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The Slow Cooker Method of Cooking Bread

teacher avatar Teresa O'Hara, Learn with Fun

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Section 1 Introduction

    • 2. Section 2 Lining the Cooker Pot

    • 3. Section 3 Objectives

    • 4. Section 4 Ingredients

    • 5. Section 5 Method

    • 6. Section 6 Using Silicone Bakeware

    • 7. Section 7

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About This Class

Slow cookers or crock pots have become an increasingly popular way of cooking the family meal over along period of time. The advantages of cooking this way are well known, but did you know you can also cook bread this way? It's an unconventional way to cook bread and the texture will be different to that of the shop bought , mass produced loaf but it is tasty and delicious. 

This class takes you through the process of making a loaf of wholemeal of bread, including using yeast. It's  intended to be relaxed and enjoyable while students cook an awesome loaf of bread.

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Teresa O'Hara

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1. Section 1 Introduction: Hello. My name's Theresa on. I'll be your teacher for this course. I'm qualified Teacher able to teach to several subjects, including food and nutrition and cooking. Please pause. The video was needed. I'm working at your own pace above all. Please enjoy the course and have fun, right? Sit back and watch the video. I hope you enjoy it. Points for consideration before we start. There are some differences when cooking bread this way. In the so cooker, it often looks different from what we're used toe when using a conventional oven so your bread may look different on the texture. Will also be deaf from the recipe in this course has been cooked in a 3.5 liter slow cooker on. The timings are given for this capacity, so you may need to vary. Adjust your timings to suit your slow cooker. Don't lift the lid too often because this will release the heat and prolong the cooking time. I know it's tempting, but just try to resist you. Silicone baking moulds, Bruce prove paper are large grease proof paper cake cases to line the cook apart. This stops the toes sticking from the base in the sides the card cases you can buy in your local supermarket. The silicone modes are wonderful because you can actually fit them. I'm rejoined the ends to fit your cooker. Your your crock part. It is advisable to line the base of the cook her with grease proof paper and extended 3/4 the way up the sides. This makes it easier to lift the food out because you have you have handles. It's possible to buy strong disposable seven inch round baking cases. These are made for car from card on ideal for cut in and adjust into the size that you need . 2. Section 2 Lining the Cooker Pot: here we have two ways to line the cooker parks. The paper cake case in the top left hand corner I've already spoken about. So the next two ways of line in the pot is with a silicone bacon tray or mold, like this one or grease proof paper. Now the silicone mold here that I'm showing you. I've already cart because this is my favorite way of cooking with the cooking pot. So I had to previously cut it to fit my parts. I'm just sharing you how easy it is here to cut through the silicon. It really is an easy fabric to cut its very soft, very flexible. So I just dreamed it. Now I want the ends to still have thes square, the square shape. So that is why I took the piece of fabric out from the center. So the ends remained in shape. Now I've put the end a smaller and into the larger one paced a ring off grease proof paper and the base of the part, and then put the silicone mold on top. The idea of the grease proof paper, which I like using, is just in case maybe without it the bottom of the silicone might get too hot, it might burn. I'm not sure I just feel a lot happier by line in the pot with grease proof paper. This is a shop bolt love paper case. It's too big. It's meant to fit the loaf shape there without being trimmed. So obviously, now I have to trim the lower the pig case to fit. The newly trim silicone mold is quite easy. Exactly the same. Just trim around what isn't needed. Pop it back in lovely and that's perfect. And it is now ready for me to put my loaf dough in after I've made it. The second method. It's just to show you how I got the paper base shape for the cooker Poll have pulled off a straight for a length of grease proof paper. And to get the shape on a rough idea of shape, I've placed the cooker pot lead on top, the grease proof paper on. I will natural around it now. As you can see, the pot lid looks a lot bigger than the paper shape that I put into the the cooker popped. So I'm doing this to get a rough idea of the shape. I'm just a rough idea of the size, but I know at this stage that that paper peace will have to be trimmed to fit the base of the port just in ordinary pair off cross scissors or paper scissors. Once again, this is a nice task to dough. That's if you like using paper and scissors, which I don't. So it's perfect for May. Lovely, right? Run to the top. Yeah, now this will need to be trained. It's quite a lot bigger, as you can say. So just remove it from the part folded in half and that will give you a symmetrical shape. Hopefully and then just trim around one age. I just trim around the one ish because she folded it. You've caught the two edges, so you will now be trimming two edges. I'm sure you don't need me to explain that. I think I've been teaching Children for too long. I'm sorry. My mind is actually a heart shape in the parts. Does it fit? No, it's still just tiny bit big. I mean, really, there would be no harm leaving it just centralized in it. But now I just feel the Nate to trim it. So I'm not trimming around the fold. You might want to leave yours, but I just needs it to fit the base. And there we have it Once a phone, perfectly sitting. I'm hectic That that I needed to know that my paper based would fit the pop perfectly. And there it is. 3. Section 3 Objectives: By the end of the coals, you would have covered the following six objectives. The 1st 1 How to knead dough. Why we put sugar and salt in the dough. What is gloating, how to use this slow cooker, cooked breads and the overall objective You will have achieved one delicious home, ill bred loath. 4. Section 4 Ingredients: the ingredients are not very many. 675 grams of a good whole meal. Bread flour, 14 grams of taste, 475 mils of warm water, two tablespoons of brown sugar. Now that is optional. Two teaspoons of salt on one teaspoon of clear honey. I didn't use the brown sugar. Some people like the taste, but I think it's quite nice enough of out because of the honey. 