The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4 | James Canzanella | Skillshare

The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4

    • 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4 Part 2

    • 4. Outroduction

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About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint. In this section of the course, you're going to discover the fourth crucial step when it comes to achieving your goals which comes along with leveraging many helpful resources to keep you on track to hitting your goals, every single day. So be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It's James, Ken's and Alan. Welcome to the fourth step of the ultimate goal setting blueprint. Or I'm gonna be diving deeper into a few topics that are going to be crucial when it comes to achieving your goals. These air allowed of the topics that are going to give you the unfair advantage and a lot of leverage when it comes to kinda diving into the process deeper. We're not gonna actually need to feel motivated or inspired every day because it's kind of going to be taken care of. So if you want to know what I'm talking about, go ahead and watch the next video and I will see you there. 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4: Hey, what's going on? It's James Cans in L. A. And welcome to the ultimate goal setting blueprint. Where on step number four, it's awesome to have you here and in this step, it's actually going to be one of these shorter videos, and I might have said that previously, and it probably didn't end up being short, but actually mean it this time, or it's not gonna take too long to go through this information, which is a good thing. You know, I want to give you the main points years. You can extract it quickly and then utilize that when you're going towards reaching your goals, obviously, so without any further do I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to be talking about here . Rather, I'm just gonna tell you and show you. So let's begin. This is all about immersion and obsession, right? There's a lot of different thoughts. Trains of thought. When it comes to immersion and obsession, you might think that it's crazy. You might think you've got to make a ton of sacrifices. You might think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I probably give you a high five either way, you talk about all those things, but immersion and obsession is all about keeping your mind on the prize. And they just thought he said in mind, not your eyes. OK, you can always stared a gold board or a dream board if you want to keep your eyes in the price, so to speak. But this is all about keeping your brain fresh, and you got to stay kind of relevant to what you're going after. If you've ever woken up some days and felt like Oh my God, I don't feel like going after my goals. I have no motivation. I have no inspiration. Sometimes you don't even feel like doing anything related to your goal. Okay, this is going to help Kind of eliminate that as much as possible, where motivation won't really be needed. All right, when you're immersing yourself in the process, when you consider yourself obsessed, which I'm going to talk about much more, obviously it's gonna be much harder to kind of fall off the tracks, so to speak, because you're always going to be. For the most part, thinking about what you need to do is crazy as it sounds. Yes, you can live a normal life. You don't have to make all these sacrifices. But let's say person a just kind of puts like 30 minutes into the goal. Every day they do everything, is there not really thinking about it? And then you got person be What's to say happened to do 30 minutes a day, But even if they're busy during their other aspects of the day, they're thinking about it. They're thinking about ways to improve the reading materials there. They're in a group of Facebook where they talk about this and they figure out more ideas of how to get more out of the goals. Who's going to do better if both of them on Lee worked 30 minutes a day? It's going to be very obvious. It's going to be person be. They're immersed in the process. Okay, so it's not a bad thing, and it's actually gonna be much more difficult to achieve your goals without this. Okay, if it wasn't for that one line right here, this probably wouldn't be a step. Well, this isn't one of those steps you might actually take where it's going to be as tangible as saying, you know, go to the gym and, you know, lifting weights, reading food. It still carries a very heavy weight, which is why it's actually a step. A lot of times when people think that immersion and obsession is a negative thing, they're not going to do it. They're going to think I'm never gonna have a life that could have a friends. They think they have to make all these sacrifices which usually never has to happen. Right. But the thing about immersion and obsession I've talked about this many times before and it's coming right back up again because it's very important. You are constantly selling yourself on the benefits, Okay? It's a lot of different ways to do that, which I'm gonna talk about. But many