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The Success Cycle - How To Fast-Track Your Way To Success

teacher avatar Mike Iser, You can be do or have anything you want!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Success Cycle - REVEALED

    • 3. Ball Rolling - A How To Guide

    • 4. The Goldilocks Rule

    • 5. Stay Limber My Friends

    • 6. How Do You Eat An Elephant? + BONUS

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About This Class

In this class, I'm going to be showing you a blueprint for developing and maintaining positive FORWARD momentum towards your goal, this ultimately will allow you to get what it is you want FASTER and with more ease.

I'll also be showing you how to avoid falling off-track which is what delays or STOPS you from getting what you want it is you want in life.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mike Iser

You can be do or have anything you want!


Hey everyone!

The 3 areas which I am producing videos on are:

Internet Marketing Self Development/Self-Help Weightloss/Muscle Building

I'll be teaching you the success tactics/techniques and principles I have picked up in all of the above fields and sharing it with you throughout the courses I release here on Skillshare.

If you have any questions about my courses, you could leave me a comment in the 'Community' tab of one of my videos :)


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1. Introduction: Is there a goal in your life you'd like to achieve faster? Perhaps a monetary goal, A health or diet related goal? Maybe it's a relationship goal. Whatever it is is where you're at in the achievement of it. Frustrating you. If so, this class is for you. Hi, I'm Mike Kaiser. And in this class, I'm going to show you how to get in and stay in the success cycle. So if you're ready to remove the blocks in your life and experience what it's like to accelerate progress to your goal with each passing day, click on the enroll button below and I'll show you how to get back on track so that once more you could begin. Seem forward momentum towards your goal. Talk to you more soon and I'll see you on the inside. 2. The Success Cycle - REVEALED: everyone, my Kaiser here. And welcome to the success cycle. How to fast track your way to success. Now, what is the success cycle? Well, this is how it goes. First, you have success, right? Say you're trying to do something in your life. Maybe lose weight. You see that you're losing some weight. That's a success, right? That builds confidence. When you lose the weight and you see that you've lost the weight, you get more confident that Yes, this is working. I can lose weight. And when you're confident about what you're trying to accomplish, that leads you to take more action, more activity. Then you're gonna think, Okay, this is working out. I got to keep doing this. I got to keep dieting each day. I got to keep doing what I'm doing cause it's working. You take more action, you get more involved in taking that action, and that leads you to develop certain habits, success habits. And when you're doing these successful habits, that air leak leading you to get these great results. Then again, you get those great results again. It's a cycle it builds on itself. This is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer right now, there is another cycle in addition to this, which I'm sure you found yourself in from time to time. And that is the failure cycle. And now I'm gonna just go over that with you real quick right over here. So when you have a lack of success when you're paying attention to the fact that you're not seeing success, that leads you to having a lack of confidence. You know, this isn't working out the way it's not coming off. What am I doing wrong? You know, you have a lack of confidence, and when you are not confident about what it is you are trying to do, what is that lead to that leads you to take less action If something is not. If you don't feel that you can do something, are you gonna be motivated to do that thing? Are you gonna be motivated to try to figure that thing out? If you feel a lack of confidence about your ability to do that thing in this example that we're talking about losing weight. If you feel that you can't lose weight, you don't know how to do it effectively. You're not very good at staying on your on your diet. You know, you're just not gonna take the action. So and that lack of action leads to fail your habits, right? So, like goofing off, like these guys over here would be equivalent in this example to goofing off on your diet, OK, and then when you goof off on your diet, you see less success. And it's a cycle, the failure cycle. All right, so now that we know both of these cycles the failure cycle and the success cycle, by the way, the success cycle, let's just quickly go back to that. This can also be considered the mo mentum cycle, because when you're in this cycle, you it's a powerful thing. It builds on itself, and you develop forward momentum the longer you stay in this. So what is the secret to getting success? And getting success quickly is to remain in this success cycle. So the question that is, how do you remain in the success cycle? How do you allow this snowball to keep rolling down the hill so that you can propel yourself towards that end goal of yourself for yourself? Faster and that end go. Maybe losing weight. It may be making 5000 month, 10,000 month and maybe monetary in nature, or could be something else learning a certain skill regardless of what it is. I'm gonna be going over with you in the next video how to remain in the success cycle and how to avoid falling into this failure cycle. Right. Okay, so that's coming up in the next slide. Stay tuned. 