The Top 10 Wordpress Plugins for the end of 2020 | Rino De Boer | Skillshare

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The Top 10 Wordpress Plugins for the end of 2020

teacher avatar Rino De Boer, Designer & Content creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. The Top 10 Wordpress Plugins for the end of 2020

    • 2. 10. Rank Math SEO

    • 3. 9. Duplicate Page

    • 4. 8. Post Types Order

    • 5. 7. ManageWP

    • 6. 6. Antispam Bee

    • 7. 5. iThemes security

    • 8. 4. Elementor Custom Skin

    • 9. 3. Custom Post Type UI

    • 10. 2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

    • 11. 1. reSmush

    • 12. Thank you

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About This Class

The top 10 plugins for WordPress that everybody can use on their WordPress website.

In my career as a website builder in WordPress, I have come across a lot of different plugins for my website. Some plugins you only need ones for a specific website. But some plugins I use over and over with every new website I built.

That's why I made this list of the top 10 WordPress plugins for 2020.

I made this class for people that build websites on a regular basis. Maybe you build websites for yourself or maybe you build websites for clients, either way, these plugins help you customize your websites, make it easier to navigate, or will increase the findability of your website.

I hope a couple of these 10 videos will give you value for your future projects.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rino De Boer

Designer & Content creator


Hi, I'm Rino and I've been in design for over more than 10 years now. I started with design as a hobby, but I quickly realised that this was more than a hobby for me. So that's why I went to design school and studied: Communication and Multimedia Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

I was so passionate about it that I started a YouTube channel about design. This grew to a channel with more than 30.000 subscribers and 4 million total views.

Because of this YouTube channel I was approached by big influencers and brands, and I got the opportunity to start my own company and work for brands like: Coca Cola, ICI Paris XL, RTL and a lot of big influencers (with around 100k to 1m followers).

