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The Ultimate Guide On How to Get the Most Out of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer

teacher avatar Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain, Enthusiastic Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Work on the Feedback - Part 1

    • 3. Work on the Feedback - Part 2

    • 4. Work on the Feedback - Part 3

    • 5. Work on the Feedback - Part 4

    • 6. Better Communication

    • 7. Make Difficult Clients Feel Comfortable

    • 8. Stop Taking It Personally

    • 9. Create Your Own Revision Policy - Part 1

    • 10. Create Your Own Revision Policy - Part 2

    • 11. Focus on Opportunities

    • 12. It Only Takes One Acceptance

    • 13. Learn from the Negative Feedback

    • 14. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Welcome to the course “The Ultimate Guide On How to Get the Most Out of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer”. This course is going to teach you how you can learn from the negative feedback given by the clients so that you can grow your business to the next level. My name is Sayed  and I will be instructor for this course.

The aim of the course is to give you an idea On how you can learn from the negative feedback's that are given by your clients and grow your business. negative feedback's may hinder you and your business at a great level. But our aim should be learn from those negative feedback's and carry on.

I will be discussing how one can get the Most Out of Negative Feedback Being a Freelancer in this course. I will be discussing some effective, short tips to get a go with your freelance career if you still get a negative feedback.

I strongly suggest that please follow each and every topics and methods that i am going to discuss in the course. I am sure by following each and every method you will get a good understanding On how you can Get the Most Out of Negative Feedback.

Questions might occur as you go along. Just know that i am your back, Just ask me questions if you have any. I will be there to answer all of your questions. Please just check in the question thread if the question is answered before. If not, Why not go ahead and ask your question?

It is my sincere hope that you will get a lot out from this course, Please take action as you proceed with the course. So Again, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.

Thanks for checking this out. Be sure to check the course description for more info. Taking action is the key to success, Let’s dive into the course and i look forward to seeing you inside….


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain

Enthusiastic Instructor


Mostly known as Sayed in this digital world. Learning and making people learn is always my passion. Throughout these years of my career i have learned a lot and a lot are yet to be learned. I am always open for new opportunities, I have a passion for Technology, teaching, planning, playing with English and am an avid researcher. I am the CEO & Founder of CloudMinds IT.


