stew video (Older video): So today we're going to make a very easy kimchi giga keeps gk is probably one of the most commonly served soup dishes in Korea because Koreans love tab kimchi. And then once the kimchi starts to get a little bit sour, we use the kimchi to make beautiful too. So let's make it. All the ingredients in need are shown right here is simply some pork. I'm using pork loin about 200 grams. Maybe if that this Recipes for two people. By the way, I've got 500 grams of sour kimchi. First thing we're gonna do is simply just get some sesame oil and then we're gonna put it in this pot. Let's start by adding the port to the plot with the hot sesame oil. Just give the port or quick SIR. For coin actually gets pretty tenderness to, so it's good to use. Also a lot of times I like to use pork belly that were pork shoulder me in my 50 giga. Say Fourth Style, the kimchi now. Okay, so here I have my two cups of kimchi and just going to dump this into this bot. She, as you can see, there's not a lot of juice coming out. It's simply just kimchi. Despite that up a little bit so that the flavors of the kimchi releases into our pot. So when we do it, it's going to take even better. Alright, let's get 2.5 cups of water. So once you try this up at the meat and the kimchi for about five minutes or so is Chick are 2.5 cups of water and we're just going to don't bet in. Let's put the cover on. Let it go for about 20 minutes or so. To kimchi giga is ready to go. It smells delicious. I tasted it. It tastes delicious. But we're just gonna bring the color up a bit. I have some chopped up green onions and I'm just not tosses are sprinkled around the country today here. Like the ad tofu to make him teaching yet. But like I said, it's optional. Let's just put that on there nicely over to good presentation. 19. Japaguri from the movie Parasite: Yesterday, I saw that critically acclaimed Korean film by bone June hall called parasite. And damn, that was a fantastic movie. I hope this isn't much of a spoiler. But in the movie, a character in a particular scene has a bowl of ramen, and I found it pretty strange. The combination, however, these two lemons are a couple of my favorite lambdas to eat. So here we have the Nagai, which is like a spicy seafood on type a noodle. And here we have Jupiter Getty, just like a Korean style black being instant noodle. This is really good. And in the movie the character combines these two lemmas and top suit with some stake. In this video, I'm going to make this and give you an idea on how taste, what it looks like and how to make it at home. And there is one issue. I don't know how to make this. I'm going to figure out how to make this Tish, I'll be back in a snap. Okay, let's start by putting some water in a pot and bring this up to a boil. So our water is boiling now and we're going to add the Nagai literals first. And the reason why we add these noodles first and not the noodles at the same time that Jaffa Getty and the Nagai noodles is because these neurons are actually a little bit thicker, so they need a little more time to cook. So that's why we're starting off with these laws. So let's add this thing. So we got our nobody noodles going on right now. And it's been a few seconds, maybe 20-30 seconds. And now going to add my Jaffa getting eros. While the noodles are cookie, I'm going to quickly cut up some green onions for our garnish. And then I'm going to cut our beef into cubes. We're now just going to season the beef with a little salt and pepper and a little olive oil and give the beef knife sensual massage. With a label. I'm going to separate some of the water from the pipe into a separate bowl as we will need a small amount of that liquid after we strain the noodles. Don't cook the noodles all the way through. Sophia, IMO says to cook film about 90% through so almost all Dante and going to strain the noodles now and give it a quick cold water rinse so that the noodle stopped cooking. As I now need to cook the beef. It's sear the steak and cook it to medium, rare, medium, whatever your preferences. If that it's snowing. Shuts, track, scam, uptake or soft interpret. Delicious, right? So honestly, I don't know how I feel about adding perfectly good steak mixed in with some ran in. I don't see how that could be appetizing, but who knows to be really good. So in the movie, they use a beef called honey, which is a premium Korean Bees. Its grasp that it's antibiotic free and has no hormones. Well, yeah. That's what rich people you've hollow. So now let's finish that Rhonda was put everything together. So put in the whole pack of the chapter, Getty sauce. I'm going to add the bed she's now. So it's the coast with the remaining water that I have. And then you want to add half of the Nagai. A third or a half. If you add too much, sophia says that it gets too salty, so let's add happiness. That's about half. If you feel like you need more liquid to simply add a little bit of water. Lastly, just add the oil from the jump again. Garnish with the green onions at the beef. That's rich. And lastly, we're going to add some sesame seeds to give it a little more color and contrast. Okay, let's give this a try. That's a good mix. That's really delicious. So the taste like spaghetti, but it's amped up. It's, it's like a spicy job, spaghetti. I really like this. This is really good. The beef, the beep, just, just like beef. I just put it on top. So it's just like little bonus bites of salt and pepper steak on top of Europe. Muslim, who go, okay. I can dig him. Thanks to the recipe Sophia, emo, That's awesome. Make sure you check out our videos. To thumbs up, maybe three thumbs up, just like the movie parasite lamin everyone, try it out. I hope you enjoy it. Checkout Sophia, EMOs channel. She's the one that showed me how to make this. Oh my gosh. Luton. Make sure to check out parasite in the movie theaters. No exaggeration. This movie is a masterpiece. So do check out the movie too, and think of me when you see the scene. Actually, please don't think of me when you shoot the scene with Willem. Stan, I didn't say that. 20. Classic bibimbap: What a pain in the, but to make, there is so many components to this dish. However, it is fantastically delicious. Let's get to it. First. Let's start off by cutting our carrots. We wanna aim for strips of carrots. She packing mushrooms. I'm making PBM felt for two people today. So this video is for two servings. Let's see if three is enough stuff we need to saute. We'll leave half a zucchini for two people's worth. These will also need to be cut into strips. The zucchini carrots and should talk your mushrooms are the only vegetables that will need to get sauteed. So I'm going to put those on a separate plate here. Here's some cabbage, we're also going to cut it into strips. And also we're gonna get some of that nice nutritious cabbage goodness with some crunchy texture. Add it to our Pivot, bump. This output onto a separate plate because the cabbage will go into the PDB up Rob. Here I have a boiling pot of water that I'm going to use to quickly Blanche MY spinach. After a few seconds in that water, I'm just gonna take the spinach out and quickly rents it in some cold water. This is Dan to keep the spinach from overcooking. And also it'll keep that bright green color intact. Here we're just squeezing out the excess water in the spinach and cut the bulb spinach. I'm gonna start by cooking the carrots first because they take the longest, then I'll be adding my zucchini. And then lastly, this should tacky mushrooms. These will take very long. Salt on top. Just a little bit, not too much. If you want to meet lists, bebop, substitute the meat for more. Should tacky mushrooms too, tacky mushrooms has a great meaty texture to it, so it works well. Here's some ground beef and going to fry up lightly seasoned with salt and just add a little bit of garlic for extra flavor. Obviously, Here's Lily half to smelling the meat cooking. I'm going to add a handful of soy bean sprouts into this pot of water. Once it comes to a boil, I'm gonna take the soy bean sprouts out, rinse it with cold water, and strain. More things cut into strips. This time we're using red leaf lettuce. Feel free to use any sort of other leafy let us that you might have in your fridge, Romanes, fine. I should have called her the lurker instead of Lilly. Here we have some roasted seaweed also cut into strips. This dish should have been called script and bump instead of bebop. Yeah, right, not dime yet. Fry an egg. Now let's start assembling RP, bebop yet, but we have to make the sauce as well. Now, you're going to need two teaspoons of goto Jiang or red pepper paste. Two teaspoons of soy sauce, two teaspoons of sesame oil. One teaspoon of vinegar, one teaspoon of sugar, one teaspoon of roasted sesame seeds, and one teaspoon of minced garlic. It fit ever wants to mix all of these ingredients. Wow. And there you have it. Pv above saws. And finally, we are done after all that cooking and all of that prep work. And for what? Just to take all of the carefully place ingredients of the period. But that made or a ball looks so great and in an instant destroy it by mixing it all together in a blood red sauce. Yep. And it was damn well worth it. Because in the end, we enjoyed every last bit of it. 21. Quick no fuss bibimbap: When you look up people, Bob recipes, you get something like this. These are the Ferrari's of the bibimbab world. We're going to uncomplicated and I'm going to show you how to make a very indicting version of it. You can whip it up within minutes. Let's do it. Now these specifically choose the threshold. They just happened to be in my fridge. So basically use what you have, you just get what you want to use a mix of edge that will give you a nice quenched texturally, such as cabbage carrots paired with some sort of leafy green if you have like spinach or any kind of lettuce. And that should basically be a trip. Like did you see the radish that I cut? Have you ever seen a radish root of beam buckling for null? I have it appears it's still good. Alright, let's make our sauce. You're going to need two tablespoons of gotcha John, which is your red pepper paste, followed by one tablespoon of sesame oil, one tablespoon of rice, wine, vinegar, one tablespoon of soy sauce, one tablespoon of sugar, one tablespoon of honey, although I might have put a little more than that by accident. Problem. Here we have a pack of roasted Siri to just crush it up and let array1 and just mix it up. This should be enough sauce for two to three servings of rice. That is a sexy mix of savory, sweet, and spice. