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The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 1

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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3 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 1

    • 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 1 Part 2


About This Class

Welcome to the Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint. In this section of the course, you're going to discover the first crucial step when it comes to achieving your goals. I'll walk you through some of the most popular goals and brainstorm some ideas for you, just in case you get stuck. Lastly, I'll walk you through a few important questions to answer so that you can go into setting your goals with the most amount of leverage. So be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.


1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It's James Ken's and all, and welcome to these section of the ultimate goal setting blueprint, where I'm gonna walk you through the crucial first step. Now, what's going to happen here is very simply, I'm gonna walk you through some of the biggest goals, just in case you need a little bit more inspiration, motivation and kind of how to structure them, especially if they're going to be dealing with wealth, health or relationships and self help. Okay, aside from now, I'm gonna show you how to leverage them. So you get the most bang for your buck, so to speak. And you can actually go into setting your goals and achieving them with what I like to refer to as the unfair advantage. So if you want to know what it is, just continue watching and I will see you in the next video 2. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 1: Hey, what's happening? It is James Ken's and all. And welcome back to the ultimate goal setting blueprint. And in this section of the course, we're going to be going over the first and very important step where we can actually define what you want, how to break it down. And, of course, how toe leverage its You get the most effectiveness out of, actually kind of figuring out what your goals are and how to use that energy to kind of motivate ume or inspire you more and realize your true potential. Why you want those specific goals, OK, so little disclaimer before we begin, obviously, I'm not sitting next to you. I can't talk to you one on one. I'm not sure what your goals are. So you're gonna have to do a little bit of thinking when it comes to defunding your goals, obviously. So what I'm going to do is run through kind of the biggest three. In terms of health, wealth, relationships and self help, I'm going to give you a few examples. So if you're kind of lost, if you need a little inspiration, a little push, I'm gonna walk you through that. Okay? So that's a little disclaimer I obviously can't go through and just, like, pick random goals for you. It doesn't work that way. So either way enough said, that's the intro. Let's begin. So first and foremost, what do you want? We're going to start off with? Well, so if you're looking to add a little bit more money to your bank account, make more monthly yearly, maybe wanna be own boss, whatever it's going to be, here's some of the I guess you could say bigger goals. A lot of people kind of talk about, think about want when it comes to wealth. So, first and foremost, where would you like to live? Are you happy with where you are now, or do you know you deserve better? You know you want better where you want to be, in a place where it's better schooling area. Or maybe there's less crime. Or maybe it's a city area. Maybe you want to live in a different country, had a different continent, whatever it's going to be. Where would you like to live? Okay, keep that in mind, because usually when it comes to goals, that's going to be a big chunk of money. Okay, I'm gonna break this all down after I kind of run through these just to show you the example here. Okay. What type of place do you want? Okay, that's going to be a very big definer when it comes to how much money you're going to need to make, you know, monthly, yearly annually, whatever you wanna call it. And if you want to live in apartment or a home compared to obviously a mansion, or maybe you want to live, you know, in New York and you want to live in the penthouse, there's going to be a very big difference between the amount of money you're gonna have to make. Okay, So what type of car would you like to drive once again if you want to just drive. Ah, you know a pinto from 1980 or you want to get a Lamborghini? Obviously, there's gonna be a massive difference between the type of car you drive. Okay. Would you like to go on vacations? Okay. Vacations are pretty popular when it comes to traveling. Maybe you want to live the laptop lifestyle, so to speak. And that's gonna be a part of your business expense. Either way, if you like to travel, if you like to go on vacations, that's gonna be a big chunk of money, okay? And anything else in particular? What else would you like to have money for? Okay, this is where you got to do some thinking It's gonna be completely up to you. The type of lifestyle you want to live, where you want to live, how you want to live your life. A few brainstorming here and there will do. Okay, So how much money would you like to make? Sometimes this isn't going to be as clear. You could have absolutely just throw a number out there, but to give you a good idea where if you were looking to make more money, obviously increase your wealth. Using these questions, I asked you, Let's kind of break it down. And actually answer that where you'll know the least amount of money you'll want to make monthly. Okay, so let's just say Boston. Okay? I'm planning on moving the Boston pretty soon. That's one of my goals. My brother used to live there, and I think he paid around between 2000 to 2400 per month for his place. Very small place downtown. I was probably, like, 500 square feet, but I'd say that was around 20. 