• Start-ups,

• Entrepreneurship,

• Business Development,

• Operating business,

• Strong communication skills,

• Time management,

• Talent Acquisition,

• Employee Relations,

• Quality Assurance,

• Client relationship management and International Affairs,

• Customer Service ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to the course. How to learn from negative feedback Being a freelancer, these scores is going to teach you how you can learn from the negative feedback given by clients so that you can grow your business to the next level. My name is side and I will be your instructor for the scores. Nobody feels good about negative feedback. It can ruin your mood, productivity and even your carrier. When you have done your best and someone is still doesn't seem to appreciate, it feels as if someone breaks your heart a beat. Negative client feedback. Is the course part off being a freelancer? How does it feel to get used to being criticized for the work you are highly proud off? How can you be on track again by learning from those negative feed bags Over time, you can teach yourself how to accept criticism and care enough for your carrier and go further. Here are some things you can do to protect your feelings and your ego. You should carefully think about the criticism you are getting from your client. The aim off the course is to give you an idea on how you can learn from the negative feedbacks that are given by your clients on grow your business. Negative feedbacks may hinder you and your business at a great level, but our aim should be learned from those negative feedbacks and carry on. I will be discussing how one can get the most out off negative feedback. Being a freelancer in the scores, I will be discussing some effective short tips to get ago with your freelance. Scarier. If you still get a negative feedback, I strongly suggest that please follow each and every topics and matters that I am going to discuss in the course. I am sure by following each and every matter you will get a good understanding on how you can get the most out, off negative feedback questions Might Auker. As you go along, just know that I am your back. Just ask me questions. If you have any, I will be Dear toe. Answer all of your questions. Please just check the question thread. If the question is answered before, if not, why not? Go ahead and ask your questions. It is my sincere hope that you will get a lot out from this course. Please take action as you proceed with the course so again, do not broke last. Innate Thanks for checking this out, issued to take the course description for more information. Taking action is the key to success. Let's dive into the course, and I look forward to seeing you inside. 2. Work on the Feedback - Part 1 : so work on the feed bag. Here comes the first point. Take you time and work on the feed bag. You and your client may not share the same opinion about what your work or project should look like. When you faced with negative feedback, it is easy to become frustrated and defensive. So take your time. Control your mind. Andi, keep a second look at the feedback. A step aside from the computer. A bead. Remove yourself from the job you have performed and think on Li about the feedback. This will help you process the information you're climbed, shared. Calm down and get back to respond with grace. Just move on. We'd eat climbed. Feedback is essential for your reputation, and high reputation is the only way to maintain a career as a freelancer. Thank your client for their feedback and get back to work. You can see client feedback is very much important for any freelancer to de blob there. Carrier. So work on the feed bag that Klein gave you and focus on Lee on the world the client is expecting from you. Now let's go and see some really examples off how we can work on the feed bag. Let's go toe upward dot com. Let's log in. Let's type my user name and give the past sword. - I am here with my account. Let's see some of the feedbacks given by my clients. As you can see, I have got five. Mr. In this contract, you can see five Esther in this contract as well. Those jobs are ongoing. You can see some five sisters in this contract. This contract has got five esters as well, and you can see it has foresters out of five esters. So let's see what happened there. Why? The client didn't give me the five Esther and he only keeps me the Forrester. Let's go check the messages and files. Let's score toe the first message by scrolling up as you can see Bread Hennessy, The client invited me for the job. As I can recall on the message shows that hello, I would like to invite you to apply to my job. Please review the job post and apply if you are available Bread and I see after getting the invitation, I have submitted my proposal so and after that, the blind replied Hello side. Thank you for your application. I'm looking for someone who can write 6000 words on a topic in the restaurant industry. How much would you charge? And how long would it take for you to research and write? This content kind regards bread. So the client is asking me if I can write 6000 words on a topic in the resturant industry. And he is also asking how much for the 6000 words and how long it would take. That means how long, How much time I need to write the 6000 words. Okay, then then my then I replied my church would be a dollar for 500 words. Thanks. Please share the details off the project. So I am asking the climb to share the share in details off the project and seems like he bred Hennessy. Seems like the client sent an offer already to me. Good afternoon. Thank you for applying for the rule off Block Writer Content Creator Ongoing. You have been shortlisted from a large number of applicants. Their school congratulations. We are very impressed with your application. And we can't wait to see what skills you have to offer just to let you know pro a Skype bread. Tennessee interviewed me and I have to take a test on and seems like he liked the test. And that's why he said, therefore so here is the details for the project. He's seeking from me. And for the first time, he said an offer for $30 and he's asking me to rewrite some content titled 50 Restaurant Marketing Ideas and Tips for Owners and Managers. So I have accepted the offer. Andi and I have submitted my work here. Here is the fine for you. Please send me more. I am asking for more here, Andi. After sometimes, he replied. High site. Thank you for submitting your work. You have now, Bean paid. I am thoroughly looking forward to going through the hard work you have done. I have left the contract open. Seems like he has some more jobs for me since, Like he approved the milestone bread, Hennessy approved the milestone for $30. So? So here is the talks to you can see talks to Brad Tennessee. Give