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The Thai Alphabet Game (Coloring Book & Calligraphy Pages Included)!

teacher avatar Dan Harville, Life is Good!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

48 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. 1 Chicken

    • 3. 2 Egg

    • 4. 3 Bottle

    • 5. 4 Water Buffalo

    • 6. 5 Person

    • 7. 6 Bell

    • 8. 7 Snake

    • 9. 8 Plate

    • 10. 9 Cymbals

    • 11. 10 Elephant

    • 12. 11 Chain

    • 13. 12 Tree

    • 14. 13 Woman

    • 15. 14 Headdress

    • 16. 15 Harpoon

    • 17. 16 Pedestal

    • 18. 17 Montoh

    • 19. 18 Old Man

    • 20. 19 Novice Monk

    • 21. 20 Child

    • 22. 21 Turtle

    • 23. 22 Bag

    • 24. 23 Soldier

    • 25. 24 Flag

    • 26. 25 Mouse

    • 27. 26 Leaf

    • 28. 27 Fish

    • 29. 28 Bee

    • 30. 29 Lid

    • 31. 30 Tray

    • 32. 31 Tooth

    • 33. 32 Chinese Junk

    • 34. 33 Horse

    • 35. 34 Giant

    • 36. 35 Boat

    • 37. 36 Monkey

    • 38. 37 Ring

    • 39. 38 Pavilion

    • 40. 39 Guru

    • 41. 40 Tiger

    • 42. 41 Treasure Chest

    • 43. 42 Kite

    • 44. 43 Basin

    • 45. 44 Owl

    • 46. Saying the Thai Alphabet

    • 47. The GAME Explained

    • 48. The GAME

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About This Class

Once you have finished the 44 warm-up videos, you are ready to play the game.

For each character you get right, you get 1 point.  For each correct character in the proper class section, you get 2 points. 

A perfect score is 88 points.

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Dan Harville

Life is Good!


