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The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 2

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 2

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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3 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 2

    • 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 2 Part 2

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About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint. In this section of the course, you're going to discover the second crucial step when it comes to achieving your goals. I'll walk you through how to map out specific action when it comes to your goals, and give you 2 examples just in case you get stuck. So be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It's James cans and all, and welcome to step two of the ultimate goal setting blueprints. So what you're going to discover in this is how to actually map out actions? So you know exactly what you need to do when it comes to your goals. Now, this step is absolutely imperative, because it's the difference between actually setting your goals, sitting there, scratching ahead and not knowing what to do compared to actually having your goals, knowing what to do, knowing what to attack, knowing what to go after and having that road maps. You can actually follow that to your man. Goal. Very big difference. Obviously, that's why it's step number two. Very important as well. So make sure you go ahead, get the most out of this, and I know you're going to enjoy it with the various examples I'm going to give you. So with that being said, I will see you in the next video 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 2: Hey, what's going on? It's James Cans in l. A. And welcome to step two of the ultimate goal setting blueprint. As always, it's super awesome. The heavy here and obviously this is going to be a very crucial step. Otherwise it wouldn't be in here, right? But this is the difference between kind of knowing what you want and then either just sitting there scratching your head, not knowing what to do compared to attacking those goals relentlessly, going after you want, being confident in the process and going from there literally like night and day person A doesn't know what they're doing, even though they know what they want. Person be knows exactly what they wanted. Exactly how to get this can happen a lot of times, maybe have a lot of goals right now. Ambitious dreams, whatever it's going to be, but you have no idea how you're going to reach them. This is going to really help you put it into action because when you have the road map in front of you, you're going to be like them. Now I actually know what I need to do. Might not be the best road map in the world. But you know what? Sometimes is gonna be detours. You just change the road, go a different route and you can at least get there rather than not having any road to travel in the first place. Okay, so enough with the analogies. Let's move on to the first slide. Talking about mapping out action. So after knowing what you want, which we talked about in the first step in this step, I'm actually gonna go through two examples. Okay, One when it comes to just making money online, digital marketing business, kind of a monetary gold type of thing. And the other one's going to be with weight loss because I know that's a popular goal as well. Heck, probably don't want to lose £50. Maybe you do want to lose £50. I'm just using that as a goal, and it's person wanting to get back into their skinny jeans. So based upon the wording, usually that was a popular goal when it comes to women. When I was doing personal training. So a woman that wants to lose £50 get back into skinny jeans that will be the reference for the second example. So starting with the 1st 1 let's not waste any time and continue. Let's start with $25,000 a month. The goal, of course. So the first thing you want to do once you know what's to say your big Ole are what are 3 to 6 smaller goals you want to hit. So yet the big goal of 25 K per month, then you want to break it down into three or six kind of smaller steps. Okay, so starting with the 1st 1 kind of thinking of it in order. So let's just say you wanted to ride your bike from I don't know, Florida to Georgia. Okay, the first thing you would need to do is hey, I need to find a bike. Okay, Now I need to get a bike. Now. I need to learn how to ride a bike, in case you didn't know. And then I need to pedal from there to the other section to the other state. Okay? Just think of it with any type of goal. What do you need to do to get from point A to B? Sometimes you're not going to know that, But Hey, there's ways of finding out. Let's continue. So first and foremost, okay, You're gonna want to research, then create to recurring info products. Okay, Now there's a 1,000,000 ways to go out there and make 25,000. 