times, I, you know, which is short for immersion and obsession. I'll be using that a few times. So just in case you're not sure what it means, there you go. It comes off as being negative. Okay, but look at who is usually saying it, which is kind of odd. I've heard this a lot. I'm gonna give you a few examples, and I'm just gonna show you why they're not that good in the first place. Right? But you don't need to go to the gym. Imagine if you told that the Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime, okay? Or anyone I've heard this many times like, Oh, you got a six pack you wanted transformation contest. The thing about immersion and obsession is that one to hit a goal. You don't just stop, Okay? That's kind of like the awesome part of goals is that when you're heading goals, you're going for more. That's what makes you happy in life. So imagine you were, like, really happy Losing weight lost £20 but you had, like, 30 more to go, man, if someone said, Oh, you look great, you don't need to go the gym that might as well be negativity pointed towards you like which is not a good thing. Who's to tell you where you should stop with your goals, right? I've never heard anyone in my life use any of these phrases who are just kicking ass, you know, have everything they want going after the goals usually comes from. People aren't doing much with their life. So if you hear any of these phrases, take them with a grain of salt, so to speak, an example. Grant Cardone would always hear that sell egret. Why do you keep pushing? You've got all this money. You don't need to make any more money. And his response is very simple. It's because that's basically what he lives for. He loves setting those goals. He loves achieving them. He loves moving up the bar. That's what gets him going. That's what gets him happy. Okay, whatever matters the most to you. And plus, if anyone says you don't need to make any more money, that's a mindset they gotta fix in terms of money and wealth either way, but all you do is work. How does someone know that maybe you enjoy working? Maybe you don't always work unless someone has, like a you know, a video camera on you all day. They don't know that that's just something they usually assume. Or but you don't even have a life, which is usually pretty much not true. Heck, even the days where I used to be crazy with video games, some days that play 18 hours a day, even if that was the case, it was what I enjoy doing at the time. It's what made me happy. So a lot of this negativity, turds and towards immersion and obsession is really not good. It on Lee becomes something bad. If, like that's all you doing, you're neglecting like your family or your friends or everything else. It can happen sometimes. I'm not saying it doesn't. All right, So laser like focus is going to be one of the first examples for immersion and obsession. You probably didn't think it was going to be this simple, but hey, sometimes you, uh you can always be right. Or maybe thought it was simple. Either way, what is it that you really want? This is like the whole backbone of this course. All right? Once you figure that out, what you probably know you got to focus in on that and ignore most opportunities. Noticed how he said most opportunities. Okay. The fact of the matter is this when you know what you want, when you know how you need to get there, A lot of things. They're just going to be distractions, especially the make money online space. This happens. I wish I could give a number to it. I don't know exactly, but it's extremely high. Someone will buy something, though, though, fall in love with it. And then, like tomorrow, they'll pick up a new system and then another new system. And in another new system and then another new system, all the greatest success have ever had online is from figuring out a system where they're picking it up. We're getting coaching and sticking only with that, nothing else. Do this until you get results and then keep doing it. That's how all the big success stories I've had in terms of different types of systems because I've done a lot of them, failed a lot of them. I've jumped around myself, and it's the same thing with, like, losing weight. Oh my God, this looks awesome. I got to get this shake weight or this Beachbody diet or this Atkins diet, or there's no car dire, this fish dire, the seafood diet, whatever it's going to be bouncing around like that just isn't going to help, because you've got to eliminate unnecessary distractions. You need to know when to say no, and you need to know when to say yes. Okay, you can tell how someone's probably not getting anywhere. If this saying yes to every single opportunity that hits them in the head, they're going to be just pulled in so many different directions. They're not gonna get anything done. That's how information overload happens to go. Oh my God, this person said this. This person said This I gotta do this year Guy, do this there. I got to run each social media accounts. I got a balance five plates in my head and they got to sit upside down any backwards for three days in order. Lose £5. I wonder if anything is going to be happen