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The Standard of Quality Customer Service For Office Professionals

teacher avatar Sherique Dill, Personal Growth and Development Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 54m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Revolution Of Quality Customer service Pt. 1

    • 3. The Revolution of Quality Customer Service Cont'd

    • 4. Requirements For Excellent Customer Service

    • 5. Skills Every Customer Service Rep Need to Know

    • 6. The Ringing Phone or The Walk In Customer?

    • 7. 20 Things A Customer service Rep Should Not do

    • 8. 10 Phrases A Customer Service Rep Should Not Say

    • 9. Dress Code For Women Customer Service Reps

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About This Class

This class is for those who are interested in learning to become Customer Service Reps or are seeking to improve their skills.  This Customer Service Class will teach you the important skills you need to learn and practice to become excellent at customer service.

You will learn how to develop the right attitudes toward relating with customers, the general dos and donts, and the importance of making a good impression. 

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Compare traditional platforms and social media platforms used by businesses in customer service
  • Discuss the importance of developing the right attitude as a customer service Rep
  • List and discuss the skills Customer Service Reps must possess
  • State the qualities customers consider important that customer reps should have
  • List the things a customer rep must not do when dealing with a customer
  • Discuss how to manage customers on the phone and present customers at the same time
  • List phrases a customer rep should not use when speaking to a customer
  • State guidelines for choosing a wardrobe for work

