The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing | 2021 Optimized | Kenn Andersen | Skillshare

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing | 2021 Optimized

Kenn Andersen

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing | 2021 Optimized

Kenn Andersen

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11 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Overview of important Pinterest account pages

    • 3. Analyzing your niche

    • 4. Identifying important trends in your niche

    • 5. Analyzing your audience

    • 6. Analyzing & optimizing your boards

    • 7. Writing the perfect pin description

    • 8. The perfect pin picture

    • 9. How much should you pin?

    • 10. Guide for pinning

    • 11. A final word.

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About This Class

Need direct no BS answers for how you can optimize your Pinterest marketing for driving REAL traffic?

Then I have you covered! This course will walk you through the steps of how to identify your niche, examine important targets, optimizing your profile and boards, and how to create the perfect pin!

Please note: This course will NOT cover Pinterest paid advertising; This course is focused on optimizing for organic reach.

These are proven methods showing you our own profile and current strategies

Our profile has:

  • 116,000 followers grown organically

  • 6,000,000 monthly impressions

  • 2,500,000 audience size

  • 180,000 actively engaged audience per month

Learn how we got here and how you can do it too!

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1. Class Introduction: hello and welcome to optimizing your Pinterest marketing. My name is Ken Anderson and I'll be the instructor throughout this course. My guess it is. The reason you are evaluating this course is because you want your Pinterest profile to have a massive following and reach, allowing you to drive great engagement and traffic around your content. Well, you're in luck because that's exactly what this course is meant to teach you. The results you see here on the page is our method played out over three years, approximately three years. I'll even refresh the page. Teoh proved to the skeptical that you know anything is faith. Here we have an audience of over 2.5 1,000,000. At times it's even spiked up to around five million and total engagement of 300,000 in just the last 30 days. What would cover in this course is a straight to the point. No B s deep dive into what we know works based on experience. It is our method for hyper focusing into our niche gathering targets and identifying our strategy for executing on those targets. I also included in the course some tips and tricks that we wish we knew about when we first started. So if you want your Pinterest analytics to look like this, well, then let's get to work. 2. Overview of important Pinterest account pages: all right. Getting started. The first important element is to make sure that the basics of your profile are set up as they should. You may already have many of these things done, but we will cover all the important pieces just to make sure we've crossed all our ts and dotted our I's at least as far as we see what's important. Starting out, we'll be right on the home page. You'll notice that we see a business, huh? Whereas you may currently see something very different. So what you would be seeing in that case is probably not this home page. You might actually see just a bunch of different pins that are just for you personally that are customized for you. This is because you're a personal account and what we're seeing here. This is actually a business account. So creating a business count is free to do but super important for getting the critical stats that we need to optimize our account and actually use going forward to continue to collect data on our pins so that we know whether what we're doing is even working right. This is a process of when make changes and we look and see how those changes actually affect our performance, and then we make updates to try to even further optimize so that we can get our profile to the point where you're up at 116 k followers, which is really great place to be a long time. But it's a place that you can grow your account towards right, and we gain hundreds of followers almost every single day. So it's just a path that over time it really starts to accumulate. So the first point of order is to create your account as a business's count, and so that can actually be done by clicking the three dot button in the top right corner. So that's up here in the top right there. And so if we do it here, obviously it's gonna be there. Boots. This is already a business account, but it's actually quite obvious. Once you open the menu, you'll see an entry for creative business, so next will be heading to the setting in profile pages. So let me just go ahead and clear my screen here and pointer so we're gonna head over and do edit settings. So what's important here is there's a couple important points that we want to just highlight. There's a lot here. You may have already filled these things out, but we're just gonna call to attention at least the ones that we are currently seeing as having an impact and we believe has an impact and making sure that you have actually kind of spent the time properly to do these. See, all the times people just skipped some of these important steps, and it could potentially be really hurting you. So the 1st 1 is the picture, right? So this should be obvious, but a lot of people kind of skip it. But what's important about this is that when you share your pins and in the part of the process that we're gonna go through next is we're gonna be doing a lot of research. I want you to really pay attention to what are you seeing that other people are doing? And one of the things you'll notice is that their picture looks really nice. Write it when it looks nice, it's way more inviting. So if you don't have a picture, I think sometimes they put a letter there or something else. And sometimes you'll notice that people's photos, especially on accounts that are kind of struggling, they're not good pictures or they're just weirdly craft right where you can see that the picture is actually up here, but you're only seeing the bottom of it. Hate to be drawing on my wife space like this, but you see what's happening. So it's all about just making sure that you actually have a picture that looks good. And so once you kind of see your pins in the wild, you'll actually notice that the picture is a big part of just kind of adding legitimacy to your account. So that's one of the easiest ones to fix, Right? Just get a good picture, make sure it's in the right orientation. Work on this until you actually have something that looks quite nice. So let me just switch here. Next is really obviously the display name and your user name that's up to you not as important, but again it's what people are gonna be seen. The next is really your profile. So what you want to do is you want to kind of put something here that actually describes what your account is about. Because when you go to the actual account page, the profile is really what's at the top next to your name. And so you want to make sure that this is something that really actually describes what you're about, and so you'll want to make sure that you include, um, what you're actually gonna be sharing, right? So this doesn't have as much of an impact on search results. But it is a part of the process of helping to provide Pinterest and their systems and idea about What are you doing here, right? What do you