The Star Wars Effect: Create the Chromakey Effect and animate an Image | Markus Korsten | Skillshare

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The Star Wars Effect: Create the Chromakey Effect and animate an Image

teacher avatar Markus Korsten, Get to know your Computer with ease!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro: Create the Star Wars Effect

    • 2. Grab some Website Code

    • 3. Animate the Chromakey Effect

    • 4. Advanced: Keyer Settings

    • 5. Outro & Project

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About This Class


In this course you learn how to create the Star Wars Effect. We will use Final Cut Pro to animate an image and then add the Chromakey Effect to put it over our project.

The effect is amazing and, even better, you can use it for whatever project you like. 

You do not need to use the blurry lights video in the background or the website code but whatever you prefer.

Meet Your Teacher

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Markus Korsten

Get to know your Computer with ease!


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1. Intro: Create the Star Wars Effect: welcome to our final cat Pro course. I want to show you how to blend in a picture into your movie and then use the crow marquee to blend out anything unwanted. So here is example off what you will do. We have a blended in some website code and then lend it out the background off this. And don't you think it looks amazing? We play around with a different color, so it really pops out. You can off course, use a different picture and a different movie. You don't have to use what we are doing here. But what you will do is you will learn how this effect works. Click then roll now button and join the fun. 2. Grab some Website Code: First we go to any website to take a screenshot off the source code. I went to the Keurig lifestyle dot com, which is my website. And then I just go to the developer Manu unq lick show source coat page source here. So what I see now is the source code of my website. And here I take a screen shot off the coat to have the picture I need for the video. So just do its gratitude for whatever you want to have here. It doesn't really matter. You can go to any website, whatever you want you or if you don't want to use code. Of course, you can use whatever you want here, so it just crazy killing. The point is, it has some white green whatever so we can blend out a specific color. 3. Animate the Chromakey Effect: So now I haven't final cut pro, and I first pulled my video into the timeline. So I have that one there. Then I go ahead on and off the screen shot. Just drag and drop it into your project. And now you need to distort the pro. Jack, just click on this. I come and who was a little edges here and, you know, make sure it's peril all so you get a little bit of perspective here. You can play around a little if it doesn't work out for the first time. You can do as long ass you find the rial, the perfect perspective. And when you're done, make sure you make it bigger over the whole screen. Just use the middle points here and pulled over the whole screen. Let's move it a little around first and to the bottom, because that is where we want to start. We want to started watching, so I drink it into the bottom and click them done. And on my timeline, I put it on the at the beginning, off the screen shot, and now I need to tell the program that this is where we want to start first, go ahead off, transform, transform and them click on top here on plants. Form and click the red key here. And then you go to the end off the screen shot and you need to pull it over the screen and you see the red line here and then put it on the top way. Want to end it so the line will show you where it's moving from bottom right to chop left. So let's try it. And you can see now that the code is moving from button right to top left. So that was the first thing we need. And then we need to used of a king. So let's make it visible for us again on go to picture effects. Um, drag the key frame onto it. You'll receive that the colors are changing. But what you need to do now we need to get rid off all the white here on. For that, we click on sample collar. Andi, just make a little heresy. The area on all the white is gone. We can influence that all a little bit more when we go to color. Selection is a bit tricky, so you can play around here. Just be careful. If you don't kill the whole project, then just start over. It is not a big deal, but you need to be careful here. So change the colors carefully and you see the frame which appears now and now. Let's try it. We start and then let it from and you see the code is running. It's now a little bit. It's not that fluent because some the video hasn't been rendered. So that's white is not fluently running over the video. So now let's lend it in and planted out, use a video animation and then drag the little docked here to the right. So you see, it's fading in, and then on the right side it will fade out again. So once you're done with that, it looks much better. It So let's have a look again here, closed that Andi can't check it again. So have a look how that will blend in now, slowly and then at the end, it will softly blend out. So your project is done 4. Advanced: Keyer Settings: Now we are onto a little more advanced stuff. And for that let's have a look at the Keir Once again. I already sat over the first part of the course that you have a lot of settings here. You can go shrew, but we haven't used them because for the purpose of this project, we didn't need it. But it depends on the picture you use. I can't say that often enough. It all depends on the picture here are using and therefore you should at least know that you can use more settings than just those we have talked about. So here we are, back to the Keir on dumb As you know, we put the key here over the image and now Okay, let's go back here. We can play around here with those settings, so make sure that the image has a yellow frame here, so you know it's marked. And when that is done, you have all these headings here you can use. For example, you can change the view here from batch true black one and here to the white one, which is original view. So we go back here because it is what we want to change. We can also say OK, fill holes. And, um I can't move that up and again, depending on the picture that may not change anything or changed everything. So you really need to play around with that. You can do anything from with coman three. You can always go back. So no matter what you try here, you can always go back. Yes. So let's see. What we can do here is or not much. But when we click your invert, something will happen. I promise. So you see, it's back to Wade Watts. The white picture. We don't want that here, So Okay, then we have the color separation on When you go here, click on manual. You are able to choose the spectrum here. So you have far few from little green Jo a blue to purple and you can spread that so I can hear make the bigger and you see color gets more in Thames can also go back, of course. And, um, you can move these circles around as well. You see now something is happening. So he it's just, you know, you need to play with it on to see what suits your needs. Actually, again, the picture is is the key here. So whatever you choose it all the paths on the picture. So there's nothing I can tell you should use. You just can play around and see what suits your needs. That doesn't have, obviously, because I want this to be I am a Chinese through it at a pack. And so, Gail Cho, Monsey I may need to do that once or twice to go back to where we were and use maybe another setting or just change something here. And you see how it's changing that it gets more, you know, more white here so I can just play around and see what's the best I can use for my image. So then we have here the chroma roll off. I can change or hear the Loomer wrote off or fixed video. Let's do that. Don't you see? It gets some more? Yeah, lines in here, which I don't want to, because now you don't know anymore what that ISS. So let's go back here. Yeah, You have some more settings to play around with, whatever you do and whatever you choose again, it depend from the picture can say that often enough. But don't be shy. Try that because it can massively improve your image. So, yeah, I have some fun with the Curl Marquis here. 5. Outro & Project: Congratulations. You've done it. You know now how to create the chroma key. You see, it's not that hard to created and any made it. And now go ahead, go to your final card and create this effect with whatever video and photo you want. You do a screenshot and post it into the project gallery. I look forward to see your project.