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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

26 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Lecture 1 - Introduction

    • 3. Lecture 2 - Find out what your passion is

    • 4. Lecture 3 - Starting a social business

    • 5. Lecture 4 - Identifying the market potential

    • 6. Lecture 5 - Naming your business

    • 7. Lecture 6 - Your business offer in one sentence

    • 8. Lecture 7 - Identify your target audience

    • 9. Lecture 8 - Positioning your product/service

    • 10. Lecture 9 - Finding a business model

    • 11. Lecture 10 - Building an MVP

    • 12. Lecture 11 - Analytics, Reporting and Benchmarking

    • 13. Lecture 12 - Finance and legal

    • 14. Lecture 13 - How to convince an investor

    • 15. Lecture 14 - Crowd funding your business

    • 16. Lecture 15 - Quick fix website

    • 17. Lecture 16 - Set up your marketing processes

    • 18. Lecture 17 - Sales

    • 19. Lecture 18 - PR secrets

    • 20. Lecture 19 - Managing your first employees

    • 21. Lecture 20 - Dress for success

    • 22. Lecture 21 - How to present yourself

    • 23. Lecture 22 - Key lifestyle adjustments

    • 24. Lecture 23 - How to find a mentor

    • 25. Lecture 24 - How to deal with failure

    • 26. Lecture 25 - Recap of the course and conclusion

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About This Class

Learn how to start your business, avoid beginners mistakes and get on a fast track of building a successful business.

Why take a course for female entrepreneurs?

I have graduated from a very prestigious Business School in the UK and if you ask me if this has prepared me for starting and running my business - the answer is: "Definitely not"

This is why I have designed this course so you can get a head start and avoid the mistakes I made starting a business.

Beside this essential hard facts, I will give insight and tips on how it is to be in business as a women and share the strategies I developed to be successful and use it to my advantage.

This course is designed for ladies who want to start their own business and already have an idea and want to learn the key essentials on how to get going. I will share my experiences and cover the key topics such as identifying the target market and customer groups, financial planning, finding an investor, setting up processes, promoting and growing your business.

So I invite you to join me in this course. I would be thrilled to support and guide you on this journey of starting your own business and becoming a self-made women.

If you have any questions, I would be thrilled to get hearing from you.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vladlena Taraskina

Digital Strategy │AI & Chatbots │Female Entreprene


Vladlena is a female entrepreneur, focusing on developing innovative products and services for millennial women.

She is a proven digital strategist with 10 years of experience in startups and business development. She founded multiple companies in different industries (Fintech, E-commerce and Digital Platforms) Vladlena has the ability to translate business ideas into working business models. Furthermore she has the capacity to identify and align customers' emerging needs with products and services.

At the moment she is helping companies to design and implement digital strategies that cater to millennial women. Her expertise include Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, eCommerce and crafting Digital Experiences.