there, anyway. Aside from eliminating, that's unnecessary distractions. Here's a few examples. For example, if this is with, like, make money online, online business hours, recommend putting your cell phone in the other room unless you're gonna have an emergency and for some odd reason you need it. They're fine, but aside from that, it's going to be a distraction. OK, I can't tell you how many times you can open up your phone and just goingto what Mel Robbins likes to call robot mode. You open it up. Check Facebook. Check email. Check Twitter check instagram and you keep going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth literally like a robot mode. It's kind of like pulling a machine on a slot machine. We just got to keep doing it. And you don't even know why. Like, you think there's gonna be some random reward or I'm gonna get in email. I'm gonna get a text message. Well, I'm going to get a notification. It's just such a time waster. Okay, Another big one. Get news feed eradicated for Facebook. This is if you're doing anything online. Heck, maybe if your goals are involving anything online and you want to save some time, that's a great way to not be able to stalk your ex is okay. Aside from that, joking aside, what that does is it blocks out the news feed so you can't scroll through it for like 20 minutes. And it's been scientifically proven many times. I've even noticed this myself where if you get distracted like that, whether it be on YouTube, social media, Facebook, sometimes it can take like an average of at least 15 minutes just to get back into what you're doing. Because all of these websites, like their main goal is to keep you on there as long as possible. So if you go on YouTube, it's gonna be a go look. Related videos are related. This or you might like this or suggested videos we're looking to add. You're going off here. You go in there now, see what I mean? Okay. Another great one under that delete other systems or plans. Talked about this previously. All the greatest success I had when it comes to making money online is that once I got laser focused on something I didn't need to worry about Any other system, I deleted all of them literally. I don't care if I bought them what was going to be the process, how much I paid for them. If I couldn't get him back, I'm like, Where's the download page? It didn't matter. Okay? I don't care about losing out the money and stuff I'm not gonna be doing. I had laser like focus, focus on this. I don't need to worry about this system. I don't need to worry about that meal plan. I don't need to worry about what this person is doing. The lose weight. I'm sold on what I need to do. And that's the only thing I'm going to focus on. That's right. Highly recommend. Right? Another example could be bringing headphones to the gym. So if you got someone who just does not stop talking, okay? You have to just, like, put headphones on. Ignore them to say, OK, I need to get this workout done. I only have three minutes. I can't talk. Okay? You mean business. If you want to go to the gym and talk compared to the person who's gonna have, like, steely, laser, like focus on what they need to do their execution of the exercises and, you know, doing better with the workouts, that person's gonna have the advantage. It's not being rude, but sometimes you need to just focus on yourself, especially when it comes to only Maybe that 30 or 60 minutes, you have toe work on yourself in the gym during the day. Maybe you have other things to do. Laser like focus never fails. Okay, That's the 1st 1 Number two for an example of immersion and obsession. What gets recorded gets measured. Okay, if it wasn't for this journal in this transformation contest. I don't think I would have done as well every single day. I was putting stuff in there multiple times per day because it helped keep myself accountable. Okay. For this, I recorded my measurements. You know, my waist, my chest, my hips, my biceps, triceps, quads, calves. You name it just about everything. So I could tell if I was going in the right direction, which was pretty easy to do. We just looking to Mary. You don't even need the scale. So with weight loss, you would know what you need to eat, right? You go through and you say, Did I eat this? Did I eat this? Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Check that off. Check all those off. He did great for the day. That means you moved closer that day towards your goals. You did exactly what you needed to do. Okay? You recorded it. You measured it. That could be a simple is a check mark for each. Okay. Did you record the weight sets and reps? If you went to the gym, some type of weight loss fitness school. Did you improve? At least on one set on one Earth did you add a few more reps? Did you up the weight? Hey, could check those off. That means you're getting closer to your goals. Your improving, right? For example, if we're going back to business now, did you record the cost and the cost per lead from? I spent $10. I got five leads, so I spent $10 that costs $2 lead. Not bad. Okay, recording it. Okay. How about recorded money, inverse money at? Well, after a month, I spent about $1000 