me the talks to so on the details here for the job and I have submitted the job here. Andre Tennessee approved the vilest stone for the job. So yes, he is asking for more Here we were currently creating a plan for content going forward. We liked what you had to offer and are now looking to create content on a regular Vince's. Before we go any further, I want to know if you have used like before. If not, no problem kind Rigor spread. So I replied that I never feels like and from here you can see I am asking for jobs. Hi. Any updates for me? Bread. Tennessee said hello side. Currently we do not have any work for you. However, if I have a project which I feel suits your skills, I will be sure field to contact You kind regards spread Ah, I see things and I am asking for new job again. Hybrid new work on After that Here is another Hello, It was in August. Well, on August 14 as you can see Hello, side bread. Tennessee replied Hell aside, there is no for the work for you. Thank you for your time and work to date kind Rigor spread. So So here is no more work for me as he saved and he gave me foresters. Rather than giving giving me five Esther's I might ask bread that why you didn't give me five sisters But I didn't ask. But if you want, you can has so you can ask your client that please give me a five. Mr. If you like my work. 3. Work on the Feedback - Part 2: So let's see another contract. Luigi, I didn't get the five esters. I'm It's seven. Let's go to this contract and see Amit. Seven is from United States. Let's go to mess ages and files he gave me. Seems like he gave me foresters out of five. So let's go toe upper portion off the messages where he sent an offer. Here. Here is the offer and and I asked Lee send the file. He sent the file here. So I am asking the client to change the offer on what I am charging. What I will be charging. I am saying to the client here, Andi seems like he's a bit angry with the with my message And, um, it is saying, Are you going to accept the offer on? I'm saying that I am transparent with clients about what they are paying so they know what they are getting comedies against saying, Are you asking me a question on? I am saying yes, he sent an m o on and and I'm saying I'm not asking a question. I want to be transparent with you. Great. So are we all said Army the same. Are you able to start now as it is a hourly contract. I am saying I want to work with the fixed price job or you wanted to be hourly. I am asking to the client on me. I will deliver the final tomorrow. Andi seems like he we draw the offer on here. He updated the offer again with $5 per hour on, and he's saying here I want to keep it hourly So it's easy for me to administratively as we add audio files. But to make it better, I have just increased your hourly rate $85. I hope that helps. So I am OK with that. And and I have accepted the offer here. So on. I'm saying I will deliver the file tomorrow. Here is the final I've delivered here. There are a lot of messages going on with me and the client on me and the messy. And this message is on a prayer. 11. So any of files I'm sending, I can see he don't have any more work here. So eso I'm saying I can do via virtual assistant. I can be a task as well if you weren't so here. The messages from home it on seems like he ended the contract 4. Work on the Feedback - Part 3: Let's go to my profile. I am at my profile page. So here are the contracts on Guy. You can see 18 jobs in progress. So I have 18 jobs in progress right now. Andi, here are the completed contracts. So, as you can see from this contract, I got five sisters out of five. And from this contract, as you can see, I have got 4.60 out off five. So let's goto this contract on, see what happened here. So for my skill, see, that line gave me four stars out of five availability five out of five communication, five out of five. Quality off my work for out of five deadlines. Five out of five co operation fight out of fight. So here is the job details from the client and seems like the client Give me 4.60 out of five esters and I gave the freelancers feedback to the client and I gave the client for out of fight. I was thinking that disk lined it's not going to give me five esters before you giving a feedback to the client. As a freelancer, you can see the feedback given by the client. So you have to give some feedback to the client at first point, then you can see what the clients gave you. So after giving my feet back to the client foresters, I can see that the client gave me 4.60 out of five. While I was working with this client on this contract, I was thinking that I am not going to get five esters as the client is very choosy on and asking a lot of questions. I just want to deliver my quality and seems like he gave me 4.60 out of five on. Here is another contract. As you can see, the client gave five ministers out of five. Here is another contract. Five sisters out of five. Here is another 15 Esther's out of five and I have given additional response. Thanks. Let me know if you have more files to work on. So here is another contract. 4.65 I got 4.65 out of five and the client is saying it was good that communication waas easy. He finished the work good and on time. I will consider him for the future in other steps off the project. Somehow he gave me 4.65 I can ask him to give me five. Esther's so a lot of five. Esther's Our Dear five. Esther's Fine. Istres Five Ministers, five ministers. Here. You can see 4.70 out of five in this contract again. I can ask the client to give me five Esther's, but he things 4.70 is fine for me on he's saying the side did a fine job in a compressed time frame. I was very pleased with his work. Here is another contract with five investors five. Esther's 4.70 and this client is saying they did a difficult job very well and on time. So why didn't he give me a five Esther's, I don't know. But he gave me 4.70 again. I can ask the client to give me five esters. You have all the options you can misses the client on. Tell him to give you five sisters, and here you can see I I get The client gave me 4.35 and he's saying, Great job. All of my meetings are now transcribed tanks. But he gave me 4.35 I was expecting more from this client on here. You can see 4.65 It is five. It is five on from this contract. I didn't receive any feedback. The client is not responsive. So I ended the contract from my sight. This is the same situation. No feedback given same situation. I ended the contract myself here. For this. I ended the contract myself for this one as well For this one for this one. For this one. For this one, I ended the contract myself. So, as as you can see, no feedback given. That means Klein didn't give any feedback. So again, you can see five. Esther's here, 4.0 out of five. Here. Problem communication and understanding off jobs made deadline as promised. So let's see. Are really bad feedback by the client 3.80 This is really bad feedback for me. I wasn't expecting this feedback. That quality off work was good as it was the last time. My only advice to anyone hiring on this plant from is that I would recommend using a set rate for every country verses and hourly rate. I found out the hard way things too much longer on an hourly rate. So seems like I didn't meet the clients. Expectation. That's why he gave me 3.80 So what do you have learned from these feedback? He's recommending something here. As you can see, my only advice to anyone hiring on this platform is that I would recommend using a separate for every contract versus an hourly rate. I found out the hard way. Things took much longer on an hourly rate since, like the client is expecting to spend less money on this contract, he things I build more than his expectation. 