5. Section 5 Method: and here's the missing jug from the previous slide. I just couldn't fit it on the table. Now please stop and pause the video as needed, and this is in real time. So once again, if it's too slow, I do apologize. So, first of all, place the flour and the salt in a bowl at the yeast water and honey. The salt is needed to work with the east. It makes a strong dough. It adds to the flavor, and it stops the bread from getting style quickly so it does acts as a preservative. Now I've just it measuring spoon into a very hot drinking glass full of water. This makes the spoon heart on. It stops syrah or honey from sticking to the spoon, which makes it run off. Makes a liquid run off the spoon very quickly. It's a really useful tip. Sillen. Now the world decided it, and it is warmish water. It's not straight from the tap. Cold on isn't straight from the hot care, so it's just in between now with a wooden spoon. Just stir all the ingredients for a moment, just to make sure that they're they're all quite clingy and this stops them, stops all the dry ingredients from jumping out of the bowl. Once the electric mixer goes in, you can actually mixes by hand, but it doesn't suit my wrist, so I prefer to use the electric mixer with dough hooks when you're making bread and are using the mixer. Always use the dough hooks on those as seen there off the curly ones. So start off on the low on the low speed and gradually work up to the fast spade. Now, as you could say, the sugar is still on the table. I like spending. Previously. I'm not using sugar that was purely to demonstrate that you can you sugar to go in your debt, your bread into the dough. But it's just the way saving calories aunt to me, because the honey sweet enough, it doesn't seem to have much. It makes it just slightly sweeter. And as you can see by the state of my thistles in the first loaf I've made today, I have been baking. Before I did the video, I think I've made five loaves prior to this. A couple of cakes. Perhaps I should have changed my eight from first but just let you see that I have actually been baking this small new. Now the sugar acts with the yeast and makes the dough rise faster. It preserves the bread and browns across over. Having said that, I haven't used sugar. Now just stop the mix on when you think it looks on thoroughly mixed with a spoon. Just have a look underneath, and you might be surprised at what the mixture hasn't touched. So if you find that there's a lot of flour dry ingredients still at the bottom, just remix, making sure to thoroughly mix all the dry ingredients together. He only has a couple of sections on your task, and it needs to be done, so insure the mixture is thoroughly mixed. To avoid dry ingredients. There are just a few seconds later on. The mixture is thoroughly mixed in on that looks like a nice day. Well, it is a nice dog at this moment because of all the cooking I'd already done, I forgot where I put the flower now just very, very likely. Dust the work surface annual hands with the flower pace ido on top. Not you only want to lightly dust a surface because you don't want to have too much flour. Otherwise, it's going toe. Alter the consistency and the ingredients quantities of your dog. So if you put too much flour on there, you're going to be needing the extra flour in tow. The dough mixture, the same of your hands. Just lightly dust your hands on the top of the dog. Now use the hail of your hand to need the dog, So stretch it on. Pull it back, stretch it away from you and pull it back. The glue tin is a protein. It's produced when the flour and water are mixed. Now needs is with the palms off the hills of your hand for 10 minutes is to be nice and stretching. After the 10 minutes, put the door back into the bowl and cover with a clean cloth and then leave it in a warm place. We're going to leave it for one hour until the dough doubles in size. Don't be tempted to lift the clock on pay at the cross on peak. Mustn't do that. I know it's really tempting, which I'm not to do it now. After the hour flower, the work surface again very lightly and need for another 10 minutes. You'll be surprised how quickly that 2nd 10 minutes goes this time way. Hope it's a trustee O clock again not telling us the correct time, but you get the message 10 minutes. So now you're going to Greece the size of the slow cook apart and place the grease proof paper on the base. You might like to line around the sides of a strip of grease proof paper. As you can see, I haven't I thoroughly Greece mine Now put the dough in the part, cover with cloth and once again lay for 30 minutes. It's a long process, but it's really worth the effort. It does produce a really lovely braids is quite cheery is probably know what you're expecting, but it is lovely. Once again, the trustee clock. This will make you don't go dizzy. I think if you sat and watched it for 30 minutes. So please, now stop. Go away and have a nice cup of coffee. We made the club from the port. As you could say, the pot has not been turned on too high. Place a cling tea towel or T a kinked cross under the cooker under the cooker. Lead on cook for 90 minutes. The idea of the cloth is to catch any condensation, and so it doesn't fall into the bread into the loaf and make it so gay. So it is quite important. Septus, use a knife to test for cooking. As you know, if it's dry, it's coat. Also, once it's out of the port, knock on the base of the bread for a hollow sound fits hollow. It's cooked and cool on a wire rack, and there you have your lovely, delicious loaf of bread. 6. Section 6 Using Silicone Bakeware: this section is just to show you how to use the silicon mold. Thirsting widow after we've result, the does realism cut it in tow. Now, at this point, the dough has rested its been needed. It's exactly the same method as before for the other loaf, So follow those instructions. Now it It's time to cook it. Cut this in tow. On. It will make to 500 grand loaves, so put half in to this slow cooker. The other half I've actually baked in a conventional oven. Now that's looking good. The cooking time will be slightly longer cooking it this way with the silicone mold. It will bay almost two hours on there is finished. Loath is looking good. It tastes good. I was so really plays with this, absolutely delighted, the other loath it cooked. It didn't take us long to cook because this one obviously, and it looks justus good. I actually prefer the slow cooked bread, but here they are a picture of them both. The one closed the love clams to tourists is the one cooked conventionally. It looks Justus go dizzy at the slow cooked low. If they both looked equally good, they're both delicious. The one in the distance is the slow coach love Farley worth the effort 7. Section 7: congratulations. You should now have a delicious loaf of whole meal bread. I really hope you're pleased with the result. It's absolutely delicious, especially with butter, even though my friends said I couldn't have butter. But I did save calories, so I ignored him. A za always anyway, until the next time. Thank you very much for joining the calls and goodbye. Take care.