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The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 3

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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3 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 3

    • 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 3 Part 2


About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint. In this section of the course, you're going to discover the third crucial step when it comes to achieving your goals which comes along with knowing exactly what to do tomorrow, how to record it, and to ensure you're taking the most efficient actions. So be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.


1. Introduction: Hey, James Ganzon, Ella! And welcome to the third step of the ultimate goal setting blueprint. Or I'm going to be walking you through figuring out your road map and mapping out exactly what you're going to need to be doing in order to reach your goals. Aside from that, I'm going to give you the great way to kind of verify. Give yourself clarity and confidence when it comes to reaching your goals. Very simple exercise that can really work wonders for you. So if you want to know what they are, just simply watch the next videos and I will see you there. 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 3: Hey, James! Kansan, Ellen, Welcome to step three of the ultimate goal setting blueprint. Now, in the previous step, we talked about mapping out actions. Now in this step, it's kind of going to be a continuation with a little bit more. And the main benefit of this is to literally give you your own blueprint or your own roadmap from getting from point A to point B. Okay, the best thing about having goals is having extreme clarity and confidence in what you need to do. And with this, I'm going to give you more detailed steps just to make sure you have everything you need. All the resource is, and you know exactly what you need to do, and it's going to be utilizing a coin phrase have been using for a while now. I'd say maybe three or four years, I still do it every day. That's how good it is. Okay, probably don't know where I'd be without doing this. I'd be extremely lost. I'd be a lost puppy. I wouldn't know what I was doing. All right. Anyway, it's called to Togo, which is Ah, short mash up of to do tomorrow And what you're doing here is breaking your steps down into the smallest micro actionable steps as possible. Okay, this is going to ensure that you have all the correct steps from getting from point A to point B. Okay, it's also creates clarity and confidence, and it's very easy to do with Google docks. I have a Google docks that I use every single day. I'll go in and I'll check things off as I do them, but more on that later. But like I said, the clarity and confidence is clutch its key. It's very important because if you've ever wanted to achieve a goal and you wondered how the hell my ever in the world going to accomplish that, you'll know it's going to be very difficult to accomplish. If you constantly have that thought running around your mind, this is going to literally give you every single step. Even after you've created some actionable steps, this will break it down so you know exactly what to do. It's gonna be Do this done. Do this. Don't do this. Don't do this. Done. OK, so read before bed. What I have you recommend before your head hits that poll, you need to know exactly what you need to get done tomorrow, okay? And let me ask you two questions. What's something you know you need to do and what? Something. You know, you've put off right. That's usually a great indicator of what you need to get done first, because growth a lot of times can be pretty scary. It's gonna put ourself in situations that we could possibly fail. It could put us in a situation where we could look like an idiot or get embarrassed or whatever the you know chance is going to be when it comes to building an online business or losing weight or maybe going to go to the gym. It's gonna be a first time. They're gonna feel nervous to different environment. But after a while you get used to it, whatever it is, Whatever activity or task, you know, you need to get done. But you've been putting it off. That's a great sign that you have to do it first. Okay. As you can see by the quote, Don below says, do the most challenging thing first, just to show there's no task too big cats really highly recommend doing for example, this could be creating a webinar and going live with a webinar. If you've been putting that off, it's probably cause maybe have a fear of doing it. You think? Oh, my God, Everyone's gonna make fun of me or I'm gonna stutter. I'm gonna mess that my webinar No one's gonna buy. Do it anyway. It's because it has an awesome opportunity for new growth. You're gonna be stretching yourself in doing something new. That's how you accomplished goals. So keep that in mind. A lot of times you already know what you need to get done. Do it first. Okay, so let's do a few examples. Okay. When we talked about mapping out actions, we talked about creating a recurring product. This is going to be the example. And in those actions, we very simply had finding, ah, high converting offer. Okay, funnel, hacking it and then creating the offer. Okay, Those are great steps, but they need to be broken down. If you think about it. Creating an offer has a lot of different micro steps to it. There's a lot of more details to that when it comes obviously to creating it. So when it comes to to do tomorrow. What you would actually do is break down these steps even more. Okay, so these air going to be the actionable steps that you have to do. Okay? There's no