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The Ultimate Backend Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

The Ultimate Backend Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet

James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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2 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Ultimate Backend Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet

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About This Class

This video slideshow presentation is going to walk you through the 10 best steps towards creating more revenue and better customer satisfaction when it comes to your download page. Packed with plenty of tips, tactics, and examples, you'll be well equipped with more than enough knowledge to create your own highly optimized download page, regardless of what you're selling. So if you want to increase your conversions and your revenue, go ahead and enroll now and I'll see you on the other side. 

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's going on? It is James Kansan, Ella. Welcome to my course, the ultimate back end sales final cheat sheet. What I'm going to be focusing on specifically in this course in this video slideshow presentation is the download page. Now that's a lot of moving parts to the download page. A lot of moving parts when it comes to creating more income, increasing your revenue, increasing the customer satisfaction, explaining the benefits, walking them through the actual products they purchased. And, of course, quite a few more things that I'm going to mention, and I have a little bit deeper into in terms of details. So if you want to know what those are, if you want to be able to increase your revenue or possibly go from being in the red to being in the green when it comes to advertising, the back end is where that's going to happen. So you want to find out how it's done. Go ahead and then roll right now, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. The Ultimate Backend Sales Funnel Cheat Sheet: Hey, what's going on? It is James Kansan. Ella, Welcome to my class. The ultimate back and sills funnel cheat sheet. What this is going to be focusing on is exclusively the download page. Once someone actually goes through your final, they purchase your product. Maybe they go through the up cells. Maybe they go through a buyer, opt in, and then they basically come across to your download page. That's exactly what I'm gonna be focusing on. This is literally going to be as if it was achy just in a video form where I go over the numbers and explaining a little bit more detail. So you get a good idea of what you need to do when you actually go on. Implement this. This is obviously gonna be perfect for having your own type of product regardless of what price it is. Heck, maybe even if it's free, if you're giving it away, the set up is still going to be the same because there's plenty of ways to actually create a better customer experience to increase your revenue and a lot of other things which I'm going to talk about. So without any further ado, let's move on to numeral uno. First and foremost, I create a lot, of course, is when it comes to cheat sheets and sells funnels, and this seems to be something that sent a lot of them. First and foremost, you want to congratulate them. Okay, When someone comes to do a squeeze page and they opt in, you want to congratulate them. All right. When someone purchases your product, you want to congratulate them. When someone gets your opt in and actually go their inbox and open up their email, you want to congratulate him. They're always making really great decisions. They're awesome decisions, especially when it comes to purchasing from you. There's a lot of products out there. There's a lot of people that have bad products. Sometimes it's tough to distinguish between which of the good ones and which are the bad ones. So in the beginning, you can't go wrong. I always had a picture of this that I just literally copy, pasted on top of every single download page. There's congratulations with an exclamation point, just as you're seeing in red letters. I always use that at the top. It was easy to see. It stood out. It was just my way of saying Thanks for being awesome, customer. Thanks for putting your trust in me either way. Very simple step. Let's move on to number two. That's not number two. OK, there, we got number two. So two is gonna be video. Okay? The reason I love video is because it helps build trust even more. Okay, A lot of people don't like getting in front of a camera. I guess I can see a point behind that. But when it comes to cold traffic and especially when it comes to someone purchased purchasing any type of product, even if like the higher gets, the more important it becomes, I want to get in front of the camera and let the person on, like an actual real person. A lot of people out there, just like, I guess, creating stuff. They never show their face. It's kind of weird if you ask me, you build more trusting again from the camera, and it's much easier to express your gratitude and congratulate them and thank them. Aside from that, what you want to do is actually walk them through the process. So what you can do is actually get in front of the camera, talk to them, thank them. Congratulate them. Said Okay, I'm going to switch over to my screen. Now let me walk you through the process of downloading