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30 Videos (2h 10m)
    • Trailer

    • Benefits of Blogging

    • Course Introduction

    • The Truth About Blogging

    • 6 Blogging Myths

    • Personal Branding and Networking

    • Blogging for Business

    • 7 Reasons Blogging is Great for Business Marketing

    • Lead Generation

    • Blogging for Customer Acquisition

    • WordPress

    • Tumblr

    • Quora Blogs

    • Medium

    • Kickstart Your Blogging Habit

    • What to Blog About

    • Monetization

    • Affiliate Marketing

    • Advertising

    • Paid Content (Information Marketing)

    • Self-Publishing Your Own Book

    • Promotion Strategy Overview

    • Guest Blogging + Email Marketing

    • Content Marketing

    • LinkedIn Groups

    • Google+

    • YouTube

    • Slideshare

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Conclusion and Key Takeaways


About This Class

Blogging can be tremendously valuable to both individuals and businesses. The benefits of blogging include business marketing, personal and professional development, business networking, making money online, and more. There has never been a better time to start a blog! Digital marketing is a new frontier and blogging is at the forefront. 

The Ultimate Guide to Blogging covers everything you need to know about starting a blog, growing and promoting your blog, making money blogging, and more. Specific topics covered in this book include:

How to Market Your Business by Blogging
How to Promote Your Blog
How to Increase Blog Traffic
What to Blog About
Blog Topics and Blog Post Ideas
How to Make Money Blogging
How to Start a Blog
Hot to Make a Blog
How to Force Yourself to Start Blogging
...and more!

What is a Blog? A blog is website containing written “posts” or articles. Blogs are like miniature media companies. They can be on any on topic the author desires.

Blogging is often used as a form of content marketing. Blog topics can range from personal to professional and everything in between. The Ultimate Guide to Blogging covers content marketing strategy, blog ideas, and more.

Can you make money blogging? Yes. Ways to make money blogging include affiliate marketing, selling ebooks, premium content, additional products and services, and more. This book covers how to make money with a blog.

Blogging has been tremendously beneficial to me professionally, personally, and financially, so I’m very excited to be sharing what I’ve learned with you. The contents of this book has been developed in response to questions people have asked me about blogging, It addresses the challenges that I, and many others, have faced in starting and growing a blog. I recommend blogging to almost everyone I meet. With this book, I can now do more than just recommend, I can provide all of my best advice.

About the Author

Mike Fishbein is an entrepreneur in New York City, author of multiple books on entrepreneurship, and has advised both startups and fortune 500 companies on customer development and new product innovation.

Mike is the Founder of, an education technology company in New York City. With over 2,000 enrolled students,'s online courses help entrepreneurs start and grow their companies.

Prior to, Mike was a founding team member of Casual Corp, a venture studio and corporate innovation firm founded by an accomplished serial entrepreneur. While at Casual Corp, Mike served as a lead product manager in launching three new consumer technology products. In addition, Mike advised some of the world's largest companies on new product innovation.

Mike's expertise lies in customer development, Lean product strategy, and customer acquisition. His writings on startup marketing and strategy have been published in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and more.

Mike has been starting companies since he was a teenager and serves as a resource and advisor to startups in New York City in abroad. You can learn more about Mike via his personal blog,

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Interesting course with good, basic information on monetization and seo, along with basic startup info.
Very informative. He shows examples that are easy to flow.





Mike Fishbein

New Product and Business Development

I've built nearly a dozen WordPress blogs over the past six months. Prior to that I had zero experience with web development of any kind. Now I can build a great looking WordPress blog from scratch in under 24 hours. This course teaches you how you can too.