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The Top 6 Podcasts For Online Entrepreneurs

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Top 6 Podcasts For Online Entrepreneurs

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About This Class

If you feel like you've been stuck in the same spot when it comes to your online business and you're looking for a breakthrough to get you to the next level, then this class is going to be PERFECT for you. In this short over-the-shoulder video, I'm going to walk you through the top 6 podcasts that provide some of the best information when it comes to every aspect of being an online entrepreneur. Talk about a buffet of information! Either way, if this sounds interesting then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's up? It's James Ken's Nolan. Welcome to my class, the top six podcast for online entrepreneurs. Now, if you couldn't tell from the title, what I'm going to be doing is walking you through. Obviously, these six top podcasts and a lot of these aren't just about getting traffic or increasing their sales or doing webinars. You're doing email marketing. There's a lot of that stuff, but there's really a wide variety of topics aside from those like there could be, Mine said there could be weight loss to keep your sex life could be your social activity. Could be money management saving money. There's a lot of great topics here and having these six podcasts that you can really dive into, it's gonna be like a buffet of information. So anything you want to learn anything you want to discover anyone you want to reach out to , there's gonna be a lot of experts for you to learn from, so that sounds interesting for you. Go ahead and in role right now, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. The Top 6 Podcasts For Online Entrepreneurs : Why, Hello? There it is. James cans in l. A. And welcome to my course. Good morning. Good evening. Good night. Wherever it is in the world, right now, where you're watching this hope you're doing awesome. And if you're not yet awesome, it's cool. After this quick courses done, you'll have plenty of inspiration. Motivation? Ah, online tips, business tips, affiliate marketing, getting clients doing traffic, scaling all the best stuff when it comes to being in online entrepreneur and having an online business and hack. Even if these podcasts can't fire you up, I'm sure I could do a good job of helping out as well no coffee needed. It's very early in the morning. And, yeah, I don't even drink coffee. So no, I said that Either way, this is going to be the six top podcast for online entrepreneurs. And, unfortunately, spoiler alert, You can probably figure out what the 1st 1 is now going to be going in order. Not by like, what's the best? What's the worst? These air just all going to be awesome? Yes, we're starting with E on fire if you're not familiar with it. Really awesome podcasts, okay? And they have so many podcasts on here that you can literally It's like a buffet off online entrepreneurial tips. Okay, there's so much great stuff on your They also have their income reports. If you happen to dig things like that similar to Ah, Pat Flynn, which were actually going to be diving into later, he has a podcast is we'll be talking about, but go to E on fire dot com. Okay, Actually left the URL bar up here so you can actually see where I'm going. I know sometimes I forget, but I didn't this time anyway. So it's not going to be all entrepreneurial type stuff like buying traffic. Scaling a lot of these can be stuff like fitness and relationships and a lot of different topics. Your life is non negotiable. The best plan to hydrate your way to success. Okay, so it's not going to be O. J. Abraham. That's probably a really good one. I didn't get to listen to that, but either way, all these like I was saying, it's not going to be just buying traffic. A lot of these can be helpful as being an online entrepreneur. For example, maybe your social life is suffering. Maybe you're gained a little weight. Maybe you're not being as interactive with people. Whatever it is, all of these literally can help you out. I was an online entrepreneur. Online business person. Okay, so keep that in mind. There's a lot of them. I think he does when? Every single day. So, yeah, over 1500 Currently. At the time that you're seeing this Either way, there are two of my favorite podcast on here. That I happen to come across one was pretty good. I'm not going to actually show here. I was with T Harv Ecker. He was the creator and writer of Secrets in the Millionaire mind. It was a good podcast. However, it was very staticky. I feel like t Harv Eker must have been in, like, a weird place when they were doing this. Either way, one of my favorite ones is going to be by Russell Ruffino. So if you want to go to it, that's gonna be the Earl. This is going to be about attracting the right clients at the right place any time you want . And I was actually in his his high ticket group, which costs a pretty penny Rush is doing very well. He definitely practices what he preaches. And probably out of all the people, I kind of know He is really, really, really doing. Well, he's got a great program which he talks about. But what I like best about this podcast, if you actually there's a difference between listening to it for information and listening to it for the marketing. Okay, the copy writing that he uses or the copy that he speaks in. This is brilliant. Okay, if you've ever had an online business and you don't know where the leads are gonna be coming in, the sales are going to be coming in. You can't get clients. You can't get traffic toe work. This is going to literally hit you right in the pants, so to speak. All right. He speaks to his targeted audience brilliantly. And that's one of the reasons why I think he does so well because, you know, is this targeted audience and he knows their problems. Keep that in mind that if this sounds like ok, I should listen to this. Uh, just keep in mind what he's gonna be talking about. You can probably relate