messing around here. This is where the rubber meets the road. We're not going to be in dream LA la land were like, Oh, this is gonna be a great goal and I'm never going to do anything. It's not gonna be that way. This is where we actually take action. Okay? So the first thing would be find a high converting offer and purchase it can we talked about that previously, were gonna find an offer. It looks great when we want to see what they're doing. All right, cause that way, we can kind of shortcut our success, see what's working for them, and build something that's modeled, not copied off of what they're doing. Okay, then, for example, you'd want a screen record purchasing and going through the funnel. That way you can get a good idea of what they're up. So is with the sales copies, like with the Via cells like and so on and so forth. And of course, you can screen record that for free using, like, screen cast A Matic so on and so forth Next we're gonna one do was extract the steps of the system. That's actually after going through the information product. How are they setting it up? What are the big main steps of this? Where I can actually kind of use these in a similar way, but create a better info product. Okay, Next Great. The layoff, how you present the videos. So you got the steps where the one of the presentation is going to be like in what order? For example. Under that, I said, create the introduction video. Okay, after that, create the first video, create the second video and so on and so forth. The third to fourth and fifth. How many videos that are. But as you can see, this is getting much more specific into deeper detail where these air just easy, bite sized actionable steps. The cool thing about this, let's say, had this sitting out right in front of me right now. Sometimes there's going to be like, Hey, I need to screen record purchasing and going through it, and you're not going to know how to do that. So you know what you do? You go to Google and you say, screen recording. You find screen cast a Matic for free. Okay. And then So what happens there is above that. What's to say, for example, you know, download screen cast. It's got a weird name O Matic. Okay. And you would put it there. OK, this is going to happen a lot. And that's the great thing about this. Is that sometimes your map to victory or your mount from point A to B? There's gonna be some speed bumps. There's gonna be some ditches. There's gonna be some holes. Just gonna be some Armageddon craters going on, all right? Just got a dodge around them. Figure out what you need to do. And when you are at that fork in the road Selling whom? What do I need to do from here? If I don't know how to find a screen recording, you know, type of thing. Oh, the search for and then I'll use it. I'll upload it. And now I'm good to go. Okay. Once again. Same thing with all the other steps. Just fill in the gaps. Okay? Just because you don't know how to do something yet doesn't mean you can't figure it out in like, five minutes. You know, you can ask someone. You can google it, whatever it's going to be. But as you can see now, I have this perfect layout of exactly what I need to do. And by doing these, I'm getting much closer to my goal because I've already mapped them out. That's one example. Let's move on, cook and prepare meals. Example. This one's very easy. So previously these were all the, ah kind of the main ideas of cooking and preparing meals. So always create a shopping list, go to the grocery store once a week, use weekends to cook in bulk and prepare foods. Prep is short for prepare. Throw all the junk food and always have the meal plan visible. Okay, these were kind of the bigger steps. And once again, when it comes to to do tomorrow, we're gonna break these down into actionable steps. So create a shopping list of Onley foods to buy. So what that means is you're not going to go there and see some candy that's on sale, or some like pizzas that are like Buy one, get five free. You're not gonna buy those. You're committed to this. You're dedicating it and you're writing a list of Onley the food you need to buy. So you know that when you go in there, there's not gonna be any junk cravings or anything like that. Next, we're going to do action step. You're gonna e and then go straight to the grocery store. So that way, you're not gonna be hungry when you go there. That's an action step. Okay, I put purchase foods. That's pretty obvious. You're not going to go to the grocery store and just, like, stared all the food and said, Oh, this would be great if I bought this. Okay, I imagine you would know, but I'm just putting it there anyway, either way, So return home and then cook in bulk and prepare foods. Okay, so now that you have all the foods instead of taking the chicken and thought or excuse not throwing it putting in the freezers to that freezes, why not cook it right now? Okay. Next. Throw away all the junk food you see? No, I had enough with all this junk food, all the soda. I'm dumping it out. I'm throwing it out. There's only gonna be good, awesome foods in there. So I'm not tempted to, you know, cheat and have all the sugar and crap in whatever. And then always having the meal plan visible. Okay, that's just a very small action steps so that you know exactly what you need to eat. And you're not gonna be once again tempted to eat crap because it's not even in there in the first place. Okay, so do you see how these air actual actionable steps creating the shopping list? Done. Okay, eat. Go to the grocery store. Done. Purchase foods. Deng, come home. Return home. Do this Done. Check, check, Check. You have actionable steps that are getting you closer from here to be okay. Next. What