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The Step-By-Step Personal Branding Course

SAM Winsbury, Personal Branding and Marketing

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28 Lessons (1h 60m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Psychology Behind a Personal Brand

    • 3. Finding Your Niche 1

    • 4. Finding Your Niche 2

    • 5. Finding Your Niche 3

    • 6. Detective Deep Dive

    • 7. Perfect Profile Set Up 1

    • 8. Perfect Profile Set Up 2

    • 9. Perfect Profile Set Up 3

    • 10. Visual Branding

    • 11. Reverse Engineering

    • 12. A* Content 1

    • 13. A* Content 2

    • 14. A* Content 3

    • 15. A* Content 4

    • 16. Building Your Audience 1

    • 17. Building Your Audience 2

    • 18. Building Your Audience 3

    • 19. BuildingYourAudience4

    • 20. Building Your Audience 5

    • 21. Building Your Audience 6

    • 22. Building Your Audience 7

    • 23. Building Your Audience 8

    • 24. Building Your Audience 9

    • 25. The Home Groud Strategy

    • 26. Guest Apps

    • 27. Reviews and Testimonials

    • 28. Course Summary


About This Class

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner struggling to position yourself as an authority in your niche? It's affecting your ability to generate clients and income? 

This course helps with just that, taking you through the steps of finding your niche, understanding them, and producing content that they love. You'll learn how to build an engaged audience and optimize your profiles and strategy to turn them into paying clients.

WHY ?! Because you've tried cold-calling, referrals, email lists and desperately hoping, but none of these convince clients of your expertise consistently. You hate selling and people hate being sold to... Your personal brand can make the decision for your client without any pitching or selling.

HOW ?! Through strategic content strategies, profile optimization and visual branding, all rooted in human psychology. You'll become an industry leader on LinkedIn, speaking at events, appearing on podcasts, featuring in blogs and ultimately raking in the clients.

Let's face it, we all have a personal brand, whether we like it or not. It follows you around through personal interaction, social media and LinkedIn. It's impossible to hide...

But it's also your greatest asset.

I didn't truly realise the power of personal branding until business owners, start-up founders and CEO's started reaching out to me on LinkedIn.

My personal brand was bringing me interested leads without any outreach...

If your struggling to make an impact on your target audience or want to diversify your cash flow with greater business opportunities, this course is for you.


