The Skillshare Premium Referral System that Converted 63 Students in January 2017! | Jerry Banfield | Skillshare

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The Skillshare Premium Referral System that Converted 63 Students in January 2017!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. 63 Skillshare Premium Referrals in January 2017

    • 2. Becoming bulletproof in selling Skillshare premium memberships by actually having and using one

    • 3. My workflow for giving the most every day which then brings me in consistent referrals

    • 4. 3 ways to make premium referral links

    • 5. A page with free links to all classes is the masterpiece of this system

    • 6. Using Facebook ads to promote the free classes page

    • 7. YouTube is a home run for organic traffic and referrals daily

    • 8. Selling classes hosted on multiple websites with WooCommerce on my website

    • 9. Expanding to Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace, and ACX with Audible for additional referrals and income!

    • 10. Would you help teach this class and see why this system is worth doing today?

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About This Class

Would you like to see how I made 63 Skillshare premium member referrals in January 2017?  When you do what I do, I think you will get the same kind of results!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. 63 Skillshare Premium Referrals in January 2017: welcome to Skill share premium referral system. This is the Skill share premium referral system I'm using to generate right now about to skill share premium referrals every day. I'm really excited to share this with you because I think if you want to teach on skill share, making premium referrals is the key. Why? Because I'm bringing my own people than when you've signed up through me. Tow watch, skill share. Ah, there's a good odds, A very good chance that if every one of these premium referrals is potentially a very enthusiastic student who will then watch more of my courses every single month and that will give me the chance to rank higher. All I literally need to do is make classes and generate premium referrals to be able to teach full time on skill share. So I've just started this referral system over the last couple months. It's working really well, and I'm going to share each detail of it with you in the class. I'm really excited to do that. And if you don't understand the referrals, basics are ready. Here's what you want to know before getting started, so you get a link just like the top. You see skill share dot com slash r slash your user name. So if you are not already signed up as a premium user, would you please use my direct link to sign up? Because I get a $10 bonus every time you sign up? I think what I just said is key to generating those premiums sign ups to make the actual ask like I just did actually ask people the sign up instead of just throwing the link out there. But to directly ask and explain why when you get someone to sign up, the cool thing is, it's only 99 cents to sign up. So I get $10 meanwhile, people want my classes on Lee after pay 99 cents. So that's a really good deal. I think for everyone. This is the foundation of my skill share premium referral system. In being willing, ask, you see sharing a link at the top of my videos and then sharing the details. What a good deal it is. It's only 99 cents for three months and openly admitting that I get $10 for each referral credit. So to me, These are the foundations of using the skill share premium referral system, and what I'll do is show you the whole system in detail, with different options that I think you'll love. 2. Becoming bulletproof in selling Skillshare premium memberships by actually having and using one: if you're going to make skill, share premium referrals. I think there's one absolutely critical element one thing that you should not even try or do this at all. Now, this gonna sound really simple, man. Yet at the same time, you need to be a premium member. Yes, you must be a premium member. If you're going to try and make referrals, why would you try and not be a premium member? I see teachers teaching class on skill share who aren't premium members, and therefore, why would you want to try and make referrals? So I'm going to assume you're a premium member for the rest of this course after I present a little bit about Premium and I suggest mentioning these things in context with making the referral. When you know the features off skill share premium, then it's a lot easier to pitch. Joining. I looked through the features and I show them in my videos, so I show Look, it's only $12 a month or if you get annual, it's only $8 a month. This is one of the best values I've ever seen an education online because you get 14,000 plus classes you can download and watch on your phone. There's no ads, and this supports teachers and you get little yearly membership parks. Also, that I've actually used to sign up for the non project as a part of this. So there's a little I think they're affiliate links or deals they've worked out, so I've already redeemed those. So I think it's absolutely critical of be a premium member and then show people your premium member on your profile here. Show them that this little star means that I've paid to be a premium member. I've paid to be a premium member, so I'm simply telling you about something that I really love in a joint. Now, even if you are premium member, you might think, OK, that's pretty straightforward. What's the other part to this? The other part is to actually watch other people's classes on skill share. Let's go see if I can watch my in progress classes here. I was just watching Neil and Linda share ings class. Right before this. I use skill share myself. I learned I'm taking classes now before I started trying to make premium referrals before I started using skills share that much. I didn't as a teacher, I didn't. You learned that much on it either. But now I love watching classes on skill share because, like if I just want to get a brief introduction like this, I started learning how to Code Python in just a few minutes. I didn't have to pay $10 for a course and decide and then have buyer's remorse and then look at 50 different course I bought. Never used. I love skill share because I can just start learning and teaching like I clicked over here on their course. And the beautiful thing is, I started. I do watch just what I wanted to out of the course. I plan to go back and watch some or after I'm done recording this and this class motivated me that I was just watching them make a new class. I'm like, Well, they've done really good. Explain the changes. Why don't I show how I'm doing my premium referrals? So I think it's absolutely essential to be a premium member and a really know the benefits of Premium and to really use those benefits yourself because it's harder to sell something you don't personally care about. You can see I'm passionate. I love premium membership on skill share, which makes it easy for me to sell it. I'm selling something that I personally use and love and enjoy, and I'm continuing the learning use. Maura. I learned about a new program to make music FL Studio on skill share. I don't buy classes on any other website. Now it's an island skill share. I'm not going to go shopping on some other website for it, and that's the power of skill share premium. So I think I used to do A for, like, a month. I did this MLM marketing program and they said, when? When the highest level you can reach your bullet proof, your sales pitch will work in any situation, no matter how skeptical someone is, and nothing anyone says to you will shoot you down. Well, I feel that you want to be bullet profound, a skill share premium membership if you're going to pitch it. So that means you should have absolute Yes, this is something I love. This is something I pay for and a specifically reference how you do it. I say I used the annual one, because that's what I use. I like to say money is $96 once a year. That is a class every month, and then it's still cheaper. That's $120. So it's cheaper than getting a $10 class every month as an exceptional deal, the best value I've seen in online education. This, to me is a critical foundation. Once you've got this, then you're ready to start selling these premium memberships as a part of teaching on skill share. 