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1. INTRO: Hey, how you doing? My name is Dan Harville. Glad to have you along. I'm an obvious Caucasian. I don't know if you can tell that or not. I think it's fairly clear, but I speak Thai and hopefully you could tell. I also speak English, but I did it the hard way. I learned to speak Thai the hard way, and I'm here to help you learn Thai, or at least start down that path. If you do this, if you learn the letters in the Thai alphabet, then what happens is when you're trying to learn tie. It goes a lot smoother because what happens is now you're starting to pick up on street signs and menus. I don't know that signs all over on shops, books, newspapers, whatever, anything that has the written language. Is there a lesson that helps us and it gives you a huge advantage. You you will really start to absorb the language a lot faster. Once you can master these 44 continents, there's only 44 of them. You know how in English we do. A is for Apple. B is for Boy. See, Charlie D dealt of that kind of stuff. That's that's because we basically only have one letter for each sound, right? A is a, um f is f in tight have, like six letter K's and four letter D's and four letter teas and a couple of els and whatever. What have you. So they have to say when they're telling you how to spell something, they have to tell you the sound it makes. And which one of those sounds? Is it the very first letter in the Thai alphabet? God guy. So you give it a name. Okay, so the name comes in two pieces, so I'm gonna teach you that. Teach you what? That is so right away. You're going to get 44 vocabulary words out of this because, you know, like the very 1st 1 got guy, the guy is a chicken. So now you know. You know the word for that, and I'm gonna also show you what class it's in class is very important with the tie off a bit, because if you just go through and learn the alphabet and you don't want the classes when you get to when you start reading, it really screws you up, so It's for your benefit. The best way to do that is toe learn the alphabet, what it means and what class it's in right up front. Okay, so we're gonna do that in 44 lessons. Each letter has its own lesson, and some of those lessons are really, really short. Okay, then, once you've done that, the class project is for you to go to the very end where we have the actual game and play the game and you'll have a possible score of 88. And that'll be a perfect score. And once you get to for your 88 let us know at the end in the student area How many tries it took you in the game to get a perfect score of 88. Okay, So keep that in mind. Is your studying best what I've got for you? Let's let's get into the lesson, shall we? 2. 1 Chicken: welcome to Lesson one. I forgot to mention there are some things that you can download that will make this a lot easier. I have a coloring book for you. And, of course, later on there's the game sheet. But if you download the coloring book, it comes in two parts. There's the coloring page, and then there's also the calligraphy page, and you'll be using both. Or you can use both. Take notes and they're downloadable there. Pdf Just go ahead and proud. Which one of that? The very first letter in the Thai alphabet. God guy. And there's absolutely no reason for you to learn Tai in alphabetical order. Except that that's the That's the order that I know it in. And so that's what's helping me keep the lessons straight. God, guy, A guy is a chicken. Remember how I said earlier? A Is for Apple. A apple Best gall guy? A is for Apple goddess for guy. A guy is a chicken. It's a rooster is a hint. It's a cock. What? Whatever you may call it, that's what it is. Now this is what the letter looks like. This is one of two Thai constants that. Do not start with a loop. You'll you'll? In fact, I can show you right here. Appear in the upper left hand corner. You see, there's the God guy right there. And this one is called the all on. Okay, but it starts with a count. This one starts with a counter clockwise loop. And then there's the rest. Later. This one starts with the clockwise loop. And it really does matter if you start going clockwise or counterclockwise. Because a lot of letters, the way that that loop starts changed me that a lot of letters are exactly identical except the way that loop starts. Okay, so you'll want You'll want to pay attention to that. So, God, guy, No. The next thing we need to know is what classes it right? It's There are three classes low, middle and high. What class? God guy is a middle class letter. All right. Hey, you've done it. Lesson one complete. Let's go on to lesson to shall we 3. 2 Egg: Welcome to a lesson, too. Okay, Call Chi. Now. Lesson one you remember was God guy. Lesson two is cock I and Chi is an egg, so forever clears off the question. What came first? The chicken or the egg? At least in the Thai alphabet. The chicken came first. So what does it look like? This is the letter. It starts. You can see right here with a clockwise loop. And then I'm not going to tell you how to draw him. And you can obviously you can look at it in the sea. But the important thing is you just get the loop going the right direction, I'll tell you that. So clockwise loop goes around, change directions comes down and you know, there you have it. This is a high class letter. All right, then What happens with the classes is tight as a tonal language. Maybe. You know that maybe you don't. If I say to the word to you My, my, my, my, my in English, that means the word. My right, That's That's my tea. My glass of tea. That's that's my banjo in the back. This is my squeaky chair. No matter what tone I put on that what inflection might might might might might. It all means my anti. That's five different words because of the different inflection. Okay, which means maybe it means nothing to you now. And don't let that scare you. What happens is when you're writing, you have to be ableto indicate what the tone is going to be on the on the word or on the syllable. The way they do that is they say, okay, is the first letter in the syllable a high middle or low class syllable or ah, letter, hi middle or low class letter. So the rules apply differently to the three classes. That's all there is to it. And mostly most of the I mean it, like 80% or better are low class. So most of the letters follow one set of rules. And then there are a couple of exceptions for middle and then even fewer for high. So it is pretty easy once you get into it. Okay, let's go on to Ah, lesson three 4. 3 Bottle: Welcome toe Lesson three of the Thai alphabet Game call quit call quit and a quit is a bottle. Now you will say that word, but you will probably never use this letter. You may see it because it's obsolete. You may see it on like some old buildings or an old documents or on very old signs. But since I think about World War two, they've been trying to phase out this letter and another letter. This is what it looks like. It looks very much like the one we saw before and less into the call chi. But this one has a notch in the top. See how it starts out with the clockwise loop comes up around and with the caulk I it just kept going across, but right here there's a notch. That's that's the That's the thing. Toe look out for the rest of the letter is the same. But again, uh, you need to know that's one to play the game because you will see it rarely. But it's out there, and it's becoming more intact right now. If you look up here, call cool. They spell the name bottle with the cock. I instead of the call Kouyate. So they're really trying to phase it out. There's one more that they're phasing out to were just coming up pretty quickly, right? That's the end of less than three. Except for we need to know what class this is. This is also a high class letter. Okay, on the lesson for 5. 