1. Introduction to the Course: welcome to the step by step guide to going a profitable personal brand course here on skill share. I just want to take a quick couple of minutes to introduce you to the port. Explain the background person branding on what we're going to achieving with the course. So, firstly, what even is the personal brand? Now, some of you may be coming to this course with a clear idea of what your personal brand is. Maybe you know what a personal brand has been done now to achieve it. Maybe you have no idea what it is. So a personal brand put simply his perception, your network of connections followers your audience have of you. Do they see you as an authority figure on expert on industry leader and innovator? Are you known lights and trusted? And this is important because we all have a personal brand. Whether we like it or not, people are always going to see us in a certain way. We can't control, but what we can control is how they perceive us. Now I want it to be clear from the start, this course that a powerful personal brand doesn't have to be a Big one. A small personal brand can be really, really powerful. And that's what will people power and profit not size? And this is gonna require consistent hard work? Not something I really wanted to get out there, right? Start, because this is not a get rich overnight stress. She This requires a lot of what, and if you're not up for that, now is the time to leave the course. So when you think personal brands, maybe you think, gave a nature Neil Patel Tyler. Whether or not you agree with some of the things these people say, it's undeniable that I have powerful class no brands. So with the course, what we want to do is answer some questions like a company should hire me of someone else because maybe you're looking for clients or looking to land a job wash the company invested money in your time and knowledge. Make it easy towards these questions. Some questions that you might have about Pastor Brent do any tough previous experience. No, you could build a personal brand for square, and in fact I would encourage you to do so. Do we need lots of money to put past brand. No, you can build a personal brand with very little, even zero cost. Does it really work? Well, think about the power that people like Gary manage a new hotel. Tyler. If they sold, let's say Social Media Course with the brands they have on you saw upon yourself with no ground. Think about what people rituals. Probably one or two people would do. You, of course. It's free at this stage with no personal brand. People pay thousands for this. Will it work in the long now? One thing these sorts of people talk about a lot when it comes supposed to branding is that in the future, personal branding will be all there is to distinguishing different ultras businesses. Technology is facilitating entrepreneurship on online businesses. Anyone can do it. So why you? Why should someone pick your cooks? Your says it. Your coaching of a someone else's? Do you need to be? Attack was not at all. It's really, really simple. Why build a personal brand anyway? Well, there are a number freezes. Sorry, it services. People are more likely to buy. You pay for something So by an industry leading expert, right? Who so products whether they're yours all. No personal brand mixed standing far easier water Land your dream job Everyone hands in receiving completes an interview in the hiring process. So why not distinguish yourself in another way? Personal running could show your dream employer of your expertise outside of the application process, which, if you agree with me, is far more convincing. So what is the course? What is it we're not teaching you to Instagram influences? There's no we're teaching to come. Business orientated, personal brown. This is for digital entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, anyone else looking to level up their professional career. One of their qualms of successful brand. It's gonna take consistent Harbach new teeth, passionate about do gonna be distinct from a desire to have money. You need clarity and direction. You need an end goal in mind, and this is something I want you to bear in mind throughout the course, you need expert expertise on you need authenticity. You're not genuine about what to do. If you're just feeding your audience lives, it will show some things to bear in mind. What's your mission? Who do you want to help? What do you want to be known for what? Your values. What do you want? Your brand personality to pay bad these things in mind. As we work through the course in terms of the structure of this course, we're going to be going through beginner. It's immediate and advanced levels. So where they are completely new to this, you know a bit about it or looking toe just up the past, my brown that you already have. We're gonna have content for you. We're gonna take you through this job. No, but you models at continuously. I'm always gonna be working on this course to bring you guys better lessons, better content, the lesson of the get brief where possible. If there's a quite complicated topic, I'll try and break it down into more simple, manageable, digestible chunks. And for the But in terms of the best use of this course, I think you should watch it through once a way to grasp the concept and then come back and use as a reference point as you're building a person brat. You know, watch a lesson completely. Steps watch the next want complete. Accepts, etcetera. I was going to be actual steps throughout. I know This is so so important for a course. You don't want all these lessons without knowing how to implement it. So I'm going to root, providing you actionable steps to achieve your personal brown the content. Now, we're in the introduction. After this, we're going to look at some of the science behind creating personal brand the psychology. Ultimately, we're building our brand in front of humans, so we need to know how to engage them. But I'm gonna find your niche before taking detective deep dive into what's working in your industry. Now, this is really the fast tractors. Except after that, we'll be setting up your record. Okay? Who are engaging in some visual? Brandon, we really want to send out a clear lesson up into visual branding. Would then be reverse engineering your strategy. So finding out where you want to be in six months time, one year, five years, 10 years time, we're gonna be developing a stress deform. But I'm gonna look at some a star content. How do you produce content your audience a lot. How do you feel your orders. How do you bring the audience from elsewhere on? One needs that location that you can shop. That's the home ground stressed. Next, we're gonna talk about getting reviews and testimonies, which are really the key to voting a super ground. We'll talk about some guest appearances and soon we'll be talking about websites funnels in my campaigns and paid outs. Now, the last thing for you to do before we get into the course is to join the personal branding group on Facebook. Now, this is a group where you can get access to resource Is 24 7 access to me. You can ask anything you like you can engage with and collaborate. Other people have been on this course Now one important thing is that this group is only for people have done this course. So when I asked you for the coat when you try to gain entry to the group, unity is a code T B one night. Okay, You don't use that. You won't get it. It's a very special group. So I just wanted to be People have done this course 2. Psychology Behind a Personal Brand: So in the first lesson of this course, we're gonna be talking about the psychology point personal crap, because there really is a science. That's what kind of a day now Social Proof is one of the psychological principles that is ghost drug, your personal brand the most. No, the best way to explain this is toe. Think of a restaurant the restaurant can do all the advertising in the promotional work and the branding it likes. It can give you an amazing offer. Show you it's amazing food. But if all your friends are saying are that restaurants food was actually rubbish, didn't enjoy, not ground. So you're not gonna buy. On the other hand, if it's just a quaint little restaurant with no budget, that doesn't do any sort of appetizing. But all your friends are raving about it. You're going to go. So social proof is this idea that what other people are saying about your brand is more powerful than anything you could possibly say. So how do we built this? Through reviews and testimonials through any awards, you achieve results, referrals, recommendations, any press or features you hot. I put this first on our list of psychological principles because it really is number one. What other people say about your personal brand defines it more than what you say. Second authority hydra. Now when we're just starting voting possible, brother, we might not have the credentials or the experience or the results to really leverage, opportunity and rich as many audience members as we can. But we can do this thing called authority Hydra. Whilst we might not have authority ourselves, we can associate with people in our industry that do have authority. You can live, return at work, leverage their authority. So can you collaborate? Maybe with some already existing powerful personal brands. One trick you could use is to say my mental told me or my associate totally all right, because this gives people the idea that you know your associative with these big times, and that puts you in a similar position to that in their minds. But the mere exposure effect now this is rooted in a study where bunch of cycle just asked for women to attend a very number of lectures at a university. They didn't interact with anyone. They didn't speak to anyone. They just sat watch the lectures are left at the end of the term, they surveyed the students to ask which of the faces the women attending lectures they like most. It turned out that the woman who attended the most lectures was like the most about stupid . So who intended the least was like the least on this? Because familiarity breeds liking. If you show up regularly and consistently, you're gonna be like more. You're gonna be more memorable. So one key thing to do is make sure you're consistent with the content you're putting out there with your engagement with her outreach. Be consistent. Keep getting in front of the same people. That community. Now this is rooted in social identification theory, which is a theory by the psychologists Tasha Henry Taj. Well, now what social identification theory states is that people want to belong to groups is part of our human nature. We love belongs groups. We get boosted self esteem from the people in in the group's. If those people do well, we feel good about it because we are part of the group. Think about a football team or a sports team you associate with that sport stick and allow the supporters of that team, our community. When the team does well, you feel good. So when you have a community, there's a real emotional investment in it. It's far more than the sort of rational investment you might get. If you don't have a community, think about after users. Jim Shot wears with style, but clotted drinkers there all the communities are emotionally invested in the brand now industry leading status. What is this? You want to be seen as one of the top figures in your nish? You want to be seen as an innovator. So to do this you to acknowledge that others don't you need to have a skill. How you gonna achieve this? It comes to experience. It comes to learning from studying the best. Lastly story, time y story setting so important because stories are more memorable of facts. No. If I told your story and I'm going to do this exercise with you later on, you remember it more than a simple fact. Right? Stories elicit emotions from the generator. Poor people can resonate to your story if you're not only telling stories within the content you publish, but also telling your personal story how you got to where you are, Why you do what you do. People are gonna be able to resident on that generates report. And that's one of the most important things in building a brand and helping to build your community. So in summary, we need to be an industry leading spot. We need stuff, stories. We need to be a social proof. We need to be consistent in being in front of our audience that screens we need to create community. I would need to use authority. And why do we do this? Because once your audience by interview, they will buy from you. So what's next finding your knish? 3. Finding Your Niche 1: so welcome to the first lesson in finding our niche in this lesson. Really going to simply look at water needs actually is and why you need to get out. So what is an issue? Garnish is a specific group of people or audience or community within an industry. Spanish is not an industry. An industry is more general unleash. Its more specific. For example, fitness is an industry unleash. Within the fitness industry might be muscle breakfast, renters or weight loss of new mothers. They are niches within the industry of fitness. Similarly, marketing is an industry, whereas face workouts for car practice niche within industry. It's important to niche down because if you're focusing on a whole new street, it's likely that you're not going to be specific. I'm rather than serving everyone in the industry you're going to be serving, no one gets specific. You're more likely to help people. If you can be really specific about content you get. It shows that you're putting a lot of this effort in for one group of people on that group of people be so invested in you. If it's just general information, people aren't gonna be is invested in what you're doing. As the saying goes, The riches Aaron. The nature's American phrasing of niches. But the same still sounds right. If you really want to be successful, Got in East out. Remember, audience size is not everything. If you have a product for everyone, you actually have a product that no one get really, really specific. Up next, we're going to talk about choosing unique. 4. Finding Your Niche 2: in this lesson finally on issue we're going talking about which you should conquer, which is the right needs for you. No. Maybe you think you've already got an idea which you're perfectly I'd actually advised to stick around this lesson because maybe you can transition to into a niche which is more suited for his more opportunity, where you can conquer about. Maybe you have no idea what you're niches that took great stick around. So there are three things you need to consider deciding on your knees. And these are three things I think work best for the ones I used for a lot of waste of silent image. But I think this is the best one. Consider your passion. What are you passionate about? What you enjoy doing? What do you love? If you're not passionate about this, you're not gonna stick around. You're not gonna persist with it. This requires consistency. There is so important. The desire for money is not enough. You need to love what you're doing. Second assets. What do you already have? This could be previous experience, connections, maybe a location. If you're situated right next to Jim. Personal training. Mark Big great needs to utilize. Imagine you were given a choice between climbing. Amounted on running a marathon uneasily or two natures, but you've already built an escalator up. Amounted. Not using your efforts be like choosing to run a marathon, even though you're already halfway there with an escalated going mounted. Lastly, consider opportunity. What spaces that growth within knew she'd chosen. Are you going to grow a little bit and then plateau? Where you gonna go continuously over a long period of time? That's what were the people. Make sure there's actually an opportunity to grow and sustain a business In that mission, There's some things I want you to consider when choosing a knish. Choosing your Brand X trusted. What do you stand for? What do your values? What makes you unique? Is your niche going to resonate with these things? Lastly, what? You should be the first. There's an amazing book called Positioning but our Rising Jack drop. But I talked about the importance of being the first within a knish. It's so powerful to be the 1st 1 to do something. They even say that if you can't be the first in one mission, find something else to be the first time with your first in a specific location. The first with that specific stress to the first to work with a specific kleintop. Make sure your first something within your niche. So some actually steps. I want you to write down attention nations you're considering next. Consider the opportunities each gets. Write down your passions and asset. Once you got over that down, you need to decide linage effect on the opportunities you have the passions and your assets . The next lesson in kind English is your niche research. Now I think this is one of most important lessons in the whole course, so make sure you have really focus for it. You're taking that because if you don't implement this, everything else you're doing could go toe waste. It's so, so important. 