got? A plan on sharing. So if you're a travel person, talk about travel in your profile, make sure it's filled out and kind of descriptive about what you're doing. And so we're gonna get into later on about how you're identifying your keywords and your niche and really targeting everything very specifically. And a profile is kind of the first place to do that. But it's not as important, so it's more just important that just tell us about yourself. Make sure that you talk about it, but don't be over the top. Don't type too much right. This is not a novel, and I don't even know how much space you're actually allowed it in here. But just make sure it's filled out and has your targets kind of in there. So that is really here. On the profile page, we come down to the bottom. The featured boards is another one that's gonna be important. It's actually very easy to miss. But what will be important is that as you have certain boards that are very, very important, a Sparta's you're being targets. You actually make sure that you've selected the boards that are there that are really the focal ones, because these air the featured ones thes air at the top. They're the ones that you want to make sure that people see when they actually land on your profile, and it's gonna have your best content. So just making sure that there's something in here helps again classify you a little better . But you could think of Pinterest is trying to classify everybody who's in there. What is this person sharing? What kind of content do they have so that they know what to share? Andi show around on the website, right when other people are searching or when a follower of yours is gonna be shown pins on their home page Well, Pinterest has to decide what pins to show them. Give Pinterest as much information as it can get the second page. That's gonna be important. So account settings, not that important year. Um, the 2nd 1 that really want to focus on is to claim one. So when you want to make sure you do is that you actually claim the various content. So this will depend on your website. What exactly it is that you're hoping to promote it in the end game, right? But typically people have a website right? And so you want to make sure that you're claiming it, because what this allows you to do it is just like it says here, claiming your website allows you to get attribution and analytics for your content which may already appear on interest. So basically what you're telling Pinterest is I own this website and when you see it posted anywhere anybody linking to it in a 10 I want to see about it. And that's pretty awesome, right? Because there could be people out there at random pinning something from your website, so we want to make sure that we get credit for that. As it happens, another thing is, you know, with Instagram and YouTube on anything like that, what we can actually go ahead and do. It's just add up your instagram accounts of your pictures. So just automatically posting this is just a great way to keep everything and sink just reduces the work that you have to actually do. You know where to get. Make sure that your your instagram posts are actually getting posted as well. And again, YouTube won acclaim it at seat. You want to claim it so that you have everything as you need it. So the process for claiming the site in this case I'm not gonna unclaimed my own website because then I would have to go back through the cleaning process. But it's actually quite simple. What you have to do is when you click the claim button, it will give you a piece of code, or I think there's two options, but the easiest one is just gives you a small piece of code that you have to insert into before the header tag on your website. And so if that is a foreign concept to you completely, what I would recommend doing is simply just googling, I think, claiming your website and then whatever the service that you using to actually hopes your website. So if you're doing this on WordPress, you can just Google adding CO two header tag were impressed, and I'm sure that's going to 100 guides on how to do it. So it's pretty straightforward. We're not gonna cover it here in this course, but that is something you can easily find through Google search. So once you've updated code, you'll be able to actually click that claim button, and typically it will then tell you it's going to take a day or two before your domain is claims. And so that would just kind of automatically happen. And you may or may not get an email once that's gone through, but otherwise it's fairly straightforward process, and that pretty much wraps it up. I mean, I would encourage you to spend the rest of the time may be taking a look at the profile, seeing if there's anything else in the notifications. Where you have to understand is that what your site are pinchers profile growth of certain size. You're gonna get inundated with messages and constant requests for you to participate in their boards. You can see ours is just off the charts. If I had a notification every time someone message me, I would be very upset. So making sure that kind of turned some of those things off we have not seen and you will notice in the description. Of course, we do not cover engaging with people. I don't know that it really helps. Some people think it helps in our situation and how we grew. Our account was simply through sharing lots of content that people really want to see that was well optimized and then letting time kind of accumulate the benefits of doing that. There are some people who really recommend going out there and following other people's profiles and hoping they follow you back. That's a strategy that people tend to use even on Instagram. We did not do it and we got to the size that we got to, so let that at least kind of be ah, piece of sample size, right that we got to a fairly huge following by not ever doing that. So you don't have to. If it can help you and speed things up, Maybe, but we're not gonna cover that in this course. 3. Analyzing your niche: getting started with optimizing your profile means digging into your specific niche. Some people pronounce it niche and other niece really sure which one is the correct one? I think it's need. If you're not familiar with what a niche is, it's defined as denoting or relating to products, services or interest that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. In layman's terms, that means it's your category of products or services or types of products that you're hoping to promote be popular in. So if I was a major brand, my niche is in beauty and cosmetics. You want identify what your niche is because it helps focus your efforts and targets going forward with with all your marketing efforts, not just in Pinterest and how you optimize everything you're doing on Pinterest. But just in general, right? You want a hyper focus on what it is that you do so that you don't waste effort and spread yourself through too thin for some. It's kind of you really easy to know what you knishes if I'm a makeup brand, sell makeup products. I'm in beauty and cosmetics, pretty straightforward, But for others you may find if it's multiple categories. So if some services, or if you're a makeup artist, you know you may be sharing specific products, but you're also showing, uh, specific eye shadow looks or things like that. So you can kind of buckle yourself in a couple different places, and that's okay. But I would suggest just trying to limit it down to some sizable amount, maybe 3 to 5 different niches. The more you make you'll see later on, your amount of work and the difficulty in focusing and staying focused