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The Top three Mindsets that will make you Better with women.

Kyle J.

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    • The Top three mindstes

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About This Class

Are you always puzzled when a very hot unsuspecting women goes with a plain ugly guy?Do you always wonder why you sometimes attract women and repel them other times?

Have you ever wondered why whenever you feel like you dont like to date a girl that's when she gets obsessed with chasing you? Do you know why when you act like a woman is you Madam Perfect, she will usually start ignoring you?

The above questions and more of such is what this course will be directed toward. You see, many people have it that their level of attractiveness is a constant thing like blood type which cannot be altered in one way or another. Those are the guys you will find thinking like,"She just liked my muscles, she just liked my height" Now am here to disprove all those myths.I will in fact show you that your level of attractiveness to women is something that's dynamic and yes, you have control over it. 

I will teach you the right mindsets to work based on that will reprogram your sub-conscious mind and make you come off as a super attractive man to women. Attraction is a mental thing, it usually goes with your overall attitude. This is something that you and me bear witness, truth be told there are times when you and me were so attractive to women, the times we thought we were the most handsome guys on this planet.

And there are also times you and me have come off as the ugliest creatures on this planet when every girl was ignoring us mocking us, seeing us like rubbish. The question is, what creates that difference? How can the same person come off as very attractive to women and other times very unattractive to the same women?

The answers will be settled in this course.

Below is the list of things you will learn from this course.

1. How to ignite attraction in women and make them like you instantly.

2. The 6 key mindsets to wear that will make you very attractive to women.

3. The actual truth about female psychology, how they decide to fall in for a man.

4. How to control your level of attractiveness to women.

and much more.







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