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sherique Dill

Personal Growth and Development Trainer


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1. Introduction: Are you our customer service representative and office clerk? Our receptionist or an administrative assistance looking to increase your skills and customer service. Thank you. Are you willing to learn these skills and strategies from a customer service professional with over 15 years of experience. Thank you. This is you. You are in the right place route on termite mounds, on the standard of quality customer service. Well, you will learn strategies and skills on how to better serve your customers, to serve them good excellence so that they are happy. They have a beautiful in a wonderful experience and they are turned into loyal and faithful customers. You will learn that here in this class. You will learn how to do it. You will learn which you should not do, how you should not add when you are serving our customers. And so much more you learn about self-discipline, how to control yourself when you are dealing with a customer, how to give proper feedback. And many more. For those of you who don't know who I am, I should read them. I am a personal finance coach. I am an author of three published books. I am the owner of ASD dwelt building attack. I mean, and I are customer service professional, ion beam and the area of customer service for more than team? Yes. I love customer service. I believe in it. I believe that it is the holy grail of any business. And without this skill, you build failed. And so I have the skills that is necessary. I know what it is to be frustrated when dealing with a customer who has an attitude, I do just needed control yourself, maintain your composure and be that professional that your organization depends on view to be. So I can teach you the skills and save you a lot of time because MY of least 15 years to develop these skills and it doesn't have to be reality for you. You can learn these skills and so I add more thus you to come on in the inside of this class and check off the page to see what this cost is about. And I will see you on the inside of this life changing an amazing class. Don't hesitate or procrastinate. Go ahead and click that. It broke button and shares to build an excellent and worthy customer service rep, where service is the key. See you on the inside. 2. The Revolution Of Quality Customer service Pt. 1: Welcome to the revolution of quality customer service. Before the social media era, marketing and advertising was done the traditional ways. Ways such as television and newspaper ads, radio ads, billboard ads, or telemarketing. These were the traditional ways of advertising where traditional platform's customers have no way of relating to a business anytime as they feel or talking about their experience in a common place with other customers or potential customers of a business. Also, they are no easy platform to convey the thoughts of a product or service. So it definitely was not as easy as it is today. The only way for customers to really say how they felt was word of mouth. If a customer would've experienced an unpleasant attitude or bad customer service, they would be able to talk about it to their friends and their families. And this is how they express their views about a particular company. So it was very limited because they could only regulate, Harry felt to people that they could actually reach. Furthermore, the rich would be limited to your community, to your town, or to your city. So if you live in America, in Chicago, then this would be your limited boundary. In the traditional sense. Going on the television ought taking an ad in the newspaper was not a route ordinary customers would take because it was very expensive. Also, as you know, if you go on a television or a radio saying something about your experience or BOD loading accompany, then you would know that you will have to provide proof. Because if you don't provide proof to television company or the radial company would be reliable and they can be sued. So it was not a viable platform for the ordinary customer. Gone are the days of those traditional platforms. They still exist. People still use the television ads, people still use radio ads and the newspaper, but they are expensive. Ok, with the revolutionary rise of digital platforms, customers have the power to make or break a business. With digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. And if you have a personal website, customers can now provide your views of feedback at anytime. And n, where also customers are not limited to who they can reach. So if you live in America, you can basically put your comment or your feedback on a company's website. And someone like where I am here in the Bahamas can read that comment and they can be affected or convinced on fluence by what you have said. So the reach is international. It's no longer limited to your town or your city, though. Reach is limitless. If you have a website as a, as a business, customers from all over the world can have access to what customers have to say and how they feel. So a business can no longer hide behind televisions, radio ads, and the newspaper where people can't directly give feedback to what is happening with that business. Okay, they can no longer high because with a digital platforms, everything is accessible. Is estimated that Facebook has about 2.5 billion users in 2019, with YouTube coming in at about 2 billion users on Instagram, on Twitter right behind them. That's a lot of people. Could you imagine Facebook alone 2.5 billion users or it is extremely powerful. And so you can't get around it. As a business owner. If a business creates an ad on Facebook, are disgruntled customer from anywhere in the world can comment on that ad. Unturned thousands o away from that business. What are even have to give any proof? Unlike the radial or the television where you have to provide pools or the radio or television would not even carry a story because they are afraid to be liable. It doesn't work like that in the digital world. As a writer and a Course Content instructor, reviews are more important than one. Why? Because today, people support products and services based on reviews, which are other people's experience. And so it is so hard to get a good review. It is very hard to get a good review. Reviews are very important when you think about it. If you want to travel, what do you do? You go into Expedia and you look at the reviews of the hotels and other people's experience because you don't want to go through the same thing that they went through, or you want to make sure that you are getting value for your money. This is extremely powerful and it's something that did not happen in a traditional platform when it comes to advertising and marketing and the company being displayed when it comes to customer service. So how about the ability to rate a business is something. Never happens in the traditional world that happens today. So people can now go into your website. They can read other people's review. They can rate your business. It can give you a one star, two star, three star, or five star. And you do not born customers to reach our business as a one or two or three style because that is terrible. And many customers will not even wanna do business with you because of your low reading. So it tells a lot about your business and your ability to meet your customers need. The good thing is quality. Customer service is a skill that can be learned. You can learn how to be a good customer service rep. Today, businesses cannot afford to have bad reviews when it comes to customer service. Bad customer service will have a direct impact on businesses. Gone are the days when you can mistreat a customer or not even care about the customer, the customer fields, and a goals on notice. I can tell you and I know that if you are a person that is familiar, social media, gone, are those days when you can miss treat a customer and the whole world isn't privy to that customer's feedback and how they feel about what you did. And that pulse would definitely go viral, specially if you are a big business, okay, so this digital platform has definitely changed the gain. And this is why you must pay attention to good quality service. If you are a customer service rep, it is very important. Customers are very aware of this power. They know that they are powerful. They know that they can go in the social media world and put their review of your business out there. And it can turn thousands away from you. They know the power that they have, and they are not afraid to use that power. Social media makes it extremely easy for a customer to have a voice and vent their frustrations, unlike alpha of four. So don't just go crazy with your website and be so excited to put up an eye when it comes to the business aspect. Also look at the disadvantages. Because if your business does not have good customer service, social media can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Organizations must pay attention to quality customer service. Now, more than ever before. If they walk in your establishment and its dirty, they are going to talk about what they saw. They are going to go and social media and say, oh my god, this business was so dirty when I walked into there. It smelled, had it had a funny sense and is unattractive. If you answered them as a customer service rep, in a tune they perceive AS aggressive, they will talk about it on social media. If they walk into your space and you don't acknowledge them, they will tell their friends and their families. They will go on social media and they will vents. And they will say things that will destroy the business. If your product is no good, they will talk about it on social media. Gone are those days when you can swing your customers, it doesn't work like that in the social media world, if you sell a product that is not good, that customer's going to go into social media and they are going to let other customers know that they got something from you and it was not valuable or it was not worth the money. If a customer communicated with you and they think you're unprofessional because you promise them something that you couldn't fulfill. They will go and they will vent. In social media why? You may ask yourself, because it's convenient, it's easy and guess what? It's no hassle. It doesn't even have to be true or false. They have the right to just go and to their social media account and just released how they feel. 3. The Revolution of Quality Customer Service Cont'd: Customer service is all about service. It's about you being a servant of the people. Your ultimate goal is to solve problems. And when solving problems, you should do so with diplomacy. So when you are a customer service rep, you should not want to be a customer service rep because you want a check, because you just want a job. No, customer service is more than that. You are servants of the customer, are new play a very important role in the business. You are portraying the organization that you work in. Your job is very important because you, which you do with either bringing in customers or turn them away. And so it is a very important rule. Quality customer service is having the ability to develop and build good relationships with your customers. And so you should have that urge to want a pills, something wonderful and beautiful with the customers that come into your organization. A happy customer is loyal, faithful, and dedicated. They will return, often, unlikely, able to spend more money. And so this is what you want. You want your customer to be happy so that they can become loyal, faithful, and dedicated to the business. And if they are loyal, faithful and dedicated, if they love the experience that they gain when they come into the organization, then the better the company will be when it comes to