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The Simple Sales Letter Cheat Sheet

teacher avatar James Canzanella, Affiliate Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Simple Sales Letter Cheat Sheet

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About This Class

If you're looking to run through and create a fast and very effective sales letter, then this class is going to be perfect for you. After completing this video slideshow presentation, you'll be equipped with 18 steps that you can follow to quickly creating a sales letter, regardless of your niche. You can sell almost anything, and all you have to do is follow each step from the cheat sheet. Want to know how it's done? Then be sure to enroll now and I'll see you on the other side.

Meet Your Teacher

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James Canzanella

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketer, course creator, and fan of everything 90s.

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1. Introduction: Hey, what's happening? It is James Kansan. Hello and welcome to my class the simple sales letter cheat sheet. What I'm going to be doing in this video slideshow presentation is sharing with you the 18 steps that you can take and all you need do is simply follow them to creating a very quick and very effective sales under get regardless of what you're going to sell literally start from the top to the bottom and kind of fill in the blanks with these templates and you're going to be able to create sales letter faster than you can ever believe. It is very effective, works very well and from my testing has been very high converting when it comes to selling any type of offers. So so, regardless of what you're selling or what nature And this will definitely work for you too . So if you want to know how it's done, go ahead and in role right now and I look forward to seeing you on the other side 2. The Simple Sales Letter Cheat Sheet: Hey, what's happening? It is James Cans, Noah. Welcome to my class. The simple sales letter, Cici, where I'm gonna be walking. You overthrew this video slideshow presentation About 15 steps you can take to go ahead and craft a simple sales letter very, very quickly just by following these templates. Okay, I'm going to start off. They're going to be in order as if you are looking at a sales letter from the top all the way to the bottom. And you can use this for a trip wire offer. You can use this for a video sales letter where you actually create the cells letter first and then translated or excuse me, not translated. Bring it out over to a video slideshow presentation and record it. You can actually use this for kind of a webinar if you want to, so it's very flexible and there's multiple uses for this. So now that we got the introduction out of the way, let's hop into it with number one. So first and foremost, you're gonna be calling out the audience. This is usually these sub headline. It's ah smaller. Fine. It's usually I italicized and it will say something like. Do you have dandruff? I always use this example. It's like one of those advertisements you might hear on the radio. It starts out by calling out their advertisements. Is do you have dandruff? Well, good news. We now have a way to fix it for you. Okay. Are you struggling to lose weight? Hey, eyes making money feel like an uphill battle to you. Okay, Whatever it is, you're calling out the problem or the problems that the person might have. Okay, that's probably the biggest and easiest way to start it off. Okay, you can do many quote unquote cute things here, but just to make your life easier. Call it. The audience asked. Question. Do you have dandruff? Are you suffering from toe fungus? Did your left foot fall off? Whatever the problem is, call out your audience. Okay. Next is going to be the big benefit headline or you've seen headlines before. Everywhere there's a 1,000,000 headline formulas. One of my favorite ones is how to awesome without suck. So headline, for example, could be how I, you know, generated a six figure month business without hiring anyone. Okay? Something along the lines of that Okay, that's how awesome. Without suck. There's a 1,000,000 different ways to create a headline. But what I want to talk about most on Number two is this is where the hook in the angle comes in and you kind of want the benefit to be close toe. Unbelievable. I'm not saying like you go out there and lie about it, but you almost wanted to be where if someone sees it, it's going to pique their interest where they keep reading. And they also have a slight scepticism like there's no way our like, I just got to see this like, there's no way This is true. One of my favorite headlines, which I never remember 100% was by John Carlton, and I'm going to paraphrase, I'm gonna screw it up. But either way, it was like like amazing secrets discovered by one arm golfer Ally to hit like 300 yard drives, you know, split the fairways and eliminate any slice like something extremely wacky, extremely crazy. But it probably did the