3. My workflow for giving the most every day which then brings me in consistent referrals: How do my premium referrals actually come in now? I cannot show you the actual premium referral page itself right now because it has the actual student names on it. What I will show you instead is my workflow. And this is the same mindset I used to drive premium referrals. So what I try and do is make at least two videos every day. And that's what I try and do in my business. That's something I control now. Today I'm probably on video five or 10 already today. So I try and make his many videos. I can, but I trying to at least two videos every day. So with skill share, premium referrals, what do I do? I try and make a referral every day, just one referral. And I think I go with that in mind. And my referrals are a function of how many videos I make. So if I make up few videos every day and I follow the rest of the system, I'm going to show you then that gives me a chance to make a referral, er, to every day. If you think about in terms of what I want to make 60 premium referrals in one month. That's not how I think of it. I think that I want to try and convert someone every day through my system, and that adds up to a lot over time when you convert one or two people every day. Then over time, the minutes watched add up, the referrals add up and the whole snowball effect is in place. So I try and do with my teaching. I try and do with my referrals. Just get a referral or two every day. And the question is, then, if you're not hardly getting any referrals. Just a few months ago, I only had one or two premium referrals. Now I've got 60 something in the last month alone. The key, I asked myself on a daily basis. What am I going to do to give the most value today? What am I going to do to create the most value for other people? And then I naturally integrate my skill share referrals into that system. So when I think each day, how am I going to help the most people today then My skill share referral system is a part of that which is awesome. And then I don't have to sit there and think, Well, how am I going to get all the How am I going to get 60 referrals or how am I going to get 100? I don't think that what I think, What am I going to give today? And then I start asking better questions. At one point, I asked, What can I do to maximize the income I'm earning on skill share and how people who can't pay watch my courses anyway on skill share. When you ask better questions, you get better answers. If you ask how Doe I bring a skill share referral in every single day, that is a much bigger question than trying to ask, How do I get 100 referrals getting referral every day? That's hundreds every year, and that's a simple action call as well. It's a simple thing to do them Well, I just need to make some videos every day. I need a pitch skill, sharing everything I'm doing all the time. I need to set up things to attract people into my skill share audience. So this is the mindset I used to get these premium referrals every day. This is the foundation of the work I dio to get these premium referrals every day. And the key thing is, once you've got these videos, once you make lots of videos, once you get a system to work every day than that system will work for you every day and just the one or two with three referrals a day doesn't sound like much, but $600. That does sound pretty good to me. So I appreciate you watching this. I'll keep going deeper and deeper in this premium referral system with you. 4. 3 ways to make premium referral links: really simple. Where do you get your referral link? To get your referral link. You go to skill share dot com slash settings slash premium dass referrals. Well, what? I'll give you another way to get there. So you go over to your teacher profile, you go down to refer a friend, and it will take you over to this page. And then you should see this exact page here. You can share your teacher profile directly. So what you've got right here is a link that could be copying paste. And you can then directly tweet this on Twitter and you'll see the full link right here. Or you can put it on Facebook now, just the same as you've seen me putting this link up the whole time. Then the key is to integrate this link all over the place. However, this link only gets me about half of my total referrals. I use direct course links to get to the other referrals. So what you do on that you go over here and in each class you're teaching, So if you go over the view profile you Sam teaching 68 classes right now, I go into the actual class I'm teaching here now. Every single class I'm teaching has one of these little referral links over here. Now these also generate referrals. Not only that, but there's one more way to generate a referral. So if you go toe, that's a premium link on Lee. Now, if you also can go over here and go to promote and then you can create custom links down here, you can create free links while you don't earn any money. If a student and rolls on a free link, you do apparently earned money. If a premium user uses a free link and you do earn $10 if someone uses your free link to your course and then signs up sometime afterwards on skill share, you'll know, for example, of you use anyone else's link you'll be able to see at the top here. Whoops. I took my face off, not the banner off. You'll see at the top here for a limited time. Give your friends three months of skill share premium. So when you've clicked someone else's link, it will pop up in the top. That jury Banfield has given you skill share premium for 99 cents. So that's a really nice thing. And you can confirm this is working correctly. So what I can do to confirm it? I'll go over here and then I will open incognito, and I'll use my skill share direct referral link over here. And then you'll see something like this. Jerry has given you three months a premium for only 99 cents. So then if someone signs up off this direct link, they make an account and sign up for premium than I have a good chance to get that $10 from there. So these are the ways you generate your links. And I appreciate you watching this. I hope this is useful for you. 5. A page with free links to all classes is the masterpiece of this system: What is the top way I'm currently using to make referrals across my entire business system ? I'm actually doing something that you might think is insane by using this approach. And yet this seems to be working really well to make me referrals. This is what's giving me Ah, breakout month. And this is a comprehensive Lee generation magnet. This comprehensive income earning system. This is a comprehensive funnel, all in one simple place. I'm really excited to show you this. If you haven't seen it already. See it live. See it actually, on my website. Would