and I generated $500 which isn't bad, because I got let's see, 500 leads, and that only netted me basically $500 or I lost $500. So that ended up costing me only a dollar lead. That's not bad, because I still have that list, and I can still sell them later. I'm gonna get that money back within, like, a week. So after two weeks, I'm gonna be or after a month in ah, a week, I'm gonna be breaking even, and everything after that is gonna be pure profit. Did you see what I'm doing? Their anything that gets recorded gets measured and that's very good, especially with an online business, especially with losing body fat building muscle. Whatever your goal is, you can record it for the most part unless you have some crazy goal like I can't even think of something that wouldn't get recorded but just giving you examples here. So that's what gets recorded, gets measured, very helpful there. 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 4 Part 2: next. Find fitting environments. Okay, so look for like minded individuals. This is always great when you can find people who want to accomplish the same things. Aziz, you they have similar goals. That actually gonna be helping you. They're going to be pushing you. They're gonna be giving you advice. If you don't feel like doing something like too bad, do it Anyway. Those are the types of individuals you wanna hang around. Not the one just saying. Why do you keep pushing so much? Why do you go to the gym soon? Mood. You don't need to. You know You don't want none of that. All right? So you can make friends in the process. Okay. Along with Facebook groups is a really great way of doing that. Heck, regardless of what nature and if you want to lose weight, there's gonna be a group for that. If you want to build muscle, there's a group for that. If you want to get in the fitness, there's a group for that. If you want to make money online, there's groups for that. You want to build their social media account? There's groups for that. If you want to stop drinking this probably groups of that, aside from a just giving you a ton of examples, Facebook groups is an awesome spot to do it. Okay, especially when it comes to coaches in masterminds. I don't think it gets any better than this. Okay? Every type of coaching I've ever gotten has just allowed me to skyrocket my results. Because everything I'm talking about here, it's all like minded individuals, Okay? They all want basically similar things. They're giving you examples. They're pushing you the given you motivation, even when you're not even asking for it like, Hey, I just got into this coaching program. Look what I did already. That's awesome. Can't wait to get started. So on and so forth. Okay, Next, we have seminars, workshops and networking a great way to meet like minded individuals, of course. And this provides a very healthy, friendly competition. And I remember Alex better brought this up in his book about kind of gamers and just how God like they get at video games. And it was a really great example because it reminded me of when I used to play video games . I've talked about that a few times where some days it would be like 18 hours a day. I remember my friend. Let me borrow his PlayStation and it was like for a UFC game. I still remember it. I won like over 110 matches in a row. I got to the top 100 the rollout of just thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people , and it was from all the same stuff I basically found friends for. I look for like minded individuals who like doing that, and obviously it took some hard work do that. But the same thing happens when it comes to gaming. How can people who don't have a whole lot going on in their life just become absolutely amazing at these things? Video games naturally have that game. If I aspect where you can hang out with your friends, you can quote unquote mastermind and network, and there's a lot of friendly competition were said like Oh my God, if my friend just got the Level 50 I need to do that. Now you see what I mean? So the same thing could be applied with your goals, and it's very, very helpful. It's a massive massive edge when it comes to achieving your goals. So that's why coaches and masterminds air so helpful. You can do that anywhere. Even if it's not with coach. Mastermind does find like minded individuals. It's really going to go far for you in terms of finding fitting environments. Okay, Number four, information recycling. Okay. We talked about this in the 10 Commandments. Was always selling yourself on what you need to do. Okay, This will eliminate the need to look for motivation because you're always thinking about the benefits. How this is gonna help you how this is going to change your life. So an example of this could be reading before you go to bed, OK? Creating a dream board recruited one of those before. They're awesome. All you need to do is kind of just, you know, you get a look, a push, been bored. Yeah. Take out some pictures. Maybe some magazines. You print things out and you basically paste it to it. So when you're waking up every day like this is what I'm this is what I'm working for. This is what I'm shooting for. Okay. Writing