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The Step-By-Step Facebook Retargeting Guide

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Understanding the Facebook Pixel

    • 3. Creating a Facebook Pixel

    • 4. Installing the Facebook Pixes on your Website

    • 5. Checking if the Pixel is working and capturing information

    • 6. Creating a Target Audience with your Facebook Pixel

    • 7. Creating your First Super Optimized Ad using Facebook Pixel

    • 8. IMPORTANT: Final Project

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About This Class

Welcome to the "The Step-By-Step Facebook Retargeting Guide"

In this class, you are going to learn how to use one of the most powerful Marketing tools we have today. Retargeting! This is used by large corporations like Amazon, Google and Netflix. 

By the end of the class, you will have that implemented in your Facebook account and Website. 

Facebook Retargeting will help you to increase sales, increase conversions and save lots of money by showing your Facebook Ads to people that are actively looking for your products or services right now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: Hey, guys, welcome to the course, and happy and excited to see you here in these specific skills, your class. Today we will talk about Facebook. Retargeting. This is one off the most powerful marketing tools that we have right now used by large corporations like Netflix, Amazon, Google on all the big guys are online are using their retarded and or in order to sell more on to reach their target audience. Maybe you have experience when you are looking for something on Amazon, for example, on you don't buy the things you just go to another website toe, Facebook or Google, for example, and you start seeing images off the product you were looking for on the Amazon all over the web. So that's retargeting, and I'll show you in this course. I'll teach you step by step, how you can implement these all these super powerful strategy in your business very easily . If you have a website, if you have a Facebook account, I'll show you all step by step how to do it. So by the end off this class, by the end of this class, you will have the complete system implemented on working on your website and own your Facebook page. I hope to see you inside the class on. Let's start the first class, the first video right now. 2. Understanding the Facebook Pixel: Hey, guys, welcome to this model and super excited because this is one of my favorite models. And I'm sure you will absolutely love these. Well, let's start talking about the Facebook pics on Facebook Have a pixel that people in style in websites. So when you visit the website, they know you visit there and they know that you may be interested on this specific product on the block they are offering in the subject they're offering so later the face the Facebook pixel. Start collecting information off all the people that this is the website on. Later, you can create an audience with these people. Later, you can start creating ads for this group of people that already are interested on your product. Let me show you clear Example. So you understand. For example, here I am on my Facebook a timeline and I see an ad here. Front Custom Inc. This is a company that made looks like maids custom T shirts. I was visiting this website because I was looking for custom teacher T shirt and I left the website without buying, so they know they happen to have a Facebook pics on, and they know that I was interested on this brother, and now they are showing me this ad on my Facebook timeline. And this is the best way guys toe add off to advertise on Facebook simply because you are showing your app not to people in a generic hours. You are showing your ad to people that already visit your website. People that are really know you on already know your product. Maybe people are interested in buying from you. So this is absolutely the best investment you can do. And I'll show you my day off this model how you can do that very easily. Here we have for their examples in the right bar off Facebook Sponsor. This is an Amazon at u C. Amazon dot gone. And he's saying from 29 99 at Amazon, this is like men jacket or something that I was looking on Amazon and I did not buy so that they know that I am interested on this. So if I click here, I probably go to the Amazon website and I can made the purchase. This is another ad from, um, a course that I was looking and I did not buy So everybody is collecting information with the Facebook picks up and they use that later to sell to you. Also, Google also have these takes us so you can install also a Google pixel on your side which is not the case right now on you can start advertising for people and are interested in your products. For example, here we are in a website speed test dot net when you contest the speed, the speed of your Internet. But the thing that I want to show you here is that all around their tool here he doesn't throughout the middle all around the tool we have Google ads. So you see again we have the Amazon at with the jackets we have Xfinity add because I was looking to the Xfinity website I want to change my Internet provider on I did not change but they know that I visit the website that I am used and looking for new Internet provider . So that's why they are showing me these here We have other companies that are Arbor Tyson for me. So by then of these courses I told you you will know how to create these amazing thing we will. We'll teach you how you can create how they can