is gonna get so much harder. So I would really try to pick maybe three at the most. If you can go to five. I mean, it's up to you. But I would suggest trying to stick around three different ones because these categories, they're quite big, and there could be a lot of sub categories within them. So, um, yeah, so assuming that you've identified your niece or Nisha's, it's really time to start analyzing it. So first is to start looking at what's already out there, what appears to be popular and depending on your knees and may be easy to think of. Search quarter quarry is the terms that someone puts in search for so if again, search for created makeup. That's a search court. So those are the search terms, and in this case, I was searching my own pins. But let's search in all pins. So now you can kind of see that That is Big Corey. And so what you want to do is to start to get a lay of the land. So for other niches, things can be quite difficult. What would people be searching right to do this? We really recommend a tool called Answered the Public. So if you're having a hard time coming up with, you know, things related to make up, what would people be searching? What could possibly be options or can't come up with that many alternative answer. The public is fantastic. So if we go to answer the public what we can do here and it's actually love this website, just zoom in a little bit because much too big is we can actually search a specific term, and I'll actually change this to the U. S. And use one. The two words for best results. I could do make up or cosmetics and then when I click search. What it actually does is it's coming up with a bunch of different questions that someone might be asking that includes, Make it so you can see here at the beginning. Makeup When, What? Who can how? Why, where? And it's really a this point just about coming up with ideas so you can look at all this and what makeup will make my acne worse. Oh, that's actually a pretty great idea, So that could be something to look into. Makeup cause acne makeup to cover a black eye makeup show use. So there's all kinds of stuff in here. What makeup brands are vegan. And so this just kind of sparks your inspiration makes you look for things that people could be potentially searching. So in this case, you can immediately see how great this is, right when makeup looks cakey when based sheet mask. And, uh, when makeup goes wrong, that could honestly be a really good category of sharing stuff with because they would drive a ton of So what we're gonna want to do is now that we've gotten some inspiration. So let's say we can use which one we will make up, Make my acne worse. Well, we can actually do it. We combine that with what Pinterest itself will tell us is potentially a good term. So if I even just type in makeup, then we can start to see. Let me just clear the screen here. So if I search makeup, actually, the suggestions are really good ways of trying to come up with new ideas to make up tutorials. I can also check out people searching make up right in two words. Okay, so that looks like it could potentially be another target of mine. So what I'm gonna want to do is start to take some notes here and say, OK, make up. Kind of like a little tree map for yourself of different terms there, really out there. So make up acne making active, prone skin, skin tutorial cover. So that seems like it's more related to people trying to cover up makeup for acne versus acne and what make up causes acne. So that can actually be you See how we started with a big general idea and now we've kind of focused it in much more into a specific domain. And that's really what we want to do here is that we want us identify good targets that we can kind of put down as this is the thing we're gonna go after going forward, we're going to spend our time making sure we have pins and content to share into this specific target. Because we know that this is something that people are really searching and are engaging with and that will drive them to be interested in our profile and follow us. And then when we share our content in there and drive to our website, then we can get the traffic and the clicks that we're looking for. So what you want to do is just spend the time going back to answer the public, finding a new idea, searching Okay, what does that mean? And what is the later land for? This is there's something that looks popular. There's are a lot of content. What kind of content is it and just start to get kind of ah little organization around? What are your targets? Another important part that I want to cover it is when you're searching around and the suggestions that you're looking for and Indonesia important part It's just to get a lay of the land, right? What is popular in my niece? What are people sharing? And sometimes it would kind of surprise you because we go into an idea while people must be sharing this and this and when you actually look at what's the popular part? You realized you wouldn't completely missed the boat unless you had just done a little bit of thinking. So if we take makeup as an example, let's just search it just to see what's going on. So the first thing that jumps out at me is makeup. Look, makeup. Look, look at these eye shadows. There are so many eye shadow looks here, and so immediately that just jumps out of us. Wow, these are things that people are sharing. So this is an ad. We can kind of just try to ignore those. So let's see. Are there any other ads? There's some here, but what the whole pages practically filled out with eye shadow looks. So that should just be the immediate jumping out at us. What are people carrying in Just in high level, this category alone? There's tons here, so it's really about makeup looks and eye shadows. So that is something I would massively jot down as a no. This is a huge target. People really care about this, and I think as we go on to the next parts where we really get into analyzing data, you'll notice that this is just going to stick out like a sore thumb as a target. So it is at the top of our list, says Victoria. In our niche is clearly dominated by close ups of eye shadow. So that would be a a bullet point. Close ups, full makeup looks right and creative, right? So you can kind of see it. Some of these Besart not looks that people would normally wear out and about, but they're also just kind of artistic, so there's tons of these kind of things going on. 4. Identifying important trends in your niche: Okay, so the Latin next piece is about identifying important trends in your niche. So what they're basically doing here, it's not necessarily a formula for exact steps you need to follow. You can follow these steps exactly, but it's more about just making you aware of tools for accomplishing the goal. And right now the goal is to find good, credible targets that you can start really sharing content into and that you're gonna try to focus your effort in on optimizing towards. This is an evolving process. You want to continually be doing this, looking for new targets, evaluating your current targets, dropping some adding new ones and so use each of these methods that we're talking about. If it's answer the public, if it's just checking Pinterest search itself and then this next thing that we're gonna go over it's really a combination of all of them together. And even when we get into analyzing your audience, analyzing the Pinterest audience, all of those things come together to really refine your set of targets, and I can tell you how many targets you need tohave. It's really something that, as we go through the next steps of what's involved in