The Ultimate Guide To Selling On Amazon - UnderstandingE Masterclass | Dave Furness | Skillshare

The Ultimate Guide To Selling On Amazon - UnderstandingE Masterclass

Dave Furness, Co-Founder UnderstandingE & eSellerCafe

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10 Videos (1h 44m)
    • Part 1 Introduction to Selling on Amazon Ultimate Guide

    • Part 2 Why Sell on Amazon?

    • Part 3 Amazon from a Buyers Perspective

    • Part 4 Amazon from a Sellers Perspective

    • Part 5 The Amazon Buy Box and Why it is Important

    • Part 6 Amazon Selling Account Types

    • Part 7 Registering to sell on Amazon

    • Part 8 The Amazon Seller Dashboard For the First Time

    • Part 9 Preparing to Sell on Amazon

    • Part 10 What are ASINS?


About This Class

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Selling on Amazon course, which teaches you everything you need to know before you go on to sell on the Amazon marketplace. This course was created with you in mind, regardless of which statement below applies to you. You have never sold on Amazon before You want to diversify your business You have members of staff and you sell on Amazon to expedite the learning process that they need to go through You are looking for a job with a company that sells on Amazon You are just curious to see how easy it would be to sell on Amazon





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Dave Furness

Co-Founder UnderstandingE & eSellerCafe

Hello, I'm Dave and I am an eCommerce expert based in the UK. I have over 8 years of eCommerce experience specialising in eBay and Amazon. I am the Co-Founder of both UnderstandingE &

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