Through her courses she wants to share k... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Hello. My name is Lana asking and I'm a few moments printer. All of the last 10 years, I have start several businesses. Some of them were successful, but some failed. Like you. I always wanted to be my own boss. I always wanted to have the freedom of choice. And I always wanted to be in control. After graduating from a prestigious business school in the UK, I was very well prepared for Korean corporation. How weather? I had very little understanding off what it means to run a home business. So in this course, I'm gonna teach you how to start your own business, how to get the first customers and the first profits. How to find an investor, how to talk to the press, all the things which I had to learn the hard way. So, after struggling with my business ventures, I have realized I can help other women to start their businesses. In this course, you're gonna learn how to avoid the mistakes I did. So after completing this course, you can have all the necessary tools and the confidence to have your business up and running. I want to open doors for many women to start their own businesses. And I want you to be successful and excel as a few male entrepreneur. So join me in this course and make the first step the worst. Getting your freedom and becoming your own boss. 2. Lecture 1 - Introduction: Hello, ladies. And welcome to the course in this course, I'm gonna tell you everything to know about starting your own business and help. At the end of it, you will be able to take people faith and stock business. You always I'm gonna give you some insight and tell you about the main stakes I have been so you can avoid when you started your business, The side I would like to give you some key definitions which mean toe, think off before your business. I would like to tell you the difference between the project and between the business and why it is important to start a business. Rajan is always a temporary thing. It's very convenient and easy to tell your friends. And you are just starting and it might not work. And it's just that that everything but it is important to think about starting a business from the very beginning because in a business, if you're starting it, you're gonna start that business processes and you gonna aim to generate profits And what? That's exactly what our business is, what it needs to be doing so you can survive. Prosper. So what other three packs of businesses you can start. The 1st 1 is a product. So if you're good at making something with your hands or if you know, produce something, you can choose to make a product the second I is offering a service. So, for example, if you faulted Murphy or websites represent, start offering the service. The first cut is reset, so basically there is somebody's assets product service, and there's 1/3 party cheeses, and you could be an intermediary between them, even created on the next. So, basically, you don't offer products services up, but you are intermediate rich. Tonight's a pool parties. How do you decide which has business you've been Start. I'm gonna talk in more detail spot for the lectures. But I would like to give you the first free keeps wishing to thinking the 1st 1 You should be thinking of what you put it. So do you have a unique knowledge to please do ask you great service. You can be well, Do you have connections like you could connect to keep artists which needs something? The second thing is, if there isn't work, you need to be checking. If there is not people who need your product service or the connecting and the final thing is suppression. I'm gonna cover in more details about the patient. Nice lecture. But you have to start thinking about what makes you excited. What I am passionate about, what hand affection can you include in your business and which will help you to master all the challenges too? Go from within and succeed. Start thinking about it and see you next lecture. 3. Lecture 2 - Find out what your passion is: Hello, Always in this lecture everything about finding your and how integrated into your own business. We even have a better intuition when it comes to what we like to bring and what makes us you're happy. So I think it's very working, especially business sense as well, when you're starting your business to decide to think off what makes you happy and what you're passionate about and to go for it and start your business. Based on that, I have very bad experiences of starting a business without any passion. I was studying in a very good business school in You came and basically I had no idea what I want to do and what makes me happy. So I followed through with traditional few years. We'll school banking insurance itself. I was very unhappy with decisions and choices that continued for several years before I actually started to think. What are my questions about what makes me happy? Starting a business woman may have been what business can be and, well, what should be. I think the best business is always start off Kobe's something really, which transforms in the business, which makes you my which a swell makes it happy. So there there's one advice that should give you on how to come up with your passion. It is best to plan the classic place, work fail, or somewhere where you feel comfortable and playing piece of paper in front. You start by writing down the things which you love doing. There's no right or wrong answers to start writing things down, think back to your childhood and think of what made me happy. Which topics which, which patients with what went on during their free time. Right, hold it down. I have a need for a few days and come back later and think Wish off those priorities. Prioritize. Tell yourself which one you like. The best Dr. Your friends stopped your family. What do they think about that? Which precious is? Think you were the best at After you have it? You can also think and look atyour budget your finances. So where do you spend the most money? Because this category where you spend your most money movie is lower than market. We should best best knowledge. So you love last night. Excuse. Spend a lot of money each month. Cosmetics. All this market So it's going to be much here for you to start the business in this particular area. So when you know it also think it is great to make money business. But it doesn't have to be the main motivation because my love and sustain you for the difficult times. But nothing is going and the supply come dealing with the court's on your part. Largest quit and said that I said, That s something. Which session? What do you not doing? Which is gonna drag him for this difficult And it can be money on Lee. I have started your business, which were just are money. They have failed and I can see that they failed because I think my best throw a few marketing. But actually it's very soon forgot. All comes down to one simple thing. I was a professional about it, So please take your time. Sit down, write down what you love to be a priority. Ice. Make the top 3 to 5 passions. You have a home base your and start thinking. How can you convert this fashions to a business in the next Electricity? More detail Super Bowl market and vesting out if your passion can make actual money and pick up a business. So thank you very much. And I'll see you the next lecture. 4. Lecture 3 - Starting a social business : Hello, ladies. Six lectures about social business. I'm gonna give you a definition overview. What Social businesses. So maybe by the end of it you're gonna decided to start a social business. So business is a business which is main aim is to solve social. So while generating some profits, the main idea is that you are addressing an important like, for example, access to clean water education. It's there are more people and especially woman or starting their social businesses because they see that the way what was going now is not their productive. And basically the inequality get this bigger, bigger. And that optional starting social business where, you know, make money, but you're also solve. The problem is a very, very good solution. I can tell my life story results business. Basically, I have grown up in Russia next to the Euro mountains, which is 1000. There's with Moscow. And from the beginning I was faced with a lot of social problems like alcoholism, drug abuse, their little orphanage Children. So when I have moved to the UK and I did my education business full, I heard of this one sexual business and had made a perfect sense because it's business sense to me and it solves social problems, which I really thought questions about which I really want to do. So it doesn't. Then I started first in Russia Social croc climbing test from where NGOs, social businesses can raise money. We have helped a lot off social businesses to raise my hands at them, to realize that projects. So there was a really great start. We have also seen a lot off people and a lot of social businesses which grew over time and which hire people. So the motor waas and is working. I like to give you a free decision points three informations, which I think a key before you can think off certain social business and decide to do it. Basically, the first thing you need to consider is that the money would be the same as normal, and sometimes the money might be difficult. And heart do you have to do with this. The second thing is, all the social businesses are already dated. So you gonna sold night. It's gonna be a long term thing, and sometimes it's very frustrating to see their resolves the trip and you have to be prepared for that. The first thing is that it's very difficult face those problems and to start solving. But that is very rewarding because you see that your working knowledge of your time something is actually changing. Maybe that's so quick is your whole. And you can't have everybody with things starts to change. So I have prepared for you. Some resource is where you can be a total businesses and the success cases which already exists in the world. And maybe you want to decide to start your social business. Well, thank you and see you next lecture. 