5. Finding Your Niche 3: Hi, guys. Welcome to the third and final lesson in the final garnish module off this personal branding course. Now, as I said in the last lesson, this is one of the most important states we do. And if you're not gonna listen, take notes and implement, I think we talked about in this lesson, there's probably not much point watching the rest of the course, right? It's so, so important. You listen carefully and implement this kind of stuff. We're gonna be talking about niece research. As you can see, it is the most important part of any grand strategy. Now, you're going to be investing a lot of your time and maybe some money into this. You want to make sure you're getting it right. Just because you think an idea is good or you think you know your audience doesn't mean you do. You wouldn't picture service to a business if you have no idea what the business did, would you? If you didn't know what its goals? What kind of words would persuade the owners what they were interested in as a business? It's actually disrespectful, I think, to try and build a brand around on orders that you know nothing about. If you skip the research, it could be like presenting a crypto investment strategy to a bunch of school Children. There's not gonna be focused on you for very long, are they? So what's the purpose for research? It's to validate your idea to make sure it's good to make sure there's opportunity there to clarify your goals and provide direction. Extreme clarity, grades, extreme success. You want to be clear on why you go and research helps you do this. I understand your audience. I've put this in ball because it's probably the biggest part. And this part gonna talk about in the next life. You want to be able to resonate, build report to serve your audience best. If you don't know that pain points that problems and where they want to be, how are you going to do this? You gotta be more memorable. Sell more easily because you'll resolutely words. You have a poor with them. Don't like you more. You're going to save time because although you're still going to have to do some testing with content, you're gonna save so much about right loads of it's already go be done because you will know what you already. It's locked, you know, to spend six months figuring that out through constantly putting out lows. And those continents not getting any traction because of that is gonna fast track your journey to success. So ask yourself, Well, your audiences problems. What do they want emotionally? Not just rationing. Think about a rational desire like more clients and then also. So why do they want get emotional about it? Why they want more clients so that have a steady stream of income. Why do they want to be financially free? Why, so they can spend more time with their families with their Children? That's the emotional why, underneath a rational one, how they speak. What's that coach like more They interested in who they were. You follow intensely what other people are there in the game. But there for maybe there's another personal brand that you can take aspects up and use yourself. Are they risk of us or promotion? Focus. Now, this idea actually comes from another amazing, but but I recommend you all read. It's called Marketing to Mind Steps by William Leech. Our link it in the notes to this lesson. But what this idea is is finding out whether the audience responds best to threats, their current state or opportunities to be hot. Would they respond better to? If you don't do this, this will happen. Or would there is one better to. If you do this, this will happen. Once you know these things, you have a far better picture of what's going to work for your audience. One way to do it is run through avatars or a day in the life of your perfect client. So some action steps creating Avatar, your ideal client, get into much detail about as you can with the questions in the previous slide. What did the girl with bigger school? What do they do currently, where they live? What were their interests with a passion about it? Sexual, etcetera? Speak to some people, if you can, who fit the bill of your perfect client. Note as much detail as possible. If you can't speak to them directly, just study the look that I doing. Look what they're interacting with. Next up, the detective Deep die 6. Detective Deep Dive: in this lesson off this personal branding course here on sculpture. We're talking about the detective deep. Now, this is the smart way to fast track to success with me, taking a dive into what's working for similar personal brands in your niche. Similar nations to see what's worked for them to study their journey from zero to where they are now on by darkness. We're gonna take a lot of guesswork out of building a classmate, Brown. We're gonna make it a lot easier, cheaper and quicker. So what is the deep dark? It's the fastest way to find out what works. What? I studied up personal brands from start to finish. We're gonna answer some of these questions. What were they posting at the start on now? What was working for them? Right. So what did they start posting initially building audience when they had zero. How did they get from 0 to 10 then? How did they get from 10 to 100? Did their content change? Whether posting more What sort stuff? Posting Was there 100 hard today. Take that 100 get it to 1000. How do they get 1000 10,000 or wherever they are now what kind of content we're posting at each stage. What content? Help grow? As I said, we want Study. What got them from 0 to 10 from 10 to 101 100 to 1008. Sexual. What was the most beneficial contact for that growth? Did they have a period of relative stability on their engagement? Etcetera? Did they then have a spike? What kind of contact caused a spike? Did it then plateau again before spiking? Really study? What kind of content group that profiles what topics and types of content performed best? Was there coming thing amongst all that successful contact? Was it focusing on one particular thing? Was it asking certain kind of question with it, asking for engagement? What worked best? What copy worked? What didn't did They have certain headlines that drove a lot of engagement that the headlines cause a spike after plateau? Maybe? Did they have sales messages that didn't receive any support? What copy was used then why didn't it work? Which medium was best? Was their growth quickest on Instagram was fastest on Facebook. Twitter Well, maybe linked in which medium worked best that maybe it's different in each stage of their development may be the start. They were best science crap, but now they're getting the most engagement. Linked it. What helps drive their engagement? Did running competitions or doing free giveaways or asking questions in the Post? Did they help drive and get what was the most effective? How often what it posted once, twice, three times a day, maybe even less than once. Did it change as they grew where they're posting? Maybe a lot of start on, then let's so once they had an established brand, did they have any platform, specific strategies? So was there constant on, say, Instagram, different from that of linked in for the pressing, maybe more videos on instagram, but not so much on like it. We're doing a lot of stories there, so your action steps. I want you to list 10 notable personal crap in your own ish or similar missions. Now make notes on the art and the questions from above. But don't limit yourselves to these questions. Anything you can look down, anything you noticed any common fears. Write it down Now. If you're in the personal branding group, we could on Facebook. You'll see that we've got a template for this. If you're not, I advise you to head over to that group. Link in the comments If you're not already and you need to use the code PV in 19 to get in Andi, you can check out the template there, and it's gonna make your life a lot easier when studying other brands up next. Perfect purple set up. 7. Perfect Profile Set Up 1: What's going on, guys, This is the perfect profile. Set up module off this step by step personal. Brandon course in this lesson were literally just gonna take an introduction into propose. Set up on what you can expect from the next two lessons. So the right profile for you of your knish may be completely different to somebody else's. And that's okay. What matters is what works for you. The exact copy, the images that content etcetera will very on. That's fine. What we want to do is what do you research for my last two lessons to optimize our profiles Accordingly, we're gonna be focusing on B two b business to business purpose rather than business to consumer. No, I use this time because it's convenient and everyone knows what it means. But what I want to stress is that we don't want operate like a B two B company or brand. Would we want to operate are person to person or human to human level. So bear that in mind when optimizing your profile. Now, in this course of their folks on one specific platform, another link to why, Because that's my specialty. We're gonna go through a full linked in proportion, as well as looking briefly at some other social proposed that you might like to choose. So next up, we're gonna look more at linked in profile set up. 8. Perfect Profile Set Up 2: What's up, guys, in this perfect profile, set up, listen or the step by step personal running course we're going to be looking at linked in specifically on our you confess it up your linked in profile for your given niche. So you might be thinking water put so much emphasis on the team while I stressed it so much why I made it the focus of vehicles. Well, because over 500 million users may have a goal of mopping up to three billion, 48 million votes are decision makers at companies. That means that if you're in the B two B space is literally a gold mine of decision makers that you need to be talking to it. Three million of these users get nine billion impressions each week the organic creature imposed. It's just insane at the moment. Think about that three million users getting nine billion impressions. It's mental. It makes over half auto social traffic to be to be websites and blocks by the Hawks. That means that it's literally a gold mine of people wanting to read your content. The time is now just like all social platforms. This organic reach won't last forever, just like Facebook and used to ground these guys get saturated, but you need to be there before it does. The time really is now. So first you're purple. Picture the perfect pictures. The first part of your profile. You see, even if they don't actually visit you profile that's actually invited You should give a good indication of the kind of professional you are and some of the values we hold on the ground. The purple picture should be of you, usually a head shot by shot that shows your face clearly. Try to avoid having anyone else in the picture. Make sure is good quality and she also reflect on day. For example, if you're a digital marks, it shouldn't be you in the June. If you're posting during a horrible, it's probably not going to use his desk. Your cover photo. Now you get pretty curated. Cover fighter. I would recommend shots of you an event if you have one. Maybe speaking on stage or in a working environment, something that builds social proof that has export all over often text or graphic overlays and had a lot to cover photo by get a better indication wouldn't do are making you look creative. You can use a free up like Campbell, for example to desire. Which Lawson tool for editing, including graphics anyone can use. It really is simple. If you don't have a shot like this, Well, it is it relevant. Stopped, right. I could do the job. Another small but very important issue is the dimensions of your company. Make sure 1400 times for 25 pixels. This way it will fit best on the screen on look professional the type r along with you perfectly. The tagline is first thing people see when they come across your part. Fall is your big chance to get people to visit your home ground. So you something that makes you stand out, Give him a reason to visit. Please, please, please do not use a generic on that Nick Tennant Legion specialists has given me, for example, certified hard to get closer. He says all the time. It doesn't distinguish you from everyone else. This technique has been exhausted and no longer makes you look, you need the ideal client will not see anything you. But I haven't seen in 20 other profiles today. Good way to check if you have a generic type, plot this. Search keywords from it. If there are pages upon pages of uses, the same will soon attack, you should rewrite it. Another prime example of this would be tag lines that start with something along the lines off, helping you generate idea plants. Yes, I'm calling them out, but it's just overused, right? Don't be one of those people. Don't be afraid yet. Created some of the best person ground fellow use capital letters hashtags and emerges in the attack to their advantage. What's stopping you from David saying, Do you already know? It might seem crazy to think you know your up could be up to us, but when you set up, make them. It gives you a randomly generated one, which were usually include the name, a series of random letters and numbers that you can remove his captors and personal. Have you like I recommend, changed it to just a link tingling or perhaps with your job title afterwards. For example, my monthly hasty TPS lick $10 about whatever is such Sandlin's berg or slash sound waves break possible bombing. It looks a lot more professional. Make it easy to find, but improving your CEO ranking well, if someone with such your name and your job title be first appear Google site rather than down, you can change it by clicking the edit public profile on your L bottom in the top right hand corner of the screen. You're basically that was pretty intense. So now that I've got out the way, we can look at something a bit less stressful. Your basic imposes the information to the right of your name and tagline. They include your employment status, education, contact, information and connections. If you work for a business register, make them associate yourself with them to get their logo on your