most sales for, like, a golf product from him. I'd say, you know, reading headlines. I don't know. You know the numbers, but either way did really well, OK, but the fact that matter is you wanna have a crazy angle to a crazy hook because that's what's going to draw attention when it comes to a sales letter. Let me give you a little tip here. One of the biggest aspects of each section I'm going to go over is you want it to allow the person to keep reading. All right, So when you call it your audience, you call it that person that's gonna allow them to jump to the headline when they read the headline, you're gonna have this amazing hooking angle. It's gonna allow them to keep reading. Okay, see what I mean? If any of these air kind of mismatch with airplane dull and boring, you do a headline like, I always use this example how I wrote 10 articles a day for three months straight to make $10,000 a month cool for you for making the money. But that's so boring. And no one's ever gonna want to do that. They're probably just gonna exit out and look for something shiny and sex year. Okay, so the hook in the angle is very important and keep in mind. Each goal of this section is to make the person read a little bit more to the next section to the next number to the next section. Okay says number two and three is without. Like I talked about this. This could be part of the headline formula if you use it. But if you're just using a generic formula where it's like where I discovered how to hit 300 yard tee shots with one leg standing on top of my head and then you put something under it which but kind of be like a little bit more, we'd say, without ever having to, you know, live at the driving range or without ever having to buy new clubs or without ever having to get golf lessons. Okay, you want to remove what they hate the most, and this is the main reason. Many main reasons why you always want to create the cells material first and then create the product. Okay, because if you created a product that was about golfing and it involved 10 hours of practice every day, you had to buy the fanciest, spiffy ist Nike and TaylorMade drivers and irons and you had to get, you know, five trainers and you had to spend all day doing it. And then you tried to create the sales material. You're basically screwed because you're literally including something in a product that no one wants to dio. Okay, so what? I mean, so you want to make sure you create the cells material first and make this is juicy as possible. If you know your market. If you know your target audiences as well as you should, this should be very easy. Remove what they hate the most. Okay, this is why a lot of systems online sell very well when it comes to actually not having to , let's say, hire someone or hire a team or do any sales calls or invested tone of money and paid traffic. Okay, These are a lot of things people don't like doing. They don't like running paid advertising because they know they can lose money. They don't want to hire a team because they know there's a ton of responsibility. They don't want to get on a sales call because one they hate selling into. They probably don't want to talk to many people. That they don't even know. OK, so make sure you remove what they hate the most. That's only gonna really make your angle. Your hoca headlines so much better. Okay, moving down for a dress. Skepticism. There's a reason this is right after. Okay, it's going to be expected. And keep in mind a lot of these air going to be, you know, a couple sentences or maybe even a paragraph in the cells that air. It's gonna be up to you how much you want to address each number. But for this one is going to be something like, Look, I can understand right now. You might be skeptical. It's totally cool. Especially who have you ever seen, you know, go from shooting ah 100 to constantly shooting seventies on the golf course. Pretty crazy, right? Hard to believe, right? Okay. See, literally. Wanna address it? Because if your hooker angle is that crazy, they're going to be like, there's no way this is possible or I got to see this case right after that. You reveal the proof. Okay, So you completely shatter their beliefs of like this isn't true or anything, right? Notice how it's in a specific order so right, there is no way this is possible. So what would happen is you go to the next section and it be like you going over your PayPal account showing you're making, like, six figures per month, month after month after month after month. Or it be a you know, a bunch of your scorecards on when you're playing golf saying You're shooting like 102 105 110. And then it was like 70 73 75 74 back to back to back, dated and signed by a golf pro or a video of you literally, you know, on on one leg, winding up and bombing 300 yard drives that air splitting the fairway, shot after shot after shot after shot. Okay, because when they see something like that, you have their complete 100% undivided attention. There's like no way that they're going to stop reading or watching, especially if they're