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The Step by Step Beginner's Guide to Profitable Facebook Advertising

John Mulry, Marketing and Advertising Courses That Get RESULTS

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69 Videos (3h 49m)
    • Profitable Facebook Advertising - Promotional Video

    • M1L1 - Introduction to Profitable Facebook Advertising

    • M1L2 - The GOAL of this course

    • M1L3 - What you're going to discover

    • M1L4 - Who the hell am I anyway?

    • M1L5 - Notes, handouts and more...

    • M2 - Your MASSIVE Opportunity

    • M3 - Your Advertising Battle Plan

    • M4L1 - The Facebook Foundation - Intro

    • M4L2 - Your Facebook Account

    • M4L3 - Your Facebook Page

    • M4L4 - Your Facebook Pixel

    • M4L5a - Your Facebook Audiences

    • M4L5b - Creating Your Audiences

    • M4L5c - Creating a Custom Audience

    • M4L6 - Facebook Advertising Policies

    • M4L7 - Using Facebook Bookmarks

    • M4L8 - Boosting, Ads Manager & Power Editor

    • M4L9 - Objectives, Ad Types and Placements

    • M5L1 - What to know and do before

    • M5L2 - Know your target market

    • M5L3 - Facebook Audience Insights

    • M5L4 - Splitting Your Market Into...

    • M6L1 - 5x3 Framework Overview

    • M6L2 - Facebook Advertising Objectives

    • M6L3 - The 5x3 Framework Deep Dive

    • M7L1 - Creating a Winning Campaign

    • M7L2 - Creating The Perfect Ad

    • M7L3 - Choosing Your IDEAL Audience

    • M7L4 - Proper and Profitable Placements

    • M7L5 - Facebook Campaign Budgeting

    • M7L6 - Crafting Compelling Copy

    • M7L7 - Profitable Facebook Ad Images

    • M7L8 - Facebook Campaign Publishing

    • M7L9 - 5x3 Facebook Framework Publishing

    • M8L1 - Secret Sauce #1 - Profit Pullers

    • M8L2 - ALSO Hyper Targeting

    • M8L3 - HAPPY Hyper Targeting

    • M8L4 - BUYERS Hyper Targeting

    • M8L4 - CUSTOM Hyper Targeting

    • M9L1 - Secret Sauce #2 - Conversion Boosters

    • M9L2 - Advanced Facebook Audiences

    • M9L3 - Facebook Retargeting

    • M10L1 - Secret Sauce #3 - The Hidden Profits

    • M10L2 - 14 Money Metrics

    • M10L3 - How to test campaign elements

    • M10L4 - Facebook Campaign Tracking Spreadsheet

    • M11 - Frequently Asked FB AD Questions

    • M11L1 - How much should you spend?

    • M11L2 - Why is ad being disapproved?

    • M11L3 - Can you con/beat the system?

    • M11L4 - Where is my Facebook pixel?

    • M11L5 - Where do I put my pixel?

    • M11L6 - Ads Manager or Power Editor?

    • M11L7 - How does billing work?

    • M11L8 - Advertising through personal account?

    • M11L9 - Facebook has released an update - now what?

    • M11L10 - Is my CPC too high?

    • M11L11 - Where do I send people?

    • M11L12 - How do I tweak my ad?

    • M12L1 - Real World Case Studies

    • M12L2 - Over 3,000 leads in 21 days

    • M12L3 - 3,337 Clicks for less than $100

    • M13L1 - Advertising Tools and Resources

    • M13L2 - Facebook Campaign Tools

    • M13L3 - Course Tools / Cheat Sheets

    • M13L4 - Other Recommended Tools

    • M13L5 - More From Me :)

    • M14 - Course Summary and Next Steps

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About This Class


The ultimate course and guide to finding, attracting, engaging and converting your IDEAL customers with Facebook Advertising.

What will I Learn in this Facebook Advertising Course?

  • How Facebook Advertising can be a profit driver for your business
  • How to set up your Facebook Advertising Campaigns to be successful
  • How to structure your campaigns and ads.
  • How to choose the right objectives and placements for your business.
  • How to get hyper-targeted and find your ideal customers using Facebook
  • How to craft the perfect ad using compelling copy and attention-grabbing images.
  • Three powerful Facebook Advertising secrets 95% of Facebook Advertisers don’t know.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers on Facebook Advertising
  • Real World Case Studies of Profitable Campaigns.
  • Downloadable templates, resources, and checklists to make implementation quick and easy.
  • Bonus: Facebook Foundation Advertising Crash Course for Total Newbies.


Who this is Facebook Advertising Course for?

For small business owners, online marketers, coaches, and consultants looking to learn how to find, attract and convert their IDEAL clients and advertise on Facebook profitably. This is for people who have tried Facebook Advertising with varying degree of results or have tried out other courses and felt that they had no clear structure, had no new information or actionable advice.

Who this is not for?

This advertising course is not for people looking to find out how to create a Facebook page or those looking to get leads and sales for free. This is a course on using paid advertising on Facebook. This course is not for those who aren’t prepared to invest time and money in themselves and is not for those who expect things for nothing.