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that I added sesame seeds. That's optional. So I'm gonna make enough fear for 2.5 people were gonna crack to eggs, had some leftover rice cooked that in aster it, let's add another edge. Want vegetarian, skip Ba, add your vegetable medley. Add your sauce. I literally critic bribed is within five minutes. Most of the vegetables are still kind of wrong, which is totally delicious as it gives your bites and nice fresh crunch blended with the softness of the rice. It's awesome. Just cut your badge like I have into match sticks and thin slices. That honestly doesn't even look that bad. And really though like once that PV is all mixed up, it looks like this anyways. So just make it quick, get satisfied. The happy folks. Please support by liking and subscribing. 22. Bulgogi (marinated beef): Third, Golgi, which literally translates to fire meat, is one of Korea's most popular dishes and one of the leading ambassadors to the world representing Korean cuisine ahead or equal to p. So what does Portugal you have to do with North Korea? I'll tell you later, because right now, we gotta cook this savory sweet beef recipes usually used with a sirloin, rib eye or brisket, cut into thin slices. If you have an agent grocer or butcher nearby that has these cuts already sliced, you should grab some otherwise, here's a little trick on how you can do it at home without a meat slicer. So the trick is to freeze your beef, not too much so because you need it soft enough still to slice through, but hard enough so that you can get those thin slices. Don't forget to check on your meat before it gets to frozen. Look at this marbling. This bulgogi is going to be juicy and tender and very delicious. Transfer your beef to a large ball for marinating. This is what we call Maria, which is corn syrup in English. We're going to put one table spoon of this and two tablespoons of sugar here. We have about 500 grams of beef corn syrup in. Then goes two tablespoons worth a sugar. This a nice mix. It's going to leave this to rest with 20 minutes. Let's prepper vegetables while we wait for the corn syrup and sugar, it's doing the same with the meat. I got three stocks here. It's companies up. Got one carat. I'm gonna cut them into match sticks. Onion, mushrooms or a totally optional, I love my mushrooms. So I'm going to put some of these end up top on the left we have some finely minced garlic and above on the right. And see you that there's some pure red onion, one tablespoon of garlic, two tablespoons of pureed onion. One tablespoon of sesame oil. And finally a six tablespoons of soy sauce. Marinade this for 20 minutes. It is said that the earliest variation of bulgogi was a kebab like skewer, which had originated during their goal good yo era called MEK jock, probably due to lack of beef supply and it's monopolization by the nobility and royalty. Bulgogi was unable to spread to the masses throughout its history. Then finally, Berlucchi was discovered to be a delicacy in a province which is now in North Korea called pillow god in the early 19 hundreds. This dish first game major popularity by permanent refugee says settled in Seoul after Korea was liberated from Japanese rule in 1945. Since then, Bruegel, he has been at the forefront and a mainstay in Korean cuisine. Oil in high heat. Okay, so I marinate this for 20 minutes in the fridge. Well, I forgot to film putting all the ingredients then, but anyways, I just put the meat in and then all the vegetables around. It, doesn't matter. Put it in this way. So looks nice, nice little photo up there. But I hope you don't mind missing out on that footage, but literally I just tossed everything in at the same time, once the oil was hot, clicks, Google gave me cousin slice so thinly it's gonna ship cooking time with your vegetables as well. Which you can smell this. So pretty much once the meats cooked all the way through and the vegetables are cooked to the way you like them. It's ready to go. I have a small side of kimchi. Here's the bulgogi that we just made. And I'm just going to garnish it with some roasted sesame seeds. Make it look all pretty. So glad where you guys, because I really at all. 23. Dakjjim (soy braised chicken): First thing I'm gonna do is take my nine pack of chicken thigh. I buy born in chicken thigh. You notice that boneless chicken thigh costs a lot more in the supermarket. I really don't mind having the bone-in. I find that it keeps the meal a little juice here. Anyways. Now let's put all of her chicken in the plot. Here I have one anion median size too large, we'll do. I'm just going to cube these. There's really nothing to it. Really quick, delicious, fast meal here. I lied. I'm actually going to add one more idea because for the amount of chicken I have there, that doesn't look like it's enough. So two medium-size ideas that goes boom. And next we're just going to put in some carrots. I actually like to have my carrots in this dish to be a little bit chunky because I liked the taste of carrots, so I'm just going to cut them quickly like that. So here I've got some finely minced garlic, are going to add three tablespoons of this. And now let's add our liquids at half a cup of soy sauce. One-quarter cup of Asian cooking wine, or second one-quarter cup of meeting at two teaspoons of sugar. By last ingredient, sesame oil, will be adding three tablespoons. This give all the ingredients in the bowl and mix. You should be able to smell the nice aromas, garlic, soy sauce, sesame. Bring the point up to a boil and drop the heat and less similar with the lid on until the chicken is cooked all the way through. This sauce is amazing, packed with soy, umami, garlic, and nerdiness from the sesame oil. This is the perfect blend. Prep a better price, put a piece of chicken and get Sasaki on it. Super delicious. Smell is very nice. Very good. I make this at home very often. It's a family favorite here. And our household, I guarantee you a new favorite, a new chicken favorite that's easier to major hole. There's no marinating involved. We just put everything into apart and mixed it all up and then put there for like 30 minutes. That's all it was. You'd have something, so so damn good. Thank you very much and we'll see you on the next slide. Clicker. Huge shout out to my aunt in Korea who was probably never going to see this. Thank you for that nourishment. 24. Kimchi Fried Rice : Hey guys, today we are going to make a very big kimchi fried rice. The beauty bell keeps you for arise is that it's so easy to make. You don't need the best kimchi. You can go out and get that crappy store bought stuff, bringing it home and whip up a Very nice delicious kimchi fried rice. No problem. Grab a little spam or whatever meat substitutes that you might want to use. Green onion, sesame oil, some dehydrated rice, and a fried egg. Let's prep. First thing I'm gonna do is actually get my spam. Spam is a wonderful product and Koreans actually love their spam. So if you're a spam header, well, you can just see something asked, but who spam? It's delicious. I actually able chain the famous Korean-American restaurants. Were you some spam and his kimchi fried rice. I tried it out and it's fantastic. So after you open it, just the bottom of it, I guess you would about all kinds catch up or something. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah. There we go. Whoa. Spam is so delicious in your kimchi fried rice because when you fry the stuff up, it's not always that tortious. It also can get this nice crispiness to the exterior, which gives your kimchi fried rice a very nice texture. It's a, it's a good texture element and also a great source of processed protein. Anyways, see if you notice there's actually some lines on the cat spam here, you can notice some faint lines. So you can cut some nice even cubes of spam. I actually just noticed that now and genius, thank you people at Hormel for putting those lines there because that's pretty smart, makes my life a little easier. And now I'll have nice uniform cubes of delicious spam. And next we're just going to slice it like this. A allele. Lily's right here, by the way, my dog skin to get some delicious squares. 