Because of these projects and the YouTube ... See full profile

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1. The Top 10 Wordpress Plugins for the end of 2020: Hey, and welcome to this new skill share class. My name is Reno and in this short class I'm going to show you the top ten WordPress plug-ins that I use on most of my clients websites. So in this short glass, I will go over different plug-ins, but except one plug-in that is elemental or because there are already a lot of classes on my skill share accounts about elements or most people that have already watched glass for me know that I use elemental for all of the websites. So that's kind of like the basic plug-in that most people already know. So depth plug-in is not going to be in the list. Now, if you've never heard of elements or then you should click on my profile and watch some of my other classes. But in this short glass, we're going to focus on all the other plug-ins accepts elements or so. I hope that you are as excited as me. Let's get straight into the first plugin. Actually did number ten in the next video. 2. 10. Rank Math SEO: The first book in that you need to have is rank SEO. Most people know Yost SEO. Yost SEO is the number one SEO plug-in in the world for the people that don't know what SEO is. Seo means search engine optimization. So with a plugin like that, you can optimize your website for Google. Google doesn't know how to read your website. So with a plugin like that, you can tell Google like, hey, this is how main website is structures and then Google is like, alright, thank you. Now we're gonna put you on number one. Well, it's not that easy of course, but that's the idea. So rank math, SEO offers much more for free. Yost SEO because with Joe's SEO, you have to pay for a lot of things which are free width rank MF SEO. So for example, if you go to your pages, so let's go to the about. And if you scroll down, you can see the preview over here and here in the same way as we chose. You can set up the title for this page on Google. So how do you want to display this page on Google? So I can click on this title and I can change it. For example, I could choose to portfolio website if I wanted something like that or something completely different. And you can also change the description over here and even the link. So that is super nice. But now where this becomes more valuable than yours is with the focus keywords. So with Joe's, you will only get one keyword, but here you can add more keywords and one. So this is the main keyword where you want this page to rank for. So for me, that's really the bore abouts because this, the About page for me are right. And then this plugin also give you some tips on how to improve your page even more. So as you can see, my focus keyword is not in my SEO titles, so it's not in the main title of my page, but believe me, it's very hard to get to a 100 score. That's maybe only possible when you have a blog, a really content heavy website. But for simple business websites, just put in a few focus keywords. Maybe improve a tip here and there and then you're done. What's also awesome about rank MF SEO is that it integrates with element or so this is a new feature and in this briefing you can see how they work. So actually descendants of rank math SEO are embedded inside of the elements or editor. And in this way, you don't have to go back. You can just stay on that page, make a few edits and element or click on save. And then that page is also optimized for Google. 3. 9. Duplicate Page: Okay, and number nine is a very simple but essential plug-in and it's called duplicate page. And what this simple plug-in, you can duplicate post pages and custom posts. So if you click on active and you go to your pages, for example, you can see that there is now an extra button which is called duplicate this. So if you click on duplicate this, then this whole page will be duplicated. So let's just try this for now. I'm going to duplicate my contact page. And as you can see, here's a new version, it's a draft version. So I can change that to contact two, for example, I can click on update. And then if I open this with element or because I've already built this page, it has the exact same contents as the contact page data duplicated, of course. And in this way you don't have to copy all the sections from the other pages because you'd have your old page and then make the changes to this new page. Very simple. It also works with blog posts. It also works with custom post types. So a super easy and useful plug-in. Oh, and by the way, all of the exact names of the plug-ins or in the description of this video. So you can open a description and copy the names and go to your WordPress Dashboard if you can't find them. 4. 8. Post Types Order: And the next plugin is called boast types order. Also a very simple plug-in, very useful. So for example, if you have a webshop with a lot of products like I have on this website. So here are a lot of products actually, this is not a real web shop. This is how it looks is Webshop of one of my clients, but it's not a real web Trump because these products link to other pages because she hasn't merchandise company but declined uses this as a web shop. So let's say that she wants to change the order from discipline to discipline. And what she or I have to do is go into the editor and you have to open every single one of them and change the time to change the order. That's a lot of work, not a very nice experience. So with this plugin, you will get the ability to just change the order by clicking and dragging. So let's just say that we want these two to be switched. So let's go back. Let's find that. So I can grab this and make it on top of the other one like this. And if I now go back and click on refresh, you will see that they are switched super easy. You can also do this with blog posts, because at some website you have a lot of blog posts. You want to change the order. This is how you do it. And by the way, for this example, I switched to positions because this website is multilanguage. So that's why I switched it to positions. But if you just have a website with one language, you just move it one place and then you're done. 5. 7. ManageWP: The next one is managed WP worker. Maybe you've already saw it in my previous video. If not managed, WP worker is a plug-in that lets you manage all of your clients websites with 0s. So real quick, this is the platform that I use to manage all of my clients websites, very easy. Or you can update the plug-ins from here. You can send reports to your clients. You can login without having to search for the login details. You can make backups from this system. I have a whole video on this plugin, which I will link in the Guard or in the description. But if you have a lot of Klein's website is a lot of work. If you need to update all the plugins every month, I charged my clients for maintenance if they won't meet to update their website. So it also makes me a little bit of money, but you wanna make that experience as nice as possible for yourself. So that's why I use a platform like this, super easy. 6. 6. Antispam Bee: And the next plugin on this list is called anti-spam B. It's very simple and powerful plugin that keeps most of the spam. Not all of course, because spam is just a very hard thing to do, bear effects, but this plug-in keeps most of the spam out. So if you have a contact form on your website or you have a few email addresses that are placed on your website, like for example, on this website, then this plugin and we'll keep him most of the spam out because contacts forums are a great way or actually not great for you. But Greg way for Google bots and other people that you don't want on your website to get into your website. So you want to protect your website from that. So anti-spam B is a great plug-in for that. I don't even understand how it works, but it keeps most of it out. So that's why I always use it now. And by the way, it's also fairly light and it keeps your website fast, faster than the other ones that I've used. And as you can see, the ratings also tell the same story. 