you go to the link and take a look at today what it looks like? Because it may look different by the time you see it. It's that jerry banfield dot com slash free courses. Now I'll give you this set up to this page first. What am I doing in this page? This page has free coupons. Toe all off my premium courses on skill share. Yes. This allows people who have just heard of me who can't sign up who won't sign up on skill share to take every skill share class with me completely for free. Not only that, though, I've collaborated with other instructors to get their free coupons on this page is, Well, now, if you want to get your free coupons on this page, you must be a member off my Facebook group and which is $25 a month. There's a link on the bottom of this page. So if you want to collaborate with me and get your free coupons on here and do this as well , then that's what it takes. So I've collaborated with other instructors. I've also found websites and resource is where I can pull free coupons two brand new courses at places like the Unity Studio and stick them straight on my page to make a page that's really valuable for people. So I have my paid courses, all for free on here, and then I have other links to other people's courses. Well, so I'll show you how this is working. So I've got this here. I've got the gift free coupons to paid online courses. Now this is mine and other peoples. Then I have my friend Michael. He actually updates this page in checks for invalid links, and then right below that, I've got a link to my skill share profile. So if I open this incognita will just like I did, you will see it does the same. Thing is I just showed you a little bit ago. It takes straight to my referral profile. And so I've got a link, a button right at the top to make skill, Sheriff Rose. And then I've got free coupons to all of my classes. I just list them now. I think by the time you watch this, I should be able to remove all these premium links and just use free links because I think premium users using free links to premium courses still actually earned freemium minutes watched. Yes, I'll say that again. That doesn't That's a lot of words all at once. Previously, it seemed that premium students had to enroll in classes using premium links. And then if they rolled using free links, that didn't count. But now it seems that you get paid even if for premium student uses a free link. So before when I showed you, you can create using the view stats tab in a class and then you go over to promote you can make free links that allow users to simply sign up with skill share and watch a premium class for free. So by the time you see this thes premium links may all be deleted, and it may just be short links like this. I sent an email to skill share to confirm before I go take off 68 premium links off of my list here. So what I do, I simply put the name of my class up here and then I've got the fruit premium link currently and the free link Hopefully soon I'll just have the free link. And then what I do is I list every single class up here and I try and put them in the order . People are enrolling, I mess around, I move the order around and then some. I messed up and created a bunch of free classes which don't earn you any money. And I'm switching them over to premium cell. But I'm hoping after I take the premium and free out, the page will just look like this. And if you have a free clashing, put that on there as well. So what I do I list all my classes on here so this means someone, let's say, in Bangladesh who is not able to sign up for getting the money to take a skill share, premium membership, they're able to use these free links and take all of my classes on skills share for free. So I've got links to everyone off my paid course. I continue to put free links toe all of my courses on here and now. I've got all my courses hosted on skill share. That way, if people want to take them, this is the only option. So this is a key restores because this is my one page that I want to drive everyone to. This is why I'm sending ad traffic to right now. This is where I'm sending people in my videos to to go redeem the courses, because why try and get them to enroll in one course individually when I can send them to the free courses page and give them all of the courses at once? Now the beauty of it is if anyone signs up for a skill share premium membership using any of these links, I get $10 on. What's happening is people are using lots of the different links. And I'm getting $10 like they're using this direct link. And I'm getting $10 directly from this class instead of from the generic link up here, or they're using all kinds of other classes to enroll, and I'm generating a link from there. So the beauty of this page is it's not just my courses, and you can literally if you want to scrape the coupons off of my website if you want to, that's fine. So what? I've also got I even though I'm banned from you to me, I I have people who can access the studio coupons for me and grab those and stick those on here. And then I have other instructors who've specifically given me their coupons for free. So I list all kinds of these free, you know, me courses on this page also. So even if someone has no interest in skill share, this is still a really valuable coupon page, even if you never take one of my courses. And then I've got little Google AdSense ads on here as well to test out and see if those make any money. So I've got a ton of free you dummy courses on this page is well, And then if you keep scrolling down and down you see, I've got just a ton of courses on this page. That way, I want people to just be blown away by this page. I want someone to see this page and go. This is amazing. Wow. I can't believe this guy put all these free coupons in one place. I know because I used to look for free coupon pages as a student on you to me, and I was really impressed whenever someone made a good one. So I've tried to make one of the best coupon pages in the world for free course online, including mine and including other people's. And then at the bottom of the page, I sell on my Facebook group from there as well as my podcast. So I sell listening to my podcast down here, and then I sell joining my Facebook group at the bottom of this. And if you want your coupons on this page, you have to be a member of the mastermind group to get your coupons up there. And this page then this is my entrance. This is what I try and introduce people to who I am and what I do online. This gives me one spot to final everyone to, because you see if someone uses any of these links, this then gets me a referral bonus from skill share. And then if people actually watch that a premium members that gets me premium minutes watched. Even free members help get the courses enrolled, which then get this class is more likely to trend on skill share and attract more premium minutes. And even if people just aren't there for free, never going to sign up for premium. I'm building my followers up on skill share, and then I don't have to have an email marketing service. Skill share will email all my free and paid followers with every single new class I make. So even if someone has taken 68 classes for free and they go click the link to enroll in the new class, it will be a premium only link. They might then convert finally from free to paid as they get annoyed with having to go check the free coupon page and seeing that I didn't add the coupon for a few days after the class was out. Every single new class then gives me an opportunity to convert even mawr of the people originally just