The Ultimate Ebay Sellers Blueprint: Build Your Ebay Empire | Juan E. Galvan | Skillshare

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The Ultimate Ebay Sellers Blueprint: Build Your Ebay Empire

teacher avatar Juan E. Galvan, Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

23 Lessons (2h 34m)
    • 1. Introduction Into The Ebay Business Models

    • 2. Dropshipping 101

    • 3. Developing The Right Mindset

    • 4. How To Create Your Ebay & Paypal Account

    • 5. How To Find Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business

    • 6. How To Find Products For Your Dropshipping Business

    • 7. Optimizing Your Listing For Maximum Exposure

    • 8. How To Properly Optimize Your Image Listings

    • 9. How To Properly Price Your Products

    • 10. The Retail Arbitrage Process

    • 11. How To Find Retail Liquidation Suppliers

    • 12. How To Find Retail Liquidation Suppliers Part 2

    • 13. How To Find Retail Liquidation Suppliers Part 3

    • 14. How To Get Working Capital For Your Business With NO Credit Check

    • 15. The Best Research Tool For Importing On Ebay

    • 16. Find The Top Sellers In Every Category

    • 17. Narrowing Down Your Niche Selection

    • 18. How To Find The Most Profitable Categories On Ebay

    • 19. Navigating Through Alibaba & Getting Samples

    • 20. Another Great Resource To Find Products

    • 21. Private Label Brand Example

    • 22. How To Find Outsourcers To Free Up Your Time

    • 23. Creating an LLC For Your Business

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About This Class

Introducing The Ultimate Ebay Sellers Blueprint That Teaches the ins and outs of successfully selling on eBay including where to go to get products sourced, plus how to get started for NO MONEY UP FRONT! 

Discover The Secrets To Leveraging eBay And Generate Income From Home and Finally Free Up Your Time For the Important Moments In Your Life!

This Is The Perfect System For Anyone Wanting To Learn How To Make Money On Ebay.

Imagine what life will be like if you no longer had to miss out on important events with your kids or miss out on special occasions with your family and friends because you have to be at work. No more apologizing, no more regretting the important moments of life that you have been missing out on.

·         Live the Internet Lifestyle and Spend Time With Those Important To You!

·         Be there when it counts for those important to you!

·         A home based Internet business gives you freedom!

·         Avoid working a regular job, and make the income from eBay!

·         Live life more on your terms!

Inside This Course You’ll Discover How To Get Working Capital With No Credit Check! Plus…

·         Learn how to effectively list your products on eBay.

·         You should use more than one of these if you want to be successful!

·         What you should avoid when taking pictures!

·         Plus much more…

·         Best selling items on ebay

·         What to sell on ebay to make the most money

Here's What You'll Discover In This Course:

Getting Started Tips

·         Insider tips for getting started on eBay.

·         How to instantly uncover profitable inventory for FREE!

·         This is literally right under your nose!

·         Learn how to effectively list your products on eBay.

·         You should use more than one of these if you want to be successful

·         What you should always do with your pictures!

·         Plus much more…

 Ebay Tips & Sourcing Products To Sell Part 1

·         Choosing the best type eBay username

·         Understanding your payment options.

·         How to start sourcing products that you can quickly sell on eBay.

·         The major chain stores you can source hot products from.

·         How to source products by piggybacking off of trends.

Sourcing Products To Sell Part 2 & eBay Stores

·         The one platform for sourcing products you can’t live without.

·         Buy products directly from overseas manufacturers easier than you ever thought possible.

·         Discover how to get the best price every time on the products you buy in bulk.

·         Finally avoid the middle man and get the margins you deserve!

·         This video is worth it’s weight in gold!

·         Learn what types of products to buy from this killer resource!

·         Uncover setting up eBay stores the right way.

·         Use keywords effectively to maximize your traffic!


 Purchasing Liquidated Items From Top Retailers

·         Use the number one liquidation site on the web.

·         Find new products for pennies on the dollar with amazing margins!

·         Buy overstock products direct from large retailers!

Researching Products To Sell

·         How to find the perfect products to sell.

·         Research like a seasoned eBay professional.

 eBay Completed Listings Research

·         Uncover what you are doing wrong with completed listings research!

·         Find out exactly how much an item sold for and when it sold!

·         Finally use the completed listings feature to your advantage every time!

·         Watch this video and quit making inventory mistakes!

Effective eBay Listing Strategies

·         Follow these steps to increase your chances of selling.

·         Watch over the shoulder training as an eBay expert lists an item.

·         This simple listing template will change how you list products!

·         Watch the process from start to finish!

eBay Completed Listings Research

·         Discover the top tips to protect yourself as an eBay seller!

·         Miss these steps and open yourself up to lost income.

Shipping Secrets For eBay

·         Use eBay’s insider shipping features to make your life easier!

·         Accurately track your packages from your house to the customer’s doorstep all within eBay!

·         Streamline your shipping process and improve your business.

 eBay Fees Explained

·         Missing this video will leave you exposed to lost profits!

·         Knowing the fees helps you list your products for the right price!

·         Understand eBay fees so you are fully prepared.


Becoming A Top Rated Seller On eBay

·         Learn what it takes to be a top rated eBay PowerSeller.

·         Miss these steps and you cripple your chances at obtaining this valuable distinction on the eBay marketplace!

·         Don’t miss any of these steps if you want to maximize your business.

Understanding Paypal Limits

·         Make sure you know the limits with your Paypal account.

·         You can get into a lot of trouble if you miss these tips!

 Effective eBay Customer Service

·         Your customer service will make you stand out after you apply these principals.

·         Discover how to deal with the occasional refunds the quickest way possible.

·         Customer service plays a role in your Powerseller standing! Don’t miss this!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Juan E. Galvan

Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. Introduction Into The Ebay Business Models: all right. I want to go into a brief overview of the four different business models that we're gonna discuss in this course. So the first business model that we're going to go over is the drop shipping method We're going to go through how to find suppliers. There's gonna be about 45 main suppliers that we use. However, I have invented where you can essentially look for other different suppliers on your own. You don't want to always rely on four or five. You wanna have multiple suppliers so that for whatever reason, if your top three or four maybe are not working very well or maybe they're kind of delaying on shipping, what have you You're always gonna have a different selection place. If you have more suppliers, it's gonna allow you to differentiate yourself with having different products and being able to have different price points. So this is gonna help you out quite a bit there as well. So after drop shipping after we go into all the different sections and I walk you through the entire process of drop shipping, we're going to go into the retail liquidation in retail arbitrage. So the retail liquidation just a little bit of background on that. Essentially, what this is is when the big box retailers out there best buy target Walmart when they have the products that are either damaged through shipping. Or there's a new model coming out and they need that extra self space. Or let's say, if a product is non functional and they send the products to be repaired at the manufacturer and it becomes refurbished, they take all this stock and they send it to these liquidation platforms. Then they hold these huge auctions where you can buy products for 10 20 cents on the dollar . So you get massive discounts on a lot of these items that air the brand new, slightly used or refurbished. Okay, And then the retail arbitrage aspect of this is where you download an app from eBay on your phone and you head out to Wal Mart. You head out to all these different retailers and you find that discount items, or you can essentially take those in and released them on eBay for a profit. Okay, so just think about Walmart. Walmart has a lot of stores right now that they're closing down so a lot of different products that are discounted on sale. So that's the retail liquidation in arbitrage section. Then we're going to go into the importing. This is where we start bringing in product from China, and it doesn't necessarily have to be named brand, right? We can sell dog cages, pet products that are non name brands that sell all day long on eBay. And I'm gonna walk you through the entire process to make sure that you're getting your products sent over to a film center so that they handle all the inventory. They handle all the shipping, and you just taking the orders. OK, then, finally, I'm gonna give you some examples of what a good product looks like. Okay, What aren't good private label product looks like in the marketplace on eBay, there are a ton of sellers right now, the have private label brands on eBay that are honestly lacking in some areas. And I'm gonna show you how to take advantage of that. So I'm gonna show you this slide over here as well. Just give you a good overview of the different business models in the complexity of each. Now, go through this a bit in the course, but I want to give you a real good overview as faras the different levels here. So, as you see, drop shipping, drop shipping. You're not gonna take on any of the inventory. The risk is very, very low. The only problem is you're only going to see around 10 to 15% profit margin. Okay? Really, Really low arbitrage. In liquidation, you're gonna see a little bit higher. Okay, 30%. 40%. Importing. Importing is where you're going to see the most profitability. But as you see, the complexity has gone up a little bit, but so has the risk and reward. Okay, then, when you have your own brand, right when you have your own name brand of product coming over from China, that's where it gets a little bit more complex. But the risk and reward is definitely worth it. And I'm gonna walk you through the entire process here 2. Dropshipping 101: drop Shipping is a retail fulfillment method. Where it's stored doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from 1/3 party and has it shipped directly to a customer. So as a result, the merchant never really sees our handles the product. And the biggest difference between drop shipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn't stock our own any of the inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases the inventory as needed from 1/3 party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, to fulfill its orders. Let's take a look at some pros and cons of the drop shipping business model, so some of the benefits are that it's easy to get started. And this is the biggest advantage to drop shipping is that it's possible to launch an e commerce store without having to invest thousands of dollars an inventory upfront. You can run this business from your house from wherever you live anywhere in the world with the drop shipping model. You don't have the purchase of product unless you've already made a sale and have been paid by the customer. You then go and you purchase the product at the actual wholesaler on manufacturer, and you ship it out to your customer. From that vendor, you could pretty much sell anything you want. You look at different products from Amazon. Different products from Best Buy a good retailer online by the name of Wayfair. WalMart has a lot of products as well, so the opportunities for you to drop ship our enlists you can actually get very, very Mitch specific and work with the wholesaler that sells. That's a paintball guns, and you can actually work with that company. Set up your own eBay store right and drop ship those products from your eBay store. The opportunities are endless, this faras for drop shipping. But one of the biggest disadvantages of drop shipping is that it's low margins, so you're typically going to see around 10 to 15% margins. You also run into the potential of not having inventory an inventory Issues are huge because they cost your customers time right, and it causes your customer toe have a bad experience with you. Another disadvantage is a shipping complexities. It can get really real complex when you're ordering products from several different vendors , right? Keeping track of them. You need to have a system developed to know this product that I'm selling. Two x customer. I'm purchasing it from ex host, other ex vendor, and you also have the opportunity tohave potential supplier airs. Maybe you did everything right on your end, but sheer wholesaler partner, whether it be Amazon or there be Wayfair best buy. Maybe they shipped the wrong product. Right? So everything is done perfect on your end. But they make the mistake. They dropped the ball. And that has a negative reflection on you. Right? Because you are the one who selling the product to the customer. Let's take a look at drop shipping in action. Step one of the entire drop shipping process So a customer will place an order on your eBay store and step, too, as well. You go when you actually place the order with the actual supplier can. And this is where you're gonna work with either best buy Amazon Home Depot and a variety of other vendors that you're gonna get your products from. Okay, Step three. This is when the supplier actually ships in order to the actual customer. Remember, we're not handling anything. We're not handling any kind of inventory. Everything is handled by our supplier partner. Okay. And finally, the last step is for you to go on eBay and update the tracking and also on PayPal. Because if you're just starting out, you're going to get your funds held until I believe, three days after the customer receives the product, right, this is something. That paper How puts in place to protect the buyers? 3. Developing The Right Mindset: when it comes to developing the right mindset, your mindset is essentially your navigation. It's gonna help you stay focused. It's gonna help you make sure that you're doing the right things, that you're on the right path, that you're not just creating action and not getting in kind of results that you're taking daily action in the right direction while it's important, toe have all the different technical skills, you know, understanding how to create a eBay listing, how to search for products, how to ship the products. You know how to even create a l. L. C right now to create an eBay account, all these different technical skills that are very, very important. What's even more important is having the right mindset. Because I didn't given moment that any kind of issue or problem or obstacle arises. You're gonna want to give up. But if you have the right mindset and you come into business with the understanding that hey, you know what, these are part of the process. You're just another stepping stone. This is gonna literally make or break your business, so you need to trust in this process. This is a very unique business model that set up where you start with minimal risk, right? No inventory, no product. We move over to retail arbitrage and retail liquidation. Okay, then we start importing products from China. Then after the importing stage, we start actually going in, creating our own going M brand. It's very important to also understand that step by step, you're going to get ahead, right? Not necessarily in large spurts. You're not gonna go from step one to step three or, you know, phase one to phase three and a couple weeks in a week, right? This is a step by step process that requires you to take daily action. Okay, One of the biggest things that holds us back and anything in life is the fear of failure. And that's something that you need to remove. Because if you cannot remove this from your life, then you're not gonna be able to accomplish very much. Okay, A lot of times we see others out there that are making millions of dollars or that have reached a high level of success. And we tell ourselves, Well, you know, we could never be like that. We could never reach that kind of success. We could never make that kind of money. And because we tell ourselves that subconsciously we accept it, we stop ourselves in the tracks to be able to allow us to move forward. So I understand that it's so important to remove this fear failure, it's gonna hinder you. And it's not going to allow you to grow. Please remove the lottery mentality. OK, you're not going to become a millionaire tomorrow. You're not gonna become somebody who makes a ton of money and just a little amount of time . All those get rich quick schemes are exactly what they are. They promise Ah, whole lot and they don't delivering kind of value. This is a system that if you take from day one and you implement everything that I'm going to show you everything I'm gonna teach you. Okay? You're gonna have success, and there's different areas you can focus on. Maybe you decide that you want to focus on just the reto arbitrage. Maybe you want to focus on just drop shipping, okay? Or maybe you want to step it up and you want to do some private labeling. All these options are here for you. You must learn how to embrace the different challenges in your business. Okay, Things are going to go wrong. You're going to ship the wrong product. You're going to get returns, you're gonna get negative feedback. You may sell a product when you don't having stock, these things are gonna happen. And once you understand that these types of challenges and obstacles are part of the process, okay, it's gonna make your life a whole lot easier. Challenges and obstacles are opportunities for growth. They're going to make you a better overall individual. They're gonna help you grow not only yourself, personally, but in business. All right. And you must develop your long term vision. Where do you want to be in the next 30 days? In the next 60 days, Right in the next 8 to 10 months. In a year. Where do you want to be? If you don't know where you want to go, where you want to be, you're gonna be going all over the place. But once you have a definite vision of how your life is going to be looking like in 6 to 8 months or however long you create your goals, then you're gonna be able to devise a strategy to get you there. Now, in any business, not only online e commerce, you're gonna need to know how to balance three distinct areas needs of your business. So the 1st 1 the needs of your customers understanding what your customers want, which customers need is vital for your success, understanding that you need to respond to them in a timely manner. You're gonna have a lot of questions coming in from customers about product, product size, product description, shipping time. So it's important to understand that you need to respond to these customers in a timely manner. EBay is huge on customer service, and any time you're customer asked a question, It's important for you to respond to them within 24 hours and if not sooner, because just think about it. If a customer has a great buying experience from you, we're gonna want to come back and buy from you again. That's one of the biggest differentiators in business. Customers having great buying experiences with certain companies will come back and purchase from them again. And it doesn't matter if the competition has a lower price, right? It's that buying experience that you provided to your customer. Then you have the balance of the needs of your business, and that's making sure that you're doing things that will bring you the most revenue right now. Okay, A lot of times we can get caught up doing the stuff that really nothing is coming out of it , right? We can get busy really easily, but not producing tub of results. We want to focus on action that produces results. We need to ask ourselves if what we're doing at that given moment is going to grow our business now. Another thing is, do you have a separate bank account for your business? I would recommend signing up for a QuickBooks account. It's super easy to manage, and it's vital that you separate your personal transactions from your business transactions . How well do you know your competitors? You need to know and understand both your direct and indirect competitors. Understand what they're doing. Well, understand where they lack and understand what you can take advantage of those areas where they lack. You need to understand your margins. You need to understand if you sell X product okay at a certain price. How much is your actual would net profit gonna be? How much is your margin? And the final one is balancing your own needs Understanding What is your purpose? Why are you getting into business? There's something where you just want to create some extra income each month Or do you want to replace your job? Maybe you just want to work for five hours a week and making additional $1000.2000 dollars a month. But if this is something that you really want to take on and have this replace your current job, you need to understand where you want to go. If you look at business at its core, I like to look at it is reciprocal altruism where we're providing a service for a customer , a product or service, and we're getting reciprocated with income. 4. How To Create Your Ebay & Paypal Account: all right. I want to go ahead and show you guys had a creating eBay account. So we're gonna go to register, and we're gonna go for the register. A business account. So this is pretty self explanatory here. They're gonna walk you through the entire process, but we'll just go down and look at some of these sections here. So you want to put in your business name, and this is cool because you can go down to any country that you're in there, right? And it's gonna populate the correct information. So we're going to stick with the United States. We're gonna go to the business name, whatever you're doing, business as how your business address is gonna be your home address as well. Then you want to put in your email there and you want to confirm that, okay. And this is what you're gonna create your unique business idea. This is where you want to put something like the best deals, the best online deals or maybe even your company name. So I just want to make sure that it's not anything like the best dude or the best girl. One on one, something professional, gonna make sure that you looked at as a professional eBay seller. Okay? And you want to go ahead, create account, and continue, and they'll walk you through the entire process. I mean, it's literally three steps super easy, all right, On your eBay account here, you're going to see that we have these selling purposes. And one of the cool things about E. J is that you can show how many products you have. You can take advantage of scarcity. So if you only have one or two products and you always want to show maybe at least one or two products on there because then people will say, Well, oh, you know, only one or two available. I better pick one up before you get sold right before they run out. So you want to change this toe? Yes. So let's go ahead and go to display the exact quantity in your listing. So remember when a product is showing one or two left right, the customer is gonna most likely want to buy because they don't want to, you know, come back later and try to make the purchase and have it be all sold out, so that provides the scarcity and the urgency. Okay. One of the things that you also want to do is you want to select? Yes, for this. So what this essentially means here is that any time you were not a stock on a particular product, the listing is actually going to remain active. And you won't have to quit another one. Because if you do, you're gonna get charged the eBay fees, and this is gonna help you minimise your feet. Right? You won't have to create a whole nother listening. You're gonna save the time. Everything is gonna be saved. All right, so let's go down to the payment from buyers. Okay, Let's go edit this. All right, let's take a look here. You want to be able to offer PayPal? Is the payment method in all this things. Okay, I want to tell buyers that I prefer PayPal payments. PayPal's maybe your preferred method of payment throughout the day. Even though ebay and PayPal are now separate companies, you're still gonna want to use paypal because that's their preferred payment method. Okay, so let's see here. Pick up address. You're not really gonna need this here unless you're actually gonna be having products picked up from your location, which I doubt, and this is for, like, larger, heavy items, maybe for selling a car or something. All right, so now we want to go to the shipping preferences here. All right, let's go over