5. Lecture 4 - Identifying the market potential : how lonely this lecture is about finding out what the market size east, and if your business can take up a chair, it is very important topic. And it's not only important for investors on external purposes, it is many working for you. Before you even start your business, you need to find out if there is enough demand for the service. What is the competition on what kind of share market you can take up? So to start with their three main definitions, there is, first of all, a total addressable market. So the total market which various a second list there is that segment which you can take So a certain segment of the hotel, every business there is Hostel's also certain second, and the final part is the share market. So what is the sheer can take up, uh, to start riff? You signed out the total addressable market. So the total demand for your father there are few their tools which you can use toe find that out which we're not existent. When I just started, the 1st 1 is the key work toe from Google. In the love to use it, you have to looking into people. Edwards account as you having the keywords which your business basically help people confined and you can see the search volume in different countries. And what people are searching for other enough people for searching for your product. How many of them up there? The second tool, which is very generous. Lois's Bull Markets Finder It's It works the same type of the key work you are using, and you're gonna have a list of countries where this keyword to search the most. So, basically, if you're thinking of starting a business, several countries or to expend you can has three with these of priorities where people need to the most your product or service and the violent ones, which is very close. Different reports. They're a little market reports. We specifically align market size and how the market looks like they're usually very expensive. But if you are still university, what people would be to get access to them because you would probably for your life really having access to them and that important metric in order to find out your total addressable market is to find out the average check. So basically how much money people send all average on your products and services. And when you have this time, you have to not like, ever check. And the Q worse, like home money people search for it, then you gonna come off Estimate which you should check different ports and opinion leaders is the market. So basically, take the information from different sources to get the maximum reliable results the 2nd 1 So when you have your total addressable market size, you were gonna come up with the same it. So which saying that in the whole calorie business once and hostels cheap, it takes up to a certain percent off the whole market. To find that off you can. This will sort on land, use the same keywords and they in more precise terms. So take So you're gonna have the same the final thing wishing to find out it's the show, the market you're gonna take up. What other competitions? What? Who else is there? What is the market size and what is the sheer you can take in the market? You have to be very realistic about it. And very tool there is is well, it's called Seen the wet. There you go and you concerned about your competition there, you can find out approximately what? How many people they are with your competition for taking their website off and you can approximately see how many players market. And what kind of shared you couldn't take no stranger everything. Why couldn't they share? So why better? And I think what it is, it a 1% off. The same and you can take isn't 2% 10%. And how much does this? 10% in January? Mine in money terms so you can actually survive Gloria basis. The last even going to give you is not to spend too much time. This it is a very world metric to get confident and to proceed basically with your business . But do not spend months researching and coming up with it because it's a estimate, and the further you go along your business, you can find out more about the market and inside so you can get the information. So the beginning Do your research? No. Well, come up with different scenarios. How much market share you can take, do different estimates and go for it. So thank you for listening and I'll see you next lecture 6. Lecture 5 - Naming your business: Hello it is. This is a lecture about name your business. I give you seven cubicles when consummating a business. So first goal and then your choosing. Sophisticated. So when the customer here is, if you should be able tow, remember, the 2nd 1 is that you should avoid unusual spelling. Don't make a lot of their customer and make it very easy and simple. Stop. The firm is that you should keep it very simple. The best names contain 5 to 6 letters, and it's even better letters through keep themselves. So, for example, it's also very good when they price both. One is that you should be very careful accusing generic things like rule over. Although they're very, it's sometimes better to have a particularly off your product service offering in your name . So, for example, if you're offering catering services, it's not bad to have a word cagier in the You should also consider if you've been trained, mark your name, it's always that I ST Marks you have unique right? The 5th 1 is usually move opening. Before you made your business like that, I want to make a mistake by calling my cross. Told you about before you seen it stands for Russian issues to bed. I didn't know that there is like that. And I only know this one that started to get facelift flights from people which I didn't. Our little which were like me from this ethical the 61 is you should use that man and things which are common, for example, dot home or specific to their country in the worst cases. And do stuff now that info. But please be careful with this, which are with an extension beard. The 2nd 1 is you should test in the park. So go out there if you have a few options now your best Imus And asked what sticks that was fixed to your business. I guess you better fine. Don't give rights to changing them. If you for example change your product or service you're offering Don't be afraid to change it because it is very important what it is and what people are so fake. So I hope I get you keeps a 1,000,000 business and I'm gonna see you next. Lecture 7. Lecture 6 - Your business offer in one sentence: Hello, guys. In this lecture, I'm gonna tell you, Polito, come out with a perfect one sentence speech Were business to convince your customers and your partners. So where do you start? You start by my story. Sit down, take a piece of paper and go to some quiet place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and start describing every detail what your business, us and who doesn't. And what is the unique thing in your business? You can also throw a beautiful picture business so you can visualize it. I have your story started searching all the keyboards which most important for your business? The key that's and the key works when it had keywords you can follow a very simple for them to come up with your wants and speech, so it should start with name. So the name of your business, then what? You offer a product or service, then valuable for it. So what is your target? What does the product? What does it Salt. So what kind of problem This is product service salt and why? How does it petition? What is the unique bad off your product or service for this? So, for example, Airbnb is an online marketplace for people to find a book, you need accumulations worldwide. The some things has to be a very short time. Has to be very straight to the point. You shouldn't also use any George to make it easier for people to follow it. Remember it also, you should be afraid. Toe. Come up. The perfect one sentence speech. Just in the beginning, it is going to change. The more distinctly I passed the most of the partners is gonna be a chastity. Become better every time. So I hope you have a perfect formula to create a awesome once has speech to convince lawyer partners, and I'm gonna see him next lecture. 8. Lecture 7 - Identify your target audience: Hello is this lecture is about identifying a target audience. So why is it so important? You have to know very well with your customer once and who she or he is. Basically, it's not just to have a big idea sick, For example, my women h you have to basically know everything where they go travelling. What did that free time? What they would work. What is their education? Whether go helping in separate says we have to know very, very detail what they do. It is very important because then if you know that you've been very well targeted at don't waste time. I was toe have in the beginning one book and this view very specific. If you want to have a few groups, it's better to have like upto free of them, not more, because it gets very difficult to target more free. So how do you define that? Was very good exercise just called by person. So what is it by by? There is a generalized in which Oak Jocasta. So, for example, they kind she's a perfect customer. So imagine perfect customer of yours and right at very low profile for So what should this provide quote, this problem option will background. So what is her career? Half our family, where she this? It also should include the demographics. What issues? Where's her Pampa status? And Teather said, then should also with the identifier. So, for example, our communication style that she liked to be cold by phone or complected. But email. What's the channel? Basically, she likes to be contacted. The third and 4th 1 is her goals and challenges. So what are the goals of challenges and how you can help? Also, you should know who the real votes about her goals of challenges and the main objections she would have to use bill services. Often you have all that. You have to come up with a marketing message, which feeds the above profile and then while sentence speech, which we discussed in a previous sector. But it has to be adjusted to your buyers if you know, and if you have a spy, will get much easier Target and the target that people from the same crew I can also show you my story. In a way, I think it's so important to executable, really targeting two years ago and starting a business called Control. It's an online marketplace for finding and sharing off space and making bombs in the beginning with absolutely no Kupwara customs, because before everybody needs in office space, we were really wrong and waste really a lot of time and money trying to target everybody because we do know who they are. So I would like to warn you this mistake and elected vice that you identify target and do your by a dishonest estimates possible, which will help you very much and you won't waste of money, so thank you very much and I'll see you in the next sector. 