rifle. This screams legitimacy. If you own a business and it doesn't have a page, it's worth going to the effort. Creating the same can be said for education. Here's your highest level of education. Associate herself with the institute you do you got? Most institutes will be registered. They shouldn't have a problem finding. I think it goes without saying that your contact information should be up today if they want to contact you outside the purple OK after all, it could be a potential crime, So you want to make sure I have the right means of connecting with you. As for connections, who do you think it's more professional experience? Someone with 63 collectors or someone with 500? Plus? This is just simple social proof. If you have fewer than 500 start reaching out and connecting with members of your image, potential plots and inspiring people. By now, your body is your chance to tell the story in a lot more detail. Until now, we haven't really had the opportunity to expand and tell our story. But in your by you can do that. It was billed report, but giving visitors insight into your background how you got to where you are and where they're so passionate about what you do. Show your values that appeals to your target markets. You want to make him feel is that I get on really well, remember once thereby unti l buy from you, Bob is your big chance to get them to buy into. Once you've gotten to buy into you through your stories, your background and your values, you couldn't move on to the bio forming part off the telling of stories or even Juror explained very clearly what you got and how you can help the 2nd 3 paid gigs. But your frequent in Arlington give them a reason to engage with you. Lastly, it's time to louse. And so it proved. Never license to let on fit, probably without being too self promotional. Give it a subtle flex. He also include some publications that you've been featured in what's more persuasive than our school that forbid written about you. Remember what I said in the first estimate? This course what other people say about you is more powerful than anything you can say about yourself. Maybe you runs input costs or being interviewed on. Do you have any case studies for Eva? Guards, of course, is you get the point, right? Anything that shows you industry leading expert you want in your wire, however, don't over span it. You don't want a lot of your content now. You don't wanna be forcing people down. Sales follows, forcing people into elite magnets. Link also offers you a chance to have links to your by so rather adding 300 where the text simply add links to videos content Oscars that's separate from the platform to wrap your by . Be sure to throwing keywords around your brand. Perhaps, UM, you have seen with other social profiles, or you know that your target audience using this is sure is such engine optimized so that when you're such your name, your job search in Google, you will rank high up page just like you do when you was your euro who experienced education, experience and education sections are another opportunity was a hard core authority. Showcasing include elaborate all the relevant experience and education you have mentioning the skills required, developed and significant achievements. Jury position, even online courses. Year darkness. It'll here, our friends at task. It's a everything if available our company logos to respective experience. It provides reassurance of editors that experience is legitimate. This shows you the kind of things included in your experience that you it's got a clear position talking. It's got a logo. It's got a time. It shows you what would often during the position, just skills, endorsements and recommendations. Now this really is the holy ground social proof. This is where the assistance, See what other people think of you. I'm sure you can imagine the power of these sections. Incredible. If you're stacked with endorsements and recommendations, this just will see you as an expert. Want to learn more from you? You can ask to be endorsed for up to 30 skills. That's 30 opportunities to be good at something a visitor might need. People ask your friends connections on previous college to start in Dorsey. 99% of them were happy, too. So don't worry about getting rejected, especially if you endorse him back. You're getting testimonials from previous clients also to stick into the recommendation Section two. Those will be super powerful. You can see here that I've endorsed heavily three skills that might be really, really important to my target audience. Great, you're now set up That's Connect Elected Army through this link or leave it in the most of this lesson was, well, looking forward to connecting with you. Next up, we're gonna be looking at other social profiles 9. Perfect Profile Set Up 3: What's going on? Guys, Welcome to the third lesson. Immunised perfect profile Set up module off the step by step Personal brand. Of course, in this quick lesson, we're gonna be looking at other sorts of social profiles outside of Lincoln that you might like defects. So you're not thinking which platform is right for me? Well, it'll be different Preferable with the parents on your target audience. If you're working in a niche in the fitness industry, you're always agree. More likely could be Instagram May our victim for us. If you're working in a nation mark, single brand name industry and more likely gonna be able make tick. It depends on the age and the interest. Millennials can't more lucky to be on Instagram and Facebook. They are the ease of access. This is how it is to find groups of people on the platform. For example, if you're targeting new mother's looking to lose weight, it's gonna be difficult to find a more platform of things around. There's not going to be a community off them. They won't be using the hashtag new mother looking to the way, whereas there won't be a group of them on Facebook you can find. Usually on the other hand, if you're talking powerlifters, we'll wait. They would probably be using the sorts of hashtags like power to weight lifting weights that you can find on this crap. Find the audience. Think about how easy it is to access the language platform. Probably think you concerts a job title, find people easily. So if you're looking for a specific position, you can for most people, that the type of conflict gonna publish This goes without saying, Think about YouTube being the best video. Instagram being heavily photo video focused. Is he going? Might be best for creatives. YouTube, as I said for video produces face. He'd like to utilize the power of groups I meet up for offline networking. Some general gardens, it goes on. Every couple have a clear head shots as your profile pictures. People want to move you. Your cover photo make sure hasn't made him, but they're well designed. Show wouldn't do you almost fried social proof on build authority. Use camera to make sure you get right dimensions. Each powerful Facebook groups can be a really powerful tool. We're looking at what your competitors a day of what kind of things? Your time oil is interested. You can also target your audience at maths using Facebook groups in Matt Niche. Well, come on that more later the contact he does You can make sure that upsets that people can contact you if they need to. Otherwise, you're literally leaving clients on the table buyers again. They need to be filled out properly To show that you put the effort in to fully optimize your profile. People want to see professionalism. And if you got a heart that purple not going to be interested in some principles engage with others. It's not all about you. You can't expect people to engage with stuff on the content you're putting out there If you're not engaging with them. If I see you showing a real interest and you're engaging genuine offensively with that content, yeah, give me more inclined to engage with yours is a simple law of reciprocity. You want to give more to take. You should be giving away free gifts. Frequent kept more than you're offering people to buy some people. Sign up Tony Newsletter. Next, we will talk about some visual branding on this section. Really? Send her a message about your brand tells you ordinance what you were like without you say OK, 10. Visual Branding: Hey, guys, welcome up to this visual branding lesson in the step by step personal branding course. Now, as the name suggests in this lesson, we're going to look at how the visual aspects of your brand can portray a specific message or value. Now something, when you think about is what you want your colors, your fonts and graphics to say about your brand. Do you want to betray a particular message, a certain set of values or show off some personality. Always really think deeply about this. I remember throughout the brother to keep these things consistent, because if your colors, fonts and graphics aren't consistent, you're not going to be sending out consistent message to your audience. What's more, if you use the same graphics for its colors every single time, it becomes clear who a piece of content is Problem If people see the same stuff, everything with time and they know it's from you. Next time they see a piece of content with those same graphics, wants colors. I don't know it's from you. So that's the importance of consistency. In terms of colors and faults, colors and folks can mean different things to send off different messages. You really want to think about what cause you're using before you start your brandy. Think about what big branches linked in, for example, uses blue, typically known for it's giving off a reliable personality. Okay, if you used red or orange that light indicate power or boldness, right? I'm not gonna talk you through colors hit. That is an amazing our school. It's link down below to check that out. If you want to find out more in some of the graphics, make sure your profile pictures and cover photos you consistent graphics on all platforms. Make sure video from those have a common theme. They don't have to be exactly the same for each one is good type slight differences, but make sure that all have a common underlying in figure again similar to video from now, I want to be similar as well as asking covers on Instagram story highlights. For example, an easy way you can do this. It's used Camba, which is amazing website and up that makes designing graphics easy. The every day person. You don't have to be amazing graphic design to do it, so check out that if you want some help, always to be unique. Okay, there are many different ways to be unique on these. Some examples that I've seen done really well in the parts. Do you have a particular image? Or, look, for example, your clothing? Does it scream distinct US? Best example. I know this is wanting to know who were the hot never video, and it's not just a cap. It's quite a bold had to work. Hey really starts up. In fact, one of my associates said to me the other day, Do you call it up? Going on inscribed with the hat? But I knew exactly who he met. That's how powerful it could be. Perhaps you could use a particular hashtag or the motive, for example, branding you the hashtag often use, or the brain emerging, which I signed off all my post after my name. If you can, you might want to play on your name or your niche, which is an awesome way to spread your name. What's getting that consistency? What this does is it builds a sense of community because people start to associate that hashtag or that emotive your brand every time they see it. they know it's a place from you. It is a great, great your images of videos. What do they say about your brand? Greg's uncle? Can the location give off certain message? If you're a personal trainer, shooting your content inside a gym environment is going to so much more effective than doing it in the middle of the city. Right, Whereas if you're a business consulted on awesome video outside Liverpool Street, for example in London, where is very corporate area might be really affected? So what does the location say it by your breath? Think about that when shooting contact. Can you do some public speaking? What's more persuasive when someone pictured speaking on the Ted X State right? You see that and you instantly think authority because it's notable because you have to be good to speak at those events. What is the quality of your images and videos? Say, Are you taking the time to investing good equipment or hire us today? Now I know this could be expensive, and it might not be good, Teoh start, but it's something you greenies folks on. Later on, even when you are get you started simple things like playing your camera lens are a great way to just slightly improve the quality of your content. Lastly, can you associate with other personal brands? For example, whenever you see someone during an interview with the likes of Tony Robbins or Gary Vaynerchuk or Tim Paris, you know that their authority, you associate them with 40 because these are the kinds of people that wouldn't talk to someone just getting started. Now, obviously, when you are just getting started, it's gonna be difficult to go into these high level personal brats. So it might be helpful to work away. Start with just a friend or a connection, build up, build up, build up because ultimately everyone starts from zero. These people will start it in there, and you are as well, right foundations of set. So let's get started. Discarding all brands in the next lesson will be reverse engineering our strategy 11. Reverse Engineering: right, guys. So in this lesson, we're going to talking about reverse engineering your strategy. So what? This is starting with the angle where you want to be, and then we're gonna develop a strategy offer back breaking to go down by time in two steps that will help us achieve it. So start with the angle. Think back to the first lesson. Now I'm sure a lot of you will have the general goal off being seen as an industry leading expert on authority in a certain niche, you might also have more specific goals. Take it to you as well. That's fine. We want to include all of them in this process. So now we need to break down that girl into stepping stones That will help you achieve it steppingstones that if you do each one with undoubtably, that you achieve your final go. So, in order to be seen as an industry leading expert on authority, we need to a demonstrated expertise. Me to be building is you see help Coronets. When you see all of these three things together, one won't come without the other. No one's going to want to join your orders. The shot helping. The order's ready. You're not going to demonstrate expertise without helping you audience. I'm not cause you have filled the audience if you're not demonstrating expertise. So how do we hit the stepping stones going to hit him through constant strategies and free resources for engaging with the audience and building relationships and eventually, through speaking engagements, trainings and guest appearances? Before we go any further, you need clarity and direction. This requires consistent hard what I'm without about charity and direction. You won't put in the so your action steps This week, I want you to note down where you want your brand to be in one thought in 10 years time, for example, in one year you may want to have been featured in 12 speaking engagements. Right now, break down at one you go into month by month steps that would achieve it. So to achieve your goal being preached in 12 speaking occasions probably want to be featuring in one street engagement per month. Now break down that monthly go into a weekly and daily ones, so to be featured a speaking engagement in first month university. Things like given the organizes a reason to book you, making it impossible to building an audience that will definitely turn up and developing your expertise so that they think you're worth it. You want to repeat this month, the for up 15 and 10 years. Next up, we're going to talk about a star content, which is gonna be one of the big drivers in building a brand. 