what you just purchased. Then you can actually do a screen share. You can show the download area and show them just how simple it is to actually go through. Watch the videos, maybe listen to the audio, maybe download the software, how to open it up, how to install whatever it is you're gonna be selling. It's always best to have some type of walk through or instructions as you're going to see which I explain a little bit more coming up. And the reason for that is because they are going to be people out there who don't know how to install a WordPress plug in. There's going to be people who don't know how to actually make a you tube video. Biggers. They can see it all. I've seen all these examples before. It happens all the time, so keep in mind that there are going to be a lot of people who know what they're doing. But just pretend that your audience doesn't know. Give him the easiest step by step instructions as possible. That's what having a walk through is going to be helpful for, literally walked them to the video. Say, Hey, look, click on this right click. This is how you're going to save this. Click on the button here. If you want to put it in HD, click on this button. If you want to make the window bigger, click on this. They'll have no problem running through. That will save you a lot of headaches in terms of customer support, especially when you already have the walk throughs detail there. And even if someone does ask a question said, Okay, watch the introduction video. It'll walk you right through. Okay, Something else you want to do with your videos is pre signed. A very big mistake is that once people, um, you know, come to their download area. A lot of marketers think that the selling is done. Okay, metaphorically speaking, there are like no more purchases in terms of up sells. The selling is never done. You're always selling whether there's something has a price. Tiger doesn't have a price tag, so the idea here is after you've congratulated we've walked him through. You want to pre sell them on whatever you're going tohave next in mind? Okay, that could literally be a click of an affiliate link. It could literally be a click of a webinar link, which I'm going to talk to soon. It could be talking, talking about an opportunity for coaching. Okay, you could talk about results people have gotten with their system talk about results they've gotten when it comes Teoh, you know, doing client work with you were working with you one on one in a mastermind. Whatever it's going to be, always be pre selling. Okay, that's why don't like content marketing. I feel like people just go out there and release content just to release it. You got at least be pretty song. It's the same thing when you're doing a video. Same thing when you're done selling, Think of what's gonna be next. Pre sell that in a good way. Talk about the benefits just like I talkto talk about results. Talk about the awesome information that's going to be on the webinar. Okay, talk about the breakthrough session called they're gonna have when they felt the form to talk to you when you know, seeing if they're a good fit for coaching, whatever it's going to be, you have to sell them on that. Just cause there's not a price tag doesn't mean you can say like, Hey, check this out. You're gonna like it. You're not going to get as many conversions, okay? And especially on the back end here, this is where all the money is made. Okay, A lot of a lot of it. A lot of it. Usually you can go into the red when it comes to the front end, but the back end is just remake all your profit, OK? Very important stuff. Number three. I touched on this a little. I'm just going to talk about the sign up. I can't go through like an entire webinar course creation that be about 17 hours, but a great thing that have under the video, this is why put this first. All right, this is optional, and there's plenty of different options you can do as we're going to talk about. OK, but webinar is probably one of the coolest ways to add an extra revenue stream to you. Can automate this. You can do it live, or you can actually go out there and find someone who does Webinars, whether it be automated or live and use your affiliate link so literally. All you have to do is either host the weapon on say, like, Hey, we got this awesome expert on here tonight. He's gonna show you a lot of cool things, and they basically take over and they do the whole webinar for you, OK? And you split the profits, or you can actually go out there. There's a lot of ah affiliate offers that are doing really well when it comes to Webinars. You just put your banner there with an affiliate link. They click on it and everything is done. It's all automated. You get paid 50 50 for every cell. Not bad, right? Okay, this is the big difference between loss and profit. As I talked about everything in the back end, especially the webinar, because usually it's a mid to high ticket offer, so you can really recruit a lot of money that way, especially if you're doing some hate advertising. It's just really gonna help you out. Okay, so the big difference between loss and profit is a webinar a lot of great ways to do it, but that's what the video is going to be. Four. Also, if you plan on doing a webinar kind of towards the end of the video, it's not gonna be a long one. Maybe a minute or two. It's like, Oh, by the way, I want to let you know about this Really great complementary free training were