500. Plus, there's going to be a little bit more. Okay. You always Any time you're writing down how much money you think you should have if you're moving to a place if you're gonna be buying something, if you're gonna be doing something new, always err on the side of having it be more expensive. You don't want to put down like the minimal amount of money and then realize it's gonna be so much more. Okay, so I rounded that up. What's the states? About 3000 per month. Okay, sure. You can get a much cheaper. I'm sure you can get it much more expensive, but just rounding it up, Okay. Next, in terms of car, we talked about hair. You can have a car if I go to Boston. I'm not having a car. Okay. Don't need one. I can walk everywhere. Aside from that, you can also take the tea. Okay, I think it's between maybe one or 200 a month. But aside from that federal want to take the tea. Maybe it's snowing. Maybe it's freezing out. For example, I could take a taxi or uber or a list. Whatever it's going to be so would say, around $300 a month, maybe 500. No big deal, right? Cailed. So you want to go into vacations? Okay. I just said $12,000 per year, just so that would average out to about 1000 per month. But hey, maybe you want to be ambitious. Maybe you want to take a vacation every month. It's gonna be completely different to you. Can just using this as an example. Next, let's see one of personal chef because you're so busy you love eating good meals and you love even better when someone else does it for you. I don't know how much a personal chef costs, like to say $1000 a month. Okay, next, let's see. You want to get a dog. K. Dogs are awesome. You can take him out. They can. You know they can go run around and sniff people's butts. That's going to be about $1000 per month. Once again, could be less. Could be more utilities depending on how much electricity use, you know, maybe keep the light sound in the A C on all the time. Let's say around $200 then you're looking at insurance. That could be health insurance. In this situation, you wouldn't need car insurance. So around $500 of course, food. Okay, especially here in Boston. There's not gonna be a Zeman any, you know, little Wal Mart stores. I guess every time I was there was, like whole Foods, whole foods, whole foods, whole foods and all those other types of stores. So it's to say about $300 a month and going from there. If you were to add all this up, we move my mouse. So 3000 per month here, extra 1000. We'll skip that for now. 1000 it will be 4000. Adding this is 5000. Adding this is 6000. Adding up this right here next 1000. It's gonna be about 7000 there. So you got 7300. Like I said, you can always add a little more. No car is gonna be a little more. Maybe you're gonna want to do some spending here. And there may be some extra entertainment, maybe some drinks. Obviously, you can factor that in there. But based upon what I have right now, you're looking at about $8000 per month. Okay, so we're actually looking to kind of move somewhere else. If that's part of your goal. If you want to get a car, if you want to go on vacation, you want to get a chef? I'm just giving these random examples. This is a great exercise to utilize and figure out how much money you're going to need to make at the least in terms of hitting your goals in order. Kind of lived the lifestyle you want, where you want, how you want it. Okay, so just for this example, you're looking at about $8000 per month, so that should be the bear. That shouldn't even be a goal. All right, if it takes $8000 to live somewhere like this, you shouldn't even be aiming anywhere near $8000 because that's pretty much if you're going in there with not a lot of money, you're looking at being broke. Okay, So a goal would be like much higher than now. I'd say 20,000 at least just because you have money to spend money to save from there, even if that's a big stretch to you, that's the idea. You want to start thinking bigger, Okay? Don't say like, Oh, if I need 1000 I only want to hit 9000. All right, You're not going to be stretching yourself and giving you yourself kind of the permission, The capabilities of thinking big and everything I talked about previously that when you're looking for a higher number, when you're stretching yourself, you'll use so much more of your capabilities, your your attributes, so to speak, your talent, your resource is your environment, everything else. So once again, whatever income go you have is completely cool. This make sure it's not like a little bit more than what you already need. That's not a huge goal. Okay, so that's wealth broken down. Let's move on to the next slide, which is going to be health. Okay? Want to get on throwing out a lot of different goals here? This isn't something we're going to need to break down in terms of wealth, but in terms of losing weight building muscle these air Pretty much generic types of goals . You see a lot, especially because they used to be a personal trainer. So terms are a lot of the men women to, you know. How many pounds of muscle would you like to build? OK, would you like to add on £5? £10? Would you like to enter a bodybuilding contest? Whatever it's going to be. How many pounds of fat to lose? Okay, maybe you realize you're you've not been doing much have been packing on the pounds. You've been a little bit too lazy realized. Starting to get a little beer, belly, whatever it's going to be. How many pounds would you like to