10 hours. That's why he gave me 3.80 So let's see another one Salima interview transcripts. So here is another one. He gave me 3.8 fight. I'm very grateful for circuits. Help on transcribing The experience has been fined totally aboard the quality off. His work was good. You need to hold him to account on timing. He occasionally delayed standing the world bag, but nothing more than a few days. He is very prompt with emails. Overall regret service at a reasonable price, Thank you. So keep. I will be hiring you again in the near future. Seems like overall the client is satisfied with my work. But as the client is saying occasionally delayed, that's why he might give me 3.85 Otherwise, I will be having a five Esther's out of five. The client might consider to give me five Esther's. If I ask, I am sure for this contract. 5. Work on the Feedback - Part 4: Let's see some more. 3.25 The most forced contract I have ever worked here. He is quite aggressive. Declined is saying here he is quite aggressive impeaching himself for my project. But in the end couldn't actually deliver eat on time. So I had toe Onley ultimately have him do part off the project. He could have done a lot better job off communicating his progress to me. As the time went on, he was quite a breast communication, a style. However, his work is excellent here he seems he liked my work but he gave me 3.25 And here is some more extreme words given by the client. So my response here he things. People are slaves. He wants nine or the hour don. In just 3 to 4 days I have contacted him with my issue and and he was like not accepting. I worked the whole day for him. And in return I got my result. Try to understand people that have their life as well. I am not a slave. I am not a Robert. Good luck to you. So again, some extreme words here to the client on Yes, This is the result 3.25 out of five from this contract. Ah, here is the other 14.30 So that's how you can work on the feed bag on. See what the client is actually seeking from you. Try to work as the client once and try toe. Give your best to the client if you have issue. You can always said to the client that you have this issue that issue. So yes, let's go to next lecture. 6. Better Communication: there is no doubt that better communication results in good feedback. Here comes another point learned to communicate better. The better you communicate, the better the success is. In most cases, the opinions about a project or product can be easily solved by communicating. Why risk getting a bad feedback when you can hammer out the exact Bishan your client has? Before you start working? Ask as many questions as you can. Try to understand exactly what you climbs wants you to do. Ask as many questions. If you think are necessary for this project. Ask as many questions. If you think are necessary for the project to be successful, you're blind should appreciate your attention to detail and will be glad to see such dedication. You should try to concentrate on your work objective and try to deliver the project properly. Let's see some examples off communicating with clients. Here we are on the up work again. Let's go to mess ages. So let's see this message from Debbie. Debbie Waters. David Waters is, ah previous client for me, and he knows about the quality off my work. That's why he trust me. And if there is any project come by he knocked me on are if there is an any job posed and I just know him that I'm available for the world and he just send the files to work quarters . So, as you can see, he sent an offer here. Butte details, payment. So, as you can see, he sent an offer here and I have accepted, though for and I am saying now you can pay me to born us options. Thanks. I was asking if there is any new files and he's saying none. This only come up on Lee every six months or so. And I'm saying Okay and again, Andi, As you can see, this message is waiting as day, April 11 2018. On it's on Mad three, a real 11 and battery. So on Matty, I can see that David has a job posting on up work on I just send him a message. Hi, Debbie. Let me in. I can't see you have work on David. Were just replied that and there I do. I send a message. 9 28 AM on. He replied. 10:10 a.m. I do. And he's saying, I do this particle client is too low dollar for you per hour. Next time I have one that meets your rate. I will. So seems like my Arlie rate is too high for the client. He don't like to hear me in this time in this time. So I am saying okay. So again, it's on August rt on. I am writing that high debit. I can see that you have transcription job like me. Hundley, please. Thanks. And David Waters replied, These are all the you in the next few hours and use, and usually you require more noughties. So I was asking total minutes off the file on. And just to let you know I am, I I provide transcriptions there beast on upward platform. So this is a transcription job. So as that's why I am asking total minutes of the recording, the and David is saying that there are a number of files. Some are 15 minutes inland. Some are 30 minutes. That deadline for some off. This is two PM You time? Four hours from now. Andi, I have that time Wrong. Hang on. So again, he's saying that the deadline is 14 hours from now. That means so waiting for the nurse. I have to submit the job on again. So? So I am saying that Give me a 30 minute files. I can handle the head within 14 out of 14 hours. So he replied. OK, I will upload it now. It will be every level in 30 minutes. I am saying Please, Sandy, I am saying ready. Is it ready? Andi, every is saying that it is up loading. I'm saying Okay, so here is the link for the work file. I'm saying nothing is here as it is being applauded at the time on. So So he's saying it may be one full hour away. Meaning it is uploading to that link. But it may be one hour until you can axis eat. So I am saying