really into what you have to offer. I know these air kind of crazy examples. I'm just being really extreme about it so I can give you obviously better examples, but you can do that with anything okay. You could say, like I could see a person Like how I went from being on unemployment to creating a six figure business online. I literally show them like the the unemployment checks AIDS to get, like, $50 a week, a lot of money. I know. And then I'll just show them, like, you know, six figures that I've made. Okay. Something along the lines of that. The bag. Okay. Well, now I can actually listen to this person except seen the proof you have. People are going to be skeptical. Some people are still gonna be like I don't believe it. You get a lot of people like that. We could literally show them proof. They don't believe anything. They're just too negative. But don't mind them. They're in every niche, so reveal the proof. Undeniable results. You'll have their full undivided attention. Okay. Next, you want to talk about something about how it's newbie friendly, and anyone can do this. I truly personal. Believe that anyone kind of can do anything when it comes to business making money, building muscles. Just cause I've done a lot of things rife started off from, like nothing and then have, you know, seen the progress. It's more about, you know, the person's mind set and if they really choose to do it and really commit to do it. So I like using this because I am a firm believer that anyone can do it. It's only once they start talking sometimes. And I'm like, Yeah, this person needs to change their mindset, Otherwise they're gonna be in trouble. So you want to kind of put this into your sales letter because someone might say, Oh, yeah, he could do it But I can't. It's like, What are you talking about? I started off on unemployment. I spent my last, you know, few $1000 on coaching. I had nothing, almost nothing in my bank account. So I started from next to nothing. And now I'm here. So it's always this objection or excuse they're gonna be using. That's why you want to bring in this new newbie friendly part. Okay, say anyone could do this. I don't have any sales skills. I couldn't sell my way out of a paper bag. I couldn't even accept money from other people is actually true story. It was really bad, Teoh. I'll tell you that another day. But either way, kind of express a few sentences. A paragraph about how it is newbie friendly, how anyone could do this. And that's why people usually talk about stories where they started off with very little. Because it's very inspiring to say, Like, Look, if I didn't have much when I first started, there's no reason you can do it, especially because I was probably in a worse situation than you. OK, so it's newbie friendly, quote unquote. Number seven. Once again, pour on results this time. You want to be from testimonials, Okay. I mean, look at how many objections were breaking here. Talk about undeniable proof. Maybe have a video of the results yet, like a screenshot of PayPal accounts, maybe. Aaron. Weight loss. We're showing transformation pictures. I think I was £400 you know, like the biggest loser. Now I'm like, 180 I'm ah, model. Okay. Amazing results. And you're talking about Anyone can do it now, even backing that up, how anyone can do it with even more results. And I understand that you're not always gonna have a 1,000,000 testimonials, but make it your job to get some. Okay? Find people you know who love taking action. Have given a review. Copy, Hand out a few. Eventually, people are gonna get results and just ask for them. OK, so this is going to kind of break the objection that, like you're the only one getting results. You can start showing screenshots of people's quick bank accounts where they said they made their first commission ever. Or it only took a day for them to start to see results. Anything like that, because testimonials from other people means so much more. Okay, it completely removes that. Although James could do this cause these James or Susie can do this, Can she, Susie or Bill can do this because he's building. He's got the mightiest touch, you know, whatever kind of excuse they got going on in their head, this is really gonna pour it on, and ah, smashed that as well, guys. So notice how we're going in a specific order here and a lot of things. It's kind of going ordered, a counter, a lot of objections is what's happening. It's like we make this. We call them out, we make this over the top headline, which is true. Obviously we tell them they can do it without doing something they hate. We address that there. Probably skeptical. We reveal the massive proof. Okay, we let them know that its new be friendly and, yes, they can do it too. And then we pour on even more results from other people getting results. That's not just from you. I mean, it doesn't get any better than that. Okay, explain the reasoning. Okay? The reason why this is so different The reason why this is so unique. The reason why this so helpful The reason why this so powerful, so good, so