actually kind of getting to the end line here that you pick your workload as far as how much you can handle because it can be a lot right? If you have many different targets, many things you want to focus on, that's a ton of work, two ton of different types of content. And it's better to be great at small set of things than okay at a bunch. So that's kind of what our focus is here. But the next one we want to target is the trends. And so up here Oh, that is a huge line I'm drawing here. So up here in the analytics is where we're going to use the next tool. And that is actually a brand new tool that came recently is called the Trends. So if we come in here, it should be pretty. Uh, I'm easy to understand what is actually going on here. It is discovering what people are looking for. So in most niches, there are trends that will come and go either with seasons Changing are just because there's new fad going around. But Pinterest provides us this great tool for digging into these trends, so we know what to hop on and hop off. So once we're here on this page, you can really dial in your focus for your different activities. That's right off the bat. You can kind of see what it is. It right off the bat. It gives you some ideas for things that are really popping off right now so you can see the search volume for these particular keywords. They're exploding care package loungewear, the my hair mask. Those are all great ideas, but we can dig into our specific needs to find what is really becoming popular now and what is not becoming popular. So it's also as important it is to identify what is popular. It's also very important to identify what is clearly a hot popular, and you should not be spending your time on Okay, so now that we're in the trends, let's get started and actually do some research here. And so if we keep going with the topic that we kind of picked earlier, which is makeup with it, just go ahead and type of makeup. So again we're kind of the same thing we saw in the search suggestions is basically the same suggestions that came up before, but right off that that would kind of see some interesting things. Makeup looks. I think you'll notice that a lot of these things they're gonna jump out that you can clearly see that everything coalesces towards very specific topics. Makeup looks big, big, big. My niches and makeup. Cosmetics. So some of the other ones makeup, vanity. That's pretty interesting. Makeup ideas natural. Okay, there seems to be fairly consistently popular, So those are some of the things that we can kind of go ahead and select. So let's go ahead and pick Makeup looks. And so right off the bat. What the thing, the trends pages telling us. Popular pins again, shocking eye shadow looks again. Very large pence eyes, eyeshadow, looks full makeup looks, but again very big focus on eye shadows. And so at this point, the important thing is to try to look for the targets that we wanna align ourselves towards over time. And so what we can actually also do up here is to enter other search terms. So if I did make up looks so now we can see Okay, Easter makeup looks clearly use. It was just here at the time of the filming. Pink makeup looks. We can kind of start to add some of these. Okay, so comparing to these specific pieces, we can kind of subset different ideas. Pink makeup looks, black women. So that's another idea that could spark up. But what can I get it? See? Okay, that's not actually as popular as it kind of seemed on the graph. But we can just keep looking for related terms and jock down Really good ideas that you think you really like fairly broad enough that you can find content for it consistently and even if it's not necessarily consistently, is just something that we can do that can really help us just get engagement, even for the short term. So if it's one that we know, Easter's coming up there sharing a bunch of Easter stuff leading up to it, knowing that we're going to see a huge spike in traffic coming up for it. So now, at this point, we're hoping that you could have at least identified a bunch of potential targets. But what is important is you have to say to yourself, How can my product, website or service relate to what I'm seeing, right? So you might identify certain targets that seeing, like, really high engagement aspects. But is there a way for you have fit in that right? Is there a way for me to put myself in the mix of what I'm seeing and drive people to my product or content? So if I wasn't make up in the makeup niche as a youtuber, it you'd ask yourself, Can I do great eye shadow looks? Can I do creative? I shall Look, what kind of you know products do I have to? I have the colors to do this kind of thing. Do I have skills to be able to? And so those are the types of questions that you really want to be asking yourself. Like what about producing good quality pictures of makeup, looks and ideas? Is that something I'm even capable of doing these air? Very high quality pictures. Do I have the capability to do that? If not, is there a way for me to get there? Right, So if you see a really good opportunity, is there a way for you to enable yourself get into that opportunity and take advantage of it. Or is it just something that its way out or reach right, that you would not be able to do these kind of look, you don't have the products that the capabilities or whatever it might be OK, then dropped as a target. That's OK, but just focus in on what are you good at? What can you really hyper focus on and then try to solidify your target list down to something that's manageable and actually attainable? 5. Analyzing your audience: now that we feel comfortable about our niche or at least got a head start on it, and you should also have had start on your targets. It's time to take a look at your current audience, so there's a lot of insight that we can get from this. But if your account is tiny, then you may not have this type of data available, but we will at least review it anyway, so you can monitor it as your account grows. So let's head over to the audience insights. This is There is actually a lot to see on this page, so we'll try to take it in pieces. So it's up here in the analytics tab, um, coming down into the audience insights. So let me just scroll in here to make sure you can see everything. So the first point of order, then you just get a lay of the land. One. The data that you have to see or you're going to see here is first segment of violent. It's so in this case, it's our total audience and selected, and you have some options here, and the date ranges the last 30 days. So you conflict between that and your, uh, all Pinterest users. I don't know how useful this is, but there could be just additional data that you can dig into for all the users. So first there are the categories and interests of your audience, right? Don't forget, we're looking at massive pencils. We're looking at our total audience. And so we have the categories and interests. And so, basically the most popular categories and related interests for this audience, this audience being our total, your total audience. Let me just give me the pen where total audience includes all users who have seen or engaged with any of your pins in the last 30 days. Interesting apartment Who have seen or engaged. So what can we learn from this? So there's two. There's really a couple columns here. Their importance. Affinity percent of audience, the category. Again. This is kind of your needs, right? It's pinchers telling you what does it put Theo interests into as far as a bucket of category or in each and so clearly for us? Its beauty and what's important