I see. Okay, Love the time in which contract I am asking Which corn drug? I am going to log the time. This job will be hourly, so I need to love time. Andi And he sent me this contract. David workers here is the contract. It was in August 32,018. So here is the offer. So and I accepted offer hair The message is going on with David Waters. Here is the link. 15 minutes for this link and he gave some another. Another one is a 62nd on board. So yes, at night, 11:42 p.m. I have submitted pre files so things will work tomorrow if you have more. I am saying that if you have more, you can send me tomorrow I will go for sleep now. And thanks to day that means. August 31 2018 He handed the Contra on I am again asking for new Florence. And again I am asking for name work on DeVries saying everything is complete. So I said, OK, Andi and he ended the contra. Let's see the details here. So here is that job completed. Aunt, he ended the contract with five investors on Ah, So yes, here is the messages I am showing to you. Sometimes they go on here that terms. And as you can see, uh, clients feet big, great work done fast. So I have given five Esther's to Daveed as well. So this is the hiss story off the contract. This is the idea off the contract. So yeah, the memorial communicate, there is more likelihood to get more jobs. So as you can see, better communication return small jobs. So so try to communicate better with your clients. That's all for now. I'll see you in the next lecture. 7. Make Difficult Clients Feel Comfortable: the another thing you need to keep in mind that you should make difficult clients feel like they are in control off the product. This is a really key. You should give priority on your clients demand and give the project ago. You will be working on the product yourself. But why aren't working with the difficult climb? Give them something to make them feel like that. Make all the choices, provide them with several small options to let them feel more included. If you do that, maybe less demanding afterwards. Now let's see some really example off how you can make difficult clients feel comfortable. I think Reese is a big, difficult client. Let's see Hiss messages from the first point. As you can see, I have sent a proposal for this project. This is my proposal. As you can see, Crease already replied High side. Thanks for your application. What is your current workload Like? The interview is being down this weekend, so should be ready for work to a start next week. Could you feed it into your diary next week? I am, uh zing. The interview will be somewhere between 30 to 90 minutes off audio so he is saying he will be having 30 to 90 minutes off recording. So I need to transcribe the recording and I said, Hi, Chris. Each the pleasure to meet you are yes, I can feed in. No Or is it all? Count me in And on August 2, Chris replied, Marvelous. I am speaking with one other candidate as well. However, I will have farther need off someone to take some articles for me and rewrite them or spin them so that there have the same information in them, but worded differently and perhaps in a different order. Is this something you would be interested in doing as well? If so, what do you normally charge forward? So I replied $7 for 500 words, and on August 3, he replied, High side, please stand by. We're making our final decision on who to hire. Tomorrow he's saying that he will make a decision tomorrow. It could be that we can exploit the jobs to get it done quicker. Crease. Okay, I'm saying please let me know and increase replied High site. We have decided to use another freelancer for the transcription job so as you can see, he hired the other person for the transcription job, and he is also saying, however, I would like to make use off writing, re writing some articles over the coming weeks. Is it okay with you to keep your details and messages when we have a need? And I am saying, Okay, beauty. But I can do the transcription. I have saying that I can do the transcription, Why you hired the other person. And on August 12 I am sending him a surgery. The Hello, Chris saying Hi. How is it going? I'm saying high grade. Is there any project coming up? So I am asking if there is any project from Chris. If so, please let me know. Here is my email address. You can send the files to me, and Chris is saying nothing for a couple off weeks at least. But I have you on my leased to use when we get busy. So he's saying that he saved my contact information to his least on. I replied with Okay, thanks on on August 19 his trip. He's saying that high side, who do you be free to do the original contract? The interview transcript and report creation. The new guy you used has not made contact and missed their deadline. So he's saying that the the other guy he hired earlier didn't finish the project. And mister that line, So so there. So he's talking me on. I'm saying, Please give me the details off the project and I am I am asking her to send the files to my email address. So Chris is saying Thanks side I'll do it tomorrow. As soon as I am at my deck. Stop. I'm saying Okay, Times After that, he sent me an offer. As you can see, this is the details off the project here. He stayed there. Details off the project. Andi. And here is the link for the transcription file. So the project is actually making the transcription from a file and make their transcription a report. So to jobs in Bob's in deer at first transcribe the fine, then make a report from the transcript. So two jobs. So I have accepted, though for, as you can see here said mama sake, Post sign accepted the offer. Andi and I'm also saying, Can you please give me an example off a report that you have written before and I can follow along. That would be a great help. Thanks. So I am asking him to send me a report simple so that I can follow. And he replied to my mail and saying that you can Google on take any report you want on. I did that on Finally, I submitted the file. As you can see, I requested the payment for the milestone on. Here are the files. This is the interview file and this is the report filed on. I'm saying, Hi file submitted already tanks. And as you can see, he approved my milestone. Andi ended the contract and saying that Great job, Thank you. I'll be in touch with more work as time goes by and I'm saying OK, look forward to eat. Let's see the details off the contract in this link. So here is the details of the contract, and as you can see, he gave me five misters and let's see the terms and setting says you can see he gave me five. Esther's here and write some good words. Absolutely top job side. Help me out off a whole. Another contractor left me in grad work and well, inside the record deadline to will be using him again for sure. As our business progresses. Thanks. I am super happy with working with Greece on. Seems like he is super happy with my work as well. As you can see, he gave me five ministers. So he sure if he has a job to offer, he will contact me again. I am sure about that. So yes, there, Saul, for this lecture. I see you in future lectures. Thanks. 