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The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients Online

Maria Wendt, I help entrepreneurs get more clients.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting More Clients Online

Maria Wendt, I help entrepreneurs get more clients.

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Ready to get more clients?

    • 2. How many clients do you want?

    • 3. How to calculate your sales conversion rate

    • 4. Well, what exactly is a sales call?

    • 5. How to decide where to promote your business

    • 6. How to book more sales calls

    • 7. How to attract more ideal clients to book calls

    • 8. How to stay consistent & implement

    • 9. How to complete your class project

    • 10. Congratulations! Now, go get more clients!

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About This Class

Serious about getting new clients?

This class is ALL about helping you get more clients online.

This class is a good fit for you if:

  • you are serious about getting new clients
  • you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work
  • you want help scaling from around $3000/month to $10k+

What you will learn is that it’s actually pretty easy to get clients, IF you know what you are doing.

I will show you:

  1. How to create a gameplan to get as many clients as you want
  2. How to consistently stick to your gameplan so you can actually see the results
  3. How to get more dream people reaching out to you (happy to pay your asking price)
  4. How to decide where you should promote yourself
  5. And so much more!

The secret to succeeding and actually getting clients is to make a commitment to implement what I am going to teach you in this class, so get ready to take notes along the way.

Ready to do this??

Let’s dive in!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maria Wendt

I help entrepreneurs get more clients.


Hey there, friend! So good to meet you! 

I want to help you create a predictable, organic system to get as many clients as you choose.

Yes, you read that right. You can get as many clients as you choose.

In my class, The Ultimate Guide to Getting Clients Online, I show you how to do just that! 

Go check it out!