doing down below where I'm going to show you how to take the course you actually just bought and allow you to get, you know, double the results in half the time. You know, maybe of a software that's gonna help out in the back and something along the lines of that . I'm just giving you an example. But that's how you would pre sell it where it's now a big benefit, and it's targeted to what they just purchased. Okay, so that's number three webinar. Sign up. Next is gonna be a woeful form. You can use any type of form. I used rueful Rutan, which is why I recommend them. There's a few others as well. I know there is. Um what is it? Something monkey. I think there's a monkey either way. Ah, woeful form is basically where you go and you create kind of like a survey. Reese is like, What's your name with your email with your Skype and you ask a few qualifying questions when it comes to actually getting clients. This is all about getting clients getting people into your coaching program or your mastermind, whatever it's going to be, so that you can actually get them on a Skype call and close them. Okay, once again, this is another massive way of building up your revenue getting into the green, because these are going to be higher ticket sales, okay? Usually depending it, like in the niche or whatever could be, I'd say at least $1000 like the bare minimum. That's like, you know, if they can't even afford coaching, maybe we'll get like, a package deal of like a system, whatever it's going to be. But the fact of the matter is another really great way to added an income stream to the back into your funnel. All right, you can do the webinar sign up, or you can do the roof reform or heck, maybe you want to do a weapon are then maybe somewhere else. You want to throw in a woeful form for coaching, mix and match. Or what you can do is have a webinar that pre sells them the entire time on whatever opportunity or, you know, business method or system you're kind of digging into. Then at the end, you offer a light pitch toe, have them set up a strategy called so you can actually do both of those at the same time, Completely up to you. I've done all those. They work very well. Depending on what nature in and height wanna structure would offer. You have either way another great ideas that will perform. Okay, Wrong direction. James again, Number five, This is kind of ah, last but not least, this is the easiest to implement. Its simply going to be a recommended resource. Okay, And I put as targeted as targeted can be because I've done this a lot when it comes to affiliate marketing offers. And, you know, there were sometimes right just put a random offer, it would do well and then actually put an offer that was geared towards what I was selling and the conversions just went out. The went out the roof. It was insane. So, what you want to do here? We're looking at the top of the download page, remember? So from the top, we have congratulations. You have a video. Now towards the end, the video, What you'd want to do is pre sell this recommended offers. So, like, Hey, by the way, since you picked up this Facebook ads course, be sure to just click the banner down below is a recommended resource. I obviously highly recommend it. It's, ah, Facebook software that's going allow you to go out there and spy on the highest converting advertising affiliate marketing campaigns. Okay, something along the lines of that. That would be great. That would go hand in hand with affiliate marketing course. All right, cause it's a software is going to speed up the process, and the conversions are probably going to be high. Sing it. So targeted. I just came up with that example off the top of my head, but you can see why that would do well rather than compared to like, Hey, you just bought this affiliate marketing course. Now check out this affiliate link. We can actually write 10 articles a day and make $10 a day. Like what? Yeah, who wants to do that? Right? So either way, that's the recommended resource. These three. I kind of order them in terms of power off, you know, being able to make more revenue or profits. You got the webinar, which can be automated, or live where you can do it with someone else's affiliate. Link. Get the rueful forum where if you wanna close, clients, get someone into your coaching. And, of course, recommended Resource is that's just affiliate link to something that's highly targeted towards what they just purchase. So let's move on to the downloads. We talked a lot about the actual I guess you could say monetization of the download page. But you also want to make it a smooth, easy process when it comes to downloaded, consuming, enjoying and benefiting from the information that someone just purchased. So make the process is easy as possible. Let's talk about that. This is gonna be simple stuff, but it's pretty much crucial that you cover this otherwise you don't want your customers getting headaches. You don't your customer support getting headaches, especially when a lot of the questions that get asked are so basic that they could be solved before they even come a problem. OK, so video Wanna one? Okay, if you're selling a course that has video a lot of times, you kind of just embed it, whether it be you to whether it be wished AEA, whether it be Vigna, whatever it's going to be, make sure there's the play button somewhere visible. Their YouTube is great about this. Usually right in the middle has like