8. Stop Taking It Personally: welcome to our new lecture. You should always avoid taking the task personally, this is a must. If you take tusk personally, you are sure. Tofail you can be the best freelancer, but still clients can be nasty and mean and simply give you a bad feedback out off a spite pieces. Unfair. But you must stop taking it personally. As a freelancer, you will get rejected and criticized. Sometimes it is the inevitable Barden off being a freelancer, and it can often be unrealistic. We all take pride in our world, especially when we put our heart and soul into completing eat. When your client is the one who is actually at fault and not you, try not to take their feedback personally in a state focus on making them happy to attained that high feedback others can see. And if you can't make them happy, give up on it. Your feedback does not only consist off what one climb says. If you are good, this feedback will get lost somewhere in the middle, so be always dedicated and honest about your work. You will get positive feedback automatically from your client. Now let's see some really example. Let's go to my profile and see the contracts on stirs given by the clients. As you can see this contract give me a five. Mr. This contract 4.60 it is five. Mr. This contract is five yesterday. This one is fighter stirred. This one is 4.65 So let's see where I got some really bad Astres This contract I have discussed our Lear. Andi, I have got really bad Istres on this contract. So as you can see, I stopped taking it personally and just shoot the masses to the client that I am not a slave. Try to understand people that have your life as well. I'm not a slave. I'm not Ra board. So as you can see nine hours off interviews to transcribe whose take me more than one week and he's asking within 3 to 4 days who it is almost impossible for me. And so, as I say, I can't deliver the project on There's the result 3.25 out of five. That's why he gave me this 3.25 out of five. So yes, I stopped taking it personally on I go on with other contraire says you can see 3.25 After that, I received five. Esther's a lot of five. Esther's Our dear Five students. Five sisters Here is 3.85 Paris 55 So a lot of five. Esther's after debt, As you can see. Just stop taking it personally and go on you, William Group. Definitely. So yes. There, Saul, for this lecture. You look forward to seeing you in future lectures. Thanks. 9. Create Your Own Revision Policy - Part 1: you should create your own revision policy and share it beforehand with your client as you start the project. Some clients are so demanding and annoying the maggot carried away with asking for revisions. Make sure you have a set prohibition after several revisions and share it with the client while discussing the project. In this way, you can reject their criticism and demands find across the line. So the best way is to inform your client about the progress timeto time and get the feed bag. Now let's go and see some examples with how I can create my own revision policy just to let you know that policies Mayberry project to project and you can discuss it with your clients . Here is a contract from Roots Nip and and I sent a proposal for his project, and he replied with this message, Hello, side. I would like to hire you for one off. Our Siri's is a total off 105 minutes. He is going to give me this amount of money for this project. 405 minutes. He's going toe. Give me $52.50 it's spread it over five files, mostly rending from 21 to 27 minutes. So he is asking by why in I can submit the file and and he's saying each, it's sort of Arjun. So once you confirm, I'll send instructions on template for the files right away I replied that by Thursday I can deliver Andi. So I am saying that please send the files and thanks. So I have been sending some messages. You there. Hello. Hello road. Please send the files. As he's not replying on on Matt 23 he replied, Hello, side. Apologies for the delay. Please find the file in the attached Ling. So here is the link for the files on. He also sent me an offer with the details off the project here. So he's going to pay me 60 cents per minute off audio transcription. So I accepted the offer and yes, I started the work. Let's see for this contract off NCB in Andi here. As you can see, I already submitted a proposal for this project. Here is the proposal and angry plight with hiss messages I am looking for someone can help me on the ongoing Bess is I need someone can understand me and transcribed for me so I can keep as my file notes click here and listen or watch. Can you transcribed for me? He is asking whether I can transcribe for him. Andi and I am replying with Hying. Can you please hire me? Throw up work. This is crucial. I always ask clients to hire me, throw up work so that my payment is guaranteed. And I'm not working outside off up work. I always do that. So this is one your provisions that you are going toe work on Lee through upward. You will reject other offers to work anywhere else. So I mostly worked throw up work. So you should do that to you should work through up work. So there are messages going on between Ang and me. Please update me. He's saying Can you start now? I am asking by when you need the file down. This is another crucial thing. That time here he sent a drop books link for the file and he's saying that I need you to transcribe this video. Can you don't now? If Okay, I will hire you things. So I'm saying Okay, let me download it first and seems like he sent an offer to me for this job and the workers starts. So here are the files that I have some meted. Andi, I am asking for more here. Please send me more. So the thing is, you should always work through up work, not outside, off up work. And before you start the project, you should know your deadlines. 