awesome. So game breaking. So game changing. So cutting edge, whatever you want to explain, I always use the example that I find kind of hilarious. Um, what is it? There's like, that acne cream stuff, and it's like researchers have found this new medical cream based in Africa. Ah, and they tested it on monkeys in space to be the best acne cream ever. A little over the top. I know. But if you've ever seen those acne cream commercials like infomercials, there's always like, backed by some, like new research as it's been tested on some rare species and has been the best acting cream ever. It's it's reasoning, okay, like a lot of people are going to go out and research. Obviously, the acne cream is not gonna lie about it. I just made that really extreme. I'm sure they're not testing on monkeys and under space, but it's backing it up. It's almost like it's scientifically proven. Okay, and I understand that if you're selling like make money online or online business, it might not be quote unquote, scientifically proven. But you can use reasoning to say, like it's backed up by a lot of proof from people just like you who are getting results. Or it's backed up with new technology for selling golf clubs that, you know, maybe they've tested the velocity and the speed. When you hit it in a specific way, there's a bigger sweet spot. It allows you to hit less slices and drive it farther and straighter. Whatever the reasoning is, Okay, this doesn't have to be something long. Something crazy on the reason why it works so well is because it's completely new and allows you to do a lot less work because we've created this automated software. Where does the majority of the work for you, which allows you to see results quicker? Okay. I just made up reasoning there. Whatever you're selling, there's always a reasoning if you're selling food Well, the reason why this is so great is because it has the natural taste of cake. But you're getting pure protein Onley, two grams of carbs, and the rest of it's going to be helpful for your body. And it literally tastes like you're eating brownie cake. I don't know if you're selling a protein bar. Okay, there's always gonna be reasoning for some type of reasoning. This is just kind of saying like, OK, why is this so good? Let him now, you know, you know your own product. I give you a lot of examples there from friggin monkeys in the mood Teoh protein bars, tasting like cake to golf clubs. Having state of the art technology, whatever is this could be a few sentences slash A little paragraph Would I mean by a paragraph in the sales letter? Probably like 45 sentences. OK, number nine pain points eventually got to address the pain of a problem because this is what gets people to take action. OK, it's not like you're being it and ask for some billing. Uh, you know, you can't make money or like, Ah, you can't drive the ball far or how you can pick up women. It's nothing like that. It's addressing the pain points of not solving the problem. Because if you don't address these, there's a good chance someone's not going to take action. Okay, so talk about you could relate to the person. This could be done in a completely multiple ways. Just as long as you bring these up, you could say something like, Hey, I remember when I was in your position, you know, it was I was struggling to find a date. It was horrible. Whenever I did go on a date, I would just lose all this money and then she would never return my calls or to go to the bars, ask a woman to buy a drink, shoot by the dried by the drink for her. Then she'd run away with all our friends and never get to talk to her right, get shut down and get embarrassed. I turned as red as a tomato. It was embarrassing. I was sweating. I couldn't talk to any women. Bring up the pain points of your product. That was around the money for talking about dating the guys, obviously. So if we're talking about Gulf, you can talk about how embarrassing it is to actually go on the course, like having central love for the game, But fearing every time you're swinging because you feel like you were gonna shank it or you're gonna, you know, hit it in the water or you're gonna with And it was just so embarrassing to you. You wanted to get better. Yet golf made you so frustrated. Sometimes we want to just throw your golf bag in the in the water. Okay, Address the pain. Points number 10. Remove responsibility. I talked about this in the ultimate offer. This is a very crucial aspect of a lot of products. Okay. You can't always remove 100% of the responsibility. Probably impossible, but you can remove a lot of it. Okay. And a great way of doing this is just by saying, Just follow the X steps in the process. Okay. By doing this, you're understanding that it's a step by step formula, which a lot of systems and products should be, in my opinion, just because it's much easier to follow through with so they don't have to deal with the process of like putting the pieces together. Okay, That's what I mean by less responsibility. Hey, look, I'm going to give you this cheat sheet. Just