lose? Okay, these are all specific goals. Next. We got the max bench press came for men and women. If you're lifting, maybe your body building, maybe you're a power lifter. Okay? I put bench press there. That could be anything. Any type of lift, any type of exercise. Maybe you want to be able to do a playing for five minutes straight, maybe want to be able to do 100 Burpees without stopping. Maybe you want to increase your bar bell curl. Maybe your squat, your dead. Lift your bench, press your role, whatever it's going to be. These are all great goals that are gonna help you in terms of building Muslim getting stronger. Okay, maybe you want a six pack abs. Very popular. Gold's look at the truth about ABS and how millions upon millions of dollars that sold all about getting six pack APS. Maybe that's a goal for you, right? Maybe you want to fit into your skinny jeans again, right? For a lot of ladies out there, that's a very big goal I saw when it came to personal training. They want to be able to lose a few sizes, drop a few sizes, fit back into those jeans, feel amazing about it, and so on and so forth. Okay, maybe you're like me. You want to win a transformation conscious. Or maybe you want to do a bodybuilding contest or a physique contest. Whatever it's going to be, that could be one. Heck, maybe you want to run and finish a five K or even marathon. That could be a really big goal, especially if you've never done any type of run before not only doing a five K, but a marathon. Talk about stretching yourself right, Not saying You just go out there and run a marathon even though you've never run before you build up to it. But that would be a great big goal. OK, so that's health. Like I said, there's plenty more where that came from. This injecting ideas into your head. If you need a little bit inspiration, you're saying like him. You know, I could definitely lose some weight. Having a six pack would be awesome. Getting a bench press £300 would be awesome, whatever it's going to be. Alright, so that's health. Let's move onto the next one with relationships and self help. Okay, kind of combine these two together, but be able to easily approach the opposite sex. This is a very big one, especially for guys, because obviously, if you're interested in a woman you're gonna want to go up and talk to her. Eventually approach anxiety can kick in. It can be tough, so this could be an actual, pretty good goal, because if someone is super shy, they can't even talk to anyone. Little, let alone go up to a woman they don't know and speak to her. So if someone could actually go up, there may be a goal would be, Hey, I want to be able to approach 100 new women every single week. Pretty big goal. Especially coming from someone who's an extreme introvert and literally talks to no one. So if you think about that, if his goal was just to be okay, I want to be able to talkto one new woman a week or maybe a month or something like that. Compared to someone who said, Hey, I want to talk to 500 new women per month. Think about the actions that the person who has to do 500 talk to 500 a month is going to do. Compared to the other one, they're going to go out more. They're going to be more social. They're gonna look for more ways to initiate conversation. They're gonna practice more, they're gonna try more, they're gonna take action or they're gonna fail more. They're gonna make more mistakes, and they're going to get what they want so much faster because they're actually going into the game with his really high goal. And they know they have to actually go out there and do it. Okay, That's the difference between thinking big. The person who just wants to do one or two, you know, talk to one or two. Not do one or two. Not what I meant. Okay, Talk to one or two women is gonna be completely different than the person wants to talk to . 500 women a month. Okay, Build a stronger relationship now. Like I said, this is relationships. I'm certainly not a relationship guru. Don't take any advice for me. I'm just throwing this out there as a random example. Okay, so maybe you have a girlfriend, a boyfriend, And you want to strengthen that relationship? Maybe You wanna, You know, see Heiken. Take it to the elect next level, whatever it's going to be. Maybe it could be a love life. Maybe. Could be with your social activity, your physical activity, the group stuff you do together, maybe go the gym together, Maybe started running, plan a health plan, Whatever. It's going to be strengthened. Your current relationship, Maybe you want to build up your confidence. Like I said, this is self help. It's funny a lot of the dating books and, you know, like attraction pickup seduction books. They're all really kind of self help is wrapped up in this bow of like, you know, you can get all the women or men you want. It's pretty funny, but either way, all about building up your confidence that can truly help you in every single aspect of your life. And I can speak from experience from this one, like I talked about when I lost weight or when I finally, you know, one that transformation contest or when I was finally my own boss and I didn't have to go to our own job. The confidence from that just a massive increase in confidence just from achieving your goals. Okay, so getting your ex back, this is another one. There's a niche specifically for this because it's that big. Maybe that's a goal of years. Maybe want to win your ex back? There's plenty of experts, coaches and whoever else out there that can help you with that next one become the world's best public speaker. Talk about an ambitious goal, okay, especially if someone once again is an introvert. Public speaking is probably like one of the most feared things next to someone actually