4 Water Buffalo: welcome to listen for Glad to have you along in the alphabet game. This is where we're learning the Thai alphabet so that we can start learning to read a little bit later on. And then that will be an incredible incredible help to you as you learn to speak Thai. Okay, call quiet. This is a flat tone Kwai. Have you heard of the movie? The bridge over the River Kwai? It's a real bridge. I've been to it Eyes quite a tourist destination there in Thailand on the Thailand and Burma border call quite a quiet is a water buffalo flat tone word and this is the symbol. Now this starts with a counter clockwise loop and it's important that you get these right because later on, we'll see the exact same letter except the loop will spend the opposite direction. So it's not actually the exact same later. It just looks like, except for you know, I guess that's kind of the exact same letter. Like the way in M and a W are the exact same letter except one's upside down. Okay, so Ah, Call Kwai is a low class letter onwards 6. 5 Person: Welcome to the Thai alphabet game. This is less than five Call cone call corn. Corn is a flat tone. Now, this is also an obsolete letter, one of two obsolete letters that we have to learn. There actually mawr obsolete letters. But the's the two that are still in use that you will come across. Okay, so they say there are 44 continents. They're only using 42. There used to be, like 60 or something, and they they're slowly weeding out the ones they don't. You know, I think the last time they used Falcone was around World War Two. It means person. By the way, if I didn't mention that person, it starts with a counter clockwise loop and has a notch in the top. Then you've got the you've got the calligraphy pages. If you've downloaded the coloring book so you can practice on those cocoon flat tone word. And it is also a low class letter, as most of them are. 7. 6 Bell: welcome to lessen six of the Thai alphabet game. Call Kong. Now let's look at this call. That's Ah, high tone marker right there. Right. So to say this word, you have to go up high tone your normal voices here than high tone. So call is your normal voice. Ah, Kong. In normal voice on Kong Kong means bell and this is the symbol. It starts with a clockwise loop, comes around, makes a notch down to the ground in another clockwise loop, take it over and bounce it up Is low class letter on the lesson seven. You're really moving through these and proud of you. Okay, Each one's very important, though, Like I said there to that were obsolete. But you need to know those, but we'll just move on. 8. 7 Snake: welcome to less than seven of the Thai alphabet game. No, no move. It's a tough one for people who speak English and have never spoken in Thai to say because what we do is we're putting the n g at the beginning of the word. Now we say it all the time in sing and ring and thing and Ping and I don't know what else being maybe being, you know, being Crosby. But long do getting before you can say that India at the beginning of the word, uh, sometimes what you do if you start to say the word sing and then just start to slowing De emphasize this part So you go sing seeing thing a mm All right, OK. Or funny? Sounds to that effect. Try that, but no move Move. Flat tone is a snake and this is the letter. It's pretty simple Starts with a clockwise head and it's also a low class letter 9. 8 Plate: welcome to lessen eight. John John Jaw. John, did I explain this? That backwards sees makes the A w sound. Okay, that, uh, that keeps us all speaking the same language instead of when I if I were to throw up some other letters appear in front because I say tomato and you may say tomato you it possibly miss Mispronounce this. So the backward sees remind us that it's always Aw, Okay. So, jaw, John John is a plate. It's a flat tone word, and that is the letter starts with a clockwise head, hits the ground, just bounces all the way over to the left. Okay? And that is a middle class letter. Let's move on the lesson nine. 10. 9 Cymbals: welcome to less than nine charting King. And I'll see how this is pointing downwards. If we're reading left to right, that kind of points downwards. Right chain Cha ching is a small finger Cymbals thinking they just put him on the fingers And you see the girls dancing with them and some musicians and some of the traditional bans maybe at a play or something in the theater will be playing them there exactly what they look like. Okay, this is the symbol for the symbols. Is the letter for the symbols actually, is probably a more accurate way to say that. And this is the classes. Ah, high class letter. 11. 10 Elephant: Welcome to Lesson 10 Chang'e Cha chung. See her now of a reading left to right. That kind of points up to the left, doesn't it? I mean, I'm sorry. Points up to the right, doesn't it? If we're reading from left to right, that points up to the right just a little bit. Chaw Chong. A Chang'e high tone word is an elephant and this is the letter starts with a clockwise head and it's very similar to other things that we've seen. I want you to pay particular attention to this point right here, though over on the far right, It's got a tail, it comes up and it kind of curves in, doesn't quite touch the the other side and then flares out to the right. You'll see some people writing it quickly or whatever in hell touching. It's okay and you'll see some stylized fonts where they touch, and that's okay, but when you're writing it, don't touch it. Okay, Very cool. It's a low class letter. Chang'e elephant is low class 12. 11 Chain: welcome. Our new word is saw. So now this is a new tone market we've not seen before. This is the falling tone on a word. So you're talking here, and you're and you start to go up just a little bit. Then you come down even further. Okay? I know that this looks like maybe it's because of the, uh this is Roman ization, this type of writing that we're doing here that use the letters that you're used to because you're probably not reading tie script if you're doing a class on the letters, right or the doing the alphabet game. So this gives the illusion that it goes up and then comes right down to the same level it doesn't. It goes up and it comes down even further. Okay, so so so is a chain. And this is the letter looks very much like cha cha dong the elephant. But as true to form, this one has a notch in the top. And again, we don't want this tale that was over on the right side. Don't let that touch whenever you bring it around. Okay, So So? And that is a low class letter 13. 12 Tree: well into the Thai alphabet Game charger now. So this is a flat tone word. But what we're doing is, uh, right that sound you used to make when you leaned against that in the washing machine, right, To tighten up, tighten up the throat right back here to flat tone means tree. And this is how you right now it looks that it probably looks familiar to you. We start down the bottom with a clockwise loop and then, if you remember, God guy, which was the very first symbol that we learned, which was the chicken symbol. If you look, you can see that after you do the loop, you go right into making agog I And then when you get to the other side, you don't stop. You make another clockwise loop, bringing over bounce it up and put a tail on it. And that is charged to do. And that is also a low class letter 14. 13 Woman: all right. Ready for another one? Your g ing you are being It's a rising tone. Before we looked at a falling tone and I said that the falling tone went down further than your normal voice. Well, the same thing happens with the I want the inverse the obverse of that when we have Ah, hi. Sorry. A rising tone instead of a falling tone It you started general voice, you go down a little bit and you come way up. You come up a lot further than you went down. So you Aw Ying ja Yang, You also hear this word is pool ying pull yang or yang? Both of those mean a woman and put being is slightly more formal. So you being a guest in the country. Most likely you will want to say bullying until you get the hang of it. This is the letter. It starts with a clockwise ah, clockwise head. And then it's got that God guy based that were we've been building off of and the tail that you've seen on several things. But it's also got this little whip down the bottom this little long. This little do dad a little extra Do dad on the bottom. That's the entire letter. Ja Yang. Remember, it's a rising tone, and it's a low class letter. 