150,000 month. This is just one of them. OK, so that's gonna come up a lot when it comes to goals. Okay, When it comes the weight loss, there's a 1,000,000 routines, you canoe. There's a 1,000,000 diet plans as long as you pick. When you find one that works well with you, remember, Because you have to sell yourself on the process. I talked about that previously multiple times. Okay, that's why it's very important you go out there, you pick something that you would want to do yourself that you're going to enjoy. You're gonna get more bang for your buck when it comes to achieving your goals. Because you've going in there with more enthusiasm or zeal, more excitement, because it's something you enjoy. But either way, so first and foremost, you gonna you're going to want to research, then create to recurring info products. You figure Hey, why sell something one time when agonist through a recurring offer in there and get paid multiple times. Figure that's going to lie to make more money with less effort and have kind of a semi passive income. Pretty cool, right? So you're going to want to research that and then create to recurring info products that would be one big step towards the goal. Okay, next, you're gonna want to create in research or research, then create one high ticket offer. You figure, Hey, if I want to hit that goal, it's going to be much easier when I have a higher ticket offer. After all, from selling a $7 product for us, $1000 product, I'm gonna get there much quicker if I'm making high ticket offers as well. Case that would be Step two. Step three is creating the cells materials to be able to sell these little advance tactic. If I was actually going to do this, if it wasn't just an example, I would actually create the sales materials first. But I just want to go and confuse everyone. That's an advanced tactic. But either way, Step three. Creating sales materials to be able to sell these because once you create, of course. Obviously you have to be able to sell it. It's not field of dreams. Or if you build it, people are just gonna buy. You got to be able to sell it them before creating systems to automate selling these. Okay, that will actually save up a lot of time where you can actually, yes, make money while you sleep. But that's gonna lie to not have to be there and, like, pitch every single product to every single visitor that ever sees it. This is the Internet we're talking about. You can leverage funnels. You can leverage systems. You can leverage auto responders. You can leverage webinars whatever it's going to be, you're going to need to find systems. You need to find tools to be able to do that so you can run your online business more effectively. And number five is going to be fine advertising methods for targeted traffic. All right, Once you have the products together, once you have the funnels together, once you have the offers together and once you've actually being able to sell them now you just got to send traffic to it. This is where a lot of people stumble, I'd say probably it's the most challenging for them because if they're not using free traffic, they got to go out there and actually advertise and invest money in traffic. So that's probably what I've noticed when it comes to a lot of people, so that one might take a little bit more time hack even more than maybe creating the offers , depending on how quick or slow you're going to be doing that give away. Those are basically five smaller goals that you must hit when it comes to hitting the bigger picture off $20,000 per month. OK, so let's kind of break it down. You can actually do some math here, So let's just say that one recurring cell is gonna equal around average customer values Gonna be about $50. So if you make 200 sales, that's going to be $10,000. Okay, let's say a high ticket offers $1000. If you make 10 cells, that's going to be $10,000. If you do the math there, that's 20 $1000. So if you think about it each recurring info product, you only have to sell 100 of each. That's gonna be around 10-K We're not talking about refunds or anything funny like that just to make numbers nice and even. And then, of course, like I said, 10 sales. So that's kind of the math between that and then you'd have to kind of go by how many visitors you want to send. How well you think it's going to convert? I'm not gonna go crazy into the math, but I'm just throwing out some numbers here to give you more examples. So next what you want to do is actually break down each of those steps into micro steps. So remember we had the big goal of 20 K We had the smaller goals, five of them right there. Now we want to break down. Each of those five goes into micro steps, these air literally going to be the actions you're going to need to take. Usually, there's going to be much more than what I'm showing here, but I don't want to create like a Santa Claus wish list of action steps you need to take. All right, So just so this course doesn't last seven hours, Okay, so, research, then create to recurring in for products. All right, So even if you had no idea what type of recurring offers you should create, what do you need to do? Well, you're gonna want to see what's selling really well in your niche, right? It's a really good idea just to see what gets the most hits. What's high converting so you can look for high converting offers. Look for products that the day, maybe for an Internet marketing, Maybe you could go to click bank, check out some of the high gravity offers you could go to J. Visa. You can Goto Warrior, plus look for high IPCC offers Heck in JV Zoo and and Warrior. Plus, they actually say what the IPCC are very easy to see what is converting very well next. You can also ask around in Facebook groups. Does anyone have any high converting, recurring info products? Maybe you're an affiliate, maybe just want to actually promote them yourselves. But is the good idea just to go around and ask people, because if you kind of model something that's working already, you're going to save yourself a lot of time, effort and money instead of just launching something in it. Bombs? That wouldn't be good. Right? So purchase and funnel hack an offer to So what that means Is that what you actually find? One that's high converting you buy it. All right, You go through the funnel, you take notes. Okay? About the up. So the down sells the