dying. There's been many poles and studies about that. So if you actually taken introvert, talk about an awesome case 30 year in Austin testimonial, where someone could literally not even hold the conversation with himself going to becoming the world's best public speaker. When you aim for a goal like that, just like I talked about previously in another video where my coach wanted to be the best natural bodybuilder in the world, you were gonna operate on a completely different level compared to someone saying, I just want to do one good public speaking not bad of a goal, but kind of weak if he asked me, learn how to attract the person of your dreams. Okay, whoever it's going to be. OK, maybe you know what to say to the opposite sex, but you don't want to screw it up because every now and then like a guy might come across the woman and you can tell that she probably could be the one, but he doesn't want to mess it up, so maybe that could be it. Maybe you want to find that person settled down with. Either way, there's just some random examples throwing him out their brain dumping. I'm not the super, you know, attraction, seduction. Get your ex back guru, just letting you know for the fifth time. But either way, write them down. Very important. Gave you some ideas. Heck, you might have goals that are outside these Big three. That's fine. I can't go through like every niche in the world or every type of goal. You can separate the way. Write them down. Get a Google doc. That's where I use them. Could be a no pad. Could be a journal. Could be writing on the wall on the ceiling. Whatever. It's going to be a little action step here. I'm gonna give you some time to do it. Okay, that time's up. You could always pause the video if you need to. Let's move on 3. The Ultimate Goal Setting Blueprint: Step 1 Part 2: leverage. Very important we talked about. This is one of the 10 Commandments of actually setting goals is leveraging it and selling yourself on it. OK, so why is it so important to achieve these goals or your goals for a reason? You're not going out there and saying Hey, I want a pet hamster and then you go No way. I don't want that, Okay, it's not important to you. But the goals you are picking are important for some reason, dig deep and find out why. Why do you want to make, you know a $1,000,000 a year? There's gonna be a reason behind it just because of money, for example, It could be hate if I am not able to make this amount of money. I can't, you know, donate $500,000 to a cancer fund or I can't donate money to this or my family's gonna lose their house and they're gonna go bankrupt, and they're gonna have to eat out of the streets if I don't make enough money to help buy out the house because it's about to be bank, you know, some crazy stories they're making up. Whatever the reason, is find the reason why it's so important in dig deep and use as much pain as possible. Okay, when I was really fat, I got picked on like no one would talk to me, had very little friends, and I used as pain as a motivator to get me out of that rut like I couldn't take it anymore . This is why you see so many people and rock bottom situations go from zero to hero because they put themselves in that pain and they leveraged it. That big word on the top of the screen. Let's move on. Why do you want them so badly? This goes hand in hand with number one. Maybe you're skinny. Maybe you're overweight. You're tired of getting picked on. I could not talk to women in high school and get is red as a tomato ID stutter at mumble. People would pick on me. I had, like, no self confidence. I couldn't stick up for myself. I was just a pushover. I used all this pain and leveraged it, and I turned into, you know, some six pack freak who won a transformation contest. Okay, so leverage. Whatever you have, whatever pain dig really deep and let the pain out. It's cool thing is the writing on the wall. That means other testimonials are the results. Are there proof? Okay, this is why testimonial sells so well on cells letters. Because it's like saying holy crap. If they could do it, I can do it. And you know what? If there isn't any results you confined, you say You know what? I'll be the first, Okay? There was no one that ever one that transformation conscious before it was the first time they did something like that. All will be the first. I don't need to see the writing on the wall. I don't need to see the testimonials. So even if there is or there isn't writing on the wall, so to speak, be the first. Okay, said the standard. It's like when the person what is it? Broke the four minute mile. I think it was four minutes, right? Everyone's like, Oh, it can't be done. Then one person did it and then guess what? Another person did it. Another person did another person. Did it be that person who sets the standards? Even if there is no writing on the wall. There's no testimonials. It's never been done before. As people like to say, Do the impossible. How can you reward yourself? This is a good one. This is also leverage. This came from when I did that transformation contest, and one of the biggest rewards was going to California said, Holy crap. I love California. Like I wanted to live there. I want to go there. I want to visit their. That by itself was enough leverage to help me do whatever it took. Okay, how can you reward yourself? Maybe once you actually fit into those skinny pair of jeans, you could go on vacation. You can go on a cruise. You can do something you know you love. Okay, That's how you can actually beef up your goals. Where want to accomplish them? Do something awesome for yourself. Okay. Are there any related products you can purchase? This is going to dive a little bit deeper to immersion, which I'm gonna