it out on a white board is another great way of doing it, of course listening the audio books, podcast, etcetera. We give you one example about this because I have talked about this a lot in terms of selling yourself. But I remember I was in the Facebook group for quick final Say, what do you know? Immersion. Right? And Russell Bronson was saying like, Hey, look at my iPod or my iPhone, Whatever. He'd like 25 gigs or something exceedingly high when it comes to his information, right? And he goes, This is what I do what? I'm not, you know, recording videos. We're talking the clients Heck, when I go to the bathroom or, you know, I don't know if he said that, but like when he's riding his bike when he's driving, I'm always listening to marketing materials because I want to fully immerse myself in the marketing process. And I thought, Oh my God, that's amazing! I thought reading one book at night was awesome. And then I go, Holy crap, I need to do that. So what I do, I I got my iPhone. I put information on it that I needed to listen to to fully immerse myself in the process. See, you can do things like that. And it's not going to take up like your complete day. Maybe for actually going to the gym. You could listen to an audiobook if you're on the elliptical. If you're on the bike, you can listen to it. Heck, if you're going to the bathroom, you can do it too. Okay, but this is just another great example of I, you know, information recycling. You're always selling yourself on it. Okay, so here's a quick immersion and obsession Recap Actually thought this video is gonna be quicker. I apologize. I thought it would be There's only a few slides. But you know what? I guess I have so much to talk about on each of them. But either way, re capping very quickly emerge in an obsession is not a bad thing. OK, four ways to get the most out of it is gonna be laser like focus. We talked about how important that was. What gets recorded gets measured. Okay, You can actually see the progress you're going to be making pretty cool to do right and finding fitting environment so that you can really get that unfair advantage when it comes to friendly competition and having like minded individuals around you and, of course, information recycling. This is kind of going maybe through the same information already know. Maybe if you picked up a product, you're just going through that one product or you're reading a book on money or mind center business just to help keep you in the process of thinking big and recycling that information's to get the max amount of benefits out of it. Okay, so that's it. Just a friendly reminder to think big. And I will see you in the next video. We're gonna basically wrap everything up and talk about everything you learned in this course. I'll see you there. 4. Outroduction: Hey, what's going on? It's James. Ken's an island. Welcome to the last section of the ultimate goal setting blueprint putting everything together. So in this, I'm going to quickly run through all the steps and everything we learn. Just you can get a good idea or refresher off what you learned and what you need to do, starting with a recap of Step number one, which talked about a lot about what do you want? Remember to think big. It's much better to think big and missed and aim really low and not really get too far right. Talked about writing down your goals. That could be on a Google doc. It could be on a no pad. It could be on your wall. You could get a tattoo of your goals. You could do it backwards on your forehead. So when you look in the mirror, just kidding, just write them down. However, you got to do it, talked about selling yourself. Not in just this step. Many of the steps and even the commandments we talked about in the beginning, very powerful tactic where you're immersing yourself in the process. You're always thinking about the benefits and how this can help you and help others and transform many lives simultaneously, once again reading the reasons down. Okay, Why is it that you really need to make this happen and tapping into in leveraging pain? Because a lot of people don't take action until they're in a ton of pain. It doesn't always have to be that way. But if you confined a great way deep down inside of why you need to achieve these goals, it's gonna make it much easier for you to take action. You're not going to need to be constantly looking for inspiration or motivation. Recapping step numeral dose mapping out the actions. Okay, after knowing what you want, which we figured out in the first step, you want a map out around 3 to 6 action steps could be a little less. Could be a little more. That's just a ballpark number. Okay, then, from there, you want to break those down into smaller, bite sized steps that's going to allow you to know exactly what you need to do when you're taking action course. Aside from that, we talked about deadlines which force yourself to step up. Heck, it's as if people don't get anything done until there is a deadline of sign. Then you say Oh my goodness. The essays due tomorrow through everything aside, got to get it done. I'm sure you're familiar with that high school college whenever I