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The Ultimate Guide to Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Cherrie ann Balictar, Blogger, Content Writer, WordPress dev

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is a cover letter

    • 3. Step 1 The Cover letter Format

    • 4. Step 2 Create an outline

    • 5. Step 3 Start Writing

    • 6. Step 4 Get creative

    • 7. Step 5 The Final Look

    • 8. Some extra extra tips


About This Class

Are you a freelancer? Are you having trouble getting clients? Then this is for you. 

In this course, I'm going to share with you my ultimate guide to writing an effective cover letter to get clients. Jumpstart your freelancing career and impress clients with a cover letter which showcases your talents and skills. Attach it with your resume and portfolio and you will see clients knocking on your door in no time. 


  • To help freelancers write an effective cover letter
  • To identify which letter format works in writing a cover letter
  • To achieve a creative layout for a cover letter using Canva
  • To get extra tips in finalizing a cover letter before sending it to clients


1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Cherry and verdict are. And today I'm going to teach you how to write an effective cover letter to get your first client to tell you something about myself. I am a Filipino born in raced. I have a bachelors degree in literature and earned units for a master's degree in English language teaching. Career wise, I have spent four years in the BPO industry as a customer service representative, and at some point I thought I had a calling to teach. So that's another four years as a college instructors in various colleges and universities . But in 2015 I had my very first gig as a free lens content writer and, as they say, breasts history. This course aims to help freelancers right. An effective cover letter to identify which letter format works in writing a cover letter. Achieve a creatively out for a cover letter using Can VA and lastly, to get extra tips and finalizing a cover letter before sending it to clients. In this course, your project is going to be to write a NIF active cover letter using your desired letter format and achieve a creatively out using can va. Are you ready? Let's get started 2. What is a cover letter: Hey, guys. So today we will talk about cover letters. A cover letter is a document presented to a potential client or employer. If you're communicating with a potential client, online cover letter is sent by email along with your resume. A cover letter provides additional information about how well you're qualified for the position. For instance, if you're applying as a social media manager, you might want to state their past experiences working with another client. If this is your first time, you may discuss something about how you are acquired or how he acquired frying all of ancient skills for the position. Like did you then seminars Webinars or took online classes and created case studies? Next, a cover letter is a marketing strategy. Here's your percent through selling points. Also, this story convinced the client that you're the best person for the job. Okay, cover letters are also known as application letters, letter of intent or if you're sending it to a client in platforms like shoe lancer or up work. This can be known as a proposal. Now you might ask, Why do I need a copy of a letter? First off the cover letter will make a lasting impression towards you. This is critical because this is the first time you will establish contact with the client . But this letter was look professional and that you mean business. Imagine a client receiving hundreds of applications. You have to find a way to stand out. And if you cover letter, does that Lastly a cover Leather expresses sincerity. It doesn't say that you're talking to multiple clients at the same time and you're just waiting for the best offer or reach out. Although at times client of this business, I understand that citizens were tracked, but others wanted to work with them exclusively. So if that's the case, cover leather must give Daddy up. Next we will talk about step one, the different types of letter format we can use the right, our cover leather 3. Step 1 The Cover letter Format: Hi, everyone. Okay, so we're now talking about our first step in righting a cover leather. Identify which format we're going to use. Basically, there are three kinds that we can choose from full block, modified block and semi blocked format. When you say full block, all parts of your cover leather are aligned to the left and the paragraphs are not bending . Here's an example of a cover leather using the full block format. Next is what if I blocked format here. All parts are lying to the left except for the heading late, complementary clothes and signature in what if I blocked format. All paragraphs are not intended. Here's an example of a cover leather using the modified block format. Third is the semi blocked format like What if I Block seven block format has all parts aligned to the left except for the heading date, complementary clothes and signature. This time paragraphs are invented. Here's an example of a cover letter using the semi block format up next step to creating an outline for our cover leather 4. Step 2 Create an outline: Okay, So now that we know the different times a letter format we can use now it's time to create an outline. What is an outline? An outline. Iss a rough draft of things you want to say in your leather. It can be in the form of a list or in bullet. Here, let me show you how I do mine. Here's a table I made for my outline. Forgive me for the water work, but it's my first time using film aura. And I didn't realize it's going to be this big. Any way. On the left side, you see the different parts of the leather and on the right is where I put the things I want to say in my leather This way. I don't miss out on anything and I can put it in the order. I want up next Step three. Start writing 5. Step 3 Start Writing: Hey, guys. So now we're now at step three. Start writing. Okay, so now that we have an outline ready, way can now put together our cover letter again. My apologies for the gigantic watermark. Here, you see me using the full block format for a cover letter. Again, all parts are aligned to the left, and the paragraphs are indented. The video doesn't show this. But while I'm typing and also going back and forth in my outline just to be sure that the information put in are correct, like name, uh, head the inside address each other After I'm done writing, you can also see me using Graham early to check my sentences. Another online grammar checking tool that I use is Hemingway. It's free and in the text sentences that are hard to read. But for this demo, I just use Graham early. It's still giving me a few things to revise, though, but the rating is at 90%. So I'm good with that. Um, Okay. - Uh , all right, we're now add step for how to get creative with your cover letter. 6. Step 4 Get creative: All right, We're now at step for how to get creative with your cover letter. Cover letters are serious by nature, but because we're now in the digital age, showing creativity is actually not that at all. In fact, it levels up your cover, leather. Remember what I said about giving a lasting impression. Okay, so here you can see me logging into Canada and choosing a template for my cover leather again. Apologies for the humongous watermark, but here I'm going back and forth with can va. And the document filed Where I time the next form a cover letter Once I am happy with them , they out? I changed the file. Name and download if Pdf. Okay, - uh , - up next is our last step. The final look. 7. Step 5 The Final Look: All right, so we're down to our file step, which is the final look. Now that we're done writing what's next. Well, this'll is the moment of truth. Simply lock into your email and send your cover letter. Don't forget. Attach your resume. Lynx Deer Online Portfolio are very helpful to now. Wait for the clients, receive it and email you with a positive response. ASA up next, some extra extra tips to make effective cover letters all the time. 8. Some extra extra tips: congratulations, you made it. See it's that easy. But before we end this course, I'd like to share more tips on how you can treat your best ever covered that they're all the time. First, do it and do it. Now again, clients receive hundreds of applications every day. Who knows? In a day or two, the position is already taken. So if you want this client higher, you do it and do it now. For free, Check for Seiple or grammatical errors online tools like Graham Early or Hemming Week and help you out on this. Or ask someone to read your letter and give you an honest check your letter format. I'm not saying that one is better than the other, but for me, the easiest and the most full proof is the full block format. Use whatever you're comfortable with, but being short, the double check before sending a voice emerges. This is not a friendly leather you mean business, so you have to make sure that you will be taken seriously. Lastly, save your cover leather. For future news, you can simply change the inside address and the position applied for in Canada on and download another copy seem goes if you keep the document format that way you don't have the right from scratch all the time. And that's it. Thank you so much for completing this course. Handouts are provided in the project description. Don't forget to share your project. Ask away if you need something clarified in the community section. See you in my next course. Good luck.