The UX/UI Design Process - Creating Wireframes and a Final Design

Lindsay Marsh, Teacher & Freelance Designer 14+ Years ✅

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20 Lessons (2h 42m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Course Guide and Facebook Group

    • 3. Low fidelity wireframe - getting setup

    • 4. Low fidelity wireframe - login screen

    • 5. Low fidelity wireframe - login process - part 2

    • 6. Low fidelity wireframe - home screen finish

    • 7. Low fidelity wireframe - the listing screen

    • 8. Listing Screen Cont.

    • 9. Menu listing

    • 10. Shopping Cart

    • 11. Finishing Up Checkout

    • 12. High fidelity wireframe - Getting Started

    • 13. High fidelity wireframe - the Login Screen

    • 14. High fidelity wireframe - Login Screen - part2

    • 15. High fidelity wireframe - Login Screen - Part 3

    • 16. High fidelity wireframe - Popup Screen

    • 17. Listing Screen

    • 18. Menu Screen

    • 19. Prototyping - Linking It All Up

    • 20. Prototyping - Creating Animations

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About This Class

Walk through the entire UX/UI design process and create a working wireframe and design for a mobile app.

learn user interface and user experience design by following a mobile app design project from start to finish.

We will first walk through the UX process by learning the basic fundamentals of UX design and developing a wide variety of UX deliverables including a user persona profile, a user journey map and a user flow diagram. 

The first section of this course (the design theory lessons) can be taken right here on Skillshare: UX/UI Design Process and Theory: For Everyone

Next, in this course, we will hop into Adobe Xd to create a low fidelity wireframe and finally create a polished design by adding final icons, colors, buttons and styling. 

Lastly, we will link all this together to create a working prototype we can use for user testing, client presentation or just a fantastic starting piece for your new or growing UX/UI portfolio. 

Everyone needs to understand the foundations of great UX design and the process behind it. After taking this class, you will be able to incorporate UX/UI ideas into your everyday work projects and even get a glimpse into the UX/UI designers’ life.

This class is for EVERYONE, that includes graphic designers, web developers and anyone interested in finding out more about the UX and UI process by doing a practical real-world project.

So, join me for this extensive and fun journey through the entire UX/UI process so you can start to get excited about this fantastic and rewarding arena of digital design.