here is that affinity, what it's actually telling you. And if I flip over and just remove this stuff you can actually see. Affinity indicates how much this audience is interested in a particular topic compared to the rest of the Pinterest audience. So greater than one means mawr and less than one means lesser. So it for us beauty you can immediately see is two X for us. So our audience is twice as interested in beauty as the normal Pinterest user. So within that we can also can exceed what percent of our audience is this. So two X. That doesn't mean every single person who has seen or engaged with our pins is in that category and that loves beauty that much. It's actually an 86% which is very high. So we're know that. OK, beauty is a huge category, and what we're looking for a year is what will drive engagement. What will get people to interact with our pins toe actually kind of get thes the kind of Pinterest viral effect toe happen right? Because the goal here is we want to share content that people want to engage with and engaging means. They save it to their borns when one person saves it to their board and then their followers see it, and maybe their followers will save it to their boards and so on and support them to. Next thing you know, you have pins that just explode and will collect hundreds of thousands of impressions every single month for almost what feels like an eternity. It's really incredible. Obviously, that's quite difficult to do. But this is, ah, way forward. So within the beauty category on the right, we can see a drill down of the people within this category. So that way we can see a beauty interest subcategory. And so if we look, we can actually see, it's actually in this case, um, sorted by the percent of the category audience. Some percent of the beauty category, what affinities and interests they have. So what jumps after us are at us right off the bat? Well, for me, creative makeup, right? That was something we identified before I make up makeup style. So again, it's Mawr confirming what were our suspicions were before, right? We were looking at what was the Leyland? Wow. I make a very popular eye. Shadows very popular creative makeup looks clearly very popular to come in and we see our most engaged audience is the creative makeup category, three times more than the regular user huge. And although it is only 24% of the 86% that's still a really big right. Our audience size is 1.7 million people. Okay, so 24% of 86% that someone was 1/4 of a 1,000,000 people. Pretty solid numbers there. So we know this is a fantastic target to get engaged people interested and in a way that we could further check this out is if we can actually flip our audience here to your engaged audience. So these are now It's changed a little bit. All users who have engaged with any of your pins in the last 30 years remember total audience included who have seen. But now we're just taking out the people who saw it but then engaged. And we just want to know who's engaging with their stuff again. Beauty, colds, true and creative make up. Wow! It jumps up to 4.3% or three times 11 times techniques light make up 11 times huge. So now we're just getting into even better ideas here. So make up techniques. Okay, That one kind of that was something that slipped past us. Before we can see that the audience has has come down to 125,000 people who are actively engaging with their pins in a month. That still is a pretty great number, but we can really see Wow. Okay. Makeup techniques. That should be a big target for us. Let's write that down, go back to the drawing boards and do our research like we did before. Check out, answer the public. Check out. What are the searches? Get a lay of the land. So we're kind of starting the process over. But this is a way of identifying great options that we're gonna target going forward. Light make up 11 times. Skincare. Okay, that's actually a pretty big cat. Hair size again. We're just writing down. We're taking notes. Were trying to understand where is our place here on interest 6. Analyzing & optimizing your boards: So now you should be in a pretty good place for making concrete changes to your profile and your boards. You've identified your Nisha's. You've established concrete targets which are always on ongoing effort but always working on it. And you have a good plan for how you're gonna execute on those targets where you're working , right? But at least you're kind of getting there. I would try to hold off on going to these pieces of it until you have actually done the previous ones and really feel in a good place like you have at least a good set of targets . You know, you're gonna execute on what type of content, all those types of things before we move on to this. Because chances are, if you didn't do those, you're gonna have to redo it later anyway. So now we really need to prep your boards for these targets, right? So we have our profile established. Now we got to set up the boards. They're gonna contain all the targets. So the boards are your way of telling your audience and Pinterest what the pins, your posting valve or about. This is a great place to focus in on your targets. Each target should have a board focused on them, so a target could have one board or had could have multiple. It all depends on what it's all about, so fashion can have tons of categories. I would not just have one fashion, one of many fashion board, because it's just too big and again our audience insights our answer, the public, our research, our layer land that should have really identified how you can break out those boards. That makes the most sense because you also want to be able to actually fill up these boards with real content, don't make a board and then not use it. It just looks a little silly. So within each board, we will utilize the subsections to narrow in on a specific sub target within our target. So again, this is it's starting to get a little hard to describe an exact formula because it depends really so much on what you're doing. So if this is a fashion borders, you can see in this case we decided to dedicate a board to Amazon fashion favorites because it's very popular thing. We noticed that people want to look for affordable fashion on Amazon that they can shop there. And then we took within that fashion category. So we've already took the high level. Is fashion within that is more like affordable, And we kind of went even deeper and said, Okay, Amazon fashion is specific. And so with their names on fashion, what we decided to do was to create subsections. Four different parts and it's very straightforward, right Jeans, tops, swim wear, leggings. And so we're just providing information. And this is mainly for Hey, okay, if somebody does come to your profile and is deciding to just look through everything you've ever done Great. Now they've got something that's understandable and legible going on and actually navigate herbal so they can find something. Specifics of someone's coming in and very interesting dresses and skirts. You've got a place for them, but it's also mainly for just telling Pinterest Mawr information about what you're doing right, and I think if we kind of talked about it before, but we want to provide interest as much information as possible so it knows what the content you're giving it is. So if I share a pair of jeans on here. The important thing is that okay, Pinterest, using the way that they analyzed the pictures will be able to see. OK, this is probably jeans. But how do we further from now? Could these genes days are Amazon fashion jeans? And so we're kind of adding more layers of information