15. 14 Headdress: Welcome to lesson number 14 of the Thai alphabet Game Dog chat. Uh, dog. Chad. Uh, you hear? You hear I go up dog is the name of the letter. Chatah is the name of the letter. Well, again, a for apple, Daw for chart. Uh, okay, so cha is high tone dot The second syllable in the word is your flat tone, your normal tone, your middle tone That means a ceremonial tie headdress. And this is the letter. Now we're gonna build off of that God guy again. You recognize that? Whereas in the last letter, we went clockwise, this is gonna go counter clockwise, and then we build that gulf guy base that we've used many times, and I want you to know right up front I'm not disparaging Christians. I am a Christian, proud to be a Christian, have always been a Christian, and I hope to always be a Christian. But I'm gonna call this little, uh, let's see the last of the doodads. This was kind of like a doo hickey thing on the bottom of the call a jesus fish, because I don't what else to call it. So you draw your counter clockwise loop. You draw your God guy symbol, bring the tail down quite a bit and then throw a Jesus fish on it. And that is the dog Chanda. And that is a middle class letter. 16. 15 Harpoon: welcome. Glad to have you along. Let's do another one, shall we? Doll? But back, Daw by back Now I have to tell you right here, whenever you see the D t together or the BP together, that means hit hard by a doctor. This is not Baugh or paw. It's bah. And this is not Daw or talk or doctor talk. It's knock you him. Hitman food. Here it's boom, Hit it, doll. But, doc, it means harpoon. It means harpoon. It means spear. It means sharp stick. It means, you know, go. You see shepherds once in a while with a little bitty short pokey stick that if a a sheep or goats not moving or a llama, they'll poke it in the bottom with little sharp stick. A goad. Did I say javelin? Anything that short kind of a weapon has a point in its called a but back. And this is the symbol, very much like the one we just saw. The dark Chadha the dark but back starts with a counterclockwise loop. Then the body of the God guy comes down. We're gonna do a Jesus fish, But before we get to the Jesus fish we're gonna throw another bump in it. OK? So you come down and hit bottom and your bump, and then you do the Jesus fish, and that's also a middle class letter. 17. 16 Pedestal: Welcome to the Thai alphabet game. This is the warm up where we're learning the letters. Glad to have you along Ta Thanh Thanh that eyes drawn out a little bit See high to a zoo there and then it's Ah, rising tone Tall Thanh Aton is a pedestal where it's a base. You will see these all over Thailand. The reason being is they use it in the ceremonies at the temples when showing respect to the Buddha when showing respect their ancestors when they're doing weddings or especially Vince or passing out gifts. Or I think I've seen diplomas placed on pedestals before Thanh. You'll see that all the time. You'll see them all the time and this is how you make the symbol. You do a clockwise loop on the bottom because you always start on the loop. OK, so let's start here. You'll start on loop, go down and then come back and kind of put a flag es on. Ty kind of looks like an s with a loop on the bottom. The bottom part I always call this. I draw this one backwards cause you're always supposed to start at the loop and please be when you're being proper. Started the loop. Right? But I always call this to remind myself of how to draw this. Because, you know, I speak English. I read English, and this was a difficult thing for me to do. Starting. I had no one to teach me. I taught myself. I called this the Jesus bump nine. That little thing on the bottom. The thing we've had do, Hickey, we have had a due dad. Now we have a thingy. So the thing on the bottom there is what I call the Jesus bumping nine. And that reminds me how to draw. The bottom of this letter taught Thanh, which is a pedestal or a base. And it is a high class letter onward. 18. 17 Montoh: Welcome to the Thai alphabet game. If you haven't done so already, please download the coloring book and the calligraphy sheets. They're free with this class and please make use of them. Take some time between the lessons to really nail these things down and learning because you're gonna need to know them when it comes time to play the game at the end, which is our class project, Tom Moon toe Tom Moon toe That's all Flat tone, right, Tom on toe is ah Mahn told the queen it's ah, it's queen from folklore And she I guess, a good hearted person. She decided that what she would do is go out and make life better for those less fortunate than her. And when you're the queen, that's just about everybody. This is the letter. It starts with a clockwise head and then you come up and you put a notch in Adminis um, this kind of ah, backwards in right. But you want to get this. You want to come down here for the notching that come around and be sure and change direction right here. Don't just go down straight down and make a backwards in you always want to come in here and then come back a little bit and then make that the rest of that simple. So that's That's Tomlin toe the queen from from folklore, and it's a low class letter. 19. 18 Old Man: Welcome to the Thai alphabet game. Ready for another letter. Paul. Pool towel. Now, this is like you said this a couple of words ago. But most Thai words are just single syllable whenever they have. Ah, multi syllable word you convey. Bet A 99.73 to 511% of the time. It is a borrowed word from another language that could be Sanskrit or English or Indian or Swahili. They tie. Don't care if you got a word. They're happy to borrow it. So the cool thing about this word Piu Tao is it has two syllables, both of which are falling tones. Right. So tall pool town is how you want to say that Puto is an elder or an old man. This is the letter, and it's Ah, I guess it's a little complicated. It starts with a clockwise loop, hits the ground, comes back around you put a notch over the top of that loop, come back over, do another clockwise loop and then throw that tail on it. Just just follow the directions in the on the calligraphy page, the thing is, always just start on the loop. Starting loop start on loop, that's Ah, that's the way you do it. And this is a low class letter. Long words. 20. 19 Novice Monk: Welcome to the Thai alphabet Game Warm up, Non ain. Our new letter is our is non name in name is a flat tone word. So your normal tone of voice It's a young novice monk. Ah, and as with most monk, I guess he's in robes. So this is the symbol starts with a clockwise loop again. We see that the base of it is that God guy symbol that we've we've seen from the very, very beginning. And then you bounce it over and put another clockwise loop on the tail. Very cool. And this is a low class letter onward. 21. 20 Child: cooking with gas now, aren't we? Thai alphabet game. Warm up and let's look a thought. Deck thought deck. You see how that deck is a low tone, right? So, Daw deck that low tone means, child. Now, if you hear somebody say deck that that means Children. Oy. Now we saw something that was very similar to this, remember, Quiet cock y basically the exact same letter. Except that the loop is this on. This one is clockwise, whereas with the quiet was a counter clockwise loop and it really changes the dynamics of the letter cause before Well, it's the way the tail comes off and connects to the rest of the letter. So just remember, Doc Deck, the child is clockwise, whereas call Kwai the water buffalo is counterclockwise. Now I thought that is a middle class letter. All right, Onward 22. 21 Turtle: Welcome. Welcome, welcome. Ready for another one Thought Bow. Now remember what we said earlier? Whenever you see that d t right next to each other, you hit it. It's not Dow, and it's not Tao. It's bow all right, and it's low tone. So your normal voices doubt your normal voice is right. Is Daw Bow right? You gotta put that low tone on it. How is a turtle? And that's the symbol. Looks very much like dog back. Except we've got that notch in the top. OK, cool, cool beans and it's a middle class letter former. 