process. Okay? What they have in the back end, Maybe that's actually called funnel. Hacking. Okay, you go through, you spend a little money, and you see how the funnel ISS set up. It's really great information. Some of the best products I ever purchased was specifically for the buyer process. What happened with the up cells? What were they selling? Did they have any down SOS? What did the download? Thank you, Page. Look, like I remember coming to a page A thank you page. And right before you actually got the product, they had a wall of highly recommended products. They were doing like a fire cell where they said, like, Hey, here's 10 offers we have and you can get any of them for 50% off. I thought. Holy crap. What a great idea. I have all these offers myself and anyone who wants to purchase seeing if they like this product, they can get more of them a great way to add some more cash flow, obviously, to your funnels. Okay, aside from that, is going to be creating offers. Okay, don't have to really dive deep into that. Once you figure out what type of recurring offers you want to create, go ahead and create him, right makes sense. So this stuff after that was researched. Then create one high ticket offer very similar to the one before, except it's going to be a higher ticket offer. Once again, look for high converting offers high E. P. C. Offers. Ask around on Facebook groups. Heck, asked the promote one as an affiliate. Okay, because a lot of times on the JV pages, they will give you the high E PC's and what not because they know they want people who are going to go out there and be confident in their promotion. And when they can actually show high e PC's, they're gonna make more sales. Everyone's gonna make more cells. Everyone's gonna win. Okay, If you want to be ambitious, you can actually purchase and funnel hacking offer to with this, Okay? I've been through high end coaching before, so I know what the cells process looks like. I didn't say I did that just to, you know, see the sales process. But it's always nice. It's refreshing to see what they're doing because you can always model of yourself. And, of course, actually creating the offer. Okay, next would be creating sales materials to be able to sell these. Okay, So model high converting sales letters and webinars. It's very easy to go through an actually extract the template that they're going to be using a lot of sales letters and webinars to strictly use templates, and they fill it in with information that accommodates the type of topic they're going to be talking about. Okay, you can also purchase a course on how to sell. Okay, Maybe someone like Russell Brunton. Heck, he has. I'm pretty sure like a free plus shipping. It's like eight bucks we can get, like, the perfect Webinar script or something like that. For eight bucks, you can actually go out there and figure out how to sell on Webinars, and he's done millions upon millions upon millions of dollars and sales that's insane. Okay, normally probably have to spend a lot more than that. So it actually just buy a book Hack. You could probably get it for free asking in Facebook groups for advice. And of course, creating the sales material is actually going to be the main big step of that. But as you can see, this kind of covers. Heck, if I don't know how to sell, what do I do? Will you find out how you ask around? You look for templates to extract. You look for books to buy, whatever it's going to be. If you don't have the information, you have to find it. Okay? It does. There's no way around it. People do that all times. Hey, I don't know how to sell. We'll figure out how to sell. Hey, I don't know how to code will figure out how to code. It's insane. It's like they know they don't know how to do something and they know they need to be able to do that for them to complete their goal. Yet. Will this completely stop there? Don't do that, Okay? There's no point in setting goals. If you're going to say I don't know how to do that and then completely stop. Imagine if someone who is completely new to the gym and said, I don't know how to do it. Dumb Bell curl and this walked out and gave up on their muscle building or weight loss goals. I mean, how silly is that? So if you don't know how to do something, it's just simply a reminder that you need to figure out how to do that. First, ask around. Purchase a book. There's plenty of information out there. Plenty of people who can help you with it. Okay, next, create systems to automate selling these. So you're gonna need to look for a funnel builder to use. Maybe you just want to use a website, maybe want to use WordPress and optimize press. There's a 1,000,000 choices. Like I said, there's no like one rial specific way of doing it. Wherever you like. The best for me. I like click funnels cause it's awesome. Next to be looking for an auto responder, maybe want to use a Weber get response, her market hero infusion. Stop whatever it's going to be research. Look for one. Get it done. Same thing with Webinar platform for selling high ticket. Maybe you want to automate it with webinar jam every webinar, maybe one of these go to Webinar or Demio, whatever it's going to be And, of course, actually wants you have these together building the funnels and putting the pieces together . For example, you have the product, you have the sales materials all done. You need to connect these need to add the papal buns, maybe need to add the buyer opt ins. Maybe you need to add the lead pages in the beginning to collect the lead. Maybe you need to do the emails. All right, you need to connect these. There's a lot of moving parts, but that would be one of the bigger pieces