10. Create Your Own Revision Policy - Part 2: Let's see another plans example for the provision I sent a proposal for George's project on Dhere is the proposal. So he replied with it says your resource is has been exceeded on your website. I have some problems with my Web site at that time. That's why he's saying that Andi and I am saying Support guy working on the website Andi, I am sending several messages. He seems unresponsive for this time and on August 2, he replied. We have hired someone tanks, so he's saying that he already hired a person for this project. So I am saying that just into transcribing I can do. But you're assisting video editing, writing off all types as well. Please let me know if you need any off my services. So at Justin to transcribing, I am saying to decline that I can do but actual assisting video editing, writing for all types. Andi, I am letting the client know about my services here. So he's saying, What type of writing do you do also bid? You are getting maybe something I need I am looking to hire via but I need someone really a strong in the mainly is building etcetera. So I am sending him some samples here. All types of writing Here are the some writing samples, and I am also letting the client know that I am a premium instructor at your Grammy and instructor at skill share. So he's saying that actually, I'm every able to use your service on. He's sending a lot of messages there describing his project on I'm saying, Please, let's make a plan So he's saying a lot of things, actually. Hey, need these, He need that. So I am saying that let's make a plan first. Let's not overwhelmed by many off the things I can work on well planned things. So I just I suggest please give me your plan. Step by step. Well organized. I can deliver good quality. Hope, you understand. So he describes his plan here, and I'm saying super cool. Here is the number to plan Andi. So? So the plan is trust rifled obedience on the channel on the client's channel and and create some contents from the transcript. And here is another plan number three. So I am saying that please make a word dog file on that. So the plan is more organized when he leased out all the plants. So, yes, a lot of messages are going on on, so yeah, there's how you handle your project. And that's how you can discuss the project with your clients. Yeah, there's some for now. I look forward to seeing you in our future lectures. Thanks. 11. Focus on Opportunities: I always always always focused on opportunities. You should always try to focus on other opportunities around you as you grow your career. At some point or another, you will be rejected by a client. There may give you a reason or not, whichever is the case. A. Stop torturing yourself, perhaps that you someone else who they believed was a better feet or decided to give up on the project. You can never know the answer for sure. Focus on other opportunities in Steed. Search for better opportunities around you all the time. Now let's see some examples. So let's go to find work and see the opportunities available in my category. As I said, I am providing transcription service, writing service, virtual assisting, service throw up, work on Let's see water, the opportunities available for me right now. And, as you can see on the find work on the find work. Deb. A lot off job postings are there on you can see transcribe audio. This is a job posted by a client. He's and he's from United States on. This is an hourly job. So here is another job. Personal assistant online researching, writing, transcribing And here is another job superstar needed for quick audio transcription. Mongolian 30 minutes Video to unleash transcription This is sort off, transferring one language to another language. Transcription mander into English interpretive transcription game development. So you see a lot of jobs there there are really posted on. You need to search for the job that feeds theory skills always and apply to the job that feeds your skill. Do not apply to the job that doesn't feed your skills. So a lot of opportunities air there on Let's see in the message Is that how we can get more opportunities from a client that we already working on? Let's see the client, Jennifer Rob. So for this client, I have been working for around 3 to 4 years, So Bon Jovi messages has been transferred between Jennifer and me. Let's see this mass age. Jennifer is saying hi side please transcribe it. US file within 48 hours. Thank you. This is that US file and I have to transcribe the file and I'm saying Okay, thanks. Andi, Here is the fight I have. I have already transcribed the file and sand a file, and I am saying please send me more. Thanks. And I am also and after sometimes I'm saying anything new. I am asking for file sexually for work and the clients seems unresponsive on a Prial 19. He replied to it. Another file on one more ball. Quick, Turn around, please. He is seeking a quick turnaround from for this file on April 20. Client is saying that. What's the ET on the transcript? Please, I am saying we delivered by tomorrow. So here is the file I delivered on April 21 on on April 23 he replied with the tank e on. I am asking for files here. No files. I am asking if there is any file. It's a pretty 23 years on a pretty 26. Andi again. I'm saying Hello, it's still no files. April 27 High You there? April 29. Hello. Where are you? April 30. Hi. Are you out off office? I'm saying and and seems like he replied on April, Started on with a file. Here is the next call. Thank you. So as you can see, I am always asking for files. I am always asking for more jobs, but do not always ask for work. I know the client, Jennifer, and and the client is always, always super busy. And I always keep asking at times, declined, Get bothered. But not all is. The client knows that I am always sigur toe work and hungry for work, actually. So So I always asking for files. Hello? Is still no files. Hello, you dear. Hello. Where are you? Are you out off office? And if the client have files for me or work for me, he just sent the files on. I work on the file and delivered to the client, so I am always looking for opportunities. And as I am working for Jennifer for around 3 to 4 years, I knew the clients attitude. I know the client's behavior. So how how the client behaves. I know. So you should not always ask for files until there is a good relationship building up between you and the client. So always try to build up a relationship with, declined and get habituated with declined on. Then you can ask our seek for more work from the client. Yeah, they're So for now, I look forward to seeing you in our future lectures. Thanks 12. It Only Takes One Acceptance: it only takes one acceptance. Keep trying. Do not give up when someone rejects you. Keep trying to find a client who will appreciate your good work once you find the right one . This acceptance will make up for all the rejections you received before. So don't be frustrated and keep trying. Let's see some real examples. So I was showing on Arlie Lecture about Jennifer Rob and me working with projects. And you see, I am always asking for files. If there is files for me, the client always sends the file to me, and I work on the file and delivered to the client. Simple. So let's see if a client accepts you are known. Let's see the example for Jennifer Guay and I sent a proposal for the clients project and the client replied, High side, Thanks for your message. Approximately. How many hours would it