12. A* Content 1: Hey, guys, welcome back in this lesson. We're going to introduce the new module off a star content in the step by step personal brand course. So let's get straight into it. What is the big deal with content now comes in is gonna be the cornerstone of your promise . Success. Why? Because it's what you're going to use to demonstrate expertise to provide social proof to spread your name. Invoke interest on build an audience. He's going to give people a reason to know, like and trust you rather than just expecting for it to happen. Some things to Berryman Great guy Vein shot one of the biggest possible brands. When I host why his audience loved him so much, he simply said I loved him first. Right? You need to give before you expect to receive. Needs to give a lot. Think about what you're adding to the noise or are you cutting through it? You want to be known by the right person, not every person. And then what I said about power? Powerful personal brand. It doesn't have to be a big one. Don't try and please everybody. In fact, I like to think if you're not actively pissing some people off. You're not doing enough to please your audience next up with your right into content ideas , setting the framework. 13. A* Content 2: Hey, guys. So in the second lesson off this a star contact module. We're talking tourism content ideas together, trying to give you away toe caught with a load of different pieces of content. Really, very easy. So some initial garden think back to the research, done what your audience likes consume what content is most successful? What questions they also These are the kinds of things were researching into that started this course. Think that's that Carry it forward into the next few steps. So blocks one form or content for a long form written God. One big example is the Huffington Post, which is very successful. It has 110 million estimated unique monthly users, right, which is a huge number generating revenue of 40 minutes pro of bog. The long form content is that they're flexible. You have a lot of room to say what you like, and you can also repurpose that into different fools. Cool is that it takes up a lot of your audience is time. If I know that I could get the same life value out of the tomb in two minute video of account out of the 5000 word your Post. I'm going for the video every single time. Videos and books, video lessons and documentaries are really effective. Way to engage your audience and provide Holly Garvey doesn't exactly 2.2 million. Describes as I mentioned a Pro is that they're engaging and informative. We have a lot of room to teach What's keeping everyone interested. The corn is at that time consuming. If you're going to go all in on videos influx, they're gonna need to need to be well edited, which can take a lot, especially if you're new to it. Pocos they could be long or short form audio. Generally there long. Tim Perisho example, is one of the most successful podcast. We're $200 million Pro is that you have to listen for attention. Often they'll be listen to a difference in all in the car. Lost. The driving where there's nothing else to strike Khan is that it's hard to be entertained. You have is your voice. If you're in a video or a block post, you can use images, pop ups, etcetera, wonderful text updates like tweets, for example, story Instagram like short form video content on infographics, literally information containing Rapids. So what should you first about? You might be wondering and sort of struggling. Friday's what you passed me composed about. You could answer a question. Take something you know or share a unique insight that you hot sharing experience on what you've learned from it. Document your day. Can you interview someone? Event related. Is there a particular event going on? You can create content around will help people. For example, if you are helping jobs, it is to find jobs. You might find graduations at the end of the universe year Really prepared to tap into a new audience? Perhaps you could create some content around the 10 best things to do often graduate, and you wanna Siri's an interrelated Siris of content that all has the same common focus. What could you run? A challenge. I've recently starts to challenge posting 90 times in 30 days on Nichting. They're a great way to engage people getting orders. So some action. I want to note down what your orders like to consume. You must already know this from the research done this time. 10 questions they've asked for now create 10 different formats of content and see which one ? You and your audience like much. If you're not liking the kind of content leprosy out, you won't persist with that. You may already know this from your research. If you don't, you need to find out if you're struggling for ideas of content, you can answer 10 questions in your chosen former. You could teach 10 more things. You know that people haven't, but they might be wondering. Based on that given questions, you could share 10 stories that you've loved. Vega. There's 30 pieces of content. The whole months were next. We're going to be discussing the three requirements of successful contact. 14. A* Content 3: in this lesson off a star content. We're gonna be looking at the three records Successful content. Now, I wish these fit into a last little rhyme or jingles and think, but they don't so just gonna have to take them each one that comes the three all it was to be educational in this engaging I need to make it consistent. So educational what? Your audience going to learn value where you bring a lot. We're going to get out of this piece of concept. You should be able to answer each of these questions with every piece of content you publish. Think about what you know you need. There's a number of things that distinguish a good brand from a great, but this is one of them. Give them a reason. So watch your content if it's not performing as well as you. Maybe it's because you're not providing value or you're not. Providing the right kind of value isn't engaging. Make it fun and easy to consume. He's healer, your attention grabbing headlines. Ask questions. Be relatable. You can try telling stories. You can use pattern interrupt where everything is stable. Continues for such a period of time before something exciting interrupts that pattern. And you, toad make it consistent both in regularity and meaning. So you want a short daily. This will make you memorable. Help you build lamented. They will allow you to provide even more value than if you're just posting every now met. You also want to keep your messages consistent. Okay, so you want to personal similar topics and you don't want to contradict yourself. This could be both in what you're saying and what you're doing to keep your actions consistent as well. So to summarize those things, you engage your audience in educational content. They that phrasing that encapsulates all three things. No hitting Boozer knows. To get the right content, you need to test test test. You might not get it right away on that spot. Once he's a dartboard analogy. Say you throw adult adult, you probably won't hit the bull's eye or triple 20 straight away. You might be slightly to the right pre level. Then you might overcorrect and go to faster left. But soon, if you throw enough dots, you'd be hitting the target time and again. The same goes with content. Test it, see what works that next up, we're checking out how to get your content seeing build an audience 15. A* Content 4: Welcome back to this. The fourth lesson in the a star content module of the course. Now, in this lesson, we're gonna be talking about how to get your content scene, which I know is probably what a lot of us here want. Right? So you might be thinking, How do I get people to actually consume my content? Maybe you put lows of value in our school video, but people are just scrolling past it. It's so frustrating. I know I've been there. But how do you stop people scrolling in their tracks? Only you can do this is using iPods. These tips. You can use your headlines to stop people. You could make bold claims. For example, this will transform your business in one week. That's quite a shocking claim, right? And it's certainly going to grab attention. Everyone wants that. So they're going to read your content. One thing I would say that is do not like if you can't back up the bowl claim, don't make it. You could address the audience. Austin, are you doing this? That's a great way to engage them. That scarcity, for example, you could say this won't work forever. I believe that it's in this course won't work forever in the next five years, those who haven't already leveraged lengthen won't be able to any longer. You can ask questions. For example, what's your favorite? Something? I might ask, What's your favorite thing about 10 and that gets people to engage. You can use lists. For example, five things that will don't go dark. Let's make things really eateries. Is there really attractive for your audience? Tell a story you could sell stuff by saying when I was working out my parents garage. Don't know dot stories really engaged. People will come into that more later. You can authority Haider, for example. You might type a rascal. The biggest lesson I learned from Gary we could use how to How's about of prisons business , the Richard Branson Way. You can also combine these. For example. The last one is a combination of how to use on authority. Haider. You could add a list of that saying five things I learned from Richard Branson. Another way you could get people to read your content is to caption copy Is the copier using engaging need to tell stories dressed the reader give example that it's really important to be relatable. The biggest shift I found was after I had made myself more related. Have a personality you want to write is you somewhere else. You need flood. Does it read nicely? It is difficult to read. People won't bother. It's a simple as that, making content entertaining, similar to engage in the orders. Can you entertain them? Maybe you could use humor, eventful content, relatable examples or uniqueness. Your anything can use postproduction to engage through video. Maybe you could have pop ups or graphics in your video. Some transitions between different scenes from one major thing is sub sighters. Now a lot of people we'll watch videos, especially on maintain without sound. Maybe they're trying to work and they don't have headlights or whatever. If you don't have subtitles, you're losing out on all of that audience. Such a simple thing. This should include them pretty much doubling your orders. It's so important to do and use the dollar. 80 stressed. Now this is the guy Brain attracted Buyers is based on the idea of giving your two cents, which is giving a little piece of wisdom or advice that you might have doesn't have to be safe. Support estate, but just something small and meaningful. Give your two cents on 90 other piece of content per day. What did you do this and start helping other people build up their audience. They will start engaging on yours. This is a simple law of reciprocity. If you give to others, they want to get to you. Can you find some collaborations? You might be wondering. Why bother? Collaborate? Well, you have access to each other's network again. You're doubling your potential audience. You can also Richie hijacked. Maybe both of you have a certain amount of leverage in a certain different era, you can use each others, and it's more engaging when two people work on something together as another dimension of engagement. You can do this, for example, in the Facebook Great we've got loads of people in there are gonna be up for collaborating . Just head over to the group, put a post and say, What's up? Guys who wants to collaborate on piece of content and you get loads of people wanting to do it. Eventually you'll be able to cover it. People high influence just need to start working away. Another really 100 way Boosting the number of people to the content is my driving engagements. In the comments, this was really, well, platforms like Facebook instagram and linked in. You want to respond to comments and further the conversation by asking them another question. Now what platforms like LinkedIn do content is they used an algorithm. That means that the post with the most lights and contents were gonna be distributed to more of your audience. Right? So if you can increase the number of comments, you're gonna increase in number of views. So this is a really handy way to double or triple your comments. It's gonna have an exponential snowball effect. Let's say you get 10 initial comments. What you want to do it's responsible is 10 comments with another question. Now this will drive the other person to respond to them. You've essentially got 20. You comments 10 from you on 10 from the other person, plus the initial test. How is she? 30 comments really, really quickly wants to do that. Your postal we posted into the into the feet of other audience members. You might get another 30 months in which you can respond to party question and you get 30 replies. Now it's 90 Collins. You can see how this has an exponential snowball effect. This is a really great way to drive engagement. Lastly, simplicity. This is a surprisingly easy way to try engagement. No, if your copy or court action is too complex, people just will not bother with it. You want to make it simple and easy as possible. To engage former you can do this is to create discussion where they come from content. Look, folks, emotion on opinions with a high virology, meaning that a lot of people are going to want to have their sale simply start with a hook . Something to get in reading, maybe a headline we chose. I'm finished with a question that's a really basic for me. The driving engagement. Now, one thing you do need to be aware of is the See more button on post. Your hook needs to fit in the 1st 3 lines, you know, as you get them to press that Seymour read more your post more difficult election. Next, we're gonna look, it's a content bonus tips. Now this is pro stuff, so I really want you to stick around 16. Building Your Audience 1: everyone, Welcome to the first lesson off building your audience in this introduction, which is going talk about some things that I don't want you to get in the coming lessons. We've got quite a few lessons on building audience, which is gonna be great. So stick around. No. First of all, it's not all about size, right? You must have your current audience to the best of your ability, sir. Without expectation, do not focus on getting new followers or asking people toe form a certain request tag a friend. Just serve them the best you can. A servant without expectations. Two caveats that you need to remember other word of mouth is more effective than any content you could produce. What other people are saying about you. It's so, so effective. So make sure they're saying it thinks Don't be consistently first legion give without expecting to receive, and I think return. Sure, we use, um, leading strategies, and I actually advocate that you should use them. But it's not all about Megyn. Okay, One way you can check whether you're serving your audience right is through your linked in Social Senate Index. If you simply such linked in S s I on Google. It will give you a link. Teoh flipped. You just log in and I'll give you your personalized. What now? This here is my actual As off August 2019. You can see that my social saying that it's 77 out of 100 now. Sure, there's room for improvement. Of course there is. I need to find the right people more effectively and engage within such. Perhaps my professional brand could be improved, but notice, like give priority to building relationships that is so, so important. Now, this S s I is actually top 1% minus tree on top 6% in my audience network. So what I would say is that focused burning relationships Next up, we're gonna talk about sharing your content across platforms. 