9. Lecture 8 - Positioning your product/service: always. This lecture is about positioning your business. This lecture is one of the most important electricity this course because from how you position your business and with how much money marketing and how you're gonna give each customer how effectively conviction customer. So what is positioning and how it works? Basically, since were targeted so much information, so many offers every day in our lives. It's very difficult to make a decision about buying a product service. So the most decisions we're making, unfortunately, and whatever comes to mind basically school top of mind. So if you say abuser coffee start sucks and your goal is to get their your brand products for simple. If you're offering organ face cream, your real name has to come up and you have to be a top of mind for this particular category . So you start identifying your victory. If this is already very popular with competition so you can get there anymore, I think it's best to create new could like Krystle where, but a select where you will be first. It's always going to be first in the victory. It also helps if you have a name which points of a victory. So, for example, you are offering organic products. It was very worse. That's how disappointed in your brand names. It's easier for people to make that connection top of my connection to breath, name action. You can see that by big breasts that, for example, something's off everything and you come to social, anything breath. It makes it much harder for them to sell. And now had thinking of Apple Computer. The sales go up and you straightaway. You're working. Start that. You don't need even to spend so much own your advertising because it's it's out there. There is a very excess, which you can do when it comes to position your father. You have to come up with a different target groups, which we have identified in the last lecture and from each of the groups. Use a post it notes and write one work for the following work. So, first of all, with so called so for this card, you have what comes up. What? She'd come up when they hear your breath. Me? It could be an image that can be a word, or it can be. It sounds so what comes to the double my visit Your logo. What should come up? The 2nd 1 He's the benefits. So what is the best? It's off your products and service. What comes up? What? This three words you. But I use words like two words, not the whole sentences. The 3rd 1 is that well, it is what it is. Is it pretty? Is it exciting? What are the main Wallace? The full flatness, That territory. So imagine starting group. And if you would film and advertising campaign for them Where with Beset. So the setting for it and the final one is the value. So what is the value you bring in for this target? When you have all that different bargain wolves, you should well, it all together. In one work, you would also make it In the groups we have, Everybody has their ideas there and you have to identify out. Each proof is stark free May ideas. This the ideas will be your positioning. For this, you have to be incorporated in your west side in all of your communications with the outside world. This is how you should keep communicating and with a certain images with a certain words, please be consistent with it. This is always about positioning at the moment and I'll see you next lecture 10. Lecture 9 - Finding a business model: Hello. Is this electricity about finding the business model, which is a perfect fit for your business and your customers? So what are the main starting points where you can come up with a business more? Basically, the process of finding it is made the trial and error process. You're gonna try out a few business Morrow's before you come to a perfect fit. So where do you start? Basically, the best starting point is to start with banks. What kind of bad do you offer to the customers? What can find you? Does your competitive over to the custom? What is custom prepared to pay for that finger? All of these questions. On the other hand, you have to be thinking about your cost structures. What cross? How much was it supposed to request? How much does it cost him in vain? Discussed how much you fixed close So much other posts, which you can cut so basically in their few models, which you can use. The 1st 1 is the seems so. Basically you will sell the SS, the second one's so service on their also the subscription fees, the licensing, the rental fee you could also advertising uh, off your products. You can also be the brokerage fees a percentage from the provision base business. You have to be thinking about several revenue streams for your business, so you are not dependent on one. This is going to be very good for you. Laughter, and it's gonna help you to off backwards. Also there few types, which you also should consider. There is a business which is based on a long march. Basically, you take a very small margin and yourself more people. The second type is high margin and nobody a high end segment where you've been charged very high margin, but you sell it to only a few people. And the final one, which where you don't want to be, is the low volume, low margin. Basically that step to your business in a long term. Because you can survive this. I hope I could give you a few tips about choosing your business model and s u Next lecture 11. Lecture 10 - Building an MVP: Hello, is this lecture is about minimal. So after you have your business more ready, it is important to start testing on The best way to tested is by coming up with a minimal level. So what is inevitable? Basically, it is a very simple version off your product or service, which only contains one feature you want to test. Why is it so crucial to have it just like that in the beginning? Because in the beginning, you don't know what exactly customer will want from your father to service and how it should develop. So you have an idea. Basically, you should come up with a hypothesis which you want to test. So you want to test if the people in order for your website, a certain product and this is the future, you have to start. So basically, don't start building the whole platform with a lot of futures. You don't know if you were gonna need Just start with something simple. Let's take an example. So, for example, you wanna be the platform which connects baby sitters with the parents. The way you do it is to make a list of baby sitters publish it on land and starts during the first transactions manually. So you're gonna get the emails from parents. You gonna connect them, You can hold them. Us how everything is going. So basically, you're going to get this first most important back, so you can actually build further your product or service and make it really useful and make it really what? Your customer. Once so think about it. Start building your minimal bio product. Start testing as soon as possible. Don't be afraid that it doesn't look too professional. Just get out there and start doing it. This is all for me, about minimal product, and I'll see you in the next election. 12. Lecture 11 - Analytics, Reporting and Benchmarking: Hello, is this lecture is about analytics reporting and benchmarking your business. It is very important from the very beginning to start recording your analytics and making reports on how you're progressing in your business. So where do you start? Basically, you start by setting up a Google Analytics account. You can ask for help there, maintaining videos online on describing how you can do it and there that will be the most important information collected. I would advise you to make a separate Microsoft Excel Google people and start recording on depending how important this. But if you're writing an online business or offline business, you have to start recording the unique visitors where the traffic is coming from the amount of people who are converted. So who purchase your brother's service away? This people are coming from Who are they? So basically, you have to start writing it down, depending on again. How important is for you? I do. It's usually weekly or monthly, and you have to start swell. When you have this statistics, you have to start wondering if there any seasonal changes. If their words demand during a certain day of the week. What are basically the main variables when your traffic and when the amount of customers who have changes. When you have this day that you will be able to start planning us, we'll have What you're gonna achieve in the next month is gonna base will make it easier for you to start planning your cash flow, your expenditures what you can afford. If you can afford to spend more money on advertising or if you are projecting lower revenues this month, what you could do to balance it out. Maybe there other evidence trips we should use. This is one very important part of a very important part. It's benchmarking, so you have to start benchmarking, basically comparing your business to your competition. There is a good Web site, which is called Cinema Web, where you can see the main statistics four years from the propensity like unique visitor is the source where the traffic is coming from. You can also put it all in one table, so the list of your brothers and your data and you can compare on the main characteristics how you're performing, How much better can you be before me and what is changing with your competent competitor isn't. Maybe they're offering additional products and services. That is not a very important part, which you have to be tracking. Thank you very much for your attention. That's all about analytics reporting benchmarking, and I'll see you next lecture. 