that red, You know, um, box with white logo. So you can very easy to click it. Or you could even put instructions under as well, where it says click the button in the middle of the video to play it. Some people aren't gonna realize that, and it'll save you some time. I remember I sold the product once where I was interviewing someone about how he was doing really well a T spring and I created a custom the mill for the video, right. And it was just, like, completely white background, so it kind of blended into the background as well, but it had my name on it had the person. I was interviewing his name on it and had the name of the product. And in the middle was the play bind. And I remember Still, remember person asked for a refund request because they went through. And they said that the video wasn't in part of their purchase On the download page, a prime example of what I'm talking about like I want my money back. There's no video on here. I'm like I I think I just refunded the person because I'm like, How could you not see that video? But either way, I took responsibility for I just for fun that I'm like, Whatever. OK, so stuff like that does happen. It's not as rare as you think, but there's always going to be those cases where you can just simply avoid it by make it blatantly obvious where the video is, how to play at the instructions and, of course, put the videos in order. All right, if you're doing a system where it step by step and you're putting like the 17th step first in the second step in the 15th place, it's just going to create havoc and chaos. And like people are gonna pull their hair out, they're gonna be confused. You're gonna get more questions, probably more refund requests because they're already outside their comfort zone enough, let alone they have to put together the pieces of the puzzle with videos air in order. So make sure they're in order. So you can actually tell the people watch video one first, followed by the next one by the next one by the next one step by, step by step. Okay, Really spell everything out for everyone because not always are they going to know what to do? It's the number seven e book one a one. Just a little bit of information. When it comes to this, I like opening it in a new window. Usually you have to click on a link, all right. Sometimes it will open up. It'll download. But when that happens is if it doesn't open in a new window. Sometimes they're like, Oh, how do I get out the close it and then they won't have their download page, just a very minor detail that can help with a few support tickets if you less support tickets. So I choose that, Like if it doesn't download. Just haven't opened it up in a new window. That way they can always click over back to where they were. Headache free, right? Directions how to save it. Just cause there's a link there doesn't mean they're gonna know how to save it. So you can put in parentheses under it, you know, right. Click this link and select Save link as okay. And then, you know, hit save, and you can save a tear. Drive right. Tell them exactly what to do. Walked in through. Remember, not everyone is like super genius at computer Tech stuff. Sometimes saving any book could be like walking on broken glass to someone. Not only have they never done it before, but it's extremely painful because they have no experience when it comes the WordPress or e books or videos at all. Okay, we've all been there before, so there are people like that. Keep that in mind. Ape unannounced bonuses. Okay, we're talking about over promise and over deliver. I love throwing extra bonuses into my products. It's a great way to yes, over promise and over deliver. And it also really brings up the value. Okay, if someone told you were getting, like $10,000 worth of value. And then you throw an extra $5000 with the value in it for unannounced bonuses. It's a nice little surprise. Okay, I remember when I think bodybuilding dot com messed up my order and I don't know, I think they said, like they sent me an email and said, like, Jay James, the package was damaged, So we apologize for that. We're gonna re send out one to immediately, and we're also going to give you an extra free. I forgot what they gave me for free, but it is something awesome. It was really cool. They took responsibility for what happened and gave me an extra. I guess you could say that was like, um or of like, sorry, it didn't work out. Bonus quote, unquote. But either way, it was still really cool. They over delivered on their value and they shipped it out like next day. It was crazy. So any way to make the customer experience better is always a good thing. I recommend on announced bonuses. I mean, how easy is it to create a bonus, Especially if you're an expert in your field. You have a lot of knowledge about it. It could be simply a cheat sheet. Okay. Like, for example, if I was, you know, giving away a free be like this. Let's say it was just a cheat sheet. I could give away this video. You know, courses. Well, that's an extra unannounced bonus. That's what I like doing for freebies as well. It's okay. If you're gonna get this cheat sheet, you're gonna get the video overview as well. Just another way of walking through because some people like reading some people, like, you know, listening to others. Some people like watching get the best of both worlds. So think of something you can do for an unannounced bonus. I've given away software for unannounced