of it. Okay, Next, find advertising methods for targeted traffic. Right now you have, like, the whole thing set up. Your main goal is going to be obviously sending traffic to it and optimizing it. Alright. Didn't put that in there because that's just gonna be more stuff to talk about. But I'm just giving you kind of ah loose example here. Okay, so figure out how to advertise on a specific website. What is it going to be gonna be Facebook? Is it going to be being Is it going to be YouTube? It's going be Twitter about facebook slash instagram ATS whatever. It's going to be fine one spot and figure that out instead of, you know, jumping around 500 different spots. And you know, just pulling your hair out because you got so many ads running at the same time and also hire someone to get you leads right one of the few times Maybe you're getting leads for, like, $2 but you're having trouble scaling can actually hand it off to someone else and say like , Hey, get me Ah, 5000 leads this month, whatever it's going to be, obviously, you're gonna have to pay someone. But once again, if you don't want to invest, you're gonna have to utilize free traffic methods. Okay, you can do both if you want, but if you don't feel like paying which a lot of people use, you don't have to look up some free traffic methods. Could be JV traffic. Could be, you know, four. Marketing. It could be Pinterest marketing could be instagram. It could be Twitter. Whatever. It's going to be find something that's going to be able to get you that traffic so you can actually reach that income will. So deadlines these force yourself to step up and are very important. If you just have those goals there, you could probably wait like a decade, and that time could go bite, so Oh, yeah, I haven't done it yet because there was no pressure on you. You didn't step up and you don't want that. So at a deadline for each and write them down. Okay, so I don't have room on the right there. So kind of numbers one through four. Give about a ballpark of three months, okay? And given actual data to say, three months because you could just keep reading that a month from now and say, Oh, look it. Three more months. Write down a concrete like day, date and year. Okay, Month, day year. So you know exactly what it is. And I just gave a random example. Very ambitious example off three months for the 1st 4 which is basically creating to recurring offers creating a high ticket offer the sales material to be able to sell these and systems to automate selling these. Okay, I can definitely get that done Less time than that. But someone who hasn't had any experience it would definitely be very ambitious. But I'll give you an example. The first time I ever used anything to build a funnel. First time ever created a full funnel with the doing the cells that are reading a copy, creating the product doing to up cells and down cells connecting all the papal email accounts connecting the emails. The buyer opt in. The download page is the thank you Page is first time I ever did a full phone with zero experience. I got it done in one complete week. I even bet people I said, Okay, if I don't get this done, I owe you money. Then more people jumped in and said like Hey, add me and it too. So if you don't get it done now, you gotta pay me also, so anything can be done quickly. It's gotta put your mind to it. So three months is kind of ambitious, but you know what? Like I said, we're thinking big here. We're not saying like, 03 years just to get this done. That's just gonna be a waste of time. OK? And then the last one find advertising methods for targeted traffic. Okay, so that's gonna be about three months. Because, like I said, normally in the space, a lot of people struggle a traffic. So I threw in three months. Okay, Maybe it's gonna take a little longer, but like I said, six months, especially if you're not making any money now is super ambitious. That's awesome, I imagine if you aim for $20,000 then you only made 5000 0 my goodness. You only made $5000 per month. Now you can quit your job. Now you can have so much more freedom and do what you love. You filled miserably. I'm kidding, All right. The fact of the matter is, even if you don't hit that 20 k like I said, you're going to stretch yourself so much farther to get so much more done in that amount of time. That's why deadlines air so powerful. Okay, so next, where I'm going to do is actually cut the video, and we're gonna go to the weight loss goal with some more examples. So just In case you're kind of looking for a fitness school, I can give you a different perspective. So I'm going to stop this video and I will see you in the next one. 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 2 Part 2: all right. So starting right where we left off with the weight loss goal and a few examples once again mapping out the actions, what are going to be 3 to 6 smaller goals that you must hit in order to reach your bigger goal? So 1st 1 would be looking for a workout plan. OK, we'll dive deeper into each of these. You need to look for a meal plan, all right, and I'm assuming that you're kind of starting from square one and you don't have any of this information. OK, next you're going to need to cook and prepare meals, which is obviously something you're going to need do on a continuous basis. Same thing with number four, which is going to the gym X amount of times depending on what your actual workout plan says to do, right? And last but not least, we got creating in Accountability Journal there. So let's break these down, and it's really funny the difference between kind of the other example I gave you when it comes to