13. Lecture 12 - Finance and legal: Hello, is this lecture is about your finances and illegal mothers. So after you started best your business model and you have minimal viable product, you start to get your first customers in the first money. This is the point where I advise you to set up your company. You shouldn't set it up before toe work on this Siri cost. Since the regulations are very different from 100 to another, I would advise you to talk to your local agency which using small businesses so they can advise you on the best entity which gets your business and your situation. Basically, it is all about liability. So the which extends you want reliable your personal assets when your business feels if you are based in the U. S. There's a very good tool which is called CEOs. It is basically a platform where for a fixed sum, lawyers are gonna help you to set up your company and you with any other legal matters. You have the second working topic, which I would like to come in. This lecture is finalised. It is very important to have your silence under control from the day one. So what does it mean basically usually have two documents. The first line is profit and loss account, and the 2nd 1 is a cash. You can use the time place and shot out there. But it's better to have a template which is fit to your business or even created a your cafe from scratch. So when you have this, then that's really you have to start working on this sampler. So the 1st 1 is profit and loss account. Basically, you use it to record or your revenues and report all your costs so you can come up with a profit attend projected this world for the next month and also project home my sex. You need to pay so you can control basically the situation of your business. The second month you special flow. You cannot run your business. But just looking at the actual amount of money you have in your bank, you have to be projecting what expenses gonna be next month? What is the revenue you're gonna be next month? So, basically your cash situation in bold documents, I would advise you to make free scenarios. So the worst case tonight in the middle case scenario in the best case your shield plan for the best case scenario, but you should also be prepared for the worst case scenario. And that's very good. Advice I give you is to keep your costs low and very about the beginning like this. If you have problems generating enough revenue, you can cap straight away. Another option is to rent or lease anything. So furniture, for example, a car so you don't have a fixed fixed costs. Another very good tip is to start doing your accounting straight away from day one. You gotta have invoices coming in and coming out of your business, and you need to be keeping track of them. There is very good to, for example, settle. Oh, there is not a fresh books, which you can choose from toe. Start keeping your accounting. You know what they want. There is another tool, which helps you to plan your budget and your cash flow. It is called Union the budget, whichever applies to use for your personal finance and for your corporate finance. Basically, they have a salon mobile aboutrika use and where you can record the extensive straight away and there in one program you can see the expense will next month and you go budget them and plan them. The final Dabic controls like to cover in this sector is a very important one. It is about how you can find it's your business. I believe that the best way in the beginning to finance your business is from your savings . If you don't have savings, another option is to ask for a loan from your friends and family. In any case, if you take money from your friends and family, it is also very good to have ah written agreement where you're gonna describe them in terms and the town when you're gonna pay them back. This is gonna help you toe misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict in the future. Another option used to go to your bank and ask them for the conditions today. Credit. I would be very careful with this option and would talk to 1/3 person before you make a decision, because if you cannot pay the credit back, you're gonna run into Big Falls. Another option used to get a stand grand if it is a valuable or take part in some started competitions where you can also get access toe financing in the next electricity. I'm going to talk about how to find the business essential. And if cross something is a good option for you to finance your business, so thank you very much for your attention and I'll see you next lecture. 14. Lecture 13 - How to convince an investor: Hello, is this lecture is about finding investor a certain point in the development of your company. You might decide to find investor to finally to business and to grow even bigger. So what are the basic rules when you decide you want to get silence from a business angel? The start. If you need to come up with the amount of money and how much percent that you're willing to give up your home, this amount is going to be negotiated. But you have to have a summit land because it is important that, you know, basically the amount and where exactly this amounts could have spent. It is not important to know the exact details where this money is gonna go, because the investors want to know why you should give you this money and basically how this money is going to bring it to the next level. So how do you go about signing your investor? The best way is to get an introduction from a person already, knows you or knows your business. The second best way is to talk to her business Central Association, which exists in nearly each off the country's and so meet your business plan to them and basically asked them, Toe mesh you somebody. It is very important that the business central doesn't only providing with the money, but also with expertise. You are missing. Whole gives you access to his network. This is very important. Also, you have to be very specific when you are choosing an investor. When you're approaching one, you have toe get informed with his interests are basically only approached people. Where is your business fits into his or her portfolio. It also helps very much if you already have some traction. So if you have already some customers and or a nurse and your business is growing and you can show the protection the next month, it also gets much, much easier than if you just have an idea. So you're gonna get a lot off peaches and the more features and meetings you get with investors better because you're gonna practice and every meeting you're going to get much better. I cannot promise you if you're going to get investor from the first meeting, but the mall, then you do the better. Get on. It is certain this after a certain one of time when you read in all your business. Well, when you really know your numbers, you gonna get the investment you want. If you can't go get the investment for your business, you should look for alternative sources of financing. You can ask at your bank or you can do cross finding a ship in the docking next lecture about so thank you for your attention and I'll see you next lecture. 15. Lecture 14 - Crowd funding your business: Hello, ladies. This lectures about problems. So what is crowdfunding is the practice of raising money from people usually over. There is a difference between cross side, where you offer in return your product or certain reward and problem. Mystic people get shares invested business. So what other businesses where it fix the most and where it makes sense is prospecting. I think that the best crowdfunding campaigns awful products which are awesome and everybody wants them, or for creative projects where everybody wants to precipitate Well, also, there's a certain social, and if you have another type of product or service, you should I find s specialized cross on your class Former special X, for example, Logical products or any Oscar shit organization or interesting, if you want to do at all, if you decided you have to be prepared to will spend a little time because it takes a lot of effort and basically have to do really well because there's a lot of competition or you shouldn't do it at all. So how do well, basically, you should start finally target. So who are the investors? People Business. The 2nd 1 is you should think about the report. So basically what I get for investing in your business is excited enough. So they participated. What about this? The 1st 1 is that you have to come up with a great description and also create interview. It has to be really awesome, has really a fantastic and it has to be. Tell your story. So why why are you so excited about a product or service? The 4th 1 is that you have to start revolting your cross. It is not only necessary to have an online, so the cross platform attracts the traffic. But also you have to start promoting yourself by going to your local community, posting it on Facebook and relevant groups. Welcome to your local press, and so the chances and then working things which you need to do. You have to keep your first investors updated and for because their first advocates is a sound and believe in you and they are the investment. So there would be the perfect group. Wilkins friend, the word for you further and attract more investors. So draw funding is a great room. If you decide to do. If you should plan to spend a lot of time doing it, you should plant well. If you don't raise the money, you should be too upset because it's anyway great experience to get first came back from the customers to get the first supporters and get the word out there. So that's all from my said and assume next lecture. 