You will need a Facebook page, a website and ideally, you have a product/service or offer you are promoting.

Course Description:

If you’re not happy with your Facebook Advertising results or you want a way to learn how to find, attract and convert your most ideal clients and customers through Facebook Advertising then this online course is for you.

It’s no secret.

Facebook isn’t a social media platform.

It’s an advertising platform.

One that makes it easy for you to get in front of your target audience.

Which is good news if you’re a business owner…

Facebook Advertising allows you to pretty much find anyone and any target market you can think of.

For example:

  • You run a local coffee shop you can target people in your area who have an interest in coffee.
  • If you sell iPhone covers and accessories online you can target iPhone users
  • You sell dog toys you can target people who have dogs.
  • If you sell information products online you can target various affinity interests related to your product/service.
  • If you run an online eCommerce website you can target people who are interested in your products.
  • If you’re a coach or consultant you can new potential customers online with Facebook Ads.

And on and so forth…

So yes Facebook Advertising is definitely something you want to consider as part of your quest to attract more website visitors, to generate leads and get your business in front of your target audience.

In saying that, Facebook Advertising as great as it is can be quite daunting, confusing and downright expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

This is where the Buyers Guide to Facebook Advertising comes in.

Inside this online advertising course, I break Facebook Advertising down to a science – and dispel some of the myths and misconceptions of Facebook Advertising while also giving you the framework to create winning ads and winning campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Welcome to the course
  • What this course is about
  • Who this course is for
  • Who this course is not for
  • A little about me
  • Note on the handouts, checklists and bonus downloads.

Module 2: AAA Advertising At Your Fingertips

  • Why Facebook
  • Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Massive Opportunity to Reach Your Most IDEAL Prospects
  • Imagine How Your Life can Change By Learning How to Advertise On Facebook
  • Generate Leads at Will For Your Business

Module 3: Profitable Facebook Advertising Battle Plan

  • The Facebook Foundation
  • Your Advertising Battle Plan
    • Campaign Structure
    • Advertising Objectives – Choosing The Right Objective
    • Proper Placement – Knowing Where to Put Your Ad is Key
    • Art of Attraction – Getting Hyper Targeted to Your Audience
    • Crafting Copy – The Money is in the Message
    • Profitable Pictures: Creating an Attention-Grabbing Compelling Image
  • Secret Sauce to Your Campaigns
  • Case Studies
  • Resources

Module 4: The Facebook Foundation

  • Your Facebook Account
  • Your Facebook Page
  • Your Facebook Pixel
  • Your Facebook Audiences
  • Facebook Terms Of Service
  • Facebook Bookmarks
  • Boosting, Ads Manager and Power Editor
  • Objectives, Ad Types, and Placements

Module 5: What to Know And Do Before You Create Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

  • The Winning Facebook Framework: How to SETUP For a Profitable Campaign
    • Know Your Target Market
    • Facebook Audience Insights
    • Split It Into Sub Markets

Module 6: The 5X3 Facebook Advertising Framework

  • Know Your Outcome: How to Choose The Right Objective For Your Campaign
  • 5 x 3 Method For A Winning Campaign

Module 7: Creating The Perfect Facebook Ad

  • Choosing Your Audience: How to get hyper-targeted with your target audience
  • Proper Placement: How to Choose Where To Show Your Ad
  • Crafting Copy – The Money is in the message
    • Highly recommend you do a copywriting course or at least read my book The Truth!
    • Facebook is a Social Media
    • Copy will be specific to each ad type and placement.
  • Profitable Pictures: How to Create an Attention-Grabbing Compelling Image
  • Publishing Your Campaign

Module 8: Secret Sauce 1: Profit Pullers

  • ALSO Hyper-Targeting
  • HAPPY Hyper-Targeting
  • BUYERS Hyper-Targeting
  • CUSTOM Hyper-Targeting

Module 9: Secret Sauce 2: Conversion Boosters

  • Conversion Pixel Intro
  • Intro to Conversion Boosters
  • Conversion Boosters Example

Module 10: Secret Sauce 3: The Hidden Profit Driver

  • Intro to The Hidden Profit Driver
  • What is The Hidden Profit Driver
  • How to Implement the Hidden Profit Driver
  • Advanced Strategies

Module 11: FAFAQ - Frequently Asked Facebook Advertising Questions

  1. How much should I spend / budgeting
  2. Why is my ad being disapproved
  3. Can I con the system
  4. Where do I find my Facebook Pixel
  5. Where do I put my Facebook Pixel
  6. Do I use the Ads Manager or The Power Editor
  7. How does the billing work?
  8. Am I advertising through my personal page or fan page?
  9. Facebook has updated their interface – what do I do now?
  10. My cost per click is too high?
  11. Where do I send people to?
  12. I want to tweak my ad – what should I do?

Module 12: Real World Case Studies

  • Lead Generation - 7,476 clicks and 3,300 leads in 21 days
  • Website Traffic – 2,547 clicks for less than $100

Module 13: Facebook Tools and Resources

Module 14: Course Summary





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