17. Building Your Audience 2: Welcome back, guys to this. The second lesson in the building, your audience module or this step by step personal branding course. Now, as I mentioned in the last lesson in the next few minutes, we're going to talk about sharing content across platforms. So you need to begin with maybe one or two primary platforms way put, you know, 80% of your butt, right? And you were tailor your content for those platforms. Okay, now, really focus on the 8 20 principle here. I probably put about 80% of my time into victim, maybe even 90 and I tailor my content for a link to an audience, right? Used to say, Don't try and please every single platform. But what we are going to be doing is sharing or content across. Platforms now share primary platform content to your secondary and tertiary couples. It may need a quick repurpose it, but we don't really want to be spending hours on doing this because our primary platform it already sorted. This is a simple, quick wait stop into new audiences, for example, on Facebook groups now, because search for your nation on Facebook filter the groups for any particular audience. He wasn't join. These groups posted. Contact your primary platform. If that's Facebook, been great. But if it's needed, for example, like it is with me, you want to put the content that you're posting limit did into these Facebook groups, you would be consistent with it. What this is going to do, it's going to tap in to a whole new audience. There's already essentially pre qualified themselves because you're searching for your own niche. You know that already part of your audience. A note on groups, As I mentioned, I have a pre defined Williams, which is perfect tapping into a new market having engaged community, which is really good because it's not gonna feed. Everyone is the same. Every will resonate, engages with each other. What's more, have notifications when, for example, you create your own group. Every time you post in that group, all the members will get a notification. This is different to whether you post on a linked in or Facebook feet where there's no notifications. Therefore, if you're posting groups much more likely to get engagement, that simply on the Facebook feet instagram now you can repurpose content into image or story Siri's or use hashtag on instagram available to find a specific audience for content you already posting on other platforms. The community using the hashtag you're using will start to see your content again. Another way to tap into a pre defined audience like we did with Facebook groups. This, however, is not as effective this Facebook groups, in my opinion, because sometimes you can't defining when it's by the hashtag you're using. Think about mothers looking toe lose weight because I just given by example there's likely not gonna be a hashtag. All of those people are using right. That's where Facebook groups. I think it's a lot more effective. So in summer we want to be folks in 80% of all time into one or two primary platforms. For me that's linked it. For example, we don't want toe quickly repurpose that content for other platforms. When we want to tap into new audience, they shouldn't take hours and out, but there's no reason why you shouldn't do it if you simply have to copy and paste a piece of text, for example. Now let's finish of the protest eventually. Our brands of being so big that we're running ads on platforms like Instagram Facebook. Posting and engaging on the platforms now is beneficial feet algorithms used when you come to run at right, particularly if they're generate engagement. Facebook favors active, engaging accounts, so they're gonna make your cost of advertising a lot cheaper. He do this from the start next up, were sort of engaging with others and how important it is to brown building. 18. Building Your Audience 3: Hey, guys, Welcome, Teoh this vessel in building your audience in step by step Personal burning course. Today we're gonna be talking about engaging with others. Now you might be sat there thinking, Why is engaging with because it's so important or through It's my personal brand. I want to grow not other people's while getting with others is actually one of the best things you can do for your own personal brand Now why? Because when you give to others, they'll want to get back to you. This is simple law of reciprocity. Meteo give more than you expect to receive. Okay, being active member of your community help others to build up the profiles. You will be commenting on the content producing like it, giving your two cents, just giving general pointers and feedback and thanks right for them. Sharing a piece of content that you like now has a personal brand. We want to be known like trusted, right? So how will come to other people's posts reach these things? Well, we become note because they'll see your name commenting on all their parts. So with other people, you become a lot there like you for helping them and spread their message would be trusted . They'll trust you if you have a genuine valuable insights. Some best practices, though. Here something's not to comment. He was like, Great post love this. Well, how amazing and awesome post it is clear that you haven't really engaged with the content they're offering, right? You haven't read through it properly understood it process that generated your own thoughts around it. It looks like you just copy and pasting generic comments, which is not the way to go. In fact, that will actually be negative for your brand. What to do instead? You always comment things like Thanks for sharing on that night. I really enjoyed point about being professional in the South process something else I found really effective. Big educational on providing manage that prospect. What do you think? Business owners like slash dislike most about sales floaters. Now what does this do it? Thanks. The poster. They've taken the time out there day correct values you So you should think it also addresses them personal. You're using the name. It identifies a point value that you liked giving feedback to the post result. You say I really enjoyed this point, he also offers your own value your own two cents. It could, maybe further the conversation, given extra little bit of insults. Event. Now you got your giving on more. It furthers the conversation. You're asking the question. Also, they drive more engagement in that post. They're gonna love you for posting stuff like this in the comments. You won't be consistent with it continually being invested in others posts not just every now and then engaged without expectation would be genuine when you do this, Remember the dollar 80 stressed. You talked about giving your two cents after 90 times per day. What I would say in relation to this is value the quality of the currents over your quantity. If you can't commit something genuine of meaningful 90 times today, that's OK. Just do it. However many times you can remember. If you don't mean something, don't say it. The brand needs to be transparent, consistent so some actual steps oh into spend 30 minutes each day engaging on other people's posts. Now you might think this is a long time, but you can break this down unwto little bits of time here and there. But together, we'll build up and give you man, for example, lost. You're wasting fuel coffee, Tu brute on a lunch break or just sitting at home on the soaker in the evening. Next up, we're looking at 1 to 1 relationships again, something really key in the leveraging your personal brand. 19. BuildingYourAudience4: So guys, in this lesson off building your audience will be looking at outreach on 1 to 1 relationship on why it's so important. Now you might think that your personal brand you need a big orders need to be kept connecting with people on Mass, right? Well, that's not always the case. You also want to be reaching out to people in direct messages, just one on one, because that is so much more powerful than any content. No, why build 1 to 1 relationships, as I mentioned, much more powerful. Their personal shows you put effort in. This creates emotional investment from the other person. Once they invested emotionally, they're gonna be much more inclined. Toe follow this stuff you're putting out to engage a day, right? So how should you reach out? Might be that skeptical about doing this. But you can start by mentioning some shared connections. For example, maybe you have hundreds of share connections on linked in. You can just mention that and say we're also seeing a similar subspace. That's correct. Maybe you saw a poster pass that you enjoyed. Maybe you have some questions about the industry that whether it's the same one of jewels or another one. What is some questions about the career? Just give a reason for your interesting. Okay? It needs to be a reason Ponder reaching up. Otherwise, you're just reaching out to get them to engage in, to get in, to buy whatever it is you're setting. Okay, You actually need to be interested in that. Now, how should you reach out when you do so, personalize your message. Be genuine with the authentic right. Do not just copy and paste the same method. Toe 20 people in five minutes, right, Personally, Each single one. Take time, offer value where appropriate. Don't just run into their d. M's with lots of different pieces of things. You know, if they ask a question, answer it properly with five you'd give to anyone else if they mentioned problem they're having you could mention a story. Why you went through some Nothing what you did to get out of it. Okay, you can ask the question for lows of different ways to reach out genuine interest. And to not be say, was it in your approach that are gonna get responses on? This is what we want. This is building relationships. Now, what not to do? Don't try and sell stuff straight away. Also said, don't cocaine paste generic messages Don't go in expecting anything in return. Just because you've taken the time toe look, a bit of their content, all the profile or their story. What we do doesn't mean they have to engage with anything you did if they want to engage and if your content is worthy of engagement, they will remember. This is not scalable. This is not something you can just automate or do as quickly as possible to start your day just to get out of the way, right? They should take time. It's not one of those things that you can cut corners on. Okay, Take the time message, people. So be genuine. How do you make an impression that how do you get people to remember you to answer you back or toe? Follow up with what you're doing. You need to make some different from everyone else. Okay, So how would you do this? You could send a voice or video night. A lot of people just go straight in the text, so voice or video is a great way to distinguish itself. Should he have done your research? Google and look it. They're linked in feet of their profile. Scroll back. Try and find some common areas of interest that you might have with them that shows that you've actually taken the time to research them. I'm not look, really, really impressive. You could recommend something that might be of value to that. For example, maybe you read a book that you didn't make a pretty bad call. Well, using me, but that you could send them. I wouldn't go in with your own books or Eberts of courses or whatever. Straight away. Give him something It doesn't look like they're just trying to get me. This sounds fun, right? You could comment on the content on men message that this is a great little way to sort of organized who you actually want to reach out. Maybe you've seen post in were linked impede. That was really interesting. Commenting, engaging it leave a meaningful comment like we discussed. We'll follow up with you could send them if you're saying hey, seven so really enjoyed Europe. His contact Earlier on this topic, I gave my thoughts and currents, but just thought pull off and say But I really enjoyed it here is incredible. It's I had What do you think? You could endorse that? Maybe if they put a really good piece of contact, maybe a book or something you got a lot of money from you could endorse him for the skills that is showing. This is a surefire way to get into, Remember, because endorsements are solid gold from anything that's so powerful that if you're giving someone else power and being up the profile and promoting them, there will be very thankful towards you. You close their schedule. Cool. Maybe you once talking more debt than just private messages. Right? Maybe you want to talk on the phone. This is a great way to get them on a deeper level, right? There's only so much you could put into attacks. Okay, Now, here's a pro tip that I like to use. Okay. What I do is I won't respond to messages or comments past five PM on monetary erotic or on savage Sunday. Why is that? Well, certainly from my contribute, I'm sure from a lot of other people people, quantity is I found this to be really effective past five PM on Monday to Friday. A lot of people work really finish their work. They don't really want toe engaging more work. If they see your message, then we're just open it looking ago replies that tomorrow and then forget about you. OK, the same assistance Sunday. Not everyone, but a lot of people would just be out enjoying themselves. Won't want to respond to invest in such right. I certainly did it sometimes, Um, you just need time off and these sorts of times of kind of times where people are gonna be adding it. So if you receive a message, it's a for hurting on later Friday. They just want to wait until the next morning because then when they got the finds, all the laptops to work next morning you'll be back in their mind, right? We'll be back in front of them lined the whole day. No, we think about you that will make you hold up more memorable. So you're actually stepped this lesson every day. I wanted to comment at least 15 piece of content where it's on Facebook, instagram or linked. This works really well in one of the platforms. Comment on 15 piece of content. Genuine, meaningful comments like we discussed before and then direct message. The indirect message. Been with follow up on the content or shared interests or anything. We just don't do that. See how it goes for the next 14 30 days. Whilst a personal content, if you do, is consistently and keep engaging with him, keep messaging them. Keep commenting on my posts. I can assure you engagement on your own will go up next up. We're looking. It's storytelling. 