bonuses that literally went through. I bought a ah, there was a good master resell rights for ah, what's it called for? A Software was like 150 bucks and started giving it away to people who bought my products. Like that's It's crazy insane, especially when you pre sell them on how valuable it is. All right, you don't want to spend a ton of money on a software to give away to someone and then be like here. Here's this cool software. You know, Let them know that this normally costs, like over $100 or this is only for your customers. Are you normally have to pay a lot of money for this? Or either way, that'll allow them actually dig into it and see that it's really high in value. Okay, Number nine, Cliffhanger cliffhangers. Air Great. This can also be talked about in the video. Or this can kind of be at the end of the download page saying, like or this could be like the outre duck shin of your course. This kind of add in a little video. They're talking about how there's going to be more bonuses. This will allow them Teoh, get a slight open rate in your emails as if they're not gonna be higher ready because any time you're selling a product, the buyer the buyer's list for that, the opens air just like through the roof. There, like 80% you know, probably higher. Whatever, cause obviously they have a vested interest in you and reading your emails because they're going to be about the product. It's gonna be about walking them through it. And through that you can actually you send those bonuses to them through email. So they're going to keep an eye out on your emails. Like like a hawk. Okay, so aside from that, if you're doing a membership area, what I like doing is actually locking. Modules will say like, Hey, this bonus opens in seven days, okay? And you can't get it until seven days later, or this module is gonna unlock after 14 days or 30 eights. Okay, this is a really great tactic. If you're doing recurring offers, where if you want to get someone to stick around, you can sell it. Kate, I understand that this is a recurring offer, and let's say, is the 29th day of their, you know, subscription pain. You could say, OK, I just want to let you know that your subscription is going to, you know, refresh tomorrow. If you want to cancel, that's fine. Go ahead. Send an email to support. If you want to stick around, I'm gonna have a done for your bonus for all my customers who want to stay another month and possibly more. This is going to allow you to literally copy paste, you know, And just once again, pre cell what you're going to be giving them. All right? Just cause there's no price tag on it doesn't mean you can't beef it up. Announced the benefits. So a lot of stuff when it comes to the cliffhanger, more bonuses are always a great thing that's gonna allow customers to stick around longer or look for your emails, or maybe even stay around on a subscription even longer. Okay? And that can really help when it comes to ah, your overall profit and revenue. Okay, So last but not least, support very important. OK? Don't launch a product and not have any type of support. I remember someone talking about this very big mistake he had where he scaled very fast. His business was doing so well. He literally couldn't handle all the support emails in the phone calls where he couldn't. It would a little bit all day, every day. So what happened was he was getting so many charge backs, and I think the merchant account shut him down. Something like that. But the price of growing your business fast right? But Either way, you gotta have some type of support. Make sure there's you don't have to use the phone number. Like if you have a phone number, you can use one. I don't have it. I don't have one personally, because I don't wanna talk on the phone. You could hire someone to do that if you want, but I'm just throwing it out there. Maybe you want to have customer support. That's phone based. Or maybe you just want to have email. But make it easy for your customers to find that Let them know, maybe in the videos. If you have any questions whatsoever, just look at the top of the members area or the bottom. There will be a support link. Simply click that and you can send us an email. I like letting my customers know that gives they have any questions now that I'm trying to hide the support. But on them, I'm very up front about that. If you have any questions, let me know I can easily help you. I've been doing this for three years or four years. You know what I mean. So having that there is very important that will also save you a lot of charge Back hassles . Ah, lot of you know, PayPal disputes like, Oh, I couldn't find the support. So I'm just going to dispute this fact. Sometimes people will do that regardless because people can be, ah, word I'm not going to say in here, but that's just the way it is. So make sure you have your support links or your phone numbers easily accessible so that even if someone has no idea where to find this stuff, they could quickly look at your page and find it, whether it's at the very top, the very bottom or both. Okay, so that was actually the last one. That's all, folks. If you learned anything new from this, if you got at least one golden nugget out of it, give it a thumb's up, give it a like give it to comment. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. And with all that being said, I am James Kansan. Ella, thank you for watching, and I will talk to you soon.