here, Show. And we want to go to the offer, the global shipping program that submit. All right, So that's made us so that we are actually in the global shipping program and that allows us to have our products listed in other countries listing. So when somebody from the UK or India searches for our particular products, are products going to show up? OK, and we can actually use E bays forwarder right where we send our product to. I believe it's a location in Kentucky and they handle all the paperwork. They handle all the documentation. Ah, the buyer pace for all the import fees, all the duties and taxes, everything is handled by the buyer and by eBay. Another area that we want to take a look at is the exclude shipping locations from your listings. Okay, so we want to goto edit those. All right now, we do not want a ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Any of these US partner locations? American Samoa, Puerto Rico, U S, Virgin Islands and any A P O R f feel these air like military addresses here. So we want to avoid these because there's a lot of should be complexities that are involved with this. And we just wanna essentially just avoid these here. Okay, So well there. Okay? Yes. We want to override my shipping exclusions for global shipping program eligible items. Yes. Okay. When you go to apply, another area of focus is the unpaid item assistant. So basically, when an item is sold, Okay, ive a automatically charges you a fee, right? A percentage fee for whatever item you sold. Now, any time somebody buys the product and they end up not paying for it, you're still gonna get charged. That feet it's still on there. You need to go on manually, create an unpaid item, request toe, have even refund you that feet. However, if you choose yes, an unpaid item requests will automatically be created. And I'll save you a few minutes. So? So make sure it's on. Yes. I want unpaid item assistant to open and close cases on my behalf opening case. That payment has not been received after four days. All right, 5. How To Find Suppliers For Your Dropshipping Business: All right. So I want to go through the suppliers here, and I'm also going to show you how to find other suppliers and what to look for when, ah, finding a viable supplier. There are tons of drop shippers online, and I'm gonna show you how to find other drop shippers as well. And what type of met that I use to make sure that they qualify for certain criteria. So let's go ahead here and take a look away Fair. So Wayfair is probably one of the best. They have all different sorts of products from bedroom, living room, all different types of home kitchen. As you can see here, they have free shipping over $49. So we want to try to get all our products over $49. So the different furniture here and furniture is huge online. So you know all the different kinds of products here at TV stands, living room sets, office furniture. Ah, and there's a lot of great deals on here and really unique products that you could sell on eBay and drop ship directly from your account there. So now Wayfair a really good resource here, probably one of the best we have Bed, bath and beyond Bed, Bath and beyond is also really good. Let's take a look at shop products. They have gifts, personalized gifts, all different types of miscellaneous products. We want to try to focus on a lot of different impulse buys and a lot of products that customers are not really going to think twice about where you know they look at a product and say, OK, looks good. This is what I need. All right, let's go ahead and click the buy button. We have free shipping on orders over $49 a swell bed bath and beyond. A really good, really good resource as well as you can see here. You know, they have all types of products from different areas, very unique products. If you're really unsure of what to sell, I'd recommend to spend some time going through these websites by all the suppliers, websites and finding what kind of products maybe even interest you because, you know, if they interest you, they're gonna enter somebody else, and there's always gonna be a market for someone out there looking for these kind of products. It's all about how you optimize your listing to make sure that your products come up when these potential customers are looking for these products. All right, And when these customers are looking for these products and you're listening comes up, they pretty much know exactly what they want. And more after than not, they're going to go ahead and buy right away. You got a present, a good listening. You gotta optimize it. You've got to make a Lucas professional. It's possible. All right, so let's go to the new one here. Those is also really good as well. Free shipping on $49 or more Blows has all different types of tools. Home repair appliances, pretty much anything and everything for your home. Right? So, kitchen, home decor, I security right? Ah, heating, cooling, hardware, plumbing, right, Plumbing huge. So all these different types of products that are on lows are gonna be ideal products to sell Home Depot. Home Depot's gonna be pretty much the same as lows, and they're pretty much competitors, right? So they're gonna have the same type of products. I believe that they carry different brands as well. And like I said, go through these sections here look for different products, right? Things that interest you because there's gonna be a market out there. There's a market for all these. I know that if you spend maybe even our so looking through all the different products you know, in the bad section, tools and hardware, there's gonna be a market out there, And as long as you're able to list your products properly, you're going to get cells. Okay. Lt. D commodities, LTP commodities is also very good as well. They have been around for over 50 years and they have some free shipping. However, the shipping for them is a bit limited. So, you know, sometimes they're gonna offer free shipping for a certain amount of time. That may have special. So it's kind of up in the air with them, but they're still gonna have really good products, and they're gonna have products brilliant, expensive as well. So this is another resource. But just make sure you understanding you go through their shipping and the shipping doesn't tend to be too high, but you want to make sure that you're not going to be paying more than for what you're selling the product. Kmart is another great supplier as well. As you can see, they have great appliances, baby products, clothing, electron, ICS. We're gonna want to stay away from grocery, health and beauty, home jewelry, outdoor products, shoes, sports. So they have a great selection as well on they have a lot of deals going on all the time. They have the free shipping over $35 so that's a really good deal. There spend some time going through their website as well. They have a lot of great deals out of great products that you can sell. And next we have Wal Mart and Wal Mart. They have millions and millions of products, and they've done a pretty good job with the revamping of the website with trying to compete with Amazon because their website used to be really bad. Actually, until just recently, I think they spent millions and millions of dollars revamping their website to try to compete with Amazon. Walmart has all kinds of products electron ICS, movies. I mean, home improvement, all different types of products here, and you could easily just spend a good 30 45 minutes going to the products home improvement , all the different kinds of tools. Walmart is another great resource. Okay, And then finally, we have Amazon. Amazon is essentially the king of the online e commerce marketplace. So they're gonna have, I mean, millions upon millions of products. Okay? And you can easily drop ship from Amazon to any customer you want. So let's go to the bras by department. And, you know, Amazon has pretty much everything in anything you want out there. This is going to be another great resource for you. 6. How To Find Products For Your Dropshipping Business: a great resource to utilize to find out what kind of products to sell his Amazon. Now if we just go to the shot by department here and go down the different sections. So let's say we went to a tronics computers. We could find that we could sell TV and video home in audio products camera, cellphone, headphones, video games, you know, laptops, desktop computers. Accessory. So this is essentially a list of different categories that we can get into. Maybe you want to focus on home and garden products. Home kitchen, dining, furniture, right. And within these categories, there's so many other sub categories with the tools you have. Home improvement tools, power and hand tools, lamps, lighting fixtures. Then you have beauty, health and grocery toys, kids and baby all these different sections here, right that you can explore. And if you wanted to focus on just one area, you could do that as well. I mean, here's sports, athletic clothing, exercise and fitness, hunting and fishing. This is huge, right? Ah, golf right fan shops when you have a bunch of outdoors, can't being hiking, cycling, outdoor clothing, scooters, water sports, all these different types of products. If you go through this list here, you're gonna have an endless amount of products dive deep into each section here, okay? And you're gonna have all different types of products and then maybe down the road, you want to just focus on one little niche, right? You could do that as well. But Amazon is a great resource to find different categories that you want to sell products into. When it comes to the eBay search results, just think about Eve A as Google right where you go and you type in any kind of search terms keywords, right. And the most relevant listings with those exact keywords and listing are gonna pull up. So let me give you an example here. That's type in hand truck. So when we type in hand truck, we see we have over 3000 listings here that have hand truck in the actual listing title. Okay, Now, being a top rated souther is going to help. Your chances have being at the top of the searches. So top rated here, top rated here. Let's even take a look at one of the listings here. Ah, the sea. Okay. These guys here have good pictures. Okay. Really Clear pictures. The listening, actually. Isn't that great? It's very simple. It looks like this guy has over 5000 feedback score, so that plays a big factor there. If we wanted to get more specific and just focus on a particular brand of hand truck, we could do that as well. So that's how we put in Milwaukee hand truck. This is a particular brand. No. If we look at the top here, I would even go and search this competition here. That said, we wondered to sell something like this. I would go and essentially take a look at their listing and see what they're doing, right? Why are they getting to the top of the search results? How are they optimizing their listing? Right. This is a pretty simple listing here, right? Go down to the actual listing here. I mean, it's pretty basic. Not too bad, but then again, here, this guy has over 2800 feet back score. Okay, 99.9%. So that's a big factor there. Let's go down and check somebody else here. And as we can see here is well, even a does a great job of providing scarcity. Onley one left 10 watching. This is gonna help your conversion rate. Right? This provides is scarcity needed for a potential buyer to buy right now, versus later. Okay, so let's look at another listing. Here. Let's look at this one here. This is a brand new listing. Oh, look at this guy. This guy's a brand new seller. Okay, Brand new listing. Okay. Convertible hand truck. Carter looming. Tripolis! This guy has a really good optimized listing here. He put the weight in there, made a convertible hand truck cart, aluminum truck's wheels. This is a really good listing here. I want to show you one more thing. I want to go back here and I wanna put just hand truck and I want to show you what pulls up . We have recommended keywords, right? This is something that you could also include. And your listing Hand truck, aluminum, hand truck, convertible, hand truck, folding hand, truck wheels. And this is what this guy did, right? He put the hand truck cards, aluminum truck's wheels. Right. So he put in those extra keywords so he can come up in the search listening. So remember, Think of eBay as Google. When you type in a particular search term, whatever keywords you pull up the listings that are most relevant that are optimized for those particular keywords are gonna pull up right. But there's also other factors. And I want you to go through this section here, but the best match results. Okay, this is super important. Someone in people are probably going to skip over this, But I want you to really take the time and go through this and read it and understand it. Maybe you need to read it a couple times, but this is going to give you an advantage over others who just put up listings and think they're going to sell. Yeah, you may sell one or 23 products out there and have minimal success, but just trust me. If you go through this and you read it and you understand it and you implement it, you're gonna have hold on more success. Because if you can optimize your listing so that your product comes up at the top of the searches for those particular keywords, we're gonna have a lot of success. God, 7. Optimizing Your Listing For Maximum Exposure: all right. I want to talk about optimization and the importance of it, because if you do not have your listings properly optimized, you're not going to be found, and you're not gonna have any sales, or you're gonna have maybe little to none. So it's important that you understand that when you're optimizing your listings, you're doing it in a way that you're going to be the most relevant whenever that specific search term is searched. Essentially right. So I want to show you some tools. But before we go into the tools, I want you to think about this for a moment. I want you to think about joining the conversation already going on in your prospects mind , Right? So think about somebody looking for a specific tool, specific toy Ah, specific audio device, whatever it is that they're looking for, right? So it's important for you to look at things from your customer's perspective and essentially get into the mind right? Get into their head as far as to what they're actually looking for and why they're looking for that particular item. So I want to go to Amazon real quick. So we're staying with the example of the hand truck here. And as you can see, Amazon allows for a whole lot more characters and eBay does. EBay only has the ability to have 80 characters, Max. Okay, so it's important that you maximize all those characters for the specific terms and key words that are gonna be searched. Okay, so let me give an example here. Let's say we wanted to pull this and make a listing on eBay. We would not be ableto have all these characters in our listening because you only have 80 . So what that being said, we want to go when I look at what exactly is being searched the most? We can have those keywords in our listings. So the first tool that I want to go over with you is the title builder. So essentially, its title builder pulls all the data from all the evil listings all the eBay searches and the recommends keywords from all over the website, right, from current listings, past listings that have sold. So let's go ahead and type in hand truck here and see what we come up with. Okay, so we see here that hand and truck are both searched quite a bit. Dolly comes up quite a bit as well. You know, Dolly would be a good word to include in their cars folding capacity moving LB for pounds, right. New heavy push duty. So all these key words here are things that we could use in our particular listening. I would recommend spending some time on here and type in different search terms. Right? Let's say even we wanted to look up living room set, maybe furniture said'it's type that in real quick. Right? So all these different keywords are pulling up sofa set, living room style antique chairs and all these different words are coming up. But I like the ticket. I step further and go deeper into the actual keywords that are gonna make us the most money . Okay, so think about eBay. As I said before, as a search engine just like Google. Were you typing in the most relevant listings? Would those keywords are gonna pull up? Okay, so let's go to civil here. This is another tool that I like to use. So what it does, is it post keywords from all these different platforms? So let's go ahead and type in hand truck real quick. Okay, So as you can see, we have all these different keywords that are pulling up to help us right with our listing . These optimized as possible hand truck and truck rental wheels. Those tires right. And we may not use all these key words here, but they're going to give us a better ideas. Far is what people are searching for. Let's say we wanted to look up another living room set. Okay, let's look up a dining room table. So all these different keywords. Air coming up, right? Dining room tables, table set on two core table and chairs, a key. Ah, tape, dining room, table centerpieces. You know, all these ever and keywords. I don't know what's going on over here. Something. Here's it's not showing very well. But I spent some time going through these tools here. Title bill. There's gonna be a really great tool. Soup is a great tool. Another tool. No, we have here is over. Suggest okay. And what this essentially does is you put in a word or two and every letter, you know, from eight easy. They're going to come up with different keywords. So let me even example here. Just pull up hand truck. Okay, so it's loading there. Okay, so we look down here, we see hand truck, we go to a Okay. This is just some key words here. Miscellaneous ones there. But if we go down, here we go a b, and this goes all way down. Dizzy. OK, hand truck accessories, Axel Amazon lows, Castor, big wheels. So all these different ideas here, Okay? And this is a great tool to get an understanding of what people you could be looking for. Remember, we want to get into the conversation of our prospects. Mind. Okay? What are they looking for? And why are you looking for it specifically? And we're gonna be able to get ideas by going and utilizing these tools. Another great tool. Probably one of the best out there that not very many people know about is the good old watch count. And this is a tool that pulls all of eBay's data of the most watched items on the platform . So let's even go ahead and pull up hand truck. Okay, So, hand truck, it's gonna pull up the most watched listings for those particular keywords. As you can see right here. This is a really good listing right here. 496 watches for this one. And if we right click and we can open up direct to the actual listing. Okay. So look at this one. This one has really great keywords. And we can use this for our own keyword. Optimization is well for our listings, so just take a look here. 330 lbs pounds, obviously. Platform car, Dolly folding, foldable moving warehouse. These are all great great keywords, right? Even if you go back to the title builder. Okay, let's go back to hand truck. Right. A lot of these are in there. Car you see here, What was the other ones? Yeah, so they have carte dolly folding foldable capacity L b right platform. I think they had in their see, So we want to be able to use multiple tools. Okay, to help us get the best overall listing. And once you get this down, you can have your virtual assistants once you hire them, right? Because in order for you to be able to delegate tasks, you have to be able to have a basic understanding of what you're trying to accomplish. So you can't just go in higher virtual assistant or somebody out there to create these listings for you. If you yourself don't have at least a basic understanding of how this works, okay? So make sure you go in there and you get your hands dirty and you create these listings and you start implementing what I'm teaching here because all this knowledge, right, all this information, all this strategy I'm putting together here for you it is not going to mean anything if you do not implement it. Okay, I like to look at business is having the knowledge, the strategy in the execution, right. But having the knowledge and having the strategy means nothing if there's no execution. So it's important for you to take action, okay? And then once you get this down, when you start having a really good understanding of you know what kind of keywords you need, how to properly optimize. Then you can start getting this out to your virtual assistants and having them create the listens for you, right? And even find the product. So this is a really good tool Here, guys. Ive a most watched. Okay, watch count dot com. All these tools here for optimizing your listings are gonna work wonders for you. Okay, You can type in anything you want on the watch count here, and it's gonna help you come up with the best keywords for your particular listing. All right, so I'd say take a little while to go through these, you know, maybe 2030 minutes each. Get an idea of how they work, OK, because you're not gonna understand fully how toe use these tools if you do not utilize them, right? 