20. Building Your Audience 5: Sir Guts In this lesson, we're really talking about building your audience through storytelling on just how powerful storytelling is now. I mentioned storytelling in an earlier. We covered it briefly, but Hera will take a deeper dive into just how powerful it could be, how you can use it to leverage your personal brand. Now I want to show you the power of storytelling by starting this up with with an experiment. What two bits of text. It was gonna read them up 1st 1 Chris with a huge kind of cycling for his 12th birthday. His mom took him to Evan Cycles to getting you buy. He was extensive. That is the idea of a perfect that black frame. Weirdly, his favorite color. Mounting Wheels 21 years take it straight to the country part test himself in the mountains to rain. The second story Dinos 16 like view against his favorite quite blue his body when he has six years. So now that's something about your target store. What is your ideal guide story? What's the story about life? What stories obey being through what lessons have a lot from them? How does this compare Teoh now the reason asking these questions is so important, and I really to think about them and write notes down on them because stories create the pool, right? If you ask your audience of other story and then explain how your stated Tories with us not really resonated, right, it's gonna connect you to them. It's gonna build a deeper emotional investment than just talking about facts and different pieces of value. Could Dio When you get into the stories, it really creates that emotional investment is gonna be so, so important and getting them to Brianti, right? Remember what we say. Well, say buy into you. They will buy from you stories of memorable right? So if you you stories to connect people you only remembered more on that we want is a brand We only remembered him recognized. So think back to before slides in this presentation. How old is Chris? What's his favorite color? What is he like doing? What does he get for his birthday? What kind of wheels does he like? How many cases? Blackout? I'm sure you remember the answers to these questions. He's 12. His favorite colors Matte black, which was strange one. He looks likely. Yeah, because he went to heaven cycles to get a bike. Bad mounted wheels were 21 gifts down. However, Herman, he's I read this, right? I can remember. He's 16. I believe he like playing video games. But that's all I got from the little story about him because it wasn't in debt, It was just factual. Okay, so your action steps goingto lost 10 members of your audience about their story. Really? Listen to engage ago. If you need to ask further questions to get deeper insight right out 10 stories of like, you know where you all stay. 10 things that you've seen on a mote down commonalities in your audiences stories. And you're right, then, no down the lessons that you learned from your personal stories. Now, will you stay has made posts about stories and the lessons you learned from them. Hey, this could be really powerful to engaging with orders or whatever platform you're using. So try those out, let me know how it goes. Drop me a message or something on Facebook or linked in to chat about next up. We're looking at working for free now. Don't turn your nose up at this just yet. It's actually a really powerful technique you can use to grow your post prime quickly, and I don't think there's anything that can grow as quickly as this, okay, especially if you're just getting started. 21. Building Your Audience 6: So this session or the building your audience module in this step by step, personal brand calls is gonna look at working for free. Now, most you probably turned up, you know, that the very idea of working for free or very cheap but listening right? There are a few reasons why it can really fall. Strike the possible branding success. It can help you build a portfolio or case stones. If you have a real results behind his service offering. It's so so powerful in convincing potential clients to purchase. Right? Remember I said what the results of what other people say about you far more powerful than anything you can say about yourself, right? It can create noise. Maybe you given all some service for free for a couple of people, and they start shouting about how amazing wasn't how crazy did they managed to get up for free? That's creating always around your password Brown. Okay, you get referrals and testimonials again, the social proofing other people have to say about you. It's so so powerful when I get on any form of call any form of sales call people always ask what previous work you got to show what testimony is. What reviews have you got this service? 90% of the top, right? So that's why referrals and testimonials with certain Kulti they're also much easier to land. Okay, if you're offering to do something for free, people could be so much more inclined to hire you to do it. But if you're charging them a couple of £100,000 right, it also allows you to experiment because it's almost paying for service. You have to get the results that promise, right? Can't try any new straits tooth, aren't tried and tested before in case they get around. Okay, but if you're working free, people really us upset or annoyed if you try something out and it doesn't want. But when you can try and test different parts of your service that might work or might know , which gives great lessons for future work, it also makes getting paid what easier fast tracks over it to success. When you build up these case studies, this testimony reviews, it's gonna make a well paid work so much easier in the future. When you do this, it's really important that you make sure you see it on investment loss. Okay, if you're giving away a package that you only charge, let's say £700. I don't see it is a loss of £700. If you give it away for free, see it as an investment about money and your time into a fast tractor branding success. Okay? Please do not get taken advantage up. Do not let people exploit your offering, okay? You're not working free all the time. Don't let people get away with that. Once you have this case studies, his testimony is backing behind a specific service. You deserve to set it on what you're doing. Three plants over deliver. Don't go either because you're not making any my foot. That's a huge shooting state you want to really over. Delivered on What? Your problem. This gonna make it so much more memorable? So much more convincing in the future. Other prospects. So your action steps if you have a new service, the unsolvable. Maybe you saw other programs, but you haven't thought this one or you never sold the kind of offering doing before this. You're just getting started, right? Offered up a free to three people for even if it's a coaching package for just two weeks instead of months. Offered up for three people in exchange testimonies of feet. But testimonies give you that social proof of the feed in the future from the feedback will allow you to adapt and develop services. Best it can be next up lead magnets. 22. Building Your Audience 7: So in this lesson, off building upwards. Well, look a leader, which are really, really powerful way to do just that. Now what is? Lead my first of all, leaving that it is something you give away for free in exchange for some contact details. Maybe that's in order to gathering nuts for any analyst to run a marketing campaign. Maybe that's a really common one, one of the most effective, right? So a lead mine. It could be a guide or any book, a course or video, Siri's templates or taste of programs. Maybe you have a tangible good thing giveaway. You could have run a competition. For example, You also these up in exchange port, some four contact just to useful some marketing purposes later. All right? No. Why should you bother using lead limits? They build up authority. They give you a lot of room to show what you know to demonstrate your expertise, which also helps with experts status. They built trust of familiarity because if you're constantly providing value through your league, my on the later on through, let's say an in email. Siri's. We're gonna see more content and trust that you know your stuff, right? They're gonna come more familiar, but okay, don't be afraid of giving this construct away for free because you can sell later. All right? Why didn't even work? You might be wondering, Why can't I just go straight in and charge for this evil courses? Course A well, well, Cleveland's work because they crap attention. Something free is something Attention grabbing right. They also have a deeper value in general parts right there just on linked in or Facebook. Because you have room to go too far more debt, you cannot get more value. There's also a public perception around the office because people give up their concept liters. They give up something exchange for it. They feel that it has more value, but they're more inclined to implement the things taught in it, right, because they've had to give up something to get it. OK, so how do you get the most after really, you're going into the foot of putting hours of working to create one toe build lining pigeon email campaigns. You want to get the most out of it. What? This isn't something you can just make off the baton, Destry and day It's gonna take time. So to get most sad after it, share it across platforms. Someone might not seal the one platform you posted on, but they might issue posted on another right by personnel on all of the purple. John, you maximize your audience, okay? You have to make the actionable. This is something that people really like in a guide or uneven court course. In fact, is the dis actual? It makes it fight it. You'll notice that in all my lessons on most of my lessons, I get action steps, Whether actionable advice on them, I get the steps to make it really clear what need to be doing. And that just makes the content you're giving easy to digest into employment, which is ultimately gonna make them more effective. You okay? Don't be afraid to give away your best tips. A lot of people are scared to give away this sort of value free because I think what my services work. If I give away everything on it now, still work a lot. People gonna look at your best. It I think. Jeez, they really know what they're talking about. It. This what they're giving away free I wonder what the paper like you can use viral loop strategies. Remember the stresses we talked about before where you get people to comment on a post in exchange for what I think to get it right, use those sorts of stress use to maximize your audience. Making cards, of course, is, or whatever it is you're producing, accessible and easy to use if you could lose a great value in there. But it's really difficult to read or to implement or to digest people are gonna bother, which means people are gonna get results from it, which means you don't have very good B. They won't bother with any of your future content. Lincoln in your buyers on regular content I do this with my free guts, which is a Lincoln Pro Politization guard. Link it in the bio of my victim profile, which means anyone comes across it consumed up straight away. This is a great way to get your freebie in front of people without having to do anything right. Work do is LinkedIn once, and then it's done. If you're putting into your regular content, you pulling out. Don't be too pushy with it, don't horse down people. But if there's something that relates to the content in it, you could say Morning Cronus in this article by linking in that so your reaction steps create a need. Math. It's around your area. Just, you know, make sure you validate your idea. First, make sure it's something that people want to be really annoying. Few hours creating this, and then people don't bother with it so and also validated. You can use your research before about the questions ordinance We're asking months you can look another re books or courses or guys that are out, see what they're offering. Well, you can look at your previous posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. What performed the best of what we're people most interested. Can you flesh now that into something much deeper and more detailed, right and then over to level value? Just because you're giving it away for free doesn't mean you can't over deliver give as much as you can. It's just open email campaign and landing page in accordance with your offer. Your landing page wants to capture name and an email, for example, before you send them off to believe like it. You can then use that name, you know, to send follow ups can make sure they get it. Even won the future legal to doing just constantly provide them with value. Straighten that, you know, inbox. Everything that share your leave, my little social media, all of the platforms you're on in order to get the most out of it. And then we have to sit back and collect emails exchanged for it. Next up, we're looking, tracking audiences, content performance. This is gonna be reinforcing in. You're testing of what works and seeing how to adapt your content really boost your possible even. 23. Building Your Audience 8: So this lesson off the building your audience module is going. Look at tracking the ordinances and contact performance, which is really important for just adjusting and adapting what you're putting out, too denies it and maximising performance. Okay, now just talk through some elite in metrics that might be of interest to you. As I mentioned, this course focuses predominately only. So these are things in the folks up. Views or impressions are the number of times your posts have appeared uses feet. Now the number you have isn't necessarily the number of unique viewers you've had, right, because one individual person can make up a number of impressions that they've watched it over. Never get. So it's just handy to be aware about right. Engagement in Asia has a number of clicks, likes comments and shares on your post divided by the number of pressures connecting and following only 10 he automatically follow when you connect. It's a two way thing, but you don't connect when you just follow one way that you can't connect all way Now, Lincoln's found a grim prioritizes. Relevant content on promotes engagement. So if your post gets a lot of engagement just after it is posted in the 1st 15 minutes or hour, it will be shown to more fit for at the time. You really want to focus on getting coming. This means that just after you post you want to make yourself available to replies comments to remember those little tricks be usedto get people to comment more than and up the engagement. You won't be around in the 1st 15 minutes or hour possible after you post. To do that, the vanity metrics now likes comments and shares. Do her bad rep for being pure vanity based metrics mean behold, no much value and just make people feel good about themselves about themselves. Whilst this is truth and extent is no entire truth. Don't get too caught up in trying to compare yourself with us. But do you use them as an indication of what your audience wants to see? I hadn't supposed to wear the locks will be no under five and get no courts to me, all that says is that my audience didn't like that physical Benito Adapt change certain things right so they can give you key insights on what you're what it's like. But you shouldn't get too caught up in comparing yourself to others. Facebook in Instagram offer these things called audience insights, which show you demographics like the age, gender, location of interests of your audience and those that engaging with your post on. This is really useful for creating the crime Stan of your audience and finding out what people with those a stranger's of that gender in that location, putting out what interest they haven't, what stories they go through and housing the right site. Audience insights on paper scrap really, really valuable things. So your option steps are you supposed to in the morning, afternoon and evening on whatever platform is five times. It doesn't matter if it's linked in serial Facebook or INSTAGRAM Personal morning, afternoon evening, five times each. So five morning post five often in fighting, see which one gets the most, and take that one on post its specific times around it. So if that same morning have the most engagement as it doesn't