building an online business and losing weight. It's not that building an online businesses like super hard and super difficult to do It's just the difference between that goal. And this one is like night and day just because I have accomplished both. And when it comes to weight loss, it's like so much easier, because there's so many less variables, and you just need to be kind of robotically consistent. That's like the big thing. You could be consistent with an online business, but sometimes a lot of things were going to change. That's not as big of a deal when it comes to losing weight. Plus, I mean, it's just you you're not dealing with. Like, you know, customers and customer support in charge backs. That doesn't really happen with your body. Yeah, maybe you have food allergies or something, but that's the only thing I can think of. So look for a workout plan, Okay? What do you got to do here? Very simply could search bodybuilding forums. You could search magazines. You could surge, you know, wherever else they're gonna be searching for them and find something you'd enjoy. Said there's a 1,000,000 workout plans out there. And what I mean by enjoy it doesn't mean it's like this wimpy, you know, lift £2 dumbbells all day long. That's not going to do anything, all right. What I mean by enjoy is that there's a lot of different types of workouts for different goals, and different types of you know something you'd enjoy it. A good example is CrossFit, which is going to be a little bit more endurance heavy compared to like power lifting. Very extreme example. But if you're someone who wants to a lift in, say, a higher repetition range look free workout that's going to be tailored to that. Obviously you can change up your workouts down the road. But that's where I recommend starting off. If you were into that, if your guy looking the build muscle maybe want to do a 68 repetition range, could you like lifting a little heavier? That's what I mean by something you didn't joy. Something you enjoyed doesn't mean it should be like, Oh, this is the easiest workout ever. You're gonna have to stress your body in order to lose some way and build some muscle. It's the way it is. Okay, print out multiple copies of your workout plan. Okay? You're gonna need these. Maybe to see around the house to remind you that you need to get to the gym so that you can record it so that you can post your thoughts, whatever it's going to be that will help keep your mind fresh and what you need to do and the actions you need to take specifically when it comes to your workout plan. Plus, you know, like the back of your hand have talked about before. Immersion. Kind of immersing yourself in the process, enjoying it, getting excited about doing your new workout plan. OK, next look for a meal plan. Same thing Could search bodybuilding forms. You could search Google. You could search magazines. Okay, There's so many different types of quote unquote diets out there. Find something you'd enjoy, right? If you're gonna go on a diet, that's just like I did, which I have no problem doing, which is like brown rice, chicken, broccoli Uh oh. Meal, eggs, holy bread, whole wheat pasta. It's just like a lot of foods that taste like cardboard. If you're gonna do that kind of cold turkey, what, after you've been drinking soda and having cakes and sweets could be very difficult for you to do so, Find something that will least allow you to kind of transfer from the type of eating you're having now to something that's gonna be a little easier to manage. And then you can, slowly or quickly, depending on how fast you want to do it. Go from. There s when I say find something in the joy that doesn't mean he pizza every day. Okay, Just compared to all the meal plans out there, find one that's going to be favorable to the foods you like and what you'd like to sacrifice and not sacrifice. Once again, print out multiple copies of the meal plan. You can put it on your fridge. You can put it on your counter. This will let you know exactly what you need to eat. People who fail with their diet usually don't have any type of meal. Plan will open up. The fridge will close it. They'll come back. Open up. The fridge will close at the comeback eventually, though, given the eating something that they know, they shouldn't. Okay, they don't even have a meal plan. How you gonna follow a meal plan if you don't have one in the first place? It's crazy. Seen that too many times as a personal trainer. Next, cook and prepare meals. Okay, this is something you're going to need to do pretty much weekly. And aside from the first to once you get those done, you don't really need to do them again. Which is good. Caso always create a shopping list any time you're going to the supermarket. Just a little expert tip for you. First of all, you want to eat something before you go. If you go to a supermarket hungry, you're gonna put everything in that damn shopping guard, I'll tell you. Right, But always create a shopping list. You know exactly what you need to buy. Notice how all throughout this entire course, regardless of what step. It's always always about knowing exactly what you want. Care not leaving anything that chance. You're not going there and saying What should I buy today? Didn't just go and buy, you know, a bunch of pizzas and hot dogs, nacho cheese or whatever it's going to be. You have a shopping list. You know exactly what you need to get. You know exactly what you need to do. You get in, you get out. You go home. Okay, So go to the grocery store once a week. Little micro step. Use the weekends to cook in bulk and prepped foods. Okay, maybe have more time on the weekends. Dedicate