to it, right? So that's a really good one. Another really good one was with David Schloss. He's very big with Facebook ads. I'll probably talking to him one day about helping me out with that. I met him in San Diego. It's a really cool dude. He's really, I guess you could say blowing up in terms of, you know, people. He's being able to help in getting a lot of results. If you see him on Facebook, he's always posting about how he's gotten some really awesome results. But aside from that, what's good about this is more. He talks about his pitfalls. Where if you're an online entrepreneur, I guarantee you can probably relate to them. So it's a little less about like what he does, and he really touches upon. You know, the hell entrepreneurs can go through in the fear and what can go on in your everyday life . So I recommend that one. Those were just too that really stood out of me. The other one was with Dehar Becker. But of course it was like it was a little staticky. I don't know what it was with the quality, but either way, that is a on fire. So that's numeral Uno. Let's move on to new Moreau dose, which is going to be from Skip Lick. Or and ironically enough, this is going to be like a buffet of podcasts as well. Now Skip was a six time national drug free bodybuilder, and the reason I know about Skip was the video over here. He did a six months transformation contest that I won, and because of that, I got an all inclusive trip to California. He flew me down. He paid for the hotel and I got the lift with him for a week, which was basically a life changing experience. And that's kind of where I got my mind set from. Was going through this and all those things I learned about cause I ke had worked personally with Tony Robbins. He was actually in one of Tony Robbins infomercials many years back, but that's how I knew Skip. So I got a lot of coaching from him, and he did a lot of podcasts. Some are going to be about bodybuilding. This one is really good. Where he walks his nephew through lifting and he basically just he rips him a new one. It's it's kind of coaching as if you were getting it. But listening to someone else, like any time he does something wrong, it's It's like Drill Sergeant, you know, he really gets in his face. I find that really empowering because a lot of people need that. They just don't want to hear. That's a good one. This one is really good where you get your daily dose of empty C, which is mental toughness conditioning. So if you are very big on mindset, all right, Skip is all about mindset like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins air a few like of its favorite people. Like I said, you got to work with Tony Robbins. I think it was his bodyguard. At one point you got to driving around in a limo. He has a lot of stories about that he talks about, but either way, something that is complete gold. Okay, he has so many of these as well. He has a lot of podcasts, but if you go to this page right here, gave skip like or dot coms. Lectures slash morning slash page slash 10 Holy crap has last lashes. There's a part where he does the best 10 life lessons that he learned. Okay, so it's starting with 10. Then he goes 98765 Then if you go to the page before this, which should be somewhere at the bottom. Uh, it's you nine. Oh, wait. I went the wrong way. Did I? No, I didn't. Okay, so then there would be number six. Number 54321 All right, from all the stuff that he's accomplished, I can guarantee I've listened to these a few times there. Very powerful. They're very helpful. Those are what you want to kind of go for. So born in connection. If you just copy in 10 or nine, you can get to those. Okay, So that skip local, he's got a lot of great stuff, and I've had coaching from him. A lot of coaching from him, as well, so highly recommended. Next is going to be smart passive income dot com. Now, this was the first podcast that came across. This was actually before I knew Skip. I remember I was on the warrior form of searching around. Someone must have posted about this. I went to smart passive income, and he was doing his podcast, and I probably came across some of the beginning ones actually went to this Page 2000. Actually, I didn't start 2011 so it must have been around 12 4013. So he was maybe about, I guess, 40 in. Or so I remember a specific podcast when he was talking about mirror neurons. So, for example, let's say like me when I was young, I was escape border, and what I did is I fell onto a curve and I literally snapped my arm in half, almost like having a 90 degree angle in the middle of my left forearm. If you've ever seen my left arm have to about seven and scars on each side said to get like metal plates in there. But that's specific. I don't know why I remember that podcast about mirror neurons where if you saw someone like snap their arm and half and you kind of like feel the pain as if it's happening to you, that's that's what I'm hearing your honest. But it's like nothing related to marketing. I think you found the way to relate that to marketing to be the way I remember actually reached out to Pat. And to my surprise, he answered me back two times. One was about getting like a P o box for my M o auditors, father, and the other one was about something about living in Connecticut. So I think he used to live in Connecticut to anyway, that was a prime example of his are a OK, which was Are you okay? Was random acts of kindness where you actually reach out to people? And he was a good example of that. Right now, it's probably going to be very difficult because he has a massive audience, and that could be really tough. Heck, I even find that stuff right now with all the social media's I have. And I'm sure I don't even get a fraction of the amount of comments and participation and emails as he does not even close. And I still find it pretty challenging. So he does pretty well with that. I'm not sure if he still keeps up to date with that with all the time, and I mean all the time he doesn't have, and he's so busy and whatnot But either way, smart, passive income blogged