to Pinterest, and then interest can better use it. So interest feels much more comfortable showing things that it's certain about versus thing . It's uncertain about, so share something and you don't really give pinchers any information on what it is. Well, good luck for it. Starting it anywhere, right? It's like you're trying to send mail somewhere. We didn't put an address on it. What's the post office supposed to do? Well, maybe there's a zip code, so it has a general idea. Provide as much information as possible. When we create our board, we want to make sure we fill in the appropriate information again to give Pinterest all of the information possible. So we want to add the name and description in the category. And so right off the bat, I think I should say that a lot. So I apologize. But you mean that you can see. Okay, there's really just three categories to their important category description and the name we kind of covered already. The description again. This is a place for you to put those keywords in. So the way that most search engine thes days work is they kind of tried to look for a contextual information. So in this case, you can see we put specific things in here like affordable spring clothes, because it's spring coming around. So we want to target at close inspiration, ideas and passionless. So that's a good amount of, uh, keywords. Say it right. But what's important to understand is most sophisticated search engines, and I want to give Pinterest the benefit of the doubt that they are sophisticated. They have measures in place to avoid some of the kind of hacky things that people will do. So one. Some other things that you'll probably see is something like keyword stuffing. I would say Don't do it because chances are it doesn't work or you can penal. It can be penalized, so we know with Google. If you have a website and you try to keywords stuff a page, you will be penalized for they can spot it and they know it's not a smart thing to do, so don't do it. I would say the same here for pictures. So what I mean by keyword stuffing is if this was a makeup board and I did something like this not in all caps but makeup, cosmetics, beauty hall ideas, D I Y inspo Spring, summer or winter. You know there's This is incoherent. It doesn't make any sense, but I'm clearly just trying to cram as many keywords in here as possible. People will do things like hash tagging like crazy. I would say, Don't do it. It doesn't help. If anything, it may even hurt you. So that's our first piece of advice. But again do something that makes sense. So if we look at ours, I'm pretty happy with this one. It's short. It's sweet, but it characterizes and hits on specific keywords. Great, affordable spring. Close Inspiration is a big one that people do ideas and fashion looks, because what could happen is that Pinterest Machine will actually say spring clothes ideas . It sees these things together and will actually decide to link them or, if fashion looks inspiration right so there's They don't have to be perfectly aligned than this. Search engine will understand how to group these together and understand what they mean. So even just by including all this together immediately see affordable can now be linked to any of the ideas that here affordable ideas, affordable fashion looks. So we just want to create a great sentence that links all those together. And so this practice is something that's gonna become really important as we write our individual Pinterest descriptions as well. And then the final thing is filling the category straightforward. Just put it in the right slot. Don't forget the Philippine. It's probably one of the biggest mistakes is they just don't fill it in and forget about it . 7. Writing the perfect pin description: All right. So at this point, I realized that I have been trying to draw on the screen and nothing I drew recorded. Ah, if that isn't frustrating, I don't know what is. But I hope that at least the ideas that I was pointing out I don't think I drew any super important diagrams more than just highlighting specific things. And I hopefully that would still be obvious if, um, the recording didn't actually include the trunk, but alas, we'll just continue on. So the next part is created crafting the perfect pain. So for creating the perfect PIN will start by saying there is no such thing is perfect. Okay, lesson over. Done. Now, as we've said before, even if we meticulously plan our titles, pictures and descriptions, there is so much luck involved in this that it will frustrate you like crazy. The amount of times that we've posted a fantastic picture super optimized description, title optimized s CEO, elements, boards, subsections, only to have a completely far while Some throwaway pin that we really didn't put much effort into the picture arguably was terrible, and it suddenly goes viral gets tons of clicks for no reason Well, that's just like so what we're doing here is we're just trying to improve our batting average. We simply want to hit home runs more than average because it adds up over time, right? No one will hit a home run each time, but we still practice to get its greatest. We can, because if you do this over months and years, you get to this point where you hit home run enough times that you're just getting a constant stream of traffic from these pins that went super viral and are now collecting hundreds of clicks every single month. Store you and you've got 10 2034 years, right, so that starts to super super add up, and that's really all we're doing. That description of the pain is very similar to that of the description of our board. It's a place for us to provide interest Maurin information about what the picture and the link is about. In reality, very few people read the descriptions, but some do. You may be one of those people who say, Wait a minute, I read descriptions all the time. OK, there are some that do for sure, So let's make sure that our board description is a natural sentence that describes what you're posting but includes the keywords that we want interest systems to pick up, just like we just talked about. We want to make this natural, but embedded with the important keywords again and public, we can use it to craft natural questions and answers. The people are typically used for a specific topic. Such a great tool worth every penny in assisting us with what we mean. One of the things that I want to draw your attention to and we're gonna talk about Maurin a second is Pinterest own creative best practices. And so most people probably don't even know that this exists. But it's something that we really want to draw your attention to, and we're gonna talk about it in a second. Um, we can include a link here in the course to make sure that you can see this. But there's some elements in here that we really want to make sure that you kind of think about you read it and I would read over this entire thing. It is based on campaign goals and really targeted towards advertising, but you know we can take elements of this and really make it a piece of what we're doing here. And so there's parts of this that are gonna tell you about what to add to the description. And so some of the really good ones is Description. Fields provides more context and detail. It also have to put the most important info First hands with a brand name in the first line of description drive two times higher. Awareness awareness is interesting enough, but some of the things that we're hoping to do is to actually provide, you know, conversions or sales or traffic. Your PIN description is a perfect place to give potential customers additional