8. How To Properly Optimize Your Image Listings: All right, let's take a look at image optimization. Now It's important that you have your images on all your listings with the keywords in the titles of these images with what the product is about. As I mentioned previously, eBay is just like Google. So let me give you an example of you putting in a particular search term and Google and what it comes up with, you show you here. So let's go to Google here and let's type in the example product that we've been working with with the hand truck. So we typed in hand truck here. And this is how Google is gonna identify this particular search in the different listings. So let's take a look here. Everything you see in these listings here on the first page is gonna have hand truck, OK, Home Depot hand trucks, and it's gonna be a hand slash trucks. And any time that the U. R. L is gonna include that, that listening is going to come up, and it depends on which one is most relevant, right? So all these ones in here on the first page are gonna have hand truck not only in the U R L But through the article or listening or what have you? Okay, I don't want to go into ah s CEO here, but, um, what I want to get you to understand is that eBay is essentially the same way whenever you type in a particular term. If you have images that are named appropriately for that particular search right, that's gonna enhance the chances of you getting found on eBay. Okay, so that's gonna help. You're listening. So let's go and take a look at this listing here. So as we see here, we have a hand truck through those. Okay, So what I like to do is use a tool called snippet. Okay? And if you have Windows seven, this is pretty easy to bring up here. Let's go ahead and pull up. Snipping tool. Okay, so bring this over here so you essentially create a new snippet. Okay? You want to make sure and capture the entire image here? Okay. All right. Let's get here. That should be fine. And we want the title of this image to be the key words that somebody would typically search for when looking for a hand truck. So maybe we put ah, hand truck, dolly. And remember that I mentioned the dashes. Even on Google, it's important toe have the dash is because that is how eBay and even Google is going to read your images. Okay, the dash there is super important. Now you need to have a least three images, I would say, because if you have one or two and I mean it's all right, but you want to make it as easy as possible and reduce the friction for your buyer to make the purchase with you. Right? So you want to make sure that you have at least three images, okay? And all those images need to be different keywords that that particular customer would be searching for. Okay, so let's go and go save. Okay, So now this would be your image. And you would use this when you upload the images for your listening. Okay? 9. How To Properly Price Your Products: when it comes to pricing your products is important to understand what products have been selling for okay, by doing a little bit of research and providing ah, lot more perceived value through your listings. So just think about it when you're going in your purchasing a product online, Amazon or eBay, right? And you go and you look at the list thing. You look at the description, but then you look at the pictures, you look the images, how everything is all coming together, right? It's providing that perceived value to you. So it's gonna entice you to want to make a purchase. So that is how you're gonna be able to price your products at a very competitive rate. Okay, is about providing that perceived value. Do your entire listing with optimizing your listing so that you can be found and by providing high quality images with a great description. Okay. All right. So I want to take a look at a particular product here, and I want to see what it's listing for currently and what it's been selling for. So this is a particular deadbolt product by slag. I believe it is the brand in there So let's go ahead and pull this up. So as we see here, from the very top, we see a top rated plus seller. Okay, let's go ahead and go to new on Lee. So, as you see, we have this one being listed at 105 95. This one here at 87. And you can tell Look at this picture. Compared to this one, this one looks all over the place. That's even take a look at the listing. Yeah, I mean, the pictures. Not even that. Clear. Um, second, look at the other pictures here. Yeah, I mean, it looks like it's Ah, maybe even been used. Uh, wow. So new open box. You're going to see a lot of new open box products on eBay as well. Where? Let's say these guys bought this product in a lot from little like Best Buy or Home Depot. And I want to do is also pallets of items at were either damaged through shipping returned for whatever reason, and ive a sellers will get these in the list them as new open box. So be careful with these here. These air I wouldn't consider them to be Brian New. So let's go ahead and take a look at the listening here, okay? Oh, yeah. Super simple listing here. Super plane. You know, not not the greatest. I would definitely have a whole lot more here. More description, maybe even some better pictures. And if you have the potential to add video, if your particular product has a video associated with it, I would definitely add it. Video's gonna help your rankings. Okay? And it's gonna help your conversion rates. So let's go and see other listening to your real quick. Let's see here. So as we know, this one here is top rate to sell. There were gonna be able to sell that. No problem. You nobody tell they have a really nice listening there. I probably would have took a better picture to be able to fill this entire square in, but ah, nonetheless, still a pretty good image there. Let's see here. Here's another one here. This guy has it at 95 or best offer. Okay, this is showing a picture of a box. I mean, that's not very enticing. This is a top rated seller, so that's kind of interesting. There. This is another bad picture. This one here is just some parts and looks like they're labeling is brand new. So let's go and actually see some sold listings here. Okay, So some simple images, their stock images 89 95 79 99. Okay, what else do we got here? A matter of fact, let's take a look at this one here. Okay? So let's go to see original listing If we take a look at this one here, they have stock images. Okay from the product, which are great pictures. Look at that. Look out. Clear. That is Shows some information there on the security level. That's excellent. OK, this picture probably isn't the greatest there. Okay? Yeah, not bad. But that first image there is what's going to get people to come and take a look at this Listening as you can see, obviously he's already been sold, but this would have brought people into the listing. Okay, just with this image there. Okay, They have a really nice listening here. Just take a look at this here description. Okay? Best pricing fashion. Been premium quality, Some some information over here again. Here's the images. All right? I mean, this is really nice. Just think about if you came over to this listening, you were looking for this product. Okay? Compared to the previous when we saw where it just had some random pictures, okay. And just a simple little description down there of the product name. And that's it. I mean, how would not really entice you to want to make a purchase? So compare that with this one. This is how you're gonna be able to charge a bit more in your listings by providing that perceived value. Okay, there's nothing really different between this product and near the product. What's different here? It's how is presented how the value is shown to that individual that wants to make a purchase. So and as I mentioned earlier, if you have videos, please embed them, put them into your listening because they're gonna They're gonna help your rankings for this particular product. And they're also going to help with your conversion re any time that you put a product up for sale and you have a video of it, especially being used and installed. Oh, man, that is going to just raise up your conversions. probably 10 X. I mean, it's that big of a difference. Okay? You have technical specs here. I mean, this is just an awesome listing, guys. And look at it. Created with crazy Lister. You can also go to Crazy Lister. And I recommend getting a theme for your listings. Okay? Because that's going to set you apart from your competition, you know, versus just having a simple little listing with the description and some pictures. Okay. You know, you're gonna have your pictures fully optimized. You're gonna have your listing fully optimized, okay? And you're gonna have just, you know, a killer theme here with your listing, all right? 10. The Retail Arbitrage Process: the retail arbitrage process is a very simple system. Okay, so you essentially download the IV a scanner app on your phone. So after you have the app installed on your phone, you go to all the different retail stores and you go to the clearance sections, OK? And in those clear in sections, you're going to find a variety of products that are available at deep discounts. Okay, You want to go to also the islands? This is where you're going to get the products that they just essentially want to get out the door, right? They've had them on on their shelves for too long. They've got new products that they want to bring on. It doesn't make sense for them to keep the products on their shelves because essentially costing them money. So they want to get the product out the door, which is good for you, because you can get it at a deep discount and resell it online for a good little profit. And in a WalMart, I want to talk a little bit about Wal Mart because they have a lot of stores that air essentially closing down. And so this creates a lot of opportunity for you to go to all the different Walmarts and Walmarts actually have Ah, really good areas where they put their deep discounted items. So, you know, even if the Walmart isn't closing down, you can still go in there and find a lot of great deals. So I would keep an eye on Walmart to see what they're doing. Take a look at their stores online, even in any kind of articles, and read what stores are gonna be closing down. Because what they're trying to do is push all of their business online. They're going to try to compete with Amazon, which I don't think they're gonna have very much success. But, you know, still, you know, walmart is a huge player in the retail marketplace, okay? Taking advantage of their clearance items, you know, you can make a really good profit from those. So this is where you can start making money Day one, right? I mean, the only difference here is you're actually gonna have the product, and you're gonna need a ship it out. But that's super easy. Some good areas. The focus, health and wellness. Personal items, toys, kitchenware, all different types of products tools. So anything that's on clearance all in all, the retail arbitrage is a perfect model to get you started right away with a product that you could get in your door and ship out and the shipping processes that actually not as difficult as you think, for those who are just starting out. But for those who have been doing eBay for a while, have been in the e commerce marketplace for a while. No, that shipping can have its complexities, but just like anything, once you start doing it, it's gonna become second nature to you. The retail liquidation business is a very unique model, and there are several ways that the retail products are gonna be liquidated. One way is that if the products are shipped to the actual retailer and the packages get damaged, the retailers don't want to put this damage product or package or what have you out there on their floor because it's going to damage. The brand image is not good for the brand image, right, and another way is by return. So these air products that are sent back to the actual manufacturer. So, for example, let's say you had a television set by Samsung, the retailer would send the product back to Samsung, and the retailer would sell this product as refurbished through online auctions. So this is where the opportunity arises for you. There's several online platforms that purchase all these returns. All these refurbished items are the items that are not working that are salvage that have slight cosmetic issues. Okay, a lot of these platforms will purchase these products and put together these online auctions where you can go and purchase either huge truckloads of miscellaneous products, clothing, electron, ICS, home kitchen, where you get smaller palette loads or even box load. So it varies on size. But you're gonna be able to get these products for 10 2030% of what the actual retail value is. So, for example, is, let's say a product costs $100. The product you're gonna get, you're gonna get it, maybe for 20 or $30 it's still going to be in good working condition. On a lot of times. The products are brand new. They just don't have enough shelf space at the retailer, and they need to bring on a new product. So they'll put those products and send them over to these platforms and they'll be able to put together these huge lots for you, okay? And there's several different platforms online that we're gonna go through now. The only downside is you're gonna have this product shipped to your location, and you're gonna have to do all the listing. However, there's a lot of profit to be made, even even higher. One of your kids, really The only downfall you're gonna have is the fact that you need to take this product into your location and you're gonna need taking pictures of the actual products. However, it is worth your time. Okay, because you're gonna have a lot of products that you're getting for super super low cost, and you're gonna be able to foot those on eBay for a good little profit. So we need to keep the end goal in mind. Our goal is to move from step one. We were doing drop shipping, right with the lowest minimal risk. We're moving on to retail arbitrage in a retail liquidation where it's still requiring a little bit of work. Okay, but then we're moving on to importing and importing at that stage, we want to focus on getting all of our products sent over to fulfillment centers where everything's automated, where we don't touch anything. But we need to put it in a little bit of the work in the beginning to get an understanding of the business process, get understanding of the business models and how they function and how we can be moving ourselves directly forward to the actual oh, yen, right, creating our own brand. All right. Our next step is to get a US reseller certificate. Now, we're going to need a US valid address to be able to get this. Okay. And now you're gonna want to contact your local secretary of state or the Chamber of Commerce. And if you're out of the U. S. If you're international, I recommend going to us male agent dot com and get a verified US address. Because when you sign up for the the reseller certificate, we're gonna ask you for a U. S. Address, and you need to put down something there where they can verify your address. Right. So once you get that number, okay, if you want to do retail liquidation, and let's say you're looking at lots and you find a really good lot. That's brand new Has all these great products on. What you could do is essentially, you know, purchase them using your resellers certificate, which allows you to get a discount. Okay, where you don't pay any tax and then ship it to a fulfillment center in the U. S. Okay, and have them essentially fulfill the product for you. So that's one strategy that you can use if you're an international student and you want to be able to sell retail liquidation products right without having to bring them in to your location, especially internationally, right? That's gonna be huge cost to you and your profits gonna be reduced quite a bit. So you want to be ableto get the products, not have to touch them, have them be fulfilled by fulfillment center. Okay, but they need to be brand new. They can be used because a lot of times with the use products Ah, lot of them, maybe refurbish a lot of them may have cosmetic issues, and you don't wanna have them spend