is great. There's a lot of stuff about what, see lets us go through product launches. There's a lot of email stuff, a lot of in terms of auto responders traffic. There's gonna be some S CEO guest posting. It's a very big variety of online business stuff. So it obviously made the cut in terms of anything for an online entrepreneur that would be looking for Okay. Next we have a B. Porterfield What's not to like about Amy Porterfield? My goodness, Every time I listen to our voices, it's like I want to fall asleep in a good way. Okay? It's not like it's it's boring or anything, but aside from that, she has a lot of great podcast in terms of once again online business. She's more about things like, I guess you could say, doing a launch, doing a webinar selling on Webinars. She's very big on that, and aside from that Facebook ad mistakes, let's keep going. So a lot of things in terms of like setting up webinars Facebook ads, she is big on mindset. Figure over on the eat your dust. Okay, Yeah, Aside from that grow your online business pretty straightforward. Once again. If you wanted to see what it's all about. Just going amy Porterfield dot com and then go to podcast. Simple. Is that Okay, So let's move on. Let's get let's get this finished up. We get the last two we have marketing in your car. This is going to be by Russell Bronson. Okay, so just go to marketing in your car dot com, and this will automatically appear now. You can actually listen to it on iTunes. That's what I usually do. And these air very quick. They're usually about 10 maybe maybe 20 minutes or so. And a lot of these are awesome because Russell does a lot of really cool things. He's one of the creators. I think he's one of the creators of Click Funnels in terms of I know he created it, but it might have been with another person where it split, but he's got a lot of episodes, and a lot of these are awesome. Okay, it's just gold packed into, like 10 maybe 15 20 minutes max. One little golden nugget. And it's everything about funnels about sending traffic about webinars, about increasing your conversions. Ah, kee study. He did where he made? I don't know. X amount. Let's see if I could just go through. You paid 100 K for what? This one was funny. Where is it? Don't outsource your love. Making the perfect webinar for email. That was a really good one where he talks about the webinars that he does, but actually using in an email sequence. Let's see. 5 a.m. This final time I should start my own reality show How to confuse. Okay, there's just There's so much that I saw Donkey Kong in there. Did you see Donkey Kong? It's on like Donkey Kong. I'm surprised I didn't listen to that one. Or it's time to turn up your sexy. That sounds like a good one to. Either way, he's got a lot of great stuff. All marketing online business. Check it out. I know you love it and less, but not least, all right. And so the last one we have is the list building lifestyle show with Igor K fits Now, ironically enough, Igor was the first person I got coaching with. A lot of these people have got coaching from and At the time, I remember I only had around like $3000 suspend, and it was pretty much close to the last amount of money. I know. I had a little bit more left because I wasn't gonna be Let's sad, like 6000 my bank. It was like, really low. I was still on unemployment. I don't remember how much specifically, I wish I could tell you, but $3000 would all I could basically spend on coaching because I needed some, obviously for, like, bills or food or whatever else. Obviously not having money in the bank account isn't a good thing. So I spent my $3000 on that. Everyone thought it was an idiotic idea. It was a horrible idea. What are you doing? Except, like one person which I think was skips. I talked to him about that. Like, would you recommend in that situation? It really paid off, Okay. And the funny thing was like, I learned how to build funnels so quickly. I feel like that's how I got really good at creating pride, excluding funnels, selling products and the skills that I learned from that and the money that made from that is just priceless. So just a little bit of back story in that. But either way, I know Igor from coaching. I got coaching from him. Then I met him in Orlando, Florida came down to a JV Zoo convention. Really cool, dude. His mentor, not mentors, but people he looks up to are kind of like Dan Kennedy. I know he likes Carlton. What's the name Ben Settle, who's an email marketing dude. So he's very similar to Ben Settle if you know about him. But he provides a lot of really cool things. He's got some some great titles. He does very well for himself and, um, yes, so making money in your sleep. He talks about a lot of a lot of crazy stuff. He's not afraid to be controversial, and it's It's a really good thing. I think, definitely need more people like that in terms of podcast. But either way, I could go on and on and on about that kind of wrapping it up here. That's the master list of it. So let's go back through once again. First we have Entrepreneur on fire, which is gonna be on fire then you can go to Skip Lick or and then skip look or a podcast, as you can see right there. Then we got smart passive income dot com. You could just click on podcast. You'll get there. You got amy Porterfield dot com. Click on podcast. You'll get their marketing in your car will send you here. You can also listen to it on iTunes. And last but not least, we got the list building lifestyle show dot com, which you can also listen to on iTunes. I don't think it's here, though. Either way, that's it. If you got anything out of this, we found at least one new podcast like this Has my name written all over? Go ahead, give it a thumb's up. Give it a comment, give it a light, give it a share, given a bear hug, give it a roundhouse kick, give it a pile driver and whatever wrestling move you want to do, that's impossible. Due in the first place. I don't know what I'm talking about is going to stop. Okay, that's the Carson James cans, and thanks for watching. We'll talk to you soon