information in our study pins with pricing details in the description. Truth, 28% higher online sales, right? So you wanna put keywords and embedded keywords and strong keywords in there but also drive information that's important for people. So pricing brand names and things like that. So I would recommend reading over this entire thing and just taking the bits and pieces that you think are doable for your niche or what you're doing 8. The perfect pin picture: All right. So for crafting the perfect pin, the perfect in picture. Um, there are many pictures that are gonna be great and they're gonna work. I mean, just like we talked about before, Where the terrible pin with the terrible picture and no description and horrible title doing super well for never using decibel happen all the time. So it's nearly impossible to create a standard model for what each pin pictures should look like. It will depend entirely on your niche and your keywords. What can work? Your research should unearth what is popular within your targets and give you inspiration for what to do. And so the basic idea here is not to necessarily have a stuff formula of, um, a set tight that's always gonna work. You will see that if you Google, you know, pinchers, picture and best practices or things like that on block posts and things like that. What well, don't talk about often is making sure you always have a certain layout and you always do X , y and Z. In our experience, some of that might be true, and sometimes it's not right. So there's many things that could work. You saw as we're scrolling through the different picture types that you know different orientations can work and whether it's a carousel or not a care cell, right? So that's on the pin image page, where you can add multiple pictures back to back doesn't make a difference. It will depend. It always depend on your specific, um, niche and your targets. So in the creative best practices, fantastic Just mentioned it again. I'm just gonna highlight two elements. I'm not gonna waste your time by just reading off this thing, but the two that we really think stand out. That was our biggest piece of advice to people who consult for and help out is show your products in action. We have noticed such a massive difference between the boring white background close up of the products versus someone just wearing that shoe or wearing that watch and doing something active. Um, it's, you know, just physical show. Don't tell. It's all about just people not only seeing what the product is about, but it was scrolled down. There's another one here. Help people visualized your product in their lives. Action packed images help people decide if your pain is pray for them. Pins that showed someone using a product or service where 67% more likely to drive offline sales left. Okay, offline sales left. An online is 100% the case. People wearing the clothes, people doing something with the eye shadow. All that is a huge driver of picking of a great picture. So what does that mean for your needs? I can't tell you because I don't know what you're niches, but your targets and the research when you're looking through the lay of the land should make it very obvious. What's popular and what are some things you can experiment with? Great. Be open to try new things Don't necessarily just do what everybody else is doing. Try to pick up on a new trend. Try something new. The great thing about Pinterest is that you can share a ton. And so in the hist next section where we kind of do Ah, wrap up section will kind of get into that 9. How much should you pin?: Okay, So in the final section here just to wrap up, we talked about basically starting from scratch of identifying your niche. What is the category that you're in And what are you doing, right? You gotta focus your efforts and focus what you're all about here on Pinterest identifying what are some great targets. You should have a tree map of ideas and cross that ideas and research that you know, ideas. That means that the public provided you are suggestions provided you and looking at the trends. And if you have an audience with his urine, care about all those things should kind of come together. Now you have a pretty good idea for each of your target categories. What are the types of descriptions you typically want to write? And so the important thing here is in execution. What does this look like? If you're Google around, you will see different studies about how much you should be pinning it. Our experience. There's really no limit. So I will tell you some things that we are in the process of doing a big research project on and collect the data on. But here arm is my intuition on it in practice. So on the question of how much should you pin? There does not seem to be necessarily a limit. But what does seem to be the case is that if you continually pin the same website over and over, there seems to be something that happens. Right? So basically it Pinterest sees you. Uh uh constantly sharing just your website over and over and over. Nothing else gets shared. Shut your website. At some point it goes, OK, hold your horses. I understand your like your website, but you're currently trying to just push one particular thing. So that's something that we see all the time. You will see that the first batch of pins that you point out there. I can tell you what number it is because it can sometimes change a little bit. But at some point, there just seems to be zero engagement for the next batch. So if I put out 30 pins about my website and another 30 pins at some 0.1 of those batches it's just dead in the water. No one sees that no one engaged with no clicks, nothing. So there's clearly a measure in place to stop people from just bombing Pinterest with their own website and things like that. So, what we're suggesting, you gotta split up how much you pin your content in your website. Other people's content, so it's as easy as in each of your categories. So if we go into makeup that you make sure you come through here and just every once in a while you pin some other people's stuff. You save stuff just to break up what exactly you are doing so that you don't end up just overloading your building up. A little bit of a trust from Pinter's that, Hey, you're not here to just take you want to give something back by engaging of being participative in what's going on. So that's I think a big big focus here is to make sure that you be careful about how much of pending and how much of your own content trying to break it up. Different websites, different things you're promoting as much as you can 10. Guide for pinning: Okay, So to wrap up, one thing we just wanted to walk through is the actual practice Doing this on a day today basis. So in coming up here, obviously, just to create your pin where I'm gonna walk you creating PIN because you are all extremely intelligent if you got to this point so you know how to do this. But what? Some of the features that even missed us for a while that we've really think you should take advantage of is creating multiple pins at a time. You can do that by clicking little button up here. You can add multiple pins. You can then select them so liked all published them all at once. You could delete them all. And what's so great about this is that it just speed things up. If you have multiple pictures and you all want toe add and actually pin at the same time, you can actually grab it from a folder and just drop it onto the page and they'll create a pin for every single one of those pictures. Really awesome. If you drop multiple pictures inside the box here, it will create a collage for you or a