The Ultimate Guide On How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer | Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain | Skillshare

The Ultimate Guide On How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer

Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain, Enthusiastic Instructor

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Pricing

    • 3. Getting Paid As A Freelancer

    • 4. Tips On Calculating Your Rates

    • 5. Tips On When To Raise Your Freelance Rate

    • 6. When To Lower Your Rate Or Work For Free

    • 7. Last Word


About This Class

Hi, Welcome to my course The Ultimate Guide On How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer. The only course you need and this course will help you to know the in depth about How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer.. My name is Sayed  and I will be there with you in this adventure.

The aim of the course is to give you an idea On How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer. I strongly suggest that please follow each and every topics and methods that i am going to discuss in the course. I am sure by following each and every methods you will get a good understanding On How you can Price Yourself As A Freelancer in no time..

Questions might occur as you go along. Just know that i am your back, Just ask me questions if you have any. I will be there to answer all of your questions. Please just check in the question thread if the question is answered before. If not, Why not go ahead and ask your question?

It’s the ultimate course you need to go with to learn How To Price Yourself As A Freelancer  .The best part is I constantly update this course with new content.

Thanks for checking this out. Be sure to check the course description for more info. Taking action is the key to success, Let’s dive into the course and i look forward to seeing you inside…





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Sayed Mohammad Sakib Hossain

Enthusiastic Instructor

Mostly known as Sayed in this digital world. Learning and making people learn is always my passion. Throughout these years of my career i have learned a lot and a lot are yet to be learned. I am always open for new opportunities, I have a passion for Technology, teaching, planning, playing with English and am an avid researcher. I am the CEO & Founder of CloudMinds IT.


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