install the speaks on your website and also how you can create an audience with your pick. So So I hope you are excited. This is super good. I may be happens with you. Before that you were looking in websites for products. And after that, a few hours after you go to Facebook or to any other website and you see at off exactly the problem you are looking for and you say, How do they know that I want to do? I was looking for this brother. How do they know that on? That's how they know with the Facebook picks up. So now you know, on by then off this model, you will have total. You will know everything about the picture and you will have that installed on your website to use this powerful tool in your ATS. Let's start the model right now. 3. Creating a Facebook Pixel: is trying to create your pixel. Remember that you can only have one pixel for all your marketing objectives in the past, Facebook allows people to create multiple pixels for one for each campaign, one for its objective. But now they recently change the policies. And we have only one pixel for everything. And you can have only one big supper account. So I already created. I have a pixel created on my account. So it's impossible for me to create another pixel. But I can show you exact exact steps you will be doing right now to create your pixel. You go to the ads manager, click on the top menu here Goto all tools to expand all the tools here on under assets. You have the option pixels. So if you click here, you'll see the option to create a pixel for me is not showing because I have a big saw already running or my websites, but for you will have you will have an option to create the pixels. And here here are the basic steps that you need to follow again Here, that here they're saying, Go to the Facebook pixel tap, which is this one here that we're already here. The second step is to enter the name off your pick so you can have only one pixel per at account. So choose the name that represent your business. When you have the name, you can click on a subject marred. They are set the terms and click on create pixels. That's all. It's super simple. After that, you will have a screen similar to these Ready for your beaks off to be created. I will also add to the resources area off these lectures. Two leagues. This is one link, so you can come here and click on the pixel tap on the second leg. Is this one where you also have the pixel bottom or you need to do is click on here and you will be ready, Director exactly to the page where you can create your pixel. If you watch this video, I'll tell you right now. Let me see if you watch this video, they will tell you that you need to copy the code that you need toe install these on your website. Don't worry about these. This is a little bit more complicated, but I'll show you in this model How to install a picture on your website. Super easily using a polluting. So you don't need to worry about this right now. All you need to do is come here. Create a pixel on. After that, I'll see you in the next video. 4. Installing the Facebook Pixes on your Website: Now that you have a big sell, you are ready toe the next to do the next step which is installing your big cell in your website. If you have more than one website, that story find you can install the same pixel in all your websites. Later I'll show you how to differentiate that traffic that is coming from each website on their audience that you are building in each website. So let me show you how to that and how he CDs right now in this video, will years were installed. These in a war press website probably You have a war press website. So if that's the case, you can follow these steps. Go to the ads manager here the top span clicking on all tools and go to pixels. So here we have the pixel. Here we have the pixel number, which is the unique number that you have for your pick. So So all we need to do here is to copy the pixel number. So this is the number of copies. Select Copy on. Now we go to your website in this case, I'm going toe my website here. Let me open that here we have my website. This is a website. What I they have just for testing for to use on my classes is clawing the play doh Diegan Avila that Khan is my playground. Let's say so. Let's go to your dashboard on war press on your dashboard, you click unplugging so we will start a free plug in that will help you to install your pixel super optimized on your side. So here we are. Plug ins taken. Add new at the top and now we have a lease off Flunkies Here, here on the search box. We type pixel your site so he speaks all your site. That's the name of the ploy. And we have three results on the one we want is this one is Facebook pixel by pixel Your your site. Standard events on wu corners. This is the one that we want and you see here that is by pixel your sight. Picture your size. The creator. More than 107 five star reviews so far and more than 20,000 active installation. So this is the one we want. When you identify these, click on install. Now it's easy stalling, downloading all the files to my site Applicant Active toe to activate the plugging. Excellent. And now you see that here on the left bar, we have an option. A new a new mania which he speaks only your side. And also here on the plug in least we can find big salt your site in here. Okay, so click here on the pixel, Your side on the left menu. Excellent. And now we need to set your change in just a few settings here to enable your plugging on enable the pixel on your website. So here, under the pixel, your side tap scroll down on Dhere. You