16. Lecture 15 - Quick fix website: him. All that is this lecture is about how to build a beautiful website. So in the beginning, I really have wanted this topic and I always outsource building website to programmers How ? Well, it hasn't been working out so well and basically wasn't getting what I wanted. So at the end, I decided I would just learn it myself. And I'm happy that I did. Because now I can just build a website for myself and also entitlement to change something . I can do it myself so well. The main tools which you can use to build a beautiful website. The 1st 1 is squarespace. Squarespace has a lot of beautiful templates which you can use and starting already from $8 per month. You can have your website ready if you want something a bit more sophisticated. There is sport press worth presses really great because it is widely used across the Internet and it has a lot off very good functionality. So you can start off by watching some video tutorials which are gonna issue about the basic functions of wordpress I have done. So you just start looking for something basically the way you want your website to look like a very good sources fume forest that's calm where you can go invite you. You have chosen. So after having a template, it is time to choose a hosting provider. There is a list of hosting providers which worked good worth press, for example, that low cost where just one click you can install a version of WordPress. There are also offers where you can buy a the man name with this costing provider, and you can also very easily install it and basically also get support and help to get it up and running. So after you have your website ready, it is time to your desire. I would advise him to get help to does your desire. For a professional designer, you can hire a freelancer, or another option is to go to the west of like 99 designs. Com where you can post your brief and different designs. Designers proposed their designs to you, and you can choose the best one you like. So I have your design. Basically, truth be include Lago, the farm that Connors. You could use a few pictures, which you can use on your social media website You should start integrating it everywhere in your communication and emails. Your design has to be consistent everywhere. It is very important you can start creating an image and creating a rent awareness. So thank you very much for listening. I'll see you in the next lecture. 17. Lecture 16 - Set up your marketing processes: Hello, ladies. These lecture is about coming up with your marketing strategy. This is a very big toe. Began a very important one, and I would like to give you a few tips on how to start a golf on how to perceive it. So basically marketing strategy. There are a few ways you should look at it. So basically there ISS all bomb marketing and there is involved. You know, marketing is everything where you reach out fast so you reach out to them through the social media Twitter Pinterest. Since you decided to be all also through at words from facing outwards. So basically, you reach to them out. You give them your message. Previous lectures, the second type of marketing strategies alcohol, outbound marketing. Basically, when the customers are interested themselves in your and they find you, they won't track you. There is more and more popularity that Uncle markets winning because it doesn't interrupt the data flow people. So basically, you don't try to sell themselves. They're interested themselves, and they will engage review themselves, which is much more effective in the long term. So I would last you, especially in the beginning to start building up the album marketing strategy and one of the main channels. You could do it. So basically, 1st 1 is it law, so you can start from the very beginning writing you can. Also, you can position yourself as an expert in the field, but you can also provide a quality quality content which your customers second reading, which can be interested and for which they're gonna come back to your website. They week. The second very important part off marketing these search engine optimization is he? It is a very big topic of that song that you have to get yourself educated yourself. Whether and give you a few hints about basically, how it works is that you have to start building a lot of landing pages. If you decided toe base your side on corn press that it was a great platter. It's called YOU'LL CEO. You can use it, and it basically integrates off functionality and helps you toe build up your searches. Organization strategy. Basically unique identified keywords by which people search your business in which he wears people are interested in. So, for example, trucks in Vienna is that helpful pick nowadays, and if you are in this business, you can make a landing page. We just called food truck in L. A. And it can optimize it. So it's this to the buff by using relevant keywords. And basically, you will catch this traffic and people side. This might take a little bit of time to learn how to. But the long term if you're listed on the stock pages of Google, you've been a win over your competition. That's going to be your man traffic source, which you're not gonna pay. So much money s in comparison. For example, Cocoa Edwards, Another organ thing in searches organization is legal. Bilic's basically from the beginning, you have to start collecting links basically forcible loggers which linked to your side or newspaper, which is going to decide all that is increased the ranking of your website. Google, basically their oldest great tools out there involved marketing. We'll go, Edwards, I urged in the beginning for the 1st 6 months. When you start a business to make a new start off them available, I also offer it to you re sources and allocated certain botched truby Too big should be somehow feasible so you can actually feel the results and you should start trying out all the instruments. They're out there. And after 34 after six months you will start seeing which off this instruments are bringing you the most money, which is the most effective. And basically you have to start tracking which off the instrument is gonna bring. You qualified leads not just traffic, but people who actually interested to buy a product or service. And how many seeds have been converted actual customers. And only when you don't this number you could evaluate which instrument has been the most effective and out advice is to concentrate after I know which one is the most effective to concentrate on one. That is all for now for building up the marketing strategy. I'll see you next lecture. 18. Lecture 17 - Sales: Hello. This this lecture is about sales. This is a doping which everybody is trying to appoint him, which is very hard. However, it is very important that from the very beginning you start building actual sales processes and you should start by booting s sales. What is the sales? Pipeline? Sales pipeline is a process, and it has different stages off how your customer converts from just a prospect toe purchasing decision. So what does your sales, I think consist of the first starting one is already set of prospects. So if your customer hasn't general interest, but he doesn't know yet know about you went you will pray for the service, so you call him up or you'll send him the first email, this first point of contact. After that, you're gonna find out if this person is interested so he could be converted to leave somebody who expressed a great interest in your brother's service after the lead stage, Maybe you will need to send additional information or contact him or her again, so there might be a few other stages in between. And after that, this person is gonna become your customer or not, He or she comes out with their fuel very with tools which I would advise you to use to build up your sales process. The 1st 1 is thought strength. It is really good. If you're acquiring people are e mails because it integrates with Google and then straight away your Gmail, you're going to see the sales pipeline, and you're gonna have a right off you off. The stage is the 2nd 1 If you're doing yourselves over the phone, there is a great tool called base er m, and it integrates with your fault. So every time you call somebody, you're gonna see you all of the communication, your phone and a swell on Europe user. No matter which you choose, it is all about practice. The more you do sense, the very get it. Another very important deep is that you should do your positioning exercise very well. Before you start any sales, the better You know the message, you're gonna tell this person that more successful your sales. So this is hope for me on the topic of sales and I'll see you next lecture 19. Lecture 18 - PR secrets: Hello it is. This letter is about doing New York our strategy. So your relationships with the press person in a lot of stuff because I love to see my business mentioned in different articles in newspapers. So where do you start to start with? You need to identify you categories where you want your business to reposition so few topics. For example, with our business Kito office only share for office space, we have decided to position ourselves with the topic of sharing. So the dog has to be wider than the business you are doing because it's much easier to position yourselves as an expert in a certain topic than to try to sell your business or product or service there. So what do they Often I think you make a list of all the media outlets off the newspaper instrumentals. We are interested in the topic. You decided to position yourself, and I assure you wrote about it. I have the list. You should start identifying the journal. So who wrote this article? You should start really in details. What? They everything. What is their topical interests? What is this related article name? I have written a little bit. So when you have old, you have to start contacting. You can contact the even over when you contact them. The message Hector has to be very short, but it has to contain that he come. It has to tell them why I should try to block your business and what value is gonna create for their readers. This is basically the most important thing which needs to be in this message. So after hopefully you have written toe manager, this if you're gonna get interested. If you published a story after the story publish, you should still keep in touch with journalists and you should keep them updated. Your business on the new products, your launch services. So maybe the insights you are getting in the certain topical, the area of interest. Also it is they're important to have a very good press section on your website. The press section should include basically all the basic information, wants your business. You're storing the topics. You are interesting to be positioned in the pictures off your team off your brother and the confidence to the person was responsible for taking the press so basically withdrew from this coming to your website and comes to the section. All the information has to be there as well as the articles have been published about your business. So this is all over me about the press relations and I'll see you next lecture. 