23. 22 Bag: Thai alphabet game. Warm up. You're doing fine. Keep it up. Keep going. You're making progress. Look atyou. Yahoo part along. Pull this a sound. We don't make the vowel there. The who is tight in the back of your throat and you throw it up into your nose Just a little bit. Taught tomb. A tomb is a bag or purse or a sack or duffel. Ah, poke. What else of her on that? Has Shea anything that's got handles on it? Basically, even it didn't even have to handles. Duffel bags don't always have handles, but even that's a bag. They put stuff in and you carry around and that's your thingy that you carry stuff in. It's a tomb. Ah, yeah. You can also call it a crypt bow, which is also a bag. But a tomb is the name of this letter, and there it is. We've seen this is based off of the Gakkai again. Starts with a clockwise head on the very bottom on the deck comes up and then you just do the rest of that got guy, and we'll see this again later with a counter clockwise loop. So it is very important that you pay attention to which way the loop goes. Actually, it's it's imperative and this is a high class letter. Talk to this high class onward. 24. 23 Soldier: welcome. You made it back. Glad Glad to see you yet again, Paul. Tough on talk. Ta han Here. I'm saying that time the first half of the word is high toned and in the second half of the word is a rising tone. Han So tall is ah, middle tone flat tone, your normal voice. Tall ta han a ta Han is a soldier. And this is what it looks like. Kind of you draw your clockwise loop and kind of a backwards in right with straight legs. Remember how earlier I forget the letter? It doesn't matter. I said make sure you put a loop in it because later, on a straight leg, when may show up. Well, this is the straight legged one. This is taught a Han Tha Han mean soldier and is a low class letter. Got it. Good 25. 24 Flag: Welcome to the next class, and I'm glad you made it. I'm glad to be here. What comes after? Ah, let's see the one we did just before this, if you're going in chronological order was Ta Han the soldier, Right? So what would a soldier defend? A talk poem? Talk home. And that is a flag, Paul Tongue. And this is the second letter in the Thai alphabet that does not have a loop on it. So top Hong is the flag, and that is a low class letter onto the next lesson. 26. 25 Mouse: welcome. Glad to have you along this the Thai alphabet game. And we're looking at the alphabet of Thai, the Thai alphabet, one letter at a time. There are 44 continents and tie and we're going through them one at a time and learning them and learning the class Aaron so that we can put the proper tones on the left on the words because we're learning what they mean. And we also need to know the class. So start reading and writing a little bit later on maybe another class or where you wherever you go, you'll be able to start putting the proper tone on the words because the tones on the words changed the meanings. So you have to know which letter is belong to which class to put the proper tone on it when you read it. Rome, Right. I'm sorry about that, but it seems like a whole lot of front and I'm not gonna lie is sizeable. But it's something you can do. People not nearly a smart of you have done it many, many times. I promise you that no new, no new that new is rising tone, and it means mouse And there it is. Now, this, uh, you you may I don't know if you will. Uh oh. I'm speaking for myself here. I confused the heck out of this letter with another one. You see how it's got a loop on one side? It starts out clockwise, bounces down and puts another clockwise loop on the other end. So these two loops are on opposite sides. All right, so non new. The way I remember that is the loops and non new are never on the same side, All right, because later, when we get to the m sound, I'm gonna tell you that they must be on the same side. I'm gonna give you that much of a hit now because you need to know Non new has the loops. Never on the same side. Okay, now, one more thing. I want to tell you about new our I'm sorry. Through that that I was speaking English saying Thai words, Forgive me. I didn't put the tone on a slope of the toilet. Now non new with the rising tone, non new, um, anti pronouns or kind of a fuzzy thing people will say I or me and they can also use their name. They're given name as a program. They can also use the royal we as a pronoun they can use. When Thai people are born there, folks usually give them a given name and also give them a nickname and they will flip back and forth between like you should just know what their nickname is. OK, But all that aside, he will Sometimes here, women refer to themselves in the pronoun as new. So instead of me saying I'm going to the store If I were to say knew, I'd be saying Mouse goes to the store, meaning I go to the store. I know it sounds kind of crazy, right, But they use that women, we'll use that. And, um, this is one of those subtleties and I have to speak to you as a heterosexual male because that's what I am. And this is my observation. Mice are cute, little wonderful, cuddly things that are vulnerable. And our fund a hold. Sometimes it has been my experience, but how else would I know about this? Let me Anyway, some women will refer to themselves as new so that if they're talking to a guy. It puts in his mind that they are soft, little wonderful, cuddly things that need to be held. That and that's only sometimes, uh, 80% of the time. They could mean nothing by it 20% of the time. They do mean something by it. So if you're ah guy talking to a girl and she's new and all knew all about the place you might be, it might be good to be aware of that Tangent alert. That's a low class letter, by the way, but you can thank me later onward. 27. 26 Leaf: Hey, let's do another one, shall we? Ball by my ball by both of those are flat Writebol by my what is a buy might Hi, tournament My by my is a leaf. And, um, it looks like a cup to me. But, hey, they call it a leaf. So you got a camera. I'm sorry. You've got a clockwise loop on the front, and it's just Ah, that's how I would draw a cup. But you know what? I'm a musician, not an artist, and that is a middle class letter. Now it's really important for the next 468 over the next few letters. Therefore, six or eight letters that are all really similar and the only things that are going to change our the way the head spins and the length of this tell. And then at some point there'll be a bump in the middle. But they don't change much, so you have to pay particular attention to the next handful or so you'll recognize when they're done. But anyway, by my is a middle class letter and it means leaf 28. 27 Fish: Welcome to the Thai alphabet game. Hey, glad to have you along Ball block. You remember whenever I said there's a BP together a d t together, you really hit it hard, bought blah A block is a fish and that is the letter looks very much like the one we just saw in the last lesson except right here from here. That's the other letter ended right here. This one. The tail extends up another another some another bit. Okay. And that's the block. That's a hard hit on that BP blah. And that's a fish you will hear in when you're in a restaurant. And you want to know that that fishy, saucy water Nam Pla Nam high tone is water block is fish or fish sauce or fish work, and you will notice anti. It's Nam Bloc water fish instead of fish water. Or because what happens in Thai is you have a blue car, a fast motorcycle. Sorry. In English, you have a fast car, a blue motorcycle or a pretty girl and tie. You have a blue motorcycle, blue, a car fast and a girl pretty right. The modifier comes after the subject, so be aware that on your travels through this language okay, so Bob la is a middle class letter 29. 