have add your pill, your big, so I d And here we paced the number. We just got beat from Facebook. This is my number. Your number may be different. Off course will be different because this is unique for each account. So again the number is here. So if you are on the big sauce you can see your big society and this is the number. So let's go back to my side. Okay, this is the number one. Great! Leave a default. All this option Scroll down! Scroll down until you find this option which is active. A Facebook blowing on your side. Put a check mark here on the active April. In general settings, click on safe settings. Excellent. And now we have one more step. Make sure your number is still here and you have the selected this option. Now we go to the advanced stop the second top here and click on activate events. Check Mardis and click safe. Excellent. Is good, is ready. So that's already toe. That's it. The blue in will automatically spread your pixel in all your pages. This is the basic configuration These split in half a pro version. If you want to have more options like dynamic events, you can download the free guide and follow here probably unities describe you. See, that is great out because you need to subscribe to the pro version off these specific blogging and they also have a wound. Climbers integration. In case you have a virtual store, you can This is This will be great. If you are selling products here on your website, you use will come Earth. This is great because you have advanced options like see when people are in the car when people at ideas to the car when they click on buy your product. All this information you can capture with this great plugging. But now we're only fixing in the free version because this is the beginning and we want to have a general idea about how this works. So this is great. The slogan easy style on your website and in the next video we'll continue with this model Seether. 5. Checking if the Pixel is working and capturing information: in this video. We'll check if you're pixel east working or not. But before we're doing that, let me tell you that I'm super happy to see you here because you are actually taken action . You are a vote. You are growing your outings. You are investing your time in learning a Mason strategist that will have a great resource for your business. So super happy to see you here. And with that, let's start this video. So I alone global on In order to check if your Facebook pixel is working or not, we will be used in a free plugging off Google Crumb. So if you are using Google Crumb great. If you are not using the Google Chrome browser, I invite you to Otago will download the goal crumb and he start on Your machine is free and works. Super is great. Super optimize. Any super stable toe is my favorite browser by all. Well, let's when you have the Google chrome went into style a free plugging on war crime that will help it identify if you're if you're pixel is working or not on that is called you go to Google and you search for pig, so help her. Okay, Pixel helper. And in here you have Facebook peel. Pixel helper, group rule crumb star. So this is the one that we want. Click on here. Here we have the extension. So all we need to do now is to click. Add to Crumb here at the top. My saying added to chrome because I already have this iStar But the you click on here and either will automatically start on your Google Crump. Here you have some screen shots off the specific blogging. You see how they show that applauding is active on the big cell is active. And they also show when you have errors on your big So So this is great. And I think you'll like this. When you add it to Crumb. You will see that this more I can hear on the top right hand side saying facebook speak so helper. And now you're seeing that is great out. So if I click on that, nothing shows you see no pixel found on crumb dot google dot com, which is this address that I am visiting right now, this website. So let's check if he's working on my website we just start this on play dot Diego Davila dot com So let's go there. And now you see that here at the top, we have the icon is on blue right now. The Facebook helper is on blue and it has a number two. So it that that Jew pixels here on this page, let's click on this and take a look. So here we have you see one big cell found in play doh deal avila dot com with two events actually two events page view on general event. So if I expand these, I can have more information about the event. So what happened here behind the scenes is I am visiting these specific. They envision the specific page on that. This time these Facebook pixel got my information on my Facebook information. They know that I visit this website and I am that I am interested on this specific subject . So later if you visit your was viewer visiting this website here right now, you will be one off the off. The my target audience When I create on at using the speaks up when I interrogating people that visit my website that view mice My specific articles. If you are visiting, he'll probably you are already on the list, so your task now is to go to your website and see if you can see these pixels. Click on the link here on the Facebook pics or helper plug in and see how many pigs are you have on If it's all in green. If he's in green. Congratulations. That all you need to do. I hope you like these. You can test all their websites. Let's go, for example, to you to me dot com, and you will see that they are collecting lots off pixels. Let's see here it's opening. So here we have four