you want to do, like I, like, prefer doing is just check off completed actions. This is kind of like making it a fun way of doing things I don't know about you. I have this crazy or deal this crazy process about writing things down and checking them off like I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I'm sure I'm not alone with that. So maybe you want to do the same thing. Maybe you want to delete it. Maybe you want to highlight it, maybe want to cross it off. Maybe you want to create those chain links like Christmas, Whatever. It's going to be the kind of quote unquote many celebrate you taking steps and going towards actually getting towards your goals. I like using the check Mark. I just You go to Google and you just do like check. Mark and I just copy and paste it and put a check next to it. I don't know what it is I love doing that I get a great sense of accomplish from it and allows me to keep going. It's like a good job, James. You're doing well. Keep going toward jiggles. So I recommend this. Check off any completed actions. Then you can always look back if you're creating your to do tomorrow in like the Google drive Google docks. I literally have this really, really. It's like it's so long that when you go to drag the bar in terms of sliding down, I've been doing it for so long like that that bars so many what? I'm trying to see if there's a lot of writing there. So I could always actually go back, see what I did in the past. And if I'm not where I want to be on the exactly likes actually mapped out all my actions. Neither They were getting me to where I want to go or I was just maintaining. And I'll be talking about that soon, actually, in the next video. So I'm going to stop it here, and I'll see you in the next one. 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 3 Part 2: Hey, what's up on baguettes? James? Guns? No, Hope you didn't go anywhere. We get another great section in this step three, which is gonna be talking about PMG. This is a great way to bolster the to do tomorrow and make sure gonna be in the right track because many times as you're going through some days, aren't going to be as awesome as others. It it's fine. It happens. But days like that can really throw you off sometimes. And just with this very simple exercise and a few examples, I'm gonna show you how to get back on track, go straight towards your goals that are going in the complete opposite direction, which is the last thing you want to do with personal maintain and grow, which is short for P and G a little bit about it as we continue So your to do list will usually have many things on it. It's fine. It happens. It's not just going to be, you know, stuff that comes with doing your goals. There's gonna be some personal stuff on there, like walking dog doing the dishes, whatever it's going to be. But PMG will keep you in check and make sure that you are focusing on the biggest aspects of quote unquote growth. Okay, when I say growth, this was created from a business perspective. So in business, you're focusing on things that are gonna bring in the cash flow. Okay, When you say growth and you're doing weight loss, that really means when you're gonna be losing weight doesn't. So if you said growth and you thought like, hey, I got, you know, build fat, it doesn't work that way. All right, So growth just simply means getting you towards reaching your goal. Whatever your goaless. Okay, so one to clear that up, just in case it was confusing. And all you need to do put a p in em or a G by each step case when you're doing your to do tomorrow, every single action step, you just want to put a P and M or L G. And I'll explain that a little bit more, and I want to bring up a note that sometimes there won't be many growth steps when you were first starting off. Obviously growth is going to be the best, because that's going to get you quicker from point A to B. Okay, doing something that's personal, obviously that has no relation to your goals. That's just going to keep you. Where you are maintained can help a lot of times. But if you were to keep doing that over and over, you'd probably be stuck exactly where you are as well. A little bit more information differentiating P M and G soapy for personal. Okay, this is going to greatly depend on what your goal is. Okay, for someone who doesn't have many big goals when it comes to fitness going to the gym, that could be personal for them. But anything else like wash the dishes, go to the doctor, take the dog for a walk, pet your cat, watch TV. You know it's personal things that don't have any relation, really deal with achieving your goal. Okay, maybe you want to take the kids to the park, maybe want take your significant other on a date, whatever it's going to be. If you have a to do list, it's going to be a bunch of activities, and there's going to be some personal stuff in there. Okay, next, removing on to maintain so in a nutshell. There are going to be some circumstances where it's not always black or white, but for the most part, If you were to keep doing this over and over, you would stay exactly where you are. In other words, you would maintain where you are going to give you some more examples, Okay? And growth obviously is going to be building up growing or just getting you closer to your goal. The fastest like we talked about losing weight would be considered growth because it's getting you faster to your goal. You know, making money is obviously gonna be building up or growing your business. Once again. Getting you faster to your monetary goal makes sense. Okay, Very small differentiations, but sometimes it can be a little bit confusing between maintaining growth. That's why I'm going to give you some