123, okay. And then delicious squares. Alright, let's grab our spam, put it in a bowl or grape spam. That aside, an externalist here is cut some green onions. Ladder. Great ideas are using Korean cuisine. This additional absorption. Take some of those floppy amenable so it can easily put them in. Saute, pan or walk or whatever you're using. Next, we're going to cut up some kimchi here I have my homemade kimchi, it's the bomb, my mom's recipe, I haven't kimchi recipe video, you can look for that. And how to make a delicious can cheat if you don't already know. If you have homemaking, great. If you've got some store-bought crappy kimchi, that's great too. And if it's a little bit sour, even better. So we're gonna have some kimchi and we're going to chop it up. They'll do have to warn you guys. I suggest using some sort of crappy cutting board that your mind getting say And I got my plastic point here. Kimchi juice will stain your surfaces. I noticed one time that or my granted surface there was like an orange blush because I guess some kimchi Jews laid on it for few hours overnight. I don't know, but anyways, it sucks. It's ugly. Suggest heed my warning. Okay. Got some tongs and I'm going to turn out some kimchi. Ooh. That's some delicious looking kimchi right there. That's the homemade stuff. So this gives you fried rice is going to be extra delicious. Put, put, put. So all of the delicious flavor of the kimchi fried rice really just basically comes from the kimchi that we have appeared. And the delicious bam. This is dehydrated rice. This is leftover from last night. Dehydrated Rice is the best to use when making any sort of fried rice. Texturally, you're going to have the best fried rice using gay old rice. Alright, so the heat is at high And I'm gonna throw down some sesame oil, sesame oil, kimchi, friends. And then after the oil is heated, I'm going to add my chopped up kimchi from my stained plastic cutting board. Think that's enough and kind of winging it. You can just wing it to spread this up a bit. And I got my dehydrated rice, throw that out there. I think I can use all of it. Let's use all of it. The rest is taking on that nice red kimchi color. If you want real big kimchi flavor, some of that I came to juice. Let's get some more of that kimchi juice in there. I think we need a little more juicy love in general, a more flavor. Make sure you don't go kissing your mom or your girlfriend or the person you were dating, or your wife, or your husband or whatever, or whoever after you have this nice kimchi fried rice, because she is very garlic key and it's likely you're going to have some pretty terrible kimchi breath after you eat a bowl of this. But if you and your wife or your girlfriend or your boyfriend, you both, you guys eat this and you can see each other afterwards. Well then the garlic key kimchi breath cancels each other out. So it's totally okay to be kissing each other after that, so long as the other person has even kimchi in has the Qing Xi bread to just saying, oh, now we're going to add our green onions. I don't even need to taste this. I already know that it's delicious. Kinda what let's taste it just in case. But we're gonna make it even more delicious. And discuss at this for a moment. Here we've got a fresh pant, but up to high heat at boil this time I just got regular vegetable oil. Okay, here's our beautiful spam. And just add that and okay, look at that. I think we're good or spam is looking great. Spam pen, right span. Now let's just take our nice greasy, delicious caramelize spam, some of that oil over there. Flop it over. That can just hang out for a little bit. Drop the heat. We're gonna fry semantics. You all know how to make eggs, right? So we can skip this part. And that's it. That's all you gotta do. So easy. Super delicious. Here's our pan. Weight it. Oh, oh yeah. This is gonna make your family really happy. Okay, lovely, lovely, lovely, awesome, awesome. Came she fried rice. And let's just throw on some eggs. Let's make this the ultimate, an ala, whole bunch eggs. Put in a couple more. Three should do. Let's do three. Put this aside. That's some green onions. Just to add a little freshness ato dot color to our pullets. Okay, great. Now we gotta add a little texture. Throwing on some of these white sesame seeds here. All yap, that's, it should be i black ones to, let's add black. Doesn't matter if you're black coal. Beautiful. There you have it. A friggin delicious kimchi fried rice, spam, kimchi eggs. Perfect, symmetrical coal, egg circle thing. Let's eat it. So let's just add a couple of bites early because I had to get to the point shot. It's really good. This egg, the kimchi, the spam. It all goes together so nicely. So make sure all without delicious. Even if you don't want spam, try it with an open mind. Maybe you like there. Even if you think you don't like em. And you've never tried to Debreu tribe. Friday goes a must. You know, it's perfect because kimchi is pretty strong and flavor. But when you mix it with the rice like this, it's not a very strong into play, but you definitely taste compute, but it's not overpowering. The egg yolk adds noise creaminess to a few bytes. And you get that crispy texture from spam. And spam also gives it a nice solid genius, a nice salty flavour. You could sell us on restaurant. Alright, I'm going to eat as much of the current here and then pass out on my couch from a satisfying kimchi fried rice. So thanks for watching guys, and we'll see you on the next one. Take care now. 25. Doenjang jjigae (Fermented Bean Paste Stew): Hi everyone, Johnny here. And today we're going to make twin Gen Ju Gei to engine Shiga is one of the most beloved stews in Korea. It's great to enjoy all throughout the year. But when you're sick, hung over worth you just plain hungry. It's a solid go-to meal. Today I'm gonna show you a very delicious, easy, an uncomplicated way of making trend Geng Jia. I'm not gonna scare you off by making a very complex stock or by using unfamiliar ingredients. The hardest part if you don't already have this going out and getting the fermented bean paste or the twin job, which is right here. The beauty of trends and Shiga is that you can make it your unique version by adding whatever veggies you like here are probably the most common of edges used in your traditional Chengjiang GJ. Me less, no problem, just skip it. So let's start off by cutting our zucchini and our potato. So here I have a small potato. Just like that. I was a kid in a kinda straight down the middle. And we're only going to use about half of this. And then there we have our potato and zucchini. Start off by oiling our pot. Here I have some stew beef. Start off by saying the speed. So this is just pretty economical piece of steak that I bought and I just cut them up into bite-size pieces. I have to go to fancy. We are doing this beef, so it's going to tend to rise as a coats anyways. So I've preached shops, some onions here. I'm just going to dump all of this into our pot here. You'll have some good midi annuity flavor. Giga. Giga means stew. In Korea. Let's grab our potatoes. Yeah, I have one tablespoon of minced garlic skin to plop that in there. When I make trends on giga, I tend to wing it. It's a pretty easy forgiving Potter Stewart and make, here's four cups of water. This is probably going to feared three to four people, I'd say. Or it's gonna feed two people for about today's Skinner bring this up to a boil. Now, once outside a boil, we're going to add our trend young, which is our fermented soybean paste. This stuff is funky, man. It's strong, it's sharp, it's flavor packed. This is like missile on steroids. Okay. I personally pick out this brand from CJ because their self-proclaimed number one bestseller in Korea, CJ is a very big food company in Korea, so yeah, probably it's a very mass-produced product. I think every fridge in every household will have a container of soybean paste like this, or similar to this from a different brand. So I suggest you get out there and give it a try. Move here. We've got a boy. It's going to drop the heat of bit. Now we can add our paced, got myself some fresh pairs because Lily lick the last bit. I hat. I like to go four to one ratio on ten Jiang to go to jump. Every brand of ten Zhang is different. It's different in saltiness and flavor slightly. So I suggest because I don't take measurements for this dish, you just start off with a little less and then gradually add more. If you need more flavor to your tangent, you get, this is probably a roughly 3.534 tablespoons. I'm just eyeballing this right now, but, alright, let's start off with this because we do have four cups of water. It should be pretty good accuracy. Stir that in there. You should get a nice orangey brown color. Smelling really nice. Oh yeah, I forgot there's a little bit of red pepper paste in my recipe. I didn't mention that. It just adds a little extra depth. So, you know, if you have it great, and if you don't have it, walk, don't sweat it. Four to one ratio. What do we have there like four or five tablespoons worth roughly. So I'm just gonna get like one spoon of this should be good. That's added in here. That's just gonna give it a little more color. This will add a little more depth labor to our twin jumped, she gets this is why you don't need to necessarily make a stock because the Chengjiang and the red pepper paste the cookie jar has so much flavor as is oh yeah, sad or zucchini. Notice these tofu because my block of tofu, and we're going to make these into little cubes. This once the potatoes and the zucchini or old cooked, you're pretty much done. It's just add our finishing touches. Let's get a cubed pieces of tofu skin, our Inaki. And you just cut a garnish it really love garnishing with green onions. It's just so easy. If you want to give it a kick, feel free to add some hot pepper if all done. Now I'm just going to transfer a bit of this into a smaller plot for me to enjoy 15-20 minutes. To make this as all you need, look at all the veggies that beef. It's awesome. Nice mix of mushrooms, fu, big flavors. Oh my gosh. It's going to be the rushes. And there you have it. Simply enjoy this with a side of rice. Or you could even have a by itself. Well, that's super easy to do. You guys shouldn't take too long to make a very delicious ball. Twin Jiang giga. Oh my goodness. Damn, that's not as good. Let's give it a taste. Follow-up. Mushroom, annealing, beaucoup from hot. Absolutely wonderful. As always. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. Give it a try, easy to make, and we'll catch you on the next video. Thanks for watching everyone. 26. GAERANMARI (Korean egg roll): Ok. Right. It should be very good. Right. 27. GIM GUI (Roasted seaweed): Today I'm going to show you how to prepare roasted seaweed at home. Growing up as a kid, my mother used to prepare roasted seaweed at home because back then, maybe 20 years ago, roasted CBD wasn't mass-produced and conveniently package like it is today and found that your local supermarkets, but I gotta tell you, it's way better at home because it's crispier, It tastes better, it's fresher. And not only that, you can customize the flavor to your liking by adding more or less sesame oil and salt and festival, you'll save money. First, I'm gonna put some sesame oil in a ball. We're gonna paint on a seaweed Canvas. So find a brush and prepare some salt. So here's our seaweed. And just find something that comes in sheets that are almost the size of A4 printer paper. I mentioned earlier that you'll save some money and this is why 50 pack costs around $12 in yields 450 pieces. The mass-produced comes in packages of roughly eight individual pieces and 16 pack of these costs roughly $7. That's only 180 pieces. You can figure out the cost savings on your own if you're interested. And today I'm going to prep five quick sheets. I really enjoy the taste of sesame oil. So I brush sesame oil on both sides of the sheets of seaweed. Rush the whore side, given flip and brushed the opposite side. And then I want to reduce the saltiness, the bed Salzman code just a little bit on one side only. Heat the pan up to a medium high. And if you prefer life in the fast lane, put it on high. So the trick is not to burn the seaweed by flipping and moving it around. The speed at which you wave the seaweed around depends on the sheet of your pan. Let's make another one. But this time after I prepare it, I'm gonna intentionally burn it so you can see what happens. My smoke alarm is gonna go off like the seaweed becomes very brittle and crumbles like autumn leaves. Compare that with a perfectly roasted one. Here's a piece that hasn't been roasted. Doesn't crunch up like that. Crispy roasted one that we just made right in crushed, say, paper. Okay, let's move on and have a sharp knife or scissors and cut. Yeah, checking. If you're vegetarian, this makes for a great healthy snack. If you're a drinker, this makes for a great drinking stack. If you like food, this makes for a great crispy, delicious snack. Grab some rise to make a little rap. Put your seaweed in a container, close led and enjoy whenever this will stay crispy and fresh for up to roughly two days. Great little snack to whip up and enjoy. And by the way, kids love this stuff. I had this growing up as a kid and I loved it up to some of my friends now serve it to their children. And of course, all of my siblings, they prepare this for their children as well. I think, I think most Koreans actually probably serve this up for their children and it's good for adults too. It's really delicious. You can mark it up too by adding some pieces of meat inside. Make your own home version of spam. Was Xubi RPCs spam in there, whatever. Thanks to watch him. Did you use to have that when you were a kid? Was it a commons unkind to have back in the day? Really? That was a rich person's Punjab. Wow, but you guys weren't rich. Really. Wow, how times change, TIM. 28. GOCHU GARLIC RIBS: Really, they wake up, it's time to get good, good. Hi guys. Today we're gonna make a mildly spicy Korean styles. Go to John rack of ribs. Then I have one rack of ribs, wing approximately 1.3 kilograms. We're going to start the merit aid by adding 1 third of a cup of garlic, half a tablespoon of ginger, half a cup of red pepper paste, one teaspoon of sugar, and a quarter cup of soy sauce. I'm going to cover the ribs now and marinate them overnight. If you don't have the time or at least having marinated in the fridge for about three hours. Next, lay the ribs out and get them cook. And I'm just going to layer of aluminum foil on top of the riffs, phone calls to let the steam escape. Preheat the oven to foreign degrees Fahrenheit, set on middle rack and baked for about one hour. Good job. Tokyo. If you can, you can sit down and they'll stay stay le you can go, hey, look, we've, we're food a day. And that's already now. But think alike. Enjoy these ribs, but the ball of hot Rice. Thank you for watching and see you in the next month. 29. Jajangmyeon (Korean style Chinese black bean noodles): What's up, everyone? I'm Johnny wrote Today we're going to judge them. Doesn't mean it is a super, super, super, super, super popular Korean, Chinese food dish. I guess it's originally from China, but it's been Korean eyes. And it's probably one of the most delivered fast food types of cuisines that you can find in Korea. So for example, you'll see a bunch of guys on carts zipping around the street and they had these big boxes in the back of their motorcycles that's usually path with some sort of frayed raise and Jasmine neon and some deep fried pork dish of some sort. The ingredients to make this dish are very simple. You're going to need some Changjiang, which is black soybean paste that has been fermented and mass-produced in these nice little sacks. You can also get them in tabs as well. If you're really into making Jada, often, it's got a pungent black bean flavor at the same time you get this nice little hint of sweetness to it. It's fantastic. This dish is really simple to make some changes. And then we have cabbage, some green onions. I knew. Everything else is some noodles that will get up later. So let's get started on that. Okay, everyone, let's start off by prepping our veggies quickly, prep these green onions, and probably you won't need all of this. Let's go with two stocks, come to whatever size you want. It's gonna go real quick here. Okay, and let's do the third stock to sell a lot of vegetables, make it nice and healthy and delicious. Let's save this for some garnish later. Alright, let's put that in a ball. Next veggie that we're going to prep is a piece a cabbage. I don't know how much you're going to need. Let's say a third of that. Sure. And swan, OK. I want these to be a nice little bite-sized chunks. Not too big. I don't want a huge chunks of cabbage, my byte here. So let's cut it like that. Almost looks like a little tab of LSD. I don't know if you're a donor. I personally happen but and they go like, oh sorry, stupid reference, cabbage, edible. One, regular size onion. Alright. I want all my wedge to the right size so that each five has a similar size of edge. I'm, I'm not making any sense. That's it. I'll port. Feel free to use whatever type of pork that you might have available. I'm using a pork shoulder that I defrost it from my freezer. We can use chicken or beef or pork. I like pork for this dish, so we're gonna go for port, just little chunks of meat here. It's going to put that in my court plate. Let's get cook and first thing we're gonna do is heat up some oil. I'm just using regular vegetable oil. Here. I have my one pack of twinge on and it's going to put this, what does this 250 grams are gonna unload the whole thing in here. It's black, it's not brown. So it doesn't look like what some people might think it is, but black paste. And I'm just gonna kinda submerge that black bean paste in the oil. We're going to let this heat up. And Frank, kinda smells like soy sauce almost, I guess soy sauce. And this stuff is made from soy beans fermented. So kinda makes sense. Almost done. Been frying this for maybe about a minute or two. I'm going to scoop this Chunxiang out of the hot oil. Now. We're going to save some of this oil and use it for some of our saute vegetables. All right, I'm going to take some of that oil that we use to fry out that Chunxiang and put it in our walk here. And we're going to start by frying up our green onions. Smell really nice. Third cup of sugar. Mix that in. With the green onions. Grab your pork chunks, support. They're added into the green island and the sugar mixture here. I loved jasmine and loved me again home. So easy. Studying ones, pretty cheap to buy ads. Restaurants in Korea, we probably sell it for like five bucks a ball. In the US and Canada, you're probably looking at anywhere around nine to $12 a ball, I would guesstimate onions. Just my regular onion. I'm going to add about three tablespoons of soy sauce there. I hope that was three tablespoons. And then I'm going to add my cabbage