pixels to peaks of Week. Four events, actually. So here is the pixel I d great and we have the events. Speaks are initiated east. Remember, the pixel is a member insane for these other account. So this is how works If I click on courses, for example, if I click on these cars selfie masterclass, let's say you see here that they're collecting 11 events, so we have three pixels with 11 events. Okay, so that means because I'm watching these. I open this page, probably if I goto Facebook. If I go to any other pages, I'll start with what? I've seen ads for these specific cars because they you to me, for example. They use retargeting in almost all their marketing efforts. So this is how it works. I hope your site is working right now. I So I hope you are seeing the pixels. And if that's working, I see you in the next video. If you are not, if this is not working for you. If you are not seeing the pixel, contact me on the Q and A session and I can help you with that. See you in the next video. 6. Creating a Target Audience with your Facebook Pixel: congratulations. You have your big sell, the pixel in style on the website and all is working fine. Were working great by now, so that's amazing. We are ready to take the next step, which is to create your custom, our audience. What's the custom audience? In this case? It's an audience that is interested on your website, its audience people, everybody that visit your website for now because now you have the big some. So you're pixel a star recording. Start collecting information about the people that visit your website, the pages that they visit and it's building a database off all these these these clients, these future clients that you will have on you can use that later for at so in here. The step This video will create your out. And if you just created the specific pixel, probably you still don't have too many visit because we creating the last video. So you will have a couple visit, maybe 34 visits. I recommend you to spend to wait a week or a week and 1/2 or a few days, depending on how many visit you have on your website daily on. After that, yes, you can create. You can use that on your audience. But the audience you can create right now. So here we're on the pixels. If you are on the at manager, come here. The top. All tools click on pixels. Here we have is opening the pixel for Okay. Excellent. So now you see that all my events are on green and they are saying active, if you If your event is not active yet, Don't worry, that's normal because you just created the big. So if you created a picture of a few days ago, probably you are already on the active state east orally. Fine. It's normal that it will take a few days in order to be green. Us too. You can see here. Okay, well, next step is to create outings. How do we do that? We're here on the pixel and we can click on create audience. So here we have some options. This is the name of the peak. So the pixel i d. And here we have the website traffic. So here you choose the objective. Off your out is So you see here you have the option to create an audience with everyone who visit your website. So you just install a pixel. Everyone who is in your websites. The second option is people who visit web specific. What page? So you can add the URL here if you want. You are. L contains these keywords. You can add the keywords or you r l is equal to these Ural, that's up to you. The second option that corruption is people visiting a specific what page but not others. So if you have one webpage where you provide free information for your customers, for example, you can say OK, I want to target everybody that visit this page, which is your free page. But people, you can exclude people that already visit your other page, which is your paid page. So you will only target people that I really know you that visit your website. But they are They did not purchase your product yet because you don't want to advertise your product to somebody that already purchase your brother. Right, So in here, you at the page, the home screen of the home address of your page and in here, you at the link that is where your product leave. So you will exclude these people that already visit the page of your product that I already purchased for you. That this is the option. The last option is people who have envisaged a certain amount off time. So you can you see here include people who have visit your website in the last 180 days. But haven't bean back so you can advertised to these people if you want. Let's go. All the last option, of course, is custom combination. So you can choose the Ural or event here. You can choose the the specific girl that you want and you can add specific more conditions if you want. This is more advanced for now. What I want to you to do and this is the first step if you are neo two pixels is to select the first option, which is anyone who visit your website. This one here I'm here. You have the domains when we I start my my specific plugging the specific give pixel on these three websites so you can see the wall. The websites were your picks a lease? If you Stalin 456 websites, you will see all that remains in here. So in this specific case, I want to target people who visit this website mill camino santiago dot com, And you can just other domains if you want. I'll just only one and I'll target people that visit in the last 30 days. Off course, you can change these up to 180 80 days, which is the maximum include past website traffic. That's good. You, I recommend to check mark these so they will include all the people