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1. Ready to get more clients?: Hi there. It's so good to meet you. My name is Maria went, and I specialize in helping entrepreneurs get more clients online. You know, in my experience, most entrepreneurs are focused on all the wrong things, whether it's redesigning their website for the millionth time or downloading yet another weapon are that they don't implement or creating yet another option that doesn't actually go anywhere in general. Everything except the one thing that actually matters, which is getting clients and making money. And that's exactly what this class is all about. In this class. I'm going to teach you how to create a game plan to get as many kinds as you want, how to decide where to promote yourself, how to implement what I'm teaching so that you stay consistent and actually see the results and how to attract the dream clients, the ones we're willing to pay you whatever your asking price is. So the secret toe actually seeing results from this class is to show up and implement, so I hope you're ready to take a ton of notes with that being said, Let's dive in 2. How many clients do you want? : Hey there. I'm so excited to have you here in this lesson. We're gonna answer the question. How many clients do you want? And I just have to say that I am so excited that you've decided to join all of us. I'm super humbled and honored that you've chosen me to help you get more clients online. And I can't wait to see the results that you personally will achieve after you implement what I teach in this course. So I am super excited for all of this. So the most important thing that I teach is that you if you're really serious about getting more clients online, you need to create a game plan order to make that happen. So, you know, it's really not enough to tell yourself. Oh, I hope I get for clients this month or wow would be so nice if I could get to clients this month. Know what you need to do is you must create a strategic step by step game plan that you can follow every single day in order to hit your client goal. Vehicles are going to get you nowhere. Instead, what you need to do is get crystal clear and super for specific on your 90 day goals. Right? And we said Goals. I teach my clients this because I do a lot of one on one coaching as well. So I teach my clients that we don't set months legals because if we set monthly goals, then you kind of get stuck in this. Oh, my gosh, if I need to get four clients a month that I need to get a client a week and if a week goes by that I'm a client behind and it creates a lot of stress Instead, what we do is reset 90 day game plans. We create our 90 day game planes together on D cycles in the 90 day period because that allows us to understand. Okay, a lot can happen in 90 days, and this feels doable. And when something in our mind feels doable, then we feel like it could happen because you know that old saying whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're right. So what I want you to do right now is answer this question over the next 90 days. How much money would you like to make So that's the first number. How much money would you like to make over the 90 day period? And this could be anything from, ah, super high number that you feel would totally take you out of your comfort zone to a number that, you know we feel is really doable. Maybe you've already done it. Um, I like to kind of pick gold summer in the middle, where I like it to feel achievable if I push myself a little bit out of my comfort zone. So I like it to stretch me a little bit. Maybe I'm gonna have to overcome some challenges in order to make that number. But it's not in my comfort zone. It's not me just kind of making what I always make. I like the cycles that stretch me a little bit, but nothing over the top where it doesn't even feel like I can hit that number somewhere in that middle sweet spot. Right? So that's the first question. How much money would you like to make over the next 90 days? And how many clients does that translate into right. So if you want to make $10,000 over the next 90 days and you sell online coaching packages or one on one services for $2500. That means that you need to get four clients over the next 90 days, right? So we start with the number. We start with the monetary amount that we want to make, and then we break that down into how many clients we need to get. That's the very first step in creating your 90 day game plan To get clients First step is to figure out how much money you'd like to make and then do the math of how many clients that translates into. So to give you another example, if you want to make $20,000 over the next 90 days and you're a, let's just say your website designer that sells websites for $5000 well, the simple, easy math is that you need himself four of your website packages in order to make $20,000. So the reason why we do this is again vague goals get us nowhere. We want to get really super specific and really clear on what we need to do in order to hit our income polls so I want to know is what is your bull? Right? So you just did the math on it. You know what you want to make now? Over the next 90 days, what I want you to do is leave it in the comments below, and then I want you to go watch the video to get your next step. 3. How to calculate your sales conversion rate: All right, so in this lesson, what we're gonna do is I'm going to show you how to calculate your sales conversion rate. So let's just go ahead and dive right in. What I want us to do before you begin is let's take a moment to be present. And I started off all my lessons like this because I think that it's so important to just take a deep breath, become president, turn off your destruction, set off your social media, close your office door and let's just really dive into the materials off what we're gonna be talking about today. And this is especially important for this particular lesson simply because we're gonna be going over numbers, and that can be confusing to some of us. So I really want us to be focused and to just be, you know, enjoy what we're talking about today. So what are we covering in this lesson here? Well, if you're serious about getting more clients online, you know that you need to create a game plan in order to make that happen. Right? So, in this lesson, what I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna show you how to calculate your sales conversion rate. This is gonna help you get more clear on what it is you need to do in order to hit your income goal. And you don't. For some, the numbers can seem a little overwhelming or confusing. But don't worry. Just follow along, step