finances. And the more SO cure while your job will be. You want to display quality customer service because you want your customers to have a great experience at your organization. You're not just doing it because it is your job. You actually love helping and serving others. You want to leave an impression that is saw lasting, that customers are excited to support you. And they will sing your praises on these digital platforms that will convert into more customers. And so if you know that you have a good, solid customer service department, you can feel happy unsecured putting your ads into the social media platforms because you know that you do that what needs to be done to satisfy your customers. But if you suck when it comes to business, than you really should consider putting digital ads up on social media because it's going to destroy an effect your business. So you want to be careful with that. Don't just be happy and lucky to put it there because you know, everybody is on Facebook know, as a business, as a customer service rep, you must make sure that you do what you need to do. It doesn't matter how great your marketing strategy is, how coach your prices to quality of goods or services that you have. If you suck, when it comes to communicating with your customers, they will go to a place that respects them, values them, and appreciate them. That's where they will go. It's important for you was the customer service rep. They understand that having a customer is a privilege. Customers don't have to come into your organization and they don't have to deal with you. People who have to patronize you if they don't want to. And you don't want customers supporting you because you are the only business in your community or your town that how what they need. Because I can tell you, even though you have what they need, if you don't treat them male or they don't have a good experience, they don't feel valued. They will still go into social media and talk bad about your business. They will still go into social media and talk about how you serve them and how they just didn't feel as if you value them. The final point is, digital platforms are the future of marketing and advertising. It is the new platform for reviews and feedback. And I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon when people depend on your views like how they the pen or medicine or food. As a customer service rep, you must have the necessary skills to provide excellent customer service. And this is why this course exists. 4. Requirements For Excellent Customer Service: Okay, in this section, we are talking about the requirements needed for excellent customer service. So welcome back, and I hope you are enjoying this course so far. So what are the requirements for excellent customer service? Pipe number one, definitely, you must know your customer. Now, I know for me, when I go into an establishment that I frequently visit, an ideal with the same customer service rep, I think, is sad to know that that customer service rep who always deals with me, doesn't even know my name, they don't even know what I want or anything. It's as if I am a new customer. This is not good. That means that you are not paying attention to your customers. I absolutely love what I go into an establishment and they know what I want, and they call me by my name. When I walk until the organization they say enormous deal. And I'm like, oh, you know who I am? And they're like, yes, this is great, okay. It makes the customer feels good or it causes that customer to continually want to come and do business with you because of the great experience. And you make them feel valuable and you show that you respect them as a customer. This shows that you are paying attention to your customers. It shows a sense of value and appreciation. Identifying and knowing your customer makes a customer feel good and they will keep coming to you because how you make them feel, okay, this is how customers think. The next point is, be sure to find out the priorities of your customer. Learn what is important to you, to your customer. Ok, you should know whether your customer like you to contact them through e-mail or what type of products and services that they normally engage in when they were late or communicate with the business or when they come there and support the business. You should know that as a customer service rep, when you become aware of your customers priorities, meet the expectations. Every customer have expectations and they want them to be met. They will constantly compare you with other establishments and determine who meets their needs. Beck's. So it's very important for you to be aware of the priorities of the customers. Seek feedback from your customers. You are not perfect, and your customer doesn't expect you to be perfect. And so show your humbleness by seeking feedback from the customer. Ask them, make them feel involved. Like they have some stake in the business. They do, they are customers, Almere out them. Your business would not exist. The only way to know if you match your customer's expectations is to ask them, find out if they have any suggestions for improvements and then act on the feedback. Do not do it. Do not ask them for their feedback or do not suggest that they should give you feedback. If you are not going to act on the suggestions that they have made, the other requirement you should know is anticipate your customers future needs by predicting changes and planning for those changes. Develop internal service that helps you to treat your colleagues with respect and having the ability to be responsive so that the customer benefits. You must know and understand that your customer expects good service and they deserve to receive it. So don't treat your customers as if they are nothing. They expect good service and you must meet the expectations. You must give them good quality, high, standard customer service. The first impression is the only impression. I know we normally here the first impression is the last impression. No. The first impression is the only impression. You will not get another chance to impress your customer. If you mess up. The first time you interact with them, they will form their perception of you. They will find their perception of the business the first time they interact with you. As a customer service rep, you must have a magnetic energy that attracts the customer to you at the first of entry. So don't forgot all today. I have had a bad day and so I'm not worried about it. I'll fix it a borrow. No, the first impression is the only impression. So you must get it right. The first term and the first of entry. The atmosphere should be warm and inviting. It should be clean, it should be smelling good, free of clutter. Hhs be professional and visually appealing. The customer should sense that, hey, this is a friendly environment and I can be myself. Okay, this is the atmosphere that you want to create. Always greet your customers. Say, good morning, madam. How are you? Good afternoon, sir. How are you doing? Or if it's at night, say good night. You can even go the extra mile and ask them about their day. This creates our relationship with the customer. I absolutely dislike going to a business. And when I get to the customer service desk or the person who was supposed to breed me, they just jump right into the service. They don't even say good afternoon. They don't even care about my day. Come on. I am a customer. I am a customer. I support this business regularly. Make me feel valuable. Okay. I'd release how some type of respect when you are dealing with the customers. That should be the first thing that comes out. Jomo, good morning. Good afternoon. How are you doing today? It's so wonderful to have you here at our establishment today. Then next, you should acknowledge their presence and asks, How can you help and allow your voice to display sincerity and other thing. If you are a customer service rep, you should have a clean on a neat a parents. You represent the organization. If you have a skirt that is way above your knee and all of your tattoos are showing or your hair is not. If you have one dirty shoes or your personal hygiene is not one to be admired, then the customer is not going to get a good perception of this organization or establishment. They are going to doubt in their mind that they should support you. They are going to believe that they are not going to get good customer service from you, or they are going to doubt your service or the products that you sell. So you want to be clean and you want to be neat. You want your customer to say, to look at you and say, wow, this person is professional. This person cares about their cells and they will take you seriously. They will take the business seriously. And so make sure that you are close or property IN. Make sure that you smell nice, you owe your cane is looking lobby, your hair is fixed. Our USGS have a good look, a good display of yourself because you are putting yourself on display and you are putting your organization on display by how you look. You are also a brand as a customer service. And so when people see that you are professional and you are conducting yourself in a professional way, they will trust you and they will believe in you, and they will feel comfortable doing business with you. I love this quote by Maya Angelo. It says, people will forget what you have said. People will forget what you have done, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This is powerful. People will never forget how you made them feel. And this is why as a customer service rep, your job is important because it is your job to make their customers feel good, make them feel appreciated, made them feel that they are valuable. Make them feel as if you respect them, and you just want to have a good, long lasting relationship. 5. Skills Every Customer Service Rep Need to Know: Welcome to the section that we'll discuss the skills customer service reps need in order to carry out excellent customer service. So customer service reps are the face on the first impression of the organization. They represent the organization. The quality of service delivered is a direct reflection of the organization. Are it is a reflection of the web's capabilities and skills. Here are the skills needed. Skill number one, always show the public the best that you have to offer. Your best is good enough as long as it is your path. If it is not Chavez, then improve and do things that will help you to grow and develop and become the best you can be. When it comes to good, quality customer service. Persuasive speaking skills. Customer service reps should be persuasive like sales persons because that's what they are. Their goal is to sell the organization. Because it's their responsibility to sell the business to customers. Wraps must be able to speak positively and confidently and offer compelling conversations that lead to conversions. So the better you are when it comes to speaking, you will be able to cause your customers to actually want to spend more and more money. Empathy. Empathy is crucial. This skill allows you to understand your customers emotions and feelings and to comprehend their point of view. Show compassion, CSL, and their situation. How would you like to be treated? These are the things you must think about when dealing with customers. 