the time taking all these pictures because the cost is just gonna be enormous. So you only want to do this with brand new products. And once again, if you're an international student, Onley utilized the liquidation method. Okay, to get product that is brand new and have it sent to the fulfillment center. Okay, because you not want to be taken in product that's being liquidated and have to deal with it on your own, okay? 11. How To Find Retail Liquidation Suppliers: all right. I want to go through the first Rita Liquidation website, which is tech liquidators dot com. And they're essentially ah, brand of Best Buy. They have all the different returns, all the different refurbished items, items that they pulled from the shelves. Okay, then they have these online auction, so let's go ahead and go through here. Check out all the different products they haven't here. They have ipads, portable audio video products, cell phone, and they have, as you can see here from the condition they have new open box. Don't we have refurbish items and refurbished items are items that that were nonfunctional and their repaired by the actual manufacturer and then return to best buy. Then they are able to sell them. Ah, in large quantity. Lots. So, no, we have just standard used working products. They're okay. Then we have our actual returns. Then we have our salvage products that are nonfunctional. Then we have our all conditions section here, so and they have these locations where they have their warehouses from where the products actually shipped from. All right, I want to show you around the website here. So they got the different sections here, right? No, What I typically like to look at is open box. These are items that either were you damage and shipping. Um, you know, for whatever reason, they just didn't sell. But there's a lot of good products on here that can be sold, um, for a really good profit. Now, I do want to say with these open box lots, I do want to say abound. Maybe 5% 3 to 5% of them are gonna be nonfunctional, so they're gonna be salvaged. But you're still gonna be able to sell those salvage items for a good little profit. So it's not like if you have a salvage item, it's gonna goto waste. People on eBay will buy items that are completely broke, right? Just like if you have, like, a cell phone where you cracked the screen and you know, for you you think Oh, my gosh. You know, this phone is non functional anymore. You go ahead and listed on eBay. People will buy those phones all day long, so just think about it. Salvage products are still gonna be able to be sold, but they're not gonna be able to get obviously as much as a functional product. See? Here we got beats. Um, batteries leapfrog tablets is you can see here. These items are going for quite a bit slipping thes here. So the total retail value of these is 3 99 Okay, this is brand new. Let's just say we were interested in this lot, so I would copy this part number, and I would go to eBay. Okay. And I would see if there's an actual need for this. Okay, so we'll see here how much they're being sold for. Okay, so the only show that they're nine listings, it doesn't look like there's a huge demand for it. So that's probably why they're being sold for, you know, obviously, $89 per unit is what it would come out to be. So this isn't a lot that I would actually be interested in, So let's go take a look at another lie here. The new. Okay, so latitude cases. So I mean, you would really need to spend some time going through this website here and going through all the different sections and doing the cost analysis going to eBay and seeing okay. Is this a hot product. Is this selling? How much is it selling? Four. And remember, you want to get items that are not too big and bulky, right? Because you want to minimize the shipping costs. So let's go to a different section here. So refurbished products are the ones that were either broken in return, just not functional at all. And they were sent over to the manufacturer. They were replaced. Okay, but they were used so they couldn't sell them in the stores anymore, Right? Best Buy couldn't sell them in the stores as new. So they get him on the big lot and they sell him in these listings here. But they're fully functional right there. Just been fixed up by the manufacturer. So, as you can see here, refurbished, delving. You ate WiFi tablets. 6269. His actual retail value right now is at 4 15 Let's take a look at these here, because, remember, we want to be able to make some quick, quick profit. Let's go ahead and look at this part number here on ebay. Okay? Okay. Yes, he looked. There's quite a bit of a demand for this. See, what they were selling for. These were going to be used. So right now that at 2184 que there about one day left, they're selling for 70 to 84. Okay, 75. 95. Let's take a look at the listings. Because, remember, the listings are huge. If you're able to provide a very nice listing, you're gonna be able to sell your product for a lot more than others who just take simple pictures. Okay. Yep. Manufacturer refurbish. Looks like it's the same kind of product. Okay, Yeah. This is a really nice, simple picture here. Yes, simple listening. Okay, let's take a look at this one. Yep. Same type of listening. All right, so this guy sold it for 75 95. Free shipping. It probably cost you about $5. I'd say the ship it. Okay, if that so. Let's see here. So let's say we sold each one of these for $75. Okay, So $75 times 15% for eBay and PayPal fees. It's 11. 25. So it's cool. 75 minus 11. 25. Okay. 63 minus $5 for shipping. Oops. Okay, so 58 75 is what it will be. Our profit. Now, how much would it cost this? It actually purchase this? Let's say we were to get these for I don't know. 35. Okay, 35 a unit. So 35. 23. And how many user? 1923 times. 19. Okay, $451 would be your profit. And is it worth it? I mean, I would say yes because we're trying to get to the point where we're building up our sales , right? We're getting experience, and we're getting profit, right? This is extra funds that we can use to fund our business. And with the advanced strategy that I'm gonna show you with PayPal that's going to allow you to get working capital without no credit check right and have it all based on your revenue. It's important. Toe have ah lot of transactions going through your eBay. Right? Because that's what's going to dictate how much we would get from paypal. Okay, that's gonna help you fund your business. It's gonna jump start your business to the next level right where we get into the importing area. 12. How To Find Retail Liquidation Suppliers Part 2: All right, Here's our next to retail liquidation website. It's liquidation dot com. Now, this is a similar type of website as the tech liquidators, but this one's gonna have all different sorts of products. Okay, so we concert Sure, by category, clothing, computers, tools, machinery. And this was gonna have, you know, super small lots from 10 or 12 items. Five items up the truck loads as well, but this is gonna have all different kinds of categories. So let's say we were looking for clothing and accessories. Let's go new our location search. Okay, so let's take a look at these belts here. So we have a lot of 144 new exotic belts. Okay. Shows you all the different kinds of pictures. Now, there's 10 hours and 41 minutes left on this. Essentially, if you were to place a bet on here for $100 okay, you would win this lot. And I think it's like 40 or $50 for shipping. So and then shipping from San Diego. So let's say you got thes and you sold them for 5 $10 apiece. I mean, you could make a really good profit right for each individual belt. So we have different sizes here. So this is just a little sample here. I would go on here, look for some name brand products that are able to sell very quickly. So, as you can see, here we have. So this is the clothing section, right? You could actually go back to computers and networking, right? Let's go to that sections he would have there. So wholesale tablets, C Grade K. Looks like it's Ah, apple. I've had me 64 gigabyte WiFi. The best way to figure out if these listings here are viable option for you is to essentially just pull up the listing, right? See exactly what is on here. Right? As you can see. Here, here's a manifest list. You know, I would put in this this model in here, right? Goto copy. 3 99 is the actual retail value. Let's go back to eBay here. So would put this in there. School paste. Okay. So is used. So that see what it's selling for. Okay, color contract. It's going used. So listings. All right, so there's someone for about 1 95 $200. Does he Look, this is a horrible picture here. They're selling for 1 79 99 May, because this guy's a top break each other, but horrible. Picture another one here. This is a horrible picture of the products, right? You're not presenting it in a manner that will get your buyer toe. Want to purchase the product? Right? And these are not even taking up the entire area. Look at this. Look of these white sections on the side here. This is a perfect listing, right, because the entire area is taken up and it's a perfect, perfect image. Let's go down here. So 1 99 Let's go. Right here. So 1 99 1 97 So we could sell these really easily for for 1 99 Okay, So looks like the retail value is 2095. Okay, somebody's paying 1 88 You see? Look at this. This right here. It would be close to what we would be selling before, So most likely, this would not be a good lot to bid on. Okay? Yes. I mean, I would go down all these listings for whatever section you're looking for it, right? They have all different kinds of section here. Uh, computer networking tools and machinery, Consumer electron, ICS, general merchandise, housewares. And I would do a cost analysis. So what I would figure out is, how much are they selling for on eBay. Okay, now, how much can I get it for on here? Right. There's a big lot. How much can I get him for each unit? Then you want to add 15% for the eBay PayPal fees and whatever kind of shipping costs you think you're gonna incur, I would say $5 a good shipping costs. Unless it's something really large. Write what you want to avoid anyways. So and that's gonna be your best bet. Is just going on here looking and see what kind of products you can find that you can make a quick profit on. Right. You'll make a good 5 $600.1000 dollars. $2000 on different lots. You just got to spend some time looking through these. They're gonna help you build a B eBay account, and they're gonna add that revenue that we want to see on our PayPal account. Right to help us with the papal capital that we're gonna be acquiring 13. How To Find Retail Liquidation Suppliers Part 3: All right, So here's another platform here. This is a jenco marketplace and these kind of listings where these lots are all typically gonna be for the most part, are going to be by now. So we're gonna have a set price. So let's go over here. And And I said we wanted to go look at the Home Depot products. So seven pallets of general from Home Depot. Okay, eight pallets. So these air really big lots here, let's say let's go to a different section because these are huge. Um, see, here it's good. Let's go, Tektronix. As you can see here, these are all returns, and this is a huge lo lot here. So this has 10,000 almost 11,000 and retail value, and they're selling it for about $3000 there. And they have all these items here manifested. So remember, you can go down here and look at all the products that are in this lot. Okay, to 97 6 60 So, honestly, this would take you a little bit of time to go through all the different units in here, 47 of them, and see what they're selling for on eBay and see if it makes sense for you to get this lot . Because look at this. That's $11,000. Almost. And you're getting it for 1/3 of that, right? So, like I said, I'm trying to get your exposure to these different retail liquidation platforms so we can get you that quick profit that's gonna help you get you to that next step of becoming an importer. Right. So I want to go through another one here because this one here, it's essentially the same as the other ones. Just go through the different sections, all the different categories, and see if it makes sense to purchase a particular listing in particular lot. All right, so let's go to the next one here. This one here is triple eight lots, and this one right here, you actually need to become a member to be able to actually even see the listings. So let's go over here to the inventory. I'm gonna show you an example. Okay? It's good of inventory. So let's go to let's say we were looking for, uh, automotive products. Okay, so he's actually all have the manifest, but you can't pull these up unless you remember. Okay, Um and you actually export him into an Excel spreadsheet. They have a set price here. Okay, However, you can negotiate the pricing and this is the actual Emma's RP retail value. So these you actually need to sign up to become member. We need the reseller certificate as well. And then you can start actually, negotiating on these particular lots be stock solutions is a fairly large platform as well . So let's go over here to looking to buy. And these guys work with all different retailers. So, as you can see here, Wal Mart, they work with Lids. Home Shopping Network Group on Home Depot Target. You know all these different Sears, Kmart, all these different retailers that you know essentially will send their products to them, and they'll have these large auctions. So let's go to Walmart over here. As you can see, they have a particular listening here for TVs, which is something that we most likely you're going to avoid because TVs are fairly large. But I just want to give you an example here how a listing would look, you're so unmanaged, festive, so you wouldn't know what exact TV's air on here. So that's a red flag. I want to know exactly what I'm getting. So this not only with size being a factor, but not having manifested. I want to even look at this. But I just want to give you an example of how particular listing would look. So let's say we're pulling up. But just look at this listing here. 22 pallets, 284 units, retail value of almost $30,000. Right. And there's already 16 bids. So I mean, let's see if we can even look at another one here. Journeys? Yeah. I mean, these lots congee get really, really big. Look at this one here. £24 16,000 units, almost half a 1,000,000 in sales. Right. This is huge. These guys right here that are buying these kind of units. I mean, these guys were probably making millions, right? Yeah, So, I mean, this is a good platform here. Okay? The last and final one here that I want to go through his shop goodwill dot com. No, this is a really good website to go on and find little niche products. A lot of times they will have part. It's on here that they don't know the value of. And you know where you could resell on eBay for a quick buck? Really easily make 100 $500 off these products here. So? So, as you can see here, they have different categories. They have books, cam quarters, clothing, collectibles, computer electronic, semi. Just give me an example here. Okay, So, yeah. I mean, you can bid on different products on here, and the goodwill does not really know typically the value of these products, so you'll be able to get him for killer prices. Look at this huge BlackBerry cellphone lot 71 devices, right? This is something you could sell on eBay and people would buy. Let's see here. Yeah, even if they're salvage right, for some reason, people, just by all different kinds of stuff on eBay, whether it's working or not. So I would want to get a model on here, but I mean, just spent some time going through all these different platforms. Ah, and really just seen where it makes sense for you to be able to make some profit. Okay. And if you have any questions, go ahead. and put him in the discussion board. Not definitely help you out. All right, so we're here to make each other better, definitely. Like to have other individuals taking part in discussion board as well. So this essentially sums up the entire retail liquidation section because we want to focus on kidding the initial start with drop shipping. Right. Then we move on to retail liquidation and Reto Arbitrage, Okay, And that's gonna help us get us to the next step. And what we're going to go on to next is we're gonna go on to actual importing because all these steps that we have gone through previously, right are the ones that are building up and have built up to this next step of importing right number One step was drop shipping. We want to get started. We wanna have no inventory with minimal risk. Right? Then we're going to retail arbitrage retail liquidation where we have toe taking a little bit of inventory, however, were still making a profit. And it's helping on eBay account our PayPal account so that we can take that next step and become an importer. I'm gonna show you how up to this point. Once you're doing a little bit of retail arbitrage and liquidation, how to get the working capital from PayPal without having any kind of credit check, right? Have it all based on your revenue. And that's going to catapult you to the next level of becoming an importer and then becoming your own brand. Okay, so see you on the next one there. 