a couple hours to making a lot of chicken at once. I go buy in bulk so that you can cook it in book. You don't have to make all these different arrangements to cook food every single day, because when you cook a lot of it at once, it's gonna save you a ton of time and a ton of money. Hey, next would be throwing all of the junk food. If you're always giving into temptation, don't even have it in your house. OK, it's crazy. You should see my fridge right now. It's like eggs. Um, what else is in my fridge? Some chicken. Aside from that at, like, 15 to £20 of brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, natural peanut butter, cottage cheese. Like all foods that are good for you, I have not one ounce of junk anywhere near. I don't even buy it right. It makes it so much easier. I'm even looking the lose way. It's just kind of how I live, OK, so it makes your life so much easier. I understand if you're living with someone else and there's going to be junk food in there had to deal with that. You can still make it work. But that's just the recommendation as a personal trainer and someone who's been doing this for a while. Always have meal plan visible. That's the last one. Okay, talked about that previously. Put it up on your refrigerator, put it over near your kitchen table so you know what you need to be eating next. OK, so you're not going to be snacking on something you shouldn't? Hey, if you're not even in tow weight loss, you're gonna be like, OK, that makes sense. But I'm just giving you examples because a lot of these were going to be crucial, regardless of how small details there, when it comes to achieving each single step, which allows you to achieve your ultimate goal Next, go to the gym X amount of times this is pretty self explanatory. Something else that could go along with it is don't forget the iPhone and headphones so that you can actually go there. Listen to your own music. You don't have to listen to the crap that the gym blaze. Aside from that, you're gonna want to record your sets and reps with your iPhone. They got little no pads in there. I do this all the time, enter and how much weight you lifted. Okay, How many reps you did and how many sets strive to increase weights or reps every single time you go in there. So let's just say like on Mondays, you do like upper body case. Next time, next week you do Monday again. Upper body. If you did, like, you know, £20 try to go to £25 or if you did six or if you did 15 reps, you know, tried and do 16 reps. You're always looking to increase what you did last time. Okay, that's how you improve. You get better. That's how your body obviously you can build muscle that way. Whatever it is, if you're doing cardio, you want to increase your time. But say we're going for a mile. Whatever it's going to be, always strive to improve. All right, That's how you always improving. So you're always getting better That's how you know you're getting closer to your goals because you're not just staying stagnant, doing the same exact thing with no improvement every single time break down each step in the micro steps, we got created. Accountability journal. This is the last one. Okay, this is what I used to do in terms of body transformation. I do this kind of offline now, but what I do is write down what was awesome about the workout. Okay, there's a really awesome question to ask yourself about anything. So what was awesome about the workout instead of going in there having a bad work on saying all this sucks? It was horrible. I hated it. And bring this negativity in the play. Think about what was awesome about it. You could say, Hey, at least I made it to the gym. I was feeling really tired, but you know what? I got there anyway, and I still made the most of it. A completely different way of looking at things, okay. And also asked what was awesome about the day, Not just the workout. Hey, actually cooked and prepared all my all my foods and book. So I got that done? I got it done faster. That was awesome about it. I didn't give in to eating a lot of this crappy food. I know I shouldn't And I eat all my meals. All my heel heel were eating ill today. I all my meals. So it was a really awesome day. I just go in and record it. Like I said, immersion. Always thinking about it, being consistent with it. Okay, right. How it could become even more awesome. Okay, Whether it's your day, whether it's your business, whether whatever goal it is in terms of your day, this will help you step up and actually look to see how you can improve it, cause remember, you can always get better. For example, when it came to the dumb Bell bench press, I probably could have squeaked out to more reps. Okay, that could have been more awesome. I could have been more positive when it came to denying foods I shouldn't eat. I shouldn't have made a big deal about it, Okay? Always looking for ways to improve. This is stuff people don't do. There's like I was horrible. They complain and they moan. You don't want to do that. If you're always looking at how you can improve things and hiking making more awesome, you're gonna have an unfair advantage. What? I like to call compared to someone who's not doing this at all. Okay, I've got these from one of my coaches. I think he got them from Tony Robbins. But you're always looking on how you can improve things. What was awesome about it and how it could be even more awesome. You're not saying like what was sucky about my day? Completely different wording. Okay, keep track of measurements in progress Weekly. I did this transformation contest. Actually, it was You had to do it or otherwise. I guess you wouldn't get points or