The Ultimate Blending Series: Markers | Meagan Corniea | Skillshare

The Ultimate Blending Series: Markers

Meagan Corniea, Artist // Pen Hoarder

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8 Videos (32m)
    • Intro

    • Supplies

    • Method 1: Blending with Colored Markers

    • Method 2: Blender (Colorless) Marker

    • Method 3: Blending with Water

    • Method 4: Picking Up Color

    • Final Example - Full Process

    • Class Project


About This Class

Creating a subtle gradient or ombre effect in your lettering can add beauty, depth, and gorgeous color to your piece. I love blending and find it so relaxing, and I want to share what I know! In this class, I teach you 4 methods of blending using a variety of brands of markers:

  • Blending with colored markers
  • Blending with colorless/blender marker
  • Blending with water and a brush/water brush
  • Blending by picking up color from other marker ink and liquid watercolor/ink

I want you to feel confident as you proceed to blend your lettering pieces, and these methods will give you all the tools you need!

We will focus specifically on blending with markers in this class, but more classes are soon to follow using different tools! Follow me to be notified of when the rest of my Ultimate Blending Series classes are released!

If you would like to take this class but don't know how to letter, check out my other class: Learn Lettering on a Budget! You will learn all the basics of lettering without breaking the bank. I also included free practice sheets in that class! It's a great way to start your lettering journey!





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Meagan Corniea

Artist // Pen Hoarder

Hey there! I'm Meagan, owner and creator at Hopeful & Handmade, and I looooove all things creative. I enjoy drawing, painting with watercolors and acrylics, digital painting, hand lettering, iPad lettering, scrapbooking, graphic design, using mod podge on anything I can, photography, writing, journaling...pretty much anything creative, I want to learn! I also love to sing, bake, dance, play the piano, and - most importantly - take care of my little ones!

As I've progressed on my creati...

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