70% of customers by based on how they were treated. It doesn't matter if you solve their problems, cave them a refund, or if the price was good, what was your approach to their needs? Definitely, you need to show compassion that they come in there with feelings and they are angry and upset. If they are offensive, then try to understand maybe something happened within their family. Maybe they are dealing with personal issues that caused them to come there and interact with you the way that they did. So just try to understand what is happening with the customer. Being able to adapt, adaptability. No two customers are alike. On your days as a customer service rep will not be the same. No matter what the situation is, you must be able to adapt to the changes. This means being flexible to your customer's needs. For example, you may find that a customer might prefer to contact you through the email, then by telephone, social media, or like a line Shia, Iran the other day is come directly in the store. So as a good customer service rep, you have to be adaptable and be able to flow with the changes. A good customer service manager is equipped to handle this through customer service information, which is data. So you should be keeping data on your customers within your establishment. A customer service rep must have good communication skills. The customer should not struggle to communicate with you. Bleed Columbia. Answer questions truthfully and affectively. Be informative. If you don't know how to solve their problems, refer them to a colleague that do, do not mumble, use an appropriate words, lose focus, or use unclear language when you are speaking to the customer. These things reflect poorly on the customer's experience. Customer service reps must be able to communicate well with customers and the organization that they work for should commit to training everyone on the customer service team. So definitely if you lack good communication skills, you should take up some courses and do some training in regards to good communication. Self-control. This is very important. Many times you will come into contact with some offensive and angry customers, but you must be able to control your emotions under control, those things that trigger you. You never know what you're going to get from a customer. You can experience an irritated customer, are confused customer, customer that just doesn't know what they want. Customer who seems to be patient, but batches you on social media. And then after they bash you on social media, they come back into the business and you have to love them and the face, and then you have to serve them. This is hurtful. Okay? You are the professional and you must maintain self-control and always stay cow, showing no emotions. When a customer is unprofessional, it has little effect. But when a customer service rep, loses control, it can have on calculated effects on the organization. So when you lose control and you talk to them in a tune that you shouldn't, or you showered them, you get angry and you show all kind of body language. They go on social media and they talk bad about the company. And then they call your name and they talk bad about you. You don't want that because you are a professional. You work harder job and you don't want people taking their frustrations and speaking bad about you in these platforms. So you want to be careful. Sometimes you might be having a bad day and the customer can come right into the store and end up triggering new. But you have to be able to control that. You have to say listen. This is not personal and not going to take this ONE. I'm going to control this because I know the disadvantages that was going to come if I react to this customer. Another skill that you need as a customer service rep is effective listening. Take the time to truly listen to the customer's issues and assure them that you're paying attention. For reassurance, rephrase what they said to you in your own words, and ask the customer if what you said was right. This makes them feel as if you really understood what they said to you. And so you don't want after they speak to you, you keep asking them questions as if you did not listen, you must be able to listen affectively and understand what the customer is say so you can truly know how they fail and how you can assist them, or who you need to refer them to for help. So it's very important that you focus on what the customer is saying to you, and that is a part of good communications. So here is a chart that I did. And it speaks to the most important customer service quantities that are right by customer. So this is what the customer thinks about, OK, or would they value? So let's look at efficiency. Thirty-three percent. Say that the efficiency is important to them. You know, being able to answer questions and deal with modest correctly. 29% said Empowered, meaning that you handle issues, transferring or without problems. You know how to deal with issues when they speak to you or communicate with you. 17% says courtesy and being professional is important to them. And then 14% said empathy is an important quality. And then consultative meaning that you, every time they speak with you, you have the revenue information about products and experiences. 7% of customers said that this is important. Ok, so you must pay attention to that. Attentiveness. Another customer service skills that is important. Service reacts shouldn't gauge their customers. Being helpful is not enough. But doing things that will make them feel special. We'll keep them, show them attention and go the extra mile. Now for me, I have been supporting a particular shipping company for at least ten years. When I go into the establishment, they don't even know my name or as if I am just a new customer, right? And I've done business with them for ten years. This is not good. I know not a shipping company. They had a customer Appreciation award show. This company gave their customers, they had like the customer that ship The most items and all of these different awards just to show appreciation to their customers. This was so marvelous, that was so wonderful. And it makes the customers feel good and it makes the customers want to do business with you because you are recognizing them. And so this is important. It must be attentive. You must go the extra mile and make them feel special when they have an issue, send them an e-mail, announce them. Must deal. I know you had an issue the other day. Were you satisfied with the customer the customer service rep that dealt with you? Is there anything that you would like us to deal with, you know, do things like that. Efforts, the customers birthday, send them an email saying, Happy Birthday, come on. These are actually things you should be doing as a customer service rep. I know for me when my son when I took him I took him to a particular dentists. Okay. He's a customer of identity and every Yemen his birthday comes, they would send them an email telling him happy birthday. And this makes, makes him feel so good and makes him feel so special, right? That is going the extra mile. So you must be attentive. Time management. Another skill needed. Customer service reps must be able to affectively, Manoj, this schedules. When you get flustered, you may allow the phone to ring longer or take a longer time to answer an e-mail from a customer. This is unacceptable because customers will be irritated if they are not getting the proper response. 83% of online customers said that they would abundant a purchase or take their business someplace else and they don't receive help in five minutes. I'm telling you this is the digital era, okay, this is the social media era. And so the customers of the day are not going to just sit around and wait for you to take two to five days to give them help. They they want immediate have one. So you have to effectively manage your time and prioritize the things that vital. As a read, you must make quick responses and organize yourself throughout the day so that you have enough time to deal with customer issues. So set schedules, make up the calendar, reminders on your desk and duties type of things that you need to do to keep you on schedule. Another skill that is required is to follow through with your work, complete the task, and follow up with the customer. For example, if a customer had an issue with a product and it was returned for another, follow up with them to see how they feel about the new product and seek feedback. Many times you have an issue with businesses. And your concern or your problem with nella saw nobody can tax you from the organization and asks you if you are satisfied if your problem was resolved, nothing. There's no feedback, no follow up to see how things are progressing. This is not good customer service. You must stay in contact with your customers to make sure that they are getting within where they need. Remember, customer service is about meeting the customers need. And I don't know any customer that doesn't want their needs met. Okay. When the customer cannot get their needs met, they will become frustrated and irritated and they will not want to do business with your organization. So you must follow up with them and make sure that they are, they are satisfied with your services. Another scale is willingness to improve. Customer service reps need this skill. This is a skill we all need in order to succeed in life. Life is about growth and change is inevitable. Raptured, stay up to date, but technology and constantly seek information about important issues. Also sinking new training on how to become a better customer service rep. And we gave an example of the constant change, such as moving from the traditional platforms are the traditional advertising and marketing now to the digital world. And so that means a customer service reps from 20 years ago are now introduced to a new world. And so they would need to learn new skills. I need to keep up with technology. They need to understand what is the 24-hour service, seven days a week. Live chats and all of these new things at a digital era has created. So you need to be willing to improve so that you can be the best customer service rep, that there is knowledge. It's very annoying to speak with a customer service rep and they are unable to provide proper information when it comes to prod and company policies. Rasmus stay up to date with company policies, product information, and all those other things, or they will not be able to answer questions, unexplained things. Nothing screens unprofessional more than asking a customer service rep aboard a particular situation and they are not able to answer you, or they are transferring new hair and transferring you there. This is terrible. You must be knowledgeable about the business that you work and the challenges of selling to an existing customer is 50 to 55% better than selling to a new customer, but only if the rep knows enough when communicating. So you must know your stuff. If I go into a restaurant and I asked the weight or the waitress, what does this dishes all about? They should be able to tell me how the dish tastes or by asked them, okay, what, what dishes better between these two? They should be able to tell me something. Can me some information. You are the professional, you work here. You are selling the business. So you're supposed to be able to give me some type of information. Okay. No. The environment that you work in, not only know your customer, but no yup business in and be able to answer questions. This is extremely important. So you need to take notes, you need to write things down every time the company has new policies and they gave all those pamphlets and those flies, you should be reading them. Okay. Not just giving it to the customer, but you should be reading them so that you can know everything about the business that there is to know. That's when an expert is and you want to be an expert when it comes to customer service. Another skill that is important is how thick skin now you have thin or you're easily offended, then customer service is probably not going to be the right thing, the right Jabal area that you want to be and you must have thick skin. Customer service reps unfortunately, encounter a lot of abuse from time to time. We spoke about the n cells and the anger and no offensiveness and the frustration from customers. They are normal ref need to come to work with a solid armor on and don't take things personally, just let