carousel. The carousel is you'll understand, or a little finicky, meaning that if there's a big change, if a one picture is very tall and the other is very fat, it will tell you that's not going to, you know, there's going to, you know, go. So you're gonna have to make sure that the orientation and layouts of each picture of pretty close But what's great about this is that you can just create multiple, so even makes it easy, is that you can actually make your titles. So just to make up a great description goes here, and then that's just Google. What we can actually do is we just duplicate this guy multiple times because we want to use the same one for each one. So right there is a question. Can I use the same description over and over? Absolute And I use the same title over an overpass alluded. We have not seen any indication that it hurts you again. If it works, it works, so sometimes you can come up with a great description and just reuse it over and over That will not punish you, Aziz Lisa's faras. Any of our researchers show. The other thing that is great is that if I published a, uh, a pin for later, it has a limit on the number of pictures or a pins that you can actually schedule out over some period time. So let me just do this. I'm gonna go ahead and select and delete this. So if I grab a pin here, So I'm gonna grab one of YouTube thumbnails and picture tests, and I'm just gonna do google dot com. So what we can do is we can actually publish this for later. So this is a great future. It only goes out two weeks, but this helps. You just kind of get on top of it. If you got a busy day and you want to make sure you pins get out there and pin consistently each day, use this future. It's awesome. But if I select tomorrow and I'm just gonna pick one of these, I can actually see it now. So what is gonna happen is comes into this schedule pin section important to remember you can only officially scheduled 25 out of time. Okay, so I say officially and I did air quotes around that what will happen is if you do 25 you will see 25 here. If you do number 26 it will maybe show up here and maybe not or something else would get bumped out. What happened was the pin did not get deleted. It did not get unscheduled. It just means that it's kind of in the back of the line, so you won't see it on the page. And I don't think it gets published. Even if so, if I had 25 pins scheduled for four days from now, and the 26 pin is scheduled for tomorrow, it that 2016 will not get posted unless all the other ones in line have already been done. So that's why they kind of put it at You have 25 pin limit, but not really. That would be careful because it gets a little weird. They're some kind of buggy, weird aspects of injuries that you can end up wasting a lot of time. I would also be careful when you are creating a lot of pins over and over. Sometimes what can happen is it just won't let you pin you. You'll click you could published to see that we'll go. Nothing happens. I'll tell you right now, just leave. Go do something else and come back in an hour. I don't know if this is because Pinterest has said OK, you're pinning way too much too quickly. You may need to just slow down where it is, just something with their website. But you will find yourself frustrated that you created 20 pins that you have scheduled and all those things. And right, as you click publish, nothing happens. Unfortunately, just save your description. Savior Taino put it in a note pad and save it for later because it's just too bad, right? It's Pinterest, uh, trying to ruin your day so we can get around it by just, um, picking up where we left off at a later point. And so maybe just do a test. Next time you start, go in, try to create one pins, publish it, okay that it published that now we can create the other 15 20 that we wanted to do at a particular time 11. A final word.: Okay, so that's it. I mean, that's the end of the course. We intended this course to be a straight to the point. Get in, show you what we're working on. Nothing fancy, just raw facts and details. And we've learned from running this profile for years now, right? So we are well on our way towards 1/4 1,000,000 followers. We have more than big established brands on pinchers, and this is how we did. We shared a ton. Sure. Consistently keep your optimization. Keep your descriptions good. Optimize your keywords, analyze your trends. Just stay on top of everything. And it sounds like a lot. And you may be your piece of paper where you're taking your notes and hopefully taking notes is just filled with ideas and tons of stuff to do. When you feel overwhelmed. Take it in pieces. And when you get comfortable, it's really very quick. Like at this point, we're so focused on specific target areas that I can write a great optimize description in under 20 seconds because I've done it so many times. I'm well aware of what the key words are. I know what people are searching all those things I can just sit. I can bang it out very quickly, and that's what you just have to get yourself to. It just takes time. And so the important thing is, as you're doing all this constantly analysed your analytics, right? You've got to come back to your impressions, your audience. What's great here is that you can look at your top pins. They're happening and you can look at the ones over the last 30 days. You can look at them and really analyze what's going on. What specific things are working, what's not working? Is there an idea here that I didn't spot before? That I can spot now? So that's really the process of constantly updating your information. The good thing or the important thing to understand is that Pinterest Analytics are extremely slow to update. So if I go to our pin page, any of the pins that I posted previously, so I'm gonna pick this one, it specifically, I just posted this, I believe yesterday. And so if we go to the slash analytic speech, here's where I can see some of those details. It's very slow, right, and you will see I wouldn't obsess over this because the impressions that close ups the scene, it will jump around like crazy. And so it's really put a pin out there. Come back to a 22 weeks later, three weeks later, to get an idea of it worked or not, because in the beginning, the first few days, even the first week impressions can go from 1 200 back to 50 up to 100 back to 20 and close up sing links. It clicks will come and disappear and come back. And so you will lose your mind if you spend too much time. But at least here you get a good idea. Being able to view what's the data on this particular one? Create a little spreadsheet of all your pins at a slash analytics that the answer. You can reference it very quickly, but that is a process that we've used. And now you have been enabled to use again, and I would almost say, Bring watched the course. Now they have all the information. We watch it, go back and really fill out your tree map of ideas, everything that you need to do to focus in on your account. All right. So that's really it. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us on here. Um, any questions? You might have weaken more than help. Answer if you have some questions about what nature in or if you want to sit, just take a look at what Nietzsche's you have identified or keywords. We could make some suggestions. And these like that. So we're totally available to help. So, best of luck to you, I hope you, uh you can just stick with it. This is a month yearlong effort, but it's so worth it once you get up to the size of account. So best of luck and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for doing the course.