followed these 15 steps in order, Okay? Suit. I mean, do you see how it makes it much easier to see how this is gonna be? Less responsibility? Okay, there's always way to remove responsibilities. Not all of it. But the more you can remove, the more satisfied the Custer's customer is going to be when they follow through and going on the inside. This could be adding in a software this could be adding in a mastermind or coaching where even if you mess up, just ask the coaches. They'll tell you exactly what to do. Okay? Remove responsibility. Number 11 is the dream sequence. Okay, I got this from Russell Bronson. It's ah, it's a very popular thing to do when it comes to sales, marketing and selling it. So it's not like I got it specifically from him where he was the 1st 1 who created it. But he really brought it out to the map, so to speak. So you want to get them to imagine the possibilities. So you want to come up these air almost like bullets, where you come up with quite a few instances of how their life can change when they actually purchase your product. Okay, so the biggest benefits. So let's talk about golf ones again, just cause I love golf, just imagine the possibilities of crushing 350 yard drive. Splitting the fair ladies and looking around only with see your golf buddies Jaws on the ground. They can't believe it. They're in shock. They want to know how you did it. And the fact of the matter is, you don't need to tell him. You smile, continue on to the next hole and do it again and again and again, shooting the best scores of your life and loving every single second of it. Okay, if I was speaking to a golf right there, they'd probably, um, a phrase I'm not going to say Okay, they'd be a little excited just to say the least. All right, let's say you're talking to a guy who's looking to start dating a bunch of women. All right, let's say it's like, you know, dating pickup artist. Just imagine how cool it's gonna be, how much your friends are gonna, you know, wonder how you're doing it when you can go out there and literally get any woman's number on command. Okay, without going out there, spending all your money on dinners, finally enjoying these dates, finally getting your life back and not being miserable. Being able to date once again go up to any single woman you want and have an amazing conversation with there and then get her number when you're done. OK, so you're imagining the possibilities. You're kind of putting them in a future pace, a dream sequence of the great benefits that could happen when they purchase. Okay, with business once again, just imagine what it's gonna feel like when you don't have to work for anyone anymore. When you're your own boss, when you're self employed, when you can live that laptop lifestyle, live wherever you want, where there's Internet kind of like what I'm doing now, so these aren't like false things thes air, the big benefits that come along with building a business with, you know, with making money with, you know, becoming better a golf with becoming Ah, master data. Okay, whatever. It's going to be the dream sequence. No, those for your specific audience know what they like. It's pretty easy to Okay, if you don't know, these guys do some research. So that was number 11. Let's move on to number 12. Introducing. Okay, this is reintroduced the product. Very simple to do here. So introducing the ah, the golf swing factor, which is the first ever system that allows you to completely change your swing and only three steps. Okay, that was something along the lines that I did actually have. Ah, golf swing factor. I just took it off quick bank recently because I was I didn't want to focus on it so much despite the fact that was making me money and affiliates were just sending some cells every now and then. I just kind of deleted. I'm like, you know, I need Anyway, I'm rambling on, but that's what you want to do here, introducing the golf swing factor and have some type of U. S P, which is unique selling point unique selling position of the product that's gonna be like your little one liner after introducing the, um, you know, the six figure blueprint. Okay. The first ever blueprint that allows you to actually make six figures by tapping buttons on your phone using instagram something along the lines of that, whatever it's going to be, I'm throwing out random ideas. Very simple. Step here. Okay. Bullets, bullets, bullets, benefits, benefits, benefits. If you look on the sales letter, this is where you see all those bullet points or, you know, check marks and these air just going to be a lot of the best aspects of this and do not focus on features for the love of God. Okay, I'm gonna give you my story about, ah, bullets, features and benefits just because it hits home. It was when I was working as a personal trainer before I got put onto unemployment. And what happens in this gym? Like most gym, someone comes in. They want to get a gym membership. And before they do, the person has to go around and take a tour. Okay, so I don't know if this was for me or for someone