examples. Okay, so here's the example of cooking and preparing meals. Okay, So what I want you to do right now think to yourself. Each of these have a P and M or a G next to it. So create a shopping list of only foods to buy PM energy. Okay. Personal maintainer growth eat, Then go straight to the grocery store PM Energy purchase foods PMG return home than cook in bulk and prep foods. OK, throw away all the junk food and always have meal plan visible. So did you do it? I'm going to show you the answers in about three seconds. Soapy energy for all these. If you guessed m for all of them, you were correct. Pretty tricky. I didn t think some of these repeat, did you think some of these word g now I can see why If you did pick G for some of these Why? Hey, this is gonna be helping me getting me closer to my goal. Yes, a lot of these can, but they don't have the biggest movements towards growth. Okay, so let's look at them one by one. Create a shopping list of Onley foods to buy. Imagine if you did that every single day, what would happen? You would just have a shopping list of foods to buy. Okay. You'd be maintaining right? Eat, then go straight to the grocery store. Okay. E I guess you could say if it was a part of your you know, nutritional plan. So there can be some leeway there. Let's pretend that it wasn't there. And we're just going straight to the grocery store. You'd be driving every single day. You're not getting anywhere unless you're You somehow have a car where you you know, there's no gas in it. And you're moving your feet to quote unquote drive it. Yeah, maybe getting some car. Show him. But we're not the Flintstones here, right? Purchase Foods. Okay, You can purchase all the foods you want in the world and do nothing else. Just gonna go broke eventually. Gonna run out of money. Okay? The difference between purchasing foods. Why, that's an M and whites, not G, because you're not eating them. Okay? Eating them is the biggest mover when it comes to losing weight obviously died in exercise . I'm going to get to that. So if you thought it was growth, yes. You need to purchase the foods before you eat them, But you're still just maintaining. Okay, Sure. I'm getting out there. Return home, then cook in bulk and prep foods once again. You could prepare all day long if you're not eating them. Which is where a lot of people struggle and kind of fall off you know the track, so to speak. Once again, that's gonna be an M for maintain. Throw away all the junk food. You can throw it all away. There's nothing left. Pretty much can only do that once unless you keep buying more junk food. Anyway. That's maintained. Always have meal plan visible. Remember these air all helpful towards reaching your goal? But they're not the biggest movers. Okay, so that's why they all get in them. Let's do another example in the online business example. So research. Then create to recurring info products. PMG personal maintainer growth research. Then create one high ticket offer. PMG create cells materials to be able to sell these create systems to automate selling these and find advertising methods for targeted traffic. Now that we've gone over the previous one, What did you guess? Here. Did you get celebs? Did you guess all peas? Did you guess LG's did you get? Did you get some mix? Whatever you thought, here's the answer. So this one's actually dedicated towards a lot of growth. Now, with number one and two, research is usually going to be maintained cause you can research until your hair turns gray you're just gonna have a lot of data and nothing to go with it. The fact that that has creating to recurring and four products in there is what makes this a G. So that could have been confusing. Where if he said, M, I'll accept it just this time. Okay, So anyway, creating any type of offer a product is going to be growth. Okay, I understand that you need to be able to sell that, but it goes hand in hand with it. Okay, So sometimes these situations can be a little, um, like I said, not black or white. That always not going to be the same you could say. Well, James, if you need to buy food and then eat it, wouldn't that be considered growth as well? Yes. But the fact of the matter is, a lot of people fail online. They don't even create offers. Okay, so that's why it's there, because it's a very big mover. Okay, research. Then create one high ticket offer. Once again, you're creating something. It's gonna be growth. Okay? Create cells materials to be able to sell these. That's gonna be growth Any time you're selling. Okay. Selling selling. Selling is always gonna be growth. That's how you make money. Okay. Create systems to automate selling these. This is going to be maintained. Okay, you can do this once. Yes. It's going to make the process helpful. Yes. You're gonna be able to automate it yet. You're gonna be able put on autopilot, make money while you sleep, But this is just kind of helpful towards this. Okay, This doesn't actually really do the selling as opposed to you doing the selling yourself. It's more of just tools. Okay. Find advertising methods for targeted traffic. This is going to be traffic. This is how you get leads. This is massive growth. Okay, If you're not getting leads to your business, you're in trouble. Okay? So pretty self explanatory. Like I said, some goals we're gonna have some different p m and G's differentiating them based upon you know what people do what people don't do. So don't get confused. There. Don't put too much thought into it. As long as you know what the biggest movers are within your goal. You're going to be good. Eso looking at PMG for growth. All you have to do here is whatever your goal is, what's the biggest movers that you pretty