The Ultimate Guide to Track and Measure the ROI of Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign | Kim W. | Skillshare

The Ultimate Guide to Track and Measure the ROI of Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

Kim W., Founder and Director, Shopping Links

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11 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Dive In

    • How to Avoid an Underperforming ROI by Creating an Influencer Strategy

    • Set an Objective

    • Common Metrics to Track and Tools to Help Track Them

    • Measuring for Visibility, Impressions and Reach

    • Measuring For Engagement

    • Measuring For Content

    • Revenue and Sales

    • Measuring For Conversion

    • Establishing Relationships

    • Final Steps


About This Class

Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a must-have in any brand’s digital marketing plan, but many marketers don’t know how to measure the success of their influencer campaigns in a tangible, data-driven way.

This class will show students how to measure the ROI (Return on Investment) of an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. Students will gain in-depth knowledge about goal-setting, measuring metrics and tracking the sales, engagement and conversions of influencer campaigns, from someone who has managed influencer and brand collaborations for over five years.   

Join this class if you want to track the progress and measure the value of the campaigns you are currently running, or if you want to learn how to proactively achieve a higher-performing ROI in future collaborations.

This class is geared toward students with a basic knowledge of influencer marketing, who are looking to track and measure the success of their influencer campaigns on a granular level. The content will be suitable for brands who may already be conducting an influencer campaign, or who may be planning to conduct one in the future.





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Kim W.

Founder and Director, Shopping Links

I'm Kim Westwood, the founder and director of Shopping Links, a global Influencer and Content Marketplace that provides managed collaboration services for leading international brands. Launched in 2014, Shopping Links actively works with Fortune 500 retailers and brands like Marks & Spencer, Macy's and Mont Blanc. My experience working with influencers has led me to be recognized by Convince and Convert, the American Marketing Association and Influencer Marketing Days conference as an in...

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