make, I often post in the morning Angus double or triple the number of use it does. If I post needed posted specific times in the morning. Okay, so maybe you find out morning what you can now gonna post up eight here. No, I am turning it. Okay, do the same. Five person, five times future, each different type. Finally, our works for you. Next up. Look at offline strategies. A lot of this so far has been focused on life. And you can really benefit your personal brand offline as well. We're gonna look out next. 24. Building Your Audience 9: So let's talk about offline strategies and how important they are. Your personal brand now, you know, I think in high bottled it offline strategies putting my Continental Online selling online , delivering myself online. Why should I bother with offline? Okay, well, offline impressions far more memorable. Greater than online impressions. Is there more personal, More memorable. You could make a bigger impression off line then you can online because your chance especially if you're just starting to really connected people whilst they might not give you the time of day online. If you attended event the same event they go to offline, they're going to give you that time and listen to you. And that might convert into a potential flight. Or if not, it's gonna be someone that big you up and talks about you as a person, right? So some offline ideas How can you build offline relationships? You're gonna attend networking events now there hundreds and thousands of these everywhere , right? It it will not be difficult to find network England's just 10. Some of those see who you meet be genuine, authentic wants to. There you could tell workshops or conferences. These might be set up by, um, other entrepreneurs, our companies. But you're gonna meet people of a similar nature to you. That right? Because it talks on Meetups similar sort of thing. Now it has a finding or part of its not morning. Where the hell did I find this there? Number plate ports like Eventbrite meet up and even on Facebook you can find them. You can even just office people toe meet. You want a one for a coffee or lunch? If you're struggling to find them, why don't you create your own on? Invite some people in the local area to join. So your action steps use eventbrite meet up or Facebook the book into 10 events near you the next month. Next up, it's just to attend events would be you no more difficult afterwards. Going to follow up with any speakers or hosts. Just anyone you met at the event cinema missed saying how much enjoyed meeting moment list what had to say? You could even say I'd love to get involved in speaking event myself, and that's gonna get you a public speaking opportunity that you wouldn't have a hard if he didn't attend. So try this things out. See how they go. I'm sure they're gonna work for you. Next up. Moving on to a new model where we talk about home ground strategy. 25. The Home Groud Strategy: so the home ground stretchy now, First of all, water is the home ground. Home ground is on online base, where you have complete control, that what goes on you have control of your don't see what contents without pretty much everything used in drug. Right, sir, What counts is home ground online? You could be an email. Siri's Facebook reviewing linked Ingrid. Or maybe it's a course. When you bring someone to recruit or hung ground, you have completely you are the authority. There might be other people that potentially have a bigger person, Brandon, or more experience or whatever, because you only brute could you control the content. You are the ultimate party perfectly focused on you, which is so so important in making a name for yourself. So what I always did for this week it's very simple. Set up a Facebook or LinkedIn group, maybe in Siri's, invite some of your avid followers to join it. Well, promotions in points or in a protocol, I mean just provide consistent value in it. There's gonna be so powerful in committed to remember you folks on you leverage that personal branding power. Next up, we're looking at living up your personal brand with reviews or testimonials 26. Guest Apps: So in this lesson, we're gonna commit guest appearances on how you can get them. I'm sure when you listen someone on a podcast, maybe their pitcher pour cost you it isn't it. You hear that name and you instantly think that their authority there must be an expert like because they've been asked to come on someone else's podcast on This is the situation we're trying to reach now, After imprinting everything we talked so far away, the action steps should actually be at this stage what others want to teach you in that content. It's no look, you're a burden on them. They should actually want you there. So one of the biggest ways to do it is to podcasting. Now you can also connections or use a Facebook group that we have set up right to try and get past. This might be a great way to start off because you're talking with people you already know . You closed them, make a post on victim, saying what? Uh, your open to being our forecast. If anyone has any podcast around your nish, you'd love to be on them and have a chat. You can't see your platforms like spot a guest. Come on, pour cost guests, which actually connects you were forecasters actively looking for guests, so you already have verified source There. You do, though, need a significant story, a message or results to be featured on podcast. It's not just gonna be any old person. Other said. By now you probably have that. But if you don't try and get a story, a case study, a unique thoughts that you can share alternatively, blocking like a few blocks are much more open to this than you might imagine. Hundreds of businesses and websites and blocks across Google that actually want people to write for them. It's a is then time when they want you. Today, if you search your niche and then right for us interview, there's gonna be pages upon pages of results of blocks looking for guest authors. Now, if you're completely new to blogging and you're just getting started, you might want to use the first sent page of Google first for its because those on the top search Not so everyone else looking to write for blog's that the same ones you is going to do first second pages, right? If you go to these heard intent pages. First, you can build up a skill for blogging and some case studies behind your back, and then you go to the first and second results to be much, much easier. Together we do this you probably needed, or the buyer, which will appear at the bottom of your guest place. Dr. People's Your home ground using a buyer. Tell them how you can help him. I want to take over its where you collaborate with influences or brands and do now the YouTube or Instagram live takers, right? These are a great way to tap into somewhere his audience. To get these, you can use your connections. Can you make it beneficial for them by telling about your audience as well as that speaking eggs? Now this is a big one. We'll see. It takes on the confidence to public speaking, and you might not be up station. Or you might be really open to the idea of it really, really powerful waist coat of brown. You can use chamber of commerce. It's a great way together. You could it kind events and get to know others like we mentioned in the offline strategies . If you attend event and then follow the host, they might also you come back and do a speech of a friend of mine on speaking to the other Day did just that. He attended events, sent a message to the host. Also, it's saying he really enjoyed it and he'd love to speak on in the future, said Great. You can host the next one. Such a simple way to get a speaking gig when you do this and you apply for gigs, have a press profile when you include was probably in a four document of your name and a photo of you little bio about you. Your accomplishments experience, etcetera on the topics you talk about. If you are charging speaking eggs, if you're out on stage, have a price list. This way they know exactly what they're getting with you. It makes it easier, but you on that. If you're new to this, consider not charging first. What's the easiest way to learn your first weekend? Well, to create your own, simply hire out of room, invite some local collections, charge, listens nothing and then document and record it. That documentation in that recording of use people because so, so powerful share the recording on parts of it with high virology factor. Maybe you could remember what we spoke about about repurposing content, snippet up and years of content. One other people see that you've done public speaking before. They're gonna want you at that gig. Guest appearances, some best practices with guest appearances where it's on blocks, podcast speaking, Whatever it is, be respectful. Terrible time people like, if you know, you're gonna get a bad rep, no one else is gonna want to hide. You'd be surprised about how word gets out. Be prepared. No. The nature of the block or poor cost audience first. No guarantee. Don't go in no idea. Because then you're not before you're gonna give bad across so uncertain. Plus other podcasters blocks or businesses won't want you on that stuff, right? Don't be overly self promotion. Same thing it's off putting unattractive. Often the same value you would to your audience. Just because it's someone else's podcast doesn't mean you could under deliver. Try to over deliver again. Dis me. Just be yourself right? There's no point trying to pay someone else. You be natural. Make sure you take recordings or snippets from the post on repurpose them. It's gonna be so, so powerful establishing authority next up, we're going to summarize the course so far. 27. Reviews and Testimonials: so getting reviews and testimony shows. How should you go about this wide important? What are the best practices in doing so? First of all, let's talk about the value of testimonials. Someone else saying positive things about your knowledge advice service for work. It's off our formal, persuasive than anything you can do yourself. There's something off stressed all the way tree, of course, because it's one of the number one things about personal branding. This is social proof. Other people proofing service. How do you get testimony was like There are a number of tips you can use. For example, over deliver on any service you're offering or its current clients or future carts keep over delivering. There's gonna give him no choice but to give you a testimony. You it also ask, maybe have previous clients or even colleagues, maybe a pulse. Can you all spend some nice words about give it template when you asked estimators? This is a little best practice that hey makes it easier for a person giving it to know what to say. B. Make sure that your next client is gonna be persuaded right another way. This is toe work free I mentioned earlier. Working free months seem like the most attractive thing, but it is a way to fast track your branding and get in testimonials fast. So I mentioned a template. If you give your clients and guidance on what you like to say, notes that for them. But if you give them that guidance, it makes it far what using him to do it and then more likely to when you give him that. But think about where I do quiet would look for in a testimony. For example, if you're running marketing campaigns for businesses, for example, they want to know how much money you could make them using what method in a certain time frame very straight into the port. They don't want you to be empowering or any of that. If you're a life coach, your kinds would want you to be in pirate. There's a difference, right? Think about what your ideal client would look for. So should you do video text based testimonies. Texas obviously a lot easier and a lot more common. Well, videos, testimonies just hop, even persuasive parts of them, because the client gets to see the face of the agreements. What which is so powerful in terms of portfolios uses many good results in a portfolio as you can. But be careful. Check with your client that you're using. The results were First, make sure that it's a in a contract will be that they're just happy for you to use it because they might not always be. Just save yourself from that trouble show exact results on tight friends. As I mentioned with the Marty's up. A lot of people, especially in the B two b space, want specifically result specific time for a specific price. Share them up. Document whole process. This is a great way to show the journey that your client on the goats Maybe you could do a before the softer linked in endorsements. You can actually add up to 30 skills be endorsed on Lee Tim. You can see down here screenshot of some of the ones I have. Ask your colleagues, previous partners or close connections to endorse you. Next up, we're gonna be looking guest appearances, how you can get guest appearances that, speaking about soul poor costs or on blocks 28. Course Summary: so our course summary now has been a right of journey. Hopefully, you get a lot of value from what done so far. I'm continuously working on improving and adding more to this course. So this isn't the end, of course is such, But we just want to recap what we've done it so far. We set the basis feel brands. In the introduction, we explored the science behind branding in our psychology behind a personal brand. We identified and learned about your niche and took a deep dive into what works for you. We set up your profile, is using our perfect purple set up and then branded you visually visual branding. We created a goal orientated strategy by reverse engineering but instants in time, creating on publishing amazing content. It took a long time growing your audience. We brought your audience to our base, even the home ground strategy. It then creates a strong social proof, likening reviews and testimonials before learning out of leverage other people's audiences . My guest appearances, my last You now is to go back through the course, implementing each stage step by step, slide by slide. You probably watched it through once, but it was getting most of it. You want to go back through it in each single step? Catholic. But what's that? As I said, I'm continuously working. Of course, bringing everything I learned right like it. Here's what's coming up. Very soon I'm gonna teach you about websites some pay that's funnels, email campaigns, which are really good way to automate the password. I'm also gonna bring you some case studies really like a cities that I've been working, which I'm really, really excited about all of this. It's going to take it around personal branding. So it really is over to, you know, thank you for watching, Of course, apart. Congratulations on your progress. Now the whole box begins. If you'd like to join our Facebook group to build your personal brand with everyone else doing this course on, get extra tips and tricks. I will be posting lots of content in. There is lots of templates, freebies and stuff which is in a prime really helpful. Will also beginning a chance to collaborate with other people, toe hold each other accountable. It's gonna be great. Also it great you can connect with me on linked in. That was my main social platforms. So me, on their first in contact every day would be great to see you. How if you like the course one more thing, it would mean the world to me if you just right quick review in your experience, or even just told a friend about it. Even if you hate to that, you know, I wouldn't know how can prove. Drop me a message are find a way to approve it For you to serve you best. It took me a long time, right? And I don't want to see what a waste. So if you didn't agree Appreciate review. Thank you.