20. Lecture 19 - Managing your first employees: Hello, is this lecture is about managing people. This is a very important topic because they're more successful and more motivated. Your employees are the most successful your business is gonna be. So to start with, one of the important juice I can give you basically managing people is all about learning to listen to your intuition. So you have to listen to your intuition in order to make decisions. If this person is right and suits into your business and if you can work to get on, so when you are just starting out, you're probably starting along. It is a good in here to get somebody else on board is a partner. It is always better to start a business when you want to. If for free people because then you're gonna complement each other and it's gonna be much easier to go the way together than alone. It is better then off you have different skill sets. For example, one is a designer and 2nd 1 is very good with programming. T the first wise good with sales and marketing. You shouldn't have all the same skills because then they might be conflicts when you are just looking for a partner. Please don't start talking about dividing up shares. And last straightaway, my eyes would be toe. Start doing some project together, which can be even unrelated to your business, which can last for 23 weeks, where you confess how you actually worked together, how the other forces deals with the stress, how you deal with the challenges come up and how effective your cooperation can be when it comes to hire me. Force employees, I have heard very good advice. Basically, if you they allow us, you get monkeys. So if you don't have enough money to fire who person, it is probably a good idea to wait until you have this resources because it is vital that this person gets enough money and it is his ship Basic paid. Well, if you cannot afford to hire somebody on fixed basis, it is a good idea to start getting freelancers on board. There are many websites where you can find a good person such as up work or many others, and there's also a very good experiences for you to start managing, delegating and so see how this actually works. Another good tip would be toe. Get words on intern for the sample for a few months. That's also a very good way toe. Learn how to delegate and how it managing the first. However, I have to tell you, this has to be a two way approach. Basically, you have to take time and to spend time with human hurt. Explain how everything works. So basically he or she has to get something out of this experience as well. Finally, another thing I would like to tell you, it is very important to start prioritizing pasts and start to delegate things. In the beginning, I was like doing of your mile and I will do this and I want that. Although it's very important to have a general standing off every side of your business, you have to be concentrated. Important stuff, which is talking to a customer, was getting feedback, getting the sails up, getting the business running, this one you should be doing all the rest is to be outsourced, to start hiring people who can do this job. Basically, do what you're good at and concentrate on the core. This is everything I have to tell you about managing people, and I'll see you in the next lecture 21. Lecture 20 - Dress for success: Hello, ladies. This lecture is about dressing for success. All of the last 10 years, I have developed a few tips and tricks on how to dress for your next meeting or for important business event. It is very important what kind of first impression your give and then determine what kind off business relationship you have with this person. So what are the main tips? It is always good to have a few business dresses in your wardrobe, which you can wear for any event they should be until your knee and they should be coming close. You can just put them on and you can really amazing. It is always good to have your accents, which show your personalities. For example, Bad boys Car wash. There should be one exit. It is also good to have a few classic Charles is insurance and skirts and the shirt. The short doesn't have to be what it can be any other color, and you're gonna look amazing in that and other important topic. His tools the shores have to became, and they have to look really good. Also, it's good. What has a small Hugh. It can be higher, smaller depending what you're comfortable. But it's gonna look really awesome and really felt. If you were here with your dress or your business, you'd and other important topic is your hair. It is also Pericles Toe. Put your hair away so it doesn't get into your waiting talking. Also, it is important to have a makeup just No. Two brides who you want attract too much attention and don't destruct. Your business partner. The most important when I talk about dressing for success is that you feel comfortable in what you're wearing and you feel confident. Basically, when you are entering the room, everybody has to feel and see that and boss is coming and you have to look like a boss. So get your great outfit outs, get your confidence up and I'll see you in the next lecture. 22. Lecture 21 - How to present yourself: hell is This lecture is about how to present themselves. This is a very important topic and it is especially important for women because we mental undersell ourselves and our achievements. So how do you get your confidence level up? The first thing which I think you should do, is to decrease the importance off any event or any meetings you are having. Basically, think over worst case tonight. What can happen? I'm gonna be rejected. Is your You're not gonna happen. Is this person looking to buy from you? What is the voice case when you already have this force case? Basically, you're prepared for it and you can take the stress out of it so you don't have to worry about it anymore. You could just relax and be yourself. The second tube I would like to give you is to use any opportunity to present. So when you are there two people, three people, 10 people, 100 people. You can use this opportunity and present your business. The more you do the better against and that people would like to give you used to get here in any vandal. Any meeting your goal to you have to go and prepare. Make a list of questions which you will be asked Make, um, a list off possible topics which can come up. We'll a lot about a person. You are meeting or about the company. Basically, when you if you prepared when you know what you've been saying, what questions might come up, you automatically few more confident. Another topic I would like to covering this sexually is not working. So what kind of bends should you be going toe? I think the best is not to go to so many start of events because your time is limited, but mainly concentrate on the events which are industry specific or where you can meet your potential customers. So when you are at the event, you should try to talk to as many people as possible. And when you are talking to this person, you should listen. So you should be a curious about what this person does, and on Lee at the ends, you can tell about yourself. Don't try to sell something because nobody likes that almond event. So another important thing is you're in conversation. You shouldn't complain, and you should talking bad stuff about anybody because nobody likes that. Another important tip is to have your business card is ready with all your contact informations and it has to look really good. You should also check your social media profiles. So how does your Facebook will apply colors your link to look like is a professional enough . What kind of information you want include there? And I think what you should do after the event is to follow up. Not many people do that. You can really stand out when you follow up with the link. You have promised to send this person or any other information. Wish you promise you will send. So this is all from me about not working at presenting yourself and I'll see you next lecture. 23. Lecture 22 - Key lifestyle adjustments: Hello is this lecture is about key lifestyle adjustments, which you want might want to make when you start your own business. To start with the first, it would be the start doing some sports. If you already know doing something the best four to start would be a team sport, because it's not only going to teach your house your ego, but also is gonna teach you how to play. Keep how to do with the conflicts and challenges we should rise. And I think which had regularly is yoga. It helps me to relax and also to relieve the stress. I also meditate on a regular basis, which is also really great tip to do. Another advice would be toe take time off and actually go on holiday, all traveling when you can. I know that there is a big temptation toe work 24 7 and you're just starting your business because it's everything exciting. New. How weather. You should really be aware that in the long term it is no sustainable, and it's going to affect your health. If you're working 24 7 you should spend a lot of time with your friends because they might feel a bit distant from you when you start your business because you spend less time with them, so you should talk to them and do not lose their contact with them just because you started the business. Another working thing is to constantly educate yourself and find different ways. Toe. Improve your business. So different blocks there, a lot of different resources and inspirations, which you can on a daily basis, read or listen toe and that important thing to do is tow. Stay focused on your goals. So I understand that there's gonna be a lot off side projects and a lot of virginity is which are coming up. But you should keep being focused on your goal, especially in the beginning. It is very important this opportunities. They're going to be there as well later, and you can dig them up a little later, so don't worry about too much about that. Another thing which you should be doing is toe keeping in touch with your family and not trying to play outlined them. Your anger where something is not working out. Spend time with them because your family is your greatest greatest benefit. You can ever get a life and you should build your confidence there and you should have. It is a source off your joy and happiness. So do not take out your frustration with those some time with them and, um, just just be there for them. The vital role that would like to give you is that you shouldn't work from home. If you have to work from home, you should at least plan Once week twice we call off your home and spend time in a coworking space or another office space where you can socialize with people in the long term. It gets really frustrating if you're just alone with home and you don't talk to people who are in the same situation. So this is all from me about the key lifestyle adjustments, and I'll see you next lecture. 