it roll away like water under a bridge. So you must be able to deal with these insults and the anger and frustration from the customer and just know that, hey, I don't like how this customer speaking to me. They should have more respect, but then you must understand that you are the professional and it's your job to keep everything can't keep everything cool. If it's between the two of y'all, you are the one who is going to most likely have to keep the cool and calm head because you represent a business and you are there to provide servants, service, and you are the servant of the people. And so you must be humbled, you must be compassionate, you must be understanding, and you must be able to have thick skin. And so now let's speak about a good mental state of mind. It's crucial to start the day off positively in the morning as a customer service rep, practice good mental health and spirituality. Keep your spirits high by listening to uplifting music and motivational messages before you go to work. In order to deal effectively with the tension you might experience. This i, that no matter what happens, I will have a great day and I will not cause anyone else to have about the the side that you will keep calm and you will keep yourself under subjection. Whatever you believe become your reality. So tell yourself that judge job is not personal. The customer doesn't hate you or wanting to lose your job. The customer doesn't want to cause you any harm. The customer just want the organization and establishment that they support to meet their needs. So was nothing personal. Okay. Don't take it like that. Just let it roll like water under a bridge. This way, you would be in control of your emotions and your triggers. So make affirmations before you go to work savings. I I am count. I am happy. I will have a great day. I am powerful, I am skillful. I am a great customer service rep. Say these type of things to yourself. I am beautiful, I am not angry. All of these things you need to say, these are affirmations and if you believe them and you put them into the atmosphere, they bill, become your reality. 6. The Ringing Phone or The Walk In Customer?: So as a customer service rep, I know that there was at least one time when you would've been confronted with this particular issue, should you answer the ringing telephone or should you serve the walk in? Customer? Last debate, what we should do as customer service reps. Let's look at an example. Soon, walks into an office and she arrives at the customer service desk. The rap is on the telephone. What should the rep take a few seconds within your mind to think on what is the best option. And what option will greatly benefit the customer or keep the customer happy? One. The customer service rep shall acknowledge the customer within one minute of standing at the counter. This is option number one, or should the customer service rep serve the customer on the phone first and when the call is completed, assist the next customer. Which one would you choose? If you chose number one, you correct? No customers should be left standing at the kernel without acknowledgement or communicating with them in some way. Do not assume that because the customer sees you on the phone, they should understand or know that you are busy. Not acknowledging them could be perceived as you ignoring their presence. This can make a customer extremely irritating and angry. If you stay on the phone too long without communicating with the walk and customer, you could lose them. Acknowledgement can be made by placing the call on hold and let the customer know you will be with them shortly. Or you can just give them away gesture. Or you can invite them to have a seat. And then you can continue with the customer on the phone. But you must acknowledge the customer. I have visited many businesses. I walked up to the receptionist desk, the receptionist as on the telephone. And I'm standing there and just waiting and waiting and waiting. No one says anything to me. Ok, that is an acceptable. You should let your customer know, communicate with the customer and let them know what's happening so that they can feel as if you are acknowledging their presence. And so the ringing phone or walk and customer, what if you have an answered the telephone as yet, you're sitting at a desk as a customer service rep and the phone rings and a walk and customer. Approaches that das where you are, what should you do? So first and foremost, Paul, customers are very important and both of them boil your attention. Now, as a customer service rep, you must be able to make the right decision. It's your job to make both of them feel important. However, if you are face when both at the same time, how do you handle this thing for a few seconds. What would you do? Would you answer the phone or would you deal with the walk and customer? The best thing is to have an auto attendant that will answer the call automatically while you help the walk in customer. So it's important for each business to at least have an auto attendant. Now I know there are some customers who prefer to speak to a live person, but you don't want that telephone just ringing, ringing, ringing constantly. Your want the customer to be helped and served. And so if it's too busy and you only have a receptionist who answers the phone and that same person has to deal with the walk-in customers, then something has to work. Now I can tell you the customer on the phone cannot see your actions. They don't know why you would have put them on hold. And they don't care unless you take too long. And so the key is being able to manage time. But the live person that a standing right in front of you can see what you are doing. And they can see that you are trying to buy time or you are putting other things ahead of them. Or you can make them feel as if what they have to do or what they are modest are, are not important. They have all of these emotions in China. All of these emotions flowing with inside of their minds because they are right there looking at you and they can feel certain things. Ok. So the color doesn't know why you are on hold, but the live customer knows. So help them walk in customer first. If you are going to use an auto attendant, may show that it works. Okay. Extremely upon you and make sure that the auto attendant works and it is answering the phone properly. It is. It has the problem messages that the customers want hair and is doing what it should do. You don't want any hiccups by anything with the auto attendant. And so the organization that you work for should have these things in place. Many businesses to D, how these machines and they can be very helpful. Some machines can help the customer without even speaking to a live rap. If you don't have an auto attendant system is good to answer the phone and ask the customer to hold. Now the thing is, if you are going to do that, then you should let the customer know how long they are going to be written for. Okay. If you know, it's going to be a 10-minute weigh, 12 minutes, 50 minutes. Wait, let the customer know. Do not put the customer on hold and just have them waiting and you not communicating with the customer and they don't know what is going on. Okay? Now, if to foreign rights and you decide to pick it up to put it on hold, wait for the response of the customer. They might need a quick transferred to another person. So I might call an an establishment and then you answer the telephone. I I'm probably just going to speak to someone, but before you allow me to speak, you put me on hold. And so that is my time wasted. So the first thing you should do as is the answer the phone and then listen to what I have to say and then determine what is the right thing to do. Now, if I just systems, then you can put me on hold but listen to what I had to say because what I have to say might not be that time consuming. You might just need to transmit to somebody else. Okay? So it's really a juggling act on realizing what is priority. And so beta, good customer service rep, has a lot to do also with your intuition, intuition, wisdom, and insight that divine insight. They call it the jack of all trades, because you're not just going to be sitting down allegedly has all dangerous answering the telephone or just direct and people know you are going to be doing a lot of stuff. And so you need various skills that help you through these things. When you don't have a walk in customer and answer the phone as soon as possible to not have the company telephone ringing without a reason. If you are sitting at your desk and you are not doing anything is important that you answered the telephone. It shouldn't be any later than the third when the phone rings, are these three times. You must get that on the fort when a company four-inch and ordering 13 times, that's not a good look for the organization. Of feature that I love is real time support. Again, the digital era. This is extremely impossible in traditional platforms. Okay. Can I get this with the newspaper? You cannot get a widow radio ads. No, this is real-time support. Okay. And thus what this live chat is, I absolutely loved the live chat feature or the 24 hour support chart. This is an example, like I said, of how digital platforms have revolutionized customer service. This feature as much faster and saves the customer a lot of time. And so many times when I need help, I am so excited to see that little icon where I can just tap on that and I can type my question and somebody is data, answer me immediately. This is an awesome feature. Hubspot research says 90% of customers rate immediate response as very important. When they have query's gone are the days when people are going to be waiting for your customer service rep to take 34 days just to solve our problem. Today, at this era, people want immediate response. They love the live chat feature. Live chats and 21st seven increases customer satisfaction and this leads to loyal customers and more sales. People deal with the organization and they see that it is flowing properly. They are going to want to deal with you. They are going to be happy to spend their money with you because there's no hassle. And this is what it is about. They are more internet users than ever before. This is why the customers love this feature. It's very convenient since they are on their computer or mobile anyway. So if I'm already on my phone, it's convenient for me. I don't need the call accompany and weights on the line for someone to help me. I can just go right to the Elijah and speak to someone immediately. I'm already into social media. And so this is a great feature. 7. 