taking classes for free, to convert a few of them up to a paid membership. So this is my in painting terms. This is my masterpiece, this one page that's intended to be really, really useful. And even if people don't like my courses, I've set it up that people just might like the U to me coupons. Or even if people just browse, they might click a Google AdSense page. So this page is the kitchen sink, and at the same time it's almost all text. Except there's some images, the bottom and Google AdSense ads. So there's not a lot of images toe load. It's easy to manage these links. It's very shareable. So to me, this having something like this is every skill share instructor could easily do this. Set up a page just like this, that then list the coupon links to your existing classes, and then if you want to advertise what you do, you can reach the entire world and just get people enroll in your classes. You can literally scrape my website. If you want even more free coupons from the other ones I'm using, you could put my free coupons up there if you wanted. Now, keep in mind the free coupons only have 1000 use limits. So I have to keep switching my free coupons. Whenever I get 1000 people that use them, you can literally put all my skill share classes up there for free. And if although, if I if you did and they used my free link than I would get the commission, so you might want to consider that. But I hope that you see how this is. It's crazy in the sense you get is just give away all these classes at the same time, though, if I go out of business, I want to make sure I've done the very best I could to educate and help the very most people. So, worst case scenario, I go out and say, Look, I gave everything I had to give the best case scenario. This is one heck of a snowball effect. If you hear all the things I just mentioned, this should snowball unbelievably So I'm really excited about this and I'll show you some more ways to build on this system that I'm currently using 6. Using Facebook ads to promote the free classes page: If you want a way to promote this system with Facebook ads, I'll show you exactly what I'm doing now to promote my premium referral links directly in Facebook ads. The beauty of the system I've shown you is that it lends itself really well to being promoted with advertising because it offers so much value completely for free on one page. And then if you can send a bunch of people a page, you should be able to convert a $10 sign up here and there. You should be able to get more premium member minutes watched here and there. So here's a post I'm using on Facebook with a short video where I explain exactly how to use the page and look at this. I've actually got my skill share link directly in The Post is well, so the occasional person who wants to go straight to skill share who's already heard of skill share may go straight there to start watching my classes. So what I did, I published a video on my Facebook page, and then you'll see this video is being very well received because I'm giving a bunch of paid course away for free, so people are responding really well to it. You can see there's over 1000 people that have like this. There's 189 shares which is absolutely ideal. And then there's 46,000 views on this, so relative to lots of other videos I've seen the ratio of likes and engagement and shares based compared to the video views on this is really good. So that's exactly what we want. And then all I have the website conversion ad that tracks every time someone actually loads a page on my website. So once someone sees this ad and then goes to load a page of my website, Facebook tracks that and then is able to optimize using all of its data on exactly what kind of person might be looking for a paid coupon list. And in the video I go through exactly in the video I start off, I show the Value proposition, which I just go over the page. I show the page itself, and then when I go through in the video, I showed the free coupons I show inside of the courses, and I show redeeming the free coupons on 1/3 party website. And then I also explain about skill share premium in the video. I requested to directly use my link in the video, and I show the link on the page. So I asked people directly to sign up for skill share through here. So the beauty of this ad, not only am I promoting myself, but I'm promoting a skill share premium enrollment, and I'm promoting the free coupon page itself. So this is a add that covers a lot of different bases. And I think this ad has helped me start generating a lot more premium referrals. I've noticed the longer I've ran this ad, the faster my premium referrals of one up and you might ask Well, okay, Let me see your data on this ad. Let me give it to you. I'll show you my data on the Adam after. Zoom out quite a bit, though, and go back in here. So let's look at the free courses and I'm running this worldwide. I've targeted a bunch of different websites. Now I'm about to pause some ads that aren't working as well. But you can see the very most expensive ad is costing me 13 cents to actually get someone tracked on my website, and I have allowed the targeting and the conversions to track if someone, for example, someone views 100 pages on my website, that will count as 100 conversions because person loading one page in looking at it versus a person who goes through and reads 100 blawg postal zehr drastically different kinds of people I converted. So I'm able to track things like Post shares here. I'm able to track the cost on Link clicks Page likes, and that's the beauty of this ad. So this ad as a ton of different ways toe win them. So this ad might get me just a page like from someone who then I can reach with my live videos. This ad may just get someone who looks at the free courses and signs up for skill share for free. That's essentially got me a follower on skill Share, an email subscriber. This ad may also get me a $10 conversion sign up out of skill share and more premium minutes watched in the future. The ad also may get me shares on the page so someone might not do any of the following, but they might share it just because they see Wow, this is really good And they know their friend takes online courses. So the ad potentially can get all these different ways toe win in one particular scenario. And that, to me, is what's extremely powerful. You see what I'm paying 30 cents to get a page like on one of the highest categories here. I'm also getting to website conversions tracked out of that same 30 cents. So one of every $2 I spend in this ad set, I'm showing ads to almost 10,000 people or so. And then I'm getting one post share and I'm getting almost 10 page legs and I'm getting more than 10 link clicks, and I'm getting about 10 post reactions, and I'm getting about 15 or so pages viewed on my website. So this is giving me a fantastic value with Facebook ads. In the beauty of it is, it's not just working, targeting skill, Sheriff. It just worked targeting skill share. I'd say that wasn't very good, but I'm targeting all kinds of different categories with this ad, and it's working in a ton of them I've sorted it from worst to best, so those are the worst ones. Let me show you the best ones the code school code academies pulling conversions on my website for four cents each. 15 cent page likes. Now, this is all out of the same budget. So I'm getting 10 people like my page and the one person to share it every time I spend a dollar 73 I'm getting all those linked clinks and I'm getting dogs barking in the background. So this is an amazing way to be able to share and build premium referrals. Build skills, share followers. To me, this is just a complete snowball effect. And I even just spending a dollar or two a day on a few different targeting categories, I think can really add up over time. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is really helpful for you. And I'm excited to continue showing you more and more 7. YouTube is a home run for organic traffic and referrals daily: I showed you the Facebook ads just before this, because Facebook ads are really good for instant gratification. But the rial beauty of this system is YouTube because you two brings free organic traffic, and that's where the very best opportunities are. Because I turn off my Facebook ads, I'm going to turn off my results. But on YouTube, I'm getting people coming into skill share on a daily basis for free. Now it often you need to spend money, and I'm spending money and YouTube ads to get my minutes watched up. You may need to spend a good bit of money anywhere from 10 plus No. 2 100 plus dollars a data. Advertise your videos to really get the ball rolling, and I recommend doing an hour plus long tutorial videos. But I'll show you what I do and show you that YouTube is the most powerful part of this system. Why, because you two brings that organic Traficant's you'll see. I'm grateful. I've got 130,000 YouTube subscribers. I've been on YouTube for almost six years now. I've made over 1200 videos. YouTube is the perfect partner you want to use for skill share and to use on this system. So what I'm going to do with this class is put up a part of it as a free preview video on YouTube and then go over and say, Look, if you want to take the rest of the class, hit that free coupons page and you can get in and take the class for free. Or if you sign up for a skill share premium membership, you can then take Ah, 14,000 plus other classes for 99 cents, and I'll actually get paid for every minute you watch. So what I do on YouTube is I put up these free preview videos, and that is what helps me. Then get a lot more people to come in and watch my skill share class all give me an example . Meet the volume on here. You don't need to hear me talk twice. So what I dio is I do these new videos. And then I put up previews off my classes, and I showed the free courses page on there. So then, when people are searching for something like a Facebook ads in marketing class on YouTube than they find my class. And then look, I've got skill share, premium enrollments and links to the free courses page directly included in the videos. So YouTube is an ideal traffic source to get people who are looking for you. And I've been doing this on a ton of different videos over the last several years. Online in YouTube has a huge snowball effect. You can see my statistics here. I also get ad revenue per for reporting videos on YouTube. And then, while the views themselves aren't very valuable on YouTube, every person who makes the leap over to skill share that is really valuable and it takes a lot of effort. I didn't get a viral video. I've got a few viral videos Now. It's 2.7 million views, 700,605 100,000. I've worked A and R to put together lots of videos. The shortest of them's 55 minutes, the longest of these nine hours. So I put together these comprehensive tutorials that air as good or better than anything else in a category, and then in those I pitched doing the skill share class. Now the problem with this is on some of these. I've pitched a skill share class too well, and then it drops the YouTube stats. So, for example, let me show you this video I actually pitched skill share, so good that is killed my watch time. So if I look on the traffic sources now, I've gotten a lot of referrals through this Facebook class. I will bet some of the became into this video. But I pitched the skill share class so well in it that people after a couple of minutes say yes, you're right. I'm going to stop watching this video on YouTube and go watch it on skill share. So it's a really artistic effort to try and give the best you can in the free tutorial, But don't pitch something that people don't pitch. The free skill share class may be quite up front so hard that people abandon the video, so I'll show you a different example here. So I've got this. I've got another tutorial. I've got a lot of to toil, so I'll show you over here. I'll go with watch time and I'll go over. Here's this best Facebook marketing tutorial ever for 2000 and 17. What Ah, hype name, right? So what this one has done really well is getting in the suggested videos. Now you'll see this video is pulling 13 minutes average suggested video wash time. Now, that's incredible, given that the video is two hours long, considering some of my nine hour videos don't pull that average watch time. So this means when other people are watching someone else's videos there, then watching my video next, and they're spending an average of 13 minutes on it, which is amazing. So I'm recommending make free preview videos on YouTube. But don't pitch the skill share free angle too early because then people are going toe that actually convert are going to abandon the video. Knock it the watch time up. So on YouTube, you want to have that average view duration as high as possible. And that means long in depth tutorials, which is good because you can then use a section off the classes you already are making. So when I've got all these classes like this, I have a Facebook ads class here that contains all of that Video is in this Facebook ads class, so the whole video is in this Facebook ads class. However, there's also 10 more hours. So some of this just comes down to shooting as many videos as you can, which goes back to my whole workflow thing. So you make is many videos as possible. You go and deep in depth, talking out some people. Sure, you might be turned into son Twix speed. And if I talk a little bit faster, I'm gonna really troll you because you won't be able to hear it in four X Speed them when I talked to its vast usual Whoa! So you might have the You're welcome to put my videos on to X speed now for minutes watched . You only get one minute of actual minutes watched? Not if so. If you watch this on double X speed, I actually get half the income per view, which is fine. I want you to enjoy the course, so I try and talk at a pace that's natural, and it feels good for me. So you want to make lots of these long in depth tutorial videos, and then you essentially can just build your skill share class, finish your skill share class, so if you make a skill share class. You can then take like half the class and put that class up for free as a preview on YouTube. And then, once people have watched 10 2030 minutes in it, then really sell a hard or put in a little sales pitch at the maybe a gentle sales pitch in the beginning. Ah, harder sales pitch in the middle and a really throw one at the end. Convert people after they've got into the middle of the video over toe watching on skill share. And that way you can Max out your stats on YouTube because you want to max those YouTube's . That's an order for the video to get discovered on YouTube if you sell to art at the beginning and won't get discovered on YouTube as much. So you want the video to really do well on YouTube? Suggested videos in YouTube search, especially as my friend Joseph Delgaudio says the YouTube searches the blue collar work on YouTube YouTube search. You can get found and discovered there, no matter how big your channel is now, you can also do that and suggested videos, and then once you get your channel even bigger, you get to cheat with