take you to complete a 50 minute transcription? The client is asking me how many hours I need to complete a 50 minute transcription, and I am replying that Hi, Jennifer, it's a pleasure to meet you to avoid confusion. Let's work on fix price basis. So as the clients seem to be so picky, as I can see. And the client is asking how many hours I need. So there might be some confusion between me and the client. So I am asking the client that lets work on fixed price so there will be no confusion at first. Please let me know your exact delivery time. Here I am asking the delivery time for the project. Andi, I also send my email here to the client, and Jennifer replied, Hi. Sorry for the delay. It would be great to have it done by and off death Saturday. So Saturday is fine for Jennifer to deliver the file, and the client is asking what would be your price. So I am saying nice, Pam, in terms. I am saying the payment terms here. So here is the term for a par minute off transcription. I usually charge $0.75 including 20% up work face. So I am handling their 20% up work fears for my village clients. Clients don't have to pay the 20% up work fees and this is my payment terms for Jennifer. So I'm saying this that you have to pay me this amount of money for the project. For a par minute off transcription, you have two pair $20.75 on. I am handling the 20% up work fees here. So I tried to cast a client here. I am giving the opportunity to the client that you don't have to pay the 20% up work fees. I'll handle it. And I am also asking, what is the quality of the recording? So no messages, No replies from the client so far. May I? No place you there. Hello? Please send me something on. Seems like the client is not replying to me. Will you please reply? I even a sturdy call to to talkto the client. And and finally I said, Maybe you don't want to hire. So when I goto the job posting off this client, I see that the client already hired someone. That's why the client is not replying to me. Maybe this client is seeking a cheap price freelancer. That's why the Klein didn't hire me. Yes, so seems like the client reject CEO on Don't bother. Let's go on on. You should keep trying. You should keep trying and keep trying always this client may reject you. Another Kleinman, except you. So don't get frustrated and keep trying. Keep going on. Keep doing the best work. They're soul for this lecture. And I look forward to seeing you in our future lectures. 13. Learn from the Negative Feedback: Let's see how you can learn from the negative feedback. If clients keep giving you negative feedback, you may be doing something wrong, right? Regardless off the situation, there is always room for improvement for everyone. Every once in a while, I check the negative feedback and learn from these experience. There may be some things you can improve in future toe. Help the projects run without any problems. As you can see, negative feedback is the key learning factor for improving yourself. Take it easily and analyzing. Let's see some real examples. So let's go to my profile and see the feedbacks I have got so far on projects. So here are the feet makes keeping by the client's. This is a positive feedback. And with the five Mr Let's see a negative feedback given by a client. Let's see, Let's drill down. Let's drill down. Let's drill down notes. Look for a negative feedback. Let's look for a negative feedback. Most of them are positive feedbacks. I always try to work with my clients with grant impression. Andi. I always tried to give the quality on. As you see a lot off, the clients are satisfied with my work. But at some point clients, Man, I think that your work is not good. And you worked mavi not upto the standards. So here you can see I've got 3.8 through out of five. And the client drove some words here. That quality off work was good as it was the last time. My only advice to anyone hiring on this platform is that I would recommend using a set rate for every contract versus an hourly rate. Seems like his. Okay, quick fix price job rather than our leader. And he's also saying I found out the hard way things took much longer on an hourly rate. So it seems like he is okay. Wait. Fix price. And he is not okay with hourly rate. So what I learned from this, I learned from these dead. Some clients may be okay with fix press job. So seems like the client is okay with the fix press project. And as he hired me hourly, their client things that I already logged more hours. That's why the client things that expresses. Okay, so here is another 13.85 I really did a good job on this project, but the client things that three point 85 is fine for me. And I never argued with the client on. I never send a message that give me a five, Mr. You can. You can always ask for giving a five, Esther. But I never asked for giving me a five Esther to dis clients Salima interview transcripts. So a lot of feedbacks are there. You can see most of them are five four point fight. Something like that on in the previous lecture. I have already shown this to you on. The client is always asking for more within less time, which I'm not capable off. And I let the client know about these on, but he seems to be not responsive. I have contacted him with my issues and he waas like not accepting my issues. And keep saying that you have to deliver the files within this deadline which I am not capable off. I just say to the client that I'm not capable off. I say to the client that I can deliver this project within your deadline, so yeah, you happen. But you should go on. You should keep going with your projects. You should keep applying on projects. You should keep working on the projects. And if you have any issues, you can always always let the climb know that you have the issues on. You are going to deliver the project on this date. That date you You can always set your time on. Let the client know beforehand about the time you are going to tell you about the project. I hope the line might accept you. This is better writing, so yeah, that's all for now. I look forward to seeing you in our future lectures. 14. Final Thoughts: Congratulations. Can you imagine? We are at the final part off these scores. Thanks for taking the time toe come this far. You are a really genius. Now I want to say some final words to you. Always take the feedback seriously and think about how you can improve and go as a freelancer. Positive feedback on many freelancing sites is important as it determines whether you will rank higher on searches, thus increasing your chances off getting more jobs. Negative feedback is definitely not the and off your freelancing carrier. Look at where you need to make adjustments and look confidently ahead. I hope you learned a lot from this course. Good luck for your freelance carrier. Thanks.