by step, and I'm gonna walk you through every step of the way here. So it's really important for you to know that sales is just a game of numbers. And what our next up here is to do is we're gonna calculate your sales conversion rate so that we can figure out how many sales calls you need to book this month in order to hit whatever your sale school is. So, believe it or not, you really can get as many clients as you want. I know this is something I talked about in my intro video here. You can get as many clients as you want, believe it or not. And the reason for that is sales. This just a game of numbers. So we're gonna splay this game of numbers. We're gonna start off this game in numbers by calculating your sales conversion, right? Right. So our first step it all. This is getting clear on our numbers. So we're going to start with this formula here, and I'm gonna walk us through a step by step eso that were really clear on it. So our conversion rate is the total number of sales in the last three months, divided by the number of calls in the last three months, times 100. So what I like to do is I like to recommend you looking over your last three month period in order to get a better average. So let's, you know, do an example here. Let's say our total number of sales from last month was four, and the total number of calls we had with 17 writes with 17 sales calls, we're gonna multiply that by 100. So four divided by 17 times 100 is 23%. So we know that it will. I, on average, will convert about one in every five calls, which is actually pretty average for most people. Right? So this means if we want four clients this month, we need to have 20 sales calls or we won't hit our goal based on our numbers. So what? You need to do is you need to keep in mind that everyone is different. Some people will need to book 10 calls. Other were swimming to book 28. That's okay. The point of this is to see how many calls you need to hit in order to hit your sales schools. Now, a lot of questions. You know, one of the questions I get a lot is what if I don't have any clients. So in that case, what you really should do is you should pick the average right. So I would assume that you'll probably close one and five calls, which means you need about 20 calls a month. So what do you need to do next? Right now you need to do is you need to comment below and let me know your sales conversion re is and how many calls you will need to book in order to hit your sales school and then go ahead and get started on the next lesson. 4. Well, what exactly is a sales call? : Okay, So next up, what we're doing here is we're breaking down a sales call, So I'm gonna kind of go over what it is and talk a little bit about how to know how many to book. So you know what exactly do I mean by sales calls? And you're probably sitting there terrified. Worried that I'm gonna be having you cold, calling 100 people per day and No, no, absolutely not. No one likes cold calling. And I have never made a single cold call in my entire career. Thank God. Now I do think that for some people, it works, obviously. But for my business, I've just never had to. I've never wanted to. And I have a belief that we get to run our business is the way that we want to. So while some people may find cold calling a good option for their business, I just personally have never thought of it as a very efficient form of getting clients. And so I've never had to do it. And I don't know about you, but I don't know a single person that enjoys cold calling. So if we don't have to do it perfect so I want to find a sales call as a quick chat with a perspective client, right? I like to think of it as a friendly chat that you have over the phone with a perspective client that has indicated they're interested in working with you. Right. So maybe they reach out to you for your website or they found you through your Facebook account. Or maybe you run a blogger. You did a guest post somewhere. But a sales call, as I define it, is a very casual conversation that you have, where you're talking, a load about what their needs are and what it is that you offer. And you guys are both deciding whether or not your solution is a good fit for the problem that they have. That's how I would define a sales calls. It was not a cold call. It's not something where you are, you know, calling 100 people a day and you're just spamming them. No, it's something where they've indicated that they're possibly interested in working with you and you having a conversation to determine if you guys are good fit. So the next question, obviously, is well, how maney sales calls you need to have in order to hit your 90 day client goal. Right? And what I want to ask is do you remember the math that we did from the last lesson where we calculated what your conversion rate waas. Right. So if you've got the notes on that, what I want to do is go ahead and grab them, pull them out, and kind of pull up your sales conversion rate cause we're gonna do a little bit of math together here. Signs. So let's do this together here. Here's what you need to dio the formula to figure out how many sales calls me to have is that your sales calls equals the desired clients divided by your sales conversion rate. Right, So what you need to ask yourself, you know, that that's basically the formula is the number of sales calls you need. Tohave can be determined by dividing the number of clients that you want by yourself, conversion rate and we're gonna do it example here. Okay, so let's say that I want to get four clients right, and my conversion rate is 20% which I've figured out my conversion rate by watching one of the previous lessons, right? So I'm gonna solve for X. You could see here on the screen I'm gonna solve for X by dividing for by point to write. Because 0.0.2, we just kind of converted that from 20% to point to, which gives me 20. So as we can see here, if I want to hit my clank all four clients based on my conversion rate, I know that I'm in need to schedule 20 calls. So now the next question, obviously is. Well, how on earth do I get 20 calls? And at this point, a lot of my clients that instantly stressed out and they start freaking out like Maria. How do I get the calls? Don't worry. Don't stress. I'm gonna show you all the different ways that you can get phone calls booked on the calendar. I'm gonna walk you through it. We're going to do this together, so just stay tuned. In the meantime, common below how many calls that you need to schedule in order to hit your 90 day bowl. And then after that, go watch the next video for your next step 5. How to decide where to promote your business: All right, So what we're gonna do in this lesson