cake. Cabbage is almost there. I'm going to add some Chunxiang, which is our fermented black bean paste. Let's see. Let's add this much first. Well out a little and then we'll gradually add more if we need more. So that's about maybe half of cups worth right there. It's gonna blend it all in. Oop. Now you're starting to get this nice shiny saw acinus and just a tiny bit of water. You're, it's about half a cup. Okay, so with the water, it's going to get obviously a little bit watery. So I'm gonna pick this up by adding a little bit of water and a cornstarch or potato starch if you have mixture and that's just going to thicken it all up and it's going to be the perfect consistency there. That's just add a little bit and then just add more as you need to get that perfect consistency. And that's gonna give us about one to three servings, 2.5 servings. And we still have some left over here. So if you want to make more, just use some of this storm for the next day in the fridge. Quick. Delicious. I'm breaking a little tradition here. Typically you use a judge, a noodle which is round. It's like a noodle almost, but a little bit thinner. But I found these nice flat noodles and I thought they looked absolutely delicious. So we're gonna try it with these noodles today or kick theirs are judging me on and we've got the sauce on top of the noodles. I'm going to add a little bit of green stuff, some of our leftover green onions. Next, you just gotta mix up the bowl. Chunks, support your lips again to get nice and black. Yummy. That's just as good as the restaurants you guys. And all you need to do is buy this packet. This costs about $3 at the store, maybe less. And you could feel it like 56 people with a whole pack of that. I'll show you another way to eat, judge. So with this sauce, you can also put it on rice, a whip up, whether those be real quick for movement along the way. Okay, here we have our judge on top, but rich means judge on top of rights. And now this dish is the total embodiment of Achilles. Delicious. So I just find an egg on top as what? I love, eggs with same idea with the noodles. You just want to mix everything together, get some kimchi on this to all kimchi, you such a good idea. That's delicious. So I got kimchi ready at all times. You know, I got a big container full of kimchi. I don't know whether Hello, I'm even with the four little piece on top, did some of that mixed race there. Maybe actually a fourth would have been good. You know what, screw the court, every chopsticks and spoon dish. Well, mixed it up. Nice like this. There we go. The proper utensil Here is the spoon. A 100%? You are that thought keep fermented bean paste, the type of flavor. I don't know how to make it sound too wishes, but it is simply delicious. Fermented soy being sandwiches. Regardless, delicious. Try it out at home. Delicious. Put an EEG on him. This is comfort food. Mm. This is Korean comfort food. Yummy. 30. Kimchi Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Hi everyone, welcome to Johnny wrote Cox and I'm driving. And today we're going to be making kimchi grilled cheese sandwiches. I know what you might be thinking. You might be thinking, that doesn't sound delicious at all. That actually sounds pretty gross actually, that's what I thought too. There was unexpected. It was actually way better than I thought. It's actually very good. I also tested it out with my fiance. She tried it and she really enjoyed it as well. So I thought, why not make a quick video and show you how it is that we're going to just take some scissors and top-up Berg kimchi, like this. Nice small chunks I guess. Should be the right consistency there. Simply grab a piece of bread at your cheddar cheese here. Here's our kimchi, and we're just going to smack that on top of the chatter. That should be enough came to you there. And then you want to put cheese on top of that. Because if you just put the bread on top, the juices from the QQ, they're just gonna soak the bread and make it soggy. Just gonna put that piece of bread, right, not taught. Whoops. And that's your kimchi grilled cheese sandwich. Before it's girls. It's butter pan here. That might be too high. Okay, let's get our sandwich and put it on that cast-iron. Done. Let's give it a taste. And it's cut this and give it a try. Ability to play. Well, that is awesome. Okay, we're all done and this goat cheese is just oozing with delicious cheese, a kimchi. It looks, it looks amazing. And it has really good too. So I kid you not know VS, this is fantastic. Look at that. Yet extra healthy benefits from the kimchi in your grilled cheese sandwich. That is another reason why you should try this out. You know what? That is? Just your standard roaches. Yeah, definitely. I mean, cheesy keeps you go together really well with bread. Who left bar later. 31. KONGNAMUL (soy bean sprout side dish): I can't spell, so to speak. For instance, this one element. Okay? 32. The meat inside a dumpling: Hey guys, I'm joining wrote and today we're going to make some dumplings. I'm still tired from meeting that DO. Alright, so the meat makes is pretty basic. You're going to need some ground torque and then you any a bunch of scallions or green onions or whatever you wanna call em. And you want to chop him nice and maybe even better than that. Actually. Keep chopping. All right, next we're going to add about two cups of ground pork. So here's almost one cop. Yeah, there's one, save a little time, whatever. And two cups. Because of this two cups of ground port right there. Hey, let's add some sugar to the mix here. So here I have half a teaspoon. We're going to add one teaspoons worth a sugar, 1.5. And now one teaspoon of sugar, I need about half a teaspoon worth of ginger. So I'm gonna quickly grate some others. Break that off. You know, I don't care about the skin. Because we're adding such little bits of gender is quickly get half a teaspoons worth of names. Ginger. Hey, please, good administrator. I'm going to say it like this much about right. But what gender? A little more than just delicious. 23? Yeah. Oh, yeah. On tables sauce. One table sauce, one tablespoon of moisture sauce. On table sauce. What, who'll don't place? Alright, and then after adding the oyster sauce, I'm going to put two tablespoons of vegetable oil. And some of you might be asking why add oil wherein the ground pork is going to create so much fat? Don't ask me, I don't know. This is beg Joanne's recipe. I have no idea, but it's gonna be delicious. I guess. My Korean isn't that great to fully understand everything he says, but anyways, he has two tablespoons of oil. The last, final ingredient, that's so easy right there wasn't too much going on right there. So last thing we're going to do is add one cup of water. So here's my stallion. Cup. Water. Hey, yeah, well, he says add one cup of water. So good. I could eat that wrong in that totally sick. So what vector one does next is he grabs a bundle of chopsticks. I've never seen this done before either, but he uses the chopsticks to mix up this ground port mixture. So let's blend everything together with our handball chopsticks, licks. It actually kinda like that feels good. So I put my heat up too high. I'm going to quickly cook the ground pork. It shouldn't take very long to saute it. So here is my pork mixture and let's just pour that in. No oil needed. I believe the fat from the pork should bring out some greasy. And plus we put the oil mix in there too, so that's going to help. Oh, it smells delicious. I don't want this to burn at the bottom of my pants, so I'm just going to move it around frequently. And then once the pan gets hot enough, I'll drop it to a medium heat. Smells really good guys about some nice pork. Smells. Scallions. The color is beautiful. Pink engraved. Moisture saw soy sauce, a little bit of sugar, a little bit of ginger. Fantastic. This has been cooking for about five minutes now, and it's almost done. So we transferred the cooked pork mix out of the pan and I put it in a separate bowl here. Isn't that a cool, I'm gonna give it a taste. Or That's great. Thank you. Back to one. So let's leave this out for awhile and then we'll make our dumplings. You know what? I don't think I'll ever look at dumplings to see him again. What's that one called? I'm going to call this the Stegosaurus. 