20 Things A Customer service Rep Should Not do: Welcome to 20 things are customer service rep should not do. So. If you are a customer service rep, you should absolutely not do these things listed here on this list. So we start off with number one. We can agree that there is no way that the customer is always right. We know this many times that customer will be wrong. However, if you know you are right, do not argue with the customer. Even if they are wrong. Do not argue with them. Just allow them to vent and say how they feel, but don't argue with them. I don't escalate the mara Just do what you are supposed to do was the customer service rep, you know, in your heart that you are right, but you don't have to let them know that. Ok. Just allow them to vent because they are customers. Number two, do not suck your TDD or show negative body language when dealing with the customer. This can sometimes be a challenge because sometimes customers can push you to the limit. But you must pay attention to those body languages and those myths, messages that you can send out to the customer. So you want to be very careful with those type of body language, those type of emotions and feelings that can come across your face or the customer can feel, you know, you, you send out a certain energy, a certain attitude that the customer can pick up, that you are angry or frustrated or something like that. Do not show those type of feelings or body language. Number three, do not show signs of impatience of frustration when dealing with a customer. No matter what is going on, even though they irritate you, they are making you angry or working on your nerves. Yes, those customers will come across your desk. They know Jess harder work on your honors. But hey, you are a professional, so you must remain patient, you must remain humble. And you must deal with the customer, with gratitude and grace and be happy. You have a customer because they are important. Number for keep a balanced tune when speaking with the customer, do not raise your voice or speak with a low tune that they're unable to hear you all understand, which is say. So speaker a good balanced tune, not too loud where everyone in the office can hear you and not too low that the customer right in the front of you are not able to understand you. And this will come off as being unprofessional because they are going to say, I can't even understand that customer service rep, she speaks on low. Okay. So keep the tone nice and balanced. Number five, do not verbally or attack your customer. Number six, customer service reps should not be chewing gum while serving a customer. So if you are a gum Chuan, makes sure that when the customer approaches your desk, you remove the gum from out of your mouth. You should not be chewing gum. When serving a customer. Do not eat food, drink liquids, or have food displayed when serving or communicating with a customer. So if you want to eat or drink or whatever, you should do so by removing yourself from your area out of the customer's site. And you can have your snacks and drinks and stuff like that. Do not eat food and drink liquids right in the front of the customer. Moving right along to Number eight. When serving a customer, sitting down behind the depths, do not slouch in your chair. Sit up, right? So if you are serving your customer to your DES and you are sitting, because not all customer service reps will be standing, some Have a seat and they will be selling. So make sure that you are presentable. You will not slouching down in your chair, set up, right? And I'll show that authoritative figure by sitting upright. Okay. Looking professional, I'm ready to do your job as a customer service rep. Nominally. You should never keep the customer waiting while attending to your personal affairs, texting your friend, searching on the internet for clothes, you may be a jumbled up on the internet, gambling or on the telephone gossiping. And the customer is right in front of you waiting for health. This is a no-no. If you have a customer standing in front of you, that customers business is more important than yours, and it's extremely unprofessional to be standing at a customer service rep death. And they are texting on their phones and they are on their computer searching the internet for shoes and clothes. And you are right there waiting for help and they will not stop what they're doing to assist you. Do not do this. This on professional, serve the customer. The customer should never be able to see that you are getting into those types of things because you are going to seem like an idle customer service rep. And you don't have anything to do. Next on the list to not make promises to a customer that are unreasonable or gave the custom of balls hope. Stay with in your reality. For example, I will call you back with a solution in five minutes. The customer will hold you to this five minute promise. So never make promises that you cannot keep a Buchanan, call them back in five minutes. Do not say that to the customer. Do not leave the phone or receptionist desk ON attended. If you have to move, returned as soon as possible, do not go missing in action. You know, you also customer service rep say should be station to their desk. And they are not. They are walking all over the place, interacting with other coworkers or us standing there for five to ten minutes waiting for someone to come and be at the receptionist desk. Nothing is more irritating as a customer standing at the reception desk waiting for someone to come and assist you and you're there for more than five to ten minutes and the customer service rep is walking around. Number 11, if you're told the customer or if you told the customer to come back on a particular day to collect the document, when they arrive. Do not delay the issue or turn the customer around. This breeds frustration. Do all that you can do to assist them. So do not promise the customer things. An M&A come you turn them around and you tell him to come to you on Monday to pick up a letter, makes sure that the letter is ready. Number 12, if you have pertinent information that can be helpful to a customer's problem. To not pit hole the information from the customer. Next on the list. Do not play the blame game by dodging your responsibilities. Our blaming your co-workers for your shortcomings or your negligence. Take responsibility for your mistakes. Do not blame other people. Do not say the customer. All. I told you to come back on Monday, but the letters not ready because my coworker was enabled the type it no, that's not the customer business. And the customer doesn't care that customer is interested in receiving a letter because that's what you told them. So do not play the blame game. Hebrew told them to come to the office, the pickup will lead at a particular time. Then you are responsible for making sure that all of the necessary information that the customer was promised again, that it is ready for them to collect on the day you too will then become. So do not blame things on your other coworkers. 14, when you're dealing with confidential information such as health records, compensation amounts, or other sensitive information to not speak loud. Only at a tune where the customer you are serving can hear you, not the entire room. So we spoke about 2-1 and keeping the tomb on balance, be careful with how loud you speak when you are serving a customer. When it comes to their private and confidential information, that is extremely important, you must know how to be confidential. And private. Number 15, do not discriminate against customers based on sexual orientation, age, sex, physical appearance, or how they speak. Keep your personal opinions and beliefs to yourself. You are not there to judge anyone. You want to meet the expectations of the customers needs. You are there to be a servant of the customers. So you are not the added discriminate. However, you feel whatever your beliefs are, your bunnies and you must keep them to yourself or when you get behind that customer service rep dads, you are not to discriminate against any customer. All Customers are extremely valuable and they are important to the business that you work for. Number 16 on the do not live. Customer service reps should not accept tips for services rendered. You don't want the customer to get the impression that in order for you to give good service, they must pay. So I know sometimes you will be challenged with this because you go the extra mile and the customers can see that and they appreciate you so much and they just want to, you know, buying some lunch, give you a little tip. And that is fine. But then you as the customer service rep, should remain professional because you don't want them to feel as if you did it because you want something in return. No, that is your job. And so you don't want to get this trend going than an aura for them to get good service, they must put something in your hands, okay, so I know it's extremely enticing, but you must be careful. Do not accept tips for services rendered. That is your job. You are a customer service rep. It's your job to be professionals, your job to be productive and efficient. You should not be paid by the customer for that. Number 17. If you work on an establishment that has a television or radio ads, just patient do not watch television or listen to the radio and neglect the customer. Furthermore, keep the volume at a moderate level, not loud at your station. So you want to be careful when you have the television or a radio station. Keep it medium or moderate level because the customer might not even want to hear what you are listening to. Or you might have it so loud that they are not even able to speak to you properly because you can hear them because it's too loud and it's overdrawing everything within the office. So just make sure be cautious of these type of devices in the office or wherever you are station at. 18. Don't sound like a robot when dealing with your customers. Tried to truly connect with them. For example, saying things that are always said like, thank you for your feedback, or we appreciate your business. Nothing is wrong with these things. And you want to keep it consistent as a customer service rep because you don't want to appear that you are helping others more or you are bias. You don't want to be seen as bias. But so these are fine, but don't say it. Repetition in the customers is try to make it a personalized experience to show that you do truly value of the customer. And you're not just saying it because you have to say it, but you are saying it because this is how you truly feel. Remember you trying to build a relationship with your customers. So you want to seem genuine and authentic. You want to seem real. And so trying to personalize experience. If you help them in a particular way, whenever you speak to them or you want to respond to what they are saying, or you are thanking them. You know, try to keep it personalize. Not so general abroad so that it doesn't even seem real. Do not say that's not something I can help you with. Whatever you have to do to help the customer. Help the customer. If it's really extremely out of your hands, then you can just transfer them to someone who can solve their problem, but make sure that the customers problems are so you did it wrong. It's your fault. Do not make the customer feel as if they did something wrong and that's why it didn't work. Instead, say, I see that you're having difficulty with this issue. Let's get through this together. So never say things. I was going to offend the customer or make them feel as if they are unintelligent or ignorant. If the customer is not able to do things on their own properly offered to assist them, offer the final solution with them or work with them if they are on the phone, go to the steps that they need in order to solve the problem. This is a better way to respond to the customer as opposed and making them feel as if they did something wrong. Or it's Stafford, why things didn't work out or why the problem exists. 8. 