and I'm gonna show you how to decide where to promote your business. And, you know, this is a question that I get from a lot of my clients because there's so many different ways that we can promoter business, right? There's Facebook. There's email marketing. There's instagram. There's linked in. And as an online, you knows, Entrepreneur is an online business owner. How on earth are you supposed to know where to spend your time promoting your business? How do you know where your ideal client is hanging out? How do you know where to spend your time? How do you know? You know which platform to choose. Well, the answer to that is really simple. And this market research, right? So what we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to do market research, and I want to start by defining what market research is. This is an important step into really getting, ah, lot of clarity around how you can show up and sell high ticket programs and get a lot of clients online. So what is market research? Basically, market research is the action or activity off gathering information about consumers, needs and preferences. In other words, it's you asking your ideal client what it is they need and what it is they like is really simple. You just asking good questions. So how's Marker research work, right? Well, I don't wanna go too in depth here because this isn't the purpose of this course, but here are the steps simplified and broken down. First and foremost, you're gonna schedule 8 to 10 15 minute phone calls with your ideal clients. What I like to do is I like to bribe them with $5 gift cards to Starbucks. Then when you hop on the phone with them, right, you're gonna ask them targeted questions. In my opinion, of the three most important questions to ask are what is your biggest challenge with X y Z , and obviously X y Z is gonna be whatever is you do. So if you're a Web designer, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to creating a website that you love? That's your first question. Then the second thing is gonna be Here's what I'm thinking of offering to help solve that problem. And here's what I'm thinking of charging. What do you think? So essentially, you're saying, here's my solution to your problem. And here's what I'm thinking of charging. What do you think? That way you're gauging how interested people are gonna be and what it is you offer. And then finally, where do you usually spend your time online? This third question is really helpful, because this is what's going to allow us to know. Okay, where are we gonna be showing up online where I promote my business. Right. But now that we've asked our clients, where do you typically spend your time online? This gives us a lot of information. So now that you've done your research, what you're gonna do is you're gonna take their feedback and make adjustments accordingly. So you've got all this helpful information you're gonna turn around, and we'd it into your marketing. And I want to give a story of a client of mine who he worked with financial planners. And he told me, you know, he was here's a little cocky and he was like, Oh, I don't need to do market research. We need to do that. I know what my ideal clients need But I was like, Let's just do our research anyways. So we talked on the phone with 8 to 10 financial planners, and one of the questions we asked them was, Where do you spend your time online? And it turns out that a lot of financial planners are all reading this online publication. So we got my client to become a guest contributor to that online publication, and now 40% of his leads come from this one online publication, which is something that we didn't even know existed before. We did market research. So as you can see, this is a huge part of our marketing strategy, and we wouldn't have even known it existed if we haven't done our market research. So that's why I tell every kind of mine. You can't skip the market research. We've got help on the phone with those 8 to 10 potential clients and just ask them important questions. So now that you know where your ideal clients are spending their time online, you can focus on that platform, right? And in my experience, it's so much better to do one platform really well, then to try to do a dozen platforms, you know, half fastly haphazardly. I assure you that you don't need to be on a 1,000,000 platform. It's much better to get clarity around where it is. Your ideal clients are spending their time, and then you show up and position yourself as an expert there. So if most of your clients on instagram don't even worry about lengthen, don't even worry about Pinterest. Spend the majority of your time on INSTAGRAM because you know that that's where your clients are. So what's up next is you know, now that you know where to promote your business because you've done your market research, What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to book as many sales calls as you need in order to hit your client coal. So go ahead and start the next video 6. How to book more sales calls: All right, so in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to book more sales calls. So now that you've done your marker research, you know where you need to promote yourself. But now what? Well, if you're actually ready to start booking clients, this is where you need to be. And the question obviously becomes like, how do you book 10 plus sales calls them up because you've probably done your sales conversion rate. And you figured out how many calls you need to have in order to hit your client, kal and probably looks something like, you need to book at least 10 sales calls a month in order to hit your sales fall. So what I'm going to do now is I'm gonna walk you through how to book as many sales calls as you need in order to hit your clank. All Now, this may seem really overwhelming right now, but just know that I'm gonna be walking you through this step by step. So essentially, this boils down into one simple step, inviting them to hop on the phone with you. Now, this may seem like I'm oversimplifying this a little bit, and I am but hear me out. Whether you use an email list or Facebook groups or LinkedIn or your website, this whole process begins by you confidently inviting a perspective client to chat with you further online. So then, obviously the question who comes right, How do you invite them? Well, what I want to do is I want to show you an example of a post the I use on a pretty regular basis to get my own sales calls book. Right. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna break it down piece by piece so that you can see why it works, and you can replicate it in your own business. So the first part of this post that I'm gonna be sharing with you is the headline and that what I call the Clickbait sentence. So obviously we have here. I just did the math and I made X y Z in March. This is my headline sentence. This should be attention grabbing. This should be something that automatically there scrolling through Facebook group there, scrolling through instagram. Whatever might be this is attention grabbing. So for your notes, the first thing that you need as a headline that grabs attention, Right? The second part is what I like to call a Clickbait sentence. It's something to keep them scrolling. Right. So I'm not sure how many of us took a creative writing back in high school. But if you did, you were probably taught that, you know, you have your headline, right, And the next sentence is to get them to keep reading, right? That's kind of how you write a paragraph is you have the first sentence to get their attention, and then you have the next sentence with straws, Um, in and further and further on. And you can have a writing, expert, copywriter or writing expert explain it so much better than I do. But the point is that you've got a headline, right? And then your second sentence, which it still catch attention. I called the Clickbait sentence because it's something that you want to get the curiosity going. Wanna kind of intrigued them a little bit. So you've got the headline and second sentence there. Next up is why I like to call the case. Studies are the social proof. Something to really speak to the fact that in your industry you're an expert. So for me, this looks like case studies. You can see I mentioned some results that my own clients getting my kinds do really, really well with my programs, because the influence they see the results, right? So I've got really good case studies that show some of the results of my clients get. So I share them. That's the next thing that I share my post because this tells of people reading it. Hey, I'm an expert. I know what I'm doing. So maybe you're Let's just say you help people lose weight. Your fitness coach, right? And you want to get more clients. Well, you want to talk about the fact that you know so and so lost £10 on my program Or if you're a website designer, right? I helped a client redesign her website and now 20% of her leads come through her website. Whatever the numbers look like for you, the idea here is that you're sharing and you're showing in some way that you're an expert and you deliver results. This is a really important part of the post. The third part is this story, right? And this part we're not gonna kind of go into to too much, but essentially if this is the meat of the post, But in a way it doesn't so much matter what is here. This is in my from my perspective. This is the least important part of the discovery. Call the sales call post because of this sort of just it's filler. In a way, it's supporting the headline the Clickbait sentenced and the case studies. So just kind of elaborating on those street points. So this is the example for me here. You can see that I'm talking a little bit more about the income stats. I kind of elaborate on a little more. I kind of get I just get them reading a little bit. We're kind of warming them up. I'm talking a little bit more about this. I'm going into points a little bit deeper. Um, I'm giving them a little more information that maybe they didn't have and reading the headline or the click Big sentence. But essentially, this is something to just kind of warm them up a little bit because now we're going to go into the invitation, right? So I felt the relationship a little bit. I've talked a little bit. Now we're gonna go into the invitation, which is essentially me pitching the idea off, hopping on the phone with them. Hey, let's hop on the phone together, right? If I were to take a look at your current process for clients and show you how you know you could easily bring them or clients blah, blah, blah, right, that's Would you want to do that? Would you want to talk right? That's important question. And essentially, it's it's a no brainer. Yes, of course, I want to get more clients. Of course, I want to do this right? So the question is something that is an obvious answer. To write the yes is an obvious answer to that. Then what I do is I have these three bullet points here. If you actually take a step back and read the bullet points, you'll see that they're not. They're obvious, right? Who doesn't want more clients? Who doesn't want to roll up those things and do the work? Who doesn't want to scale from three K to 10-K a month? Right? It's a really good bullet points because everyone wants them, but from a sales psychology standpoint, People are more likely to do things if they have, if they're given a reason to do it right. So instead of just saying you should lose weight, why don't you say you? You know, again, this is an example, right? But instead of saying you need to lose weight, it's more precise. Is more persuasive to say you need to lose weight because your health is in danger because your health is at risk. And so, by giving someone a reason to hop on the phone with me, I'm increasing my conversion on this. And then, finally, I have a really clear call to action. Comment. Yes, below. It's important to do this because if you don't give them a clear call to action, they're not going to. You're not going to as many people commenting. You could have as many people taking up on your offer because they're not exactly sure how they go about booking the call. So I have by commenting yes, by having them take a small, easy action. I actually tend to get more conversions that way, so that's the last bit. Now the question obviously becomes right. Should you just copy and paste. And the answer that is emphatic note. This is what works in my business. The structure that I just laid out right where you got the headline, That click baked sentence. The case studies the body, The call to action, the invitation that will work for you. But you have to write this with your ideal customers in mind. So my ideal clients are female entrepreneurs looking to get more clients online. This works really well for that. But if I robbed wanting to hop on the phone with financial planners, the words that I would use they would be tailor differently. But the structure of this invitation would be the same. So is that clear? Is it clear that the structure the format of this post will work no matter what your industry is? But you're gonna have to tailor your words differently, depending on your customers. If that's clear, let me know in the comments below. Or if you've got questions, let me know. And then what you're gonna do now is you're gonna go ahead and watch the next lesson. 