The Turbo Ranking Method - How To Quickly Rank A Video About A Hot Topic On The 1st Page Of Google

Tikyda Couassi Ble, Let's learn something new to become better

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7 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • Vid1 - Pick A Niche

    • Vid2 - Get The Keywords

    • Vid3 - Create The Video

    • Vid4 - Edit the Video's Properties

    • Vid5 - Upload the Video

    • Vid6 - Check the Results


About This Class

Hello Guys and Gals,

I would like to welcome you to my first and new class here on Skillshare.

This class is about a topic that many people who have tried to promote content online may have heard about: Search Engine Optimization or Ranking on the first page of Google (in this Course)

I will be showing you how to quickly rank a YouTube video related to a hot topic right there in the top 10 of Google search results.  This method could be employed to promote content without having to spend a dime on links or video views. However, as I alluded to in the Course, when there is a lot of competition, it may be necessary to spend to get backlinks.

If ranking on the first page of Google within minutes and without backlinks is something that you believe is a tough job, you may want to go through this course. I even included the result of a video I ranked temporarily within minutes without backlinks for a product launch.

Being able to rank content high on Google is a skill that may also be sold to businesses who may not have the time to invest into learning, testing and implementing everything themselves.

If you want to have content placed in the top 10 results of Google for trendy topics without having to pay 10's or 100's of dollars or waiting for months, then get this course now.

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Tikyda Couassi Ble

Let's learn something new to become better

Hey Awesome fellow,

I am Tikyda Couassi-Ble and it is cool that we are now connected here on Skillshare.

I have started employing internet marketing maybe 9 years ago. Over time, I have developed my understanding of social media, product creation, website creation, copyrighting and paid advertising.

Other than that, I have also helped digital product owners fight piracy. I started my antipiracy activities years ago and I got to the point of having technology created t...

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