14. How To Get Working Capital For Your Business With NO Credit Check: all right. I want to talk about this strategy that's going to catapult you to the next level after you've gone through the retail arbitrage and retail liquidation phase. Okay, so I'm gonna talk about the papal working capital loans thes are super powerful for your business. They're going to allow you to get capital with no credit check and have the funds instantly deposited into your account. Okay, These loans air up to $85,000 in are all based on your past sales history on your PayPal account. That's why it's important to start with the drop shipping, right. We're getting cells in and out the door. And then we have reto arbitrage, which is going to continue to add those sales on your PayPal account so that when you're ready to start importing, you've been utilized PayPal's working capital loan to be able to get that inventory as you start importing right, because importing is where you're going to start making the most profit, we have the most potential right importing and creating your own brand private labeling. So the loan amount is going to be up to 15% of your past sales in the last 12 months. This is a business loan of a fixed amount with the single fixed fee. Okay, Automatic repayments are taken as a percentage of your daily sales there. No interest charges, no late fees, no prepayment fees, no penalty fees or any other feeds associated with this. Once you get qualified and get the funds in your account within a matter of minutes now the payment comes out of your future Sales automatically based on what you have set up in the criteria, and we'll go through the exact website and I'll show you exactly how to go through the entire process. So if you're starting a new PayPal account from scratch, they're gonna likely need to see you know, a good 90 day trial period, which they typically have the raw pay pelicans in a brand new. Think about it this way. PayPal is willing to take a risk on you, not based on your credit, but on yourselves history. So it's important for you to establish a good history would pay Pau. They're having yourselves coming in, making sure good in a positive feedback, right? So these are performance based loans that are just a dream come true for us entrepreneurs because it's super hard right now or just in general to go down the street and get a bank loan, right? They need to see financials that you see all these different documents with PayPal. You just base it on your on your past history, right on your past sales. And I'll give you a loan with a matter of minutes. So these air so powerful they're gonna 10 extra business. Now, if you already have an established PayPal account, that's generating income. You're gonna plant today and see if you can qualify for a loan within a matter of minutes. It's super easy. All right, when you're ready to go and get a working paper alone. Here you go toe paypal dot com slash web aps slash working capital. Okay, this is what the page is gonna look like here. Now, as you can see here says no credit check. Get funding in minutes. Pay one affordable fixed fee, flexible payments that change with yourselves. So let's go ahead and go to take the tour. This is going to give you a very thorough overview of how this paperwork in capital loan is gonna work. So as you can see here, PayPal working capital is offered exclusively to select paper business customers based on your PayPal sales history. After approval, loan funds are deposited to your PayPal account within minutes and available to use for your business. So step one. When you're paying back the loan, it's simply gonna be a portion of your incoming sales. The payments that come in to your PayPal are going to be automatically taken out, so let's go to Step two and pricing customized for your business. The loan amount is all based on your past sales history. Que The repayment percentage is based on your future sales. Okay, the repayment percentage you choose a percentage of the future papal sales to be taken out for repayment. You look at here number two. So let's say 20% 80%. So let's say he took out a loan of $8000. Okay, the loan fees $445. Okay, so at the end of the loan, you would have paid back 8445. Okay, so let's go to Step three, and I highly recommend you go through each step on your own. Okay, so let's go to step three over here. So as you can see here on step three, it essentially reiterates the fact that your payments are going to come out of your existing sales that you process already through your PayPal. Okay, so go through this year. Step four here, Aziz. You can see they have a great comparison to a typical credit card and a traditional bank loan. PayPal. Super easy to work with your going to get a loan within a matter of minutes if you meet the criteria. So I highly recommend you go through this and you build up. If you're just starting out, you build up your PayPal account so that you get to the point where you can take out a loan and you can get you to that next step. And these papal loans are not just for when you reach the importing face, right. If you're doing drop shipping and maybe you want to jump straight to importing, you can do that as well. Maybe you want to get some funds to help you with the retail arbitrage or retail liquidation. You can use this room for whatever you want, but I recommend that uses Sloan to drive business and for new business growth. Okay, so step five. This how you apply so super simple here, confirm your info. Choose your terms. Get your funds and you guys get your funds here within a matter of minutes. Like I said, go through this entire section. I want you to be ableto have the knowledge highly, highly recommend. Just go through. There's a couple of times just to make sure you know exactly how this works because this is so powerful for your business, OK? 15. The Best Research Tool For Importing On Ebay: Okay, So when you're searching for products that import a really great tool that I like to use is Terra Peak. Now, you could find this center, p dot com. And essentially, what therapy does is it holds and has all the data all the sales data from eBay. So there's several different ways that you can use this tool, which is just excellent. Um, let me go ahead and show you one away here. I like to look at things. So one away I like to use this tool is to find different products. Okay. See what kind of products are selling? See how much they're actually selling through the platform. I mean, you could see exactly how much of one particular item has sold in the last 60 days. 30 days, 90 days, up to a year. Right. So you can set different parameters, different specifications to bring back different types of criteria in data. So let's say we wanted to find how Maney listings, or how much in revenue in the last 90 days have sold through eBay with the keywords containing dog crate. So I like to look at the data for 90 days. Okay, This is going to give you a good baseline. So no one type in dog crate there. A lot of different products are gonna pull up. So from here, you can see how much each individual product has sold for. Okay, Which the average price for this particular product? $35.11. How much in total has this product sold in the last 90 days? Almost 39,000. Okay, so one other way that I like to look at products. It's just in general as a general overview as electrical to research, tactical product research. So that other method kind of gives you an individualized view of how much is sold for a particular dog crate. If you want to see how many in total revenue has sold in the last 90 days, with any listings that have the word dog crate in there, we can type it in here. So Kane will let it do its thing there. All right, so this is the data we're looking for here. So in the last 90 days, all right, we can see that the average price for a dog crate right through the entire eBay platform, as you can see here. This is ebay dot com. So this is us. As you can see here, you have Canada, UK, Australia, different countries. Or you could go through the entire ive a website. You know, all the different eBay sites. So we're going to stick with us here. So, through the entire eBay website, US based we've seen here that almost two million in sales in the last 90 days alone. Okay, average price. $38. Almost $39 for a dog creek. How much is the average shipping? 13. 57. Okay. And this is gonna be for, like, a big right. So any time somebody starts out an auction, they're typically gonna started around $11. Okay, now, listings. How maney listings between the 90 day period, you know, have been live almost 26,000. Right now. Sell through is essentially out of 10. Just think about it this way out of 10 listings, right? Almost five of them are being sold. So if you have 10 listings, at least five of those listings are going to be completed. Okay, so we live down here. The general stats. Almost 26,000 listings. Successful list things that actually sold 4 12,026 total bids placed items offered. Item sold. Almost 50,000. Okay, so this is a good low graph to see. What time of the day right are most of these products being sold? Okay, so this information here is just great to see, you know, as far as if you wanted to get into the dog niche, okay? And dog creates specifically, especially when you get into importing. I really How do you recommend that you start off niche? Okay, so let's say you want to get into the dog in the street. Okay? Maybe dog creates. You could just start out by selling, you know, specific dog crate, maybe create your own brand and then branch out into other doc products. Right? But the number one thing you want to do when you start out is think about getting a niche product, and I'm gonna show you how to do competitive research through all these large eBay sellers that are super power sellers, right? And where they're lacking in their listings right there. Just throwing up listings and not putting much effort into him. But that's what you can come in and take advantage of that and be able to sell those particular products by taking over that little minor niche. And as you soon as you start getting some results and getting some good feedback and start growing your business and you can branch out and move on to other, different products within that particular industry. So as you can see here, the categories pet supplies, collectibles home and guarded These are all the different categories that those dog creates have been sold in. Okay, let's see here. Eso Here's a the money price point here, which is where the most have been sold right 24 31. All right, so and here's the other key words in there Pat Cannell, cage folding cat door playpen. So this information here is really great because you gotta look at the entire dog crate marketplace within eBay, right? For a given amount of time. So, obviously, I mean, think about this Almost two million in sales in the last 90 days. You don't think you couldn't capture just a small percentage of these sales because I'm telling you a lot of the sellers that are selling these dog crates are huge, huge eBay sellers. Okay, and a lot of times their listings are not very good. So there's ways that we can come in and we can provide better overall this things and be able to capture at business and take some of that business away from our competition. Remember, because the's huge eBay sellers these guys typically sell products in multiple categories. And these eBay sellers that are just super huge right don't have the ability toe offer the type of customer service the weekend because we're small right, and we're able to respond to our customers in a very timely manner versus then being so large, right? They probably don't go back to customers within 24 48 hours, right? It probably takes in a few days, So that's where we can come in and at more value and capture those sales. Okay, and they're not going to care. They're not going to be too worried about somebody who comes in and maybe does 110,000 and just takes a little bit of their category away because they have so many other categories that it's not even an issue to them. 16. Find The Top Sellers In Every Category: Another area that I like to look at is looking at the top sellers who are selling these products. So dog rates, right, Who are the top sellers that are selling these crates? This is really great information, because then you can reverse engineer and look at the sellers. Look at their listings. Look at their profiles. What are they selling? How much is known for? Okay, so expect more for less. And this is someone that we're going to do some good research on because researching your competition is vital for your success. You have to understand what your competition is doing and find ways to do things better than they are. Okay, because a lot of times they're lacking in certain areas. A lot of times air getting lazy, right? And that's what you're able to capitalize on their laziness and capture those sales. So expect more for less. These guys are huge, right? And I'm gonna show you where you could take advantage oven area where they're lacking. So let's go back over here to eBay. So I typed in Dog Creek. All right, and as you can see here, So all these different listings here, if we saw that. Expect more for less was number one. Let's go. Even look at them. I pull them up here. Ready? So expect more for less. Look at this. 215,925 feet back. Look at this. They have a ton of negative feedback to the neutral. But obviously they have way, way more positive. These guys so products in a myriad of different categories. But what I want to show you is an area where the kind of falling short. So? So let's go to one of their listings. This is one of their listings, As you can see. Super plane, Right? Nice white background, right. Shows the image very, very well. And as you can see, these guys have sold over 5000 units. Let's see how many they're selling today. Look at this. Today's the 11th. Okay, So 123456789 10 11 12. I mean, I'm going down quite a bit there. 10. Oh, man. Look at this. Cheese. 12. Almost 30. Okay, just in one day right now. These guys obviously have economies of scale, so they're able to charge 30 59. Right. And they're probably getting these for 5 $10 apiece. So But one of the things that I wanted to show you is come down. Look at their listing. Look at this. Look at the theme they have here. Discount massage wholesaler. Right. So they originally started out as a massage wholesaler, right where they had massage products. And then they started getting into different areas, different categories. But they never changed their team That never updated their information here. So I mean, this looks tacky, right? You sell products in multiple categories, right? And you're gonna market yourself as a discount massage wholesaler and you're selling dog crates. This is not very congruent with what your business is about since they've been doing this for so long. And they're trusted. Seller. They get tons of tons of sales, right in the pricing me, their pricing, you just kill her. Why? Because they have the economies of scale. Okay, so let's go down here and take a look at some more of this listing here. So they have some good pictures here. Okay, not bad. Not bad, but this this team here is super old. It's probably 56 years old. Okay, look at this. Nice little pictures. But if we come down, See, this is really important You're gonna wanna have, especially for a dog crate. You wanna have the instructions laid out over here? You wanna have multiple pictures? This is a really good explanation. They have the return to refund. Okay, look at this. 2000 and 10 it's 2016. Guys, this is six years old. Okay, this is a really old beam. So what can you do? Better, Right. You couldn't have a better overall listening here. That's congruent with what you're about what you're selling. Okay. That's why I really recommend that if you're going to get into a niche, I really advise you to stick with one area. So if you're going to go into the dog, Mitch, Okay. Start with crates and then moved to a different dog products. Right. Maybe you'll have dog toys. Dog treats. Whatever may be right. You want to step into the vertical markets and the horizontal markets. So it's important view toe have listings that sell that when a potential customer comes on here, they would have see that your real company you care about your customers and you provide nothing but value. But this is an area where you could come in and take advantage of because this listing here , I just cannot believe they have this. You're still right from 2010. 17. Narrowing Down Your Niche Selection: Okay, so we're back on Terra Peak here, and I went to the research section up here. Okay? And I'm on hot research. When you pull up hot research, you're gonna get a wealth of information here as far as to the hottest categories. Right? Which products have been selling the most? What type of listings are the best ones that have sold the most and other types of data as well. So let me go ahead and walk you through this year among the hot categories ranked by demand calculated by big growth, divided by listing growth. So this is essentially going to show you all the hottest categories on eBay currently. Okay, this is the US eBay. So, as we go down here, I mean, you can essentially pick one of these, right? One of the top ones. Pet supplies, sporting goods, home and garden gift cards, sporting goods, health and beauty. Close. So, guys, there's so many different categories in areas that you can jump into. Right. But like I mentioned, I suggest you start niche and then slowly move out into different areas. And if you want to eventually jump into different areas that are not related. So let's say you're selling dog products and you want to jump into the health and beauty market. I suggest you create a name or a user name or even a company, right? That's gonna be associate ID around your product, offering being unlimited. Okay, so let's say if you named your company or your store, uh, Bob's, you know, dog creates or Bob stock products, right? You know, and everybody knows that that company that business produces dog products. But if you named it something like maybe you named it, you know, John's buy for less products, right? That's super broad. Some things you can jump into different areas, but just think about it from the get go, you know, Are you eventually gonna wanna jump into different categories that are not related? And if you think that you are, I would from the get go, name your store in your business, something that can reflect that. Okay, but there's something wrong with sticking with just dog products there. Just one certain category, because remember, there's a ton a different areas that you can move into, you know, in the dog product area in the cat product area. home and garden, right? There's so many different vertical markets under that as well as horizontal market. So think about that. Okay, So like I mentioned, just go down here. Look at all these hot hot topics here. I spent some time going through these. Now, the next section. This is for media. This is not really related to us because this videos, um, movies, right? This is not even important to the DVD hotlist. So here, popular keywords. Okay, The most popular keywords searched on eBay, PlayStation four, iPad necklace. A lot of these we're not gonna worry about, But just think about necklace, earrings, right. Bracelet, dress, huge topic, right. Jewelry, ring scarf, Michael. Course. Maybe not Michael course. But all these different super broad words, right? So boots, right. Boots can be anything. You gonna have all different kinds of boots with the iPhone. We know we can't sell that X box. PS three, Mac book. You know, we can't sell those, so, you know, bag beads, sunglasses. Okay, so these are all the most search key works, right? The most popular searches on eBay. So let's go to this next section here. Best selling products. See here. Bunch of gift cards, insanity cards. I mean, you can look through this here, but I don't think there's gonna be very much used to us, because this is, you know, all different categories. All the best selling products. I mean, you can if you want, spend some time going through this. I don't really go through this. Um, let's go to the next section here. Bestselling titles. This