7. How to attract more ideal clients to book calls: Okay, so now that you know how you know how to make a post that's going to get people to want a book, a call with you, What we're gonna do now is we're gonna talk about how to attract more ideal clients to book calls. So, as I said, now that you know how to invite your ideal clients on the phone, what I wanted to do is I wanted to cover all the different ways you could invite them to hop on the phone with you. So there's a lot of different ways that you can get people to schedule these calls. And what I want you to do is get your pen and paper out because this is a pretty exhaustive list, and I'm really excited to share it with you today. So the first thing you can do is invite your email list, right? Even if you only have ah few people on your email list that you only have, like, 50 people on your email list, it's still worth it to send out an email. Basically, if you remember the post in the last lesson, you're gonna essentially take the structure of that right? Hopefully, remember from the last Listen, you're gonna take the structure of that, right? Oppose specifically for your email list and send it out. It's really that simple. But you should get one or two calls just from that second. Then you're gonna do is if in the market research that you did way back in one of our previous lessons. If you found out that your ideal clients are hanging out on Facebook, where they're hanging out on linked in, you're gonna post to Facebook or linking groups, right. So you're gonna again right? The Post based on the structure that I gave you in the last lesson and you're gonna post it to a few Facebook groups or a few linked in groups on and you want to find groups that your ideal clients are hanging out. So maybe that's one of the questions you asking. Your market research is you know what Facebook groups do you spend your time in or what Lincoln groups do you like to be in? This is going to give you more information on where, um, where you should go in order to find clients that are gonna want to hop on the phone with you and for me and my business, I probably get and maybe like 10 10 calls a week Justin posting in Facebook groups because that's primarily where my clients hang out. You could make it the primary call to action on your website. So if you have a lot of web traffic, this is definitely one of the things that you want to dio in this case. What I would do with this for me is I would simply make it a button on the website. You know, book of free call are on a schedule of free strategy session, something like that. If your instagram or if your content if your clients are on instagram a lot that I recommend making an instagram people, basically, what you're gonna do is create a few stories. If you remember the structure off our post, you're gonna quit a few stories talking about the case studies part. That's a really important part where you're showing Hey, here are the results that I get for my clients and then at the end, you're gonna add the the poll feature, right? And you see something like, Would you like to hop on the phone and chat about how I can help you achieve the same results. And then one of the poll options will be something like, Yes, and the other option to be something like, Yeah, tell me more. I'm interested in learning more. This is a really good fit for you. If you have a large audience on Instagram during a one on one conversation, a lot of my clients, they have a lot of one on one conversations where people will send them a message on. Maybe they've got a couple questions and they just kind of our It's a little bit of an unproductive conversation, in a way. But what you're gonna want to do instead is answer a small question that they might have. And then you be confident and be bold and say something like, Hey, I think that what we need to do is book of free, you know, you can call it a strategy session, a clarity session of Discovery session. We need a book of coal where we can go over this on the phone, and I'm also gonna talk a little bit about what it might look like for us to work together . So you really kind of just bringing to the forefront and say, Hey, you're not gonna pick my brain for 15 minutes over a, um you know, maybe they're sending you a message on Facebook or the sending a message. Instagram, we're gonna happen the phone. I'm gonna give you your next step, but I'm also gonna talk about what it looks like for us to work together. This is probably my second, the second biggest way that I book clients. You can also post your main social media profile. So if you have a lot of people that follow you on your Facebook page or your Facebook profile or you've a lot of followers on Instagram, for example, this is a really good way to just announce that you're offering free calls based on, you know, again using the same principles that we talked about in the previous lesson where it broke down the structure of the post. This is a really good way to get people to wanting to hop on the front with you at the end of a webinar. So the end of the webinar, I might say something like, you know, if I would help on the phone with you and show you a few ways that you could, You know, something you can implement right away. In order to get three new clients. Would you wanna hop on the phone, right? Comment? Yes, if you do. Supernatural called the action. Obviously, a lot of people are gonna hop on that. It's a really great way to get more people on the phone with you as a reward for completing a free challenge. So So my clients who are health coaches, for example, they do a lot of healthy challenges you can afra as a reward, right? If you complete this challenge, you're going to be gifted a free call with me. We're gonna talk a little about what? The next step for you and your fitness journey looks like we're gonna talk about ways that you can lose £10. This is a really, really effective way ticket people on the phone because it's it's a reward. You're kind of taking the conversation, and you're saying instead of having a big people hop on sales call was with you, you're offering it as a reward for completing a free challenge where they inherently place more value on it. That way, you can also do it as a called action after a block posts. So if you're a fear blogger, but you want to offer, you know, one on one coaching or consulting or some kind of service in some way, if it's a really great idea to offer to hop on the phone and chat more about that after a block post on and then finally you could do it after the after as a next step after someone downloads of freebie. So if you've