The Simple 3-Step Landing Page Formula | IMarketer - George L. Crawford | Skillshare
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13 Videos (36m)
    • Welcome to the Course!

    • STEP1: Introduction to Landing Pages

    • What makes a good landing page?

    • Define your goals and success metrics

    • STEP2: Essential Elements: Killer Headline, Suheadline

    • Essential Elements: Images, Video, Social Proof

    • Essential Elements: Reinforcement statement to maintain interest

    • Essential Elements: CALL TO ACTION & AIDA

    • Every word counts

    • STEP3: Psychology of Landing Page Design

    • FUN part: A/B Testing

    • Your confirmation page

    • In Conclusion


About This Class

If only we could automate the biggest challenge any business faces: convincing prospects to buy. Or at least give us their permission to contact them.

That’s exactly what a landing page does for you.

Done well, and it can be a dream come true: it makes money while you sleep. No more expensive sales staff with their good and bad days. You know exactly how much it costs, and how much it makes.

But making an effective landing page is not an easy job. Done poorly, it will end up being a very sad and lonely place.

But what is it that makes a landing page design effective?

There are many factors, but the principle reasons are an adherence to the fundamental rules of conversion centered design. Learn more today by clicking Sign Up button.





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IMarketer - George L. Crawford

Baby Steps in Digital Marketing

iMarketer Training is an educational center based in London. We helped many students in the UK to start with their digital marketing campaigns and now we're here to help YOU. Digital Marketing is a phenomenon of our age. In the current business world, no marketing strategy is complete without internet marketing component.

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