The Sound Basics For Beginners | Nikos Pavlou | Skillshare

The Sound Basics For Beginners

Nikos Pavlou, Sound Engineer / BSc owner

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3 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. The Sound Basics For Beginners - Part 1

    • 2. The Sound Basics For Beginners - Part 2

    • 3. The Sound Basics For Beginners - Part 3


About This Class


A few Basics regarding the Sound for sound engineers.

In these tutorial will be discussed information about:

  • How sound works
  • The speed of sound
  • Frequency
  • Timbre
  • and many more





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Nikos Pavlou

Sound Engineer / BSc owner

As a freelance sound engineer since 2007 I have worked in various live and studio situations mostly in Greece. I am currently located in Manchester, UK and I decided to start making tutorials for other fellow sound engineering enthusiasts.

I am also an owner of a Bachelor of Science on Audio Engineering and I am very interested in becoming a sound engineering instructor. This is another reason why I decided ot make these tutorials.

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