3. Ball Rolling - A How To Guide: Oh, right. So how do we get the ball rolling in the right direction in a positive direction so that we stand the success cycle and we don't fall into the failure cycle? Well, one way to get out get off on the right foot is to start with some small and easy successes to take note of. So as a guy, I shave every almost every day pretty much every day, shower every day, eat breakfast and drink my morning coffee. So I would like to do is I like to make note of that and check that off to get myself in the mode of tracking and checking things off. As you know, like, I've done something good. Like, I've succeeded in some way by checking these small things off that are going to do. Anyways, it gets you in that mode of Okay, I'm doing things. I'm taking action. I'm moving along. Even if those air small that gets the ball rolling. Now, I also want you to remember that you write the rules for success, so you might as well write the rules. So it's easy for you to win. So what you want what you want to do is with ever whatever goal you have for yourself. You want a small chunk it down into actions which are more readily actionable or complete herbal. Because if you focus for is if you're trying to make 5000 month and if you focus on the 5000 month on dure not you're seeing how each day when you're working towards that, how you don't have it yet you're gonna be focusing on the lack of having that 5000 month. And that may bring you back into the failure cycle over here, right? You don't want to be pulled into the failure cycle. You want toe focus on small tasks that you can complete and that will take you closer to that end goal that you set out for yourself so that you don't end up feeling discouraged. So to that end, here's some examples. Say that you're trying to create a successful blawg for yourself. So instead of just focusing on the $5000 a day every day, you could break it down into these components, which is to listen to 20 minutes of self development audio, and you could do this during your commute to work while you're at the gym while you're folding laundry, and that's to get you in the right mental mind state. That's very key to achieving what you want. You have to be in the right mental mind state. Also, you can take a 25 minute session doing uninterrupted work towards creating content for that website that you're developing, and you could also set a goal of doing a 25 minute session of uninterrupted work towards marketing that website. And if you go day in day out with this schedule, you are progressively moving towards that end goal of having that $5000 a month. But you're breaking it down into smaller bits where you can check these off and see that you're making forward progress and you won't get discouraged in this way because your small chunking it all right so that it's broken down. It's more manageable, and you can experience those victories on a daily basis. Those successes on a daily basis that is key because the more successes you have, let's go right back over here. The more successes you have, the more confidence you get when you get more confident. You take more action, You take more action, you develop more positive habits. You want to stay in this cycle. So the thing is to just break down your successes into the smallest portion so that it's easy to get that success easy to get that hit right. That's the most important thing. So that you stand this cycle now was fast forward a bit. All right, so one place that I like to keep track of all this stuff is at this website week plan dot net. I'm gonna shift over to it. Oh, by the way, before I go there, I wanna say one more thing. It's important that when you're scheduling these goals that you schedule between 3 to 6 big goals each day. So I'm not including, like the shower and eat breakfast as the big goals and including these things here. These three goals, for example, would be the big goals. You want to have at least 33 to 6 of them, right? And if you take action, and by the way, let me just go back over to the week plan dot net website so that you could see what I'm talking about here. Uh, this is while I'm logged into the week plan website. You have to sign up for it, but it's basically, um, week plan dot net. And once you log in, you can keep track of all these things. So, for instance, for today, let's just say market website online 25 minutes. So say we said, that is a task with this. You could easily keep track of everything that you're doing, and you could check these things off. Like if I click this and I click the check box, you hear a little ding, and that's very like it gives you a sense of satisfaction. Is very pub Pavlovian. I believe it is, You know, the Pavlovian dog that heard the ding of the bell and started salivating. Um, anyways, bottom line is it's a cool tool to use to keep track of everything and make you feel good when you complete your daily, you know, objectives because you hear that nice little ding at the end. It's not necessary that use. This is just a tool that I thought I'd share with you. That's helped me out. All right, so that will wrap it up for this slide. I've got a lot more to talk about for you to have the success that I've Bean mentioning, like if you want to stay in the success cycle, there are a couple more things that you need to know. Stay tuned for those next slides. 