10 Phrases A Customer Service Rep Should Not Say: So I want to give you ten phrases that a customer service rep should not use. So pay attention to this section. Definitely. Some customer service rep can say the wrong thing and upset or offend the customer or not, even builds a relationship with the customer like they should because of the things that they see. So you want to be aware of these things that you should not see when serving a customer. So let's start with the first thing on the list. If a customer says, Thank You, don't reply and say, no problem. This is silly and thoughtless. Added makes no sense because helping up customer is never a problem. Say you're welcome, or thanks for calling or thanks for coming. This is how you should properly respond to a customer. When they say, thank you, you don't say no problem. No, that's not the way you do it. You say you're welcome. Thanks for coming according the next phrase, you should not use. If you are a customer service rep, you should never answer the phone. And as soon as you answer the phone you say, please hold. Instead, your organization should have an arrow made a system that will tell the customers how long they will have to read. It is very frustrating for someone to answer the phone and then they have to put you on hold. If the phone call is answered, help the customer. So don't answer the phone and say please hold. It doesn't make any sense. Okay. If you're going to answer the phone, then you should be willing and able to help the customer who is in need. I will have the trans for you. This is a phrase a lot of customer service reps use. It's okay to do it once, but constantly transferring customers where the customers have to continually re-explained the issue is a problem. I know that I get frustrated. I'm sucking my tea. I feel like, man, I don't even want to deal with this business. I'm I rated because I have to constantly explain myself. I explained that the person who answered the phone, then they say to me, or I have the chance for you, then that person answers the phone and then I'm speaking that our person then they can help me. Then I say please hole and then the transmitter, someone else. So I just had to explain my situation to three people. This is not good. Another phrase, a customer service rep should not use all sales. Final. In this new digital era. This will work against a business if the customer is not satisfied with the product or service. Sales should not be final. You should be trying to work out a situation where you can make the customer happy or satisfied the customer. What do you mean all sales have final? I am not happy. And so are you going to alarm in a walker of your organization unsatisfied? You're going to lose a customer. And so, and have to be better ways to solve a situation by saying all sales are finally, as the customer service rep acts the customer, why they are returning the product and let them know what the policy is. When you let them know what the policy is, then be lenient when I'm enforcing the policy or at least that the customer know that you are doing everything that you can do to assist them. Don't just throw the phrase on them. All. Sales final. That's it. This is the company policy. There's nothing I can do. I cannot help you. And so it is your laws. No, this is not right. Do not make the customer field as if it is there close to what you can and be lenient when enforcing the company policy. Another phrase you should not use, please calm down. This race is going to make your customer I angry or you are going to escalate the situation by telling the customer to calm down. This is one of the worst things you can do as a customer service rep. Allow your customers to vent their frustrations and just listen. Instead say, I understand why you feel this way. By saying this, this is where compassion and empathy comes in. When you say the customer previous, calm down. In a nutshell, you are saying, hey, you are overreacting or you are wrong, or you are dealing with this the wrong way. You're not given the impression that you understand the frustrations of the customer. You are trying to make them feel as if they are exaggerating, as if how they feel is an important. No, this is not the way you want to deal with that situation. Never say to the customer, please come down, allow the customer to say how they feel they have a right to their customers. They are spending their money is with your organization. They are the bosses. They have a right to say how they feel and display high for you. And you should listen. When they calm down, then you can go ahead and speak to them or let them know certain things and how you get a system, but allow them to calm down on their own by venting their frustration. Another phrase that a customer service rep should not use is, I am not the one that implements company policies or sorry, but I'm just doing my job. Or you might even say, I just work here. This is unprofessional. So the customer, you are representing the business. So they see you as one entity. So no, you are not the supervisor, you're not the CEO or the boss. You are not the owner of the business, but the customer sees you as the business because you are the person that they are contacting. You are the person that they are communicating with. They don't have the opportunity to speak with the owner of the corporation or the organization they are dealing with you. And so it makes no sense to throw into their faces that you are not the one that implements the company policies. That does not matter to the customer, the customer wants. They are problems salt. And so however you are going to solve them, it is your duty to solve it. Instead say, this is the policy of our company, but let me see how I can assist you so you can let them know what the company policy is because you are not the owner or you don't set the rules. So so you still have to go by the rules that were set by the owner or your employer. But then let the customer know that this is the rule, but I am going to assume, OK, it sounds much better. One phrase that you should not say to the customer, I don't know. This doesn't betrayal business in its best light, honestly. And makes you, the customer service rep seems on knowledgeable. Either makes it seems as if you have a lack of information. Instead, say, give me a few minutes, I'll find out the answer for you. Don't say, I don't know. The customer doesn't want a header. The customer wants their problem-solve. And so you must find out if you do not know, but the call on whole, be cautious of the time that you have them on hold for and go and find the answer to the question. Okay. Don't say I don't know. This is unprofessional. The next phrase that a customer service rep should not use. If the customer is inquiring on something, you just go to our website as if you don't have the time to spend with them or to talk with them as if you are so busy. Some customers don't want to go on the website because they still might be fine, but they won't because on a website, there's so much pages and so much things, they still might find it more convenient to call you. And so don't just say go to our website. Customers call because they think it is the easier route to find an answer. Also, this is why the customers love the live chat. Because you can send a direct link right into that live chat and they can click on that link. And boom, there is the answer to their question. So you have to find innovative and creative ways to deal with the customer. Don't just send them on to the website. Try to make it more convenient for them by sending them a direct link. And then when they click on that link, it takes them to the exact solution for the problem. And X-rays that a customer service rep should not use. Saying, sorry. While it's not bad to say that. I'm sorry because earlier in this session I would have said that don't be afraid or ashamed to apologize. But you cannot continuously say, I'm sorry to the customer because you are making too much mistake. No, you should be able to say, I'm sorry ones. But continuously apologizing from mistakes. This will irate the customer because it gives an apparent as if you don't know what you're doing because you're continuously mess it up and it's unprofessional. It's not acceptable as a customer service rep. Instead, let the customers know that it won't happen again and ensure that it doesn't happen again. But don't keep apologizing for the C mistakes. It shows that you're not improving, you know, a growing and you're not developing as a customer service rep, you are out of touch because you are making the same mistakes over and over again. This is extremely unprofessional. 9. Dress Code For Women Customer Service Reps: Welcome to one of my favorite topics when it comes to customer service. Teres code for customer service reps? Yes, there is a dress code. You must know that if you are a customer service rep, humans, luckier baths, and your Bess must be professional and up to the high-quality standards of professionalism. When a customer walks into an establishment, their first of contact is with you. The customer service rep. If the rep is n appropriately dress and lack having a neat and decent, apparently, the customer will not have a good impression of the business. So stop and think for a minute. If you walk into an organization and the customer service rep that you deal with, their hair is not fixed. They smell funny or hub of funny order or high order. Their clothes torn and smelling and they just don't look right. Will you trust that person to help you solve the problem? Take a second and think of that answer. I don't think you will. And so if you won't, Why should the customer trusts you to solve their problems if they come into contact with you. And this is how you present yourself. In the customers mind. They will have doubts and not know if they want to trust you based on how you present yourself. This is the power of dress code in the organization is extremely important. It plays an important role on the customer's perception of you. One great way to display professionalism in the workplace is to dress appropriately and to go the extra mile when it comes to your physical appearance. If you want to be a customer service rep, you should know that there was a dress code that you should adhere to if the company doesn't provide you with uniform. So there is a standard dress goal that you should adhere to. Whether you work in an office, hotel, restaurant. If you are responsible for communicating with clients, you should look professional. You are representing not only yourself, but you are representing the company that you work for. A picture says a thousand words, because it's visual. We are visual beings and we often judge based on what we see. So this is why how you look is important. Because you are going to be judged first on your parents, and then they will judge you based on your actions and your attitude and your behavior. But first, they are going to look at how you present yourself is good for companies to set a dress code for their employees to ensure that the customers feel welcome and the rep is positively representing the company. So if you are not properly dressed, you are negatively representing the company or you are going to cause your organization to lose business. Customers are going to go or do business, but an organization that is friendly, warm, welcoming, that seems professional and that appears to know what they are doing. A view as the customer service rep can get joy dress codes together. Or your parents again, if you don't have or display the amount of pride and confidence that you hovered in yourself. How are you going to get? Again, the customers truss. Implementing a simple and easy dress code can prevent problems from occurring and ensure that the entire staff dresses consistently. So this is why many organizations set or have uniforms to avoid inconsistent seeds. You have those grabs. One morning, they are beautifully and gorgeously done. Their hair is wonderful. Them make a pesto and point. They have nice suits on and everything. And then the next day they are hair is not cooled or properly done. There they have on torn clothes or funny centered close and they just don't look attractive. And so this is unacceptable. You must be consistent, not coming to work how you feel because you wake up one morning and you're not having a good day because something happened in your personal life, you are going to show up on your job looking unprofessional or extremely unattractive when it comes to office procedures and how you should conduct yourself in the office now, you must be consistent. Hairs how to keep up with your health and hygiene. Paid daily. Brush your teeth daily. Go to the dentist regularly. You know, it's wonderful when you walk into an organization and you speak to a rare and when the rep pleasantly smiles at you. And then when she smiles at you, or when he smiles at you, they have beautiful white. This is greed. And so take care of yourself. It's not only about the organization and the customers. It's