33. ODENG BOKEUM (stir fried fish cake): Okay. Okay. As citizens. Ok. 34. Soy & Sesame Braised Chicken: This dish is dedicated to my auntie who make this for me when I was in Korea, living there for about 2.5 years. I think it's Korean. I aided and Gloria, I've never had it anywhere else. So let's just give it a try and tell me what you think here. It is. Just gonna separate from the jump directive, a law that says Japanese, I think that yes, Japanese brand polar cap. And certainly we also Japanese cooking site says. So another quarter capitalist staff search the SaaS estoy basic. Make sure you get a lot of data theorize. But I think it can last for about Thirty-five minutes yourself. Shipping time by now, make sure that the check it's cooked all the way after, of course. And a skeptical. I marinated it for about two hours to the public. Last events allele. In. 35. SOONDUBU JJIGAE (SIlken Tofu stew): And what's up? What's up, everybody? Today we'll be making an easy assumed you boot giga. You're going to need some fish sauce, soy sauce, and salt. One-quarter of a nine-year diced garlic and green onion. I haven't seafood medley that consists of shrimp, squid and some shellfish, red pepper flakes, anchovy stock. And that's I'm chopped up kimchi. Oh, yes. And lastly, some silken tofu. Let's start by sauteing onions, green onions, and garlic at the kimchi and stairwell so that it doesn't burn the bottom of the plot. At the anchovy stuff, which is going to give the soon-to-be extra depth and flavor. Red pepper flakes and fish and soy sauce. Blend everything together by mixing the pie. Side your seafood. Add your silken tofu and then boil this baby up. Be gentle with the silicon told versus you don't want to break it up until right before you eat it. Also dividend taste, define a too strong, just add a little more anchovy stock to balance it out. I'm going to now transfer some senior who overthrew a stone pod just for visual effect. I actually love this tofu soy added a little extra, crack an egg and put it in the cylinder x2 at a little bit of sesame oil and enjoy it. 36. Soy cured eggs: Hi everyone. Johnny royal cooks and today we're going to make a very simple egg yolk dish. This is called soy sauce, cured egg yolks is the Japanese style egg yolk that I'm going to show you. And it's on real, so good, so easy to prep. It takes only one minute and then after a few hours you're going to have this soil sure. Umami patch egg yolk. And it's so good, it's wrong, but it gets cured by the salt of the soy sauce. And then the longer you wait to the business, the better choice. I'm going to show you how it's done. First thing you wanna do is separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Here's our first eg. There's one. Cracked it, dang, one right in the middle. There you have it. Seven eggs that we were going to cure. The next thing we're gonna do is add our simple ingredients, which is soy sauce and needed. These will go in a two-to-one ratio, two part soy sauce, one part made it. Please refrain from throwing away the scraps because their early scraps totally new for a two weights here for another time. One quarter cup of soy sauce should be enough for seven and yaks. Next we have our meeting. And then I'm going to add half a quarter coffee. This is going to give it a little bit of sweetness. So you've got a salty and sweet mix here, not too much sweetness. Just enough to balance out that saltiness. Here are the egg yolks after city in the refrigerator overnight. I'm now individually clicking the yolks over so that the other side can absorb some of that. It mirrored flavoring. Okay folks, so here is a very basic, easy, super, very delicious flavor, just very delicious, super very malicious way of eating these cured eggs. And then you've got this guy here and this is a very nice book. Hopefully don't break it. Yo added right along the center that they right there. That little thing alone has, is packed with so much flavor. Grab some green onions, which the Japanese called Nagy. Beauty. Sprinkle a little bit of sesame seeds here that is going straight into my belly. The texture of that yoke after a secured after a couple of days. These are today cured egg yolks, By the way. Fantastic. I just love how it gets like I guess a thicker texture. It doesn't it's not as runny as fresh egg yolks would be. 37. Beginners Guide to Samgyupsal (Pork belly BBQ): In order to begin making, some groups are at home. You're going to need a couple of things. But these regular patterns here will basically do the same thing, which is cook the meat. The benefit to having a korean broke bad is because one of its design elements is to drain some of that excess fat from the pork belly, minimizing the build-up and potential spitting of hot oil at your face. Here are some job site which is an adulterer site, pork belly from the same cut as your everyday baking. I like my slices of some groups are to be about a quarter inch in thickness. Alright, let's fire this baby up. Once cooked, koreans typically like to use scissors to cut the cord into bite-sized pieces. Seasoning with salt and pepper is optional, but I like to do it. And that's it. Now let's make a quick sauce. This sauce is called kid, I'm John, which consists of equal parts, salt and pepper and just a little bit of sesame oil mixed together and just dip the meat until the oil and eat with rice. This is the most basic, quickest way to enjoy your pork belly. Here I bought a bid of some jam, which is a Saas built on fermented bean paste and red pepper paste. It hits you with earthy, knotty, savory, spicy, and sweet flavors. To me, this is a core element, one having a 100 upside at some rise to a piece of green or red leaf lettuce. If you're drinking your carbs a soldier than just skip the race at your pork and just a little bit of that kid, I'm John, and this is your most basic when it comes to prep in flavor. Another basic or fundamental here, just add rice, meat in smear on that. Sam Jiang SaaS. Don't need this if you plan on kissing your data in a few hours, your burps are gonna be stinky. If you in your data both eating this, then the kimchi breath will cancel each other out. This goes for all wraps aside from the Kim Jang. Ok, now we're getting into very flavorful territory. Don't be afraid of the thin slices of raw garlic. You won't notice them too much. But once you revert to know garlic, you'll notice something big is missing. Adding the perilla leaf adds a nice herbaceous hints to the wrap. Think meant MBA's all made a baby. That's what it would taste like. This is by far my favorite and has all the previous fixed things. But the last profile or adding is heat with a small piece of green chili pepper. This is where the summed upside badass is out there. I know this is not the most flattering thing to do, but try your best agendas in your mouth and eat in one byte. But it's just how we do it. And that's how you some groups out. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you'll give it a try. 38. One pot easy Korean potato and carrot chicken stew: That's all you gotta do. One part looks fantastic. Take a look. Hey guys, today we are going to make something in that I make all the time in my house, me and my wife, we love this dish. And what I love about this dish is that it's so easy to make them over here. So what we're going to use today, while these are optional, I just happen to have these in my fridge and they're left over, so I'm gonna toss those in. But bare minimum, potatoes in 0s and one years, you need garlic and carrot. And then whatever else you want to put in there, feel free to put in there. But for the bare minimum, add those things that you have. A really delicious Korean spicy chickens too. And it's layman spicy. If you're worse, you gotta think there's this place here. But I think for most pallets it should be fine. Only a Korean ingredient that you need is this structure. This is red pepper flakes. So this is a basic Korean ingredient anyway. So make sure you have some of this in your pantry or fridge. I I keep mine in my freezer. And if you don't have this, you can totally make this dish with oxygen. So if you don't have the red pepper flakes, you can use the red pepper paste. And if you don't have the red pepper paste and the flakes while you're not ready to cook Korean food, then it's like the main ingredients for so many digits. So, so I'll make sure you're going out to a store and you're getting at least these two ingredients if you're going to make her own food, because it's the basics, you're gonna need the basics. Alright? Alright, let's get to it. Feeling kind of carrot junkie. And straight into the same goes for the potatoes. I'm adding two to three rusted type. What on your chopped nl pi. Okay. I'm going to need one to two tablespoons of garlic. Yeah, that's about 1.5, almost two tablespoons straight into the plot. These in the fridge. And it's gonna chalk, toss these in as well. So in this demo we're going to use chicken drumsticks. I prefer using dark meat, so I recommend using the drumstick or thymus or a combination of both. You could even throw in a whole chicken if you got, if you like white meat and you're on a diet or something, go for skin on. If you're not a fan of skin, then take it off. Okay. Okay, good. Thorough in your chicken. Alright, now let's make the sauce. Two tablespoons of sugar, three heaping tablespoons of a red pepper flakes, half a cup of soy sauce, three cups of water. It's gonna cover this. And let's click and said the heat to high. And then once it boils, bring it down to a simmer, you're gonna cook this were about 35 minutes. Basically, once the chicken is cooked through and the potatoes are soft and it's done. And there it is. Let's brighten it up by adding some fresh green onions. That is all you gotta do. One part, let's factor, looks fantastic to go look. This chicken is nice and tender. Slice through that data. Delicious meal dissolver. And let's put some chicken, more. Some of the arrays or the SaaS, oop. Nice bit of space there, but it actually extracts place it was, I liked it because I added those. Those are especially peppers in there. With you. You don't have to. That's delicious. Try this recipe out. Tastes exactly like my mother's. It's inspired by Grb. I grew up eating this and you're gonna love it. It's really delicious. It's not even that spicy. If you don't add the extra help, he knows it's not spicy. They really coming up. And they wanted to play for you, buddy. So that's it. And if you like this recipe videos, then check out some of these videos over here because I'm all about making delicious, simple, home-style Korean food and enjoy. 