28 Bee: All right, here we are. Let's do it just a little bit more, shall we? Pop room, Paul Poon. Now, this is one of those letters that this, uh, e is you right here. Um, did I mention that Roman ization? This process of writing tie with the letters that you already read is an approximation at best, because there are sounds and tie that we don't have in English. And so if there's a sound that we don't have in English, the proper way to spell it is an unknown. So I'm guessing everybody guesses. That's why you'll see the same tie work written out with Latin based letters in half a dozen different ways. Just because you know that the only proper way to writers entire script anyway. But poon, you tighten up the back your throat just a little bit and you really throw this scene up into your nose? Yeah, there goes falling tone. So you're doing a couple of things, right? Saying a foreign word using ah, valve that you you don't use in English and you've got promoted. Put that tone on so poon means be like a will be here on honey bee and that is his letter. And it's a high class letter now with Poon. Remember, the head starts counterclockwise and the tail is the same. Height is the head. The next letter looks very, very similar. Let's go look at it. 30. 29 Lid: for far fall Far Uh, it's a lid is a lid. It's a cap is a covering. Anything that seals something else in the lid kind of way can be called AFA or a lid. Okay. And this is this letter. Looks exactly like Poon, which would just saw a few. I mean, one lesson ago, except the tail is extended up. Remember I told you that the heads and the tails are gonna be different. Very similar on the first on the next couple of letters. And we've still got a couple more familiar or similar letters to go. But just pay attention and you could do this. It's not. It's not terrible. Like I say, it's not Chinese with 50 or 60,000 different Gandhi's that you're trying to, right? Yeah. There's only got 44. These far is a high class letter 31. 30 Tray: Let's continue on, shall we? Paul? Pawn Paul Pon You drawn out that, uh, upon that's a tray and you will see a lot of stuff. Entrees in Thailand very similar to the the way that pedestals air used things will be put on trays Offerings to Buddha offerings to monks, offerings to the spirits Who you will see little houses in the corner of the property on on Thai properties because they believe that their their ancestors live there in spirit. And so they don't go on No burn incense, no offer food and sometimes gifts. And what what have you? And sometimes that's all in a trade that they bring out pop on. And this is the symbol. It's got a clock vice head and it looks a lot like the letter W that is a low class letter . Paul Pon Paul Pon It means tray and it's low class 32. 31 Tooth: for fun, false fun. Fun is a flat tone word. Fund means tooth. It also means teeth because they don't have plural and tie, which is something that you'll learn what you get into the language. This is the symbol, very much like what we just saw. But the tail is his way up on the end for fun, and that is a low class letter. 33. 32 Chinese Junk: This is the Thai alphabet game. I am so pleased that you are still with me. You're you're actually doing a great thing. I can see your mind expanding from here. I can see your I can see your horizons broadening. It's true, Paul. Some Pau Paul, some Pau some Pau. The first half of the word has a rising tone psalm and then Pau is flat tone your normal tone of voice. So some Pau what is a some Pau? It is a Chinese junk. If you have the chance to go to Hong Kong, you'll see some of these in the harbor. I've seen him a couple of times. I've been to Hong Kong twice, I think, and some of them are just incredibly beautiful. They're like yachts or just majestically. They've had this design for over 1000 years. So and I'm sure some of them are hundreds of years old and still floating and you'll see seem trimmed in gold in your semen, you know, with silks and stuff. And then you'll see some see one right next to it, carrying goats. It's an amazing thing. This is the symbol. We start with a counter clockwise loop on the ground, on the deck. Come up and throw that God guy symbol on it. And that is some Pau Paul. Some Pau means Chinese junk, Chinese ship or Chinese boat. Whatever you wanna call it. And that is a low class. Is that behind my head? I can't see. I can't see my picture while I'm doing this. I didn't I didn't I should have put that up there. I'm sorry. So just take my word for it. If it's hidden, it's a low class letter. 34. 33 Horse: All right, let's do it. One more, more, mom. More ma. High tone on Ma. Now Ma is a horse, and you gotta get the tone right. Because otherwise, ma means on means to come not to come here. Uh, with a different tone. I think it also means doctor with a different tone, and it might mean dog with it. Don't quote me on dog, but the tones. And if the tones are different, they mean different things. So on since I'm not speaking tied or if this moment is jumbled in my head What? OK, so Ma means horse. Hi, Tom. And this is what it looks like. Remember earlier I was talking about non new how the loops were never on the same side. And I said, Later on we'll see a letter where the loops must be on the same side, Mama as must Mama Loops must be on the same side with EMS. That's called no Monix Nimocks remarks or a language, Jack. Okay, Mama means horse. And it's also a low class letter 35. 34 Giant: all right. Guess what We're doing. Another letter. Yeah, Yeah. High tone. Short word. Yeah. Like like, Yep. I stepped in something. Yes, it is a giant. And that is the symbol. I think this is the only one that has that notch on the side instead of in the top. Okay. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. Means Giant is kind of an ogre ish warrior type giant. Usually you'll see, you'll see. Taya's great. They got some awesome giant statues at their temples. Summer. Just just incredibly beautiful. And that is a low class letter. Yeah, Yeah, but it's a high tone word. Yeah, high tone, but low class letter. 36. 35 Boat: uh, now, raw off you here. I'm choking off my you a right there. That but I'm also rolling that are fluttering that are just a little bit. Uh, now I could go, Rog Who, Uh, that would be a little overkill, and you may hear people do that, but but but don't you do that, okay? The other thing that you will hear people do and please, I don't want to ever hear about you doing this is changing the ours for Els. You'll hear people say a lot, Lou up. I hope that hurt your ears as badly is our hurt mind. The thing is, um, either you've got a speech impediment when you do that, or you are a member of the lower class of people. The uneducated, the hell refined the unwashed. The peasant class will sometimes say La Luna, don't Please don't replace your arse with Els. It's considered lazy is considered sloppy. It's just considered awful. And you don't need that. So, uh, when you do the ours just flutter at once or twice, and then the titans in the back of your throat, Okay? You got a daughter that that's a boat and this is the letter starts with a counter clockwise loop on the floor, goes up and just throws that flag on top of it. And it's a low class letter. Alright, onward. 37. 36 Monkey: Here we are me and you Once again, lolling linking is a flat tone word lol ing and ah Ling as a monkey. And there are monkeys everywhere and yeah, they're cute. But you know what? I think monkeys are actually just little monsters with really sharp teeth, and they're incredibly strong. And if I can avoid a monkey, I'll avoid a monkey not crazy about him. But they're everywhere, and you may be tempted to try to pet one. I hope you have your insurance paid up and you're okay with antibiotics, cause they will buy you and tear open. I don't even know that. Anyway, there's there's the symbol of the letter. Some people say that this looks like a monkey standing on his head with his tail going up over him in the air. Okay, I can I can kind of see that starts with a clockwise loop, goes around. The monkey's got his feet on the ground that was heading this feet on the ground, his tail way up in the air and over his head. All right. At some monkey, I don't care for monkeys. Did I mention I don't like monkeys? I didn't mean I'm sure there's some sweet monkeys out there. Every monkey I've come across has been like a riel jerk. It is a is a low class letter, all right, and then the while I mean, you'll see them everywhere they roam the streets, they live on your roofs. If you leave your windows open, they'll come in the house. I'll steal your food. They'll steal your ink pins. I'll steal your cell phone. What's a monkey going to do with cell phone? No idea, but they're happy to steal it. 38. 