about you, is about self pride. It's about self-confident. Do what for you, so that you can be the best person, that you can be because you are a brand. You are putting yourself out there, your behaviors and how you look, how you interact with people. It really has a lot to do with you as well. Next, drink a lot of water to keep your body and skin healthy. Water, elbow Claire up your skin or give you a skin that nice and beautiful globe so that you don't have to pile. You are faced with makeup and just look unnatural. You only need to put a little bit there, keep it natural-looking. But once you have your skin nice and healthy with drinking a lot of water and all of that. You are going to look wonderful. Gets six to eight hours of sleep, get plenty of rest. This will help you to deal with the stress and help you to feel your bets. And so it's very important to get 68 hours of sleep. Because when you are sleep deprived on your job is going to show, you are going to be irritating. You're going to be frustrated for the smallest thing. You're not going to treat the customers, right? You are going to be tired and exhausted and you don't have the energy and the strength to go that extra mile because you are sleep deprived. So you need to get just sleep. Sleep will help you to deal with the stress and all of the things that go on in the office that can be extremely burdensome. So it's going to help you to overcome those issues because you're gonna feel your best, your body's going to be refreshed and you're going to feel relax and rejuvenated. And all of these benefits that comes when you get a proper on a good night's sleep. Of course, eat a healthy diet and get your exercise. This edge or doctor, when needed. Many people would say, Oh, I don't take any days off, even if I feel sick, I still go to work. This makes no sense. If you are not feeling well, go to the doctor and check up on your health because going to work and dealing with the customer when you are second and p01 is going to affect your productivity and is going to show when you are dealing with the customer, that customer's going to see it because you can act different, respond different, gave a different flow of energy because you don't feel well. You're not going to go the extra mile. How that pleasant smile like you should all welcome them like you should because you have something going on within your body. And so if you were set, it is good to go and check things up to make sure that you are healthy and you are in good standing. You are held, comes first. So do not rush to go to your job just because you don't want to miss a day's work and you are suffering. When it comes to your health. Dress code for customer service reps, substitutes lacks a dress, shirt and a jacket when the dress code is business. Women can wear a professional looking skirt, acyl acts allows and blazer, or a nice appropriate dress. Choose the right of it. If you are going to work for an organization that haven't given you a dress code OUT from where a suit for a professional look, when you are in doubt, go professional and this gives you a chance to see what everyone else is wearing. So if you don't know, if it hasn't been confirmed to you as yet what the dress code for the company is. Put on a suit and make sure that you look professional. Paulownia jewelry put on appropriate shoes is better to dress up and look professional than the dress down. And then you're not going to be feeling value, going to be ashamed because everybody has our dress, you and you are tres down. So on your first day of you are not sure what the dress code is. Go and put on your best suit. Look professional. And then when you get there, you can kind of figure out how the other employees or dressing and then you can adjust. But may shop people fashionable is better to be up than down shoes. Now, when you choose shoes for an office environment as a customer service rep, they should be black or brown, or I would even say navy blue. Women can wear pumps or flats that match their alphabet. So you must be careful of the different color shoes. As a customer service rep, those high ball colors, you should keep it simple in an office setting and be careful of the height of the shoes. Okay. Like six inches tall. Those extreme high shoes, they should not be worn because they are going to affect your productivity in the workplace. As a customer service rep, you are going to be having a lot of movements, moving from here and they are dealing with a lot of customers. You're not going to be able to do your job properly with these high heel shoes on is probably going to hurt your feet and you're going to be very uncomfortable and it's going to affect how you work. And so you wanna be careful wear comfortable shoes. If you go and high shoes may shall carry a Flats which you, so that as you walk about in the office, you will hub on the flat peak and your fetus comfortable and you're not NPN or non pointing to go the extra mile when helping a customer because you are uncomfortable shoes. Also, normally in some environments they asked you to not wear open toed shoes. They want you to wish shoes where you are hiding your toes. So it really depends on the establishment. Inappropriate appearance. If you're going to wear a skirt, it should not be high above your knee. I less it is a requirement of the job. So if you are a waitress and they require you to wear a certain length, then okay. That's fine. That's that's the policy of the job. But normally in an office setting and as a customer service rep, your skirt should not be height above your knee. It is not a good look. You are not going partying. You are not going out with your friends. You are up of national establishment. Are you should dress as that. Your skirt should be on your knees. It doesn't have to be below your knees, but on your knees or slightly above the knees. Your skirt should not be tied to the point where all of your figure is visible or your shirt. It should not be so tight that all of your curves in shape is showing. If you're wearing a tight skirts, you should wear a long jacket to hide your hips area. Okay. Long jacket for tight pants and tight skirts. Skin tight pants on gene should not be worn as a customer service rep, you know, those skinny tie ponds they call it or the skinny leg genes. They are inappropriate. If you are a customer service rep or in the office, you should wear office ponds with a certain type of fit, appropriate fitting for office panels. Okay. Sleeveless blouses with armpits showing should not be worn. So when you raise your hand, your customers should not be able to see armpits. If you wear sleeveless shirt, makes sure that you have a jacket over that shirt or a blazer. Your armpits should not be seen. You should not be a halter tops in the office. Low line cleavers shirts should not be more than keep it professional. No inappropriate leggings now some leggings are nice ones. They are simple and appropriate, but there are some that are too extreme for the office. So make sure you choose the proper legging. You can where you stockings and everything but those flamboyant leggings. Repeat very careful of them in the office. The causes of a loud colors in the office trying to keep it professional, like black, blue, brown, Corey, and tan. These are solid colors. Are they appropriate for Office? Of course, this is in regard to your clothes and your shoes. Some clothes are not suitable when it comes to professional. Work due to Farber type, fashion style, et cetera. So sometimes you will go to a shop and see a nice outfit, but then keep in mind that outfit is not Office attire. Offers a tire has a certain type of quality, a certain type of style and Farber. So you have to be careful when picking your clothes for work. May shall go to shops that cell work a tias, the proper fabric. You must be able to separate personal life from working life. So you should have a separation of your attire. You have your paddy enclosed, you have where you go to church and all these different type of modules. And you must definitely have your section in your closet for your work clothes. So there must be a distinction. So let's look at your professional a parents use makeup and perfume. Now of course, when you push and make a point to not overdo it with your maker, you want to look as natural as possible, and you can use a perfume but not too strong. Avoid controversial hairstyles and hear colors such as green, purple, blue, highway. They are unacceptable in an office setting, you're here should not be green or purple or blue. You should keep standard colors in your hair. Grow Mia Hamm, and keep it professional looking. So make sure whatever hairstyle you choose, it is appropriate for the office. You know, some ladies, they go veil there when it comes to has doubts. When you are at your job. Keep it professional keywords simple, which are hes done. Okay? And which are jewelry? Well, don't go over the top but your jewelry, excessive jewellery, you are ten areas in one is no, keep it professional and your tattoos and body passing should be covered or hidden. No one should know what type of data you have in your hand. Or if you have a belly rain or any body pairs in the Jew may have makes sure cover them. When you are in the office. As a customer service rep, you don't want your employer to get the wrong impression of you. You are not on your jaw to make a fashion statement. You are there to work and anything that prevents you from doing that should be avoided. So for example, if you are a customer service rep that deals with a lot of filing, why we're long nails. The long nails is going to slow you down because with filing, you need Johann constantly moving files from here and there. And so the long nails are not going to work. So you have to use your discretion as a customer service rep. Yes, you want to look nice and you want to be professional and you want to be neat, but don't go overboard, which your parents do not use things or put things on you, that is going to cause you to not be productive. Keep it simple though not forget, but Jim main objective is always remember to pay attention to scent. Wash or dry clean your clothes when they are Steen, if they smell bad or have been born two or more times. Also, pay attention to tone close. It's extremely unprofessional to walk into a place and dealing with the web. And they are stitches in house suit or in his shirt. To not use those type of tone or worn clothing. Replace your clothes. It does not look good. It looks at you don't have any clothes, so make sure your clothes are not smelly. They don't have a lot of thorns are rips in them. By uncentered are likely sent it detergents, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. This will help avoid setting off someone else's allergies. So because you work with customers, you will have, you will realize that some customers have allergy when you wash your clothes, be careful of the high strong sense. And this is also for customer service reps that light the hub is centered pianos and the air freshener really cost environment is smell nice. Create that ambiance in the atmosphere. So make sure that these candles are not strong centered because you don't want them to setup your customers allergies if they may have any. And so it has more to do with just your job and the customer is about self pride and self-recognition is about self-confidence. You are a brand. Humans take care of yourself. When you walk up there, you represent yourself. And if you represent yourself, you want to represent yourself and give it your best you want to do your best. Make sure that when people come into contact with you, they recognize your value and they recognize your word, and they won't be able to look at you and then look down on you or not trust you. Don't feel confident that you can help them. You want them to recognize who you are, recognized. A Jew up, professional.