whatever, but once a week San Day Sunday around the same time, you know, take progress pictures. Take your shirt off. Take a picture turned inside. Take a picture so you can see week after week after week after week as you're building muscle is you losing body fat. And it's amazing, you know, over what was it over six months, the difference between, you know, building most on losing body fat, and we can actually look through and also taking your measurements so you'll know if you're going in the right direction in terms of, you know, losing weight off her hips. You know your waist. Maybe your biceps are getting a little bigger. Whatever it's going to be and keep track of it, that's we have a journal that's going to keep. That's gonna be like your scorecard. You don't need to step on the scale every single day because that's just pretty much useless. Scale lies too many times, Okay, especially we had a lot to drink. Use the bathroom, whatever it's going to be. Those are just some expert tips. But either way, I don't need to worry about that. Now. What you're gonna want to do is adding a deadline and for this is gonna be a slightly a little different in terms of a deadline, Let me explain. So, looking for a workout plan in a meal plan, this isn't gonna be something that's going to take a long time, and it shouldn't take a long time. And I see this a lot with a lot of goals there, like so, have you started creating your product like No, um, I'm still looking or, you know, the give some crazy reason I'm like, Why you still looking? OK, Imagine if this was your goal for losing weight and you had to look for a workout plan in a meal plan. And it's been 2.5 months, and you're like, Oh, I'm still looking like Why has it taken so long? Right? This does not need to take long. I put two days next to, and that's still almost too much time. Okay, give you like, an hour. Okay, that will really force you to find one quickly. Look for a workout plan. Look for a meal plan. Once you do that, those air done very easy to do that should not take a long time. So think of that whenever you have a goal and you have these little big goals, you need to do that. Don't take a long time like thinking of a name for the product. It doesn't need to take seven months to do. That's ridiculous. OK, cook and prepare meals that's going to be weekly. So that's something that's going to need to be consistent, which is one of the reasons why you can look at these goals right here. Why a lot of people fail when it comes to the weight loss or building muscle or fitness because number three and four they don't do at all that they don't do consistently. Literally. That's the only difference between failing and not feeling. When it comes to weight loss. It's insane. Like I said, compared to business, there's a lot more variables and you only really have to rely on yourself. You eat your own food, you drive your own car, you go to the gym, you work out yourself, not that difficult to do. All right. So cooking and preparing meals you're gonna be doing weekly obviously gonna be eating them as well, going to the gym X amount of times. It's gonna be semi daily, depending on how often you're going but X amount of times a week. Then, of course, the accountability journal is there to kind of glue everything together. Yes, you can do it without it, but it's really going to help you. That's from personal experience. It can kind of add this to any girl you want, but there was only four here. I want to add one more to give you a few more examples, so those don't really have crazy deadlines. Okay? Like the 1st 2 they could be done quickly. The other ones need to be done on a consistent basis. But we did have losing £50. Put a deadline of one year, 52 weeks in the year. You're looking at around a pound a week, which is very good. Obviously, that's very doable. A lot of people going in the weight loss. I don't know what it is. They lose the watch like the Was that the biggest loser And think they should lose, like, £40 the first week. Usually they have no idea when it comes to weight loss. Like if you're £1200. Yeah, you can do that. But that's not realistic. Okay? You want to be realistic losing weight. This isn't one of those Things were like, I'm going to be ambitious and lose £100 in 10 days. It just doesn't work that way. Okay, being ambitious is saying, Hey, I'm gonna lose £50 give myself a deadline of one year. The ambitiousness there is the fact that you're going to be accountable, persistent and consistent for that entire year. 365 days straight. And that's where most people feel. Like I just talked about that. So keep that in mind, that is a pretty ambitious goal for the fact of the matter, you got to say, consistent for an entire year. You want to lose that £50. This is what you do right here. Okay, I'm literally giving you a road map. If you want to lose weight, you probably don't have to lose £50 But it's the same thing for any amount of weight, with the time going to be different depending on how much you want to lose. Okay, so that's it. Friendly. Reminded to think big. Hope you enjoyed this section to give you quite a few examples in terms of the weight loss and the online business and how they kind of differentiate what you need to look at the perspectives you need to think about you the way that step to a very important one. Once you do this, you can actually map out your actions, and you're basically going to be good to go when it comes to start achieving them and taking action which is the most fun part, right? Go ahead. You can shake your head up and down, right? Awesome. So either way, that's this video. I'll see you in the next one.