The Stylistic Series 2: Create and Recreate Ghost Signs | Sara Harmon | Skillshare

The Stylistic Series 2: Create and Recreate Ghost Signs

Sara Harmon, Art Plus History Equals Me.

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11 Videos (1h 14m)
    • The Introduction

    • What You Will Need

    • PART ONE: Peek into the Ghostly Past

    • PART ONE: References and Sketches

    • PART ONE: Creating McGonagle's Monocles

    • PART TWO: A Treasure Hunt!

    • PART TWO: Southwest Cracker Co.

    • PART TWO: Recreating the Gold Medal Soda Crackers

    • PART TWO: You've Got Options

    • The Ghost Sign Presentation

    • Preservation or Restoration?


About This Class

Right before the 20th century, advertisers used to promote their product by painting their ads on buildings, barns and other structures. Some of these signs still exist, though many are just barely visible…hence the “ghost” in ghost sign. In this 2nd installment of the Stylistic Series, we will create our very own ghost sign and recreate an existing one. I will be using both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, so a knowledge of both programs is appreciated.

So if the meshing of history and art strike your fancy, let’s get started!





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Sara Harmon

Art Plus History Equals Me.

I'm an illustrating, camera operating, comedy writing tap dancer. Oftentimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era...

As for my experience as a graphic designer/illustrator, I am self-taught. I have created book covers, posters, banners, t-shirts, etc. for various clients as well as personal projects.

I really enjoy meshing art, history and humor to my work. I am happy that I can create classes that reflect my personality but also help teach others how to create fun digi...

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