is a pretty good section here, because if you're having some trouble or you're new to creating maybe of this things, this is going to give you some great listings here as far as ideas on what are the top products that are selling and what kind of listings they have. So here we have some a gold coin. IPad. Okay, it's more ipads. Okay, Right. So if you're having some trouble, you want to get some ideas as faras listings come here, see what kind of keywords? Aaron the listings. So this is an important area to go through. All right, 18. How To Find The Most Profitable Categories On Ebay: another section that I want to go through Here is the category research. So let's go through this one here. Okay? So this is super super good information here, as you can see, all these different categories, right? And you can see total sales. Which ones are the most highest? Okay, Now, the ones with the looks like this is reddish there. We're going to be the most highest selling. Okay, so it looks like in helping beauty vitamins and dietary supplements. Okay. Home and garden yard, garden and outdoor living. Okay. So we can automatically just without even clicking on anything. See, what are the highest types of products within that category that are selling pet supplies? Dog supplies. Okay. Looks like dog supplies is the highest. Right? Fish pies. Number two, that's you figure cat spies would be okay, but CASS supplies is still huge. I mean, fishing aquariums, guys. I mean, there's so many different areas. Get into. Let's see if we went into the past supplies. Okay. Many gets a little bit more in depth here, so it went into the pet supplies. So let's say we went into the dog supplies, training and obedience. This is huge, right? We get now to agility training Elektronik, fences, trainers, whistles, training dummies, house training pads. Right. This is really specific information here, right? Because we're breaking it down and we're getting a vertical with the right. We're figuring out. OK, so the pet supplies our big market, right? We got down to the dog supplies. Then we narrowed it down even more of the training in obedience. And this is where we can never down even more and get really niche. And this is what I mean. So starting out really, really niche on a one little small area, right? Getting that going growing a little bit and then moving on to different areas. Maybe you started out with the agility training. Okay, maybe Then you moved into Elektronik fences, right? How's training pats and then moved on from that. And then from that, maybe you went on to other dog products. And as soon as you establish yourself as an authority in the dog market, you want to the cat market didn't step into the fish market right Until it's vital. It's very, very vital for you to understand the fact that you don't want to try to get into multiple categories all at once. You want to go niche and you want to put all your focus right and have clarity. So what you want to do put all your focus into that little micro niche and slowly grow? Okay, step by step, you're going to get ahead, Not necessarily in large spurts. This is not something we're going to make a $1,000,000 overnight. You have to understand there's a natural progression to the seasons. There is a natural progression to business. Okay, you need to have that framework in your mind and understand that. So let's say we wanted to start out with the agility training. So with the agility training just on that specific niche on eBay, we can see here, right list of eBay categories and sub categories. We can see all the different products that are being currently sold. And then we can see this is the view here of the trends of a historical trends for this category. So as we see back in March, Okay, been moving up and down, up and down, right? So this is pretty typical over market here. So top sellers who are selling the most okay, in this particular niche, right? This is what's so cool about this is that you can go and see all the different competition , right? That's already selling in that particular niche. Research them, study them, see what they're doing to see where you can add more value and be ableto outperform them. Okay, this tool here is crucial for anyone on eBay that is warning to make a significant amount of income. Okay. And we're only able to see up to 30 days in this particular area. So the most of these sellers have so within 30 days is 5337. This is the most at one particular seller. But if we add up all of these, okay, we could come up with a pretty significant number, right? And then we would go, and we would study these listings. Okay. Okay. So I spent some time going through these different categories here. Research is probably where you're going to spend the most of your time understanding the different types of listings, understand your competition because it is very, very important that you model what's already working right. There's a reason why these guys here at the number one spot, 25 city dogs are selling 5337. There's a reason for that. They're doing something right. Okay, So what you need to do, You need a model. What works, Okay. And take it a step further and differentiate yourself from the competition. So this is the final section here that's gonna help out with your listening. So let's Goto s CEO. This stands for search engine optimization, if you weren't aware. Okay, so let's say you wanted to create a listing for a dog crate. Okay, So you would type in those two words and automatically it's gonna pull up different keywords that you could add on that are recommended for your particular listening. Okay, so you have Cage Cano pet folding cat metal, right? So you can get very, very specific, and this is gonna help you out in your particular listings. So this is it for Terra Peak here? I believe it's about $29 a month or $25 a month, depending on the level of membership. Or you can pay, I believe, $200 a year on I believe you can actually go on. Ah, going to Google and search for a coupon. I mean, it's well worth the money. I mean, this is gonna help you just so much in your research, you're gonna understand different metrics, different data. Understand what? Selling what's not selling. This is gonna help you reverse engineer what people are already doing successfully. Okay. What? People are already selling what the market already wants, so you can essentially just give it to him, okay? 19. Navigating Through Alibaba & Getting Samples: All right, So we're here on Alibaba, and and I'm gonna essentially go through this portion of the course fairly quickly because Alibaba in importing as a whole entire course in of itself. Okay? And I actually have a course on importing on. It's called Alibaba Import Business Blueprint. All right. And at the end of this course, I'm gonna have a $10 coupon code that you can also purchase along with this course. And I had the recommend that you take my importing course in conjunction with this one. Right? Because my import course goes into more depth as to what Alibaba is, how you can start importing products, right? The sample process, all those different components of importing your products. So I'm just gonna go ahead and pull up a couple examples here, but do go ahead and go to the end of this course section here and purchase that Ali Baba importing course. Okay. I just want to give you some examples here of how you can go on your own and get some samples from suppliers. Okay, let's look up, Dog crate Here. Okay. So, as you can see here, we have several different types of dog crates. One of the things you want to look for is the gold supplier. And you want to make sure they have listens. Very, very similar to one of the eBay of this thing that we saw earlier. Doesn't have a price on there. Okay, this one has 5 85 to 4 95 5 year. Okay. And this looks like a pretty good one here. All right, 5 85 to 45. So let's take a look at this listing here. See the product. So the way you want to start importing, Okay. The whole import process, its first when you get some samples. Okay. The first way to get some samples is by contacting supplier by sending them email, let him know. Hey, you know, we want to try your product, send us a few samples and you pay. We'll pay for the shipping. Okay, So those singing a little samples for free, right? Get anywhere from 2 to 5 samples and you take care of the shipping. Okay, so maybe it cost you one on 30 bucks. So those saying you anywhere from 2 to 5 units for free, you pay the shipping have them shipped product on their DHL account through DHL Express, and you'll get the products within a week. Okay, so then you want to test out the quality, make sure the quality is good, Okay? And then you can slowly start to build up in order more, right? But your end goal to be able to get the economies of scale and get your get your product price down, is by ordering hundreds, if not thousands. Okay, and having them shipped over here on a boat, it's gonna take around 30 to 45 days. Okay, sometimes up to 60 days. But that's where you're gonna be paying 5 10 cents. 15 cents per unit for shipping. Okay. Yeah. I mean, you could use a lot of these pictures here in your listing. Okay. Very nice. And pictures of the factory. I'm just doing a quick run through here, guys. I mean, I highly recommend you go when you take my alley, Bob. Of course, because it just goes a lot more in depth onto Alibaba as a whole. Right in the whole importing process. Now, just think about this. Let's say you paid $20 for this eBay course. Okay. And let's say you spend an additional $10 to my coupon code to purchase the Alibaba import business course. That's $30 in total that you have spent on these courses and in terms of value for your $30 you're getting more than 10 x value because you're also getting my support right through the forum. You can ask all the different questions there and discussion board. Okay, so not only are you getting in courses, but you're getting my support to be able to walk you through all the different steps, right? Okay. Just think about what? The eBay course, all the information, all the value that's packed into that. Okay. And in the Alibaba import business course how it goes into so much stepped in regards to importing all the intricacies of it. Okay, so the value is there, right? And like I mentioned Alibaba, and importing is a whole course in of itself. That's why I created it. So at the end of this course, you're going to see a bonus section in there, and you're gonna have a coupon code for $10. All right, 20. Another Great Resource To Find Products: all right. Another resource that I want to show you here is watch count dot com. And what this is is essentially has all the different products that are the most watched on eBay. So let's say we wanted a type in a dog crate. So this will pull up the most watched dog crates listed on eBay. Okay, so and as you see here, this is all us based, and you can go to UK, Australia. Okay, so you can go to different countries, but we're going to stay on the US based. So here on the 1st 1 we can see 3000 199 watchers. So as we can see here, this is a very popular product. 42 99. Free shipping. This is huge. Guys, whenever you can cross at a retail price, okay? And put a new lower price next to it. This is huge for the buyer psychology. Okay, You want to make it so that the customer it's perceiving a good deal, right? Cause gonna make them more prone to want to make a purchase. So let's take a look at this listing here. Okay. 13,000 and 53 sold. Wow. Okay, let's take a look at how many have sold today. Today is the 19th c here. Wow. Huh? 20. Somebody bought 10 and 10. See? Here. 12349 10 11. We got 21. I mean, this has got to be a good 35 or 40 here. So we know that this product is immensely popular. So this is something that we could potentially import. Okay. Now, the pricing here that he's putting on here, I mean, this is super super competitive. Okay? And the reason why he's able to charge that low of a price is because he orders thousands, right? And he orders and on a boat. So they come in a huge cargo ship right on one of those huge containers because the shipping is in 10 cents, five cents for every unit. Right? Because they're coming along with hundreds of other containers. This is how you're gonna be able to leverage the lower pricing and get the economies of scale. Okay, let's look at these pictures. All right. Simple white pictures. All right. Nice. Okay. I was gonna small. All right. Very nice. Just looking down here. Low further. This is just like the example we saw earlier. Okay, Discount massage wholesaler. This is a really old beam. So again we could get into this particular niche, right? The dog crate niche and out compete. These guys, we get potentially even charge a little more, right? But we would have a better listing. Better pictures, Right, So and notice how he does not have any type of name brand on this unit here. Okay, so when you're first starting out, you don't have to have any kind of private label right or any brand, so you can essentially import let's a dog crates and do exactly how this person is doing it , okay? And just put black 40 an inch to door pet cage folding dog with divider cat, right, and just have a really thorough listing their very specific and hit it with a bunch of keywords so that this is gonna be found right later. Wrong. When you start private labeling, you can put your brand in here and will be very unique. And that's when you'll be able to charge a little bit more, right, because you'll have that brand power, okay. And ah, lot of the sales that happen. Higher prices. Okay, let's say with your product, right. Let's say you wanted to charge 59 99. The reason why you're going to be able to sell your product at 50 99 is because you're going to create Ah, higher perceived value. And that's huge. That's how you're going to get a product that's normally sold at 42 99. Same quality, same material right by by raising the perception of his value. Okay. And that's them by pictures. Doesn't by listing everything being congrats with the pricing. OK, so let's go back over here. It's a good look at the next one here, and I believe this may even be the same exact cellar. Open up. This is cover shield. OK, let's take a look at this one here. You know, really good pictures. Like dog in there. Okay, get a picture of another dog. Okay. Okay. For some reason these air not loading up. Maybe some kind of theme error there. Okay, Now you can see here. Look at powered by fruition pro. You can see who makes this theme here. Okay. Looks like I need to update my Adobe flash player. OK, but this looks like it has a video on it. Really nice. If you can get a video on your product, maybe even ah, going to Google. Let's say you want to get like, a particular dog crate, right? And maybe a lot of different vendors out there are selling it as well. Many other sellers on eBay. What you could do is you can go on YouTube and look for a video of the M boxing of this product. There's gonna be a lot of times where customers will create their own video right of unboxing this unit. And you can put this on your listening and having a video on your listing just improves the conversion rate tremendously. Okay, this is great here. A lot of great descriptions. Good information. Here. Product highlights. Okay. Very nice. Gives information here for the types of breeds the pounds. Okay. Yeah, This is a great information here. A lot of detailed information. That's huge. Right for the buyer. Okay, we have a bunch of free space open space here, which isn't the greatest. But these guys were just, you know, seasoned old cellar, right? It's even Look at them here. Yep. 343,000. 918. Feedback score. OK, so this is a really good tool here. Just go through and see what the most watched items to get you. An idea of what selling is. Well, So using this tool in conjunction with terror Peak is gonna help you out tremendously. You're gonna have both those tools there. They're gonna help you find particular niches. Right? So you see here. Okay. So look at all these All crates in here, right? These are all being watched by hundreds. Okay, here's another little pet cushion here. 314. Watchers, check this one on her. I think this one sold by cover Shield as well. Okay, Now, when people watching item, they're either not ready to purchase at that given moment because of a myriad of reasons. Maybe they don't have the money yet. Maybe they elect what they saw and they wanted to buy. Maybe at a later time. There is no urgency. Okay, so let's go down here. Take a look at the listing. Okay? Yeah. I mean, these listings air pretty good here. There's not a bad listening Let's see how many of they've sold today. So this one isn't selling too often. Okay? All right. So let's go back to the EBAYS most watched here. Go back up to the top. Okay, lets typing dog agility. This is going to come up with all types of products that air associated with dog agility. Okay, dog pet agility, obedience training tunnel. True one. The stick This one out. 144 watchers. Okay, 243 sold. Looks like outlet 2000. OK, second, look at the listing here. Uh huh. These pictures here are all right. They could be better. I don't like that Read text according to the listing. Yeah, Yeah. I mean, this is super simple, very, very playing here, free shipping to see how many they've sold. So they haven't sold any today. They sold to yesterday one on 10th and ninth. Yeah, I mean this Partick selling All right. Nothing in comparison to the other one. So we were looking at the dog crates. All right, so this is kind of a smaller niche here. Okay, let's see here. Let's look at this many a frame here. Dog agility equipment. All right. 