39. Deliciously Easy Korean Beef and Radish Soup 소고기무국 Johnny Row Cooks: It's like everything just comes together so nicely and it's delicious. Guys gonna have a little coffee before you start making some soup. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are going to make a really nice Korean su. Assume that in fact is not red and spicy as some people might perceive Korean soups to be. The super making today, is radish and beef soup, one of my absolute favorite day-to-day Korean soup dishes, friggin delicious. If you're hung over or sick or your wife is sacred and kids are sick and you wanna make them feel good. You want to make something like this. You want to buy a couple of these babies and make some radish suit. So I'm going to show you how to do that. First thing we're gonna do here guys, is we're going to peel off half of this radish. And the reason why you do want to appeal the radish is because the skin actually has a harder texture. I want my flights of this radish to be uniform. Going to cut the end off the radish. This will dispose off and slice. It's about maybe one inch thick, just under three quarters of an inch. We're going to have four pieces there. This folio, thus, quite a few pieces of radish actually. Alright, I'm going to take a piece here like that. Mcu theater visit. I don't think you like radish. You like writing to us? No, it not interested. Ru No, no, yeah, thinner think so. Alright, so next I just got a regular size. Not too big, not too small. And I just want to cut these into Iraq. Little cuts. I don't want big onion chunks in this tube. I simply want the onions for flavor. So not too small, but small enough that they disappear or something like that. Can you see? Now, I don't know if this was going to work, but the other day I was just thinking in my head, You don't want I'm just going to try a hammer c, I gotta get a mortar and pestle. This is a man's way to cook. He's hammers and tools, hardware for all. Ok, that's so stupid. That actually is a dumb idea. Chop up your garlic. Nice. Okay, I think this is more than enough garlic. I went to my local grocer and found myself a nice piece of rib steak that was on sale. So I'm going to use this, don't need to buy a fancy kind of before making a soup. Any sort of beef scraps that you might have or stewing beef that might be available that would work just as fine to what we're gonna do first is we're going to sear the beef. I added some olive oil. For. There we go. Nice Brown's caramelization on the exterior. This is going to release a lot of delicious beefy flavor into our soup. Not only that, it's going to make the bees more appetizing when we take it out and slice it. Add your onions. And then at one tablespoon, let's go a little bit. He think tables through it off garlic gives us a quixotic. Then two liters of water. And just dump for water to two liters of water over the mean time years and Megara like put some salt in here, probably about why I'm teaspoons worth of salt and pepper. Let's do this little mix and bring this up to a boil and simmer for about 20 minutes. And after that we're going to have the rest of our ingredients. All right, 20 minutes is up. Now we're going to add the rest of the ingredients to complete the soup. Hmm, smells really nice. We need to add the radish to develop that beefy Arad. Is she delicious flavor? So let's put our radish and one teaspoon of sesame oil. One teaspoon of fish sauce. Fish sauce you kind of want to have as an aftertaste that blends in with everything. You don't want to taste the fish sauce so much. Let's give it a little taste quickly to see if we have enough salt and pepper in here. Oh yeah, the right amount. It's already delicious, however, not good enough. So we're going to simmer this for another 20 minutes and then we're pretty much done. Okay, the soup is almost ready. It let's take our beef out and cut it into bite-size pieces. I'm going to cut them like this. You can cut them into thin strips as well. It's up to you. And I cut some fresh scallions here for our garnish for nicer presentation, I'm going to make strips. It doesn't really matter, but I'm just gonna do it this way today to do this as well. Okay, let's give this to taste. And if you feel like you need more salt and pepper, feel free to just add a little more salt and pepper to it. So I'm actually going to add a little more of a pinch of salt and just a little bit of pepper as well. Let's add our strips of green on it. Here we have our beautiful solo, the MOOC, OK. Nice mixture of a soft by radish. And you have the nice pieces of beef. Really delicious. Ok, so it's all done. It's, it looks nice. It's beautiful. It tastes good. It tastes healthy. It's Hardy, and it's gonna taste even better tomorrow. So once the pot cools down on the stove there and I put in the fridge. And when you need it tomorrow, it's going to be even better. If you need a little more sodium in your soup, just feel free to add a little more salt in your board. Or you can even add a little bit of soy sauce as well to give it more flavor. However, I like to have it just like this. Like I said, I'd like to have a very clean this soup pair so well with kimchi. You got yourself a spoon, a rise like this with some soup in there. But a little piece of meat. Did some of that radish share one piece of radish. Okay. He's got a good chunk of kimchi on there. That is a complete bite. Well, a lot of Koreans also do is we call it model. So popular your rice and then you put it in your soup. A lot of Korean guys that are in rough shape from night of soldier drinking, they will get some soup and they will put some rice in there, get some kimchi, put that on top. So that's it. That's how you make. So we'll be MOOC 2c, the Johnny railway. It's really delicious. I hope you enjoyed it. Please pair it with some kimchi and it makes it that much better. Thanks for watching and subscribe and check out some of these videos. See, yeah. 40. How to make BULGOGI in 1 MINUTE: What's up today? We're going to make true bulky and you're going to learn how in only one minute. Start off by cutting a gradient 1-2-3 pair, which gives you about two-thirds cups worth cutting graded 9a to also give you a two-thirds cups with or you can fruit process, which is way easier in the integrated pair and your onion into a mixing bowl and then add one cup of soy sauce, shown two tablespoons of minced garlic, two-thirds a cup of sugar. Two tablespoons of sesame oil. Mix the merit aid well, and then have four pounds or 1.8 kilograms of thinly sliced sirloin, be marinade this for at least 30 minutes or up to overnight in the refrigerator, grown a little oil and curve. This is also very delicious on the barbecue to John Adams, a slice onions and carrots. Until everything is cut-through, should only take a few minutes and then serve screen onions, sky little sesame seed action going on. And lastly, I had some red chilies and the fridge, so I decided to use some of those as well. Grab a piece of lettuce, throwing some rice, put in some way your bulgogi add a little some Jiang and you've got yourself a delicious bite. Eat something new to cook while you're in lockdown in quarantine, gave room. Try one of these recipes out now so please subscribe for more weekly cooking issue. 41. How to make Korean Soy Braised Potatoes ⭐ (감자조림) Johnny Row Cooks: Hi everyone. Today we're going to make a very popular side dish that you probably have seen at your local Korean restaurant, exact called served soil braise potato dish. And if you don't know what this is, I'm going to show you how to make a very simple, delicious, savory and sweet Korean side dish called conjectured him. So stay tuned for that. I have here two pounds of potatoes, so they'll five regular size potatoes and one little baby gay right there to Zach ham or click something. I'm using white potatoes for this recipe as I like the fluffiness on the outside and the center to be a little bit firmer. And also as you can see here, I appealed and half the potatoes and will be soaking. These were 30 minutes to extract some of that excess starch. Do not skip this step. Here I have one small idea and I'm going to cut them into one inch square pieces and then put it aside. Here are my soaked and strained potatoes. And let's just cut these into an ice chunks is try to make these chunks somewhat similar in size so that they cook at the same rate. In my large skillet here, I'm going to put in some olive oil. Well that Penn is heated up now. You're gonna add our two pounds worth of potatoes. Gonna cook these for a few minutes. Add the onions as well. Steve, Everything in or skill it a nice thorough now, just to make sure everything here, all the potatoes, onions don't burn to the bottom of the pan. I mean, usually a nice non-stick skillet here. Don't want to Brown the onions. So make sure you move everything around every one minute or so. And we'll cook in this at a medium high pH. Alright, so this has been cooking for about five minutes. And now we're going to add a water and some other ingredients. One cup of water going in. Now we're going to add two tablespoons of sugar. Next we're going to add two tablespoons of soy sauce. Drop the heat to medium and that, that's similar for ten minutes. That add one tablespoon of honey. One tablespoon of that score. Let's see if I can cut through this without adding too much pressure. And it seems like that peace is not