that visit in the last 30 days on you here. Create an onus name this case. I'll answer pixel. So these Facebook peak so communion, which is the name off the website. Let's enter November 18 which is today's day, so I know when I am ready. I can click on Create audience if you want. You can add more information here on the description. Great audience. Excellent. Thank you for creating your custom audience. Your audience is ready. So if I go now to the top menu here and I go toe audiences, I can see here that my out it I just created He's a custom audience. The visit off my website out its is too small. Undersized zero. This is showing because I just created this The specific hours. It takes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours, in order to show these a scream. So they pixel kind of star collecting information of your visitors and can start showing your numbers here on the audience size. When this is ready, you'll be ready. Toe, go to the next step, which is creating your at with these specific audience. Okay, let's go back to the pixel. Let me show you one more thing before we jumped the next video. Here you have the number off times your pixel waas fires, you see Big fire pixel fires 4004.3 K times on the last seventies. So in here you have the events. This isn't the number of events you are else. This is the U. S. Where my picks, Elise, You see the number of visits off the last seven days in here domains, domains that have my peak sauce on the device and this is interesting. Look at these. We have the devices desktop. I have more than 2000 visit in the last seven days from desktop. The second winner off my visit East iPad. I didn't know that. I just realized that right now, actually, which is 753 visits in the last seven days. After that, we have Android iPhone, Andre tablet on windows Fun. So this is this also give you a great idea where your customers are connecting to your website front. It's a great way to know if they are coming for a mobile if they're coming from desktop or which device they use. I hope this is powerful. I hope you create your audience here right now on after that, I see you in the next video. 7. Creating your First Super Optimized Ad using Facebook Pixel: Okay, guys, two hours later, finally, my audience is ready to create at Remember that we create this FB Pixel Camino November 18 . We create this in the last video and now after two hours, yes is ready is screen here and is ready to use 100 people. Is the size off the audience The people add visit my website in the last 30 days off course , there are more people, but the out is is still building up. So this takes a few minutes. A few hours sometimes toe, actually be ready. So now in this video, we will finally create an at using these specific out is So let's do that right now. Let's go here to the top and click on add manager on. Let's click on Create at the green button on the right side. Okay. And here we have the objectives. Remember, we talked about all these objectives these audience that we create with the pig so you can use for any off these options. Okay, on this case, I will use to promote my page. But you can use for between Chris conversion on your website you can use to get aptly style you can use to boost your pose or to get video is toe any off these girls. Okay, so in this case, for about your page, click on continue here. Facebook ads. Which page would want to promote let promote. They want the we created on the scores, which is create online courses. Excellent. And now that the only different thing that we're doing east these custom audience. Okay, remember the way before we leave this open this open and blank and we just select people by location, age, and gender and languages on all these. But now, because we have a custom audience, we can use the pig. So? So, if we go here, we see all the out insists on one off then or whether we just created is the FB pixels commedia November 18 800 people click on that. So now you see, this is what happened right now. By selecting these audience, we are targeting this ad. We will show this at only two people who visit my website in the last 30 days. That means people that already know me, people that maybe are already interested in buying my products or my services. So This is amazing, guys because the conversion off this ad is unbelievable because is not called traffic is traffic that is ready to buy your products. I absolutely love this option. And I am sure you will also love when you see the results. Great. So we have here the audience basically all the people that visit my website in the last 30 days. And now we can move to the next step which is selection, selection, off location, age, gender and languages. So if you want, you can t leave this totally open because you are not targeting everybody on Facebook. You are only targeting this group of people that visit your website in the last 30 days. Right? But if you want to be more specific, you can do that to you can include people are in specific locations. You can include people that aren't specific ages. Let me include here 35 to 55 which is my target audience. You can include men. Women are all languages English all interest, you know, do how important this is. Ok, so and also the connection. If you want to screw people that are really like your page so the only different thing that we're doing here. So, you know, east the custom outers because now we're not targeting everybody. We're talking only people that this is the website. Scroll down the placement. You already know these where the