much need to do every single day or very, very frequently? Okay, that's why I put. Actually, I'll get to that in the next one. But either way, exercising at the gym notice. I didn't say go to the gym because you could just keep driving there and never actually going and work out. So exercising at the gym, whether it be the weight training, the card or whatever it is and then eating foods is planned right now, I can tell you just from being a personal trainer, and even if I was never a personal trainer in the fitness people feel because they don't do these two things, that's why they're in the growth category. People can go shot for food and prepare food all day long. But if they do that and they come back and they eat like ring dings and Cheetos and pizza and all this other stuff, they're not gonna hit their goals, OK, they don't consistently exercise at the gym. They don't consistently eat, the foods is planned. Everything else is helping to reach these two right here. Everything else is pretty much maintenance. Okay, so you see where I'm coming from now? Why Preparing food is maintenance. You gotta focus on these two things. Okay? That's why PNG is so important. Because if you have this long laundry list of things to do, and for an entire week you don't have any growth on there. You're not going to be getting anywhere. This is kind of the reality check, OK? It will slap in the face and say Wow, now I know what I need to dio I've been going not only know where I've been going in the opposite direction, OK, so that's the example when it comes to growth, here's growth when it comes to an online business. So getting leads, that's any type of traffic. Okay. Could be capturing the leads. Either way, you're sending traffic to somewhere gathering leads, right? Next is going to be creating products. Okay, You gotta have a product to create the reason why this is here because a lot of people don't do this, and it's very important. Okay? You can always create new products that's gonna allow new growth and of course, selling them. Okay, This is true for any type of online business. Even if you're a freelancer rate, let's say you're a copywriter. You need to get trafficker. You need to get leads to your service. Okay? Creating products is going to be doing the client work, Obviously, where you're creating a via cell or a sales letter. And of course, you need to actually sell that. Maybe need to get someone on the phone, maybe talk to them. Okay, Those are very important aspects of that. Let's say you need to get someone on the phone. That's not going to be the growth aspect. It's gonna help set it up, but actually closing the cell, making the money. Okay, so you see what I'm talking about here? Different goals are gonna have different types of personal maintaining growth. Fine with the biggest movers are when it comes to your goals and then adjust accordingly. So right now, if for some reason you have an online business or you're trying to build an online business and you're not doing well, I can guarantee you you're not doing one of these street things. If you have a weight loss school and you're not exercising at the gym or eating foods is planned consistently. I can guarantee you're not seeing good results, or that's the reason why. OK, so PMG wrapping it up. So this will keep you in check. What you need to do obviously as you go through your steps is just put down a p and m origi . Then you can always look back if you don't have a lot of growth in there. Well, you know what? Sometimes you fall off track. This is going to help. All right? Sometimes the results won't show. This will help as well. Heck, everyone's human. We all come the times, right? Goddamn, I don't know what to do. Maybe you got distracted. Maybe had this other opportunity that threw you off track. This will bring you back to where you need to be. You say Okay. I need to get to the gym consistently. I need to eat my food consistently. That's it. Everything else we talked about was gonna help you in that situation, right? And in the beginning, sometimes you won't have many growth, you know, activities at the start. Because would we talk about with weight loss? Right? We had to, like, look for a meal plan. we had to look for food. These are all things that are pretty much maintenance, right? But once you do them, they're not that big of a deal, okay? And you want to aim for at least 70% of growth activities. Now, I understand this isn't going to be true for a lot of goals out there, for example, with weight loss, you got to get to the gym, and then you got to eat the right foods. Okay? You're gonna have, like, two activities that are growth. That's fine as long as you're hitting them. But when it comes the Internet marketing, I see a lot of people just not focusing on those growth activities which are right here. Okay, what they're doing is they're creating a block post. They're getting more followers that writing an email, these things can be helpful. And a lot of times these things can lead to cash. Well, I understand that, but they're still not the biggest moving parts of an online business. They're not getting traffic, they're not creating new products, and they're definitely not selling them. And they wonder why they're not seeing any results. I can tell you right Now I can look at anyone's business if they're not doing well. It's one of these three things is two of these three things are it's all three of these things. Okay, so in a nutshell, that's PMG is very helpful. All you got to do is once you write down your to do tomorrow, put a PM energy that will help keep you on track. And remember, think big. A friendly reminder. Thanks for watching, and I will see you in the next video.