37 Ring: right. We're moving on. Moving on up to the next letter. Isn't Walwyn that when is a rising tone wall? Lan? That's a ring. It goes on your finger, and that is the letter, and it is a low class letter. 39. 38 Pavilion: Okay, here we are. Look at us making progress, huh? So, Saul, uh, this is Ah, uh, think they're three s is anti. Anyway, I know there are At least three s is in a row, and this is the first of three s is saw. Sala. PSA is rising tone and law is flat tone. So saw Sala means pavilion. And that is the symbolist. It's You may recognize it as being a caulk y right. The fourth letter, I think in the alphabet that we learned really early on. And then you just put put this dash on it. So we've seen do dads do hickeys things and now a dash. All right, So saw Sala saw Sala. It's a pavilion and they're everywhere because that's the tie will worship civilians. They have outdoor festivals and pavilions that are pavilions all over the country. And they are absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Yes, and it's ah, high classed high class letter. Let's look at another one. Shall we onward 40. 39 Guru: here we are looking at another s in Thai, sort of see saw who see See Allah through a slat tone and a C is rising tone. What is a MOOC? It's a guru. I particularly enjoy the poem I wrote about the guru in the coloring book. I hope you're reading the poetry that I wrote and enjoying it As much as I enjoyed writing it, Uh, yeah, there's a lot of fun. This is This is the symbol for Guru. If I remember correctly, that's a ball by my and then this thing you right here, which was the bottom part. I think that was the Doo hickey on the bottom of Ah Yong gi ng. Are you playing right? But it comes up. It makes another appearance. We just cross the cross, the tail of the ball by my with that and that makes it a saw. You see, it's a high class letter. Very nice, very less onward 41. 40 Tiger: look at you. Still do the Thai alphabet game warm up. We're getting close to the end. Pretty soon you're gonna be able to play the game, and it will be a lot of fun. And you will have accomplished much, my friend. You will be able to be really proud of yourself. And I'm proud of you for doing it, sticking it out this long. You know, it's not easy learning stuff, Law. People happen just on the couch and eat candy bars and watch endless reality TV and do nothing with their lives. But you are going places soft, huh? Rising tonal into that, and you're tightening up the back of your throat. Uh, saw who, uh, is a tiger. And now that's how you draw it. That's the letter. It looks very much like the Remember the monkey belonging for the monkey. And then you put that dash on. That makes it a soft food up, which is also a high class letter. All right, moving along, moving along onward 42. 41 Treasure Chest: Here we are. Look at us, me and you doing it doing it, man. We're doing it whole heap. He It's a low tone. He so haw heap. Interesting letter. You'll, uh, Obviously it makes kind of a H sound. The horse sound, but also very often is used as a silent letter. It means strongbox. It means treasure chest. It means safe. It means like a jewelry box that you can lock up any box that's like really strongly built that you put precious stuff in and then lock it and hide it away. That could be a heap, and that's how you write it too loose on the top. You start with a clockwise loop, bounce it down on the ground and do a counter clockwise loop. Come all the way back down to the ground, and that's your heap. That's your best your treasure chest. And that is a high class letter 43. 42 Kite: okay. I think we're I stuff. You smell that? I think we're getting really close to the end. Smells like the end of me. Lodge Oula law. Jew la Here I went down low tone on Jew law. Ju lah a Jew. LA is a kite and that is the symbol or the letter for the kite. You're going to start with a clockwise loop kind of make that W. But then it was really important on this one that you go up higher on the last leg because this loop, which is counterclockwise, has to be taller than this loop, then had to be much taller. It just it has to be taller. Has to be higher in elevation. Okay, that's that's the symbol for the kite or the letter for the kite and a kite is a Jew La Julia. And that is a low class letter, most under low class. I know I've said that several times, and thankfully they they are because the others, the middle class and the high class or exceptions to the rules and, you know, that's just the way it goes. 44. 43 Basin: here we are continuing on one. But as I said earlier, I could smell the ending. What? We're dangerously close to the end. Dangerously close, my friend. This is the on Oh, um and it's a very special letter in the Thai alphabet because it well, it means basin. It means sink. But also, there you go. Uh, that's it. You start with a counterclockwise head and you just make a big loop and you're done. But if you look up here, you'll see that it's used as a constant, and it's also used is the vowel. We've seen this in every letter that when naming the letter, that's the convention for naming the awe. It makes that all sound so all all on low tone on me along. Yeah, yeah, you're going to see that a lot, and it just takes some getting used to be 21. Spot it. You get to where you can start realizing if it's the beginning or the of ah syllable or being used as a vowel. It just becomes second nature at some point. Not difficult. You can do it, you can do it and it is a middle class letter. OK? Ah, let's do one more, Shall we? Just just one 45. 44 Owl: Well, welcome to the last letter in the Thai alphabet. Game warm up yet you did it. You did it, my friend. Proud of you. Glad to have been on this journey with you and that you're just about ready to start playing the game hall. No cool hall, no cook. Let me let me get closer than Mike Hough. No hook. Okay. No. Who know being high and hook being falling down? It's kind of a kind of a mouthful to say hard. No cork. It means owl owl. And look at you being the wise one. You. Now you've now got 43 letters under your belt, and now you have 44 had 43 1944. That's the symbol of starts with a counterclockwise head comes up very much like all on. But then you put this big asses big Elvis Presley pompadour. Maybe this big angel Halo. I don't know what that's what. Anyway, there you go. That's what the letter looks like. It's in your calligraphy pages. It's now in your coloring book page. Maybe you've already colored it may be already done. The calligraphy on it if you have good for you if you have good for you. But that just that wraps it up. That's the very last one. All we need to know is, what class does this letter belong to? Hall. Noake Hook. And it is a low class letter. All right, you are ready. Toe. Play the game. You have now been introduced to all the continents and the Thai alphabet. You're way ahead. You are way ahead in the game now. All right. Very cool. 46. Saying the Thai Alphabet: God guy called Cauchy. Cauchy. Why called cone? Call but icon. Ooh, John, John charging. Chong Chang saw so chalked ChR2, Yogis being dot-dot-dot, DAW, but back. Talk time. Tom, ONE TO tall pool tau, non Nain. Bug that got bell tall. Thata Han, tall Tom. Nor knew Bob by my boss. Paul plume. For Paul pon. Fall fun. Paul somehow. Mama. Y'all yuck. Logging. Wall whan saw saw saw Russi saw sue the hall he law Jew law. On hall no. Huike. 