know exactly That's how it was for me. Always left the last minute. But it always got done. Okay? Adding deadlines to each of the 36 action steps. And of course, adding a deadline to your big goal is well, depending on how many you have. Recap Step number three. Ironically enough, there's just the to do Tomoe, which stands for it to do tomorrow. And we had the PMG, which is personal maintainer growth, not a whole lot going on in the slide. But if you actually go back to it, there's a lot of stuff necessary to make these very powerful how to utilize them, why they work so well and so on and so forth. But obviously re capping to do tomorrow is just gonna be writing down everything you need to do tomorrow. And PMG is a great way to make sure you stay on track, knowing what the biggest movers are when it comes to achieving your goal, noticing the difference between what's personal that you're getting done in your day. What's going to basically maintain and keep you where you are and, most importantly, what's going to allow you to grow, obviously getting closer to your goal. So if you're looking to lose weight? We talked about going to the gym, exercising and eating foods for talking about a monetary goal or building your online business. We talked about getting traffic and leads, creating products and selling products. Okay, and that's going to defer for every type of goal which we talked about in that Step three and Step number four, which we previously talked about immersion and obsession, how it's not a negative thing and could be a huge driver when it comes to achieving your goals. We talked about laser like focus and having a ton of opportunities and how it's sometimes the right thing to say no to a lot of opportunities because when you have your own roadmap , when you know where you need to go, if you need to drive from Florida's Connecticut, you're not going to say, Oh, look, I'm going to drive to California for this opportunity that would take you in the complete wrong direction of your goal. Right Next. We talked about what gets recorded, gets measured. So if you have a journal, feel free to use that If you're looking to lose weight. If you're looking to build muscle, take measurements. If you're looking to build your online business, you know what gets recorded. Their gets measured. How much are you spending? How much are your leads costing? How much are your leads making you? How much money did you spend? How much money did you get back? How often can you break even when it comes to your online business, whatever it's going to be. These air only gonna help you in the process. Okay. Then we talked about finding fitting environments, which could be coaches which could be mentors, which could be like minded individuals. Kind of like a video game where you're in this spot where everyone has the same idea. Same goals are very similar ones, and they push you to reach farther. Okay, Aside from that, we talked about information recycling, which is a great way to kind of keep your mind fresh on it. And once again. Sell yourself on the benefits of why it's so powerful. Why it's so important of why this workout routine is so great of why this meal plan you're doing is gonna be so great for you. How it's gonna change your life, how you can love doing it, whatever it's going to be. Reading a book, reading a journal, listening to an audiobook related to what you're doing to help you really become immersed in the process. Okay, so now is the time. This is where the rubber meets the road. Remember, use those 10 commandments when it comes to goal setting. Their very important there very powerful and a lot of those air Sprinkle Just about. All them are sprinkled through a lot of these steps. That's why did them, in the beginning, to really get you quote unquote sold on using them, just like you need to sell yourself when it comes to your goals. All right, number. Think big and write down what you want, right? Don't exactly what you want. Map out the multiple actions and give yourself deadlines so you can put the pressure on and get them done sooner rather than later or worse. Never. Okay. Used to do tomorrow. Know exactly what you need to do before your head hits the post. When you wake up, you have a plan of attack. Okay? You know what you need to do to get to your goals and you find yourself falling off track? Use the PMG exercise. Okay? Are you getting closer to your goals or you're not seeing results? Are things going in the opposite direction? Use that exercise. You'll find out yourself, okay? And of course, immersing yourself in the process which we just talked about. And last but not least, I don't think I've said this once, but it's pretty obvious. Take massive action. This is your life, okay? These air, your goals, these air, your dreams can take massive action on them. What can you take massive action on? Right. So the most important thing to you because we talked about this. It's what you really want the most and less. But at least once again, one final friendly reminder. Think big. I'm James Kansan. Ella, Thank you for taking my course. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and have an awesome day