talk about later. But this is also good for leverage. For example, when I go to bed at night, I read a book about online business about making money about mindset because it helps keep it fresh in my mind with what I need to accomplish. This will help keep you motivated. This will help keep you inspired and will also leverage and sell yourself on the process. If you bought this awesome video training course, don't just go through it once. Go through it multiple times, right, and I'm not saying you should do that instead of taking action. But find times. Or maybe you'd have this other hobby. You can replace it with something like that just to help keep yourself. Keep your mind where it should be. Okay, who else is currently doing what you want to dio and who else has already done what you want to do? Hang around them, Ask them questions If you can buy their products by their books, If they've done what you already wanted to do, that's the fastest way. That might as well be one of the best shortcuts to achieving any type of goals. Find someone who's done or is doing what you want to do and get the most information out of them. Not saying go there and, like nag them and be annoying and all that stuff, but find ways to get it done. Okay. You can learn from their mistakes. And when it comes to online business, that could save you thousands, hundreds of $1000 could save you years could save you decades worth of time and effort. It's extremely valuable. That's why coaches air so valuable because you're paying them to figure out what they did wrong. So you can kind of short cut the process. Okay, What will happen if you don't achieve them? This is where you really gotta dig deep with the pain. Okay? Because a lot of times, people won't take action because it's just so painful. Okay, we'll think about Oh, my God, if I do this, it's gonna be something new is gonna be something so painful. And that's usually what happens. All right, think about something that you know you need to do that you've been putting off. And the reason why is because you've associate ID so much pain with doing it. It's new to you. It kind of hurts. You feel stressed. You feel pressure, But ask yourself a better question when it comes to achieving those goals and taking those steps. What's gonna happen if you don't take those action steps. That's how you need to start looking at it as, for example, when I was really fat rule, I was really skinny. Been on both sides of the spectrum. When I was being picked on, I couldn't talk to women. I didn't realize it at the time because I was so young. But looking back at it now, I realized to myself like What would have happened if I never changed? I would have kept getting picked on. Life would have kept getting worse. I wouldn't have gotten what I got out of life. I wouldn't be respected. I have no conference. I'd still be a pushover. I wouldn't get what I wanted. And I leveraged all that pain every single day. Okay, not realizing I had done that, but that's what allowed me to really and easily change my body around. Choose my life around, changed my confidence and reach these massive goals. And I'm telling that so you can do the same. What's going to happen if you don't achieve these goals? For example, if you don't start hitting 10,000 month or whatever, your goal is okay and you have like no money in the bank and, you know, it sucks seeing a bill come in the mail. What's gonna happen? Maybe going to go bankrupt? Maybe they're going to take your house. Maybe you have to live on the streets. Think about it that way where if you start looking from a perspective of what's gonna happen if I don't achieve this and you start thinking about the hell that's going to happen , it's going to be much easier to take action instead of thinking, Oh my God, this is new. This is tough. I can't do this. It's It's stressful. Don't think about it that way. I think about it. What will happen if you don't achieve these goals? What will happen if you don't take action? Right? Some of those down. You'll be very surprised with what's gonna happen in the process that happen to me. Any time I started doing something new, any time I had to create a new course at the old man, this is new. I've done it before. But man, why is it it's just tough to do. I feel this pressure. Then I thought about what's gonna happen if I don't achieve them. I just started thinking like horrible things, like maybe my business would go on there, I'd have to get a job, which is probably the worst pain in me for the world. I wouldn't be able to support my family, which digs deeper in the pain. So think about it that way, and you can use that as leverage. These are the things a lot of people don't realize that is going to goal setting. They think about goals and they don't have the gas in the tank, so to speak. Leveraging these, selling yourself, going through all these questions, thinking about them and writing them down will give you the unfair advantage when it comes to achieving your goals telling you right now. That's why I'm going over it so much. All right, so right. These reasons down, the more pain, the better. You have some goals. You're thinking big. You kind of know what you want. Now write down the reasons why you should achieve them and what's gonna happen if you don't achieve them. Get both sides of the coin, right, Talk about the benefits, but then talk about Hey, if I don't achieve this, what's going to happen. Pretty sure. I have talked about that a lot. I've mentioned it many times, but you should know by now. How important is Okay, So a friendly reminder. This is the last slide. Think big. Go ahead. Take those action steps. I know they're gonna really help you out. And I will see you in the next video.