47. The GAME Explained: all right. So let me explain to you how the game happens. We've just basically gone. If you've gone through all the lessons you've been through the game, albeit real slowly and me explaining every step of the way. Now what's gonna happen is I'm going to go through that, and I'm just going to give you the name like let's take, for instance, the very first letter of the alphabet Gakkai. I'm going to say God guy, and you print out that game sheet, you'll see that it's cut in four sections. Number one is the high, middle and low class sections, and then there's an area for keeping score, and if you do it in Roman numerals, you can do it pretty quickly. But what's gonna happen is I'm going to say, God guy, you draw it and hopefully you draw in the right class, the right box for that class, right? So that would be a middle class letter so you would draw a got guy in the middle class section. So if you do that, you get one letter for drawing the character the letter correctly and another point for having put it in the right class. So you have a possible of two points per letter. Now, if you do it correctly, put on the wrong class. That's only one point if you didn't draw correctly and didn't put it in the right class. Zero points. Okay. Ah, perfect score is 88 points. That's all there is. I couldn't Couldn't work it out to come up to 100 very easily. But that's okay. Perfect scores. 88 points. Now the class project is this. I want you t. Now this is the honor system, and there's no shame in it taking a couple of times extra for you, but it's good to have goals, so do it as quickly as possible. Play this game over and over and over again until you get your perfect score of 88. And when you get your score of 88 post it to us in the group so that we know how many times it took you. Okay, that's the first section. The first part of the class assignment number two is let us know any tricks that you had to memorize a certain letter, like if you remember correctly. I was telling you that There was one part where I couldn't remember the little doo hickey that went on the bottom. And finally I said, Oh, it's the Jesus fish bump nine And that's how I remember that Jesus fish bump and then nine , even though I had to draw that character backwards, it was It was something in a little demonic thing that I could remember to where I could then draw that that character. So if you have ah ah, a little trick that you did to memorize one or two or 50. Or I guess there's only 44. So if there's Ah trick, you did to one or two or 44 with letters, let us know in the class notes. Okay, awesome. Good. Now let's play the game. 48. The GAME: Here we go. God, Guy Guy is low tone. God Guy Guy means chicken. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready call. Okay. Call Chi Chi Aslo tone chi means egg. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready Call quit. Court is a bottle. This is also one of two letters that are obsolete. You will see them. You will never be called upon to write one. But they may be on old signs or something. This is the letter. This is the class Ready? Call Kwai Flat tone on Quiet. A kwai is a water buffalo. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready? Call Corn Corn is a person. This is also an obsolete letter. Still you need to know it because you may see it. This is the letter. This is the class Ready, Claudia con black lung. It's a bell. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready, Mongu, Flat tone on. Move! Mongu on Mo is a snake. This is the letter. This is the class Ready, John! John! John! John is a plate. This is the letter. This is the class ready Tartine! Ching is low tone cha Ching ching are the little symbols that the girls were When they dance and they make music sometimes musicians use them too. This is the letter. This is the class Ready Chalk Chang'e Chang is high tone. It's an elephant. This is the letter. This is the class Ready? I saw so falling tone on so saw so means chain. This is the letter. This is the class ready charger. Teoh means tree. Try to This is the letter. This is the class ready, Yogi ing, you are being It means woman. Sometimes you'll hear Ah woman called a pool being slightly more formal. This is the letter. This is the class ready? Does China Door Chadha means Ah ceremonial tie headdress. This is the letter. This is the class ready thought. But that is a harpoon is a javelin. It's a goad. It's a spear. It's a sharp pointing stick. This is the letter. This is the time. This is the letter. This is the class ready. Ta Thanh! It's a pedestal or a base. It's a rising tone Thanh This is the letter This is the class ready, Tom On toe off flat tone Tom Oneto It's the queen from legend and from full galore. This is the letter. This is the class Ready. Call pool cow to falling tones in that tall pool towel. Apu Tao is an elder or an old man. This is the letter. This is the class ready. Non name. Non name is flat tone word. It means a novice monk. This is the letter. This is the class already. I thought that the awe that debt is low tone. That means child deck. That means Children. And this is the letter. This is the class ready thought. Dow. How is low tone? Dow means Turtle. This is the letter. This is the class ready Khartoum Talk to Mom means bag means sack. It means, um attache. This is the letter. This is the This is the class ready. Paata Han talk Ta han! Ta Han means soldier. This is the letter. This is the class ready Talk. Tong talked home means flag. This is the letter. This is the class ready? No new, No new rising tone on new means. Mouse, this is the letter. This is the class ready? Well, by my bob by my by my is a leaf. This is the letter. This is the class Ready, Bob La Ball Bligh hit that. BP Really hard means fish. This is the letter. This is the class already. Paul Poon. Paul Poon. A poem is a B. This is the letter. This is the class You ready for far for Fah rising down on that means lead. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready? Pop on Poepon. It means Trey. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready for fun, for fun. Fun is a tooth or its teeth. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready, Paul? Some Pau Paul, Some power. It's a Chinese junk. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready, Mama. More ma. High tone on my means. Horse with a high tone. This is the letter. This is the glass. You ready? You know? Yuck! You're yuck! Means Giant. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready? A lot of that. But all, uh that means boat. This is the letter. This is the class. You ready? Lolling lol ing. Ah Ling is a monkey. This is the letter. This is the class ready Walwyn Wall Lan was a rising tone on when I means ring. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready. So, Saul, uh, so solid. Uh, means pavilion. This is the letter. And this is the class ready, Sato. See, Sato See means guru. Sometimes it means Hermit. This is the letter, and this is the class. You ready? Soft to, uh, sauce. Ooh, uh, tiger, this is the letter, and this is the class. You ready? Ha, He ha heap Lowton on heap. You mean strongbox for treasure chest or pirates chest or, you know, a safe or jewelry box. This is the letter. This is the class. You ready? Lord Julia Lot jeweler is a kite. This is the letter. This is the class. You ready? Oh, Uncle Aw, on low class. On on. It means sink or a basin. This is the letter. This is the class. Ready? Hot. No, Cook haw. Noake Hook high. Turn on Noake and hook is falling down. Haw milk hook. It's an owl. This is the letter, and this is the class. Congratulations. You've done it, my friend. You've done it. So what was your score? Keep track of how many times it takes you doing this game until you get to a perfect score of 88 then in the class notes for participation. A class project is Let us know how many times you did the game before you got a perfect score and what tricks you used. What? No Monix. He used what little memory jogs you used. Like I was telling you, I did the Jesus fish nine backwards. Remember that little thingamabob that went underneath for one letter? And that was my trick. And then also the for non new. Remember, The loops were never on the same side, but for Mama, the the loops must be on the same side. Those are my Those are my three. So if you've got some police shown with the class and thank you so much for doing this, let's do it again until you get it perfect. You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.