ad will show in Facebook Instagram on also rowdiest network budget. How much you want invest daily or how much of what invest a total. When you are ready in here, you can click continue. And now you know how to continue all willing to do we select the image or video or slide show I blow the images. If you want change the tax here on year description on also you can. After that show, advanced options change the headline which is these one here below the image and you have the option off big cell tracking Here. You can say truck track all the conversions from my Facebook page. Choose conversion, tracking picks up or do not track. If you want to track, I recommend you to drug the conversions. You can select the pixel are you already have which is already in green and ready to use on Facebook will track all the conversion that you have with this. This is amazing. You are ready now to use the big so and I break a Mandia to start small. Just you can start. Let me go back here. You're gonna start promoting your page. Maybe promoting opposed. Maybe I recommend to promote opposed first because it's the easiest way to do. And after that, you can start exploring other options for short with the Facebook picks up. I hope this is helpful. We will talk a little bit more about these later in the course. But now is the time to put all these into practice. And we will do that next in the next video where we will have the final project. I hope to see you there. And I hope this is useful for you and for your business. 8. IMPORTANT: Final Project: Hey, guys, welcome to the last Lecter here on the course, the final project. This is super important because this letter will warranty that you are taking the right steps to succeed and to get the resource that you want. And that's what we want. Here. My goal asked Instructor Always east toe warranty that you get the best results for the time that you are investing here on the class. The final project. We have three main steps. Step number one is to watch all the Lecter's. If you are in this video in this last video, probably, I assume that you may be what, already or the Lector. So if that's the case, that's wonderful, because you already completes that number. One Step two is toe. Leave your review. Your feedback here on the class. Andi, I really appreciate you review because you review helps the course to grow on. The most important thing is that the review helps the course to reach other students. Order Intrepid North that, like you, are looking for ways to grow their own line business to reach more people on Facebook on especially rich people using this great tool that is retargeting so please leave your review. I rate absolutely all the reviews and I really appreciate the time that you invest leaving your review step number three One of the most important point here is to go to the projects . Are area here on a sculpture on? This is important because here we're taking action on create a new project. Go to Project Saira. Click on Create new Project The blue bottom on in the projects I recommend you to share one of the things you can share your Facebook profile. You can share your Facebook page, your Facebook group or the at that you created, using the strategies that I teach here on the cars on why this is important. This is super important because enough in my inner community here, on the skills you guys, we have more than 15,000 and trip indoors for more than 15,000 people, students that are in rolling in my courses that are participating very often off all my new classes. So if you share the link to your Facebook page here on the projects are you are basically sharing this link with all the people are enrolling the course on disagree way toe help you on your business to get more followers because we are all with the same goal here. We're in Crepin er's on. Probably people will be joining to your Facebook page and maybe becoming your follower and never You never know. Maybe your client. So I hope to see your project here. I want to say thank you for investing the most valuable asset that you have, which is your time. You invest your time here with me in the class, and I hope this class help you to get amazing results. That's my goal. So I also invite you. If you scroll down here on the project description, you'll see dealing toe all my other Facebook marketing classes on this is some must. If you are taking this class, you will love the other classes I have. I have more than 30 classes only about Facebook, Facebook ads, Facebook pages and sharing great strategies. Toe weren't great strategies that most people are not using today on Facebook to help you again to get the results that you want. If you are a premium skill share member, you can go here on enrolling Absolutely. All my classes because it's free. You already paying your membership on you can enrolling unlimited classes. So I'd be happy to see you in one of my courses here. If you are not a premium member, I I recommend you to enroll s premium you pay. I think. Right now, the promotion is like 99 cents for three months off subscription so you can pay $1 use they unlimited watch unlimited classes for three whole three months. That's amazing. Because how many classes you can watch in three months? How many amazing strides is your learn? I mean, you can take all these classes that I'm sharing here within three months. If you have the four membership, I love a sculpture. I am recommending to you because I really think this will help you. I hope to see my other classes. And I hope you are having amazing day. See, there