4. The Goldilocks Rule: now, each day when you're setting your goals, you're gonna want to make sure that those goals are in the sweet spot for you. And what do I mean by that? Well, said Goldilocks, Rule. Not too easy, not too hard. So for those 3 to 6 main daily goals you set out to achieve each day, they shouldn't be too hard. They shouldn't be too easy. If it's too easy for you to win free to achieve that thing, you're gonna lose your excitement and your motivation. Now I'm not talking about those things like shaving and eating breakfast, because obviously, those air ridiculously easy. I'm talking about the main goals, right? And also, if it's too hard, the main goal for you to win. You're also gonna lose your excitement and motivation. So if you're saying, for instance, if you're focusing on doing I don't know ah, weeks worth of work in one day that's like a nun attainable goals. If you set out to do a certain amount of work like, say, you want to create your website, say that's the goal you put out right? But you're brand new to creating websites, so it's not exactly going to be something that's gonna be done in one day for you in that situation, right? So in that situation you want to make it not too hard, but also not too easy so that you could do something instead like say, OK, today I'm going to register the domain. And maybe that's one thing that it as a newbie might take you 20 minutes or 25 minutes. So that could just be one main goal. If you're new to that right in the Web creation example, right website creation example. So that's it for this basic idea. Here is to just stay in the sweet spot with regards to what you're going after with your daily goals, make sure it's not too hard, not too easy. 5. Stay Limber My Friends: one last thing which is pretty important, is to always stretch yourself, because if you do something long enough, it's going to start becoming easy, is going to start becoming monotonous and you don't want that. You don't want to get complacent, right? So this is the last critical component that if you master in combination with everything else that we've explained above, it's gonna allow you to achieve anything that you set out to achieve. It's the whole idea of pushing your boundaries right. Once you're feeling comfortable with your routine, expand your reach. Expect more from yourself. Set higher goals, stretch your responsibilities and stretch your dele expectations. If you make that a point each day, day in, day out that you're always taking note. Am I getting comfortable now? Is this a little bit too easy for me now? Am I easily able to do this schedule that I set out for myself? If so, then okay. Instead of spending 25 minutes marketing this website, I'll spend one hour marketing the website or all market too. Two different places they call not only market here on market there as well. Facebook ads and, uh, YouTube ads you know what have you whatever. Whatever it is that you're working on, whether you're working on building a business, whether you're doing a diet, whether you're learning a talent, what have you stretch yourself? 6. How Do You Eat An Elephant? + BONUS: Let's do a quick recap on what we've learned the success cycle. When you pay attention to your successes, it leads to you being confident and when you're confident, that leads you to taking action, taking, taking part in activity and that activity leads to success habits being developed and those habits lead to more success. It is a cycle I was going to say, vicious cycle, but it's not vicious. But this is vicious. The failure cycle. When you pay attention to the lack of success, that leads to a lack of confidence. And when you're feeling a lack of confidence, you'll that leads to a lack of activity. Lack of taking action and lack of taking action leads to failure habits, and those failure habits lead tomb or lack of success. It is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. All right, So, by the way, if you enjoy this course, you know there's a thumbs up thing that will pop up in the top right corner. It would help out a lot if you click that not necessary, but much appreciate it. If you do so now, continuing on you, write the rules for success. So with that understanding, you might as well write the rules. So it's easy for you to win small chunk your gold down into daily tasks, which are more readily actionable or complete herbal. The reason I got this elephant here is because it comes down to the whole idea of how I don't have you ever heard this? But how do you eat an elephant? Just think about it for a while. Well, this kind of hints at the answer. One bite at a time, right? So whenever you're wondering about how to approach whatever it is you're trying to do in life, like whether it's lose weight, whether it's make money online, whether it's what have you small chunk it, think about the elephant and make sure that the goals you said they're not too easy and they're not too hard. You gotta find the sweet spot. And if you start feeling too comfortable with your daily routine, expand your reach and stretch yourself, so let's get the ball rolling now. So in the project, work space below share one or two daily targets in your sweet spot in your life, right? Think of some I Some things that you want to get done on a day to day basis. And if those think about those things that will leave you feeling good and positive Ford momentum towards what it is that you're going after If you were to achieve those things day in and day out. All right, so I'll give you a moment to think about that. And, uh, let me just go over to my channel over here. What I'm gonna do is, if you're a free member as a thank you for taking action on the project, I will give you a premium link to one of my courses over here. If you want to get a premium linked to this course, uh, let me know it. Once you create the project, create the project and let me know which one. Also that you want. I'll give you either this one or why people, why most people feel I'll give you the entire series of this or how to double your productivity. I'll give you parts one through six. Now it has to be either 11 or the other, like not all three. Right? So, um, if you complete the project and you're free member. That will be a thank you for taking action on the project and for everyone else who is a premium member. Uh, you're gonna want to check out why most people feel and how to double your productivity as thes work. These mesh well with the current class. All right, so that'll wrap it up here. Hope you guys enjoyed, and I'll see you in the next class.