browse features, which are just given you by YouTube recommending the videos. And then you get all these things like Google Search from External. There's all these other features that Google the own who owns YouTube funnels in to you to give you traffic. The bottom line is you want to make YouTube videos that get people watch the video on YouTube as long as possible and then gently convert them over to skill share, using either your premium links or using free links, which then, if they sign up, is a premium member. At some point you still convert over. So I realized it could be intimidating if you wherever you're at based on your subscribers . Just look at giving the most possible on YouTube. I'll show you my friend Joseph. He had hardly any subscribers, maybe just a handful or something. And what does he? Donny's followed my exact advice. He's put up all these free tutorial videos. Joseph's actually a partner with me on my jury. Banfield dot com slash partners page. So Joseph is actually used my tutorial videos to get himself thousands of subscribers, and then he's combined that with his own tutorial videos, and now he's over 3000 subscribers. He has a business. He can work full time selling course online. This is how powerful YouTube is. So the idea is, YouTube is a really good long term traffic source. The problem is, YouTube does not usually work fast, so I suggest a combination makers many videos as you can try and get free coupons out, advertise on Facebook to get some of that initial moment. Um, and meanwhile, be looking at YouTube. Is your home run? YouTube is my home run. I doubt I'd have our Lanny referrals without how you would say at least half of the referrals in January came from YouTube. And I bet I'm gonna be able to pull 500 or 1000 referrals a month as I scale this system up , which will be great for every premium instructor. Our revenue pool will all be collectively increasing. So if you've seen this has worked for Joseph and this is continuing toe work for more people, to my friend, Jordan is doing a similar thing. He's getting close to 1000 subscribers, and he just started on this Ah, couple months ago, He's getting great videos out making new courses. So this works wherever you're at. It works. Whatever you want to teach, technical classes work the best. But you keep working on YouTube, and you can continue to build an amazing YouTube channel that will do some incredible things for you. If you want to learn more about this, just check into some of my other YouTube classes on skill share and you'll be able to see much, much, much more than you'd ever want to know about YouTube. 8. Selling classes hosted on multiple websites with WooCommerce on my website: What if you want to sell your courses on another website, either your own website and or some other third party website. Here's a way to do it with the exact system I just gave you so you can make one slight little modification of this. If you want to sell class on 1/3 party website now, the problem is skill. Share is such a good deal for the user. You may have a hard time selling a course on another website because, hey, who would want to pay $10 for course from then? Pay 99 cents for all your courses or even get all of them for free. Still, I make sales every day on my website because somehow, after all of my efforts to give people take my class for free, people still sometimes are buying my courses. Now. I also have other people's course bundles up for sale. But let's look at specifically one of mine and see how you can match this up with skill share or third party website. So some people just cannot or will not skynet sign up for a skill share premium membership , no matter what you do, while I have a option for that On my websites. You can see this. The complete Facebook ads in marketing course 2000 and 17 on my website. Now, what do each of these little links go to? Each of these little links are short links over to one of my skill share classes. So when you use one of these little short links, it brings you upto one of my skill share classes. So each of these five links on my individual product takes you to a skill share class use which then if you pay $9 you get a free coupon of these five classes now. Yes, I realized Well, jury, aren't you giving all your course away for free On another page? I am. If someone looked around my website school down here when two free course coupons or I even have a hello bar thing that pops up on the top that says, Hey, all my glasses are free right here. Still, someone most days comes through and buys this $9 corresponding. I'm very grateful for that. I look at it like a donation. I really appreciate it. And then what? They get our links to free skill share classes. So if you want to have your class, let's say you wanna have your your course hosted on a place where it's one time purchases. What you could do is use woo commerce, w o commerce. All of these things that I mentioned you can see if I pull the resource is page up over here. All of these things are up on my resource is page that I mentioned. It's all just search for Will commerce you search for here? I've got a direct link to the wool commerce plug in. So I used woo commerce to sell my classes on my website, and then I give them a pdf with free coupons. So if you have courses, let's say on 1/3 party website where it's a one time purchase and you have classes on skill share, you can literally do all of them with one buttons. You could upload it to skill share. You can upload it third party website and you, Casella pdf on your own website and then the beauty of it is if you get banned from one of your third party websites, something like me if you direct everyone to your website. First, you can adjust all these buttons based on your ideal format. So this page used to go offer a free coupon to one of my you know, me courses. And then I got banned, and now I've switched it over to and I was hosting an unteachable. Then it offered a PD after my teachable. Now I've Billy, I'm getting rid of my teachable. Now it sends everyone over to skill share. So if you've got your course on multiple websites, you can simply put different options toe link it here. And you can give people the option to just buy a free coupon on all the websites based on whatever they want to use. And then Oh, my God, Jerry, Something else? Yes. And then you can even pitch things on this page like sell it. I'm Amazon. So if someone comes in my Facebook ads and marketing course off of one of my old YouTube videos, they get links to five of my skill share classes. They get a link to buy card, and then they also get a link to go listen to my book on Amazon or audible, and they get a link to go join my Facebook group, and I just threw in an AdSense add that hopefully display down here as well, so you can really throw the kitchen sink in on a product page. Now. I always suggest simplicity as much as possible for me. I've got traffic coming to these pages already. I've got everything set up on YouTube and I've changed things so many times. It's just easier to just manage the traffic I've got on the pages. It's better toe. Have a simple business system. It's great to give people choices, though some people are just not going to go pay $10 to buy Ah course on a website. Other people are just not going to sign up for a subscription on skill share, no matter what other people might be willing to pay you directly with Bitcoin. But they're not going to fool around with either third party website. So if you have options for all your courses where you can take them, then you can show off the