else, because I worked as a trainer and I could obviously here when she's doing a tour. But I remember I specifically came in and this was before I was a trainer. I'm like, I want to get a gym membership. I want to sign up. Now. She's like, let me take you through the you know, the walk through. That's the time I'm like, What is this person crazy? I'm ready to give them. Give her my money and she still wants to take me a tour like I've seen the gym before. But either way, a lot of this times when this woman or this girl or whoever else was going to the walk throughs, their tours were just absolutely horrible. Every time she would bring up some type of equipment or machine or dumbbells or training or elliptical or gazelle, all she does is talk about the futures. Oh, these air state of the art machines. Oh, look, we have these new dumbbells. Look, we have these shiny new, you know, pullup bars. Okay? You gotta focus on benefits. No one gives a crap about how shiny and new. Everything is. You got to tell why that is so effective for them. Whenever you give something that feature, you got to think about what's in it for me. Okay, A lot of times it was a lot of older people who would be going through, you know, for getting a gym membership. So if you say yeah, we got this new elliptical, it's brand new works. Awesome. The guy with arthritis and cracking knees doesn't care about that. Instead, what you'd want to say is, yes, we got these squeaky new machines. And the great thing about them is that they are a completely smooth rights to regardless of the fact that you might have cracking knees, it's going to be a smooth ride, which is gonna live you to burn calories effectively without being any pain to your body joints or ligaments whatsoever. Holy crap. You just spoke to that guy 100%. You probably don't have to do anymore. Uh, you know what is it, Jim? Showing off after that one benefit hit home. Okay, so you got to think about your targeted audience if you're if someone who's a bodybuilder is going in and you're doing a walk through of that gym, it's gonna be completely different from the guy who's 65 as arthritis, you know what I mean? So for the bodybuilder is going to be like, Hey, we've got this new gym And we added these new what's it called Dead lift mats. We can actually go there so you can specifically stack on 9 45 plates if you want. We're never gonna, you know, say a peep to you can lift as loud as you want. You can do whatever you want. Just don't go around like punching people in the head. Just kidding. But you see how that benefits them. Or to someone who's a gym junkie and a bodybuilder. They want to go in there. They wanna put on as much £45 plates. They want to scream. They want to grunt and groan. You're talking to them and benefits. Okay, so that's what the bullets and benefits are all about. If you tell someone, here's a pen, it's very shiny, and it writes, Well, that's just a feature you gotta turn features into benefits for everything you do. Okay, so that's difference. I'll do it tutorial about that? A completely different one. Another time. But if you need inspiration for bullets, look at any sales letter in your niche. Okay? There's tons of them. They're everywhere. Use the miss templates and go from there. Okay. 14 bonuses, bonuses always allowed to stack the value to add on more value. As if remember, they went through the entire top. The bottom here was like, Holy crap. Undeniable proof. Addressing skepticism, more proof, testimonials, results. And now, as if it wasn't good enough, they're going to be getting this extra bonus. Okay, great way to do a bonuses toe. Actually, when you create your product, take one of the best aspects or features or I guess could sections of it. Cut that out of it and turn that into a bonus. Or you can always do that. That will make the perceived value really hide because you're taking, like, the sexiest part of it. As long as it doesn't like, ruin the product and just put it in as a bonus. Okay, So if I was going to show you how to hit 400 yard bombs off the tee, what I could do is actually give you the, um you know, if it was gonna be that it was gonna be like the complete golf package. As a bonus, I could say, like, how to completely eliminate three putts, Which means when you're on the green, you never put more than three times. That's gonna lie to run, take off so many shots that would be an extra huge bonus something along the lines of that . Okay, So or you can get you can get bonuses everywhere. It could be a pdf could be a cheat sheet. Could be a template. Could be additional video Siri's. Or if you're just doing, like a written manual, the bonuses could be like the video aspect of it. So you'd literally be getting, like, golf lessons from someone video lies that would really increase the value. Okay, 15 jaw dropping guarantee. Make it over the top and do not be generic, especially if you're doing a via cell or a weapon or anything where it's audio related. Do not skim over this. Having a jaw dropping guarantee will make you more sales. If you make