got freebies on your website, offering that as a natural next up is a really good way is probably the third most common away. The I get leads book to have a lot of people downloading my freebies on my website because I have some really, really good freebies. So for me, what I have is, you know, the download. Um, like I have won a freebie worth like, you know, follow these three steps in order to get more clients with Facebook groups. So then they read all of that, and then they say, Do you want a custom know that at the end is like do you want custom game plan for getting more clients? Obviously they do. So they book a call with me. It's a really effective way. All right, so now that you have now that I've shown you all the different ways that you can get calls booked, Um, what I want you to do is watch the next video in order to get the next step. 8. How to stay consistent & implement: Okay. Our last lesson is all about how to stay consistent and actually implement. This is so important because, you know, if you don't implement, you can't see results. Too many people feel they simply absorb information, but they refused. Take action on things. So if you're ready to implement and actually get clients, let's roll up our sleeves and let's get to work. So the first thing you need to know is that you need to take it one thing at a time. Right now you've learned a lot. You figured out your sales conversion rate. You know how many sales calls you need to book and you know how to book them. That's a lot. Right now, what you need to do is just take a deep breath and do one thing at a time. Don't overwhelm yourself, right? Analysis, paralysis. Basically what that is that describes an individual who over analyzes or overthink the situation and actually causes them to become paralyzed, meaning that no action is taken. Therefore they don't reach a solution, right? Basically, you get so stressed you don't take any action all and raise your hand. If you felt that because I know I certainly have. So don't overwhelm yourself, right? Start with the market research. Then get the sales calls book. Take it one step at a time. Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed. You also need to recognize that this is a journey. It's not a race. So if you try to accomplish all this at once, you are gonna burn out instead, What you need to do is see this for what it is. A journey which actually leads me to my next bit of advice. Here be committed to making small but consistent improvements to your business. So this is how riel sustainable growth happens By committing Teoh consistently implement small changes to your business. Small improvements to your business. That's how you're gonna grow. So over the course of my career, I've always prioritized slow and steady, sustainable growth. And it's been the best thing for me. So at the end of the day, if you do the work, this will be a better year than last who don't stress. Don't get overwhelmed. Just choose to enjoy this right and open up your arms wide. For with this upcoming 90 day period has in store for you. I am so excited 9. How to complete your class project: Okay, Well, I don't know about you, but I am super excited because I've got your class project right here. And basically what we're going to be doing is they're going to be creating a 90 day game plan. So I got four questions here that we're gonna go over together, and this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna download the doc Ex Im in a link to the dock somewhere for you, Teoh downloaded to your computer. And then you're gonna say that either as a dog or is a pdf. And we uploaded for me to take a look at so I can make sure that you've got all the advice that you need. All your questions are answered, and you're gonna be on track in order to hit your vote. So the first question is, over the next 90 days, how much money do I want to make? Well, that's where we start, right? How much money do I want to make over the next 90 days? So let's say your number is just for example, you want to make $20,000 over the next 90 days. Now, when my clients and I work together We typically set the goal of making around $15,000 over 90 days because we like to be really conservative, right? So then the next question is, how many clients does that translate into? Right? So if you sell, um, let's just say Web design packages for $5000 you want to make $20,000. That means that you need four clients over the next 90 days. We like to get really clear on the numbers. Third, what are some things I need to do daily in order to hit this school? So, back when you did your market research, maybe you found out that most of your clients are probably hanging out on Facebook. Well, you probably need a post on Facebook, maybe not daily, but maybe every other day in order to hit that goal. Or maybe you need to reach out to one new person every single day. This guy's going to be totally dependent on your business and your ideal clients in the market research that you've done. But I will say that every one of these activities that you kind of write down the things that you need to do daily there things that should be income generating activities, sales generating activities. It shouldn't be scrolling through Facebook groups and doing nothing or watching a webinar every single day. Now these Air B. They should be action steps that you're taking every single day in order to stay on track for your 90 day goal. Finally, what is the most important thing for me to focus on over the next 90 days? So I'm going to give a hint. It's probably getting sales calls on the calendar, but let's narrow that down a little bit. Let's talk about what are some of the things that you need to do based on all of the things that we've done together? What does that? You know how, where some of things that you need to do in order to get sales calls booked. So, as I said before, your job is gonna be to make sure you've got this doc ex on your computer, and then you're gonna re upload it for me to take a look at 10. Congratulations! Now, go get more clients! : Thank you so much for joining me. At this point, you should know exactly what it is you need to dio In order to get more clients, you should also know how to create a game plan to get as many clients as you choose. How to decide where to promote yourself, how to actually implement so that you can see the results and how to attract those dream clients. The ones that are willing to pay you your asking price. At this point, your next step is to implement everything that you've learned. So thank you again So much for joining me. And if you any questions, feel free to email me at Hey at Marie went dot com Thanks again.