1 32 thoughts. Oh, yeah. I mean, just from the looks of this, you could tell that these items here are a really small niche. Okay, these items were gonna be a really small niche that Yeah, you can get into really usually and makes the money. Okay. However, long term, I would definitely go into the larger niches. Okay, because think about this. If you want to get into the dog market, you want to find the niche that's profitable and where you're going to see sales on a daily basis, right? You wanna have sales every day, so maybe you can go through this. You can spend some time and going to the different sections here. You can go to all the different categories, right? This is going to give you the most watched items on eBay To see what exactly? People are looking for what people are interested in, What items are the most popular right and various categories and all the categories on your way. Case has spent some time going through this year, all right, 21. Private Label Brand Example: All right. I want to give you an example here of a private label, er on eBay. So, as you can see here by their name for haven pet products. Okay, you can see here they have their description. Pet products for Haven pet products was founded in 2004 with the mission of bringing snuggly soft and also comfort comfort to pet of all shapes and sizes at a price that their families could afford And what they style that fit home lifestyles. Okay, so these guys have a mission statement, right? This is their value proposition. This is what they're essentially in business. Four, right? Why they're in business. You could take this road as well. Where, For example, you wanted to get into the pet industry right into dogs or, you know, the cash or just pets. In general, you could start en eBay user name with this is, well, something similar to dog part. It's your cat products. Or if you want to leave it to the point where you can expand, you can create a user. Names such as products for less right are the best products for less something. Where leaves it open to different categories, right? Different areas. But if you want to stay niche. Okay. This user name here, something like this would work just fine. So these guys have essentially started importing products, right? And private. Label them with their own brand. These kind of particular items here are all essentially no name brands, right? That a lot of different importers here on eBay already sell. But what these guys have done is put their own name on there right? For haven. That makes a unique that makes it their own brand, right? And having that brand power, they could sell the products at a higher price. But they also need to create that perceived value. Okay, They can't just charge higher prices just because, right, they need to create that perceived value that's congruent through the entire listing. Okay, so let's go and take a look at one of their listings here. Okay, so for haven pet nap bed deluxe eight, create orthopedic. Matt, quote the doctor. Okay? Yes. See, this is something where you can tell this is Photoshopped on there, right? Okay, but they have some good pictures here. I like that picture. Okay, Very nice. Okay, This is huge having these kind of pictures right where the owners can see their pets in the acts, right? Actually, using the product is huge, and I like their listing. I like how everything's branded. Right. Super simple listing here, giving you all the information. All right. Yeah, This is simple, right? This is nice. I would have you know, a little bit more pictures on here. Okay? Maybe some more description, but, I mean, this is super simple. I mean, it does the job. But again, if you want to charge higher prices and you want to create that higher perceived value with your private label brand, you need to make sure that your listing fits that criteria, right? If you want to charge 35 $45 for this particular Matt. All right, Just think about this. Why can one particular brand of clothing right charge more than the other when the material is essentially the same, it's that perceived value through that brand name. Okay, so maybe these guys, or maybe you create a product that is essentially luxury came into you. Charge 50 99 for this extreme exact products, right? What? You have better pictures, right? Ah, better overall listing. Okay, maybe a better being here. Right? Just making sure that you're listening is congruent with your pricing. All right, so this is a really good example here of a particular private label. Er okay. Who is essentially importing products from China with their own brand name on these items? Okay. And they're selling them, you know, for a pretty good profit here. Mean 23 99. This is not bad. I'm pretty sure they win into all the other products that were similar and, you know, put their price on there as well. However, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, right, charge more. And like I said, make sure that everything is congrats with your pricing. I cannot emphasize that enough because you can't just charge more just because you think your product is superior and it may be right. You may have the best quality product out there made with the finest material hand made hand sewn, all this other stuff. Right? But if you're not able to portray your product, you know, as having and being high quality customers don't care, right? They're going to go for the most cost effective product or they're going to go for the product that portrays the highest value to them. Okay. And that's where we're gonna create that perception. I like to look at. Perception is reality because what you perceive right may not be correct may not be right, but it's what you perceive and its right to you. Okay, Now, once you create a private label brand, what you also want to do is to have your own website to sell your products. Okay? And I want to show you these guys website here that they have where they essentially have all their products on there as well and they can sell them for different prices. Right, Because Ive A has a particular set of buyers, right that are typically looking for discounts. OK, for discount buyers on your website, that's where you can charge a little more. So let's go toe for haven pet products here. So, you know, this is a pretty simple website here. Okay? As you can tell, very nice pictures. Right. And but you can also tell that this is Photoshopped, but pretty good job of it. Okay? They have some videos. Okay. See here the catalogue. Okay, so they have an imprint Hood, So, yeah, they have a very unique set of products on here. Okay. Yeah. See the pricing on here? Okay. Huh? It's kind of odd they don't have the pricing on here, which I don't see why they would not. There should be a price on here, and I'm buy. Button does not look like they're properly optimized for traffic. That is very odd. Okay, so looks like they are go to contact us, okay? I mean, they have looks like a pretty good brand there. Go to retailers. Oh, so they I have several different stores that they selling interesting, regardless, right? These guys should have products that they sell on the website, and I don't know why. That's very, very odd. Look at the locator. Well, you know. Anyways, the point I'm trying to make is once you have your own private label on eBay, you also want to jump into having an online store, right? Because that's where you're going to get organic natural traffic. And that's where you can charge a little higher price because then you have travel coming in from all the different search engines now with for haven pet products here. If you want to get a local made just like this I mean, you could go to Fiverr pay $5 to get a local made, if not the same business or, you know, even better, Right? So in terms of these pictures here, same thing. This picture here is Photoshopped. Extremely well. And you could essentially have a picture, right? And purchase it from, like shutter Shocker. Any one of those websites that sell stock images, right? Have a pictures just like this. Have you a product in there? Photoshopped with the picture of a dog. So you know all these different. You know this picture here? Oh, that's cool. Nice. You can have all this Photoshopped okay. And websites air Super easy to create have a lot of different resource is well, fiber can have it A website created as well for anywhere from 25 to $50. Right. Let's say you even wanted to create a website just like this, right? You can go to Fiverr, have somebody create this exact same type of website as faras structure. OK, for $50 right all you need to do is get your own domain, okay? And get hosting and get the pictures right. And they could create a website anywhere from 25 to $50 okay? 22. How To Find Outsourcers To Free Up Your Time: all right. I want to talk about outsourcing here and the first platform I wanna show you. Here's fiber. And essentially, fiber has a ton of different gigs on here that are gonna cost you, you know, $5. So but you also have different packages, right? As you see here, this one has $15. This is 25 and most of these are going to start with five. And they offer additional services for another $5. Another $10 depending on what you're trying to get done. But this one is really good to have something done really quick. Right? So let's say you wanted to have just like those images we saw earlier with the dogs being Photoshopped. Ah, we can have some kind of rendering or maybe even photo shop work done here really quickly. So let's say you wanted tohave like, Look at this here. This is a really good image rendering. Ah, gig here. See? Here. Okay, so right. This looks completely riel. Right? But its an image rendering. Let's look at some other ones here. All right, so what, you want to use these gigs for us for you know, your different pictures on your website. There. Different images on your listing. You can find all different types of gigs. Okay, let's say you wanted to have a local created, so type in a local, right? And you're going to see all these different gigs on here? The offer. Local design services. So what you would do is you would go through. I want to maybe go to the top five or four and really see what types of designs resonate with you. Right. Um, a lot of these guys have been on here for a long time. Do a great job. So, no, let's take a look at some of these. Okay? So each one of these individuals on here that are doing these gigs have their own style, so you need to go and check them out. Which one you like? The best. So let's say you wanted to have you know, your website worked on. Maybe you wanted some kind of graphics. All right, So same thing here, right? And you can actually go down to the left over here and go to the level two. The top rated sellers are typically going to be your best ones. However, For some reason, there's not any in the website graphics, so I mean, you essentially go through all these different gigs, right? And look at the cellar. Look at the gigs. Look at the kind of work they do and determine if it's gonna work for you. Let's say you wanted to have something really specific made right? Something really custom. You can also put up a gig on here is well and hired the best candidate, right? So I want to show you another one that I use here. So up work dot com This used to be known as a believe Oh, desk. Okay, so this one here, you essentially create a job, okay? And you have individuals that go on there and they essentially put up, you know, their best bid, right? They put their bidding for how low they could do it for and for how long is gonna take them . So up work is another platform here where you essentially post a job and you have individuals all over the world that will go on there and put up their best bid right, though put up how low they can go for it, right. That said you put a job where you wanted tohave some images created or some images made for your website or for your eBay listing. And you put all the specifics on there and you have somebody come say, Hey, you know, I can get this done in two days for $20 for $30 right? And you going, you select all your different candidates, right? You can narrow him down. And, you know, finally choose the one you want to work with. So this was actually pretty cool because you can hire per project or on hourly basis. So let's say you wanted to have some image renderings to attack that end. Okay, so then you can see here, and we can actually put it by. Let's go to 90% job success. $10 an hour and below, so that we can see here That, uh, these guys is typical is $9 an hour. $10 an hour. Okay, you got top rated here. Let's take a look at this guy here. So we would essentially go through. I look at see what kind of individuals that would best fit for our job. Okay. And once we posted job on here. We can actually invite them to bid on her job. Okay. So we can look at their history here. Feedback. They've gotten right. So it's essentially similar to fiber. Because if you go back to fiber, we look at that particular gig. Okay, we go down. Here's the item description. Okay? For what you'd be getting for the gig down here is where you're going to see the reviews. And over here, it's actually a little bit more in debt because you got to see how much they earned. Um, as far as for the whole entire job. If they had an hourly set up here, how many hours they worked? You see some good images here of their past work. So, you know, you could see a lot more information about them, right? This guy has a master of architecture. Very nice. Very nice. Okay, So I would go on up work and fiber and mostly fiber is really what I use the most, because you get a lot of gigs done really quickly and for really low cost, right? Maybe you wanna have people go on terror peak, right? And maybe search some items that have the best, you know, sale to ratio. Or maybe you want to find different items, or maybe even do some research, hire somebody out, fiber of work to do some competition research. Right where they're looking at different sellers in a particular market niche. Okay. And they put together a spreadsheet of that top sellers in that particular niche. Okay, so you can use up work and fiber for a variety of different things that you can outsource. At some point, you're gonna wanna actually hire a full time virtual assistant, and most likely they're gonna be overseas. And they're gonna range anywhere from 3 to $500 a month, right, which is a very, very minimal cost. But the thing is, you may have to go through a few of them to find that right, One that sticks right, Because very, very rarely, or you're gonna find someone right off the bat on your first try toe hire on as a full time virtual assistant and having a virtual assistant to me, it is vital for your success as you start to grow because they handle a lot of your internal tasks right, which allow you to get freed up and focus on more important money making tasks. Okay, so having a virtual assistant is something that you want to look forward to because they're gonna help you out tremendously. But you don't want to hire one just right off the bat because you think that you need one. You want to be able to get to the point where you're doing so much, right that you need someone. Okay, so that's something to look forward to, right? But outsourcing a lot of your different tasks is definitely gonna be something that you want to strive towards. You want to make sure that you're doing the most important tasks in your business, and everything else is being outsourced. 23. Creating an LLC For Your Business: all right. I want to talk a little bit about creating an LoC and just throw out some disclaimers there . I'm not an attorney. I'm giving you my recommendations on how you should go about creating an LoC. You know why? It's important. And you know, the different advantages to having an loc. So what? That being said, my creating an LoC is something that you want to do eventually. I do not believe it's something that you need to do right away because you don't need an LoC to start selling products. And LSE is gonna establish you as a really official business. Now, some of the benefits of having an LoC are gonna be for your tax benefits, right? You're gonna be able to deduct a large portion of your expenses. Okay? And you typically gonna be tax just on your income. So you're not gonna have double taxation where you're taxed, and then the business is taxed, they're gonna be taxed. All is one entity. Okay, You're gonna have asset protection. This provides limited liability protection to you. The owner, right where? Let's say you incur a bunch of debt. Let's say you have a bunch of liabilities and for some reason, your business This is not able to take care of those. You're not gonna be held liable, okay? And then you have the ability also to build business credit. So this is gonna be a separate entity, just like an actual human being where they can go and open a line of credit, established their credit, and slowly build that up. This is going to be the same for your business, Loc. Here you can go and start gaining some accounts, getting some some Net 30 accounts with some office supplies and start paying that off and still be build up your business credit as well. And then we have the credibility factor. So just having an LoC is gonna help you establish that credibility which your customers and with vendors. Now I want to go when I want to show you. Legalzoom dot com Where I've gone and created many LLC's They walk you through the entire process. Super simple. All right, so we're here on legalzoom dot com. Now, this is a really nice set up here because legalzoom walking through the entire process, all the different questions, So it's super easy. So Let's go down here too. Our loc get started. So when you start your loc, they're gonna ask you a lot of different questions Regards to your loc that you want to create, and it's gonna walk you through everything. It's super easy. Now you have your name and address here. You could see this. You have the owners and management who is all going to be in the LoC. Maybe if it's you or your significant other. Maybe you have a business partner. Your tax set up business set up. You place the order. Okay. So I'm gonna walk you through here just a couple steps, so I'm in Washington State. Okay, So we're gonna ask you now, what would your business be doing? So you're gonna be most likely in the wholesale, Okay? Because you're gonna be selling online a lot of times you're gonna be taking in product and then reselling it. Let's see here. Saving Continue. What will you do in wholesale? You taking goods to sell? Yes. Do you receive a commission? No. Right. So then we would for sticking with the pet products. You would go with pet products there. Okay, then they're gonna ask you how Maney owners for your business, One or two owners are your forming a new business? Yes. You're forming a new business or your business. Have employees in the next 12 months. Yes or no? Most likely know because you're gonna be doing quite a bit of outsourcing. And those are gonna be typically through contract. Ah, see here I would recommend you have your year be a regular calendar year from January to December. Okay. Well, your business automatically itself new. Okay, then you begin with your address. So I just wanted to show you a few little steps there to get you an idea of how easy it is to start an AL OSI. And for whatever questions, you have any questions you may have? You can call LegalZoom and they're available to answer all your questions. So remember, creating an LoC right off the bat is not necessary. I highly recommend you starting loc. Once you get the ball rolling and you get some revenue coming in because it's gonna help you with credibility is gonna help you your taxes at the end of the year. And you're gonna be able to build some business credit, which is going to help you gain some more additional funds to help me find your business. OK,