it super crazy, you might get a few, uh, what's called Not instant refunds, Um, serial re funders, just because there are gonna be people who take advantage it. But the fact of the matter is, when you have a crazy guarantee more people overall are gonna buy because of it. Talk about this a lot. Let's say we're doing golfing for some odd reason. You get this, You're not happy whatsoever. If you don't add at least 50 yards to your drives. If your buddies don't start asking you how you're doing on the golf course, if you don't lower your score, heck, I don't care for Go for bites. You in the foot. Whatever reason, if you're not happy, simply send an email to support after 30 days, and we'll gladly refund you every penny. Heck, even if you send that 31 or 32 days later, we won't mind. We just truly want you to be happy, no questions asked. We'll send you your money back. So go ahead, pick this up right now. That's how confident we are in our golf swing factor. Okay, see what I did there? I didn't skimp out and say you get a free 30 day money back risk free guarantee, and that's it like that's not selling a guarantee. Okay? And when you're doing a V a seller webinar when you're actually speaking to someone, you can sell it much better because of voice is always better than someone reading it. Okay, so even if you're just doing a text cells letter, don't be generic. Really poured on. Um, guarantees are awesome for increasing cells. Okay, 16 last call slash scarcity. And I thought I only had 15 of these, but apparently I was wrong. Hey, been wrong before Will be wrong. Many more time to the way. Let's continue. So this is where you want to get them to take action as soon as possible. Um, a way to do this is to have some type of scarcity, not always air. You're going to be able to do this so this could be optional. But you want to say, like this is only going to be available until X y Z If it is only available to then or this is only for the 1st 10 customers are This is only going to be around, you know, until winter comes because then everyone is not gonna be playing golf unless they live in Florida and California. You know, some type of last call scarcity. Make sure you hop on this now because with every sale the price increases. That's a good one. Like if you're selling a dime, sell. Well, if you don't hop on now, you're gonna have to hop on later and pay much more. Okay? Or if you don't hop on now, you get the paying double the price in, You know, when the countdown runs out, some way to get them to take action. Scarcity is the best way to do that. So if you have some type of timer, you're in the money. Okay, Deadline funnels a really good one. I think there's a countdown monkey or something like that. But deadline funnel is the best. Just throwing that out there because I use it. That Number 17 was a simple CT a telling them what to do. Click the add to cart button down below. That's it from on a webinar. A lot of times, what I'll do is I'll have them quick on the button and it'll actually run through the check out process. Okay, because remember, not everyone is as familiar with the check out process as you are. Okay. And especially if you have multiple ways of paying. There could be PayPal, which a lot of people are familiar with, or there could be credit cards. So what I'll do is I'll actually run through. I'll click on the appropriate buttons and say, like this entry email This is re enter in your information, you know, your CBC and then hit. Get into access and that's it. Like I literally show them how to go through. I recommend doing that. If you have a webinar via cell. I got that from John Benson. After watching a lot of his via sells. I'm pretty sure there were his via cells because he did so many of them. But towards the end, when they do like the question and answer section, one of the popular ones would be like, How do I check out? And he's like, Let me run that for you, where he just actually goes to the check out, he runs to the process and shows them exactly how to do it. Okay, 18. Sign off. Sing the turn. PS. Okay, Look forward to seeing you under the side. Dedicated to helping you crush your tee shots dedicated. Getting more dates, whatever it's going to be to your success. Sign off. And, of course, the PS. The PS is air very flexible. You can put almost anything there. Ah, couple options are a recap off the benefits. Okay, Just in case they like skim reading Thesis Ailes letter. You can talk about what they're gonna be getting. You can talk about the amazing guarantee you can talk about the awesome bonuses. Utkan. Reiterate the scarcity how it's not gonna be around much longer. You can talk about how it's on a dime. Selling the price is going to increase. You can do a lot of things. It's completely up to you. But that's a sign off in the PS section. And basically, that's all, folks. So if you got anything out of this course, have you learned at least one golden nugget? Give it a thumb's up. Give it a light. Give it a comment. It's always had love to hear your thoughts With all that being said,