24. Lecture 23 - How to find a mentor: Hello It is. This lecture is a both planning mentor for your business. I have had very good experiences with mentoring and I have found really good mentors left. Help me to start my own business and to grow it. So why is it important to have a mentor? First of all, this person is gonna have loads of experience and knowledge of a certain industry. All this person already has built a successful company and give you very practical tips on how it is done on how you can do better. The second thing is that this person is going to support you for the hard times. So there will be somebody who understands you and support your emotions when you're feeling no. The third and very important part is that this person is gonna have a white connections and he or she can connect you with the people you need toe starting from your business. So how do you find the mentor? You should do your research, find a few people we would love to have a matter research and very detailed about their by over feeble their interests and just come up to them and ask them if they would like to be a mentor. If your business is of interest to them, I'm sure they would love to share the knowledge, experience and spend time with you developing your business. And the other option is that they're certain programs and events where you get applying where you're gonna be meshed with certain monitor from an industry. So what are the many rules when it comes to building up a relationship with the mentor? The 1st 1 is that it has to be a two way communication. So you have to be giving your mentor is, well, some knowledge and some information, which you learn when you do that. Your business and insights some innovations new, exciting stuff, which comes up. So it has to be a two way communication. The second very important thing is that you have to keep your mentor updates. Share with human her. Your success is not only come to humor her when you're down, things are working out. Share your successes and involve human her in your business. These are all my keeps. When it comes to finding a mentor, I'll see you in the next sector 25. Lecture 24 - How to deal with failure: Hello, it's This lecture is about how to view failure. This is a very painful topic and especially painful for women, because sometimes we let our emotions to influence our decisions in our life. And I am this tent because I have bean there before my start ups have failed and I had to give them up, and they know how painful it is to basically look at it. Look at your work and how painful it is to try to get over. So I have one coping strategy, which I think is very useful when it comes to dealing with failure. Basically, when you're dealing with failure, you are on your own. You can't really share it with a lot of people, mainly because maybe you're ashamed. Or basically, you don't have people talkto. You might have a few close friends or family members, and I think it is really good to share ends to try to get over together with people, your business partner or if your close friends so basically failing, it's opposes. It doesn't come just like that hoops you failed. It is a process over which you are starting told the scent and things are not working out. You're basically getting really upset with your doing and you are getting very unhappy. You want even get depressed. The main idea is to try to minimize this process. So you, when you start to feel upset you for a long time to see that it hasn't been working out, you know, happy and thinks I'm not. Not as you imagine them basically very Russian that I think Can you change something? Is it like in your control? If you content anything, basically, you have to let it go and basically you have to get on with it that you have failed. The word feel sounds very big and they're scary. Although if you start reducing importance of it, it is not like that anymore. So think of it from a different perspective. What did you learn from your mistake? Basically, failure on Lee means you try, but it didn't work out this time. But it's gonna work out the next time. So no big deal, right. Try to reduce the importance of failure. Another important thing which you should do is to write down all the lessons you have born . So basically trying to see Putin it. What did you meet? Few people which were awesome, which changed your like left completely. What did you learn through this process? So see from a positive perspective, try to put it from the negative. Positive also what's really house. So if you decided to close down your business, you have to start dealing with all the process. So you have toe fada bills you need to pay. Tell your customers you have basically complete this part off your life because it will help. You have really? You're start giving much better If you do that all those really hard. I think it is very important to learn how to do with it and to experience it so you can grow. And I didn't look yourself. And then Trujillo next business adventure will be even bigger. Even better, even more successful. So don't let it stop You carry on and I'll see you next lecture 26. Lecture 25 - Recap of the course and conclusion : Hello is this is a final lecture and their recap of this course. So what did you learn? Your This course, the first section was all about finding your passion on how to start your business from your passion or a hobby. It was also a lecture about social business and what aspect immune to consider if you want to start your social business. Also, you have learned how to come up with the market size and see if your business has potential and the market is big enough. In the second section, we have started off buying, finding, and they flew business and coming up with a great one cent speech, which can convince everybody. Also in the second section, you have learned how to identify your target audience and started to come up with by personas. After that, you have started to position your business for this by Arizona, so coming up with perfect messages and perfect position strategies for his by a person. The first section was all about money, so we started off by coming up with the business model and testing it by creating a minimal , viable product. Also, by coming up with key analytics and reports how you can measure Congo product services informing. After that we have learned how to set up your business, how to set up a legal entity and helped organize your finances. Another important part of this section was how to finance your business. We have talked about cross funding and helped attractive business. Angel. The fall section was all about you tick the key business processes. So there was a lecture on the help to create a website, and after that, helped to set up marketing processes. You learn what is the difference of about between the inbound marketing and uncle marketing and what kind of marketing tools out there for you, which you can use and nothing worked. Lecture was about sales. So how you can start your sales and give your sales pipeline. You'll also learn about the basics off PR. So how you can start building relationships with the press and the final lecture of Wool Zealand managing people. So how you could start hiring your first employees and people the fifth section waas all about you. You have learnt health dressed successfully for your meeting for an important event. I've also covered the topics off the prison, presenting yourself and behavioral networking events as well. Ask you lifestyle adjustments, which you might want to take when you start your business. You also learned how important it is to find a mental for your business and help to find one. The final lecture waas about failure and helped to do with it. So I hope I have given you enough tools and now you feel confidence or to start your own business and make the leap of faith. I would like to give you a few Final fours toe finish this course off. So the 1st 1 it is all about hard work and unfortunately, I must share with you. There are no shortcuts. So basically, if you tried and it didn't work, try again. If you try together than work, try again. So when you work hard when you invest your time, you're gonna see the results. The second thing I would like to share with you is that you should constantly learn you shouldn't at any point in your business and your starting later thing that you know everything. You should be open minded. You should talk to people you should learn from your customers and partners. You shouldn't stop learning. And the final thought is that you should be happy with your business. You should be happy with yourself. You should be happy doing. Please. You should behead anyway for surrounds you. Otherwise there's no point. So I wish you toe find your happiness. I wish you to be successful and I wish you that you create and you run the business. You always travel off, so thank you very much for listening by.