landing pages. For example, you me offers really nice landing pages with reviews. You could say the complete course, whatever, and then you could say, access the course and then you could have links as seen on this website and you can have people click over there and then you could have options to skill share. You could have options to stack skills. You could have options to whatever other websites. Your course. Theron. This way, if people already used that website, let's say someone comes to this page. There are already a skill share premium member. They go click over here and they look at the class and they say, Wow, that's great. I don't even have to pay anything and they start watching for free immediately and start earning you more minutes watched. So if you want to use other third party websites, but you don't want to waste all of your time and energy or you don't want to do free coupons, you can use woo commerce or some kind of a shop plug in to allow people to take your courses on all the different destinations that are possible. You can allow them to pay you directly. You can allow them to go straight to the third party websites and then you've got them on your website. If something changes you can simply change your landing page this way. When you set all these YouTube videos up and then for me, I've I set up a lot of videos showing my course on you to me, and then they got rid of me. Fortunately, I linked them directly to my website in the YouTube video. So I still get a ton of people coming. Look straight on my website every day for classes, and now a lot of them are coming and going over to skill share. So I'm grateful to have this experience to share with you. I hope it's helpful if you've got your course on other websites and you don't want to just pitch skill share 100%. 9. Expanding to Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace, and ACX with Audible for additional referrals and income!: What if you could sell your courses as books? Also, when you take the time to make a video class, you might be able depending on the subject to translate it into an audible book, you might be able to just take the audio itself and put that straight into an audiobook and then sell that and you might want you've got the audio dictated. You can actually get the audio into a Kindle or paperback book as well. So if you want to really expand what you're doing, you can turn all of your skill, share classes into hard copy books, kindle books and even audiobooks, and expand your potential audience. I think this is a great thing to do if you're starting out just to learn how these skills work, because then you've got all these different channels to use, and then you can teach how you went and did all these things. Now it's a little challenging To get books published on Audible, you need a kindle and or paperback version first on Amazon. You then need to go sign up on a c x dot com. That's Alfa Charlie X ray a sea eggs dot com that is also known as audio creation exchange or something like that. And then once you've got your book on Amazon, you can then publish an audiobook and I'm getting a lot of people are coming to me and saying they discovered me on Audible because Audible is I am on audible Platinum member, whatever their top level is, audibles kind of like skill share for audiobooks. The nice thing is audibles got a ton of customers in the U. S. And Great Britain, especially as well as plenty of Australian Canada. So there's tons off chances on Audible to get found through organic search. Here's an example. I search for Facebook. Now there's my book. It's up at the top with a 3.4 rating, but my book is also the newest by year, up on the top two. So if you want to teach about Facebook, it's not very competitive at all. Do you see how not competitive it is on here? Audible. There's just not that much great. There's not that many books and especially is not new ones, because these difficulties, it is like I see Dave Kerpen here from likable, has his book up but it's it's over four years old now, and sure, it may have some good general principles, but the problem is on audible. It's so difficult to get a book up on Audible that you end up if you don't have a nice system down to do it. It keeps a lot of people out of the market. But the nice thing is, it's relatively easy to get your book up there, and there's not as much competition. For example, if I search, let's search for five or on here. If you teach a course on Fiverr, then how Maney course other. There's only 17 results that come up at all for a fiver. I managed to get my book up here third on five or even though that's one little thing in my cover. Let's go up work on here. You see, there's only two books on up work, so some of these categories on Audible are just wide open and one of the best things you can dio if you can search on skill share, I'll take you over here and I'll search for something like Polonia Axe. So you obviously need to have some skills and do something. Uh, you need to have some skills you can teach and you learn those skills. You can teach them relatively quickly after that. If you search on skill, Sharon see, there's no courses on it. I searched and saw there was no course Some Polonia Axe. Polonia X is a exchange based in the U. S. Where you trade things like Bitcoin, crypto currencies dash, ethereum, etcetera. And then, if you search for it on Polonia Axe and then you go back over and search on Audible, you'll see Well, look, there's not one book on Polonius. That's what I'm talking about. There's no competition unalterable for platonic. So I have a 49 minutes video course up here. And if I get the video course transcribed, I can get it into a Kindle in paperback. Now I need help with this. You might be able to do it yourself, but I have a friend, Michel Guerard. I pay him to transcribe the audio books into, and he's listed directly on the free courses page, so I pay him to after I get the transcriptions done from rev dot com, so I'll show you rev dot com here, Rev dot com produces transcriptions for a dollar a minute, and they're done usually within 24 hours. So I got a 40 minute course. That means for 40 minutes or 40 I could get this transcribed for $49. Everything I say in the book. And then if, for example, I wanted to publish that, I'd have Michael edited and get it in the right format, then I'd have a Kindle and a paperback available for the Ah Polonia X Book. And then I could just take the audio that I did from my Polonia ax from the skill share class and stick that up on Audible and then I have no competition. You make about $45 a book sale on Audible, and on Amazon, you make like a dollar off two or a 2 99 Kindle book, maybe $2 off of for 99. The paperback. You actually make good money on lots of times, like five or $10 on a paperback sale. So this is the point of showing you all this is that you can get your stuff out there in another format where there's very low competition, and then you Onley need once like if you know how to do Polonius, you see there's only one other course on it. You can see there's people taking it, so it's proof that it's a topic. People are interested. You see, there's no competition on here. So what you've got, then you can each of your courses that you do you spend all this time making a class. You can get it out in all these different formats. And then we've got all these different formats. All those collect, while none individually, might make you a bunch of money. The combined impact of all of them might make it easy for you to work full time. I made over $1000 last month on Audible with