cooked through yet. So what we're gonna do is just add a little bit more water. So the potatoes being cook a little bit longer. It's smelling fantastic. It's going to be very delicious. I can tell by the smell already. Yeah. Alright, so it looks like everything is cooked now we're just going to add our finishing touches. We're going to mix in our sesame oil in case you're wondering, I use the Dojo brand. This stuff adds a very nice nutty flavor. Be careful because if you add too much, it could be overpower them. Try to use what the recipes tastes. So just don't be dumping this stuff in or you can just gradually add more. So start off with a little bit, taste it, and then add more. If you need more sesame oil flavorings. But like I said, this stuff is pretty bald and flavor a little bit goes a long way. Let's put some Allison. And our last ingredient is this sesame oil, one teaspoon of this. Let's add some white sesame seeds and also some black ones. And the baseline, we're just gonna put some fresh chives on tau. Load it up with the chives. That's good flavor. Oh, I can't wait to eat that. So here it is, a kind of Jordan braised potatoes, got some fresh chives, and that's a multi-colored toasted sesame seed, sir, why n black? Fluffy on the outside? Savory, sweet, and ahead of 90 assassinate goodness. It's an easy, very delicious side dish for punchline. This isn't really commonly served at a Korean restaurant. You can make up your own house. I'm meeting at heart hospital, have the patients and I gotta finish making this video with them. But please, please put it in the fridge. You'll thank yourself. Patrice, way better cause this will last up to two days. So enjoyable in the Super Bowl or ice and double carve it. Let's go for long run after him somewhere. I hope you enjoyed that. Thanks so much for watching and we'll catch you on the next one. Take care. 42. Learn to make Doenjang Jjigae (stew) in 2 Minutes: Oil. We're going to add a little bit of olive oil. Here's some pieces of chopped up beat that I have. You're going to share this up real quick. Half onion diced straight into the pot soon after, roughly one tablespoon of minced garlic. One potato chopped into small pieces. Three cups of water. That's about half a cup of tea when John, which is fermented bean paste. And about one tablespoon of good to jam, which is red chili paste. I think I added too much turn Jiang, So I'm going to take a little bit out. So let's say you're going to need about 1 third cup instead. Hover encodes until your potatoes are tender all the way through. I have a little taste and adjusted required, but I think we're good here. Very good. I forgot to hit record when putting in my red chili peppers, but I added a little bit of red chili peppers to give it a little heat and it adds overall for the flavor. So don't skip that out. I got some soft tofu here. Add as much as you want. You want a chunky zoomed on more tofu if you want to be or soup and a little less, a screen onions for a little color and health and a little more of this hot stuff to give it a little more color that lead to brightens up the whole dish, doesn't it? That's good. If you like this video and this recipe, or you just simply just liked the look of my face or like my voice, then consider getting that subscribe button for more awesome videos. 43. Learn to make TTEOKBOKKI (Spicy Rice Cakes) in 2 MINUTES: So up everyone, I'm gonna show you how to make Dr. P. In about two minutes. To look, just chop some green onion. Here we have a couple sheets of fish Kate, stack em and slice them into bite size pieces. I like my spicy foods to be extra spaces. So I'm going to add this optional chili pepper. Half a cup of cookie jar, which is red pepper paste, one tablespoon of what you've got a red pepper flakes, two tablespoons of rice wine, one tablespoon, soy sauce, approximately two tablespoons where the party I had one cup of water, give it a stir and bring it to a simmer over median treat. At the rice cakes and let them cook, stirred often until the SaaS begins to think clearly, give the rice cakes and nice coat of that SaaS, takes about three to five minutes. In the meantime, add the fish gig at the green onions and some of those bonus spicy chili peppers if you're using them. If garnished by adding more fresh green. I knew some of those spicy chili is if you want. The last way, some white sesame seeds. When workers got a little swipe clip. So it should be low. 44. The Last Steak Marinade You Need (KOREAN BBQ STYLE): What's up, guys? Today I'm gonna make a really simple, quick Korean barbecue state marinade recipe. Well, let's do this. There's a couple of stakes I have. I'm using up Philemon yard today. Let's start by cutting and anya and I'm just going to quarter them as we're going to put this in the food processor. The food processor and here are the crap, what are your islands? And here's what it should look like. Baby food. But of course, don't feed your baby this stuff. Fourier law, anions, men, some garlic, made some ginger. Two tablespoons are the Eigen pure. Two tablespoons, whether minced garlic, one tablespoons where if a minced ginger, one-quarter cups worth of soy sauce, one tablespoon, sugar, one tablespoon of cod emitting. And last, but of course not wine tablespoons worth accessing your whole mix, all of that together, and then add your meat. The aromatics of this marinade are really nice for a combo of ginger, garlic, soy, and Sesame. Just blend very well together. It's a winner for, for flavor America overnight. But if you can't wait, no problem. Just make sure healthy amount of extra marinated at the tail end up cooking meat. And that's all you have to do to make this bad ass tasting Korean barbecue style stake narrowing aid. If you enjoyed this video and recipe, please support by simply hitting that like and subscribe and exile. 45. The Ultimate 18 EGG Korean Gaeranmari Johnny Row Cooks: Hey guys, I'm gyro and today I'm gonna show you how to make the big F 18 egg jet on Monday. But before we make that 18, I'm going to show you how to make a basic three egg Katamari first, this is your everyday header Marie that you would most likely make at home. Start by cutting one stock green on you to crack three eggs into a bowl and add your green onion. Next, we're just going to give this a whisk. Add a little bit of oil to our Penn. I'm just using some standard vegetable oil. You don't need to use any fancy pants. Olive oil, Korean food is, in my opinion, a very humble food. There's nothing pretentious about it. It's just, it's ugly, delicious as David Chang coined the term. And it's true, it's not presented nicely. However, it's just really delicious. The heat is at medium low. Once again, this is just a three agar. Just gotta season it a little bit now with table salt, flip. And on this side, this sense, this is the hardest part of making Kevin money is just flip it, right? Econet. But all in all, it's pretty simple to do. Listen, I should do this. You can damn well do this to look a nice, smells delicious. So that's pretty much it for the basic NMOS. Alright, let's start the 88 getting muddy. 188 cracks. Jackson Pollock's paintings. Alright man. Now let's cut the rest of our green onions. And using three starts with a giant gentleman. This is an optional step for the giant. Get on Monday, we're going to prune was the carrots, which means that we're going to cut these into tiny little squares. And then I'm gonna give you a quick saute and then add them to the giant egg mixture. Take your time with this because there are such fine cuts known as slip. And we chop off the fingertips. Whatever. Alright, let's start to use some carrots. Carrots. At the green onions and the carrots to the MPS, season it with a little bit of salt. That's risk. There it is. The ultimately unnecessary Kenema. I'm gonna be eating eggs for every meal for the next two days here, let's change up the vibe. Let's make our giant 18, Ultimate 18. Eager. As I need to recoil my pen. I'm very curious to see how large this kinda muddy debts. So whether base there, we can't be dumping all of this in. Just doesn't work like that. I'll show you how to make a very large one, but two eggs hate the most. Friday, sorry guys. Let's go this way. So it's about a medium temporary piece from here. And then once we get to the halfway mark around here, Scott put this over to the side and adds more. Try to flip this. Hula. Yeah. Oh yeah. I've got some sheets of seaweed. We're just going to layer a couple of these now on top of the soil, gave it a little more umami oblique. Alright, let's see if we can get this to work. You Ben, for me, they're there. Let's add one more Scherer noted because it's so big. All right, come on in, come on in. Check this out. Distinct is getting big. Okay. Another flat. It's getting pretty heavy guys. We are almost at the end of it. Maybe two more scoops. Just for the low scale, this is how big it is so far. It's like 4.5 inches wide by almost two inches tall at this point. And it's just going to get bigger. This is like the ugliest cat. Remained big and ugly. Let's put in the rest. Gosh, that's huge. Mega gifted and some soy sauce. Ketchup is well, I could set up rivers and hot sauce. Check out the Golgi giant. We've got some great stuff, some premium Korean ingredients there. Want to learn how to humanely kill a fish, jammy of pick through the brain. Apparently this is how it's done. The Japanese became Jimmy stout. Check out my last video.