0.5 million installs and five-stars. 7. 5. iThemes security: And the next plug-in nonetheless, also has to do with security, and that is your main security plug-in for WordPress. And I always use i themes security. Why? Well, previously I used words fence because that is a most US security plug-in on WordPress and is really good, but it makes your website a little bit slower. So I want to keep everything smooth and fast. And that's why I use this plugin. Also, as you can see, almost a million installs and 4.5 star. So that is very, very, very good. It's very easy to install. You will get a few settings over here. But there's one thing that I want to say and that is that they will send you a lot of emails if you don't turn them off. So if you've installed IT teams, you go to notification center, scroll down. And my advice is to turn off this one and this one. Otherwise you will get a lot of e-mails because sometimes it happens that in one night at ten people tried to break into your website Hecker verse on or bots, and then they will send you ten emails. And that's of course not what you want. This plug-in does the work for you? It keeps the people that you don't want on your website, outside of your website, and that's all you need. So i would turn these off and then click on safe. Oh, and by the way, if you install this plugin, you need to check on secure the site and then you can put this at no, otherwise you will get more emails. But I also suggest that you activate the network brute force protection, because that means that your Websites will join a whole network that can detect security issues faster and in that way it's a little bit safer. So it always activate this. And I also wants to redirect to HTTPS. And as you can see now it's perfect. Don't click on this button because then it's going to run again, click on close, and then you're done installing. 8. 4. Elementor Custom Skin: The next one on the list is element or custom skins. So if you already have a little bit of experience with elements are probed and elements are custom. Skin is the next step to make your website a little bit more custom. For example, on my Klein's website, I have a custom page here. He has a magazine business. So he has a lot of magazines that he wants to show. But what element or pro itself you can only display. The defaults are both widget and which is very limited and I wanted something custom. So this is a custom-designed, it's just an image, a tidal, and actually one word of text. But it's hard to create a custom design like this. Or also what I did on this shop page. Like I said, this is not built with Woo Commerce. This is a custom design. So what I did is I created one of these blocks. That's what you can do with element or custom skin. And then you can use the element or pro bono switches to display custom dynamic content. And I do understand that for beginners, this is not very easy to understand. So I think I'm done. I'm gonna make a video about it. No, I will make a video about it because it's a complicated subject. But if you want to display custom lists, which is something that you will run into when you're going to work with clients in the website become a little bit more custom element or customs can is the way to go. So again, you create one of these blocks and then you use the element or probe both widget to display a grid with a custom bows and actually called this one of these blogs. They call this a loop or a block like this. They call this a loop. So you create one loop and then you can display custom lists like that. So that's also a plug-in that I almost always use. 9. 3. Custom Post Type UI: And the next plugin on the list is also one that you need if you want to have those customs list. Because as you can see in the sidebar over here, I have this magazine stamp and these district step that is not default by WordPress. So you can create a custom both type. So what is actually is it's just a custom way to display block bows because that's how workers works. So you can create one of these blocks with this plugin called custom both type UI. Again, I'll make a video, but if you don't understand why this is valuable, but by default, you can only display dynamic content with posts because WordPress is a blog platform. So what I want you to understand is that these things are actually blogposts. That's why they called custom post type because oppose is a blog post. So it's a different type, custom type of a blog post. That is what this is. And then you display that in a grid. So to create something like this, you will need custom post type UI and then you can have your own list, for example, of magazines or districts or whatever you want. And my client can add a new magazine if he wants to. Super easy. 10. 2. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: And the next plugin on the list is called Google Analytics dashboards for WP. By exact metrics, I already showed this plug-in in my video called How to deliver a website to reclined, because people liked the old version better, but it's still pretty decent. So if you have this installed and you have Google Analytics, you will get a small preview, your Google Analytics on your dashboard at which you can drag up, because sometimes it's down here so you can direct it up just by clicking and dragging like this. It's just a little preview of your analytics. So as you can see, yesterday, I had 164 people on my website will actually session. So that is not people. You can see the page views over here. Actually, yesterday I had a pretty good day. So it's just a little preview. And then if you want to get more data from Google Analytics, users go to analytics dot If you don't know how to set that up, you can check my how to deliver a website to a client at video in the description or in the cards. Because there I will show how to set this up. 11. 1. reSmush: And then the less plugin on this list is called reef smush dot image optimizer. Oh, actually this is the whole name. It's a very complicated name, but if you just type this in, you're going to find it. So what it essentially is is just an image optimize every time you upload a new image, it will automatically be compressed, which is what you want, because a lot of times your images can be more optimized, which means a faster websites. I already saved 26 megabytes of space with this plugin. So you can set this up by default, it's at 90. So I put this one at 60 because I want more compression, because I want my website to be fast. I made the decision because my website is very visually heavy and that means that my website is a little bit slower, so I want to keep it as fast as possible. That's why I've put it from 90 to 60. You don't want to put it to low, otherwise the quality of your images will go down, but at least the images we'll stay fast. Also don't upload images that are too big. My suggestion always is to upload images that are at maximum 2 thousand pixels wide, because most screens are around that size, maybe 3 thousand ASM at max. But you don't want to upload the photos straight from your camera or from your iPhone. So that's why I suggest when you upload images. 12. Thank you: So this is the end of the class. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you want me to make other classes about other subjects, please let me know. If you wanna see more of me, you can click on my skill share profile. I've a lot of classes that are very handy if you want to start or already half your own web design business. So thank you for watching and I will see you hopefully in the next one.