six or seven audiobooks of I Search for Jerry Banfield. You'll see. I just got another new audio book out today. Eso yeah, one of them got rated two stars, so I don't even hardly look at the ratings anymore because it's my responsibility to create for people and put it out there. So I made about $1000. I made maybe, like 1200 on Audible last month, and I have 10. What is that three six I have, like eight books on Audible right now so audible is can be very low competition in certain categories. And if you especially you find something that's low competition, you can teach on skill share. You get that over in the Amazon book. I wonder if there there probably is a book on Polonia Ax. While there's not a book on Polonia Exxon Kendall, there's not one book on Polonia Eggs on Kindle. That's amazing. I'm really selling myself. I'm doing a Polonia Axe book here, you see, this is how you find opportunities. You just look at the things you already know how to do and then see which of those things you can teach if you teach it first. On skill share, you find it's missing skilled. The video is the highest format. You can put it on other websites, and then you can essentially dumb it down into an audiobook or into a written book and a Kindle book. So if you think from the beginning now, I didn't do this before, but now I'm thinking from the beginning with my classes to try and do them in a way that I can essentially put into these lower formats. That means for like a audiobook. I don't want to sit there and say, Well, you see, you see? You see what? Which? On a video class, it makes sense. Like I can go over and say, Do you see? I mean, I've got the class up right here. Do you see? But on audiobook that doesn't make sense because they can't see. So what I'm doing is trying to keep this in mind and make specific classes that you don't need this. See, that can be a skill share class and an audiobook and a hard copy and kindle. And then for one hour of creative work, I'm getting it out in a ton of different formats. And then you can put all this together because lots of people I've got one client in particular. They found me looking around on Audible. They were searching around on audible for Facebook, and Jerry Banfield comes up on Facebook and then they got over into my skill share classes . After that, in discovering how cheap skill share is now, they just are watching my class on skill shared. I don't want the audio books so if you can use some of these other marketplaces like Amazon and audible toe funnel people over in the skill share, you can get some really good premium referrals than in premium minutes washed. So I appreciate you spending this time with me to get some insight into how to do these things. Hey, guess what? There's not a Class Four a C X baby. There's not one class on skill share. I'm planning a class very soon. I've been saying that for three months. I think I'm going to get a class up on a C X to show you this whole process. So maybe is February 1st 2017. Maybe by this time, there's a class up like that. So just check for two. Maybe you can teach 12 Thank you. And I hope this is so helpful for you. 10. Would you help teach this class and see why this system is worth doing today?: thank you very much from making it all the way to what might be the end of this class for now. For the class project, would you share what you've learned? Would you help me teach this class? If you really like something in a class, would you just put a quick screen shot in the class project and say, this is what I learned? This is what I'm doing. And if you found this class helpful, would you go leave a review on it and say what you found helpful? Some people, no matter what I do, are just going to say I didn't like this. They'll be turned off by one thing or another. When you recommend this classroom, help other people to get the same experience you did out of it. Especially if you're right. A quick public review. When I take a skill share, Classify learned anything out of it. If I learned anything out of it, I go leave a good review and say what I learned so that the other students they're taking it have the chance to get the same experiences may. Now my question for you is how are you going to apply what you've learned today. I would love to see that in the class project, and I'm grateful that just I've only been teaching, taking skill share seriously, I guess, for about three months. And I'm grateful. 630 impending payments already, which is more than I've earned in the whole rest of a year. I've been on skill share, so this system works. It works really good. And if you see any more videos after this, it's February 1st 2017. If you see any more videos after this, I'll follow up with more new things I've learned in any relevant changes to the system. I'm so excited to share this with you because the more people you bring the skill share, the more money we all have the chance to make on skill share. So the more of us that bring in our own referrals, the more referrals I bring in, the more it may help you as the skill share instructor to be able to get more students, watch your classes to. We're all doing this here together. I think as a student, skill shares when the best values I've ever seen skill share premium isn't absolutely outstanding educational value, so I'm going all in. I'm putting my classes on skill share is the highest medium of delivery for them. I'm getting them out there and giving free previews, giving free coupons, doing whatever it takes to make sure I'm helping people learn every day. Now to apply this system. It's just a matter off workflow. It's just a matter of optimizing. I have a family. I have a wife. I have a daughter. I go to Alcoholics Anonymous, one meeting a day for an hour because I'm an alcoholic and I also take my dogs for a walk for an hour every night. I've got a lot of things to do in my life, and yet I make time for what's most important. I make time for my family because I feel much better. And when I feel better, I communicate that to you in the classes. You know, when I'm feeling good, you know when I'm full of passion, you can feel that. So this is about creating a beautiful, happy life for ourselves and for the people around us, and that's to me. That's what gets me excited. I'm excited to keep working on this with you every day. I'm excited to keep sharing the opportunity on my free courses page on my website for people to get a completely free education around the world. People who might not have access to universities or classrooms there might not be able to afford it. I'm happy to Bell offer people something of massive value on my website. I'm honored that I have a business system. You've supported enough that I can give away all the most valuable things I do online and still not be able to just play around in my bedroom on a daily basis and have the chance to help you. So that is the world. My mission is to create happier people and at the center of executing any system is remembering why. Why are you executing this system? You just want a few box? Do you just want, like, $600? I have a premium for all. Or do you want to make a real difference and help all human beings everywhere and maybe even on a galactic level, to help all of us have wonderful life and have fun to make this heavenly instead of a hellish room. Thank you so much for spending this time with May I try and make new videos for skill share every single day and try and put you to preview videos up as often as possible. So thank you. I hope this has been awesome for you. And I hope to see you again in another class.